At the just-concluded MATEX2 conference, Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei mobile phones will gradually upgrade the Hongmeng system from April 2021. Let’s talk about your views.

  1. Why does the mobile phone have 12GB memory: This mobile phone is an internal test machine. I got it about half a year before the official release. Most of the hardware is different from the commercial version. When I first got it, bluetooth, speaker, camera, NFS, screen, etc. There are problems, I have mentioned a lot of lists, watching it step by step repair, update again, and gradually become usable and stable 2. After updating Hongmeng, it has been used for 20 days, stable and smooth, and occasionally some apps will flash Retire or prompt compatibility issues, generally just wait a few days to update a version 3. The current update iteration speed is very fast, basically a new version is pushed every week, and each update has new surprises, and various apps are also trending. More stable and silkier
  2. After the previous version was pushed, the camera’s night scene shooting effect was significantly improved. The battery life has been the same as that of the original EMUI. I am a heavy user. The morning and evening buses are basically used for 6 hours during the day and night. The large and small screens are used for one day. There is still about 20% down, and it’s okay to charge once a day. The following pictures are all night scenes taken casually.
  3. A 65 watt super fast charge was sent. Maybe the mobile phone is limited and only supports 55 watts, but the charging speed is quite fast. In addition, this super fast charge can charge Huawei computers, and you can bring one when you go out. 6. After removing the confidential shell, I ran naked for a while, for fear of falling, breaking or losing tens of thousands. Now Taobao has a flip-top shell, more than one hundred, and it’s flying up, but it still doesn’t. Willing to buy the original 399 shell
    It’s not easy going all the way
    Received a system update prompt in the afternoon, 6G and more upgrade packages, about 12 minutes after using 5G traffic
    The upgrade process is as low-key and quiet as always
    The upgrade has been completed, to summarize 1. Seamless upgrade, compatible with all previous apps, documents and data 2. The upgrade process is very fast, and the upgrade is completed in about 15 minutes after downloading. 3. There are some changes in various operating pages in the system, and the font is very different. Good-looking 4, about 10 minutes before the upgrade, start each app, a little freeze, the camera start is also a little slow. After half an hour, there is not much difference from the system before the upgrade.

