I applied for an accountant (assistant) of a real estate development company with a salary of 4500, a probation period of 3 months, 3,600, covered, originally applied for the provincial capital city, transferred to the county, there is no social security, this salary is suitable to go.
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree for five years. I am not majoring in accounting. I used to be an e-commerce company, but I didn’t do accounting.
PS: The work place is in the community, and the real estate developed during the interview is opposite the community.

The person in charge of finance, with an annual salary of 30, coordinates sh, take advantage of getting off work early, give a brief answer. In the past ten years in the industry, salary has always been a sensitive vocabulary. Many friends have consulted me on this aspect. I feel that everyone is surprisingly consistent about the salary. I am no exception. They are all workers. But you are still young. At my age, you feel that your essential work is difficult to break through, and your income growth is approaching the ceiling infinitely. You can do the same research, such as cpa and intermediate accountants, to improve your level. (I will talk about it in detail below) Suggestions to the subject: It is suitable to do it. Now the degree of matching between accountants and accounting positions is completely saturated. The corporate accounting assistants need to recruit a familiar hand. For novices like the subject, it is generally difficult to find such a position. The subject has good luck. If you don’t understand, ask more and more. Learn, you can learn a lot. Let’s talk about what you are interested in specifically below. Wage income has a lot to do with the industry: real estate is a capital-intensive industry, which requires high capital and faces tremendous pressure. At present, mergers and acquisitions are popular in the industry, and the salary for tax planning, liquidation, and acquisition is higher than the calculation line, but the salary of large-scale companies in the industry is also similar. The annual salary of ordinary accountants is more than 10w; the financial supervisor should be more than 18w; the manager should be more than 25w, and the financial director should be more than 30w. (Generally speaking, large-scale enterprises will have better wages, higher requirements, and more work than small-scale enterprises.) The real estate industry is simpler than industrial and industrial accounting. In most cases The accountant is responsible for all the accounting processing of the two or so companies, but the industry’s taxation is more complicated, the development pace is fast, the opening time is concentrated, and there is a lot of overtime, but as long as the salary is high, all problems are not a problem. Another advantage is that there is an internal price for buying a house. The manufacturing management is relatively strict and the financial accounting process is complicated. For newcomers, they can learn a lot. The disadvantage is that the factories are usually located in relatively remote development zones and the income is low. In the manufacturing industry, cost accounting provides the most valuable and technical information, and progress is fast, and the boss also pays attention to it. Most billing companies only need to do accounting processing. You just got in and didn’t understand the business, but you didn’t get in touch with the business. You can only learn some specious false theories and skills. It is highly not recommended for fresh graduates or friends who have just entered the industry to take an internship at an accounting company. The learning that has just entered the industry is the most precious and the most important, and it may affect your life. The salary of the firm has always been the ceiling of the financial industry. After all, professionalism is there. After entering the industry, everyone basically holds a CPA. Before you start, you must have at least three CPAs. Unless you have a very good degree, if you don’t have one, it is recommended to go to a relatively good company to do finance or a domestic fund. After a year or two, take the test. If you get the certificate of the first meeting, CPA, management accounting, etc., it is a good choice to start from the lowest entry level to enter the Big Four and the Eighth by way of social recruitment. The eight major domestic salaries: the first year: 6-7w; the second year: 9-10w; the third year: 11-13w. (After tax, annual salary) Just take Shanghai Lixin as an example, the treatment of offices in different regions is different. Generally, the salary increase from the first year to the second year is the largest, because there is a bonus, the increase will generally not exceed this range afterwards. Each industry has pros and cons, good and bad. Those with high salaries are busy, and the characteristics of the industry are obvious. In the future, you will be a newcomer in other industries, such as the real estate industry; manufacturing is more suitable for training newcomers, but the salary is not good because the threshold will be lower; the office is more expensive Body, suitable for young people, especially boys… Sometimes choices are more important than hard work. Regional differences in accounting salary levels vary from place to place. In fact, this is the case in different industries and places, so I can only say a rough idea. Not only that, but the area where you work will also affect what accounting positions you can choose. The supply of jobs in small cities is inadequate, and they are all occupied by senior people. After graduating from many majors, there are no suitable jobs in small cities, such as accounting. Small cities of the third and fourth tier, non-state-owned enterprises, are not very formal. It cannot be said that there are no five insurances and one housing fund. Basically, they are incomplete, and there is nothing to learn. If there is a graduated child in the leader’s family who cannot find a job and thinks that you are an accountant in your factory and you are not a related household, just wait to lose your job. Small cities are all relational societies, and there are no connections, so it’s hard to get mixed up. Small cities are more suitable for civil servants. Only when you go to a big city will you have all kinds of possibilities and a foothold in the future. In order to experience job rotation and learn more knowledge in some positions in large companies, although the salary is only three or four thousand after graduation, the upper limit of development afterwards is higher. At the same time, life is under pressure. For example, when I first started working, I had a monthly salary of 3k and a rent of 1k. I counted the money every day. Taking sh as an example, the salary of the cashier and accounting positions in the general finance department is between 3k-5k; financial supervisor: about 10k; financial manager: about 15k; financial director: annual salary of 30w+ (annual salary). Compared with first- and second-tier cities, there is a huge gap in management salary. How does accounting improve salary: First of all, financial ability is to accumulate financial ability through the environment, or to accumulate ability through self-learning. Accounting, as a traditional industry, has been slow to upgrade and personnel is eliminated more slowly. The rule of survival of the fittest can be seen at the basic level of accounting. Take myself as an example. When I first entered the industry, I worked as a cashier in a small company with a monthly salary of 3k. Like many Xiaobai, I was sitting in a humble job. It didn’t look good and it didn’t matter. Basically, few people knew how to do it. Put me in the eyes. Half a year later, I am still a small teller who can only