According to incomplete statistics, since the revolutionary war years, about 20 million martyrs have dedicated their lives to the Chinese revolution and construction, and most of them have not left their names. It was them who exchanged their blood for today’s China, which is peaceful and peaceful. No matter when, we should not forget history; no matter when, we must respect heroes. Tomb-sweeping Festival is here again, let us remember and commemorate together, do you have anything to say to the heroes?

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Staying until next spring comes, don’t forget that you haven’t returned this winter. The bloody revolutionary years, the turbulent wars, the passionate construction years, the magnificent reform and opening up, and the boundless great revival. In the past hundred years, we have experienced the dark years after the failure of the Great Revolution. We have encountered the passive situation of the fifth defeat of the “encirclement and suppression” campaign, endured the trampling of the invaders, blocked the flames of war on the Yalu River, and walked through the “Great Leap Forward.” He was impatient, wading through the catastrophe of the “decade of civil strife,” experiencing the test of political turmoil, and facing the impact of the disintegration of the Soviet Union. A group of communists “wiped off the blood on their bodies and buried the bodies of their companions”, giving up their lives and forgot to die. , Never stop. In this long and short period of time, about 20 million martyrs have given their precious lives, and less than 2 million have names to test. It is these heroes who “do earth-shattering things and bury celebrities incognito”. Supported our spine of Yangyang Huaxia. There is a saying in “The Ordinary World”: “The true warriors in life have always been unknown.” In this obscurity, it makes people sound like a sonorous jade. Now, we are growing up in a new era, and our eyes are full of bright lights, laughter and joy, but just like the popular saying: “We are not living in a peaceful age, we are just born in a peaceful country.” When is the world never completely peaceful, the reason why your eyes are full of joy and harmony is because someone has covered the darkness with flesh and blood. The inability to see the smoke does not mean that there is no battle; the inability to hear the cry does not mean that there is no hero. In the courtyard, Yushu and Qiongzhiyanlu, how have you ever known fighting? The famous writer Ba Jin said: “My only wish is to turn into mud and stay in people’s warm footprints.” The heroes shine in the silent place and bring us light. The slightest warmth, but some warmth is more shocking than thunder. Just like Karakorum in June last year, if it were not for the People’s Liberation Army Daily to disclose the truth about the Sino-Indian border conflict, who would have thought that someone would so quietly integrate their lives into the rivers of the motherland and turn their bodies into mountains on the border? With the courageous loyalty of “doing whatever the party calls it”, they overcame the terrible hypoxia and high cold, defeated the full range of desert glaciers, survived the long winter closure of the mountains, and guarded the iron horse of the motherland. , With his life and blood, he fulfilled his vows and realized the value of life. Facing an opponent dozens of times more than their own, they are one husband. The open arms are like a chasm, the other is the monsters and ghosts, and the other is the thousands of miles of rivers and mountains and the lights of the motherland. There are many people like this. Although they are unsung heroes, they have long been named in history. With them, we will never have to experience the war in Syria, face the artillery fire of Iraq, feel terrorism, or worry about displacement… whenever we think of it Some people use their lives to carry our weight forward, always involuntarily wetting their eyes and full of breath, they can’t help but want to exude a thousand words, let the surging emotions in their hearts gush out, falling to the fingertips but only trembling is left. His few words, like a rough and boundless air, hit his chest, teaching people unable to swallow. The law turns to Qingming and drizzle, Tao Xiu Li Mo Liu Ruyan. The paper ash flies as a white butterfly, and the tears and blood are dyed into a red rhododendron. Bow in front of the faith monument, and the wind blows the flowers and reflects the sky. The spring breeze calls Fang Fei to come again, and remembers the heroic spirits as a memorial. In a blink of an eye, clarity comes again, and there is a scene of heroes throwing their heads and sprinkling blood. Even if no one knows, as long as the mountain knows me and the river knows me, as long as the motherland will not forget, everything will be safe. They are as clear as the sun and the moon. A journey away from the stars, they rang the dawn of China with the clock of life, firmly believing that “the world in the future must be the world of red flags.” They raised their arms and slammed into the darkness. In the most difficult environment, they sang the truth forever. In the ups and downs of history and when the nation is in distress, they are a lonely group, like ten thousand-year-old autumn cicadas, even though thousands of people are in danger.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The Monument to the People’s Heroes says that in the past three years, the people’s heroes who died in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution will be immortal! For thirty years, the people’s heroes who died in the People’s War of Liberation and the People’s Revolution will be immortal! This dates back to 1840. Since then, in order to oppose internal and external enemies and strive for national independence and people’s freedom and happiness, the people’s heroes who have sacrificed in previous struggles will be immortal! It can now be said that the heroes who have fought and sacrificed bravely for the founding of New China and the cause of socialism in the past 100 years will be immortal! Why is the country so picturesque? Why are the people happy and healthy? Rely on heroes to guard him! You are the heroes of the motherland, the heroes of the people! Long live the people’s heroes! Long live China! Heroes, the Ching Ming Festival is here, I miss you.

