Taiwan’s “Taroko” train 408 derailed on the 2nd. Taiwan’s “Lianhe Bao” reported that the Taiwan Railways held a press conference at 7 pm on the 2nd and stated that the accident has caused 51 deaths so far, including the driver and assistant. The driver and the remaining 49 people are all passengers. Taiwan’s TVBS news network said earlier that the accident had caused at least 54 deaths.

According to the “Sanli News Network” report, Taiwan Railway announced the list of the dead and injured at a press conference, including one French passenger who died, two Japanese travelers, and one Chinese Macau tourist who were injured. (World Wide Web)

Taiwan Railways: Train derailment accident caused 51 deaths, including a French passenger

The accident has caused at least 54 deaths and 156 minor and serious injuries. Both the driver and the assistant driver were killed. Both the driver and the assistant driver were killed.

The derailment of the Taiwan Railway Taroko has caused 41 deaths and 81 injuries, and 200 people are waiting for rescue

The derailment of the Taiwan Railway Taroko has caused 41 deaths and 81 injuries, and 200 people are waiting for rescue

Expansion of casualties in Taiwan Railway derailment accident: 37 people showed no signs of life, 70 people were injured, and the driver died

Expansion of deaths and injuries in Taiwan Railway derailment accident: 37 people have no signs of life, 70 people were injured, and the driver has died on duty | Jiemian News · Express

According to Taiwan’s Zhongshi News Network, Taiwan’s “Taroko” train 408 derailed at about 9 o’clock in the Daqingshui Tunnel in Hualien. At present, the number of deaths and injuries has increased, and at least 35 people have no signs of life. According to reports, preliminary information showed that an engineering vehicle that was working on a slope slipped down due to unknown reasons and hit the “Taroko” which was about to enter the tunnel.

Taiwan media: Taiwan Railways Taroko derailment accident expands casualties, 35 people show no signs of life

According to Taiwan media reports, on the morning of the 2nd, 408 times when the Taiwan Railways Taroko was traveling through Hualien, it was suspected of colliding with a construction vehicle. Two or three cars had derailed accidents. The train is currently stuck in the Qingshui Tunnel. According to the latest report from the Hualien County Fire Department, the train has 8 carriages and about 350 passengers, many of whom have no signs of life. Firefighters are rescuing. Most of the passengers in the car visited the graves to return to Taitung and Hualien. It is reported that the Taroko is a Xinziqiang, which was introduced by Taiwan Railways from Japan and has the function of not slowing down when cornering.


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6 months ago

The life experience of the Taroko TEMU-1000 EMU, which was involved in the accident, was imported from Japan, just like the active EMU of Taiwan Railways. The prototype of the car is the JR Kyushu 885 EMU, and the 885’s front is similar to Germany. ICE3 EMU. Taiwan Railway TEMU-1000 Taroko Electric EMU, the prototype of Taroko—JR Kyushu 885 Electric EMU, German Railways ICE3 Electric EMU Taroko, was ordered from Japan in 2004 for the northbound Yilan Line Speed-up operation of lines and other lines. The vehicle has four moves and four tows, with a structure speed of 150 kilometers per hour and an operating speed of 130 kilometers per hour. As a tilting train, TEMU-1000, like the 885 series, actively swings the car body when cornering to increase the cornering limit speed and shorten the running time. The TEMU-2000 Puyuma EMU, which has had serious accidents before, but the Taiwan Railway Puyuma, which is also a narrow-gauge tilting train, has experienced major accidents that derailed due to malfunctions and illegal operations. Although this accident is not The vehicle itself was caused by the cause, but it also cast a heavy shadow on the future of the Taiwan Railways tilting train. From a personal point of view, I believe that narrow-gauge railways have no future, and blindly believe in Japanese experience. The speed-up operation of tilting trains on narrow-gauge railways not only eats up a considerable part of the safety margin of the line, but also just a kind of Lazy behavior that addresses the symptoms but not the root cause is nothing more. The accident is so serious, in addition to the fact that the cause of the accident itself is too rare, it is likely that there are also factors such as poor lateral stability of the narrow gauge train itself and quality problems of the Taiwan Railway line. The collapse of Taiwan Railways is the epitome of the overall backwardness of Taiwan’s infrastructure. I have to hope that the luck of Taiwan Railways and the Taiwanese will be better next time.

