Many people in the comments said they asked me to play games together! There are men and women, and I have answered all the previous information. I play games and I know it in my heart, so I will not harm you. Regardless of whether men and women ask me if I want to play together, I always answer that I want to play together, but all answers are limited to answers. I haven’t played a game with any man who knows in private! ! (I have played games with a girl, I admit, I just greedy her gentle and can take me to fly) Some silly hey, when I replied to play games together, they said that I was a female sea king, and said that I dangled my boyfriend and rode a donkey to look for a horse. ? Then I ask you where is the donkey and where is the horse? Please find the donkey and horse. I’ll scold as you find out! Can’t find out and say you horse? Seeing my answer to the man’s message, he said I was riding a donkey and looking for a horse and said I was sick. When I answered the girls’ information, these people were blind (forcing Zhihu to request modification)? Selective shiming (this is no problem, right)? Say hello to say that I am guilty. Then let me say a few more and say hello. See how guilty I am? As soon as I answered this question, I said that, not anonymous, he followed my account, and I asked him to see my answer later. All the messages I reply to you are all fair and honest, don’t care if I can find a horse, just take care of yourself! Some men regard others as such a person as they are. I am happy to see others as happy (so understand). If you don’t want to read my answer, you can cross the line and go smoothly, I don’t need you to read it. After reading it, I criticized me with malicious speculations. I’m sorry that I don’t accept the criticisms and malicious speculations. The above is just for you guys! Wasting my time typing. Tell me why I didn’t hit my boyfriend! I’m not anonymous anymore. He has followed my account. If you see it, you can see it! First: because the double row to the other side is also double row and three rows. Every time you play by yourself, you have a higher chance of encountering a strong teammate. So I win a lot when I fight. Second: My dishes are usually fixed and recommended. Therefore, the equipment will not be changed according to different lineups. At this time, he didn’t teach me how to change equipment, but yin and yang weirdly pointed out the equipment I bought. Asking what’s wrong, sometimes I don’t say it directly or tell me what equipment to change. Then when I saw that I didn’t change, I started talking fiercely. Third: Teammates do not play well, they are always criticized everywhere and spray people everywhere, which makes the atmosphere of the whole team very bad. Usually it’s not just about once or twice. As long as you start spraying people, you spray from the beginning to the end. Make the teammates mentality worse, make people do not want to fight or even deliberately give away the head. This leads to a greater chance of losing. Fourth: It’s also the reason why I don’t want to fight him the last time. As long as he is supporting him, he will be scolded 100%. Every time I finish fighting, I quarrel. Playing Ming Shiyin led him, sometimes I didn’t know which direction he was going to go, he walked fast and the line was broken and scolded, and when he walked slowly, he was attacked and didn’t stand in front of him to prevent him from being scolded. So every time I walk, I must be cautious and concentrated. With Cai Wenji, there is no displacement, and he flashed up with a skill. I want to go around the stone and get scolded for not keeping up with him! It was released when the big move was hitting the group. He didn’t see that he would be scolded again when he said that I kept it for the New Year. When I played meat, I obviously saw that there were more people on the other side than us, so I didn’t dare to go back. He felt that he was very strong, so he rushed forward. I didn’t catch up to block his skills and didn’t save him and let him die, so I was scolded. I followed up, usually to send double kills. Or when I was playing Master, if the enemy Master attacked me from another way, I was scolded if I didn’t go there. Playing games just want to relax, not like doing tasks. I think I am coaxing a child. As long as there is a mistake in the game, it is scolded. Before playing games, I met a shooter who is very good at interacting with each other. It is really easy to assist him. It seems that he knows how to do it before I say what to do. One year ago, the problem of being scolded for playing games became more and more serious. I refused to play games with my boyfriend anymore. After that, he converged somewhat, and after a year, he started to curse uncontrollably again. I used to be forbearing and forbearing, so I don’t want to make so many comments. This year I have been scolded more and more times, and I don’t want to bear it anymore. If you scold me again, I’ll scold me back.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Because it’s super annoying, I used to play the king just to amuse myself. Although I know the food, but the rank is not high, I usually play hard and don’t harm other people. Suddenly, I was asked to play matching entertainment one day. Since then, the torture has begun. I thought it was to show me the taste of winning. In fact, it was a good teacher. What happened to my cuisine? I’m willing. I didn’t harm others. I didn’t become a bastard. I had never played support. Since I tied the CP, I played support again and again. I was always said that I played a little less support and played a master. It’s over with the shooter, that’s the whole game. I hated my food all day and asked me to fight every time. It was so annoying. The previous matches were still of the same rank. Since the leapfrog match, they are all masters and they kneel down when they play. I began to consider whether to change the number. Bronze started to continue. It was really annoying. I kept talking and kept talking. I don’t know why. Don’t fight with me if you don’t think I’m cooking. I don’t have any game experience. I still have to say that I am not the one who invited you. It’s annoying that both people are in a bad mood