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6 months ago

For Huawei: Time is too late! Huawei’s progress this time is very fast, and it can even be said to be too fast (I once expected to start the internal test in April or June, and the public test in June or September). . . This is a matter of course. Huawei’s chip foundry was banned in June last year, that is, 8 months ago. In theory, even if the user base of Huawei (including the original Honor) mobile phones is still large, at best, 16 months later, press According to statistics, 52% of users may change Huawei phones that have been in their hands for at least 2 years. That is, in 16 months, Huawei’s terminal users will lose half, and in another year, there may not even be 3 Chengdu. Hongmeng wants to grab food from Google. Its popularization is based on the huge Huawei users, but if users change their phones, the base will be gone. Therefore, the sooner Huawei must popularize Hongmeng, the better. The sooner it is popularized, the more feedback you can get. The current Android users upgrading Hongmeng is to perform a super-large-scale public test. Now that the huge base of Huawei mobile terminals have experienced Hongmeng, can they have confidence in Hongmeng and promote the use of third-party manufacturers The new mobile phone is equipped with Hongmeng system. . . . . Hongmeng is not impossible to fail, after all, more than one mobile phone system has died in the past 10 years. But some people try to force Hongmeng to die by relying on public opinion, which is too whimsical. You must know that even Samsung’s TIZEN is a junk product that has been tossing in the Indian market for a while. Enterprise competition is war, so shopping malls are like battlefields, so there is no problem in using public opinion war as a war, no matter which side of the war is. Therefore, regardless of whether Hongmeng is a shell or not, the final word must be based on technical ability. No matter how to denigrate Hongmeng now, if Hongmeng’s functions cannot be realized, users will not be prevented from buying Hongmeng phones; for the same reason, if Hongmeng’s functions can be realized with Android, then It also shows that Hongmeng is nothing more than that. Just like Ali’s YUNOS, it replaces an intermediate layer. Netizens are not fools, users are not fools. A true Android shell without any features of yunOS cannot attract users, and users do not need a copycat version of Android, so failure is inevitable. . If Hongmeng is also a similar Android case, then failure will be inevitable. There is no need for some people on the Internet to repeatedly emphasize that Hongmeng is a case for Android; however, when Hongmeng is released in April, Huawei will face two questions: 1. Is Hongmeng capable Achieve the promoted performance and stability? Not to mention that it can kill all systems in seconds, but at least the stability should not be worse than Android, and even IOS must be guaranteed. After all, this is what Huawei propaganda says; of course, there should be no big bugs, this is a hard and fast rule; 2. In addition to its own performance. . . Can Hongmeng come up with the highlights of the new era of IoT system that users can immediately experience? In addition to stable performance, the features of Hongmeng’s IoT system were promoted by Huawei at the beginning. What are the highlights of Na Hongmeng that can be intuitively understood by users and have to be used? And it is a function that only Hongmeng can reflect, at least Android can’t achieve it no matter how improved it is. I think these two points are the key elements of whether Hongmeng is accepted by users. The former is to make users realize that “Hongmeng has reached the same level as the current Android IOS” can improve the most basic confidence, and the latter is to make the anti-Hongmeng Finding excuses from crooked ways to oppose Huawei (such as continuing to use 251), can no longer use Android shells to discredit Hongmeng. I saw the news of ZTE mobile phone yesterday. . . I haven’t seen it in N months. . . . Then I saw the news of Meizu last month (although it didn’t involve mobile phones), and I haven’t seen it for N months. It seems that Lenovo has also taken a risk. . . Therefore, as an already OTHER mobile phone company, if ZTE Lenovo Meizu continues to play Android, it will be difficult to beat OVM. If you don’t give up the mobile phone market and want to grab the OVM from your mouth, Hongmeng might be a way out. . . On the contrary, it is the OVM itself, which is embarrassing; Huawei will definitely adapt all previous models to Hongmeng, even including Kirin 710A models. I personally think so (after reading the response, add: Kirin 710A is the first domestically produced model). SMIC mass-produced 14nm chip, I think it has the significance of Hongmeng. In theory, the more basic users of Hongmeng, the better). . . Unless there are already third-party mobile phone companies that are already preparing to sell a large number of new mobile phones pre-installed with Hongmeng (except for Honor, which is OTHER mentioned above), otherwise, there is no better way to expand the user base (to experience) than adapting Hongmeng to old models Way out. But in any case, try to increase the number of old Huawei mobile phone users using Hongmeng, which is more conducive to the popularization of Hongmeng. After all, upgrading Hongmeng on Huawei’s old phones is equivalent to giving old users a free trial test. In addition to the above, I personally think that the biggest difficulty for Hongmeng’s popularization lies in: Can Hongmeng’s pre-installed HMS mobile phone manufacturers benefit from it? This is mentioned repeatedly in several posts about Hongmeng that I know. . . No domestic mobile phone company dared to say “Hongmeng is open source, so I can use Hongmeng without installing HMS, and I can build a store to match Hongmeng.” . . Does that company have the guts? Because the domestic Android does not have GMS, can the domestic Hongmeng have no HMS? Since Hongmeng must match HMS, the problem of interest is a problem that must be faced. There is an Android whiteboard in China. All mobile phone shops’ advertising revenues belong to the mobile phone companies themselves. Now with Hongmeng, how do you calculate this account? Huawei takes 30%, of which 10% goes to mobile terminal companies? I think this is a question that must be seriously considered. How does EPIC threaten steam? It’s not about lowering the rake. In the end, developers and players are not all really good. PS: One more thing, Hongmeng has an inherent advantage. Because Huawei is completely controllable, Hongmeng must be equipped with HMS, so there should be no Android. Because there is no GMS in China, and the APP in the mall is regulated and restricted, it leads to APP. There must be constant wake-ups and other issues, and there is no need to engage in unified push alliances and the like. This greatly benefits the ecology of Hongmeng. If you add Huawei’s various controls on Hongmeng, such as restricting the types and regions of advertisements, theoretically, due to the lack of Google’s leadership in the domestic Android, Hongmeng will not have the problem of GMS (I believe I have used foreign native GMS Android phones understand that it is different from domestic Android). It can be said that this experience alone can surpass that of domestic Android. For Huawei, the only problem is how to convince third-party mobile phone companies to use Hongmeng and how to make it. Concession in interests, otherwise the third-party company will sell Android without GMS, and the advertising revenue will be owned by itself. Why use Hongmeng? I hope Huawei has a good plan. . . The anti-Huawei and anti-Hongmeng people, instead of twisting to Android cases all day long, it is better to start from these aspects and personally feel that the possibility of success is a little bit higher. PS2: Meizu released Meizu 18. . . Zero ads, zero push, zero pre-installation, which is very interesting; the starting price of 4399, I think no one thinks that Meizu has this feeling to make people pay the bill? With ads, wouldn’t it be good to start at 3399 or even 2999? Who gave the courage to make Meizu have the courage to sell 4399 0 ads, 0 push, 0 pre-installed mobile phones?

