The subject of the subject means that I want to associate this sales with high-end, and I guess it is just like me. We all eagerly hope that Xiaomi can be called a very good brand, and even hope that holding a Xiaomi phone can have the pride of taking a mobile phone from a friend. However, the establishment of a high-end brand requires time precipitation, and more in-depth research on the product. Starting from the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, everyone is asking “Has Xiaomi succeeded in hitting the high-end?”…and so on, Xiaomi’s recent two The products of 2011 are indeed better, but it still needs time to test. The first sales of Xiaomi 11Ultra and Xiaomi 11Pro exceeded 1.2 billion in 1 minute. Using the 12G+256G version of 6,499 yuan, a total of more than 180,000 units were sold. However, this should be added to the pre-sale of that night, but today (2021 April 2nd), the follow-up should be able to purchase normally, and there are normal sales. The first wave of sales is focused on all users who are willing to buy, and this sales volume will be the highest peak. However, it seems that the 1.2 billion result is also very good, which shows that more people are accepting Xiaomi, whether it is the price effect or is really attracted by Xiaomi products, Xiaomi has a small success! I hope Xiaomi can go further, and I hope everyone can accept Xiaomi products. Xiaomi 11Pro is also in stock today. It is also a relatively comprehensive bucket machine. In terms of performance, Snapdragon 888 can guarantee performance. The dual memory configuration LPDDR5+UFS3.1 is the standard configuration of the flagship machine. The performance of Snapdragon 888 is the same, so everyone has to upgrade the heat dissipation. Xiaomi 11Pro and Xiaomi 11Ultra are no exception, solid-heat phase change thermal pad + VC liquid-cooled soaking plate heat dissipation system. The screen uses 2K+120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz high-quality Samsung AMOLED screen, four-sided curved surface (see personal preference), and supports DC dimming. In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery that supports 67W fast charging, 67W wireless charging, and 10W reverse. Such a large battery can be controlled to 208g and a thickness of 8.5mm, thanks to the new technology of mobile phone batteries. Of course, battery life is currently the strongest. Compared with the standard version, the 11Pro main camera uses the GN2 super-outsole main camera, which has stronger comprehensive capabilities. A telephoto lens has been added to support 5x optical zoom. Xiaomi 11 Pro 8+256G Jingdong went to buy the appearance of 11Ultra. I personally do not particularly like it, but it has a strong configuration. The first to use three main cameras in the camera module, lens configuration: 50MP GN2 1/1.12 f/1.95 optical image stabilization laser focus 48MP IMX586 ultra-wide-angle 48MP IMX586 5x optical zoom optical image stabilization Xiaomi 11Ultra DXOMARK score 143, currently the highest, this It is also the reason why many people choose, and some people simply want to try this powerful rear. The rear shell is made of ceramics, coupled with various heavy piles, weighs as high as 234g, and the large rear lens module, you must film it. Xiaomi 11 Ultra Extreme 12+512G Jingdong to buy​I am , more basic knowledge of mobile phones please read this article: 2021 (April) high cost-effective mobile phone recommendation (mobile phone knowledge-are you dry? After all) Xiaomi 11 Pro is listed, Xiaomi 11 Ultra is listed, and Xiaomi 11 Youth Edition is listed. Introduction: Before, I always recommend mobile phones as soon as they come up. There is relatively little basic knowledge of some mobile phones. The focus of this article will be on mobile phone configuration. Let everyone know enough about the mobile phone before buying the phone, whether it is online or offline, you can choose a mobile phone that suits you. This…


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6 months ago

Xiaomi 10 tested how many users are willing to spend 4000 yuan to buy Xiaomi, and the conclusion is that it is done. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition has been tested, how many users are willing to spend six to seven thousand yuan to buy Xiaomi. The conclusion is that it is basically done. I tested the Xiaomi mix fold and found that how many people are willing to spend 10,000 yuan to buy Xiaomi is also unexpected. Xiaomi 11pro/u now breaks 1.2 billion in one minute. There are more than 200,000 units of Xiaomi mobile phones worth 5,000 to 6,000 yuan per minute. It is hard to think about it at the beginning of 2020. As a concept machine, Xiaomi mix only dared to list the price of 3499. Times have really changed. By the way, 11p+11u is said to be 35w+ in a single day, and 11u is more popular. In fact, I especially want to know that mix fold’s first omni-channel release did not break 10w. Xiaomi Mi 10 series is close to 10 million, can Xiaomi 11 series beat 15 million? When will Xiaomi be able to achieve more than 4000+ and break 2kw, I will admit that its high-end is really strong.

