During my graduate school, I was really suffering. It was an invisible suffering. I can understand those who jumped off the building for masters, doctors or post-doctoral students, and I can also understand the news that the prestigious school is a monk after a doctoral degree. I don’t know why. I feel pain from the sky, but I can’t tell why.

I personally believe that the pain of graduate school is essentially the tearing and reorganization of myself. To be honest, I was in a low mood last semester and felt very painful for graduate school. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get rid of it. I often wondered if I was suffering from anxiety or depression. Before that, I had never experienced such a dark period. After alleviating, I realized that this kind of pain is a process I must go through. Because I don’t know your experience well, so here, I will only analyze the cause of my pain. 1. Before the loss of “advantage”, there was a very popular group on Douban called “985 Waste Group”, and there was also a very popular term called “the town is a writer”. Unfortunately, I am one of them. Born in a small county, using the college entrance examination as a springboard, he finally entered a relatively good university. My parents are ordinary people, and I didn’t even graduate from high school. I am very grateful to my parents. They supported me in my studies with a relentless attitude, but this means that I have no elders to lead the way. Everything depends on myself. Harder. But at the time I didn’t realize that at the university, I was ignorant and didn’t prepare for the future, but in the end I stumbled to secure research. Roughly all the luck is spent on finding a better tutor, who is really kind to the students, and I am very grateful to him. Competition is everywhere, at this time I fell into the abyss of pain. Because of the limitation of thinking formed before, my thesis looks very naive every time, even ridiculous. Looking at the results of other people’s article after article, I naturally feel particularly anxious. However, the thinking inertia formed in the previous two decades is not so easy to change. When the evaluation standard changes from academic performance to the quality of the paper, all of your previous “advantages” collapse, from “excellent” to “ordinary”, or even to ” Poor students”, the huge gap between them overnight, is unbearable. 2. Social cramps because they put all their energy on learning, and basically know nothing about external things. When others talk about makeup, movies, TV shows, sports stars or other things in the field, they can only listen to each other in embarrassment, and may even make jokes. As time goes by, social skills get worse and worse. Probably because of low self-esteem, I didn’t dare to express my opinions loudly. I was nervous and sluggish when I said my opinions, and finally gave others a bad impression. I really want to improve myself, but neither thinking nor social skills can be changed in a few days or even a few months. When my improvement falls far short of my own requirements, I will become more and more inferior. Depressed, even self-defeating, often crying in the middle of the night. 3. Self-Imperfection Since childhood, parents have been telling them that if you study hard, you can only be successful if you enter a good university. Really, I never thought about what I wanted. I just learned mechanically. When I couldn’t get a sense of accomplishment from learning, I started to re-examine myself, only to find that I never knew what I wanted from learning. Forgetting where to read a sentence, roughly means that when adolescence does not improve the self and does not form an idea of ​​the self, it will be reshaped in the youth. In youth remodeling, when we have a vague understanding of reality, we have not had a complete self before, and we have to tear apart and regroup, and add external pressure. This kind of pain is really hard to bear. But once we get through it, we think about the world more deeply. Perhaps the role of graduate school is this. Improve your thinking state and deepen your way of thinking. How to spend this dark moment? First of all, we must analyze the causes of our pain in depth, and formulate relevant progress plans for all aspects. Fatty is not a bite, tolerant of yourself, make a little progress every day, and constantly summarize your mistakes, and then correct them so that you can continue to improve. , And feel happy about your progress and maintain a good attitude. Come on! Hope you spend this dark time soon!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

High cost of study, high level of academic requirements, complicated tasks of tutors, pressure to publish papers, and difficult graduation assessments. In order to reduce the burden at home, many graduate students will use their free time to do some part-time jobs to support themselves. Moreover, the work of graduate students is no longer so simple, many requirements and standards have been improved, and the learning content is more complicated. In addition to part-time jobs and schoolwork, I also need to work with the teacher to complete the corresponding topics and assist the teacher to do some additional research.

