In an interview recently, Luo Yonghao said, “This year, I have set my goal for myself to repay my debt before the end of the year. This is actually a lot of pressure. The goal for the team is of course a significant increase in performance. We have been able to achieve this for a week now. 6 broadcasts, and will expand to 7 broadcasts a week in the future, and open up a live broadcast room for vertical categories.”

Anyone who flattered Luo Yonghao, said Luo Yonghao had already paid back the money, and asked him a few questions. The first is that Luo Yonghao’s information source for returning 400 million and willing to return 600 million is Luo Yonghao’s mouth. Then the major self-media media began to forward it frantically, without confirming whether it was true or not. Luo Yonghao’s paying back the money is a lie that has been repeated ten thousand times. Second, which company Luo Yonghao will pay for. Luo Yonghao was questioned many times in court. You promised to pay back the money for Hammer subsidiary. Luo Yonghao answered that it is not which one is not. He does not know which one. For the third time, public promises to pay back money are not an expression of legal significance. Luo Yonghao has repeatedly said that the promise of repayment by the Internet is not an expression of legal meaning. So many times that he will pay back the money, what is the purpose of paying back the money? Continue to cheat fans and continue to sell goods live. Fourth, how much did Luo Yonghao pay to repay the money? Luo Yonghao has never dared to explain publicly how much debt he has repaid, and dare not say that he is embarrassed to say, after all, he has been relying on it and never thought of repaying it. Luo Yonghao’s three conditions for paying back the money are indispensable. First, the lawsuit must be won. Second, Luo Yonghao was among the defendants, and the court approved it. Third, if you don’t return it, you will be on the Lao Lai list. Only when these three conditions are met at the same time can all debts be repaid. Many companies have fallen into it, and it is basically difficult to get money, and most of them can only meet the first condition.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Luo uses this method to let you make money by buying his goods (more money than making mobile phones). As for debts, those bankrupt companies are not in his name at all. They are all transferred to Backer Wen to pay him back what debts. How does he pay the debt? Individuals pay off debts for other companies. Is this the live Lei Feng who came out every ten thousand years? The creditors of those companies also did not receive the money (as you know from the lawsuit against Wen, no one received the money) Luo’s debt repayment, did he go to another world?

6 months ago

There are two hot lists on the homepage that are related to mobile phones. What is going on today, not April 1st.
His biggest mistake was not in debt, but rather to say that he independently developed an operating system with a new skin, or misled the audience in the media that he had mastered the entire process of CPU production and R&D and design.
If that’s the case, the six billion yuan would be over long ago, maybe the girl could make her debut.

6 months ago

The people below are entangled in whether he has paid back hahahahaha. Sure enough, this rank can only see this level. I only pay attention to what he relies on to repay the money. What are the characteristics of this thing. How can I get this? When I was in high school before a lot of money, I was different from what others thought. Others were ignorant of learning tyrants and learning gods. Only me, the scumbag, was paying attention to how they succeeded. In the end, they were still specialists. First class.

6 months ago

What the speeches of these two time periods have in common: yin and yang weirdness. Luo Yonghao now has a total of 600 million by the end of the year. Just listen to it. Like Luo Yonghao’s big mouth, except that love for money is true, everything else can be used as fart. Marketing words can only be controlled by: high-profile publicity long ago To complete a high-level goal in a short time, and then it is impossible to complete it within a limited date, so before the time is almost up, Mimi finds a media to say that it will be postponed, sends a low-key news, and asks for a period of time (For example, 1 year), after the extension is successful, from time to time, high-profile propaganda wave of one’s own set high goals is about to be completed. Repeat this process over and over again, until the brilliance that I bragged a long time ago is realized, or the brilliance can’t be realized, but I have already run away with the money. In the past few years, my country’s new energy automobile industry has just such a number. A few people, a few PPT, and cars may not be available. They can rely on bragging to deceive hundreds of millions of yuan and run to the US for financial freedom. Luo Yonghao couldn’t escape with a high probability, so he could only repeat the bragging process.

6 months ago

Every time I see how much money xxx has paid back after xxx years, I feel that it is not because they are working hard to repay the money, but because they are thinking about why debt repayment is a thing worth promoting? Repaying debts is justified. Shouldn’t the debt be paid? When a bunch of failing people stand together, the one who has just passed the passing line becomes the most eye-catching debt repayment. It is never worth going on hot search and not repaying debts, is what should go on hot search

6 months ago

Teacher Luo NB! ! ! ! With a debt of 600 million, I think that ordinary people, even if Teacher Luo is not an ordinary person in the strict sense, can find a way to pay off the debt in a difficult situation, it is very powerful! For the anchors who can carry no less than one million goods each time, and many live broadcasts have exceeded 100 million, we feel that Teacher Luo’s goal of paying off 600 million is indeed hopeful! And when I answered this question, Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room was live. The live broadcast room is his anniversary today. The broadcast starts at 12:00, and it is 3 hours before the broadcast. When I took the screenshot, the sales of the live broadcast room were about to exceed 60 million yuan. According to the strength of Teacher Luo’s live broadcast, breaking 100 million is not a problem today, and it may even break his previous record. The data comes from the new live broadcast record that Lao Luo started the live broadcast from April 1, 2020. It has been exactly one year so far. In this year, we recorded 159 live broadcasts of Teacher Luo, of which 6 live broadcasts exceeded 100 million. In the past 90 days, the sales generated by his live studio have exceeded 1.1 billion. Teacher Luo’s live broadcast room is basically live broadcast every day. We recorded his live broadcast for nearly 90 days, and we can see that, except for the New Year period, there are very few vacant grids. In an interview, Luo Yonghao said, “This year, I set my goal for myself to repay the debt before the end of the year. This is actually a lot of pressure. The goal for the team is of course a significant increase in performance. We have now achieved 6 per week. It will be broadcasted seven times a week in the future, and a live broadcast room for vertical categories will be opened.” From the above data, Teacher Luo has really achieved six broadcasts a week. As the big IP of Douyin’s live broadcast, we believe that Mr. Luo has this ability and can have excellent results in the future vertical live broadcast rooms.

