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The owner of my car modification shop is a husband and wife, and the child is 8 years old this year. The husband and wife are a retired rally driver. He dropped out of junior high school to learn how to repair cars with his father, and later embarked on the road of a professional racer. The woman’s family is a demolished household and also has land at home. The refitting shop is built on her own home’s land, and the cost is low. According to her, when she first opened the store, she put up a million-dollar family every year, which she didn’t feel distressed about. The two of them cultivated his son to be successful in driving in the future, and his son has won various awards in many youth kart competitions since he was 8 years old. . They gave his son 100,000+ karts assembled by himself, which is not considered as professional children’s racing suits, professional gloves, helmets, shoes, etc., and the oil used is professional racing oil. Need constant adjustments. My son did one thing on the weekend, contacting the track to scan the laps, and his father would use professional instruments to analyze the data of each lap (there is a refit shop at home, these things are readily available), positioning, throttle control, and tire status. For monitoring, the technician is from his own refitting shop, helping to adjust the vehicle at any time. When going to Chongqing to participate in the competition, his son’s kart must be towed with a special trailer. According to the words of his husband and wife, where the son can learn and provide for his studies, don’t admit mistakes when looking for the toilet, don’t be less expensive to buy things, don’t force you to have a degree, and drop out of school if you can’t go on. Come back to professional training. They invest nearly one million in children’s learning to drive each year. The man used to be a professional driver of SAIC Volkswagen, and was a teammate with Han Han. When Han Han’s Speeding Life was released, he went to help out. Now he is sponsoring various teams in contact with the team, and he is ready to further cultivate his son. I have written so much, have you found out that if you want to become an F1 driver, karting is the first step you need to take when you are a child, which includes: 1. Funds (various funds, tens of millions of dollars in preparation, car, maintenance , Track Barabara, etc.) 2. Family support (a few parents are willing to let their children take time off to practice a car, allow their children to drop out of school, racing is a dangerous sport, and few parents are willing to let their children take risks) 3. Networking (you have to have connections in this circle, your child is a genius, no team to find out) 4. Resources (you want to play karting, some parts, some things are ordered abroad, you can find them abroad, you may not be able to buy them if you have money , Because there is no way) 5. Talent (this is the most imaginary, but also the most important, everyone feels that they have it, and everyone feels that they don’t) F1, an extreme professional event, is different from common sports and requires the above 5 Both of these objective factors are indispensable. China has just become a well-off nation and has not given the nation a large amount of resources for competitive sports. It is not easy to find families with these resources, plus talent, which is an important factor. factor. So this is called the gap.


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8 months ago

The core reason I think is: China has been rich for too short a period of time. China has just been in the early stage of being rich. In the last 10 years, everyone has a car, but in Europe, cars have a century of history, and Western countries have been rich for decades. Up. Over the past few decades, we are rich now and are chasing it back. We see that Ye Yifei and others are also racing in Europe. F1 drivers will definitely be there in the future. However, this requires accumulation, and racing culture and market environment are not overnight. There are really not many people in China who like racing. Other than that, driving simulation games are not on the list at all in China. E-sports leagues have never been about racing. Even if an excellent racing e-sports league is organized first, it is still a way. Maybe, the future of motorsports is likely to be a group of people from all over the world sitting in a simulator wearing a VR helmet to compete?

8 months ago

Child: I want to be a driver! Parent: Study hard and don’t think about these crooked ways. Child: I want to be a driver! Parent: Delete your initial D. Wangan Speed and Passion. Child: I want to be a driver! Parent: Your father had this idea when he first bought the car. Didn’t it stop after an accident? Child: I’m different. I want to go to a professional training course. There will be no danger. Parents: Still a professional venue? One year? It costs more than 100,000 yuan to enroll you in a cram school, and you have to spend more money? Child: I want to be a professional athlete, so I don’t need to go to cram school anymore! Parent: You’re upside down, kid, don’t want to go to school? Return a professional athlete, too Take a picture without peeing! Child: How can I know if I don’t try it? And I don’t study well, why do I still need to study? Parents: The poor study still makes sense, fight, fight to death! Our family will make money in the future and count on you to go to university. You don’t want to go to school? Don’t want to go to school? Let me give it another try!

