The girls were classmates in middle school, and felt that they had secretly developed a good impression of each other in the process of communicating with each other, but both of them were more restrained and were reluctant to start easily when they were young. There was a certain amount of communication in college but not much. She did not often post on Weibo and Moments, and it was not easy to understand the dynamics. During the New Year, she suddenly sent a message. The two people chatted about the recent situation and felt very happy and agreed with each other. Next, What should I do for a period of time to try to develop a relationship without being too flustered or embarrassed?

Send you a hand-in-hand “Dating Manual”: 1. Start a conversation-congratulations, you have completed it-the trick to starting a conversation is to start by asking a question-you need to ask a question that may be discussed. 2. The conversation is successful-congratulations, you did it too-find out where her interest is, pay attention to the important things they care about-start a conversation they like, they will naturally want to participate in it. 3-A. Establish friendship-Congratulations, you are classmates and have advantages-lay a solid foundation for the relationship. This can be achieved through multiple conversations, and it will take some time-the more you invest in a friendly level, When you finally speak, they will accept it more easily. 3-B. Flirting-optional-if you feel that the other person also has a strong feeling and don’t want to wait and see, try a little flirting. Combine compliments and flirting body language with dating or dating cues. 4-A. Indirectly shows-you both feel that you want to do more together. If you feel that it is too stressful to say “I want to date you” directly, then try to imply indirectly-if the two of you are talking and the other party just mentioned a movie he/she is interested in, then you can By the way, after listening to his introduction, you feel that this movie is also your favorite genre, and you want to watch it too. Then you (or even the person you like) may say “Hi, why don’t we go to see it together?” 4-B. Ask directly-you both feel that you want to do more together-you can directly Ask-“Can I ask you out”. 4-C. Invite them to participate in group activities-optional-if she is more timid-then invite her to a party-to be with each other in an event can eliminate your stress on dating, and at the same time Let the two of you have a chance to be together. 5. Give him an experience—if he agrees—make a plan—whether it’s a movie, coffee, or a great dinner, make a meaningful plan for each other—this ensures you The arranged events can happen on time and provide you two with something to look forward to. 6. Follow-up after the date-at the end of the first date, confirm with the other person-“I had a great time today. How about you?”-so you can know if they enjoyed the time Have an appointment, and how to arrange the next appointment. 7. Strike while the iron is hot-if she also says she is happy-the last step is to make sure that the next date will happen as scheduled-make an appointment with the other party for the next date -. Remember: they have already agreed to your invitation once-so there is really no need to be so nervous and anxious when meeting them for the second time!


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6 months ago

Brother, a little pure!
You both have a good impression of each other and are still embarrassed. Do you want to be single for a lifetime? Eat, go shopping and watch movies, make an appointment when you should; hold hands and kiss each other, and do whatever you want; remember not to think about so many and nothing! Be natural and casual when getting along! Otherwise, people will not be embarrassed, but you will embarrass yourself!
Be brave, my friend. It’s better to have countless fantasies than moving times!