run the bank and reimbursement vouchers. After I was proficient in my business, I got off work at one point every day, a bit of a mess. I was only in my early 20s. I don’t know how to report and file tax returns. Under the advice of the master, I studied and applied for the CPA. For details, you can see how miserable you were in the first few years of accounting? , The test preparation process is really difficult, but fortunately I persisted. After winning the CPA, I chose to quit. As I lack management experience, I urgently need a platform to accumulate experience. After interviewing Duojia, I finally found myself in a small industrial enterprise. There were three people under my staff, one cashier, accounting assistant, cost accountant, and monthly salary (6k). Although the financial system is not formal and the rules and regulations are not perfect, this is not important. The point is that I can use professional skills to learn how to serve the company and how to make a profit for the company. For example, business departments often use price-cut products to increase sales and market share. At this time, I have to consider whether the company’s production capacity is overloaded and what to do if it can’t be produced. The advantages and disadvantages of such price reductions should be carefully considered. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the cost of product development is in line with the budget. Production efficiency requires equipment, and at the same time consider whether there are enough orders to absorb fixed-cost expenditures.······These must be taken into consideration. As a financial person, what kind of job you do determines how good your job is. Knowledge determines ability; ability determines height; height determines position; position determines salary. See at which level you are. I often tell my friends not to put the textual research on their lips, and don’t be washed by the Internet now that they only know the textual research. You must be clear about what certificate you test, whether it is cpa, acca, tax accountant, or management accountant. You can make a choice according to your career plan. Or refer to: What certificates do college students majoring in accounting take? May be helpful to you.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Graduated from three accounting books in a second-tier city. After graduating in 17 years, I was deceived to pass the ACCA exam during my undergraduate course. It was time-consuming, but the gold content was far less than that of the note, and it was useless. I wasted the time that my university could have played games. I followed the trend and recruited the construction unit in my senior year to do finance. I got around 5,000. I don’t know the year-end bonus. Anyway, after a few months, I ran away. It feels very bad. I see that the financial director can’t go home all the year round. The fifty-year-old financial director has worked so hard to only 200,000 a year, and the price/performance ratio is too low. I am just like him. Besides, I am still a soldier. The construction unit does not have weekends and is away from the city. It must not be a long-term solution. In the two weeks since I came, I thought about it and gotta go! And the later you go, the higher the cost! Some of my friends go to the office. Knowing that the audit firm is too tired, often working overtime, and being squeezed by the boss, it is not a long-term solution. It is not a long-term solution to gain experience for a few years. It cannot guarantee that the future company is not a pit. Jumping around is too tossing and too risky. The competition a few years later, and the possible layoffs after the 30s and 40s. Thinking about my burden of family mortgages and the fear of offending the leader, it feels uncomfortable to compete with young people in their early twenties. . It’s too internally written, and I need to verify my finances. ACCA wastes so much time for me. It will be endless to test other intermediate bets. It’s very uncomfortable to waste my time. I just don’t want to research or study. I just want to get off work at five o’clock every day and play hacking games, so I feel that corporate finance is not suitable for me. Seeing that a young girl in the girlfriend system is easy and relaxed with 150,000 yuan, more money and less work, and leisurely, and hi-pi after get off work at five o’clock, this is life. Isn’t this the life I want? So I prepared for the exam full-time, but I didn’t pass the exam for more than half a year. I was a little skeptical of life. I found that it was much more difficult than I thought. The full-time pressure was too much, so I went to work. I was a temporary government worker for two thousand yuan a month. Very leisurely, basically doing questions and attending classes, work without pressure, and the leader supports the exam. In the second year, I increased to more than 3,000 per month, and there was a bonus of 10,000 yuan at the end of the year. In the past two years, I have enjoyed going to work very much, and I look forward to it. The cafeteria is very delicious. Three meats, two vegetarians, one soup, fruit, and free food. The colleagues are good (I am very grateful to them) and behave. Do a set of line tests in the morning, wake up at two o’clock at noon, then do a set of questions, and make corrections and summaries. Go to the Internet cafe to open the black after get off work. Leave work early every Friday, drive home, and arrive in half an hour. Studying during the day, playing games at night, and playing with friends on weekends, the rhythm is clear, very happy, very happy, the kind that comes from the heart. I worked as a temporary worker for two years. Then I was admitted to the street office clerk in our city. Our street office directors, secretary, and people’s congress directors are all at the department level. There are many positions in the following ten departments. Small section staff, plus provident fund, looks like 140,000 a year. It’s more convenient to go to work. It takes 40 minutes to get home by car. The unit has a very small number of administrative staff. After a few years, I should be able to get a little promotion. At present, I go to work from 9 to 5 in the morning. My office generally does not work overtime, and weekends are usually two-day breaks. Very busy at the end of the year or during inspections, and during the epidemic. The work is not particularly difficult, and I don’t want to use my brain now. I like mechanized work. The director and colleagues are very good. I often ask for leave and give leave, and I don’t frown, and I don’t ask why. Hahaha. The cafeteria here provides two meals, one or two yuan a meal. My colleague often complains that it is unpalatable, but I, a man from the countryside, can’t be so picky. I wish I could provide dinner, and another meal would be cheap. Hahahaha The content of work has nothing to do with accounting at all. Originally, I didn’t like accounting. It was troublesome. It was all numbers, bills, and headaches. PS. The subdistrict office is a grassroots unit, and most departments are still busy working hours. Party and government offices (party and mass offices, comprehensive offices, etc.) often work overtime. I was lucky enough to not be assigned to the busiest offices. For comrades who want to relax, don’t take the street office and township office, and it will be uncomfortable to go to the pit department, especially the township. The direct offices in the examination area are more comfortable. The District Disabled Persons’ Federation, the District Cultural Tourism Bureau and the Red Cross Society are much more comfortable than our grassroots units. When I go there, I feel that the air flows more leisurely? Of course it may also be an illusion. Silently envy Ou Zhi’s happy comrade

