I am more curious whether CY has carefully studied the issue of domestic version number review (gaming). First of all, domestic (non-Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) are not open to horse racing. The horse racing in “The Horse Racing Niang” has the elements of gambling, and some horse niang names or the names of the competition have a certain “local color” in it. I think these are issues that require localization or harmony. . Even though “The Horse Racing Niang” was played very hard at station B or in our own circles, and chatted very happily, it did not belong to the subject matter of the general public. It was also related to the domestic environment. When the first season was broadcast, I often searched the surroundings in the Anime Star City in Guangzhou, and found no other surroundings except for the colored paper (drawn into the kayak with tears). As a niche content, “The Horse Racing Girl” is the same as the CY idol master. Although CGSS, MLTD, and SC are so fierce in Japan, they are still not too popular in China. It was said that idol masters will meet Chinese culture a long time ago, but it turned out to be only onion news. mother. . . The princess link daily service has been out for a long time, and it has been a long time before the national service was released. Although I have a variety of “clairvoyance” and omitted the process of exploring the wasteland (the horse-raising skills in “The Horse Girl”, and whether it is better to draw a character or a training card, I believe that it has pitted countless players), but the gameplay is really too much The “old-fashioned” too. “The Horse Racing Girl” was born after a bounce in the Japanese service. The amount of text and lyrics in the Japanese service wanted to be localized, and the number was huge! In addition, a “special gameplay” that can be developed for 20-30 minutes and then easily overturned is really not acceptable to many players! The modeling and music in it are indeed of high quality today, but it is conservatively estimated to go abroad in 2 years. Will it still follow the trend of the times? I can only predict pessimistically, the prospects are really average~


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

What do you say. Not particularly optimistic, but optimistic about a “first explosion” phenomenon. Because the horse racing girl has exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars in a single month in Japan, Ah B has to push it anyway. At least the first month’s turnover can reach more than 200-300 million yuan. Not surprisingly taller. But whether it’s the ranking or the income curve, the horse racing girl can basically parallel the status of PCR in the national server, but because the horse racing girl’s gameplay is more troublesome and the cultural relevance is lower, so the popularity continues. Will be weaker. Since the horse racing girl does not have a very disgusting guild war system, Nagao’s loyalty may also be higher. Of course there will be diehard fans, and there will be no shortage in absolute numbers. But my judgment is that this group of people will be lost on a large scale in the third month and the sixth month.

6 months ago

Most domestic players value gameplay more than good-looking skins. I used to play with my girlfriend every day in the dark to play King of Glory Eat Chicken. Later, after the original God opened the server, I wanted to recommend my girlfriend to play with me. I introduced her to the world view of the game, art, music, etc. After a long time, she asked me , So what exactly is this game for? Cy games are generally bundled with fan dramas, peripherals, music and many other aspects, but for domestic players, these are all added. If the gameplay is not good, there is no follow-up at all. Not many people watch fan dramas in pcr, or even big ones. Most people don’t even like to watch a skill show. Thanks invite. First jump to the prophet, the national dress of the horse racing mother is the next bcr, and it will not be tepid after half a year. Japanese fire games and national service fire games are not the same type at all. Japanese people like to play cute dolphin two-dimensional games, and Chinese people like fast-paced pvp games like King Glory and Peace Elite. Let’s not say that there is no horse racing in the country. Bonus, cultivating a deep pit determines that basically 90% of people will run away in one wave. I just hope that some people don’t blow too hard. When the time comes, it will be like a pcr being beaten in the face. I still remember that the pcr was opened for half a month for 400 million. Many people said to celebrate the birth of the new king. As a result, the flow of the next month will drop. Some people said that there is no new pond until Yly comes out to see how horrible the water is. When Yly comes out, the water drops again. A bunch of people said they were all waiting for the water to get dark, and the water came out and dropped again. Some people say that everyone has too many drills to wait for the total number of grams, and the total number of grams has come out and dropped and said that the number of shots is limited. Is it so difficult to admit that the Japanese game is not suitable for the national service? How many people are still willing to play this game? It’s the same with horse racing mothers, what else is there besides horse racing? The idol masters are all messed up. Putting a set of data, it is quite embarrassing that the turnover of the pcr country has dropped from 410 million in the first half of last year to less than 30 million in a month.

