Female, graduated from a 985 undergraduate and master, with 10 years of work experience, in the marketing field, not a supervisor, but a larger project manager, but the project is coming, managing dozens of people, the project is over, the members are scattered, only you and yours The assistant looked at each other and sent a letter of thanks to the various departments. At 1.2 million + before tax, it is barely possible to answer this question. Family background is very ordinary. Ordinary refers to parents who are not harsh on what we eat and drink, and the money for school does not need to use student loans. They can barely help us grow up, but what the original capital does not have is that we can’t support it. We buy a car and a house. When I was about 7-8 years old, I looked at my hometown where I could walk twice in an hour, thinking how small, so small, how can I leave this place. Later, my family told me that I had to pass the college entrance examination to a foreign province. University is good. With this idea, anyway, it is the same operation as a small town, that is, others read and I read, others play and I read, one is introverted personality, commonly known as no friends, and the other is that there is nothing fun outside. I think Many people recall that childhood is now that the child is so tired. I used to play mud jumping rubber band after school so happy and carefree. When I was a child, I was really not interested in playing mud jumping. I was really not interested in jumping rubber bands. The mud was too dirty, my body was uncoordinated, and my rubber bands couldn’t jump. I don’t need to bask in the sun at home, it’s so comfortable lying down and reading. In short, as long as it is a book, read well, read textbooks well, and extend extracurricular books. The family did not go to relatives to read. There is a rural teacher’s uncle at home, and there is a bookcase at home. I will use it as a library during basic holidays. I don’t have a library. I have a very good memory. I can memorize the books one by one. It may also be because there were no learning methods in that era. The only way I could think of was to memorize them. My parents are ordinary farmers. They don’t read a lot. They have an open mind. They just do what I want. The only thing I don’t understand is that I don’t just go to school except sleeping and eating. I sleep for 5 hours a day for the college entrance examination and lose more than a dozen catties. , The same as Zhongxie. Anyway, all the way to scholarship to graduate students, left in the school various titles such as library masters and reading madmen. Later, someone in my family was admitted to a university and asked for tuition. My mother asked, isn’t it necessary to pay for university? Oh, mother, this is because your daughter has various scholarships every year. I am too lazy to ask you for money. My mother is an optimistic character who doesn’t worry about it when the sky falls. After graduating, there is no background at home, and there is no way to trust. Finding a job is a normal school recruitment, various interviews, and finally I got 3 offers, two offers from first-tier cities, one offer from the provincial capital of my hometown, my mother Saying that you choose yourself, I don’t want to carry the pot that you will regret later. My mother is such an enlightened old lady who disagrees, disagrees, and is not responsible. I finally chose a big factory offer in a first-tier city. The reason is that in the first-tier cities, the salary is slightly higher among the three, and international companies can travel overseas. Then a man dragged his luggage and came to work. He arrived in the morning and had not found a place to live. It was really frightened to watch office workers pouring into various office buildings like ants. Recruits recruited, 996 is nothing, 007 is possible, really tired to cry, one time I finally stopped working overtime on weekends, I walked on the bustling street after get off work, neon flashing in my eyes, bright lights, I actually shed tears. Work is so tired, even more tired than studying. What can we do? Could it be that when I go back to the village, I have to take jobs that no one wants to do, and make a difference in the most difficult environment. I don’t have any gender preference in the company, and the assignment of work is like a military general. I didn’t leave my hometown much before I went to university. I also have a dream of traveling. When I travel frequently, it’s really good to be at home for thousands of days. It’s better than eating bread and thinking about the food at home. In addition, when the job content makes me feel comfortable, I will change the job content. The boss is not stupid, and there are only a lot of hard work bonuses. Of course, it was a few years ago. It is unrealistic to choose a job and want to get a high bonus. You can still adjust yourself a little if you have rich experience. The workload cannot be reduced, but at least the projects, the frequency of business trips, and the place of business trips can be selected. Old employees still have some options. How do you feel about the annual salary of one million? For us, in fact, there is not much difference between now and when the monthly salary was 6,000. For eating, I eat in the company canteen. It costs 35 yuan a day, morning, afternoon, and evening. It’s convenient and healthy. If you don’t cook it by yourself on weekends, I’m pretty good at cooking or go out to eat. Will you eat more than 2,000 dishes? No, I have eaten it. I’m not a gourmet. You can’t find the difference with ordinary tongue. Wear it, because I am not in a foreign company. Even if it is a larger company, private enterprises are full of slippers and t-shirts. There is no need for a suit, leather, high heels, and brand-name bags. If you wear it too formal, others will think you are going to sell insurance. The exaggerated scene dialogue of “Dulala’s Promotion” really didn’t appear before, what Linda, you bought your limited edition bag in Paris, there are only 10 in the world, so amazing. Hahaha, it will be funny to hear this. How powerful a bag can be, and I didn’t make it by myself. My thinking is really good low-level working people. I just want to wear free t-shirts and comfortable sneakers every day. What I’m talking about is how to make the market number one and how to make the conference cool and exciting. If the product strength and business capabilities are strong, it feels good. When people talk about business, they don’t have to do some of these things. Of course, this only represents my situation. There are many occupations that need to be placed in and out of the appropriate occasions and are no longer discussed. Work can get a sense of accomplishment. Choose well, do well, improve yourself, don’t do things for the sake of showing off, knowledge and ability Hidden in the belly, very satisfying. If someone asks, you are an employee doing branding and marketing, don’t you need to have a brand concept? Does it cost more to wear it? Paul Fossell’s “Style” explains that the mainstream upper class will not deliberately spend on clothing. They want to create a sense of casualness and disdain for the outside world. Think about why Xiaozha, an Internet giant, would like to wear white T, and Jobs would like plain gray T, and he wanted to pursue such a style. I am not saying that I am an upper class, I am just an ordinary working people. I am just telling the truth as a brand practitioner. After understanding the consumption upgrade, I will find that yearning is a way to create consumer desires, but if you are already effortless Buy, you don’t want to buy that much. Car, we understand it as a means of transportation, just a Renault SUV with a license of about 300,000, which is not painful to scratch and maintenance is not troublesome. Before my husband asked if he wanted to improve it a bit and buy a better one. My son jumped out immediately. No, my mother’s car skills are poor. The car is too good to repair, so expensive and troublesome! ! ! ! ! It’s not that a family does not enter the house, and a free and relaxed consumption