I think there should be none. If a couple can be friends, obviously they do not contradict each other and understand each other in all aspects. There is no clear boundary between this and dating, because many boy and girl friends start with ordinary friends. I am a somewhat abnormal person. In reality, I neither make friends with men nor women. I live like this. I basically don’t need friends, nor talk and dinner. I had a dream last night. I dreamed that an earthquake was coming. I started to pack my things to escape my life. In fact, there was no destination. I suddenly remembered that I forgot to bring my suitcase with my precious things in it. I wanted it desperately. Go back and get it, and I tell someone that you must wait for me in a separate place. The sky was full of black clouds along the way. I knew that it was very dangerous to go back to the upper floors. The power was cut off. After I went upstairs, the building began to collapse… I don’t know if I died in my dream, but I feel so heartbroken. , There is no way to rendezvous with someone, so anxious, I woke up. I think I have been working hard to make friends, but I have no chance to meet friends. This must be my problem, because everyone else can make friends. I don’t know if this dream has any special meaning. It’s just that I foresee my end. A widowed old man died alone in a nursing home, with no relatives or friends.

some. First, clarify the definition and boundaries of “friendship”. I am here to delineate the scope of “friendship” as follows: see each other forever, and be able to help each other as far as I can, hoping for the good of each other. At the same time, there is no urge to have sex. Then within this definition, there is pure friendship between men and women. In one situation, men and women are not the ideal type of each other in terms of body shape, appearance, personality, and three views, and neither of them intends to be each other’s spare tires. But the two souls are quite interesting and good people, so pure friendship is not difficult to produce. In the second case, the personality and hobbies of men and women are not on the same key at all, but two people have been classmates for more than ten or even twenty years for various reasons, understand each other and are willing to consider each other, this situation will also produce pure friendship . In the third situation, they had a good impression of each other and tried to approach each other for a while, but after in-depth contact, they felt that they were inappropriate, so they retreated to a safe relationship. There should be many situations like this, which shows that there is still pure friendship between men and women.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

If both parties are single, pure friendship is normal. If both parties have a partner, then I think this pure friendship is quite abnormal, not because of anything, because of avoiding suspicion~ Can you bear your boyfriend or girlfriend with you and chat with so-called heterosexual friends in full swing? ? I don’t believe in pure friendship of the opposite sex, this kind of relationship above and below the relationship between friends, in a relationship, this kind of heterosexual friendship is definitely the barrier between your relationships.


7 months ago

Two people can maintain a long-term relationship, but the essence is that they can meet some needs of each other, whether it is friendship, family affection, or love. Once you become undesirable, you will disperse as you walk. The greater the difference in educational background, ability, and overall level, the easier it is to disperse. Think about some of your old classmates, why don’t you contact them anymore? In a non-utilitarian way, there is no “common language” on the surface, but the actual communication and getting along between the two parties have left one party completely unable to find pleasure and value. As a result, the string of the natural kite broke.

7 months ago

The difficulty lies in the fact that men and women are outside of “sex.” There is less commonality, and it is even more difficult to produce common goals. (Sexually, the two parties are prey to each other.) Because of the different roles in the family, men and women have a subtle “antagonistic” relationship in life, so empathy is difficult. The second is to help each other deal with the difficult challenges of life. Most of the time, for men, the value that women can provide is often lower than that of male friends (the roles of men and women are different, and the overlap of ability requirements is not high, especially for men). If it is equal to. Most of the time, men also choose the same sex, the relationship is simpler, and there is no subtle pressure on both sexes. (If you don’t have a plan) At this time, you will find that the smart one can actually have exceptions. The core of the exception is to transcend both sexes: a woman either has a strong empathy ability or an extremely scarce problem-solving ability. At the same time, neither party has any sexual attraction…

7 months ago

Let me tell you from personal experience that there is pure friendship between men and women. I studied engineering at university, with 30 students in the class, and the ratio of male to female is 1:3. I like to socialize with boys very much. They are brave, strong, confident, and broad-minded. I learned from them what I lacked. My previous self-esteem personality has also been greatly improved. It can be said that part of my excellence today is their help to me. Although it has been five years since graduating from university, we have gone to different places, formed our own families, got married and had children, but we still keep in touch. Whenever I have any difficulties, I will find them to solve problems. It’s really not easy to meet a good friend who treats you sincerely for a lifetime. Friendship is a feeling different from love, and sometimes far exceeds love. It takes time to cultivate and accumulate slowly, and it will test patience and perseverance, whether it is a boy. If you are a girl, you should cherish it.