6 months ago

How can I see it? As an Android developer, I have to start learning again. At present, in the system arena, Apple relies on iOS to dominate, and Google relies on Android to conquer Samsung, Xiaomi, vivo and other forces, almost dominating the arena. In the gap between these two overlords, Hongmeng App was born. With the momentum of 5G, it is ready to break the ground and brave the wind and waves! The situation in the arena is changing, and the bad luck is unpredictable. For Hongmeng, this trip is both an opportunity and a challenge! How to get a slice of the pie from the hands of the veteran overlord Android, for Hongmeng, is the first battle since going down the mountain! Although Hongmeng was born on the basis of a large-scale Huawei, and has already had a large audience before it came out, there are still challenges and tests how to make this group of audiences succumbing to use and experience. However, as a domestically produced system, I still look forward to it coming out, hoping that Hongmeng can use the sword to ride the wind and make the world a third! Dapeng rose with the same wind in one day, soaring for ninety thousand miles!

6 months ago

Although the competition for domestic smartphones in 2021 is extremely fierce, since most models are equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor or Snapdragon 870 processor, the strength gap between the models is not large, and it remains verbal. The phenomenon of “mutual misfortune” is basically gone, but the self-developed chip and Huawei, which is directly competing with Qualcomm, have also made many people wonder. According to the usual release rhythm, after the Spring Festival, it should be the release time of Huawei’s P series image flagship, but until Now, there is still not much official news from the new Huawei P50 series. However, rumors about the Huawei P50 series on the Internet have not diminished. Previously, it was revealed that the release time of the Huawei P50 series was postponed from March to April, but now this plan may be postponed again. Foreign media said that Huawei has already put the P50 series. The release in the Chinese market was postponed to May, the main reason may be due to insufficient stock of chips, and no new chip foundry alternatives have been found. The continuous delay of the Huawei P50 series has made many Chinese people very worried about Huawei’s future development, but the postponement of the release time is not entirely a bad thing, because according to Huawei’s previous plan, the mobile version of HarmonyOS will be officially released in April, and the Huawei P50 series will also be released. It will be the first smartphone pre-installed with HarmonyOS. If the release time of the HarmonyOS mobile version remains the same, the Huawei P50 series will be released in May, which means that there will be more time for this model. Debugging the adaptation of HarmonyOS, the news that Huawei P50 series will be equipped with HarmonyOS is more confirmed. There are still many unknowns about the news about the Huawei P50 series, but the design is basically no suspense. The front is a full-screen solution with a centered hole, and it can be seen from the rendering that the hole hole in the middle is very small, and the entire screen is at the same time It is not a curved screen, but a face-to-face screen solution, but this should be the most basic Huawei P50, and Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro+ may continue to use the curved screen solution. The design ID on the back of the three models is the same, and the camera outline It will be two circles arranged vertically, similar to the upcoming Honor V40 light luxury version. In terms of core hardware configuration, Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro will continue to be equipped with the HiSilicon Kirin 9000 processor, while the basic version of the Huawei P50 may use the new Kirin 9000L chip. The performance of this chip is inferior to that of the Kirin 9000. Positioned in the sub-flagship market, but the supply of chips has not been resolved, which means that even if the Huawei P50 series is released, it will be out of stock for a long time.