concept can lead to an easy life. That’s it, hahaha. I would like to talk about a person and a commodity point of view, that is, I am not opposed to consumption to improve life, otherwise the economy will develop, but in essence, commodities are for people and should be used comfortably. If you buy something, it is contained in it. If you are afraid of melting in your mouth, or you are afraid of falling when you hold it in your hand, it means that this product has exceeded your consumption capacity, cannot be used, is not suitable for you, and makes you feel bound, and people should not be slaves in the commodity society. Where did the money go? When buying a house for investment, we just pool together money to buy a small one when we don’t have money, and then we save a little and change it. I changed the house because of the preservation of the value and the children’s schooling. The second is that the bigger the house is, there is a large study room and balcony. My pile of books and a pile of flowers can welcome their new friends, and toss about the furnishings in the house. Ways to get a sense of security. I don’t have much energy for other investments such as stocks. Education investment, we are one-sided in education, children’s education, we do not agree to fill the time, hope to leave time for entertainment and thinking, but if the child likes it, let him try, if you can stick to it, stick to it, and go as long as you like it. . If you don’t spend money in other places, you don’t feel bad about spending money on education. At least you won’t say that your mother will save money to sign up for you. Rather, since you like it so much, we will do our best to relax and less stress. For adult education, you basically go to recharge when you have time. Because of the limited economic conditions when you were a child, you can go to those who want to learn. To make up for your regrets, you don’t need to be more sophisticated. Anyway, you don’t have to wait to accompany your children to interest classes. Learn to learn by the way, and you can also learn from your children. I do not approve of using the input-output ratio calculation method for evaluating educational achievements, because the essence of education is to improve people in all aspects, gaining knowledge and spiritual enjoyment. It cannot be calculated in the form of exchange money, otherwise your final conclusion is not worth it. Traveling, I have a lot of business trips, travel is not very exciting, but travel and business trips feel very different, especially to be able to travel twice a year with parents and children is still very happy, sometimes traveling alone with the baby, sometimes the whole family Traveling together depends on everyone’s time. There is no fixed formula. I took my son for a walk after I was 3 years old, so the child has no fear of places he has never been to, and he can be very clear about the precautions for travel. When I was 3 years old, I still needed to bring a stroller. After 5 years old, I just walked on my own. I like to go to the museum. After a day of strolling around, he can walk by himself. Since I was a child, I don’t want my mother to hold him. Sometimes I’m tired. I am also convinced to be able to go. When visiting the museum, I usually follow the explanation. Most of the time, my son also listens quietly. One time the explanation told us: The first time I saw such a small child, I could listen to the explanation carefully. At that time, I thought my child was great. When he was 6 years old, we went to Seoul, South Korea to play on May Day. He suddenly wanted to go to Seoul Tower to see the night scene and take a taxi to get off the tower at night. Unexpectedly, there are also black cars in South Korea. I know that there are many tourists in the scenic spots. It turned out that the taxi fare, which is equivalent to RMB 100, costs 800. I think it is very late, and I hesitate to take it. At this time, my son said that his mother should not take a ride. We walked to the intersection where we just came to take a taxi. It didn’t cost so much to use the meter. So the two of us walked 1 kilometer and got a taxi at the normal price. Maybe this is the benefit of travel, not memory, not scenery, but independence and courage. Books and stationery, you just want to buy, you want to see it, the more you buy, the more you buy, because I like to practice calligraphy, I have a lot of pens, of course, they are not superb. When I practice calligraphy, they line up in a row, like the emperor’s concubine. It feels the same, so proud. Insurance. Everyone understands this. It is safe-conscious, and the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is. It is not an insurance broker, so I don’t specifically say it. Consumption concept: environmental protection & do not sing high-profile, I think the earth’s environmental burden is caused by excessive consumption. I think a family can use enough things at home, don’t over-purchase, one person can rotate 7 pieces a week in summer, and 3 coats and a few sweaters in winter. Let’s add a little bit, I mean there’s really no need to buy too many things, the clothes in the closet don’t look good. All kinds of big promotions are calculated by the actuary, you can count them, on-demand purchase is the most cost-effective way, you don’t have to buy three-year underwear in advance, four-year tissue paper, things occupy more of the square of the area. expensive. A home needs to be beautiful and easy to clean. The key is to have fewer things. As long as there is no debris, it will look good. I have lived in my house for 10 years, and the living room can be free of any debris, and there are enough cabinets. I used to sell houses. At that time, the buyer came to see my house, did your house move out? Think carefully before buying things. You can dispose of things you don’t need for half a year, except for collections. I’m sorry. I like reading paper books too much. This violates the concept of environmental protection. Books, toys, clothes and other things can be sold on the second-hand website when they are not needed, so that they can be given to people in need without occupying space, which is really good. My son often goes to the community to sell toys. Basically, his new toys rely on selling old toys. A little math is good. Some old men and old ladies see him and say that the boss has new products today? What do you usually do? Our hobbies don’t cost much! Our family’s ability to spend money is really not very good. I really feel that fun and spending money are not positively correlated. Shopping is no more fun than drawing and raising flowers. Parents who accompany their children know that they do homework, accompany drawing, play Lego, read books, watch cartoons, in fact, children’s things are quite interesting, especially toys and books after the age of 5. Growing flowers and fish, my hobby, I need to spend a little time watering every day, and may need to fertilize and remove insects every week. If there is an insect infestation, this full balcony will have insects, and a leaf will be flushed and scrubbed, tired cry, and cats and dogs. Slaves are almost there too, look at the hair, we look at the leaves, there are as many. Volunteering, one is to like it, and the other is to repay the various conveniences this city has brought us. Whenever I go on a business trip, I go to a museum and listen to volunteers’ explanations. I benefit a lot, but I think that if they come to my city, I also want to thank them for their preaching. This is based on personal time. Instead of going there a few times a month, just go there when you have time. For example, if you are busy with work for most of the year, you can go there a few more times when you are free in a month. I listen to lectures offline and take online lessons online. My family doesn’t even have a TV. The main reason is that I really don’t like watching TV shows and variety shows, and I don’t play games. Children have a pad to watch cartoons, so they don’t know what TV is used for. The movie went to the cinema. Now many top universities in the world have opened public courses. There