6 months ago

Good guy, I’m just a good guy. I suspect that the subject of the question may be my boyfriend, so I only dare to answer anonymously, because his surname is Yang, and he asked me this question. My boyfriend King is very good. When I was King, he had diamonds. My trumpet took him to Xingyao. He clamored to play with my tuba. After playing a few games, I was scared to steal the tuba first. Twenty stars. He is a diamond again in the new season, and I am the king of the body, I am afraid that he will call me double row. Why don’t I play with him? One reason is that the Diamond Star Game is so good. Suddenly, the stars are five + the King’s ten-star double row, and the difficulty rises straight… Another reason, the core reason: Actually, I am not addicted to the King. I have played more than 300 games at most. I often have not been online for a long time and reminded me how many stars I have lost because I haven’t played for a long time… I also lost other dishes. I have a very good mentality. Sole row for so many years, what a wonderful thing. I haven’t seen a teammate? But, it’s so black that the voice can be turned on, right? Then I told him what to do and how to do it. He didn’t. He played DOTA and League of Legends very well. He felt that he understood the game very well, and he felt that the king was too pediatric compared to the games he played. It was just what he thought… such as I told him that this lineup can’t take this hero, and the opposite hero restrains him. He doesn’t believe that he has to take it. If he takes it, take it. I didn’t say anything. He has to keep Balabala persuading me that taking this hero is correct. It’s good to play… (because it’s a tailwind)… Including the lack of any hero in the lineup, it’s harder for him to make up a position than to climb to the sky. If you double with him, you can play a game of two wizards and two shooters… For example, I play him as a jungler. To play support, I asked him to follow the middle lane clearing line or follow me, he no, he has to follow the shooter to death, without moving one step, and he has to say that he plays other games to support the shooter… I have never seen following. The mid laner, including when he is playing the mage, always asks to assist the walk… For example, when I play mid lane, he plays the jungle. If he doesn’t have a blue bar, I want a blue bar. I ask him to give me the blue to eat my pawn line, and then he will come over to the two of us. I said to play blue together (because I lost a bit of blue), and he said no, and then I played blue by myself. He went to send the head away. I said, wouldn’t it be okay to play blue together and go to the group? ? He said that you just want me to help you play the blue, I am a free labor…I am really angry, the passers-by have a jungler to beat the blue to the blood and ask the wizard or the shooter to get it, and I will be the jungler depending on the situation. Let, how can I open a black or my object is playing like this? ! I feel that I can’t take him by myself. I called three friends to take him in the fifth row. He was angry again and said that I was playing games with other men in the middle of the night… He was very right in all kinds of things. You can teach, but you are playing games anyway, but you don’t always hold the bar. Really, I played the game for a few days in the new season and became a king. Then in the middle of the night, I had never been angry with my friend in double row for eighteen days. I played with him. Once my mentality explodes once… I still play with you, do I have a brain? ! When I write this answer, I’m writing more and more angry… Well, recently I also really considered that our personality is really inappropriate… Regarding why the King’s Game is unhappy, the Diamond Game is okay: because the Diamond Star Game He asked me what he was playing with, and I said that you just want to be happy if you want to take the king’s game. I asked him not to take this and not that. In fact, he was not happy. He felt that I became serious when I took the tuba… Very delicious, otherwise Xingyao won’t be able to do it hahahaha, don’t think I’m great just because I said he’s cooking, I’m just a little better than him. Finally, I broke up a year ago…