6 months ago

It will take some time to test whether it succeeds or not, but the progress of the high-end road is obvious to all. According to industry standards, mobile phones priced at more than US$600 (nearly 4,000 yuan) can be called high-end phones. According to the global best-selling mobile phone market rankings released by Rising Sun Big Data, in terms of the top 20 best-selling models of mobile phones above US$800 (above 5,000 RMB), Xiaomi ranked No. in the third quarter of 2020 with Xiaomi 10 Ultra with 410,000 units sold. 14th place, before Xiaomi, only Apple, Huawei, and Samsung models are on the list. By the fourth quarter, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra ranked 20th with 190,000 units sold, followed by Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Sony models. This time, if the first sale is calculated at the price of 6,999 yuan, about 170,000 units will be sold; if calculated at the average price, more than 200,000 units will be sold. This has exceeded the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition sales in the fourth quarter of last year.

6 months ago

For rice noodles like me, this matter can be somewhat cautiously optimistic. As for the high-end…look again, look again. The battle report will consider both quantity and speed. The total amount reflects an order of magnitude high that this matter can reach, and the speed reflects its popularity. So 1.2 billion in 1 minute, probably the total amount of the first sale, although there will be more in the future, but it is definitely not a whole number. There is a natural problem with online products: supply and demand do not match. At the first sale, Xiaomi gathered the eyes of all possible first wave target users, and their demand will reach the first peak. But at this time, only the first wave of inventory was held in Xiaomi’s hands. After several sales, the ramp-up of production capacity is completed, and supply is no longer a problem, they have screened out users with strong purchase intentions, and slowly entered a stage of “comparing other products in comparison and becoming a purchase option”. . Therefore, cautious optimism is because it proves that a considerable number of people have a strong willingness to buy 11Pro/Ultra-1.2 billion at an average price of 6k and 200,000 units, the results are always good. But at the same time, this does not prove that 11Pro/Ultra is the high-end priority option. Jingdong mate40Pro can still sell 250,000 per month. Will Xiaomi have this level of dominance? not necessarily. High-end is not a one-shot deal. For the goal of becoming a priority purchase option in a higher price range, making a good product is only the first step. Word-of-mouth is formed through product strength, and word-of-mouth gradually derives brand value and trust. Trust spreads to a larger target group. The road ahead is long and it takes a long time.

6 months ago

For Xiaomi, this is more happy than 1.2 billion per minute. This is a very obvious signal: it shows that the ceiling of the Xiaomi brand has been completely broken, and enough people have recognized Xiaomi’s high-end products. It is not an exaggeration to say that you have a firm foothold in the high-end market. And only a year ago, we were still sweating the Mi 10 series from 3,999, and Chennai looked at it with admiration after three days. In the future, Xiaomi no longer has to set limits on the price of its products. It only needs to consider how to make good products that are more “moving”. By the way, I would like to praise the poster of Xiaomi 11 Ultra. I think it is the best promotional poster ever taken by Xiaomi. It is very charming and high-end: and Ultra’s domineering rear camera module design is fully recognizable. Most people When you see this phone, you will never doubt its high-end attributes. Therefore, Ultra has in turn raised the style of the Xiaomi brand.

6 months ago

It can only be said that these two phones are very competitive and extremely competitive. To answer the question about the success of Xiaomi’s high-end road: It depends on whether the shipment volume has broken through 10 million! You can’t look at the total sales, you have to look at the quantity! Breaking through 1.2 billion in one minute, assuming that everyone buys Xiaomi 11pro, starting at 4999, it will sell 240,000 units. At present, the only successful high-end domestic brand is Huawei. Not to mention the Huawei mate40 series, just say the Huawei P30 and mate30 series that have not been sanctioned. Huawei’s P30 record is: 85-day shipments exceed 10 million! mate 30 record: 60 days shipments exceeded 7 million, and as of the end of 19 years, shipments exceeded 12 million.