are any fields, and there is always one that suits you. Clean up, there is a part-time worker who comes for 2 hours a week, but when I am in a bad mood, I want to clean up, wipe various places, use various reagents to remove stains in various places, and classify the books in the bookcase according to the color number. Psychological experiments have shown that organizing things can help relieve anxiety, seeing things neatly and cleanly will relax the mood… There are many families with incomes over one million in first-tier cities, but the families I have met are relatively modest and relatively Low-key, not full of famous brands, luxury cars are just ordinary people on the streets, who live strong and mediocre every day, looking for their own meaning in the same life. Of course, I don’t have a friend with an annual income of over 100 million yuan. The wealthy really don’t know much about it. They have limited vision. They just hit workers. They’re just small ants in the city. Talking about some suggestions for ordinary young people, young people with mines at home don’t need to look at them. I have no experience: Suggestions for ordinary people. Ordinary people have the happiness of ordinary people. Ordinary people’s life is also very hard. Respect the freedom of being a salted fish. But if the goal is to change the existing environment, it is the effort and price that needs to be paid, and we must be psychologically prepared. If you are still studying now, I want to say that academic qualifications are very important, very important, very important, study hard, pay no loss, do not discuss with the company that grades do not represent work ability, it does not represent, but at least it represents the ability to endure hardship. The probability of companies recruiting inappropriate people is low. If you have already worked, life is a long-distance running, work experience is very important, and choosing the industry is very important. If you choose the right outlet, you will gain after hard work. If you don’t gain after hard work, consider changing your direction. If you work too easily for a period of time, also Consider changing, because you can’t learn anything. Advice for young girls, girls should also work hard and accumulate capital. This is where you speak with confidence. Don’t spend money indiscriminately, don’t compare food and clothes, and don’t get caught up in merchandise.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It’s not me, it’s my husband. We are all top2. I started talking in my freshman year and talked about getting married all the way. He graduated from Qingbei with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in computer science, and signed a major factory in Hangzhou. A few years later, I also brought a small team, and the official annual salary was one million in the first two years. I was in a special situation with him. He broke up with his parents. My family has no money and the house is entirely on my own. I studied medicine, he was two years older than me, and he worked as a graduate student. He wrote code all the time until the early hours of the morning. At that time, I specialized in master’s program for three years. The third class was upside down, and it was in a different place. I often didn’t have time to chat for several days. So in the end, I graduated from the public examination, if I enter a certain top three, even in the same city, but also in a different place. I didn’t choose to transfer students and took the test directly. I have always been a small town as a tester and went ashore in World War I. Fortunately, Hangzhou civil servants have high salaries, and I am now 30w. He saved the down payment for the house. When I was in graduate school, he was very bitter, hundreds of thousands after tax, renting a room of more than 1,000, and working overtime in his free time. My parents did their best to provide me for postgraduate studies, and regretted studying medicine. The cost of postgraduate studies was really high, and they were finally transferred for him. I graduated that year, went to work in Hangzhou, got married, two people rented a house, and bought a house after two years of renting, four bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms, one room for my parents to bring their children, one room for children, one confinement or living in a house The nanny’s, one of ours. I used contraception before buying a house. After I bought the house to get pregnant, I was pregnant with a daughter in the first half of a year. Excluding the two-person provident fund monthly contribution of more than 40,000, it is approaching 600,000, ten years. There is no pressure on the mortgage, and it is far from the unemployment crisis. I have also saved money in stocks in the past two years, and I have a stable job. Choosing ten years is really afraid of his midlife crisis. The year when the two of us bought the house, we had a combined annual salary of 200w. We didn’t even dare to buy the flat floor. The land we fancy was over 10 million. The confinement I hired after giving birth, and then a nanny, basically 10,000 a month, plus my parents to help take care of. I am an only daughter. My parents are very kind to me and are really enlightened. For so many years, they have been doing their best to help me study. Taking care of the children now basically follows the plan of my husband and I. He often tells me that my husband is busy with work and I want me to be considerate of him and try not to quarrel with him. I usually cook according to our tastes, and also study novel dishes, so basically there is no conflict. My daughter dances to the piano in an interest class. She likes to dance but does not like the piano. The piano is 150,000 yuan. She is about to stop piano lessons. We don’t like to force children. I also hired a tutor for my daughter, and accompany her to do homework two hours a day. It’s not that he is incapable of counseling. The child’s grandparents are too accustomed, and his father is accustomed, so I can only take care of it, otherwise I don’t know what it is like to be pampered. For fear of hurting the parent-child relationship, I can only ask a tutor. If you don’t have a second child, let it be. He is too busy to work more overtime during holidays. You can also raise a second child. Like my mother and daughter like to eat durians, they can buy them once or twice a week without burden. I like to eat Japanese food, and I don’t feel distressed if I eat 600’s buffet or thousands of people per person. The car is a Mercedes-Benz with more than 400,000 yuan, and the annual gas insurance is tens of thousands. I want to buy another one, but unfortunately there is no parking space in the community. I will wait for two years before buying a suite. I have been commuting to work on the subway, and he usually drives the car. If it rains, ask the parents or nanny to take a taxi to pick up the child. I am also very busy at work, ashamed of my children, and have no time to accompany me. I don’t like to buy expensive clothes. Instead, I honor my parents and help my husband buy more. The average price of my summer clothes is two or three hundred, and the average price of winter down jackets is 1,500. Because he has a very bad relationship with his parents, he has always regarded my parents as his biological parents, and he will also take the initiative to buy things for them, and let me not be stingy with money to honor my parents. In general, except for he is really too busy, other people are really living very well. As for my best friend, a top-level person in a certain industry and a certain field, her husband is the same as her, so let’s talk about it in detail. If someone is in the same unit as her, I guess she’s a direct guess of who she is. People have an annual salary of several million, and she refuses to elaborate. It is conservatively estimated that two million is the lowest. With the addition of patent dividend income, academic conferences are held in foreign countries half of the year. Life was more chic. The year before last, for her younger brother to get married, she directly gave away a house