7 months ago

We met in our school days, from elementary school to high school, from ignorance to ignorance to now running for life, we have always been together as friends and classmates, becoming close is high school. We went to boarding school, and now I think of high school. The time was very bitter but very happy. The students lived and studied together. 2. Contact us and don’t chat every day and don’t share the trivialities of life like a couple. They just send blessings on birthdays on holidays and get together with a few old classmates back home, so there is no ambiguity or like what a few friends said. I “hanging” him and “raising fish”, because we know the basics and know the bottom in the school days, so we meet again and we are still very pure. The other party may have seen any immature or non-mainstream funny appearances. There is no need to wear clothes, it is very comfortable and unburden relationship.

7 months ago

In response to this question, I also asked my friends around me. Most of them felt that there was no pure friendship. “One person thinks it is pure friendship, and the other doesn’t dare to express the relationship.” Even if we are friends, we need to like or accept this person to be a friend. Right? People who don’t like can’t make friends. I think we have missed the most suitable time. If it is a high school graduation, I think it is the most suitable time. In fact, to be precise, we have known each other from the second grade of elementary school to two years after graduation from our respective universities. Since we have been friends for a long time, it may not be appropriate to change this relationship. If you have a friend who is equally confused or have such a friend next to your target, if you mind, you can speak directly to the target. A good friend of knowledge will definitely avoid suspicion.

7 months ago

I like that he loves him and cares more about him (now I have a boyfriend who said this seems a little inappropriate, and Teacher Deng is still jealous for this!) This kind of feeling is based on my love for him as a relative but not a boyfriend or girlfriend or we The time has passed to be a boyfriend and girlfriend, and now he’s more like a close relative. He said that holding my hand is like holding my left hand and right hand (Will a normal man pull a girl’s hand is a left hand and right hand?) High school summer will fan me In winter, the fan will wear his coat to me, warm my hands and give me all his snacks and candies. Do you feel it? I think he has always been good to me. Even if I sleep next to him, there is nothing to worry about. He is really good to me. I want him to find a partner earlier. He will treat her better than me. He finds a partner. We must have a distance. He is good and I am good

7 months ago

I think there is. As a boy who lives in a university with a male to female ratio of 1:6, he inevitably has to contact many girls in his life. PS: The girls in our school have very good looks. Many of them are my friends, and they help each other in their studies in life, just like normal friends. Which girl you like is not determined by how many girls around you. If you don’t feel it, even the three thousand harem beauties might not be attracted. There is no unreasonable thought in my heart, it is naturally pure friendship.

7 months ago

I always thought it was, until I got drunk one day. G is my high school classmate, I temporarily call him G, G is very handsome, how handsome, sometimes I think he looks like edc, and his aesthetics are also very good. The clothes are trendy, so there are many “net celebrity” girls who like it. G likes to go to bars, L, S and the like, I also go often, but rarely go with him, G once told me that he went to bars Sometimes a girl would wait for him at the toilet door to see him drunk and ask him if he wants to open the room together, and there are two. It’s true, and I think I look ordinary, but there are many inexplicable suitors. G said that he was 172 (165 was later told by his “brother”) and my net height was 168. Standing next to him, I always felt that his shoulders were very low. I think appearance can really make up for the height, otherwise why so much The girl wants to have an f with him. My feelings for G have been unclear. In addition, my rigid requirements for male height have caused me to never think about developing our relationship because he has a lot of girls to pursue. I wanted to put a side face of G, for fear of being recognized and affected.

7 months ago

We have known each other for four years. From high school to university, high school is because of dogs. We all love dogs. Later, I helped G chase a girl, and because of this girl, I treated him a little bit. The idea is obliterated. From the beginning of high school to the first semester of university, we have been getting along with good friends of the opposite sex. We went to G dorm to play, play games together, go to the basketball court together, and eat Haidilao together. I’m like a boy, I don’t think about anything. Later, G talked about a little internet celebrity girlfriend, our relationship is over. Her girlfriend is especially guarding against me, (because G once told her Many things with me may have said that I like G, and he also liked me.) Afterwards, at the request of his girlfriend, G deleted all my contact information, but we still have a few more words in wb Say

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