6 months ago

It is worth mentioning that although the Huawei P50 series may become the first model with the Hongmeng system pre-installed, the first model of the Hongmeng system is not the Huawei P50 series. Before the release of the Huawei Mate X2, Yu Chengdong had already announced The Hongmeng system will be upgraded in the first batch in April, and according to the news disclosed by netizens, the same batch of models that upgrade the Hongmeng system with the Huawei Mate X2 will also include 6 models including the Huawei Mate 40 series and the Huawei P40 series.

6 months ago

Some time ago, an interview accepted by Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s Software Department, allowed us to confirm a lot of information. For example, the installed capacity of Hongmeng will include MCU equipment, such as the current Hongmeng has not left AOSP. Of course, AOSP is open source, and there is no problem in giving a compliance statement. Moreover, Huawei also participated in the construction of AOSP. In terms of the contribution of AOSP, it is generally believed that Google engineers>upstream hardware manufacturers>downstream mobile phone manufacturers. As a Huawei that takes both upstream and downstream, its contribution is naturally not low. It’s just that the current Hongmeng is a far cry from the early publicity of “available at any time, surpassing Android”. Such a gap is difficult to fully accept.

6 months ago

I actually only have one question, where is such a big grievance. You can vote with your feet if you don’t like something in a company. For example, the smart screen’s V series cannot be networked with Sound X. It must be very uncomfortable. The feedback started. Hilink has not connected with BMW until now. The forum cried out, which is normal. Now that the mobile phone is like a rice circle, I know all day long that the game of the emperor is not going to be left in the grass. At least there is still a national righteous name when people are going to go. Is this kind of going to play a nest?

6 months ago

This is not only Huawei’s business, it is all Chinese business! Do you still want to use 100MB of data for 30%? Do you still want to buy a nokia N95 8000 fast money (2012) mobile phone? Do you still want to buy a 23-inch LCD TV that costs thousands of dollars? Then you should support Huawei. This is not a patriotic kidnapping, but a naked exchange of interests. Why MAGA can be rampant in the United States, because in the past, Americans could raise a family, two cars, and a dog by one worker. Think about why? It is because the United States is using high-tech industries and industrial products to reap the benefits of the world. Why is the United States not working now? A worker may not even be able to feed himself, why! ? It is the rise of China, and China has provided the world with high-quality and low-cost products. Why is the mobile phone traffic now so cheap for 1 GB and 1 GB? It is because Huawei and ZTE are Chinese companies. Do you think this is just a Huawei company? Do not! ! ! This is the benefit of all Chinese people. This is where you can play King of Glory, use Douyin, and live broadcast at a low price. You can buy a 30+-inch large-screen display for as little as 3,000 dollars, and you can buy a powerful mobile phone for as little as 2,000 dollars. Do you think this is just business? A beacon that advertises commercial freedom, and the nation’s efforts to block a private company, this kind of rascal act of throwing the table off the table is really shameless. Huawei can lose and can go bankrupt in fair competition. This is Huawei’s own problem and Huawei’s lack of strength. However, it collapsed under the ban of the world’s largest power, the United States, and this is the end of China’s high-tech industry!

6 months ago

When I first started using mate40pro in November last year, I was looking forward to it. I can’t wait to update Hongmeng right away. Today, four months later, I think the road is still long, and the importance of Android for Hongmeng is far less important than ecology. I have used Apple for more than ten years since 3gs. I also bought a lot of Xiaomi and Huawei as backup machines. The real use of Huawei as the main machine started last year. Fortunately, I started to get rid of the kidnapping of Apple’s ecology a few years ago, or try to get rid of the ecological kidnapping of all giants such as Apple, Google, and Baidu. Contacts, notebooks, photo albums, password keychains, collections, history records, calendars, mailboxes, cloud disks, etc. all have their own server built cloud services, so changing the system has little effect. The most intriguing is the software ecology. More than 70% of the apps I use frequently can’t be found in Huawei’s official store. 50% It is difficult to find the desired version in any third-party store in China. Originally, use apkpure and other third-party stores, plus github and other sources to download the apk package for installation, and then use micro g and other methods to use tubing. Although there are still some apps that are third parties, they cannot be used without Google services or security certifications installed. Until a while ago, I was idle and okay, and I froze on the Google Family Bucket. How can it be so easy. For any app you want, you can find it directly in the play store. Silently updating the app in the background no longer has to download the installation package continuously in apkpure, click confirm, and clean the installation package. You don’t need to tap the micro g first to see if the tubing is opened directly. After tasting the sweetness, I miss the official push of Apple and gms even more. All in all, Hongmeng is important and necessary. If I didn’t take care of the Google services a while ago, which resulted in an improved experience, but continued to use it after a few months, I think I will also upgrade the experience of Hongmeng as soon as possible in April. However, now, it is clear that ecology is far more important to the user experience. If upgrading Hongmeng will cause my experience to return to before this toss, I will definitely not take the initiative to upgrade in April, or even for the foreseeable one or two years thereafter. The software ecosystem urgently needs to keep up as soon as possible.