6 months ago

Let me talk about my mentality. It just feels not equal. Yes, I just feel that he can’t treat me equally when playing games with me, which makes me very upset. Although I am indeed a provincial assistant. But I am also a provincial master and a provincial archer, okay? Every time I fight with him, he will only let me use support to fight him, no matter if he is a jungler or a top solo mage. This is simply losing the face of our province’s auxiliary. Did tm let Sun Bin keep up with Shan Siamese at the first level? ? Is it useful for me to choose Sun Bin? Did tm let Zhang Fei Donghuang follow the jungle from start to finish, letting his Jia Luo line Yuji Guiguzi? If Zhong Kui, who is opposite to tm, start the game, let me assist him as the shooter? I didn’t dare to save the card when I played against him! Shameful! ! Tell him that he still has a temper, so “other people’s CPs are in one piece”, Siamese Siamese even your sister! Other people’s conjoined CP is stupid x you are also chanting? Finally, my teammates took support and I finally got the mage. He didn’t care about the three and seventy one and wanted me to support him, even if he chose a pressure-resistant tank, and he was a short-legged shooter. What to do with the jungle and fight against the wild to grab the dragon to support, all do not want to hide a gem on the road in the grass. (If he asked me to support, he would definitely not allow me to get to the line. I would just call it as soon as I wanted it?) Occasionally, I got the shooter a few times, and he used an auxiliary to protect me. I watched the small map rush down three people, and told him to retreat, he was still there, “I protect you! Don’t be afraid! Go! Believe me! I can protect you!!” Then the two were surrounded by four. A black screen was beaten together. I tm! To be fair, I play games because I want to get normal gaming pleasure, not to show him his shit macho and make him show off “I have CP and you don’t”. He can’t treat me like a teammate normally, why should I fight him?

6 months ago

I don’t want to play the king with my wife. There is nothing else, because she is too culinary and I want to win when I play ranked. She likes to play Cai Wenji, and she is very culinary. I’m the kind of low star king, she was brought to Diamond by me before, and she didn’t play it anymore. One day she had to “sweet double row” with me on a whim. Unfortunately, the process is not sweet. This product serves as an aid. “Afraid of death”! “Cai Wenji” who beats the king will cry. Heathcliff’s video 5388 I used Luban to play, and she used Cai Wenji. She really couldn’t get any other heroes except Cai Wenji, and Cai Wenji’s performance was also unstable. That day, I said you protect me, she said , Don’t worry, husband, you rush forward! I did rush forward, but the guy said at first that I had no blue and no milk. Okay, I’ll bear it. It’s in the mid-term, and the Holy Grail has come out. I chased and killed the blood, I said to go over the tower, I go over, and she ran back, I wondered, “Why didn’t you follow me?” She was furious. Said, “You are too ridiculous! Are you half blood if you don’t see me? Let the tower kill me?” I said, “Aren’t your big moves still? What are you afraid of?” She angrily said, “If I get beaten I’m dead, how do I open it up?” I laughed and said, “How can you die?” She still insisted, “How do you open it up when you die?” I said directly, “As an assistant, don’t be afraid of death, you die? It’s gone, but I can kill a few of the other people, and it’s a good death.” This guy is not happy anymore, “You only care about yourself! Whether I live or die!” I, this is a game! Then, I got angry, the phone was thrown away, tears fell down, alas, this must have entered the scene, and began to “act” again, and she brought the game to reality again. Cai is the original sin, Cai will cry, hum, don’t respond. So I don’t play with her. On the contrary, the original poster understands, right? There is another situation, you need to be wary of hats, such as