8 months ago

Lugou Xiaoyue illuminates history, bloody and bloody feuds. The hatred of the family and the country will never be forgotten. It is the truth to strengthen the army and prosper the country. Zheng Ruobing said: “You are the bravest person, and you are also the loveliest person!” You, fight for the freedom of the people, fight for the dignity of the people, and die for the brand new China. Your death is heavier than Mount Tai, you are with the green mountains, and you live forever with the earth. You will always be a monument in the heart of every Chinese. The land is buried with loyal bones. Perhaps one day the name of the hero will be forgotten by people; perhaps one day, the appearance of the hero will fade with the years; maybe one day, on the stone tablet The handwriting will be blurred, but those red memories will always be engraved in people’s minds and will never be erased! Today, tomorrow, and every day the Chinese will exist in the future, we will never forget you! Your names are descendants of Yan and Huang, and heroes!

8 months ago

Your name may not be known, but your deeds will last forever! Thank you for trading youth and life for the good life now. We will always remember that it is your burden to move forward in exchange for peace and good years! This year, we must especially remember some of the heroes who have left recently. They are border soldiers who “clear love only for the motherland! Clear love only for the motherland! Heathcliff’s video 919 broadcasts they are fighting poverty alleviation.” People who silently give their lives online! For example, First Secretary Huang Wenxiu. First Secretary Huang Wenxiu, a model of the times! Heathcliff’s video 11,000 broadcasts. They are retrogrades who are in danger! The young people in China are the most in the world. Good young man! Heathcliff’s video 4788 shows them are the top ten people who touched China! Touched China! Everyone is amazing!

8 months ago

During the Qingming Festival, some people said that it was the two lines of tears of their loved ones who turned into rain and mist in the sky, thinking about the deceased. Others said that it was the martyrs who gave their lives for the country. Seeing today’s peaceful and prosperous world, they shed tears of joy and weeping but small. What I want to say is to remember the ancestors and pay homage to the ancestors, please don’t forget those martyrs who shed their blood and sacrificed themselves in a pool of blood. The heroes who went forward silently in the peace era, the first cup of wine to honor the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed in the war years. Why do you need to bury your bones in the sangzi ground, Qingshan buried Zhongliang everywhere, I don’t know what their surnames are, where they live, and who their relatives are, but I know their names. The martyrs who gave their lives for the country. For the sake of national independence and national dignity, they fought desperately against the enemy on the battlefield. War, the War of Liberation, the War of Resisting U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, the War of Self-Defense against Vietnam, the Great Swordsman, the Millet Rifle, and Hanyang made them. Crossing the border, burning the flames without moving, blocking the gun’s eye with the body, without fear, even as an ice sculpture, always maintain a stance of charging. When the national dignity is provoked, they again picked up the submachine gun and started a desperate fight with the enemy before they had time to ask their names. My parents, wives and children fell in a pool of blood, and now every peace and tranquility is their lives on the battlefield in exchange for them. Please cherish it and pay tribute to you, revolutionary ancestors! The second cup of wine is to honor those national backbones who have sacrificed to protect peace for their mission, for peace, for the heavy responsibility on their shoulders, and for a common goal-the dream of a strong nation and a strong army. They have fixed their lives on young growth rings before they have time to give it. Children’s tutoring homework, accompany with their growth, have not had time to go bungee jumping, eat snacks, talk about a vigorous relationship, have not had time to say goodbye to their parents and relatives, everything comes so unexpectedly, please don’t forget their names. The heroes of the new era of retrograde sacrifices March 31, 2020. During the extinguishing of the sudden fire in Xichang, Liangshan, Sichuan, 19 other local firefighters died and their lives are precious. The sad past of last year is remembered on March 30, 2019. A wildfire in Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province has claimed the lives of 30 comrades-in-arms. Are you okay in heaven? There are no heroes who fall from the sky, but soldiers who stand up to face the moment of life and death.
No one would say not to be afraid
They are not “stupid” going retrograde
Just a little more fearless and fearless
Thank you hero
I have been silently guarding everyone behind my back