6 months ago

First, you need to apply for a version number. Horse racing is related to gambling themes, and some of the sideball plots may also need to be harmonious; even if everything goes well, it will take several months to go through the process… Secondly, horse racing themes are very niche in China. The game is not just copying it to reproduce the glory…The front waves that die on the beach, the monster marbles, the Zhilong Lost City and other games are all watching with wise eyes. Thirdly, the workload of Sinicization is huge. Horse raising has greatly borrowed from the successful model of live power baseball. The amount of text is quite scary, and there are a lot of real-life Japanese horse racing related stalks, which domestic players cannot feel; and domestic players have also accepted the level of plot development. On the low side, the audience is relatively limited for games that require a lot of reading text (and this time is not as skippable as FGO). If you limit the interior of station B, due to the relative concentration of users of the two-dimensional attribute, you may be able to do it without losing it; but it is impossible to achieve the same market performance as in Japan.

6 months ago

There are very few games that can be introduced into the country for a single game in Japan. The phenomenon of unaccustomed soil and water is unusually significant. Those who can make a lot of money, I just think about it, maybe there is only one fgo so far. Therefore, the probability is not optimistic. But I personally like this game very much… However, it is a fact that objective facts are not transferred by subjective will, and personal likes are meaningless. The localization of Japanese games in the country is really hard to explain in one word. Except for metaphysics or metaphysics, it is not popular.

6 months ago

China’s game industry is underdeveloped, so as soon as foreign 3A is released, the Chinese people can be intoxicated. But only in the field of two-dimensional krypton gold mobile games, China is leading the world and overwhelming its peers. It’s really not that foreign mobile games can enter China. The once-popular White Cat Project, Zhilong Lost City, the monster marbles belch without even splashing in the country. The princess link can’t be called tepid, and half-dead is more appropriate. The only good FGO that mixes is based on the basic game that Xingyue World has been operating for many years. The game itself is also biased towards the plot story. The horse racing girl can become popular in Japan because all kinds of local BUFF are basically piled up, and there is no reason for not to be angry. This is a mobile game market that has penetrated the local Japanese market and is targeted at Japanese players. When I come to China, I don’t see any possibility of getting fired. Of course, I might get slapped in the face.

6 months ago

It’s been half a month since I’ve played it personally, and I’m suffering from the fact that the initial and Internet speeds are not good for screenshots. Just answer it in plain text. My understanding is: if the version number can be obtained within these few months and it’s only relatively slower than the Japanese server. Two or three major versions of the time, it can’t be said to be a big fire, at least it can guarantee the same heat and life as the previous bgo, it is no big problem to last two or three years, but if it is the same as bcr, it is basically an old player Still playing, the new players are almost the same, and then tepid to the end, many hxd’s answers are that the domestic market is not so bad, and the horse racing girl is likely to be uncomfortable. I agree with this with both hands, but I personally It is still adhering that the game must be fun first and then whether it is suitable for the environment. If the game is not fun, the environment will be rejected. After all, the Pascal contract is not not fun, but there is no market, but it does not mean that people are not good games and cannot continue to invest in me. My personal understanding is: the upper limit of the gameplay of the horse racing girl is generally much stronger than that of pcr, and the vitality of the game itself is relatively long. After all, the possibility and upper limit of training + roguelike are generally OK (after all, the idol master knows all Concave until you vomit), but there is no horse racing feelings + heavy pve light PVP situation, may not compete with domestic PVP mobile games, but it is OK to stabilize the basic plate, I can only say that I am optimistic about the horse racing girl , But it’s not optimistic that its long-term operation can make new tricks. It can only be said that stability is the greatest success.

6 months ago

The average volume sales volume of BD in the first season of the horse racing girl was 1.6w, ranking third in the annual list. Race Ma Niang b station broadcasts 1100w, less than 100w chasing fan, the popularity can be regarded as the ceiling of the minority fan. See the difference. Even though there was no game bonus at that time in Japan, the horse racing girl still sold the third place in the annual list. However, the audience for the introduction of this fan into station b is very limited, a fan with 13 episodes in 18 years, and the playback volume is stuck at 1100w, indicating that three years have passed, and the total number of complete fans of the horse racing girl does not exceed 100w. It is obvious that this subject matter is not eaten in China. In terms of gameplay, the horse racing girl is a cy-stitched monster, but cy-based games are in a tepid state in China. Even if it is the pcr forced by station b, there are only tens of millions of stable water left, which can only be regarded as under the fire and above the cool. Therefore, Ma Niang will not be able to kill the Quartet like in Japan, but is likely to become another tepid game at station b.