8 months ago

I got 3k after the cashier had deducted five insurances, and my company’s accounting monthly salary was 9500 after insurance had been deducted, and there were more than 8k. I graduated from a junior college in 19, but came out for an internship in August 18, and the first company I entered the school was an agency bookkeeping company. It was 1,500 a month, and it was 12 noon every day on weekends. It’s very leisurely to eat and take a nap until two o’clock. . Every day is to paste vouchers or go out to get the bills for customers, or else go out with sales, and resign after half a month. In the end, I got a salary of more than 400 yuan, my first pot of money at work, although not much, I am happy. In October 18th, the second company was a construction company, but the cashier did not touch the job. Instead, the job as a handyman and clerks accounted for 2500 per month. Fortunately, the finances of this company are very good and very good. Patiently give me a lot of work experience. I learned a lot of other work experience in printers and fax machines here, but I resigned because I had to go back to school and get undergraduate for half a year. What was helpless was that I didn’t pass the college entrance examination, and I continued to look for a job. At that time, I registered for the driver’s license test and got my hand at 11 o’clock after failing to pass the exam in June 19 After that, in December, thinking about being idle for so long and being confused and anxious, I randomly found an administrative clerk from a greening company, with a salary of 2200/month, and she left four stations from nine to five from nine to five. Every day was really super idle. I am the only one who is idle, but the entire company is idle. I still go to work and eat melon seeds. There are only five or six people in the company. The daily work content is watering the flowers, cleaning, and then chatting on the mobile phone. What is even happier is that the company who stayed at home during the epidemic also issued a subsidy of 2,000 yuan. But it’s not a way to mess around like this. I resigned about 3 months after the epidemic. In April 20th, I went to the canteen department of a construction company to do financial affairs. Although it is the canteen of this company, I am the only one in the office and I have to take care of the accounting of the 6 project canteens. It is common to work overtime every day. It is required to pay for business before the 3rd of each month. It is common for me to work overtime until 23. I have no experience and have to deal with so many stores. Originally, I only thought that I could not do it well. I searched on the Internet and bought courses if I didn’t understand it. However, the partner and boss who managed the cafeteria always changed the system, and the cafeteria staff exchanged it every three days. . By the way, when I was alone in finance, administration, personnel and clerks, when the cafeteria was busy occasionally, I would go down to help deliver meals and collect dishes or something. Now think about why it was so stupid back then, thinking that hard work can be seen. However, I did not have it. I had a salary of 3000 for nearly 4 months, single off, and no insurance (I said that when I entered the job interview, I did not actually buy it). Overtime is a common thing. Sometimes I am very busy at the end of the month and I have to go to the project canteen at night. At that time, the reason for resigning was not because of low wages, but because of exhaustion of work. Thinking back now, my goodness how I persisted at that time. In August 20th, the company is now doing medical equipment. It is a cashier. The probation period is 3,000, and the regularization is 3500 plus 300 full attendance. It is weekends and 5:30 pm. There will be a salary adjustment every year. I have been doing it for half a year. It is 3700+300 full attendance. This family also has double salary and year-end bonus. Although I only got more than two thousand, I still feel good. Maybe it’s just that I didn’t find a good company in front of me. Now I feel so happy after the weekend. However, the cashier is still a stage away from accounting, and I don’t know when I will be able to change to an accounting position. Now the company’s finances are 9,500 monthly salary, and a year-end bonus of 16,000. The salary adjustment is only two thousand a year. I think this is high for a small company. If a young woman has no talent and has not entered an oversized company, she should learn a lot! An ordinary college accounting major graduated as a cashier with a monthly salary of three thousand grassroots financial personnel.

8 months ago

Personal experience is for reference only. Relatively speaking, I like to fight alone and strengthen myself. A veteran accountant who has worked for more than 5 years, a financial manager of a business department of a listed company of a 50 billion state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen, did not count as a benefit of 270,000 yuan last year, right! I leave work on time most of the time. First of all, remind everyone that most people are ordinary people, don’t always think about doing extraordinary things, or you will die from exhaustion, sadness, melancholy, and sell to the anxious side. I am not a superman. I suggest that accountants don’t always stare at the certificate. Of course, I’m not saying that studying is useless, but that the cost performance is low. For most people, they are younger brothers, not leaders. So what most people need is to strengthen their ability to work and become leaders. If you think of you in everything, you are not far from promotion. Secondly, the role of the certificate is to improve knowledge, not efficiency. It often leads to a vicious circle. When you get promoted, the work pressure is more pressured. The direct point is: reading can’t make it. You get off work on time. How to get your money in place and get off work on time? It feels like a dream. Finance refers to the regulation of data. In fact, it is just data sorting. Examples: Leaders want to know the cost and gross profit of abc products, audits want to know the report situation, business wants to know the business situation and sales situation in the past few years, and the chief financial officer wants to know how the business of XX Such…. In fact, they are all regular numbers, low-end: invoice entry, voucher entry, overdue status of each customer’s receivables, sap carryover cost… As an old accountant, everyone knows that they are all based on a certain Regular operation, why doesn’t everyone think about using code to complete it? Personal plan, when I just graduated, my job was 4-5k, so I started to study excel, play games and learn to use plug-ins: button wizard + desert plug-in, then vba, then sql+python, of course, I will do it too Statistics, and even powerbi played for good looks. When you know this, you are either a financial manager or a financial technician. The above hopes to help everyone. When you know these, you will find out, yes! You can stop accounting! But you look at the off-duty hours, and then you silently resisted the idea of ​​quitting. As long as your skills keep pace with the times, you don’t have to be afraid of being eliminated at all, because there is a 90% possibility that old accountants will be eliminated. Higher than you, you can even work hard to write a few more lines of code to let them leave…. Brothers who walked on this road of no return with me, can add my friends to learn from each other, because I walked alone on this road Too far.