6 months ago

Not a boyfriend, a friend of ten thousand intimacy, a friend in reality. I especially want to dissolve the relationship with him. Last season, Glory formed a five-row team, which made me sick. A very impressive game, about 40 stars, he locked Luban on the first floor. I took Xiao Qiao with the highest combat power (the best one, especially the one that cherishes combat power). The support is also our friends, the leather is too low to fight, and I deliberately didn’t buy gems at the first level and bought it after rubbing my fellow soldiers. of. Everyone is driving the wheat, and they are joking and saying that you don’t want him to buy and buy quickly, Xiao Qiao loses his strength and be careful when she meets you and beats you. Then my friend said that I don’t have the economy, and I don’t want a pawn line. I:? ? ? I didn’t want to go on the road, so I cleared our line in the middle and delivered it to 0-8, which is really a delivery. My assistant told me that he was wrong and asked my friend to go back and stop messing with me. My friend said that why he had a burst of mentality by himself, and then continued. I was so stunned and angry. It wasn’t that I moved his army line. He locked Luban on the first floor (I told him that I want to use combat power, and Luban is not what he usually does). I didn’t say anything, and then I ate me. The army line comes to the middle road to send it? ? ? I said something, are you sick? Then the team members didn’t dare to speak anymore, and everyone remained silent. I just withdrew after the fight. When he played ad before, he saw that I had a good record and wanted to grab his MVP, so he came to the mid lane and ate the line, which weighed on my economy, but I was very stable in the economic conversion output item, and he could play 30 output when he was less than 20 economy. Just say that I always like to brush the output. Sometimes match me to practice heroes, such as Wan’er Zhuge Ali and the like, slow to get started and not very good at playing. He will definitely take the same hero in the next game and tell me to come to a teaching game, so that I can take a good look and learn. I know I can’t play in the last game, but his tone always annoys me. Regarding the contradiction of the pawn line: because I hate the practice of four guarantees that all hope to be placed on one person, the heroes I take in the middle are all heroes such as the fort or the thorn that can create an inventory point. They are against the middle pawn. It looks very tight, and I especially hate others rubbing my line. If he rubs too much, I spray him. One night, my friend sent me a screenshot of his carry. The trumpet took the girl and the girl played the role. The economy seemed to account for 14.7%, and the output was 15%. Then tell me, if you look at someone, I’m so low and don’t say a word. He gave me an angry smile and didn’t want to talk to him, and didn’t look at his mid laner with his sister to know what the economy means. Above, a few of the things, this kind of disgusting things accumulate too much, and I have no good temper. Daily invisible solo queue or reservations to watch the game are prohibited. I was still determined to terminate the relationship. As a result, the cheating system had to ask for his permission to terminate the relationship. I was so angry that I just uninstalled it, not seeing it or worrying about it. Please check if you have any behaviors of “boyfriend” in the comments below. If you have any, you can quickly correct it, if you don’t, you can take the initiative to ask, and you will understand it early.

6 months ago

The subject did not describe the background of the story, based on my personal double row experience as follows: 1. You can’t drive her with your food. 2. You grab her position. 3. After the CP mark was displayed, it was targeted by the opposite side. 4. After showing the CP logo, the tolerance of teammates will decrease, and you will be greeted easily after you or she pits. 5. You always let her play with you, even though she has played enough or has a hero she wants to play. 6. You teach her to do things. You will pick up a small operation error. 7. Opposite or teammate taunts her, you don’t speak for her. I deleted hhh from the game and my former CP because of the sixth point. Now I think it’s better to play the game with my classmates. Everyone has a good attitude and is polite. Just think about the technical operation consciousness, and the nerves are ridiculous, so you don’t need to think about it. Emotional issues, both lose and lose are vigorous.

6 months ago

This should not be explained with a mentality, let me give you a few common examples. A. Girlfriend is full of interest to open up the glory of the king, and wants to play happily with you, have fun, and cultivate feelings, and then she doesn’t know what’s wrong. Give a blood, and then you might say: “What are you doing, can you have fun?” “I’m so bored, you can’t pretend like this” “Why don’t you support it” “Don’t mess with it” , If you have had this kind of problem, please think about it from another perspective, will your girlfriend be willing to play with you? B. Girlfriends are enthusiastic about opening the King’s Glory, wanting to play happily with you, have fun, cultivate a relationship, and then you accidentally send a personal head when you come up… If this is the case for you, then don’t say it Now, if you have enough food, it’s normal if your girlfriend doesn’t want to play with you. C. The girlfriend is full of interest to open up the glory of the king, and wants to play with you happily, have fun, cultivate your feelings, and suddenly remember today when you are in the ranking. I want to share with you, you: “I don’t have time to listen” “I’m playing games” You play games. D. Your girlfriend is excited to open up the glory of the king, want to play happily with you, have fun, cultivate your feelings, and then you tell her “This will help you play Lianpo” and “This will let you play Yao” “This is for you to play…” If this is the case, let alone, I hate others remotely controlling me…