6 months ago

Obviously, Xiaomi’s high-end has indeed become. Last year’s Xiaomi Mi 10 was a big hit. Mr. Lei said that Xiaomi’s high-end has become a high-end product, but at that time there were still objections that the price and positioning of Mi 10 were not high-end. So let’s go back to this year’s Xiaomi 11 ultra, starting at 5999, and the highest is 6999. I believe this price is high-end. But Xiaomi did better than last year, with one minute sales exceeding 1.2 billion! What is the concept? With a guaranteed sales of 170,000, this is a Xiaomi mobile phone with a starting price of 5,999. No one dared to think of it a few years ago. I think that Xiaomi 11 ultra can achieve such a high sales volume by no means relying on bragging, but actually making a flagship with almost no shortcomings. It shows that as long as you pay carefully and the price is reasonable, even for Xiaomi, sales are not a problem at all. In fact, the Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra is close to perfection, but the ultra-wide angle is still a bit worse, and the overall ID design has mixed reviews. But this time the Xiaomi 11 ultra is really perfect. The same Samsung QHD+120Hz E4 material AMOLED screen GN2 super low main camera + IMX586 super wide angle + IMX586 periscope telephoto, all 3 main cameras are equipped with optics. Anti-shake, all can shoot 8K video, currently almost only Xiaomi 11 ultra can do it. 5000 mAh large battery + 67w wired/wireless fast charging Harman Kardon double Yang + horizontal linear motor + NFC + infrared ceramic material return, the addition of IP68 can hardly pick out any shortcomings, the only regret is that it does not support USB 3.0 , I hope that the next generation of Xiaomi can improve, after all, the top flagship should not find a slot. And the appearance this time is really good. Forgive me for being ugly. Now it seems to be both atmospheric and recognizable, especially the white ceramic version with marble texture.

6 months ago

It’s a good start. After Huawei is unable to maintain shipments due to well-known reasons, it is a question of whom to give to the remaining market. If it were placed 5 years ago, it would hardly be said that Apple and Samsung would carve up all the mid-to-high-end markets and leave the soup for other brands. But now, in fact, not only Xiaomi, OV and even OnePlus can say that there is a chance. At present, it seems that Xiaomi is going faster in this regard. After all, since entering this year, Xiaomi’s new phones have almost continuously appeared in the form of blowouts. I remember that there are some eye-catching news exposures every month, maintaining the long-term popularity of the brand. In the case of unable to buy Huawei, if you are unwilling to choose the IOS ecosystem, it is indeed a good choice to buy high-end Xiaomi machines at this stage. So there is the description in the title, Xiaomi 11 Pro & Ultra omni-channel first sales exceeded 1.2 billion in one minute. This can be said to be an achievement that is hard to imagine in the past few years. However, after all, Xiaomi’s current “brilliance” can hardly be said to be stable. On the one hand, the sudden fall of a friend of the business did give unexpected opportunities. On the other hand, I believe that Xiaomi is not willing to be mocked as an “assembly factory” all the time. The surging chip, car building and other attempts are all striving to obtain Breakthrough, then it is very likely to face the same blow from Huawei-the US technology blockade. Especially in the second case, what should Xiaomi do if it encounters a supply crisis? It is worth taking precautions for senior executives such as Lei Jun. If it can pass the customs smoothly, then I am afraid that it will not only “go high-end”, but will truly establish the birth of the Xiaomi empire. For a Chinese user, he still expects Xiaomi to achieve such brilliance. At this stage, it is better to seize the time and achieve a larger share of the global market as soon as possible. If by the end of this year, Xiaomi can achieve full bloom in the high-, middle- and low-end markets, it will also accumulate more confidence for better development in the future.

6 months ago

As expected and reasonable. The success of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series is the result of a long-term pavement. For this reason, even part of the mix series was sacrificed, and the digital series was firmly preserved. Starting from cc9Pro, the main image was to favor the Xiaomi 10 series. In the middle of last year, it released Xiaomi The 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, until this year, allowed him to basically stand firm from the target price range of 4k-7k. Judging from the current sales, it is not bad. In contrast, nex is like a mix, and it’s not as good as one generation. The x60Pro+ product is pretty good, and the Soviet Union’s name is unfortunately sold in general. The reno5Pro+ is actually not up to the price of the unstable 4k+, and the find x3 is a bit lacking in taste. The standard version of the Pro is not cost-effective, and the upgrade is too small. This year, the top 1+9Pro of the green factory is also almost meaningless. The Huawei p50 series has not been released yet, at this time period, Xiaomi 11Pro and 11ultra are indeed invincible. The top 11 super cup may not be upgraded as much as the 11 to 11 Pro, but the huge bump on the back cover actually becomes the reason for most people to buy him. why? Recognition. After spending so much money, there is no need to show off, but it must be recognizable. 11Pro suffers from this aspect, but fortunately, both 11 and 11Pro are in stock now. I believe some consumers are expected to consider buying and enjoying early after weighing the pros and cons. Another interesting point this time is that looking at JD’s comments, we can find that some users used not Xiaomi phones before, but Huawei and Apple flagships. Some people say that Xiaomi can only take away the purchasing power of their users. Such remarks are naturally self-defeating. In fact, starting from Xiaomi 11, it has been discovered that nearly half of the users are new Xiaomi users. The brand is indeed not a reason to choose when the product is good. The product empowers the brand, but that’s it.