and a car, and also arranged a job for the girl in her hometown. She is not Voldemort, and her husband has no objection. After all, she can earn her home RV alone in half a year. Giving us gifts is also really generous, we said we don’t want her to say she doesn’t care about it at all. These two people are really amazing. He and I are more than enough, but I am really happy and satisfied. I just hope that in a few years, he will change to a relaxed job and it will be better. Finally, let’s talk about the middle-class anxiety. Both of us are considered middle-class, and both feel that they are selling anxiety. It is the children’s cram school that the couple is worried about. But according to the article, the couple should not belong to a wealthy family, so they can only become middle class by studying. It seems that I am not as poor as I am. My parents together make 6,000 a month. Then my undergraduate can only be a tutor. My husband and I are both highly intelligent people. We used to naively thought that if we didn’t make progress, we didn’t care about it, just high school stuff. It’s not Versailles literature. It wasn’t until I brought it to the third tutor that I found out that IQ is innate, and there are people who can tell me five times on the number axis in the second grade, but I can’t understand it. When I brought it to the fifth one, I vowed that I would never enroll my child in a tutoring class. Learning was really uncomfortable. I was also deeply aware of the fact that we were really assisted by the gods when we were studying. There are really people who can learn ten every day in junior high school. One or two points can only hover at the passing line. So we didn’t enroll the child in any tutoring class, only let her learn to dance, and a tutor accompanied to write homework. In terms of children’s education, the so-called middle-class anxiety is really just a bubble. I’m curious why so many middle-class people can’t pay attention to it. Is it because they can’t accept the mediocrity of their children because they have grown up from being outstanding? My husband and I really have high IQs, but our daughter is just ordinary, and I guess it should be an undergraduate in the end. My mother worked very hard when she was studying, but she couldn’t learn anyhow, but I had a good memory and reacted quickly. But if I didn’t work as a tutor for four years because of poverty, I wouldn’t realize this, and I would only blame my children for not working hard. Parents with similar conditions are also advised to look more openly in the education of their children. I always feel that it’s more important to make children happy, but don’t spoil them. In the comment area, I asked why durian was specially mentioned. When I was in high school, my mother’s friend gave her a peeled durian. I took a bite and didn’t like it. My mother ate the leftover durian and she liked it very much. Our family is a very ordinary working family, durian is considered a luxury, but it is unambiguous that the two of them spend money on me. After I went to college, I mentioned that my roommate likes to eat durian. My mother thought I also like to eat durian, but I was embarrassed to say that I was worried about the situation at home. On the day I went home that summer vacation, my mother bought a whole durian. I ate a few pieces and said I was so tired and couldn’t swallow it anymore. Then my mother ate all the remaining durian. For me now, all the changes in food, clothing, housing and transportation are not as free as durians. I still don’t like or hate durian, but I really feel it.

6 months ago

Why is it that so many people are tired of writing and no one is writing well? Then I will go to the 35-year-old Coordinate Shanghai, the annual income after tax is about 1.4 million, there are houses and loans, and the driving is about 30w. Cha, a full-time wife, a two-year-old daughter, first talk about why I think so many people write about how tired they are, because most people don’t think that what they have already got is how big it is for many ordinary people. Value, for example, someone writes that there is a loan for a 7 million house. There are still many people in Shanghai who can’t afford a house or can only live in a house of more than 3 million in the outer ring; some people say that they can only drive more than 200,000 cars. Shanghai’s daily morning peak public The traffic is so congested. I believe that there are still millions of people who can’t afford a car, or are in a state where they can’t afford to drive, so maybe they have too much and don’t feel cherish it. Then talk about the benefits of making a million a year 1. From a material point of view, the basic needs can be met. Imported supermarkets basically do not look at the price of food and drink. You can buy as many cherries as you want, and you can basically afford it for meals below 2,000 yuan. It doesn’t feel too much, it feels more casual to play a mobile game for three or four thousand. If the wife wants to buy a bag, as long as it is not more than 30,000 yuan, one can buy one a year. I think many of these are the dreams of many people. 2. In terms of life, I asked a full-time aunt to do housework to help bring the baby. The wife is free to choose whether to go to work or not. Both parents do not need to pay any effort for the third generation. If you want to meet, come and play, usually you don’t need to bring it, and you don’t have to worry about going to school. . The children are going to nursery school this year, the private nursery school near home + kindergarten, 18000 a month, fortunately, I don’t need to make up classes outside. The kindergarten starts to have school buses and does not need to pick up and drop off. The mother-in-law’s double school district manages the best elementary schools and In junior high school, I feel that as long as there is not much change in the education path, that’s basically it. Every year during the New Year, I will take my parents, wives and children to a foreign country. The single consumption is about 100,000, mainly because of the high requirements of the hotel. Generally, if you book a villa or two, it will cost about 8,000 a night, and it will cost 40,000 for five days at a time. , Others depend on airfare and food and drink. A meal is basically 2-3000 when going out for a trip. Food in hotels is generally expensive. 3. Psychologically, whether in the same age or in the company or industry, a representative with a good income will get more sense of superiority. Of course, there are incomes and some from work. This sense of superiority will make oneself Be more confident and not dauntless. Another thing is that when you have a certain amount of money, you will not “envy” others for a little thing. For example, if someone drives a Mercedes-Benz, I will think, oh, actually I can afford it, but I don’t want to buy it. Problem: The same is true for a new iPhone. If you want to change it, you can change it at any time, but the current 10xsmax is also very good, not necessary. This peace of mind has greatly eased the comparison anxiety that many people have now. There is not so much “obsession”, I think this will also make people live a little happier. 4. In the future, calmly speaking, one million a year is not difficult, and it is difficult to reach one million every year. Now it has been achieved for almost three years in a row. I hope that it will be stable for five years. Now there are more than two million in deposits. You can earn 20,000-300,000 extra income in a good year of financial management, plus the income in the next five years, and expect to “retire” at the age of 40. Retirement here means finding a job that you like and leisurely, and pursuing your own hobby. On the whole, I think the feeling of earning one million a year is actually “freedom”. The freedom of choice. Although work is very tiring and busy, the mentality and life, including giving family members more freedom, whether it is a wife who wants to go to work or not The freedom of parents, or the freedom of parents not to raise the third generation, I think these are better than anything else.