8 months ago

At the beginning of May 1911, the city of Guangzhou was full of murderous air. The Guangzhou Uprising planned and initiated by the Tongmenghui had failed. The members of the Tongmenghui who participated in the uprising either sacrificed or were captured, and rarely escaped. Among them, the captured members were severely tortured by the Qing court. When they were coercive and lured, no one was greedy for life and fear of death. Li Zhun, admiral of the Guangdong Navy, wanted to leave the life of a revolutionary party named Lin Juemin. He seemed to think that this man was too young. It would be a pity to die in this way, and perhaps it could be used by the court. But Zhang Mingqi, the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, felt that if such people were left to the Revolutionary Party, there would be endless troubles. The fate of this twenty-four-year-old young man named Lin Juemin was thus determined. This strange man with a face like jade, a liver like iron, and a bright heart like snow, along with 71 other martyrs, was taken by Pandawei to take the risk of collecting his corpses and buried in Huanghuagang in Guangzhou. This is the 72 martyrs of Huanghuagang. Later, it was found that the number of named martyrs was 86, but out of habit, they were still called 72 martyrs. Among the seventy-two martyrs, families like Lin Juemin, Fang Shengdong, and Lin Yinmin had handsome children in the local area, as well as overseas Chinese from Nanyang like Li Wan, Guo Jimei, and Yu Dongxiong, as well as workers and peasants like Zeng Riquan, Jiang Jifu and Xu Ripei. Although they have different class composition and different sources, the goals and determination of the revolution are the same, to overthrow the tyranny of more than two thousand years, in order to establish a republic. The humble position has not dared to forget the worry about the country, and the decision still has to be closed. “I am full of my love for you and help the people of the world love what they love, so I dare to die before you, regardless of you.” Revolution does not judge heroes by success or failure, and the failure of the old democratic revolution that lacks the broad support of the people is inevitable. Yes, but this does not make the revolutionary deeds of these martyrs in the slightest inferior, whether it is the failed Guangzhou Uprising or the successful Wuchang Uprising. Behind these uprisings was a strong man who was worried about the country and the people and gave up his original stable life. But he said, the man’s heart is like iron, and he tries his hand to mend the sky. The world’s things are borne by the world. The fire of the revolution has passed from the Tongmenghui to the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. This is a new force full of idealism, full of youthful breath. They want to use their youth to create a youth family, a youth country, a youth nation, a youth humanity, a youth earth, and a youth universe to enjoy their endless life. After the baptism of the New Culture Movement, people with lofty ideals determined to find the way to save the country have realized that the success of the revolution lies not in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and Yuan Shikai, but in overthrowing the three mountains that are pressing on the Chinese. There is no compromise in the revolution. There is hope of success. Although the ideal of revolution is noble, the enemy’s encirclement and suppression is also crazy. They raised their butcher knives high and cut off the heads of the revolutionaries. They smiled presumptuously, and their fingers were soaked in the blood of revolutionaries. They killed too many people, and they no longer remember the names of these people. We Too many people have sacrificed, and we have no way of knowing the names of many martyrs. But the blood of these people has paved two roads, a road to the demise of the reactionaries, and a revolutionary road to a bright future. When the sacrifices of the Chinese Communists represented by Deng Zhongxia, Zhao Shiyan, Chen Yannian, Chen Qiaonian, Ge Shugui, Lin Xiangqian, and Shi Yang, we were not intimidated by the enemy’s butcher’s knife. Seeing death as home is not just talk, nor is it just a moment of anger. , But really put the realization of China’s bright future above its own safety. People are not afraid of death, but the revolutionaries go to death generously. Don’t cry for me, I am flying in the sky, watching the victory of the revolution. When the rope was wrapped around his neck, Li Dazhao understood that the rope could suffocate himself to death, but it was absolutely impossible to strangle the Chinese revolution. When the Red Army arrived in northern Shaanxi after the end of the 25,000-mile Long March, their rags, yellow and thin eyes had firm gazes and anticipation for revolution. Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, and now it has started from scratch. In the brutal slaughter of the enemy, our party has matured, and in the constant struggle, our party has become stronger and stronger. We have sown the seeds of the revolution in the vast land of China, and the decision-making power of the future of the Chinese revolution is in the hands of the largest group of people in China. The seeds germinated, and the earth ushered in a new spring. Today we are still living in an age that is not peaceful, but we are fortunate to live in a peaceful country. Today’s motherland is strong enough, and today we are confident enough, but the robbers have never been far away from us, and our shotguns have never been idle. When we typed these words in front of our computers and mobile phones, there was such a group of people who were in the frontier. They guard the country and beat the robbers. They arrest drug dealers and terrorists on the border. They maintain social order in the cities and villages. They rob death from the hands of death in the hospital. They are thinking about how to let them go on the muddy mountain roads. The villagers get rid of poverty and become rich. They protect us where we know and don’t know. They are the People’s Liberation Army, the armed police, the people’s police, medical workers, and poverty alleviation cadres. They are you and the people around us. There is light in this world, a dazzling light, a light full of power.