6 months ago

Many people feel that it takes a step-by-step approach to upgrade the relationship, but it is not at all. As a junior high school student, the New Year girls took the initiative to send messages. You can see from here, boy, you definitely have a sense of presence in this girl’s heart. Think about your other high school classmates who have a normal relationship. Do you think of sending them a message to greet you every holiday? It’s not the kind of mass blessing message, but the name and surname, remember this kind of message of this person. Think about it? There are not many people who can be named. At most, I have a good relationship just after graduation, and I will contact you from time to time. After work, the college students in a dormitory will not contact them, let alone high school students. So girls can remember you and still actively contact you, either because you have what she asks for, on the other hand, they simply have a good impression of you, because they want to contact, so they take the initiative to say hello. At this age, it seems that you are all ordinary people, and you don’t know how to run into a girl who loves your family property and then drunk you to death in a gentle town. After you know this, know that girls have a good impression of you, so you don’t have too much psychological pressure. If you like others, just act directly, don’t persuade them. Girls don’t like boys who don’t have the courage and responsibility. Next, I will talk about the second point, how to upgrade the relationship with girls. We have encountered any problems in studying, preparing for exams, entering school, working, and working from childhood. Parents or teachers are always by your side to help you make suggestions. They will also teach you efficient learning methods, efficient working methods, and efficient methods of managing energy. , Even if they don’t know that you can always find a corresponding solution to the problem, but how to get along with the girl you like is the only thing no one has taught you, and even they will be ashamed to talk about these things with you, so you don’t know how to talk to you. Chat with girls you like, don’t know how to get along with them, don’t know the differences in thinking between boys and girls, and you don’t know how to upgrade the relationship. These are not to blame you, but you are definitely yours if you don’t solve the problem after you realize the problem. The problem is that getting along with a girl is essentially the same as getting along with your friends. All you want is to get along well, but if you want to continue to upgrade your relationship with her, then getting along with her is just the basis for an upgraded relationship. Many people You will feel that you are eager to upgrade the relationship step by step, step by step, but it is not. What you need to do is how to make girls willing to recommend the relationship with you based on certain points in your body, and not resist your approach. This is the upgrade relationship. So how can girls be willing to get closer to you? There is only one thing that is that you can meet the emotional needs of girls. Next is skill 1. Value recognition is more or less missing in the growth stage of everyone, which causes us to look for objects intentionally or unintentionally when we are looking for objects. The other half becomes more complete. At this time, the brain will send out hormones to let you look for people or things that can give you a sense of value. Once you find it, you will feel satisfied with dopamine. Therefore, you will be able to identify because you can get it. You are more inclined to those who look like your mother (the most familiar) in these three situations are very beautiful, and those who are very capable in one aspect (the best) have produced positive interactions with you. Have a good impression (most likely to get) 2. Emotional resonance is here. The premise of value recognition is that you can create emotional resonance. The so-called emotional resonance means that you will be infected when you see a person emotionally excited. If he is happy, you will be infected. When a person is unhappy, you feel it and then make an understanding behavior, it will make the other person feel safe. For example, you just fell out of love and you are the one who was broken up. This event has caused you within you. The accumulation of hormones causes you to feel sad, anxious, and lose your emotions. When your colleagues see that you are not in the state, they are willing to chat with you to ease your emotions, so that you can find a sense of security, and you have the possibility of gradually triggering attachment behavior patterns, that is When we like to get along with girls, in addition to directly discovering girls’ emotions, we must also be good at creating emotional resonance. Here are two tips: The first is to use contrast to mobilize emotions. For example, you and girls are in a foreign language class. I met when you were in your class. At that time, you had a terribly poor English foundation in your class. You didn’t even know the simplest content of the textbook, let alone read it. Whoever thought that after less than a month, you would be alone by the teacher. Praise, and used a very authentic American English to read today’s sample text in that class. Your strong contrast from extremely poor to excellent will instantly attract the girl’s attention and mobilize the girl’s emotions. This is very One way to directly stimulate girls’ emotions is that you and girls met on the street, for example, because you wore a very formal dress for the annual meeting that day, leaving girls with a very serious image, then you will go on a date later. You can wear another style, such as street style or British style. This directly brings another strong emotional impulse to girls. The second is to directly express that if you meet, you feel that the girl’s dress is very beautiful, but you If you don’t know how to describe it, you can start from the details: “Your outfit today is so chic, and it feels very suitable for you, especially this pearl earring is exquisite and smart.” Or you can see that a girl has posted a nice photo to her friend. Message: I like your cute style the most. The thing to note here is that direct expression is not a direct confession, because some expressions can make a girl feel like a little deer, but confession does mean that the underwear is exposed directly. Girls instantly switch from the emotional mode to the rational mode to assess whether your value matches me. Please remember that confession is the bell of victory, not the charge Clarion 3, use reflection to establish value. When we communicate with girls, you want girls to know that you are a very good man who can give girls a life. At this time, if you say directly: “I am Zhang Daxian, I have a calm personality. Good job, responsible, and able to take care of others.” Girls are at best smiling politely, and even defamating whether this person is a bit arrogant and not afraid that the wind will flash your tongue. If you two are eating at this time, next to you Conflict arose on the table of a girl, and when a man was indifferent to the girl, you rushed forward to stop the conflict. In an instant, the girl’s heart felt that you were a very responsible man. ? If you want to show your own value, the effect presented by a third-party person or thing is much better than what you said. The reason for this feeling is that when the other party and you first met, you and you It’s still a bit nervous to get along because it’s unfamiliar and can’t let go. When a person is insecure, she will be more likely to use the surrounding environment to judge your value. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize gentlemanliness when getting along with girls. For example, when you come out of a restaurant, remember to bring the door with your hand to prevent inertia from hitting the people behind you; or communicate lightly in public to show good qualities; or when you want to smoke in a car together, ask the girl around you how it feels. “Mind if I smoke?” All these behaviors reveal your inner quality and the core of the three views. The value display is in place, and then it is matched with emotional needs to establish resonance to provide a sense of security. It is difficult for a girl to escape your pursuit. The answer of is helpful to you, don’t forget to double-click when you’re collecting it, there’s a surprise~