6 months ago

I have been very busy recently. The unfinished TOD project I have been working on for two years has just been turned over. I have negotiated a breakup with my old owner. I have also changed to a new platform, a new city and new challenges. It is expected that I will be busy in the next year. , Pick a few comments/private messages that are the least friendly, and talk about it, what to say. 1 Several Xiongtai people questioned the experience of fraud, especially those who questioned the experience of state-owned enterprises, because they did not understand the state-owned enterprises. A Tier 4 company, to put it bluntly, is not regarded as a direct state-owned enterprise. It is a project site if it is abolished. It is a company when it is completed. It is especially obvious that our line of success is heroic. Although luck has always been very important, hard work and academic qualifications have played a role. Beyond the role of ordinary people. 2 There are several big brothers who questioned the fraudulent income, please post a picture without explaining. Including severance compensation, other income is the same as one year ago. 3. There are dozens of messages and other personal hobbies, should you report and report, should fold and fold, is there a problem with men who like science and technology? The annual salary of a million to drive a Tesla is very low and fake? It is 2102, and the car is a tool. Can this be labeled? When I commute to the project site 90 kilometers back and forth, I charge it once a week and plug it in for a few seconds to solve the problem. I feel that the sense of technology is overwhelming and I like his door and the assisted driving allows me to answer all the calls to reduce the workload. Isn’t it good? Must Mercedes be worth a million? I really don’t have time to go shopping and choose a car. It’s not bad to drive the x5, but I like the Tesla model, and it’s tens of thousands of kilometers. It’s easy to drive, worry-free, and maintain 4s. It’s not a car. Don’t people need such a tool? If you have to say low, then you win. By the way, let me tell you something that is even more low. When Y went on the market, I felt fragrant and bought a car, hiahia. In fact, this reflects the solidification of a large number of keyboard men’s understanding of the lifestyles of different classes. Not all people with millions of income are BBA, even if they are. In an industry like ours that deals with land, executives are very receptive to new things. I observe that people with higher incomes don’t care about the brand, but only care about convenience and safety. Time is money. I went back to the Shanghai headquarters last week for the handover of work. There are already 12 charging stations underneath. Think about the old guys in the headquarters are quite trendy. So, don’t use your own guesses to judge the facts, don’t spray people because of different opinions, let alone the keyboard man carnival. 4 Many people asked me whether it was worth it and mentioned my route choice for reference. I’m sorry, I can’t give any suggestions. Even if I look back now, I feel that every step is full of luck. There are no assumptions in life, everyone Come on, bye bye. On a business trip, count as a record. 27-year-old T University graduated with a master’s degree and joined a central enterprise in a monopoly industry. Thanks to T University, it was really the provincial government’s key departments at the time that the selection and adjustment of central enterprises were arbitrary. Some students had more than 30 central enterprise offers…choose quasi-monopoly central enterprises. It’s a normal way of thinking for a small town with no background and no backstage to be an instructor. 27-29 Crazy hard work, crazy business trip, crazy output. Basic dormitory-unit 2 points and 1 line, all kinds of learning, all kinds of mines, all kinds of solutions, central enterprises are as deep as the sea, except for the big and big, all are backstage parties, they can only work hard, and I don’t know where the future is, the imperial capital , Can’t afford a house, with a monthly salary of about 1.2, relying on overseas subsidies and benefits, with an annual income of about 20-25, get it. 29 Crazy output, work ability recognized by the leader, overwhelmed by the project, surrounded by thousands of people, overwhelmed by the project development almost failed 20 million dollars, can not put the final fate, did not give up to find the picker, won the group May 1st labor award , Chaoge promoted the vice president of the four-level start-up subsidiary. 30 luck, the project was successfully developed. The former and current bosses who had not received the particles for 4 years after the establishment of the four-level subsidiary had evacuated one after another, and presided over the work as the vice president. Fortunately, by chance, the project landed on hand, with a total investment of 9 billion+. With an annual income of 35, the group’s youngest three-tier company head. 31 was forced to leave. After the project landed, the back-end parties descended in succession. On the grounds of reasonable management and control of the project, their cronies retired from all sorts of authority. 32-transfer platform private enterprise, vice president of the subsidiary, presided over the work. Four items, tired into a dog. Jump on the platform and start selling your own resources again. The annual income after tax is 90, and the total investment in control projects exceeds 20 billion. 33-35 Various accidents occurred in the project, the various resources of private enterprises were inadequate, and the people were unworthy. They were fighting the fire every day, exhausted, and the body called the police. Two projects were successfully put into production. They were upgraded to the top leader of the subsidiary. The annual salary is 120 after tax + year-end year. Both are 100-200. 36 Take a break and prepare to change platforms. Thank you for your 20-year-old struggle and this era.

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I am a farm child in a remote mountainous area of ​​Jiangsu, from a poor family, and working hard to study to become a schoolmaster in a small pond. After graduating from a good major from a good school, I started working in the late 1990s. The first time my annual income exceeded one million was about 2008. It’s about 300 points before tax, but it’s almost at the end of his career. Preliminary results: My small family has three houses in the first-line core area, and the other has one villa. I helped my parents, younger siblings, wife and siblings to buy 6 houses in the front line (all belong to them) and set up a home here. They have no chance to go to university because of their family circumstances. And work hard to repay some hometowns. I worked hard for the first 10 years and worked hard to do everything well. After working for 3 years, I started to lead a small team, and then worked with the team at home and abroad. A little experience: 1. Kazuo Inamori’s “Dry Method” inspired me very much. The result of work is the product of ability, attitude, and method. But then I realized that loyalty is the foundation and the most important thing. 2. Adversity is not a desperate situation. Never admit defeat, just survive it. 3. Continue to learn. Every challenge is an opportunity to improve yourself. Once you get it done, your ability will rise a little. 4. When you meet someone who appreciates you, you must work hard to repay you, and don’t let others down. 5. Be kind to family, friends, and team members from the bottom of your heart, and don’t ask for anything in return. 6. Treat the team fairly and take the lead. 7. The platform determines how high you can stand, and strive to determine how far you can go. 8. Seize the opportunity given by the times, the post-70s and 80s generation is really the opportunity given by the times, lucky. Every generation has a certain percentage of successful people. Different ages have different percentages. People will always have 2-3 big opportunities in their lives. When they come, we must grasp the lesson: insufficient emotional intelligence. This is a common problem among rural children. The emotional intelligence I’m talking about is not the superficial kind, but the kind that knows how to reciprocate, knows to be grateful, and don’t mix intentionally or unintentionally. Don’t swell, don’t be proud, keep a low profile and humble, know how to give others face, take care of others’ dignity, and speak through your head. I once made a small grade, thinking that I was really strong and proud, and my attitude, behavior, and language were all deviated, because this was affected by various influences. Controlling emotions, especially those with a team, is especially important. Dare to challenge your subordinates and manage your boss methodically, but once you are sure, don’t repeat it. You will never be a leader. Put yourself down a little bit. Don’t take too much of your own face. A man must be able to bend and stretch, and he can withstand grievances. It may be imaginary, but it’s all true. 20210106 Editor I liked literature when I was very young. Facing the cold reality of poverty, the various worlds in the book brought me a lot of warmth, such as the Catcher in the Rye, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Dickens, Tolstoy, Lu Xun, A Cheng, Jia Pingwa, Chen Zhongshi, Ge Fei, Ma Yuan, Su Tong. . . Therefore, after I have some ability, I also try to give others a little warmth in reality, even though I often face various challenges and the unbearableness of real life. Our family’s feelings are also deep, and the poverty of material life makes each other more supportive. When I was in high school, there was no socks to wear when I went to school in a winter morning. My brother gave me his socks in the morning and went to school barefoot. It was also because I was in high school. Although he had excellent grades, he missed the high school and university because his family could not support him. This kind of feeling makes it hard for me to control myself every time I think about it. To give them a little in return, it is hard to repay the brotherhood.

