According to a report by the British “Daily Mail” on February 21, the head of the newly established British space force told the media that “the British Royal Air Force’s Typhoon fighter jets may be deployed to the “edge of space” to destroy the military use of Russia and China. satellite”.

This statement of the British military gives people a feeling that British pilots can really fly Typhoon fighters to places where they can see the universe, posing a threat to Chinese and Russian satellites. In fact, the truth is completely different.

First of all, it is impossible for a typhoon fighter to fly to the “edge of the universe.” The dividing line between air space and cosmic space is 100 kilometers above sea level, which is also known as the von Kamen line. This number was not figured out by scratching my head. As the tutor of Mr. Qian Xuesen, von Kamen has made groundbreaking achievements in aerodynamics and orbital dynamics. We know that when an airplane flies in airspace, it depends on the relative movement of the fuselage and wings with the air to generate lift. The greater the altitude and the thinner the air, the faster the airplane must fly to generate enough lift. But at an altitude of 100 kilometers, the flight speed must exceed the first cosmic speed of 7,800 meters per second in order to generate lift that exceeds its own weight. However, at this speed, the aircraft enters orbital flight. The principles of aerodynamics are no longer applicable. Orbital dynamics should be used to analyze the trajectory.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

During the military training, the instructor warned us: “Don’t laugh, but report!” So the British wanted to use the “Typhoon” fighter to hit the Sino-Russian satellite. Let’s analyze it randomly. The edge of space is 100 kilometers above sea level, and reliable data tells us that the practical ceiling of a “typhoon” is 18 kilometers, which is not a little bit away. Therefore, “the fighter may be deployed on the edge of space” must be added with a “no”. “. Can the Sino-Russian satellites not be hit? Really! ! If the United Kingdom has anti-satellite missiles, they can be deployed on the “Typhoon” and hitting a satellite is just like playing, but the problem is that the United Kingdom does not have it!

7 months ago

But this is not a problem with the United Kingdom, because there is no country in the world…If it was 40 years earlier, it might be possible to buy two with the United States. The United States once developed the anti-satellite missile ASAT in the 1980s. It was carried to X by F-15 and launched at high altitude, destroying a target in low orbit. However, ASAT was quickly dismantled and no longer developed. Samples that were not launched have been sent to the museum. However, the British have the traditional skills of stealing cultural relics, and they might steal it someday, stuff them up and throw them into the sky, but it will be impossible before the United States has completely fallen. But, as one of the few developed countries, the former “sun doesn’t sleep, I don’t sleep” empire, can’t Britain copy what the United States did in the 1980s?

7 months ago

In 2020, the British government has a joint venture with an Indian company to acquire the troubled Yiwang Satellite Company. It is planned to support this company to launch hundreds of satellites to form a global Internet constellation. The problem is back to the beginning, Britain, he doesn’t have a rocket! The launches of British satellites so far have mainly been achieved by Russian Alliance rockets… Wait, did I just mention Russia? Which country’s satellite is the British army planning to destroy? So, if the UK suddenly abandons its investment in germinal water and is determined to establish its own rocket system, how long will it take to achieve “typhoon hitting satellite”?

7 months ago

As long as one satellite of China or Russia is shot down, it doesn’t need to be many, just one. That is a very serious political incident. It is very serious and the kind of useless apology is no different from declaring war. I heard that the western border of Russia is only 2,000 kilometers from London. I don’t know if the Queen can sleep well at Buckingham Palace. If you can’t sleep, you can learn calculus. Just let the queen learn calculus, we can almost be sure that the British Aerospace Force’s “typhoon with standard 3 dozen satellites” means nothing more.

7 months ago

Maybe this is another success of cultural export…because it is a precursor to the dualization of Britain or Alzheimer’s. This kind of news usually appears in Indian or Japanese animations or anti-Japanese dramas. To be honest, the British claim, I actually feel a sense of vicissitudes, and I feel that time has changed and time will not forgive the country. This empire, which historically transformed China into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, has now learnt the anti-Japanese drama, earnestly saying that I want to blow up the plane with a grenade and shoot it down with a rifle! In this case. And our official media is very patient, looking at Xiaoying with a caring eye for the mentally retarded, and telling us: This is unscientific, what is the range of the rifle, the bullet is not powerful enough to destroy the fighter, the aircraft is fast, and you can’t. aim……

7 months ago

For Chinese people, Britain is really getting worse. Before, there was no military influence, but cultural influence. But now it is estimated that the last point of influence will be gone, but many people may not know it. They think that the UK is still the one that called for rain before. There are still some people who cook cold rice, saying that the green card of the old trash picker in the UK is worth ten million. To be honest, you can just laugh after reading this kind of joke. If you really believe it, you are probably shut in the cellar and isolated from the world. You tell him that he is still playing in Japan.

7 months ago

Seeing such news, I don’t know what everyone thinks, anyway, I think it’s pretty cool. Without it, because we have said similar things. Unlike the British, who can only slap the tongue, the Chinese with ample military ethics are all combatants. In the 1960s and 1970s, due to the extremely limited air defense capabilities of the government, there was a lot of publicity and promotion on “rifle hitting planes”. A large number of materials have been published in China to teach the technology of “rifle hitting plane”. For example, in the “Militia “Three Fights” and “Three Defenses” Knowledge Picture Book” published by the Jinzhou Military Division in 1970, there are pictures and texts on the “Rifle Fighting Plane” tutorial; The enemy aircraft” section. As a key component of the concept of “People’s War”, “Rifle Fighting Planes” was once publicized pervasively.

7 months ago

“The general frowned angrily. He saw another American plane preparing to fly over from the position. He raised his gun and aimed at the enemy’s plane. When the enemy aimed at our position, it was flying down. , The general shot. In an instant, a huge fireball burst and burned in the air, and the wreckage fell one after another. The soldiers cheered. The remaining American planes were stunned. They no longer had the courage to continue and fled to the south. .”

7 months ago

Standard 3 missiles to be used to strike satellites already have the ability to strike targets at a height of 200 kilometers. If considering the initial speed and fuel savings given to the missile by fighter jets, the possibility of launching them in the air against targets at a height of 300 kilometers exists. If you consider the new generation of carrier-based medium-range interceptor missiles being developed by the United States, as long as they shoot up to 400 kilometers high, they can basically complete an attack on low-Earth orbit satellites, compared to the permanent height of the International Space Station, which is about 365 kilometers.

7 months ago

The real difficulty lies in whether the United Kingdom has an independent satellite tracking system, and successfully transmits the tracking and calculation data to the missile carrier, and allows the missile to quickly locate the relative parameters of itself and the target to complete the attack. In the United States, this problem has also seen the dawn of a solution. The U.S. Navy has completed the interception of the target discovered by carrier-based aircraft with carrier-based air defense missiles, and the information transmission is completed through the data link. As you can imagine, it is not difficult for the UK to obtain this technology. So from a technical point of view, the British are not bragging. The key is what kind of political price Britain has to pay to achieve this goal.


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