6 months ago

The course of the accident and the reasons for many high praises are almost the same, let me say a little digression. From these things, we can also see the leopards and see what problems are actually happening in Taiwanese society. 1. After the accident, the Liberty Times, Taiwan’s mainstream media, immediately moved out the prediction of Taiwanese constellation master Tang Qiyang, and respectfully called Tang Qiyang the “national teacher”, thinking that her prediction was very accurate. It’s so accurate that you get goose bumps. Tang Qiyang is a well-known constellation expert in Taiwan. He has several shows, and also shows people about horoscopes and fortunes on major shows, and earns a lot of money. Taiwan is also an economically developed area. Ask God to send ghosts at critical moments, and doesn’t respect science. Taiwan is currently suffering from severe drought and water shortage. Taiwanese local officials went to the temple to pray to God for rain, and bowed down for two hours. It’s incredible.
2. Taiwan may be disconnected from the international world for too long. Everything has become a bit hot and has attracted the attention of the international media. Whether it is funerals or happy events, it will immediately become the light of Taiwan. Sanli immediately made a special report this time. Taiwan has attracted international attention, and both CNN and NHK even reported. The last time Taiwan’s Evergreen Company blocked the Suez Canal, Taiwan officials claimed that this was for the world to see Taiwan. 3. After the accident, Taiwan’s “Minister of Transportation” Lin Jialong “personally sits in town” to direct disaster relief. Then the public officials who were similar to the head of the mainland township or mayor in the place where the accident happened actually publicly flattered Lin Jialong. Said that “there are ministers who will do things.” Minister Jialong dealt with the crisis in an attentive, positive, and non-evasive attitude. It is also said that Lin Jialong has worked hard. You must know that the number of deaths is still on the rise, and disaster relief is still in progress. At this time, the tragedy is turned into a comedy. Even Taiwanese netizens can’t stand it. It’s disgusting to say that this person is afraid of flattering and doesn’t pick a time. 4. Tsai Ing-wen just went to inspect the Taiwan Railways yesterday. It can be said to be full of praise for Taiwan Railways. Finally, Taiwan’s railway transportation and railway culture will enter a new level. This inspection can be described as hello and me, everyone is good. As a result, such a tragic accident happened the next day. In fact, Taiwan Railways has experienced a number of major accidents in recent years, and minor accidents have been frequent. Has the government improved it? Has the Taiwan Railways improved it? In a society like Taiwan, where the votes are as large as everything else, everything must be politicized. Basically, the blue and green parties are reluctant to do things that are not helpful or helpful to votes. In addition, due to ideological willingness, the vehicles and technologies of the Taiwan Railways are purchased from Japan or Europe. If someone proposes that the mainland’s high-speed rail technology is also very good, they will immediately be put on the hat of “pro-China selling Taiwan”. In the 2018 Taiwan Railway Puyuma derailment accident (18 deaths and more than 190 injuries), Taiwan Railways cautiously sought compensation from Japanese manufacturers, but the Japanese side did not pay much attention to it. Not willing to take responsibility. 5. After the accident, Taiwanese government officials, public opinion representatives, and local official officials all rushed to post on Facebook. The words and pictures are more elaborate. It’s not that this is bad. But as officials and public opinion representatives, you should assist or help disaster relief as soon as possible, rather than blogging on social media and your sense of presence. And after Tsai Ing-wen’s post, DPP committee members have to line up to leave messages in the comments. Isn’t this a lot like fan reviews? 6. Taiwan is not without understanding people. Some people have also proposed to build a high-speed rail around the island as soon as possible, or to upgrade the railway system in eastern Taiwan as soon as possible, so that people in the back mountains of Taiwan (Taidong, Hualien) can go home more smoothly. As a result, as soon as the idea was put forward, the position was first, and the blue and green criticized each other. You said that my idea was not feasible, and I said that you wanted to profit from the sky-high construction funds. Anyway, it is an endless war of words. No one really implements and promotes it. Then various environmental protection groups and animal protection groups jumped out and said that this would damage the environment and destroy the living environment of animals. The original ecological development of the eastern coast of Taiwan must be maintained. Some local ethnic minority experts and scholars also accepted interviews, saying that modern transportation will bring more tourists, and a modern lifestyle will destroy the original ecological culture. Anyway, it is against or against. However, for the real Houshan residents, their traffic and transportation demands are not covered by the media because of politically correct reasons (environmental protection, animal protection, culture, etc.). Finally, there are old railway lines and old vehicles where accidents continue to occur.