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My salary for the past two years has been over one hundred per year. I don’t pretend to be a Versailles, and tell me my true feelings. 1. What is the consumption level of an annual salary of one million? Daily expenses are definitely enough, and life is definitely better than when I just graduated with a low salary. In my daily life, I don’t care much about expenses. For example, buying things in the supermarket, buying fruits you want to eat, going out to eat in restaurants, taking a taxi to call a gift orange car, buying ordinary clothes and shoes, these consumptions are definitely no problem, and you don’t care about the price. But the consumption level is actually not too high, especially for people like me, who are not too strong. Because we have to repay the mortgage and increase our savings to create asset income. To be honest, many beautiful girls whose income is much lower than me are actually much more expensive than me. I actually can’t afford luxury goods. 2. What is the approximate level of the annual salary of one million? If you are in Hangzhou, you probably beat the workers on the head. But to put it bluntly, hitting the worker on the head is still hitting the worker. This income does not cross the class, and there is no qualitative leap. Unless I can stabilize this income for many years, and then accumulate the deposits, raise the asset-side income, and stabilize the rate of return, but this is actually difficult, and it is easy to roll over. If I step in the pit, I will return to liberation. before. 3. How to achieve an annual salary of one million? To be honest, luck accounts for at least 70%. You have to enter an industry that is in the air, and be in a competitive company in this industry, and then meet a leader who gives you a chance. Without this prerequisite, it would be difficult for young workers to achieve this income. So failing to reach it is not that you are not good enough, it is just that your luck is not so good. So looking at those chicken soup texts, they are actually useless. 4. Will you be anxious? definitely will. The main reason is that there is no real idea about how long the high salary income can last. Generally, people with an annual salary of more than one million have great uncertainty in their salary income. It is not like civil servants who can ensure such a high income every year. If my income is as stable as a civil servant, my spending power can increase by at least two levels. But this is impossible. Young people get this kind of income, often because of the industry in the wind. To put it bluntly, even companies themselves don’t know how long they can stay in the business cycle. Once the company leaves the bonus period, the wages of its workers are expected to drop sharply. 5. What is the biggest role? The biggest effect is actually confidence and hope. In fact, you said that the annual salary of one million, or the unstable annual salary of one million, can really be more than the annual salary of more than 500,000. Does it bring any qualitative change? The biggest improvement is actually confidence. Things that were difficult before, and things that were per capita, can be done by myself. This increase in confidence is very precious. In addition, with the increase in deposits, hope has also been seen. I feel that in the future, I can really raise the asset income through the increase in deposits. I don’t know others, but for me, the core question is actually this: can we use the opportunities brought by luck to build certain barriers and raise asset returns. It will not be possible to swim naked on the beach after low tide in the future. If I don’t earn one million a year, but collect the rent and earn one million a year, my degree of freedom can increase by 5 times.

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Coordinates Hangzhou “Fubao Factory”, officially 30 years old this year, with a small team, probably more than one million after tax two or three years ago. In fact, I was a little looking forward to the moment when I broke through the annual salary of one million, but then I found that life was still going on without much change. For daily expenses, you don’t need to worry about the price when you visit a supermarket, you just put it directly into the shopping cart. Sometimes you don’t know how much you will pay for the final bill, or it may be that Alipay is too convenient. Occasionally buying electronic products, occasionally buying skin care products for my wife, do not pay much attention to price. However, although it is relatively free, the programmer’s daily expenses are actually not large, 996 every day, I really don’t have much energy to go shopping, and occasionally order barbecue milk tea on Saturdays and weekends, and my wife will say it is unhealthy. 2. The family assets were lucky and rushed to buy a small apartment with a mortgage before the price increase in 16 years. Last year, they made a profit of one or two million. Plus the money saved afterwards, they bit their teeth and bought a so-called luxury house. Currently, every month The loan repayment is tens of thousands, and the pressure is still quite large. The car was bought not long after graduation, and there is not much money to change for a car that is less than 17w. Excluding these major items, there is only a little stock left in his hand and a deposit of more than 100,000 yuan. The risk is still high. 3. The family’s annual salary of one million is basically in exchange for life. It is common to get off work at more than 11 o’clock every day. The pressure on Double Eleven is also very high. Even with the grievances sometimes brought home, I always feel sorry for my wife. All silently support me behind my back. The baby was born last year. I was ashamed. When I went out in the morning, the baby was still asleep. When I went home at night, the baby was already asleep. Only on weekends can I have a little time to spend time with him. But the money must continue to be earned, otherwise the children’s education will also cost money in the future. 4. I went to the hospital for a check up last year. I was judged to be moderately depressed. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. I thought about work every day. Sometimes I smashed the wall with my hands. It made my family worry about me or not. Be a husband and father. However, this year is a little bit more open, and it is mainly because the wife is better and has been patiently enlightening, thinking about all these years, she has made a lot of money, but it hasn’t made her too happy. Taking advantage of the 4th wedding anniversary this year, I prepared a long time in advance to give her a surprise. 5. I don’t know what the future will look like, but I increasingly feel that my family is the most important and my body is the most important. It may also be because when I was 30 years old, I really couldn’t fight, and I slowly wanted to return to the family. I hope that in the future, I will take more time to take my wife and children out and take more exercises. I hope I can be happy. Finally, I want to say: In fact, when I came out of the countryside, I started to envy the annual salary of one million when the annual salary was 100,000. After the one million, I began to envy the surrounding annual salary of 3 million. After the annual salary of 3 million, it is estimated that I would envy the surrounding financial freedom people. People’s desires are endless, right? The principle of contentment is simple, but most people can’t do it. In fact, the happiest time when you just graduated with an annual salary of 100,000 yuan is the happiest time. Although the money is getting more and more, the pressure of life is getting more and more. The education of mortgage and car loan children has more and more things to consider. The energy is getting worse and worse, and people feel more and more powerless in middle age. Maybe this is the so-called mid-life crisis.