8 months ago

One word: The cost of becoming a professional driver is something that many people can’t even think about. Basic karting for a few hundred yuan an hour is very difficult for many families. However, some people say that there are a lot of rich people in China. The two words: the wealth of many people has been accumulated in recent years, but the drivers cannot become famous in the past few years. Many excellent drivers have been playing cars since they were very young. However, some people say that many years ago, someone had money and came into contact with the three words racing: not insisting that racing is not like piano and painting. The process is not only difficult, but also dangerous. Many parents send their children to learn karting. These are only temporary interests. After all, wealthy families do not need to let their children engage in such dangerous occupations, and it is difficult for children to continue their interest. However, many five words have persisted: Platform is very important. Foreign racing has been developed and mature for many years, but the domestic lack of professional training and operation team in the past few years, many outstanding seedlings can not get a good training and display platform. Finally, just like before asking why China can’t get the Nobel Prize, will Tu Youyou not get out now? With the development and progress of China, more and more Chinese children are participating in the sport of racing. Soon China will definitely have great F1 drivers.

8 months ago

I remember seeing a Chinese table tennis player who was asked about Ai Fukuhara. He said, “It was too late when she started practicing.” This is a very euphemism. The implication is that her level is generally very high because she received formal professional training too late. Ai Fukuhara’s documentary said that she started practicing table tennis at the age of three. Ai Fukuhara is a Japanese national treasure table tennis player. Do you feel itIn fact, the race driver means the same thing. The key is that racing is more expensive than table tennis. The expenses for table tennis equipment are extremely limited, and the bulk of it is to ask professionals to guide and train. If you spend dozens of dollars on a racket, the school can practice with a small partner on the table. Unlike racing cars, the cost of professional guidance and training is certainly a lot, but the hardware equipment is also very expensive. First of all, you have to have a car. Ordinary people have their own car as an adult, even if it’s fine. Most people will have their own car only after working for a few years. However, ordinary family cars can’t be on the track at all. Why do many people like not to touch my m-series Thunder version, because this thing can be directly on the track, so compared to many fancy so-called performance cars, don’t touch my m Thunder in a low-key way. The version is actually very awesome. There are no luxury cars on the track at all. Those cars whose names you seem to be unremarkable are the same as household grocery shopping carts, but in fact they are not the same thing except the shell. The engine, suspension, car body, etc. are all very different. For ordinary household grocery shopping carts, you can change the engine and go to the track, and it can really break apart after a few laps in intense driving. Do you think the Fit on the track and your Fit are the same car? ! People’s Fit may be much more expensive than the local tyrant’s Big Ben s. It doesn’t even have an air conditioner, and there is no room for people in the back row. This thing can be changed to meet the basic moral standards for being able to play, and there will be no more than hundreds of thousands of small and one million. There are some cars on the market with the same configuration, but the tuning is different, and the price can vary by tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands. Venue, performance, testing, tuning, a large group of people and various equipment are moving around such a thing day and night, this money is just like running water! Most people can’t even get in, let alone get good grades.

8 months ago

Like a football team, it lacks soil. I grew up in a well-off family. My father and I are very passionate about racing. Especially for F1, there are many memories of childhood. There are many weekends and dad staying up late to watch F1 scenes. In addition to car racing, I also love driving. The first time I drove was 11 years old. After that, I often drove my parents’ car out in the middle of the night. The first time I drove a car off the track was the summer vacation of 13 years old, an off-road kart on a gravel road. I remember that one section is about 80 yuan. That was the only time I came into contact with karting before I was 20 years old. why? Because of study, because of school, because of time. Chinese parents hope that their children will study hard every day. This is not wrong. The key is that they have forgotten how their childhood ideals were shattered. In other words: When your son says to you “Dad, I want to be a driver”, will you laugh it off or take it seriously? It is always said that our Chinese have almost zero driving talent, because the Finnish Hakkinen and Raikkonen drove their karts off the track when they were 8 years old, and drove their motorhomes to drift in the ice and snow at the age of 12. What’s more, what kind of riders do you expect a group of traffic awareness to be 0, and a horse kill at the level of highway rats can train? Verstappen? Of course, the illusory things like talent are real. Even if you have talent, money and opportunities are still indispensable. There are only two or three dozens of people holding super licenses all over the world. “Kung Fu” says that one in ten thousand, then the talent of the f1 driver needs to be one in ten thousand, and then money must be one in ten thousand, and the square of ten thousand is one hundred million. This is really the case. .