8 months ago

Sacrifice of Wolfsmoke: A visitor to Nanjing, passing through the cemetery. In the early winter, there is snow, the remaining chrysanthemum guards the spirit, the haughty bones are cold, and the age is forever. I don’t know how old the spring and autumn are, the Cang pine is still there; I don’t know the frost chrysanthemum every year, it will bloom again with dry. The stone carvings of the heroic spirits can’t tell the story of the martyrs, and the years have eroded, and the names of the public can not be remembered, but the ruins are broken and the guns are told. What is the name of the warrior? All around the world don’t know each other, and we are all worried about the affairs of the country. Walk to the ruins of the ancient city, heal the old ruins, hurt yourself, guns and cannons, the mountains and rivers can not be seen humiliated; the lives are overwhelmed, and the sorrows of thousands of dead souls are inexhaustible. Seeing this, seeing Ling thinking people, sadness is hard to calm down. Only the three pillars of incense, chatting and chasing. The text is as follows. It is another year of public ceremonies. The city’s sirens sounded in a rapid and dignified manner. I couldn’t help but look solemn, as if my thoughts had been drawn back to the era of turmoil. It seems that today, eighty-one years ago, the weather is like today, and on this day, the city of Nanjing was broken, and the Japanese army shouted at the top of the city: Onboard! Onboard! In the next two weeks, 300,000 dead souls stayed in Nanjing for a long time, and blood drifted. Recalling the heaviness of history always makes people feel immersive. Today’s comfort and comfort often make people forget the past. On December 13th, the sirens on the public memorial day will sound: Please remember your weakest appearance. This is the reason you must become stronger. Japan can lose in the war of aggression against China, but the worst result is to return to its homeland, but China cannot lose, because behind us is the homeland that gave birth to us. Today we still can’t lose. In the sight of the wolves, once we lose, we lose the happiness of hard work, extinguishing the fire poured by our ancestors with blood. In the past, someone would take responsibility for us. In the face of the country’s dilemma, think about where to go; when the beacon’s family is ruined, he will choose to succeed; in the current economic dilemma, he will turn the tide. Now our new generation has grown up. It is no longer just to shelter from the wind and rain under the wings of the predecessors, but to create a new history after a deep understanding of history, and to take over the responsibility after the mission of understanding. Now, although we can proudly say that China has become prosperous and strong. We can say with confidence that our nation has stood tall in the world. But after all, it is mostly the work of the predecessors. The founding of New China does not represent the victory of the revolution. The road of revolution is far from over. It takes generations to work for the ideal. Our destiny is tightly bound to the times and we share the same honor and disgrace; our dream is China’s dream has the same destiny. Someone once asked Xian Lie: “You can’t see a beautiful tomorrow without fear and sacrifice, so why do you still regard death as home?” Xian Lie replied, “Although I can’t see it, I can’t give my younger generation a gloomy tomorrow. “‘If one day we can meet, I will tell you, mountains and rivers are still there, Guotai Min’an’, there are flowers, homes and him, love and dreams, smiling faces are like flowers, there is a powerful country called Huaxia! The snowflakes outside the window were turned into ice flowers by a gust of wind in front of them. The flowers bloomed in front of my eyes, and they had bloomed many times. I was full of my face, like an incomprehensible teenager, thinking of the past, I always write down every time. About your poems, let the gale sing inexplicable thoughts, I don’t know when I loved you, I don’t know who promised to love you, I only know the years, years, and years, I am obsessed with you. The face of chasing.