8 months ago

Graduated in 17 years. Two accounting majors. Coordinates in Xiamen, first-line housing prices, third-line wages. Not verified. Just want to share my wonderful company and refresh my three views. I have just graduated and studied the skills very hard. However, my body is very weak. As everyone knows that accounting work is complicated and tiring, I will work overtime. As a result, I am forced to leave the job and be hospitalized every two months. The salary ranges from 4000-5000. The point is here. Now in a private company, I have a salary of 5100, two days off, 13 salary, usually no benefits, an annual salary increase of 200, the boss’s sideline asked me to do a running account of 400, two minutes to live, basically a month of sideline work The time does not exceed 20 minutes, because there is not running water every day. There is also an income of 1,700 for nothing else, for a total of 7,200. Speaking of how weird this company is, many people have seen it before, right? My one is super similar. You can be late and leave early! ! ! Do not exceed half an hour as long as it is not excessive! ! ! Salesman does not require performance! ! No performance required! ! Haven’t sold out for half a year, the basic salary will be 3,500! ! Will not be squeezed out, will not be expelled! ! Moreover, sell wine to the company at a very low price, and settle the lowest price to the company, but if you sell it at a high price, the difference is all your own! ! ! So the salesman made money by himself, but didn’t create much profit for the company. How to sell alcohol? You think you run everywhere! No, it’s just making tea in the company and boasting to make friends circle! ! That’s right! Just send a circle of friends! As for my workload, I only have work every Monday morning, and the remaining 4.5 days are spent on mobile phones! ! As a result, after studying for more than 20 years without myopia, I came to this company for half a year and I became blind. . . . . . As for how the company survived, it is said that the boss started making wine in 2004. It used to be brilliant. After so many years, he has accumulated a lot of contacts and old customers. Profit, let’s put it this way, one of the bosses is said to be able to earn 70w per year on the price difference, mainly because of the price difference. The company’s profit is not much. How nice are the people in the company! Super invincible! See if you are uncomfortable, come over and ask what’s wrong with you. If you say that you are uncomfortable, you will get the sentence “Then you go to sleep”, and the salesman asks for leave without deduction of salary! Please do not deduct for half a month! I didn’t sleep well at night. The next day Yan’er came and someone came to ask if she was sick and her stomach was uncomfortable during her menstrual period. If the boss didn’t ask herself, she would ask a female colleague to ask if she was ill. Private use is here to help. The company’s delivery drivers are in poor conditions, and they are not married in their 30s. The boss asked him to run Didi for half a day and come to the company to deliver goods for half a day, and his salary would be paid! ! ! But he is lazy (so there is a reason for poor conditions) not to go. During the Chinese New Year, this person returns to his hometown and can’t come to work if he doesn’t spend his salary! ! ! In this way, he was not fired. He didn’t come to work, so the salesman helped deliver the goods. . . . . . Anyway, if one person is in trouble, everyone helps. A female colleague went home for an operation. The boss called back, “I don’t have enough money, let’s find a solution together.” In short, I have never seen such a wonderful company, such a good company. boss. The front desk girl is chasing drama and playing mahjong every day. Our company can bring children to work. The front desk girl and the former accountant often bring kindergarten children to Huo Huo company’s A4 paper. No one really said that it’s not good. All the company staff go to work. In addition to making tea and boasting to make friends, there is also, eating, because I am idle every day and can only eat. Because Fujian believes in Buddhism, many people have Buddhist offerings in their homes. Our company has Guan Er Ye, and the food comes from Guan Er Ye. Because we have to give tribute to Guan Er Ye every day, I will give these fruit snacks for two days. Eat, so our company has never stopped eating. I believe that many people are disgusted with team building and dinner parties. Before I met my restaurant, I was also disgusted. I didn’t eat well and was restrained, not familiar with it, and hypocritical. My house, it’s almost impossible, no one persuaded me to drink! ! No one forced me to drink! They all drink red wine, I drink hot water, they toast me, I drink hot water. Once sitting next to the boss, I was not too embarrassed to pick up vegetables. The boss kept picking up vegetables for me just like taking care of my children. The bowl was full as soon as I finished eating, and it was full again after I finished eating. It’s full, I, who had a small appetite, ate three meals in one meal. So much rubbish and toilet paper were piled on the plate, and then our boss helped me to take out the rubbish. . . . I was stunned and thought, what would he do with my plate. . . . The female colleague’s eldest sister is even more amazing. In addition to helping me pick up various dishes for meals, she also peeled shrimps for me. That’s right, not only your boyfriend, but also our company’s big sister, Pippi shrimp, are all thorns. I didn’t eat much, so she kept peeling it for me. She eats the thin side of the prawns by herself, and feeds me all the prawn tails. . . The hands were pierced after peeling. . . . Moreover, how happy the dinner is, I am more introverted, and I don’t participate in toasting and talking very much. They chatted up and laughed until my stomach hurts, and felt that I had participated in the cross talk show throughout the whole process. It was really too happy and not embarrassing at all. Not depressing. It’s really like Tongfu Inn, like a family. In addition, I don’t usually give out benefits. I gave out four gift boxes during the New Year, but I can’t get it. Is this a private enterprise? What makes wine, this is a pension company