8 months ago

The main problem is the domestic perception of racing! And economically! Many people in China feel that racing is dangerous, and racing is drag racing! A lot of people think that racing is not a good person to play, they think it is a wildfire boy. The other is that racing is too hard and too expensive. I used to like cars very much, so I signed up to learn the rally race photos with zero basis. What I teach you in 3 days is the most basic and basic things! In other words, what we have taught us in these 3 days is how to get in the car safely, how to drive away, how to brake, turn on the field, and how to deal with common emergencies, but if you really want to participate in the competition, you still need to win the rankings. Keep practicing! The training fee for the driving school I went to was about 800,000 RMB a year! Accommodation is not included! My instructor is one of the top active drivers in the country. He spent 800,000 in his teens! If you run on the field, the tire may be 10,000 yuan smaller a day! If you say that we are just playing tickets, we just need to do it. If we don’t go deep, we will get the photo, if we don’t form a team, don’t have a car, and participate in some ordinary competitions, then there will be 17,000 for registration without a station! This is rally and field jam, not F1! F1 is almost always a go-kart practice! From the age of ten, even a few years old to learn to drive! They need an excellent economic foundation! They have to give up many opportunities to “learn other knowledge”! It depends on whether they are talented or not! Hamilton, the current F1 champion, showed his extraordinary talent when he was a child in karting! Even if you have talent! You also need to run the race all the way, get trophies, and start from the grassroots union race! It is said that 100 F1 photos will be given a year! Out of 100 photos, 30 people can actually drive F1! The success rate is too low! At present, there is definitely one in China, and I think there will be Chinese drivers who will show up in F1 in more than 10 years. Because now there are more and more parents who have financial foundation and love racing! They have the ability to support the love of children! But it will take time! So I said it would take 10 years!

8 months ago

Because the threshold for professional athletes is too high, and the threshold for racing is even higher in high school. You choose to become a professional athlete. You have to train hard from an early age. You can’t practice late, you can’t practice less, and you don’t have enough talent. You choose to become a professional athlete. There is a high probability of giving up cultural studies and other hobbies in adolescence and Chinese people are paying great attention to basic education. So in the past decades, many of our athletes come from difficult families, unable to study or have no future in studying. Gamble to see if you can become a talent in sports. Everyone’s life has been much better in the past few years. Many families don’t want their children to go with professional athletes, such a gamble on life. Even if the child likes it, it’s a half-student and a half-professional. Relying on the talents of physical education students to enter a prestigious school, play in college leagues, etc., it is much more stable than pure professional. In addition to personal talent and effort, there are three thresholds of economy, danger, and social recognition. Economy: not to mention f1 and wrc, it is the lowest level of kart racing, and the cost is not the danger that ordinary families can bear: regardless of the rules No matter how perfect it is, there are more or less risk factors. Look at the social recognition of F3 last year: few people in the older generation can recognize the profession of racing, and there is no such option in the domestic sports specialty. Wealthy people who can’t afford racing cars basically won’t let their children go this way, even if they can’t inherit the family business, even if the children are useless, wouldn’t it be better to spend money to enter the entertainment industry than to engage in racing? If you have to engage in sports, then golf, equestrian, billiards and tennis are the first choice, which is not dangerous and elegant, and has a bit of social attributes.