8 months ago

thank you all. Because of your armed struggle and hard work, we have today’s powerful and prosperous motherland. Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, and now it has started from scratch. Remembering history is the greatest respect for reality and you. Because of your hard work, we can let the imperialist aggressors understand: Now that the Chinese people have been organized, they are really organized, and the Chinese, who account for one-fifth of the world’s population, are not irritable. It’s not easy to handle it if it’s offended. People need to have a little spirit. The light of ideals is immortal, and the light of faith is immortal. We young people will take the initiative to establish a correct outlook on the world, life, and values, uphold the true qualities of hard struggle, and advocate and carry forward the heroic spirit. We will continue to pass on your revolutionary enthusiasm for use in studies or work, and use this fighting spirit to create a new great era and make our own contributions. During the Qingming Festival, we cherish in our hearts, cherish history, and cherish you. At the same time, we resolutely resist those historical nihilism and cultural nihilism who forget their ancestors and slander, and consciously enhance their spiritual realm and moral integrity. Finally, apply a poem and my actions to truly express the respect and admiration for that period of struggle, for you and for the heroes of the people. During the Qingming Festival, there was rain, and pedestrians on the road wanted to die. To ask the youth where to go, read the Four History before the soldiers’ graves. the above.

8 months ago

Yesterday happened to be April 1st, 20 years after the collision in the South China Sea. I took a taxi to the Anxian Cemetery when I got off the high-speed rail. Martyr Wang Wei, I will come to see you.
I can’t forget the embassy bombing and the collision in the South China Sea in those years.
The then ambassador to the U.S. Yang, today’s Director Yang is finally stiff.
Don’t forget Gao Nai brother during the Qingming Festival.
I would like to pay tribute to the ancestors of the Chinese nation who are not afraid of sacrifice. I will learn from and pass on your spirit!

8 months ago

It’s another year of Ching Ming Festival, heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country, have you seen China today? We have only defeated the new crown epidemic, defeated absolute poverty, and created the only miracle in the world. Today, the people of the whole country are continuing to struggle to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The beautiful life you have worked so hard for is taking a step forward for our younger generations. With the efforts of one step, it has become more brilliant and splendid. Every time at this time, I think of Tian Yumei’s sing in “Daughter of the Party” when she sacrificed herself before righteousness, expressing how many heroic aspirations. I go, I don’t hesitate to walk, I don’t sigh, kid, you cuddled tightly beside my mother. The familiar cooking smoke on this thatched roof bid farewell to the relatives far away from the sky, Luo Ming said goodbye to the kindness of the people from the villages. It’s hard to turn over the red rice pumpkin, bitter and sweet, kid, look up at the sunrise, the sun is coming out of the mountain, illuminating the mountains of red cuckoos, kid, look up, look at the stars, a group of friends are happily entering the campus kid, you Looking up at my hometown in the spring, it’s a bright and bright day. I’m going. I don’t hesitate. I don’t lament. I go with the spring breeze. I laughed at the nine heavens and watched this 10,000-mile spring full of homeland, and now the spring is full of China, heroes, I really want to accompany you to visit all parts of the motherland and have a glass of wine together.

8 months ago

The passage of time does not dilute our nostalgia for the revolutionary martyrs. It was them who used their flesh and blood to build the Great Wall of Steel at the critical moment when the Chinese nation was facing life and death, and fought tenaciously against the Japanese imperialist invaders; it was they who turned their love for the country and the people into battle against the enemy. The fighting spirit announced the demise of the Jiang dynasty and established a new China where the people are the masters; it was them who abandoned everything about themselves, stepped forward and took their precious lives selflessly at the moment when socialist construction needed the most. The land was dedicated to the motherland and the people, and the blood was sprinkled all over the motherland. The green mountains come from the soil, and the sea comes from the streams. Everything has a cause and effect, and China today comes from the sacrifice of the heroes. I have a gratitude in my heart, I can’t express it in words, I can only say “Thank you!” in the simplest language.

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