There is one thing to say, SN’s strength itself is far better than LNG; LNG can enter the playoffs, first of all thanks to the change in the playoff system. SN’s regular season rankings are actually quite deceptive. It’s quite possible for the old eight SN to “black eight miracle”. It is not easy to compete for the championship, but according to the configuration of SN, they should lean towards the top six in the regular season. Even more concrete, WE and FPX may not be able to play. SN. It’s not because of SN’s slow heat, it’s really because it takes a certain amount of time to adapt to the replacement of personnel. A player like ON did not play very well when he debuted. At that time, SN lost the game and the whole net was saying, Snake No, SN dropped a few grades. Actually not. Snakes are important, but they are not irreplaceable, and the staffing of SN is still very strong. Angel, Bin, and Sofm are the upper midfielders. They are absolutely top-notch in LPL. They are not inferior to RNG, EDG, etc. Huanfeng also maintains an excellent competitive state. ON is indeed a shortcoming compared to strong teams, but ON It’s not so unbearable. SN mainly started to get stuck in the version adaptability. In addition, Bin prefers warrior heroes. Thain tanks basically don’t play. The SN tactics selection is relatively small, and the regular season rankings are low. The SN regular season rankings are too deceptive, and the reference point is actually not big. Let alone LNG, IG is almost the same. Even I think RA and WE are not necessarily good for SN. In addition, regarding LNG, your BP I can only say that your BP is very effective. I have not seen such a pure platoon lineup for many years. The top laner Kalmar, the mid laner Lulu, in the end, is the mikuya and the icon so unbearable to build it. The system, the icon level is indeed declining now, so I can’t be afraid to play with young people…I was not up to expectations for Tarzan’s performance this season, and I was very dissatisfied. Throughout the regular season and this Bo5, Tarzan’s tactical status has been placed at the highest level, and the icon almost appears as a jungler support. In this case, the jungler has no effect, and the jungler itself has to carry a large part of the pot. It’s not like what some people say, they are all iconic, they are inferior to the line handle, and how to play in the wild; LNG is the idea of ​​putting the line to protect the jungle. Mikuya basically resists pressure every day, and the mid-lane is basically Functionality, bottling light, assisting in walking and supporting the jungle-of course, this Bo5’s laning disadvantage is completely backed by BP, and it is not known whether it is Martin or the BP made by the Korean coach. BP is a disadvantage when it comes out. It’s hard to tell in one word… Mo Sheng SybeFinn, AKA Syber, “but blow the Sheng to Mo Shang”, SybeFinn is adapted from the real name as a suffix to distinguish them. Being active in all fields, embracing every interesting soul, attacking the vulgarity in my eyes, including myself…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Now in the second game, SN has a big advantage. It’s hi, it is estimated that it will end 3:0. This is the data from both sides before the game. It is not surprising to see the result now. Suning cooperates better than the regular season and has more bps. And LNG feels that in addition to the jungle and bottom lanes are better, the top and middle are almost the same. The communication and running-in between the jungler and his teammates still seems to need to be strengthened. And LNG can enter the playoffs thanks to the competition system and the countdown team. Their strength can’t support them to go on

6 months ago

Let IG see what it means to be clean. If you lose, you will lose 0-3 and 5. The ECG is called engaging mentality. LNG: Hold for 20 minutes, even if it succeeds. Another thing is that the official will really make a living. Let M1kuya watch M1kuya play the game and M1kuya watch M1kuya get caught Hit hard and the third M1kuya is obviously anxious. Guess which M1kuya is anxious? The audience pointed to IG: Never work overtime? Could it be…? SN: That’s right, it’s down.