6 months ago

I can’t answer this question! I’m the kind of “summer watermelon, whether it’s sweet or not, let’s take a big bite” character; I think if I confirm that I really like someone, I am a female, and I don’t mind taking the initiative to pursue it immediately. Also, I will not be afraid of this and that. OK, we two will start to fall in love; no, goodbye to you! Let’s not delay each other. Just fall in love, afraid of Mao’s embarrassment! After all, I still don’t like it enough. I don’t understand. If the male and the unmarried female are unmarried, each is single, there is no male or female friend or marriage partner, and there is no white moonlight cinnabar mole or something, why can’t I boldly pursue the person I like. Unless you are now the boyfriend or husband of another woman. You still have to “not panic” or “not embarrassed”. You “cherish” your own feathers and take care of your own face. Do you still dare to quibble, don’t you like it enough? Anyway, someone with a straightforward character like me can’t understand your way of looking forward and backward in love. Love loves deeply, don’t love to go away!

6 months ago

Occasionally contact shows that the willingness to communicate between the two parties is up to the standard, and there is no bad impression of each other, which is a very good foundation for development. First of all, congratulations, you don’t have the common way of thinking of kneeling and touching the other person. Mentioning tension indicates a desire for a relaxed relationship. It is not easy to get in the right direction. My suggestion is to do something to make yourself happy, show it and use it to attract the other person, and if the other person notices it, just keep talking about it. This is a high-value display that guides the other party to pay attention to your inner life. It is the foundation for a long-term attractive relationship and avoids slipping into the high-investment low-return model of building relationships with money. (Of course, don’t be stingy when you need to advance the relationship) Happiness can also relieve tension and sublimate your temperament.

6 months ago

Answer from the perspective of a girl 1. Maintain a certain chat frequency and brush up on the sense of existence. If you usually encounter something fun, good-looking, and funny, share it, don’t you have a topic? In the chat, reveal a little bit more about your liking for her, but don’t confess directly. 2. Even if the other party does not often post to Moments, you still have to remember to like it, and it is best to attach funny and humorous comments. Let the other party know that I have been following you. 3. Based on the above two points, if you are not far away, if you have the opportunity, you should create more opportunities for offline contact. Watching movies together (Isn’t there a lot of movies lately), eating together (it is best to choose a restaurant according to each other’s preferences), and going to a place to check in together (to go back to your alma mater together?). I have thought of so much for the time being, good luck~