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The current annual salary of one million is very different from the annual salary of one million in 2008. In 2008, Hong Kong investment banks could easily earn one million dollars a year, and maybe one million Hong Kong dollars just graduated. At that time, the Hong Kong dollar was quite big. A house in Zhujiang New Town may only cost 15 thousand per square meter package, and less than 2 million yuan for a 136-square-meter three-bedroom house. At that time, one could buy a set in two years with an annual salary of one million. Including living expenses, a set of 3 years is definitely ok. Today, in 2021, the same house may be 11 million or even higher. Recently it has risen and the listing price has increased, but there may not be a transaction. Maybe 12 million will be sold. It has increased by 5 or 6 times in 13 years. So today’s annual salary is one million, and it will take 12 years to buy it without food or drink. It may take 15 years or more if you include food and drink and save money. Therefore, the current annual salary of one million is at best the level of ordinary house slaves. If you want to have the arrogance of a salary of one million in 2008, and now you have an annual salary of 5 million, Ali P9 can’t cover it, and it is estimated to be P10, or even higher. Because Ali’s tax is high, I calculate it after tax, and I get Ali P11. It is estimated that Jia Yangqing is the only one. Therefore, it is necessary to have Ali P11 today to have the standard of living of ordinary graduates in Hong Kong in 2008. Therefore, in many cases, making money cannot only rely on wages, but also on investment. If you buy a house in 2008, you will have 5 or 6 times your income after going to bed, and you will have a net profit of 10 million. There will be an average annual income of several hundred thousand. The Chinese property market has been leading the stock market, and there are not many stocks that can rise 5 times in 13 years. Of course, there are many people with an annual salary of tens of millions today. For example, recently public fund managers are relatively popular, even hundreds of millions. In fact, there will be some reds every few years. Does anyone remember Wang Yawei from the past few years? Sometimes, the high-paying income of such part-time workers is also difficult to last. If the annual salary is millions of millions but only lasts for one or two years and then disappears, then this kind of annual salary of millions is of little significance. People’s ideal is to be perfect in all aspects, such as the annual salary of several million, the work is not tired, the duration is long, and there is no risk of unemployment. In reality, there may not be such good things. In many cases, the opportunity to make big money is fleeting. For example, in the stock market crash in 2015, stock index futures were extremely crazy. At that time, futures were easy to make money. One day was able to make money. One day later, they lost millions or even tens of millions. They were completely blocked in August and September, and there was no chance. , But did not know before. If you hesitate to wait for a month or two before, your life will be very different. Later digital currencies were similar. In 2016 and 2017, they rose wildly, with a rhythm of 10 times a year. If they caught up at that time, life would be different. 2019-2021 is similar, and it is also 10 times the rhythm. Some people say that these incomes are not stable, and it takes one million a year to be stable. But in fact, people give you millions and tens of millions a year, and you pay them every year because they make more money than this amount every year. But every industry has fluctuations, cycles, ebbs and flows. For example, if you are doing Bitcoin, your boss will be able to pay millions of dollars in annual salary 10 times a year, but if it is a big bear market in 2018, it would be nice not to lay off employees. Recruitment work is often similar to buying options and paying a fixed salary every month. If there is a result, the boss will take the big head, and the bonus will be freely given. Therefore, the worker generally should not expect too much of the bonus; but if it has not been As a result, the boss may stop losses, which means layoffs. Therefore, playing a worker is similar to selling options, always selling and collecting money until one day the risk erupts, and you lose your job, and you have no loss on your account. After all, unemployment has a great negative impact on your mood and future development. These discounts It can also be regarded as a relatively large loss. It can be seen that the boss’s losses are limited and measurable, and the benefits are unlimited. For example, if you suddenly work out a big invention, the boss will pay; but the benefits of working as a worker are very limited, that is, ordinary wages. If you have a big invention, you can’t make a fortune yourself. The boss is just getting rich; but once you lose your job, you will suffer great losses from beating workers, including loss of income and mentality. To sum up, today’s annual salary of one million is not high. It is just an ordinary house slave. One child can be given, but a second child will return to poverty. If you imagine the annual income of one million in 2008, you will now get 5 million after tax and 10 million before tax. Level, this is enough for the chairman, president of a large brokerage firm, or vice president of Ali. In many cases, the high income of workers may not be safe. The CEOs of large companies in the United States often change once a year. Most of the company’s stocks are falling. What is the use of keeping your CEO? Therefore, in terms of pursuing the balance of income, life, risk and other aspects, diversified income may be the right way.

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Why are they all anonymous users? Let me answer with my real name. In 1996, the current annual salary is about 90w after tax, and it meets the subject criteria before tax. One of the sources of income is my own job, state-owned enterprise employees, basic salary + transportation subsidy + communication subsidy + various benefits + year-end bonus about 15w per year, weekends, rarely overtime, so I have a lot of time to do side jobs. The side job is writing manuscripts. Zhihu, Douban, Weibo, and the official account all operate different self-media accounts, and the account of Zhihu is “Tian Cola”. Weibo is a completely different style. As a parent-child pet, I usually send photos and short videos of cute children, cats and dogs. The Douban account focuses on writing film reviews, writing reviews for new and popular movies, each with about 2k words, and also writes some aggregated old movie recommendations. As for the public account, it’s similar to Zhihu. I don’t have enough energy to write emotional stories. I found two other friends to write it together, so sometimes readers will complain about “how is the style of this issue so different?” The four platforms all receive promotion in different fields, except for the share to the common operator, which is almost 90w in my hands. Happy? Very happy. At present, I have relied on these incomes to buy houses and cars, and I have also paid more than 100,000 yuan to my parents to improve their lives. My mother has never bought lv before, and now I have four in my family. You ask me if I am tired, of course I am tired. After all, all of the above content was compiled by me word by word.