6 months ago

Last year, through the Xiaomi Mi 10 series, Xiaomi had a place in the 4000-6000 price range, but Xiaomi Mi 10Pro/Ultra is still difficult to bear the name of the flagship, the main disadvantage is the screen and IP68. The Mi 10Pro telephoto is not considered a disadvantage. Although the 3.7X 90mm focal length is not as good as the 5x 120 mm periscope, it is considered sufficient. This year, Xiaomi Mi 11 complemented the shortcomings of the screen and Ip68 to further strengthen the image, and once again hit the high-end market. The starting price of Xiaomi 11Pro remains unchanged, with the same level configuration being 200-300 yuan higher, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra starting price is 700 higher, and the same configuration selling price is 400-500 yuan higher. Through the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, Xiaomi will further expand its market share in the 4000-6000 price range and expand the 6000 price range. Compared with competing products at the same price, Mi 11’s 2K screen, Mi 11 Pro’s super-specification main camera and full focal length, and Mi 11 Ultra super-specification full focal length are outstanding highlights. Compared with Xiaomi, OV products also have their own characteristics, but the long board is not long, and the short board is not short. VIVO X60 Pro+ has a full focal length but no 2K screen. Oppo has a prominent 2K wide angle but is priced slightly more expensive but not a full focal length. OnePlus is slightly better, but the overall product power of OnePlus 9Pro is slightly worse than 11Pro. As for Meizu 18 Pro, it is just better in all aspects. OnePlus 9 Pro is a little bit worse. However, the Mi Digital series is not without its shortcomings. Mi 11 lacks telephoto (compared to the flagship), and Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra wide-angle sensors are not big enough. However, if the product is further optimized, the price needs to be increased, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee the basic gross profit. To compress the pricing space of next-level products, of course, there is still room for 300-500 yuan price increase for the Xiaomi digital series in the future. For Xiaomi Digital, the price of 4000 is the main battlefield, and the high configuration 12+256 needs to be controlled at 4999 yuan. If the full focus range (extended telephoto) is configured, the starting price may increase by 300 yuan; for Xiaomi Digital Pro, its positioning is matching The high-end models from other manufacturers are priced at 5000 gears, and the maximum price limit is 5999 12+256 GB. Further expansion of the wide-angle sensor area requires an increase in the price of 300 yuan. For Xiaomi Digital Ultra, its product strength must match the Royal Sanjiao, the price is lower or the same as the iPhone Digital, Mate/P XX Pro, the maximum price limit is 12+256 GB 6999 yuan, if you continue to add the wide-angle sensor area to sell The price can be increased by 300-500 yuan. Among the three products in the Mi Digital series, the 2K screen of Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra are of great significance. The former guarantees the high-end attributes of Xiaomi’s digital series, while the latter greatly enhances Xiaomi’s brand power. Compared to OV, Xiaomi 11 Ultra is something no one has. OV’s flagship model is even weaker than Xiaomi 11 Pro. It will be until next year for OV to launch a model similar to Xiaomi 11 Ultra. When OPPO Find X2 was launched, it was an opportunity for Oppo, but the excessively high pricing of the Oppo Find series and the overkill of the Find X2 imaging function made Oppo miss this opportunity. As for the Huawei series, Honor is currently being integrated and Huawei’s lack of stock is temporarily unable to have a strong impact on the Xiaomi digital series. Samsung’s inadequate market influence in the mainland, and the lack of Apple mobile phone fast charging specifications and camera specifications, so the Xiaomi Mi 11 series has nearly a year to further expand its market influence.

6 months ago

Compared to previous years, this is already a very impressive achievement for Xiaomi. Two years ago, no one dared to imagine that Xiaomi mobile phones would be five or six thousand. To make a digression, when I went to the nearby Xiaomi home to touch the new mobile phone tonight, I heard an aunt next to her. It seemed that her daughter had pulled over to buy the mobile phone, but she actually called for 11pro. And from the communication, it seems that I don’t know much about mobile phones, but I know a lot about 11pro and 11ultra. It feels that such a “straight male” mobile phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, will one day attract female consumers. It is indeed not easy. Furthermore, after weighing the Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition, it is indeed light and thin, but it is a bit wider, and the grip is not so comfortable, but it is a pity. Finally, I bought a Mi Band 6NFC version. Xiaomi Mall has always been an appointment option, and it is impossible to grab it. I didn’t expect a lot of offline goods. Including Xiaomi 11pro and 11ultra, basically you can buy them.

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