6 months ago

Japan and China are two areas. I am not optimistic about Ma Niang’s national clothes. (Dog tag: 40 hours of game time in the first week of server opening, 14 hours of game time in the previous week) The performance of the horse race girl in the national dress should be similar to that of the princess, and now the horse race girl is far less popular in China than the previous princess connection. The Chinese game market has always been unable to use Japan to predict, and there is a big difference in understanding. For example, “high pricing in Japanese factories” is one of the problems that Japanese factories have suffered from negative reviews this year. However, the highest price of Japanese factory games is the Japanese area. itself. I can’t understand the Japanese game operation strategy, but I’m still a player who has played a lot of mobile games. Personally, I feel that you need to guarantee these points before playing the horse racing girl: 1. If you can play the guild ranking, you need one for the guild ranking. High-intensity online every month, it takes about two hours a day. 2. How to treat the card pool. The welfare mechanism of the card pool is an uninheritable “well” rather than an inheritable guarantee. Basically, it is a half-month change of pools and two pools at a time (it can be simply understood as a role and a weapon, and the weapon upgrade is higher than the role) The pt requirement of a well in a pond is 200, which requires two to three thousand RMB. 3. Whether the medium krypton and micro krypton can make a trade-off. Dismantle the well OR save the well. 4. It takes two hours daily during the activity. Regardless of whether you play in the guild rankings or not, you must guarantee 1 to 2 hours of game time every day for event rewards. 5. Can you accept highly repetitive training content. In the short term, games are highly repetitive development scripts, and you may need to walk a hundred times (average 20 minutes at a time) for a development script. 6. Can you experience the script patiently, slow down and watch the plot is one of the most interesting parts of this game, but it may take nearly an hour to develop without fast-forwarding, and the time cost will increase greatly. If you choose to fast-forward the plot, then go back to the fifth point. 7. Do you have a favorite character? Cuanjing needs emotional support for the character. High-intensity and high-repetition games also need emotional support for the character. In addition, I don’t like clairvoyance, and instant feedback on unknown curiosity and new content can maintain considerable enthusiasm for the game. The large dislocation of the information and experience of the new content will consume the enthusiasm of the players. Clairvoyance is a term originating from the fgo era. As far as my gaming experience is concerned, the only thing that excites me about fgo is the new content of card delivery and Japanese service. I believe most players are the same. My estimate is that the opening service flow will not be higher than the tomorrow’s Ark flow of the month, and it will remain at the current level of the fgo and pcr national service in half a year (yes, the current bgo and bcr flow is basically 50%). This is an optimistic estimate. .

6 months ago

It can only be said that it is not particularly optimistic. CY’s action this time is quite fast, but in the domestic (mainland area) situation, for this subject with a little “gambling” type, can the game version number be down? How long will it take to get down? It’s all unknown. Secondly, although “Horse Racing Niang” can play very hard in the circle and chat very happily, it is not a popular theme. The domestic (mainland) country maintains a relatively unopen attitude towards horse racing. In addition, the background settings in the game are mainly based on horse racing and competitions in Japan, and most of the players do not particularly understand the gameplay aspects. They are trained to upgrade and play competitions. This is a cycle of development. The gameplay, although the game’s performance in music and art is very good, the mode of becoming the master is not suitable for the current domestic mobile game market where fast-paced battles are the mainstream. The service was launched on the first anniversary of the service (just think about it). Relying on the heat of the second season of the animation and some “missionaries”, the early sales should still be possible, but there is a high probability that it will become the second pcr. Keep operating in a tepid situation

6 months ago

The salted fish rider, who has never played, said that it is difficult to be optimistic about Ma Niang (covering his face, first of all, Chinese people are not very cold with works of similar themes-change their positions, if a fund mother, how many people will Pay the bill (there are ingredients, but maybe I haven’t seen it on the list)? Then the cy’s game rhythm does not seem to be suitable for the Chinese… Take pcr for example, the pcr’s play rhythm is plus the daily no more than 10 minutes, Only when you open a new map, the tower (personally feels the most tiring), will you be busy in the trade union battle (but now only two ten million thugs auto and one million thugs can squeeze nearly 20,000) The next speculation is that another horse racing girl may not be satisfied… Then it is difficult to open the gap between the first rush player and the microkrypton player in pcr (the low-star war gods are not rare, and they can rise stars by investing free resources). Opening the gap can only focus on krypton or liver, and the Chinese people basically rely on monthly cards, and there is nothing to rely on krypton (except that there are very wanted roles in the pool, human rights are not included in the necessary investment), and now the cloud I feel that the rhythm of the horse racing girl is similar to that of the PC, and there is no union battle. (The advantage is that the game itself will become extremely Buddhist, but the domestic environment is really troublesome…) However, the horse girl has already put all the money that should be earned in the book. Earned, it may be tepid in China, but income is considered icing on the cake. (As long as you don’t put any strange characters in it)

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