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Answer The main coordinate is Shanghai. In 2020, the personal income is close to 150w, non-IT non-financial, relatively clean R&D department. It can also be regarded as the leading company in the tuyere industry. Both husband and wife graduated from 985 and 211, and the wife is about 50w. I haven’t asked her income in detail, and basically never touched her money, but she doesn’t like spending money very much. I guess she already has financial management, and her risk appetite is also Very low, certainly will not touch stocks and p2p. This is the basic situation. Work, industry dividends certainly don’t say, career planning and self-diligence support. Then luckily, I made a bet on several major intersections. Worked for 12 years, starting from Xiaobai with a monthly salary of 2400. The only goal is to try hard to get into the top companies, and then the industry has emerged. While everyone did not react, they bet on a small company and got the annual equity incentives. It’s a bet. The unit is relatively result-oriented. After a few years, on average, I don’t work much overtime, but the rhythm is still very fast when things happen. There is a maximum of 996 in one month of the year, and the normal 5-day flexible working system at other times. Occasionally, I can work from home. Family, a child just went to kindergarten. The four elderly people in the family are all laid-off workers and all have retired. Therefore, our husband and wife’s original family background is relatively average, but fortunately, the elderly are self-sufficient and have no rear pressure. For housing and transportation, there are two suites that are repaying loans, both in Central, a flat on the front beach, and a school district room for children to study. The monthly cash repayment is about 2.5w, and the whole year is 30w. There is an A6 all road, because I won the license plate the first time I took it, and it was a bit turbulent, and the car was expensive. The car does not have a loan and is relatively new. It only drives when I take my family out on weekends. The subway is mainly used for work. There is a shuttle bus for my wife’s work. The annual cost of the car is about 3w. Family expenses, the child went to a bilingual kindergarten, 1w a month, about 10w a year, reported roller skating and swimming, etc., about 3w a year. The daily expenditure is about 1.5w. In addition, I enter a cigar pit with 5k more per month. The clothes are mainly Taobao and sports brands, but the children change a lot because of the long length. Three people are less than 3w a year. Traveling because of the epidemic, children cannot go out of Shanghai. Basically, it is a city park. There is also Disney’s annual card, which can be combined in daily life. There are still some friendships, 40w a year. In general, the annual expenditure is less than 80w. Basically, my wife and I each have the same amount of deposits. Only when buying a car and buying a house will be combined. In terms of mentality, there are a lot of friends, but everyone has reached the age of having children, and there are not many opportunities to get together, and I don’t like playing that much anymore. I like a little quiet hobby. I raised some flowers and plants before I had a child, and then died without taking care of them. I also want to talk about replacing my current house with a villa, just because I don’t have time to take care of the garden. This is a point of interest, so I always want to do it myself. I also want to take a long vacation occasionally to get out of the current rhythm of life, to see the movie theaters and shopping malls on weekdays, to play single-player Warcraft and Heroes, and to watch some old movies. I feel that since my parents were laid off, I have never dared to be willful anymore, and occasionally I want to quit my job and choose a new life, which is completely willful. This again involves how to face my own desires. From the old and small suburban I bought, to a big house and a school district house, I also considered how to grow up for a few more years and change to a big house. A 911. Stop and look at the ones that are already there. It seems to be beyond the boundaries of what I imagined when I was studying, but it seems that I can’t stop. Is it my current confusion?

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40+, female, imperial capital, top 500 company, middle-level, pre-tax 100+90s college students, 211 popular majors graduated, the family hopes to find a stable job quickly, did not study abroad, did not go to graduate school, and went to work panic. When I first started working, there was a small staff member, the lowest level, no background, no troubles, and the hardest and most tiring work, which lasted for five years. During this period, I have been studying. I took the TOEFL test and my family was unwilling to let it out. I studied in graduate school. Later I published several professional papers and won several provincial and ministerial awards. With this foundation, I haven’t studied again after 30. . Later, the grass-roots and middle-level people worked all the way, and it was always very hard, but it was also quite fulfilling. One line at two o’clock every day, busy with work and family. It is the core backbone of the enterprise, with a lot of work and complicated situations, but the handling is relatively proper, and the boss has always recognized it. The family is also good. There are old and young, and the old and the young are not inferior to their peers. They are all hardworking and conscientious. The family’s financial situation is relatively well-off, and the income of the spouse is higher than mine. He is also the backbone of the enterprise. The two started from nothing. With the gradual increase in wage income and reasonable investment, they have several sets of houses and financial assets with interest enough for the family’s annual expenses. I think I am more satisfied with my heart: the first is that the pressure in my heart is less. The family’s economic foundation is relatively solid, and they are not worried about unemployment, family illness, children’s education expenditures, etc., so doing things will not feel that they are supporting the family, and there is no psychological pressure to move forward under the weight. It is possible to be wronged in the workplace, but when you encounter it, tell yourself: It’s a big deal, what else can I do if I resign. When a couple quarrels anxiously, they will also shout: It’s not a big deal, and it’s okay to support yourself and your family. Although I didn’t quit, it was impossible to leave, but knowing that there was a way to retreat, it made it easier. The second is that the ability to withstand pressure is relatively strong. In middle age, people have rich social experience and a strong ability to deal with complex problems (Zihe, Biha when he was young), can realize that life is unsatisfactory, and whenever he encounters a problem, the first thing he thinks is How to resolve and reduce losses, as well as subsequent reflections and corrections, will not blame others. The third is more magnanimous. There is profit temptation in the workplace, and there is room for gray and black income. I think that the Three Views are very right, material desires are very low, and principles are strong. I have never touched these thoughts or touched the red line. I belong to people who don’t know how to use the right to fish for themselves, but they have a clear conscience and sleep well every day. . I am very grateful for my current state. I have my own efforts and luck. Of course, there are a lot of bad things, and there have been many things, including the deteriorating health of the elderly, the lack of education for children, the signs of the health of themselves and their loved ones, and the ceiling of the workplace, but I believe that I can deal with it. Isn’t this life? We use our body and mind to taste, to taste the crying and laughing, bitterness and sweetness, sweat and tears along the way, I enjoy my life!

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