6 months ago

Huawei mobile phones, HiSilicon chips, Hongmeng operating system and other things have no market significance, only strategic significance. The chip was stuck, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments plummeted, and overseas markets have long been impossible. It is foreseeable that Huawei’s situation in the next few years will be more difficult and its market share will fall further. But these things must never be discarded, instead, they must be strengthened and improved in every way. This is Huawei’s strategic layout and China’s strategic reserves in these related fields. The Sino-U.S. confrontation war is impossible to cease fire, and it will not end until one side is completely suppressed by the other and is unable to fight again. The scale of the entire war is magnificent, the front is long, involving all aspects of both sides, this is destined to be a protracted battle. Huawei is a prominent part of the entire front of the Sino-US confrontation. This prominent part was crippled by the concentrated superior firepower of the United States’ entangled allies. Now that Huawei retreats from the salient area, it can only rest and wait for the battle, waiting for the opportunity, it is impossible to have the strength to fight. The upgrade of Huawei mobile phones to the Hongmeng system is one of the tasks of rest and preparation. To put it bluntly, it is the replacement of US machinery for domestic products. Only by fully doing these rest and reorganization can we seize more positions in the strategic counter-offensive stage. This war without gunpowder smoke is no less important and tragic than the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. It is China’s second nation-building war. The Korean War was only a confrontation between the two sides by force. The current confrontation is an all-round confrontation between the two sides in terms of industry, technology, economy, culture, ideology, ideology, and national systems. In this battle, China has won and returned to the center of the world; if it has been lost, there will be no more day to come. We personally don’t think this has nothing to do with ourselves. If China wins, we live the lives of Americans; if China loses, we live the lives of Indians. There is no doubt about where we are going to sit and what we usually do. What Huawei needs now is time, and what China needs now is also time. For us, only victory is allowed, not defeat.

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6 months ago

Many people think that developers refer to programmers. In fact, they are not. Developers refer to entities in the ecosystem (now often companies) that obtain benefits through products. For the system, developers care about costs and benefits. Cost refers to migration costs and adaptation costs, while revenue refers to the number of users in the ecosystem. Questions like whether Hongmeng is a lie or an operating system have been around for a few years, and may continue in the next few years. The relationship between Hongmeng and Android is different from the technical level, product level, and ecological level. What is certain is that in the long run, the technical level will be compatible and hard-forked at the same time, and from the ecological level, it is necessary to build an attractive ecosystem for developers. For developers, the number of users that cannot be ignored in the Huawei ecosystem is the key, which makes many developers willing to work in the Hongmeng ecosystem. In the future, if you want to get a good position in the Huawei store, it will be recommended and searched first, and some features of Hongmeng have to be adapted, so that developers in the head are willing to cooperate. This is Hongmeng’s advantage over previous operating system challengers. When the Android system was first launched, it was not favored by many people. Perhaps many people today have not experienced the process more than ten years ago. The operating system is never just a technical issue, but more importantly an ecological issue. In the next five to ten years, this ecology will be more robust. I look forward to Hongmeng’s ability to eventually grow to the same level as Android and iOS, which can be one-third of the world. Especially in various devices other than mobile phones, Hongmeng is of great significance. In the future in the field of science and technology, the risk of decoupling will always exist. From chips to operating systems, they will all be part of the national strategy. This is Hongmeng’s time window.

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