6 months ago

As expected. The lineup chosen by LNG is really hard to describe. The second one came with top laner Kalmar, jungler Olaf, mid laner otto, ad Verus, and assisted Lo. Classic four guarantees one. What age is this, and I still play four guarantees and one. Covering the team logo, I almost thought it was a dream back to the rng of 18-19. I chose a shield-and-shield combination of ghost routines, but it turned out that I couldn’t match the line, and couldn’t beat the team. The top laner Kalmar was beaten by Gnar. Angel’s old man chased Otto and slashed, and almost went over the tower to kill. Verus Pedro also matched Jinx and Tam. There was no output in the early lineup, and all members scraped. There was barely output in the later stage, but the ad was targeted and could not be hit. Except for a wave of cooperation in the high ground, the shield and shield combination uses Lulu and Kalmar’s shields to exert effects, but the rest is hard to explain. But the only good wave of this fight was just the resurrection of the old man to Gnar. The dragon couldn’t fight, couldn’t fight for anything, and died completely chronically. Several famous scenes were played in one game. The most important thing in the pre-show for the deadly fellow, not deadly, Abin Highland Tower, is to guarantee four guarantees and one Verus. Samila, Ka’Sa, Xia and other powerful and self-protection ads are not banned. No matter how small the guns are headed, the big core will have output and displacement in the later stage. If you don’t choose it, you must choose Verus. Is it because Verus is good against Jinx? It was because Velus worked well with Lulu. Or Verus has control over his ultimate move and can start the team first. Before the LNG mid laner, he played czar, clockwork, and Galio. But this playoffs will take out Lulu, Kalmar? Can’t explain it. However, LNG was blocked by SN 0 during the regular season, and it is normal to fail.

6 months ago

The LPL playoffs officially start tomorrow! To be honest, this expansion to 10 teams doesn’t really make any sense except for letting us watch two more bo5s. And fortunately, I couldn’t make it to the top 10 without pulling my hips. Otherwise, few people watched the game last two days, except for Light Jinx’s remnant blood flashing the only highlight, and the other players were really speechless. Sn is getting better and better. I am really optimistic about Angle. I may become the next mid-single player. He is more humble. I am optimistic about him becoming a star player.

6 months ago

ig should be thankful that the opponent in the playoffs is not sn, otherwise the result will not be much better than lng. There is nothing to discuss in these three games. With the huge gap in personal strength, coupled with the ability of sn to break through the sky, it is impossible to win by playing 100 lng. The sn three games didn’t even use their full strength, because a team with a strong top laner must have an advantage in the red side. Both sn and jdg are slow-heating teams. At the beginning of the season, sn has always been superstitious about the late-stage lineup. In addition, the fans have been very active in the regular season, so the results are not good. Other teams in the playoffs have to be careful when they play sn. ig fans say that a string of six is a lie to themselves, don’t be sniffed.

6 months ago

Pre-match predictions should also be the same score. LNG is the weakest team in the playoffs and must not be competitive. Even if you go to various postseason team analysis bloggers, they are rarely willing to mention LNG. This team is not only popular. Low, the strength does not pose a threat to the other nine teams. If yesterday’s RA and IG were inferior, then today is the snippet and LNG trying their best. The gap is really big. What LNG might think at the beginning of the season is to rely on super wild kings to play wild cores. In addition, the rookies performed well on the road, and the bottom road is very cost-effective. At the beginning of the game, they entered the T1 ranks. With the version change, the players are not hard enough and the team play is not good. The flexibility can only be mixed with the blood of the downstream teams. In my mind, LNG should be a special grade outside of the playoffs with V5 and BLG. The other nine teams can be considered as playoffs. SN performed very well today, but there is a suspicion of abuse of food. What is worthy of surprise is the strength of sofm. The team may have the opportunity to challenge the current top four. SN’s performance in the regular season should be similar to IG, at the edge of the playoffs. After this battle, it may go further. The next SN game is WE. The two teams are very close in strength. The top laners are all good at fighters, but the meat tanks are not good. The WE at the end of the regular season focuses on one after another. The shortcomings in the middle are especially obvious, so that the upper limit of the entire team will not be very high. , SN’s bottom lane is actually not worse than WE, personally optimistic about SN wins.