6 months ago

Hmm… my ex-boyfriend is the king, he matches him with diamonds (only dare to match) I want him to follow me with support, he has to play with Kai, I say okay okay, the smelly man ended up being opposed at the start There is Cai Wenji on the opposite side. I want to help out a nightmare, but I said a nightmare without directly saying these two words. He thought he wanted him out of it…My ex-boyfriend Kai is in full view. There was a nightmare! My mood at the time was indescribable. After being scolded by my teammates, he refused to admit defeat and scolded me with his teammates. I was embarrassed and could dig out a set of Barbie Castle with my toes. Of course I lost in the end. With him, I was afraid that I would match that kind of brother with good skills, but I also wanted to play in qualifying and can’t be with him… so he was angry…angry! No way. Later that season I stopped playing. It took a long time to coax this dog man.

6 months ago

If you don’t play with you, it’s your dish. Solo row doesn’t make you jealous. It’s a good job. It’s not only dedicated but also takes care of your self-esteem. I have had a very unpleasant experience as long as I play a game before. Because of my ex. Playing games is very familiar, that is, awareness and operation can’t be both. The games that can be clearly won, often because he loses, I open the trumpet to play with him, and it’s okay at first, because there are more novices, I can win with him, but the more he goes The harder it is afterwards. For example, when others beat the Storm Dragon King, it’s not trivial if you don’t guard your home or clean up the line. You have to single out with others when the buff is still hot. If you die, you blame your friends for not keeping up and grab the dragon. Do not hide or look at the dragon’s blood volume, as long as he arrives, he must put his skills in the exposed position, and then the dragon did not grab it, and the head was given to him, especially like playing a shooter, and always let me assist him. I don’t like assistance very much, but I still bear it. Sometimes he asks him to buy a piece of equipment he doesn’t use frequently. He has to ask me where to buy it. I think it’s super tiring to play games with him, and the experience is very bad. There is no love. There is no love. Only winning or losing does not care about winning or losing. Who is playing in ranking? I play and only play in rank. I often do things like practicing heroes in rank. As long as I say I’m playing games, he will definitely be online as long as he has time. He will play with me. Really, replace it with a stranger. Friends and teammates, I want to turn on the voice. Sometimes I play with my friends, women, he will be very unhappy. If I say something weird about Yin and Yang, I can’t win with him. If I listen to him if I don’t play with him, I will get angry. , I have to fight with him about the entertainment life of games, because he has become a chronic torture to me. Then I took advantage of his busy time solo and quickly hit the king. At that time, he diamonds, so he can’t Qualify with me, by the way, let him know a little bit about my level, let him understand that I don’t want to play with him. When I want to win the game, I find that I can’t qualify with him anymore. Look at my records and find that I am single. Row, I’m very angry and I don’t have anything to say. I think I really don’t want others to play games when I’m cooking. I’m happier in solo row than when I play with him. I’m a vegetable, so after I played with him once, I stopped playing, because I could see that he played very seriously and wanted to win, but he didn’t think so. He still has to ask others to accommodate him because of me. It’s his girlfriend, so I have to play with him. I don’t want to lose, regardless of my gaming experience. I can only play solo.

6 months ago

I don’t have this problem, because I don’t have much free time and I’m busy. The game is really used for entertainment. I never spend time and energy on training heroes to make myself strong and carry. I don’t even want to operate complex heroes. Refuse directly…It can be said that I am a true Buddha player, and generally it doesn’t matter if I win or lose. If I lose the game without encountering the kind of deliberate trouble, I put down my phone and rested for a while to continue doing my work. Therefore, I assisted in playing more. Then my daughter-in-law is also playing auxiliary, which is standard for soft cute girls. She discovered that after I started playing this game, she liked to call me to play together at first, and then slowly stopped calling me, because when the double row opened, there was also a main player in the matching teammates… we hang on here. There are three Yaomeis among the common heroes, and the two remaining teammates are so desperate…

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