8 months ago

Let’s hide it. Coordinates Dalian. I graduated from an ordinary second undergraduate for 10 and a half years without a certificate. I switched from an external audit of an accounting firm to a listed company’s group accounting and an internal audit of a listed company. I am now preparing to change my job as a financial bp, and I am currently preparing. Intermediate exam salary from 1200/month + 15,000 year-end commission when I just graduated, from 3000/month + 30,000 year-end commission when the accounting firm left my job, and now the company is doing accounting 5600/month + 18,000 year-end bonus, and later transferred Internal audit + budget is now 10,000/month + 50,000 year-end bonus. Basically this is the routine. When you are not on a business trip, you usually have weekends, 8:30-17:00, and normal public holidays. Overtime will not be counted. Travel for about 10 days a month, and make up for 120 days. Anyway, as for the market now, I also read some recruitment information. It’s pretty good, the chief accountant, requires intermediate level, under 35 years old, 6K-8K, job advertisements for this kind of request are everywhere, I don’t know what I think. . The previous answerer said that it was right. This thing is really about luck. Fortunately, like me, it’s good luck. Every opportunity is just right, and every step is basically not wrong. Basically every stage has reached me. The requirements of oneself have been reluctantly mixed up to the present. For young people: 1. Those who have just graduated a few years ago are a last resort. Don’t go to a small business and waste time. The basic business of finance must be standardized. If the foundation is crooked, it will not be able to make good decisions. Most small companies can’t do it, and they can’t learn anything serious. On the contrary, they start to run the relationship early and don’t pay too much attention to the business. Up. This is not a bad thing, but if you take this step too early, the road may be narrow in the future. 2. Don’t think that you just need to make the accounts horizontal and upright. You have to learn to look at the things behind the accounts. Accounting is just a language. You have to learn to be a good translator, not just a good accountant. This thing is not easy to teach, and requires a little more understanding. Most people actually don’t have this stuff or are lacking. 3. Take advantage of the young brains to study and take early exams. I can’t keep up with the spirit when I’m older. For example, I’m now , I feel that I am illiterate after reading a book (No!) 4. Learn a professional foreign language, especially English, useful, you can also choose Japanese and Korean for the eastern coastal areas, and you don’t know much about other contacts. Stop talking. 5. Finally, in the general finance industry, after a year or two, you will know whether you like it or not. If you just don’t like it, if you are not happy, you have to change careers. Don’t delay until 28. Afterwards, it is very difficult to change careers. You will find that you can do nothing except keeping accounts. The frustration is quite uncomfortable…