6 months ago

After the “death-assembled three-plywood tourist bus” incident occurred in Taiwan a few years ago, I said that similar things will definitely happen again. Isn’t this a big deal? Most of the people who died in the bus burning incident were mainlanders. The Taiwan puppet regime can easily deal with it. There are many islanders gloating. Nowadays, because of the epidemic, no mainlanders go to the most beautiful islands. Among the dead, there are “high-quality people.” “And the islanders have no mainlanders. The public opinion atmosphere on the island is already predictable, that is, 360-degree reports, criticism, kneeling and licking, rigorous investigation, and reflection (although there is still no use for eggs) because the roots are rotten, whether there is an accident or not. In fact, it’s a question of probability and luck. There is no accident today because it is good luck. If the luck is bad one day, I will do this again. It can be said that similar things will happen again.

6 months ago

From the perspective of the train driver, it’s really scary. Failure to follow the regulations and work standards really killed people. After the Spring Festival, the Beijing-Shanghai line was also repaired intensively. I believe that friends who take a bus or high-speed rail can see all kinds of construction vehicles in Beijing-Shanghai. Slow work on the main line, gravel paving, track paving, etc., are really dangerous at this time of the year. It not only depends on whether the operators in the station violate the line (many migrant workers do not understand labor safety knowledge), but also Always pay attention to whether the newly paved track is abnormal or obstructed by foreign objects. The speed limit thieves are slow, not to mention the dispatching orders. There are piles of them. Each has to be checked several times but there is no way, because it is indeed too dangerous. This is the case during the construction period. But I really did not expect to encounter the situation of crashing into a construction vehicle. I asked the masters around me. They also heard about it for the first time. The biggest problem is that the driver of the construction vehicle has a high probability of failing to prevent slippage. The measures resulted in a collision with the train of the EMU, and then the subsequent carriage derailed. As a locomotive attendant, I can only say that I am unlucky and I can run into anything, and it is basically difficult for anyone to survive this situation. Finally, a little knowledge of popular science. In an emergency, the first thing the driver of the locomotive does after putting the brakes is to run into the machine room and it must be in the middle and rear part of the machine room. Did the driver die when the brake lever penetrated his chest? That was how the driver was in our previous major accident

6 months ago

Judging from this accident, China’s high-speed rail almost the entire elevated design is indeed very far-sighted. High-speed rail is fast, and once the line is invaded, it will be catastrophic. The road conditions of the high-speed rail route are changeable and complex, and the degree of development along the route varies greatly. It is difficult to ensure that everyone has sufficient safety awareness, and it is difficult to ensure that everyone will not make mistakes. The elevated design can effectively avoid the possibility of other objects and personnel invading the line and reduce the barriers along the railway line, but it also means a huge cost of manpower, material resources and time. It is still very powerful if this plan can be determined 20 years ago. of. At present, of the ten longest bridges that have been built, eight of the ten high-speed rail viaducts account for eight. The strength of the infrastructure madman can be seen.