8 months ago

Strong answer. First of all, we have to look at the current drivers who can run in F1, following the experience of the leader Alonso. I started to get involved in karting at the age of three, started participating in Spanish domestic races at the age of seven, won the Spanish domestic karting championship at the age of thirteen, and continued to drive in Spain and Europe for many years, and then went to Formula Europe to win a lot. With good grades, he officially entered F1 when he was twenty. It can be seen that the growth cycle of drivers is very long, let alone whether domestic children will be exposed to karts when they are three years old, even if they can, how many children can continue to drive for so many years without giving up. There are also two issues involved. Family factors and congenital conditions. First of all, family conditions. The first brother started contacting karts at the age of three. Now, what are the domestic children doing at the age of three? There is also the price of entry-level karts posted by the respondent above. It is a very expensive toy for three-year-old children, and it is also not a small expense for ordinary families. And, do you think that’s all there is to it? With a car that can drive a kart, you think you have all of the car? You are wrong. You still need people who are not very professional but also understand racing to help you with the daily maintenance of the car. Otherwise, you can rest assured that your darling can drive a car that may burst and catch fire at any time as a toy? Your child has a car and hired a technician who can do routine maintenance for the car. You don’t want to learn to drive around in the backyard of your home, you can use it in circles, and you need to go to the track to practice. You are going on the track. Before you go on the track, you always need an entry-level teacher to teach your kids how to drive on the track. There is a big difference between a track race and your driving on the road. Your child must first learn how to select a line to make a corner and where the brake point of the track is. Then you need to run a lot of laps in the kart yard to accumulate experience. You think that every lap of the kart track is just his accumulation. Experience? You are wrong, the child’s experience in each lap is not only the accumulation of the child’s track experience but also the accumulation of the parent’s investment. After investing a lot of money, you can be considered an entry-level kart. If you want to seek improvement, you must compete with your peers to accumulate racing experience. There is a very real problem here. There is no complete formula car racing system in China. You can only send your children to Europe to participate in the competition. Let alone how many families can afford the cost of their children to participate in the competition and exercise in Europe, and how much Parents are willing to send their young children to Europe? Well, even if the above problems are overcome, money and people are no longer a problem. You can send your children to Europe and you can afford the high cost. Can you think of how talented your children can stand out in European competitions. Your family has no genes for driving racing for 18 generations. Through acquired efforts, how much talent gap can you make up? Well, it overcomes the wealth, willingness to send to Europe, the children’s talent for racing, and the ability to have a bright performance in the European low-level formulas and get a step-by-step promotion. But you have to know that your goal is F1. The number of fixed drivers in this sport every year is so few that at most 20 people can sit in the cockpit and drive on weekends. This is related to your seat. Of course, you can be talented in the Red Bull youth academy. Most of the expenses do not need to be spent on your own, but are you sure that you will become a leader when you join Red Bull? Can you win an F1 driver’s seat at Red Bull? You said I have money and I don’t enter any youth academy. Then you can refer to the famous rich second-generation drivers in recent years, Stoll, Old Stoll continue to love his son, from Stoll’s He invested a huge amount of money at the beginning of his career. Stoll’s father recently bought the Force India team to provide his son with a seat. You said you have money, can you buy a team? Let’s talk about the F1 driver sponsor, the famous polo king, Maldonado, who didn’t dare to put one in the team when it crashed into that year. People are backed by the big Venezuelan champions. People came to the team as the uncle. And even though the King of Polo is jokingly called the King of Polo, people still have outstanding results. You said you have money, can you buy a team? Or do you think you can do other rich and gold drivers? Then there is the issue of sponsors’ return on revenue. Which domestic company in China that does not understand racing and does not see the benefits is willing to invest in a long-term investment with the possibility of zero future returns? In the end, your family has spent so much money and time sending children to learn racing. What benefits can your family get? If it is only because of the interest of the parents, it is estimated that half of the learning will not be able to continue, and back to the original point. Considering these various reasons, will your family agree to send your family’s beloved baby to learn the car? Even if you overcome all kinds of difficulties, if you have money to provide your child with a seat as the goal, and your child’s talents are extremely high and low-level competitions can beat their peers, then China will definitely soon be able to drive in the F1 field.

8 months ago

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, but every F1 race weekend, only 20 drivers can get into the car. The growth route of f1 drivers, take the first brother Alonso as an example: he started to learn karts at the age of 3, and participated in the children’s kart competitions at the age of 7. At the age of 13, he won the Spanish Kart Championship. At the age of 15, he won the Spanish Kart Championship and won the World Kart Championship. At the age of 16, he won the Spanish Kart Championship again. He started participating in European F3 at the age of 18, won 6 championships and created the fastest lap 8 times. At the age of 19, he participated in the F3000 race and won the runner-up in Hungary and the championship in Belgium. He officially joined F1 at the age of 20. At the Australian Grand Prix in March, Alonso completed his first F1 race in a Minardi car. He started from 19th and finally finished 12th. At the age of 22, at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alonso once again won pole position, and finally seized the opportunity to win his first race championship, the end of the season ranked sixth in the year. At the age of 24, with the stability of the car, Alonso succeeded in winning consecutive championships at the beginning of the season, winning three consecutive championships in Malaysia, Bahrain and San Mario, and established himself in the driver’s points early. Leading advantage on the list. Although he encountered a strong challenge from Raikkonen, he eventually relied on stable performance and became the annual championship two races ahead of schedule. So what should China do if it comes up with an F1 racer? First of all, children must have super racing talents, but also have money and enough money to support their racing career in f1. From an early age, he was sent to Europe to learn karting and participate in competitions. As I grew older, I began to participate in low-level formula, gp2 competitions. The gp2 competition is the cradle of F1 drivers, and drivers who can get good results can often get F1 offers.

8 months ago

The main premise is to have money. You can start training at the age of 5 until you enter F2 at around 15 years old. It costs money. Starting from 2 to 3 million a year, you can prepare for 20 to 30 million to search this way. Racing is a very money-burning sport. Like equestrianism, the threshold is very high. It cannot be played with one ball on a flat ground, and the penetration rate is too low. When the difficulty of buying a competition-grade kart is about the same as buying a good bike now, there are more people playing it, and there will be an atmosphere. The second is the big environment. There is no mature training system in China. Starting from karting, you have to mix in Europe. No one wants to send their children abroad when they are 5 years old. The last is willingness. First, they have no feelings for racing. Second, they feel dangerous. Money families generally do not choose to train in this direction.

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