8 months ago

It seems that not everyone on Zhihu starts with an annual salary of 200,000, and there are also small partners who are still struggling and confused. I won’t talk about the chicken soup for the soul, and the answer is quite pertinent after turning over some. I will use my own experience to say it. My experience is limited, because my personal perception of this profession is not universal, and I don’t agree with it. 1. In the past, I thought that the dead wages in this industry would be guaranteed by droughts and floods. Since I went to the university, my classmates would come back and found that this was not the case. They are all in the same major (we are a junior college, I am a bachelor of law after the exam). Those who come to participate in the class reunion include certified public accountants (practitioners), securities companies, and financial managers in real estate companies. The decadent American emperor also developed. Except for those who go home early to have children and become housewives, in fact, most of them still do well, and some do not do well, and they change their careers early. Therefore, no matter what occupation, persistence, there will be results. Don’t compare yourself with others. It’s enough to compare you today with you yesterday. A classmate of mine sent me a transcript passed by Yijian in December. Congratulations to him, you know, we are all running fast. 2. Don’t think that the kind of accounting agency can learn any experience, it is useless, a good company has a good internal control system, and what you learn is the structure of the financial system. And a good company will make your resume very beautiful. 3. Stop asking why academic qualifications are important. What is the difference between full-time undergraduate and self-examination? What is the difference between graduate students and on-the-job graduate students? Some exams are only once in a lifetime, and things are rare and expensive. CPA can be taken every year. Why are you in a hurry? Having said that, I admire the young people nowadays. Before graduation, some people were taking the CPA test. Really, we post-80s can’t compare. 4. Certificates are not omnipotent, academic qualifications are not omnipotent, and it is impossible to have no experience. Face this point squarely. Speaking of which I think of two people. One is a college student who has just graduated doing the financial work of the branch company under me, and is the niece of the person in charge of the branch company. When I first came, I couldn’t do the report. I don’t know how many times I have been scolded, but I have always been sincere. The other is also the financial affairs of the company, an old accountant in her 40s and 50s, because she was older than me and called her sister. There is only one elementary level, but she has good business ability. She has accounting subjects like chess pieces in her hands. She makes beautiful accounts, but she can’t keep up with the times. She doesn’t understand the latest accounting standards and tax policies. The year before the tax reform, she was dizzy, and now she still knows WeChat if she doesn’t understand it. 5. I have never been to the firm, so I don’t comment. Maybe my experience is a little too slow and small for young people nowadays. But my instinct is that the company with a 45k monthly salary is not too good either. Either the industry is sluggish and the company is in a sunset industry, or the company itself is not profitable. Analyze yourself, analyze the leader, analyze the industry, and quit if it doesn’t work. One more thing, once I saw someone in a group say something like this: I don’t want to take the tax accountant exam. After the exam, my boss will definitely let me evade tax. I… only sneered. To play a game, you need to know the rules of the game…understand? I hope my friends do not have this idea. Update January 22, 21. I saw a lot of comments below my comment, I want to say a few words. I am talking about young people who have a monthly salary of less than 6K or who are confused in this line of business. (Quietly, did I downgrade Zhihu’s grade? No matter) And I did not advertise for the AICPA. The note meeting (certificate) mentioned below is just a tool. 1. I appreciate and encourage all young people to study. Even if you are confused now, it does not mean you have been confused. Believing what I say means believing in yourself. No one is a fool, are you? you are not. Perhaps poverty and wealth are not essentially on the same starting line, but through hard work, you may not be able to reach the height of others, but you will exceed your own height. I also came from a poor child, so I love poor children even more. Those who originally started is the end of others. Please do not leave a message or leave a comment on me. You can open another comment. 2. Knowing that the average person has over 6 subjects a year, maybe you think that the betting will be as easy as breathing, or you may feel complacent if you don’t have the wages far better than the betting, that’s you, you are an angelic genius. But most people are not. The data from the China Note Association is that 6 subjects over 3 years make up the majority. It means that most people are still at an average level. Please don’t mislead others. This is the greatest merit. Opportunities in life depend on opportunities, and strength depends on strength. Nothing, what do you rely on? 3. I did not say that taking a note meeting is a note meeting if you are not practicing. In this business, no one does not understand the difference between practicing and non-practicing, but first of all, you must start with non-practicing. As for whether you want to become a practicing, it depends on you. The so-called one certificate is in hand, I have advances and retreats. 4. I said that starting from 600 yuan a month, I am not young anymore. Don’t compare income with me. I have a family with children at my age and have reached a middle-class level. I don’t need to work too hard. I don’t check in and do not work overtime a day. I do not deduct 15 wages for double vacations. Feeling tired, I just mix things up. Therefore, there is no comparability, and people of age should not waste time. 5. I personally think that academic qualifications are more important than certificates, academic qualifications are more important than certificates, and academic qualifications are more important than certificates. At the graduation meeting, there were still many people who took the exam. I had a salary of 600 in the first few months. What I thought was not a high salary, but an old accountant. It doesn’t matter whether wages are not wages. Later, I took the elementary, intermediate, and Zhuhui exams, and had a monthly salary of 10,000 (previously in Chengdu, now in Chongqing) to talk about my experience. Your salary will never be worthy of your certificate. Even if I now want to take the judicial examination and prepare for the tax accountant. However, there is still a gap between a 10-point certificate and a 90-point salary with a 100-point certificate. Perhaps the same is the betting club. Some people have an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars, and some people take a salary of several thousand yuan (I have seen that the lowest wage in the betting club is about 6000. No matter how low it is, I can’t swallow it. Breathe out). But in our new first-tier city, there are a lot of low-level finances. Going out, others ask you if you are intermediate? I said, I got the certificate. The other party answered you with a great… One time they sent their children to the Children’s Palace, two of the parents among the parents should be of financial background. They discussed the intermediate level there, and then said that the betting would be difficult, and I plan to try next year. I really want to say, don’t talk about trying, it should explain the preparation for the next year, and the determination to take the exam. Try it and stop at it. Knowing that the average person has passed 6 subjects a year in the shanghai, Baidu shanghai test is useless, it is not the poisonous chicken soup with overnutrition or the bad intentions. Opportunity is originally a metaphysics, you may not be able to grasp it after the exam, let alone you haven’t. One more certificate is one more opportunity to choose. Finally, I have to say that some of the subtle influences of these certificates have been tested. I’m a lazy person, and I don’t work overtime from nine to five weekends. Because I have a family with children, I think it’s not bad to live in this 10,000 unit. In addition, there are some favors for the account, that is, some acquaintances find me not worrying about doing the account on behalf of the company, and there are some introductions. I’m lazy, and the only one who can withdraw is to accept, but the price is not low. If you want to find me, just find me, if you don’t want to, even though I can persuade you to go to the accounting agency at the beginning.

8 months ago

Low-ranking 211 accounting major, graduated in 19 years, first joined a financial management trainee of a global black world top 500, salary 6000 + 500 room supplement + 10 yuan a day meal supplement, and 10 after 8 o’clock in the evening. A piece of rice tonic. But I have been doing miscellaneous work for more than 4 months, doing after-sales and customer service, selling electrical appliances, and working as a porter and packer in a logistics warehouse. When I was finally assigned to do finance, I resigned and started a new job. Career. Worked in a branch of a second-tier city in eight major cities and started a busy and sad audit career. The salary is divided into basic salary + job salary + performance salary. The set position is junior. If you have full performance, you will get more than 5,000 points, and the first salary will be paid It’s doubled the performance. I got more than 4,000. I was very disappointed. My family comforted me that I was okay. It would be nice to be able to support myself at the beginning of work. I have to work when I go home during the Chinese New Year. It is the time when the annual review is busy. I forgot to work on the night of the second or third day of the new year until 2 am. My mother asked me how long I could do after a while from 12 o’clock. After that, let me go to bed earlier, and I feel very sad. I feel that I have to work overtime like this for those who are celebrating the Chinese New Year, so I cry while working. Later, when I was going back to the company, my mother didn’t want me to do it. I felt too tired and the epidemic was serious. At that time, I had the idea of ​​taking the postgraduate entrance examination, but then I gave up and honestly returned to the company to work overtime. Unfinished manuscripts, unfinished notes, unfinished letters of evidence, reports issued overtime in April, often at 2 o’clock, and ended up overnight. When the salary was paid at the end of April, it was about to collapse. I got more than 3,000, hahahahaha, and the first job was more than 6,000. I have never experienced the feeling of getting 6,000 in the office. After taking a salary of more than 3,000 months, and renting a house, I barely lived. Later, I was promoted to the middle level in July, and my salary was a little higher. However, the annual review was very busy. I stayed up until 1 o’clock every day for continuous business trips, and my acne complexion was sallow. In the end, only individual monthly salary exceeded 7000. No When the performance is more than 4,000 points, it will be 6,000 in one month, and 5,000 at the end of the year. There will be no benefits or gifts on festivals, and sometimes I really don’t want to do it, and the pay and the gain are completely disproportionate. Just now I learned that college students working in real estate are paid 10 months of salary at the end of the year. I feel that I am so pitiful and poor. I can’t get into such a good company. I can only consume my energy in the audit and earn my life. Money. Daily complaints are really exhausting, but the bottom line is that the money is not in place.