6 months ago

1. The speed of trains in Taiwan Province is too fast, and the speed of their development is the same. 2. The people of Taiwan Province only care about development and desperately for economic benefits. 3. The speed of this train is over 80 kilometers per hour. Everyone knows that the behemoth of the train is over 80 kilometers. Derailment is basically a serious accident. 4. Finally: Trains in Taiwan Province, please slow down, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, and wait for your people. 5. Recommendations: The speed limit of high-speed trains in Taiwan Province is 60 kilometers per hour, so that it can basically stop and save itself even when there is a condition of 300 meters.

6 months ago

Because of its special political status, Taiwan has always been a black light for the Chinese public (including the Taiwanese themselves) to understand the world’s politics and economy. In fact, apart from the label of “good” or “bad,” Taiwan itself is a very special case. Although it has reached the threshold of high income or advanced economies on many rigid indicators, its overall social form is based on economic activities. In terms of lifestyle, it is very third world. It is a high-income third world. Taiwan is like a Southeast Asian or Latin American country in all aspects. The only difference is that Taiwan has retained some high-net-worth industries and capital clusters. Thus avoiding the decline after de-industrialization. For most late-developing economies, the ability to achieve primitive accumulation and industrial upgrading is a result rather than a cause. It is all because they have seized the opportunity in the development stage, done the right thing, and completed the process. From the economic model to the comprehensive modernization reform of the political system, for these economies, an efficient governance system, a suitable political system, a comprehensive infrastructure, and independent scientific research and development are all compulsory courses on the road of development. If you do If you don’t, you won’t be able to touch the edge of developed economies. The failures and lessons of many countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America have been repeatedly discussed. Taiwan is an exception. The more you understand Taiwan, the more you will feel that Taiwan has a relationship with it at US$26,000 (above US$26,000). Spain and Slovenia) have disproportionate GDP per capita. The first thing that people think of may be the shabby urban construction and broken infrastructure. It may be the smoky politics and the folklore of the demons. But in my opinion, the most telling thing is the appalling safety record of Taiwan’s transportation system, such as Taiwan’s civil aviation. The power of 23 million people per island, the annual passenger volume of less than 100 million people, and the size of Hong Kong and Singapore. In the past 30 years, there have been six major air crashes, several serious accidents that caused aircraft scrapping, causing nearly 900 people died, and it can be said that he is one of the few reversing players in the world when the aviation industry’s safety is unprecedentedly improved. Of these 6 major air crashes, 4 pilots misoperations, 1 ground handling violation, and 1 airport sign was not standardized (the only fatal air crash in the history of Singapore Airlines). It can be said that there is no problem except for the aircraft. The railway only operates 13 lines and a total of 1085 kilometers of the Taiwan Railway. In the past ten years, there have been 7 major casualties. The Puyuma derailment just happened in 18 years, and it is only the past 3 years. Of course, everyone has changed. “Familiar” is the tourist bus in Taiwan. What many friends born after 1995 did not notice is that the worst and most dangerous four-wheeled motor vehicle you have ever taken in your life is probably the tour you took when you traveled around the island in Taiwan. Bus. Considering that the road on the island itself is not very safe, it is quite magical to allow this kind of thing on the road. There are no tall buildings, you can say that the most beautiful scenery is people; without strong boats and guns, you can say that you only need the dignity of the people . But you are a high-income economy, you spend a lot of money to buy the most advanced transportation means of decent government, make traffic safety like this, how to explain? When the people go out, they don’t know if they can get there safely. Is this also called dignity? This is called the Third World. In fact, Taiwan’s backwardness does not stop here? In Taiwan’s military industry, procrastination leads to procrastination. Malpractices are associated with malpractices. The assembly cannot be pretended to be bad. The military projects can be defrauded by leather bag companies. This kind of thing is a shame in the third world. Taiwan’s higher education, Keeping the second-best foundation in East Asia, sitting in the sky, now even South Korea is not as good as South Korea, talents with a little ability go to the United States; Taiwan’s agricultural production does not want infrastructure to benefit farmers, does not want scientific and technological progress to improve competitiveness, and is focused on collecting IQ. Taxes are easy to make money. As a result, farmers are bitter and poor. It’s hard to say that the other side is better than the per capita GDP by 60%. Taiwan’s social atmosphere, feudal superstition, cockroaches, scams, abductions, scams, and smog, etc. All in one. On the surface, looking at Taiwan’s statistics, Taiwan’s literature, and Taiwanese language skills, it seems to be a highly developed place, but in fact, the more you understand all aspects of it, the more you will feel that there are no shortcomings in this place, no. What are the shortcomings? It is a third world, and it can’t be more ordinary. The third world occupies most of the world. So why does Taiwan become a third world enclave in such a high-income economy? As I said before, in the process of other economies becoming high-income economies, the overall development of society is a compulsory course. Only by doing most of the right things can you stand out in the fierce international competition. But what about Taiwan? Taiwan is born with a highly prosperous superstructure that is not commensurate with its size. The capital and talents brought by the Jiang Bandit from the mainland have enabled Taiwan in the early days of globalization to have capital, technology, education, etc., compared with other third world economies. Advantages; and when Taiwan is developing rapidly and is about to usher in the so-called “middle income trap”, the reform and opening up of the mainland has enabled Taiwanese capital to obtain a large amount of profits. These profits feed back to Taiwan and stabilize Taiwan’s electronics and chemical industries. Later, Taiwan gains With ECFA, it actually embeds the complete industrial chain of mainland China, the world’s second economy, thereby protecting its own advanced but relatively thin industrial chain from the impact of international competition. With this round of dividends, Taiwan does not have to worry about anything. Social changes have been able to maintain steady growth. To this day, Taiwan is a pig on the vent. Its greatest success is that the gust of wind has not stopped but the pig on the vent is still a pig. Although Taiwan is rich, civilization is not something money can buy. Yes, it’s not that money can fall from the sky, and it’s not that you can speak the law as long as you brag about it. From the perspective of a community with a shared future for mankind, I hope that the people of Taiwan, if they still recognize themselves as sound people, can learn from the pain, reflect more, and bring Taiwan society back on track.