6 months ago

Listen to me, you can make your love more perfect. The general steps of chasing girls are to chat first, then make an appointment to have fun, develop a relationship, and finally it will be a matter of course. Now that the subject has completed the first step, I will analyze it for you later. Ask a girl to come out. You must be skillful. You can’t go straight in. You have to go around. For example, if you have a new movie recently, you can talk about the movie with the girl. Then, you can control the fire and watch the talk. You You can ask her if she has time, and go take a look together. In fact, everyone knows what the purpose of watching movies is, so as long as she has such a slight affection for you, then she will promise you. This is also a standard to test whether a girl is interesting to you. . After the appointment, the subject will have a feeling of playing eating chicken and entering the finals, his heart is pounding, and his palms are a little sweaty. At this time, don’t have any special thoughts. You can take her around, play around, and talk in the same way as before. Usually after two or three appointments, you can have a little movement, such as slight physical contact. If she doesn’t resist, you can try again. This is a process. You should not rush for success. You must control the fire. When everything is ready, you can take her down as a matter of course. Here are a few things to pay attention to. When going out to play, you have to walk on the left side of the girl, that is, on the side of the road. Don’t buy things too expensive. After all, you haven’t made any money. If you don’t know how to save Money, you can send me a private message. Finally, I wish you success.

6 months ago

Middle school? Can you still be in touch? so amazing. how to say? do not know. I have no conversation with the girls in middle school. Sometimes when she responds to me, I just reply. If you ignore me, I won’t reply. Moreover, I haven’t seen a middle school girl in seven or eight years, and don’t usually contact me, but occasionally she will contact me. Then, if I can’t talk a few words, I won’t talk. So, how do I know what to do! Anyway, a middle school girl, in the past two years, always talked to me for no reason, and asked me to help her fight a lot. I really envy you. As time goes by, feelings fade. People have also become realistic. And after entering society, girls are more realistic than boys. So, what is there to deal with. If you like it, chase it, and don’t care if you don’t like it. Just chat with friends. Then, it’s gone. To be honest, the tomato scrambled egg rice bowl I ordered at a Sichuan restaurant feels like Shanghai cuisine, so sweet. I can’t bear it, but I even put garlic. Speechless. The meeting adjourned.

6 months ago

Use words to arouse her emotions. Speaking is a science. Being able to speak can drive the emotions of the other person. When the other person has emotions, they will have feelings, and feelings are the initial state of love. For example: you chat with the other party every day, the heat is very high, suddenly one day you did not take the initiative to look for him, at this time, the other party’s psychology will fluctuate, there will be unpleasant feelings, “Why didn’t he find me, What did he do?” These feelings will make him feel like he cares, which is a way to promote the relationship. The development of feelings lies not in whether they meet every day, but in the value of communication. Compared with those who are tired of being together every day, people in different places are more likely to establish feelings, because the space of imagination will bring more emotional value to the other party. If you don’t understand, you can send me a private message, I hope I can help you.

6 months ago

Girls take the initiative to contact you, this is already a very good opportunity. After all, very few girls would take the initiative to chat with boys. She did this to show that the other party also has your place in their hearts. What the girls can do has already been done, and the next step should be It’s your turn to speak up. Next, you can talk more about daily life with girls. No matter what the content is, you can also talk about small things. After all, you belong to a long-distance relationship. The development of this kind of relationship is difficult from the beginning. After all, you can’t meet at any time and there are problems. Especially many. However, since you have started to have a good relationship with each other since your middle age, and you can still get in touch after many years have passed, it is worth your in-depth development and love, and don’t miss the opportunity.

6 months ago

Your relationship foundation is very good, and the girl has expressed it. If you don’t act, such a girl may think you don’t mean much to her, believe it or not? Keep in touch, if someone pursues her, you will have no chance. Now there is WeChat again, chat, good morning and good night. Talk to her more when you have time in the evening and ask her if she is tired from work? Talk about each other’s hobbies, what do you like to eat? Where do you like to play? The conversation feels better, and it is natural to make an appointment to climb the mountain and go outing in the suburbs in the spring. If the two of them have a good impression of each other, needless to say, the two will naturally be together.

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