8 months ago

With the continuous reform of higher education, the threshold for graduation is also increasing. For some master’s and doctoral students, there are hard requirements to publish papers if they want to graduate successfully, and there are restrictions on the types of journals. There are clear requirements and restrictions on the check rate of graduation thesis, and the introduction of a strict “one-vote veto system” blind review system, which increases the pressure for many graduate students to graduate. Dissertation, mentoring, graduation, and job hunting have become the sword of Damox on the head of graduate students, making it difficult for graduate students to breathe on thin ice.

8 months ago

In many cases, when we bear too much expectation, we cannot live in harmony with ourselves, and cannot accept the hypothetical fact that we are a failure, so we choose to disappear instead of facing cruelty. But in fact, this failure is nothing. For life, it is a trivial matter. It’s just that we have magnified the weight of it in our lives, so that we can hardly imagine the pain we will face if we lose it. The pressure on graduate students is inevitable because it is not that simple to graduate successfully. However, this does not mean that we need to spend the past two or three years anxiously. Finding the best way of self-regulation is also a compulsory course in scientific life.

8 months ago

I studied postgraduate with pure interest, and cross-examination philosophy. Saying that I am studying graduate school by interest, I am afraid there is nothing more convincing than my major. It is also because I am interested in reading. Graduate school is a very happy experience for me, so I don’t really understand what the subject of pain is. However, judging from my personal experience, the postgraduate life is indeed a very special life. After careful analysis, this kind of life is hidden turbulent and perilous.

8 months ago

Postgraduate life is after university. This is when people are full of enthusiasm and want to make trouble in the world. However, the graduate students are slightly different at this time. These people do not go to graduate school randomly, but through selection. This choice gives this group some special meaning. First of all, this group of people are very good at reading. The ability to read very well can only be obtained in two ways. The first is training. A lot of training allows me to learn how to read. For example, I am a small town as a writer. The second is talent. I will not say much about this. Because there are few people in this part, and because I haven’t experienced it, I won’t be envious!

8 months ago

A person who has been trained to read well can go to graduate school, and his life will be terrible. People have a psychology called path dependence, which means that after a person has done one thing for a long time and is very good at it, people will walk on this road until it is dark without thinking. However, the path of graduate students is not black. For most people, it is gone in the middle…Graduate students can’t all go to Ph.D., and then rely on the academic profession as a slutty meal. Most people graduate. jobs. But can a person who is trained to be good at reading still be good at work after graduation? This is probably not easy, unless you come from a prestigious school, you will have a big platform to exercise, or you can enter a good state-owned enterprise to stabilize and stabilize. Most postgraduate students may still be left alone and surrounded by nothing, just like the embarrassment when they graduated from a bachelor degree.

8 months ago

For a person, it is necessary to receive civilized training in the early years. This is not only good for society, but also good for exerting human rational ability. But if you accept this kind of training for too long, it will suppress the passion in people’s instinct, and this is how you decay before you get old. Why do many graduate students look somber next to next year? Is he precocious? Is he weak? Do not! He is just too civilized! So that the desires in all aspects are not strong, the impulse to the world is gone, and I don’t know where to go, but I will only be a good “civilized man”.

8 months ago

At the right age, do the right things. “What’s behind this sentence? My fellow fellows! From elementary school to university, we are all in a group, but at the Ph.D level, we begin to be lonely quickly.

Let’s go to Northern Europe for a little exchange, and it will be relieved… Maybe life is lonely. That group of people, whether they read Ph.D., have no collective life, hahahahaha.

8 months ago

I often wonder why the emotions of teachers and students are so complicated. Put it in the society, you can understand it instantly. Mentor, perhaps the only confidant of the doctor. In addition to the guide, who will listen to your research; who will not criticize and point out the problem after listening to a few sentences? No one agrees, no one even listens, only oneself firmly believes that he is doing a great cause, and he is shoulder to shoulder with the bigwigs in the world and history…Hahahaha, this is about to rise… There will be a kind of separation Earthly feeling.

8 months ago

At the beginning, I was also very confident. I believed that what I did would benefit many people. My tutor and classmates in the research group are very good people. My teacher has a good reputation, but he is famous for being strict and demanding of students. Fortunately, my senior brothers and sisters are very good, helping the teacher with a lot of chores (application for topics, reimbursement, business trips, PPT… .) I really don’t have much to do except for my own subject, and the teacher won’t find me often.

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