8 months ago

A certain 211 accountant came to bitter, and graduated from the 20th class, but failed the postgraduate entrance examination. Let me talk about salary first. Coordinates in Guangzhou, entered a state-owned enterprise, one-year probation, got 4800+, six insurances and two funds, the provident fund payment base is not high, after all, there are not many, but the company pays it at 12%, living in the company’s single dormitory, water and electricity bills, etc. If you don’t pay this year, you don’t have to pay for the room, and you will be charged for water and electricity. The year-end bonus is only one month’s salary, of course it would be nice to have it. What is the concept of Guangzhou 4800, that is, looking at the salary on hand, not daring to consume, and then began to question whether the college entrance examination was fooled by lard and chose the undergraduate school to study accounting. I know my current value, and I don’t dare to ask for a high salary. I don’t want to be too lazy to get a job. I don’t expect to find a job with a monthly salary of over 10,000. But what really makes me lose motivation and interest in work is the work I do every day. Now my job is to do coping and expenses all the time, accounting is the basics, I understand, but it has been half a year, and I am still doing coping. I will install the voucher, because I have a short qualification, I can install it. I am also responsible for reimbursement, which is employee travel, which is trivial and upset. The more I communicate with others, the more demented I become. I’ve been considering going through the exam and turning to a master degree. If there is a result, let’s update it again.

8 months ago

I posted the previous reply in the comment area about my own experience from tax to analysis: about how to switch from tax to analysis, my example has a lot to do with luck, that is, when they were short of staff, the previous one just lifted and left. In the end, my resume was submitted, and it was stuck at the right time. After the company interviewed, I thought it was OK and let me go directly. That is to say, I cut the position before they openly recruited people. . Getting this position has nothing to do with taxation work experience, because taxation is not needed at all, it is purely based on my foreign graduate diploma (the company requires high English, and all written materials including training materials are usually done. The documents and tables are all in English. When you eat the results of the first-hand work, you will always have hundreds of pages of English explanations). During the interview, I did not ask any professional knowledge, and the focus was on whether the ideas and thinking to solve the problem were innovative and questionable. (Analysis is very different from traditional accounting and even auditing and taxation, which is that there is no need to comply with the so-called regulations and standards. Instead, we must continue to question and challenge existing models and existing analysis ideas, and develop new ideas and models for new situations. For example, in the case of the epidemic, the entire analysis work is more inclined to risk management. Instead of financial performance), the head of the department who interviewed me was very worried about me, that is, I will only stick to the rules after doing taxation for a long time. In fact, I don’t have one. This is something they appreciate very much. You don’t need to brag about it. They The kind of people with more than ten years of industry experience can clearly tell. In addition, the original intention of writing this answer is to share some common skills of financial analysis, not to show off my ability. Therefore, when I wrote, I didn’t mention my situation much except that I didn’t have the certificate, which caused many comments to be sour in Yin and Yang. Let me add my personal information to avoid misunderstandings. Undergraduate dual non-financial management, a master’s degree in a top 10 comprehensive ranking top 50 school accounting, ACCA 12, AICPA two, IELTS 7.5. What I said is not the proof but the test has not been completed. The process of obtaining certificates for all subjects does not mean that nothing has been taken. In addition, my tax work after graduation was actually in the United States in the first year, and I only returned to the country in the second year. I deliberately obscured personal information when I wrote it at the beginning. The following is the original text: graduated in 18 years, coordinated in Guangzhou, undergraduate domestic double non, master’s degree in the United States top 50, after two years of taxation, I went into financial analysis, the annual salary was not included in the year-end bonus and got 260,000. After a full year, I don’t know how many taxes are paid at 8.5k. Only the five insurances do not have one fund. The five insurances are paid according to the minimum standard, and there are no other benefits. But work is also very easy, working four or five hours a day, and you can go home after you finish it. You don’t need to take a shift. During busy seasons, you will get off work a little longer, but you can get off work at around 8 o’clock. Financial analysis done now, basic salary It is 2.2w per month, housing supplement is 400 per month, double salary and year-end bonus at the end of the year. From 9 to 6 nights, because it is not the fact that there is no checkout in accounting, I never have to work overtime. I forgot to calculate the overtime pay by 1.3 or 1.5 times, because I have never worked overtime and the company has no overtime culture. I know my situation is not suitable for most people, so I kept it low-key. Although it looks good on the surface, I also know that luck is greater than my strength until now. I have never had any accounting certificate except the one I took the exam n years ago, and I have not even reported my CPA. Most of my classmates went to the Big Four. In fact, they are much better than me. There are a lot of people who randomly have two or more combinations in the basket certificate of CICPA, AICPA, ACCA, HKICPA, CFA, CMA, and exam. Seeing that they do audits and tax at the Big Four and only get off work at midnight every day. They work longer than me and take less time than me. They also sharpen their heads towards analysis. I feel that they are very lucky. Many people should be interested in how to transfer analysis. To say a cruel fact is that opportunities are greater than strength. There are many excellent accounting students. However, the supply of analytical positions in the market (I mean the real, really understood financial analysis, not the financial analysis. The famous fake financial analysis of all kinds of messy work) is very, very few, but what can we do without waiting for the opportunity? The answer is yes. Based on my work, I summarized the fields and skills that will be involved as follows: 1. Basic pre-knowledge (referring to the kind that does not even have interview qualifications): Intermediate or above financial accounting management Accounting, financial management, financial analysis, Excel intermediate level (refers to at least familiar with basic functions such as sum, sumif, count, countif, match, etc. It is better if you know vlookup and pivot tables, but these can only allow you to pass the interview, and use it in actual analysis work I’ve gotten far more than that.) Accounting knowledge is mainly judged by a university major (a major in finance, and a minor is not from a major by default) and a certificate. The certificate is at least an elementary level. I am Special case special case special case! ! You don’t need to memorize knowledge points, as long as you have learned and understood it, and let the company know that you can review it when you need it. The key is to have this foundation and learning ability. 2. Skills for work (It means that you don’t need to do it during the interview, but you must learn it in actual work, otherwise you will not be able to start the job.): Accounting needs to further consolidate knowledge in management accounting and financial management, especially budget management, cost management, and cost management. Profit analysis, discounted future cash flow (NPV, IRR, DCF, etc.) 2. Computer aspect (1) Must be-A. Excel high-level: vlookup, various nested functions, pivot tables, powerpivot, SQLB . Accounting information system: ERP and other C. Business intelligence (BI) tools (2) not necessary but better-programming languages ​​such as Python, R, SPSS and statistical analysis tools 3. Mathematical statistics (1) Master two Forecasting model (usually used to predict profit and cash flow) A. Time series analysis model B. Linear regression model (2) Descriptive statistics (mainly used when presenting analysis results to the boss, what management reports, etc. ) A. Know what is the concentration and dispersion of data, know how to use mode, mean, median, etc. to describe the concentration, use variance, standard deviation, etc. to describe the dispersion B. Analyze some correlations commonly used Statistical indicators (such as analyzing whether this advertisement is related to sales growth and how strong the relationship is): Pearson’s R, etc. B. Know how to make beautiful pie charts, bar charts, line charts, etc. in Excel to present data , There is a basic aesthetic, typography, color, format, font and other beautiful and formal. That’s it. I hope it can help everyone.