6 months ago

More than two years ago, on the same section of the route, the Puyuma train had a major casualty accident. This accident did not last long in Taiwan. Why? Because the Tsai Ing-wen government has all sorts of ill-fated accents, it will release big news every once in a while, who remembers what the previous one was. The Qingfu case made by the State Ship and the State Council suddenly lost tens of billions of national treasury. Is it big news? The presidential plane can actually be used to smuggle cigarettes, isn’t it scary? The helicopter crash killed Taiwan’s actual top commander of the three services. Isn’t it scary? Tsai Ing-wen’s first term of office was only four years, and scandals of this level have reached the level of exhaustion, with one coming out every three days, and Taiwanese people are not surprised. However, does she need to be responsible for anything? No need. Because she mastered the public opinion on the island, she cursed the mainland outside and blamed the National Party internally, and the voters’ votes were automatically voted for her again. Taiwan Railways has another such serious accident. I don’t know how many families will be fragmented because of this. But who can blame this? Tsai Ing-wen has been working for four years. In the past four years, Taiwanese still don’t understand what virtue is it? At the end of last year, the Taiwan Air Force just dropped an F5E, and two more were dropped within a few months. Is there any change? Why did you fall more and more? Two years ago, 18 people were killed in a train accident on the same section of the road, and it was repeated only two years ago, and the number of casualties may have more than doubled this time. Does anyone care? Tsai Ing-wen did not care, nor did the voters who chose her. The previous four years have proved that no matter how many accidents occur during the ruling period, Taiwanese will use the highest votes in history to defend Cai Lai’s position. Brainwashing has been so successful, and there is no need for accidents if such accidents happen many times, because nobody really cares. Don’t look at the excitement of the people on the island now, when the election comes, the mango is fed, and the votes are returned obediently. Really, stop calling Wutong, this island will sink by itself.