6 months ago

With the mist falling, Huang Guangliang and Liao Dingyang hurriedly withdrew towards their own camp. “How could this be?” Liao Dingyang’s face was full of confusion. The paper strength in their Qiji gang camp is not bad. The middle road is Xie Tianyu, the commander-level figure of the original Dark Legion, and the wild area is even more so. “Taishan” Li Chengyong was once the general of the Griffin Gate of Wuzong in Goryeo. Park Daoxian, the “Golden Snake Sword Head” who went out with him, has just won the first prize of Chinese Wuzong’s spring martial arts, and the limelight is no different for a while. However, in the first round of this battle, he faced the Lions Chamber of Commerce and was beaten in straight sets. By now, it was a matter of life and death. Huang Guangliang by his side didn’t say a word. The strength of the whole team tried to keep his performance in the last round. As a result, the fish bones in the left hand and the spear in the right hand of the “Bihai Sword Head” on the opposite side shattered the entire Qiji Gang to pieces. Huang Guangliang bit his silver teeth into pieces, and his fingernails penetrated deeply into the skin. “Damn horseshoes…” Horseshoes? The half-human tall grass in the wild area was separated, and the huge war sickle rushed over with the ghost fire. “Hanoi Raiders” Li Guangwei! Huang Guangliang and Liao Dingyang suddenly felt their scalp numb, which is similar to a horse hoof summoned by the god of death stepping on their hearts. “Don’t be afraid.” Li Chengyong was entangled by lightning storms, Xie Tianyu’s wrists broke the chain and flew, and the middle and wild duo galloped to rescue. Li Guangwei charged too much and could easily be defeated by fire. It’s just that no one paid attention to the eye stone Li Guangwei left on the ground and the smile under his glasses. The beam of light penetrates the sky and the earth, and the void energy is like a sea tide, stepping out in one step. Liao Dingyang’s firm will was completely crushed and he fell to the ground. The blade of the void swept across, and Huang Guangliang flew into the air with a head of six suns. The emptiness of the ball bombarded, Li Chengyong’s whole body storm and thunder fell into silence. Energy pulses radiated, and Xie Tianyu’s chain of wrists broke every inch, and he couldn’t even use his signature unique skills. Xiang Tao slashed four people in succession, and the empty energy in his hand crushed the Qiji gang’s big gang into powder, and high-five with Li Guangwei beside him. The Lion Sect is going to the next level, and the opponent is the Red Army. SN 3:0 LNG

6 months ago

At the level of lpl, only 8 teams and 10 teams are needed for the current playoffs. It’s too silly. Lng, a team that is obviously one-level inferior in strength, is a waste of time and electricity. 8 teams are actually pretty good. Look, it’s basically 9 vs. 8, and it’s still a bit competitive. 10 teams means that these nine teams have no pressure in the regular season. Even if xjbd, there is a high probability that they can make the playoffs in the end. So, there is nothing to evaluate in this game. The only thing I can feel is that the enhanced Xin Zhao is too fierce. Standing at 6 birds can hit red, standing at red can hit the stone man, and then ignore the terrain. Suddenly, cd is still short. Is there a Wang Fa? Is there still a law? I expect Xin Zhao will be the t0 jungler in this year’s playoffs, and each team can practice.

6 months ago

LNG was hoisted and hit three. It is a matter of course. This season, 17 teams, 10 playoff places and 5 bottom teams are already notorious stinky fish. In other words, 12 scored 10 points. The difference in the strength of the method is really too big. If it was the game between RA and IG the day before, both sides had a chance, then this is a pure SN9, LNG1, especially LNG also played four guarantees a few years ago. The tactical system is still a light emperor. Although it looks okay, but you can’t expect too much from him. I guess SN can still win WE. As for JDG, it’s really hard to say in the upper half. FPX still has a high probability of winning. RA’s, unless I start to get sick again, can the game look better? A boring game, I don’t even bother to order takeaway at night. Yesterday I saw the second one and went to bed and fell asleep……… .

6 months ago

I don’t think there is much to say…For a team like Suning, you either rely on your personal abilities positively, or play with your brains better than him in team decision-making. But what do you mean by picking Lulu Kalma? After hitting the back, Jinx was hanging on time to make a big move over the second tower to kill… There was no one to fight back, I was really confused. Also, although the icon is in a normal state, can the Tsar Clockwork Zoe be taken out? I really didn’t understand the direct support of the two games today. I am a player from the side line. You let him take Kalma Lulu to face the opponent. Isn’t this attacking the strength of his own? Then there is the bp strategy. The second one will choose the top laner to be pushed, and the mid laner will be pushed. The two lanes have no line rights, or the two are assisted… You want to protect Olaf in the mid-term to protect the AD in the later period. I can understand, but this The version of the big nuclear Aphelios. What do you want to do if you don’t choose Verus… This version can also choose three auxiliary is really outrageous… As for Suning, because LNG does not look like a player whether it is a player or a BP. For the playoff teams, I really can’t tell whether Suning’s performance is good or bad. The specific strength of Suning depends on tomorrow’s matchup with we.

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