8 months ago

I followed the trend, and I met five or six companies, all of them on the Internet in Beijing. The big ones have bytes, and the small ones have unicorns of the past two years. I took four offers, and there are income posts and basic bp posts. The overseas funding posts are all 14-16 salary up to 16k. Come up and write some thoughts about this sneaky interview for more than half a month. First of all, the school certificate. Although the ordinary 211 is about the bottom, the financial industry will basically not give you a card degree. In terms of certificates, I was in the 17th meeting, 18 accounting tax law 19 financial management economic law 20 years…Beijing canceled the exam. Although the exam has not yet been completed, and the exams are as at the same time as the final exam, the overall knowledge structure is still there, and it will give the interviewer a feeling that you are very motivated (by a financial vp interviewed). Home experience, financial no matter what The post is more dependent on your stability. It has been more than three years since the beginning of the internship, and it is neither long nor short. If you change two in a year, and toss and toss for two or three years, no one can stay for a whole year… Dear, your resume has spent some questions that may be asked… The next three years and five years plan, personally feel that the financial accounting origin Don’t be too far-fetched. The cost, cost, income and consolidated report analysis of the general ledger will take you step by step. The personal ability is enough to talk about the financial department structure of the previous home. Our company is currently the BP group of the general ledger group plus the just-started taxation. What are the various departments doing? Speaking clearly, for example, BP is responsible for supporting business, comprehensive budgeting, multi-dimensional cost analysis, revenue modeling, etc…. Questions about financial operations are all basic, modern service deductions, supplementary year-end adjustments to previous years The principle of recognition of profit and loss, deferred income, repurchase of options for retired employees, and cross-checking between the three statements (when I asked about the merger, I honestly said that I didn’t practice it, I just did the problem). The rest is English and Excel, sql, and overseas business-related ones will generally let you introduce in English and translate one or two paragraphs of contracts and accounting standards. If you use sap/Oracle on the opposite side, you will probably ask some sql. It doesn’t matter, it’s very easy to learn. Quick but at least I have understood. In short, I feel that I have to learn too much. The road ahead is long. I have a bachelor degree in 211 industrial management. I graduated in 18 years. My first job is the Internet’s capital operation. The pre-tax 8k15 salary plus some subsidies and benefits. Worked for half a year. The company’s business line was expanded. At the beginning of 19, I joined the accounting post of the new business line (Thank you for passing the accounting and tax law exams that year) and then the annual salary adjustment has passed 10,000. The review rating has just been completed this year and has not come out, but there is a high probability It is still the regular year-end salary, which is raised by 15%, which can be regarded as stepping on the threshold of 200,000 yuan per year. Not to mention the research and development market in the same company, it is too cheap to compare with HR. Last year, I started to expand the financial bps internally. I still want to go to the business line instead of the pure back office when I have the opportunity. Prepare to learn sql and python while taking the remaining strategy and audit tests. I hope to transfer to analysis in three years.

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