6 months ago

This has little to do with technology, that is, it is not well managed, and the planning of railways and highways is even more a big problem. At present, PHM, the most advanced high-speed rail health management system in the world, has only the running gear, pantograph, fire protection system, fire extinguishing system, temperature system, power system, and fan system installed (this is information from a few years ago, and there are new welcomes) Supplement) But there is no effective collision avoidance system. The collision-oriented technology or conflicts with the existing system is redundant or impractical, so there is no “good thing” that can be implemented. The prevention of car accidents and other functions cannot rely on the vehicle’s own technology, but on the management of the rail network. The collision between a construction vehicle and a high-speed rail is obviously something that should not be done. This is related to the fact that a railway like Taiwan is not built on a bridge. In fact, the ability of building railways on bridges to protect against fires is very weak. In high-speed movement, in special circumstances, the possibility of stopping safely and unloading passengers is very small. (If the danger of a thunderstorm is more dangerous to get off the train), some railways have more choices on the ground, not to mention…expensive. Isn’t it good to buy tea eggs cheaper? It is not difficult to find that the high-speed rail on the bridge has high requirements for security, and the “high-speed rail” under the bridge has high requirements for network management. In fact, there is another point. The railway not only needs to have the right of way in the legal sense, but also can really occupy the road, including the overflow area next to the road. In this accident, the relationship between the road and the railway was not properly arranged. In my opinion, a road to be completed at that location is a big planning error, as if waiting for the vehicle to drive out of the road and rush to the rails. Choose the high-speed rail on the bridge, or the wise move of China Railway General Manager, but you should also consider the problems on the bridge, such as fire protection and extinguishing, based on this incident. Taiwan adopts the technology that does not use the mainland of China and puts it aside. It does not break or stand. The network of railways and bridges should be on the agenda, right? God bless China, including Taiwan.

6 months ago

Simply say a few points. 1. In the past (Ma Ying-jeou period), I used to listen to news reports about accidents in Taiwan’s tourist trains, such as being derailed by trees, falling rocks, and various strange traffic accidents (not a bus happened recently) Is there a car accident?). At that time, I thought it was quite dangerous to travel to Taiwan, and I really didn’t understand why there were so many thunders on this kind of tourist route. I didn’t expect that even the big trains are like this now. It’s amazing! 2. It feels that Taiwan is really stuck in a vicious circle of serious self-proclaimed standing and shrinking. Politically, only by inciting populist antagonisms to divert contradictions, there is no real human affairs at all. There is no new growth point in the economy, and considering the tension of cross-strait relations, ECFA expires without renewal and other good news blessings, even if the mainland does not know sanctions, to be honest, I think Taiwan’s economy will still fall into stagnation or even recession. Process, don’t look at them screaming happily now. 3. As long as the DPP continues to quit personnel matters, accidents such as train derailments and plane crashes will certainly continue to occur frequently, and post as evidence. 4. As for sympathy and sympathy, I can only say that the people of Taiwan are actually in purgatory, but they can still self-anaesthetize themselves and say that they are living well. They don’t even realize that they are miserable. My sympathy may be even more. Make yourself ridiculous. Maybe people still feel sorry for me. It can only be said that the Taiwan authorities have not yet done the anger and resentment of the Kuomintang 49 years ago, but I believe that the DPP and the Kuomintang masters, after all, have the ability to mess up everything. But I really don’t know if Wutong came earlier, or if the wrath of the sky came earlier.

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