6 months ago

Many people with good looks are still willing to cooperate with Luo Yonghao, which shows that his personal credit has not gone bankrupt. How many bosses have managed to bankrupt the company and have no debt at all, and still retain billions of dollars worth of value. This is a very simple matter to operate. What is the history of Trump’s early business dealings? Let’s learn about it? Luo Yonghao, when Hammer’s subsidiary was in trouble, he dared to take on debts in his own name to save the company. I think this is a bit powerful. Many debts were finally determined to be company debts, not his personal debts. There is no need to force them to transfer debts. Since the law has not been held accountable, and the creditor has not been held accountable, there is no problem. He was able to repay the 600 million debts in his personal name, which I think is already quite remarkable. Would you try to find someone like this again?

6 months ago

A year ago, I was optimistic about Lao Luo: Lao Luo finally found his position and made money early. Lao Luo is characterized by distinct likes and dislikes, and a bitter and mean speech. Of course, he can also be considered as funny and humorous. (It’s not a criticism, I’m the same.) So it’s easy to attract fans. Everyone is willing to listen to him and even buy something under his instigation. He can even fool fans to buy his hammer, and this ability to carry goods clicks. I only have one doubt, what he wants to bring. Must bring C-end products, C-end consumers, haha ​​laughed and shot, impulsive consumption is very important. The last time I brought that broken stuff, ToB, entrepreneurs rarely spend impulsively. Sure enough, live broadcasts are popular, with C-end products dominating and impulsive consumption. When Lao Luo entered the live broadcast industry, I said that he finally found his own right way to open it, and now it is true. Lao Luo’s characteristic is profound thinking, but a line of profound thinking, that is to say, his thinking is very extreme and easily stimulates emotions, but it cannot be used as a corporate strategy. In a word, it is okay to be the leader, but it is difficult to land. However, live broadcasts, talk shows, and product launches do not require landing. It means to speak out your profound insights within an hour. This is a small dish, no one takes it seriously, just a bite, and if you eat too much, you will get tired. This is the most suitable way for Lao Luo to open. Luo Zhenyu is actually similar. I hope Lao Luo gets better and better! That’s how he did it, he was suitable to do this, as long as he didn’t die, he could do it well. It’s that simple.

6 months ago

In contrast, Luo Yonghao is more responsible. After defaulting on the payments to suppliers and partners, Lao Luo did not choose to leave or shirk his responsibilities. Instead, he repaid his debts through live broadcast of the goods and the sale of assets. Compared with LeEco’s Jia Yueting, Luo Yonghao’s active repayment of debts is commendable. According to reports, Luo Yonghao still has 600 million debts that have not yet been paid off, and it is expected that they will be fully paid off by the end of the year. I have to say that the suppliers and partners that worked with Luo Luo were lucky and were able to get the arrears in the end. On the other hand, the closed bicycle-sharing and car-sharing platforms still default on the deposits of users, which is really helpless. Luo Yonghao is still very powerful. He has been working hard to get up after he fell, and he did not give up at the lowest point. Such a person is worthy of respect! Some time ago, he himself was still appealing not to limit the height to him, because this delayed his efforts to make money and repay the money. He should be given the opportunity to work hard like this, and I believe he will stand up again soon. His stand-up comedy is really good, and every time he sees his press conference, it is a kind of enjoyment.

6 months ago

In fact, Luo Yonghao is suitable for this. He relied on being a MLM + English teacher, and his eloquence is quite honed. Jun Bu Jian. He developed the conference back then. The stand-up talk said that the crowds came to see, but he really couldn’t make the product. Or, he had a good idea. , But they are all difficult to implement ideas. The understanding of the supply chain is not deep enough. Many products made in the early stage have some ridiculous mistakes, such as famous scenes: mobile phones cut Apples, such as the first generation of hammers. Various quality control issues. Many fields are not the mobile phone field that can be solved with just a mouth. It must be done by ceremonial engineers and science and engineering experts. Luo, a high school graduate, who knows nothing about the industry chain is destined to be unable to do it, because the knowledge is not in place. He is now moving to live broadcast, in fact, it is to use his strengths and avoid weaknesses to use his eloquent advantages and avoid the disadvantages of insufficient industrial knowledge. Therefore, he can engage in vigorous women who are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Men are afraid of entering the wrong line because Luo has repeatedly entered the industry that he is not good at. I also feel that he is invincible in the world. If Luo Yonghao had realized where his talents are, he would probably not owe such a debt. The experience tells us: When looking for a job, you must use your strengths and avoid weaknesses that you are not good at. Don’t try hard, you should run away, find the one that suits you best is the best

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