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The reason is okay, but the approach is very inappropriate, as if the means to prevent a child from kicking the quilt is to interrupt the opponent’s leg. There are three strategies in this matter: Shang Ce went home and closed the door to convince his grandfather. He could not persuade his master to help. Then the old man went to talk to Dad Xiao and retired the marriage, and found a reason for both parties to make a statement together. Just give some compensation privately, this situation is not a big deal at all, most passers-by gossip. Zhongce took the people from the teacher’s family to Xiao’s family to talk to Dad Xiao, so that he could be prepared and coerced and lured to resign the marriage. At least it should not cause a family sensation without warning and make people unable to come to Taiwan. This is the situation. Xy vowed secretly at most to get ahead. It is estimated that when he really gets ahead, he will put it down when he looks back on this matter. The next move went straight up, let the elders pretend to be bad guys, found xy, a five million cheque was slapped on his face, told him to leave my son, bah, slammed on the scene, a bottle of pill was slapped on his face, told He left my apprentice, even if there is a three-year agreement, it will not be known to everyone. Now this is the next best thing. You should know that in the president’s article, the president’s parents used five million cheques to pat the hostess’s face, and also find a cafe, a small restaurant and other places where there are not many people, instead of making a news. The release will prevent both parties from coming to the stage. What is a good person card? You are a good person, but we are not suitable. This is to give others face. If the other party is not a stalker, you will generally not say that you are not good enough for me, get out, and such lines. It is unwise for things that can be resolved peacefully to be like this. Of course, after all, young people can be forgiven for making some non-principle mistakes. In fact, if it weren’t for Yun Lanzong to do things, it’s unwise to do things like this. Three After the year’s agreement was over, the matter subsided. At most, the slap that Miss Nalan slapped returned to her face, losing face. In contrast, xy’s reaction here is quite normal, except for the inexplicable self-confidence, the flag is filled with this unreasonable impulse. What he cared about was not that the woman didn’t like him, but that he lost his face and his dad’s face by doing so. Although he may not have any subjective intention, in fact, he felt a little bit of a stumbling block. (Especially when he thought this was instructed by the other family)


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8 months ago

The focus is not on the matter of retiring. What Xiao Yan was angry about was not the resignation, but the destruction of his own dignity and the dignity of his father. The biggest problem with this divorce incident is that it was too much. Originally, this matter could be resolved in a low-key manner. Since Xiao Lin and Nalanjie mentioned it, even if the person involved is not able to come forward [Xiao Lin has passed away, Nalanjie has a good face and refuses to mention it], ask Xiao Yan and his son to make an appointment with Nalan and his daughter. Come out, let’s talk a few words privately, and it will be lifted. You don’t even have to bring the Qi to disperse. Just take ten to twenty thousand gold coins. Even if Nalanjie gets angry afterwards, the lift will be lifted. There is no way. . Under this circumstance, Nalan Yanran greeted Yun Yun, invited all the elders, and also took out the Qi Gathering Powder refined by Furukawa. Everyone knew what that meant. On the surface, it is retiring, but in fact it is to suppress others with power. What is the difference between “give you five million and leave my daughter”? And Nalan Yanran did this in front of Xiao’s family here, which is equivalent to hanging a live room on the homepage to broadcast the entire process of humiliation. You must know that the Xiao family is not his father alone. Several elders have opinions on him. For Xiao Yan, this was no longer humiliating himself, but to humiliate his dad. Can this be tolerated? Coupled with the later Yun Lanzong’s series of evil deeds against the Xiao family, Xiao Yan can allow the Nalan family to join the alliance after this, without showing them face, it is already “benevolent and righteous.”

8 months ago

If I remember correctly, there is a conversation between them behind Doubreaking Sky. To the effect, Xiao Yan said that not only did he not object to retiring, but rather appreciated Nalan Yanran, but they shouldn’t hurt himself and his father’s face. It shows that what Xiao Yan hates is not being divorced, but the harm he caused to his father when he was divorced when he was most desperate. To be clear, it was definitely the worst time for Xiao Yan. His father’s position as the head of the family was shaky. He was ridiculed by his talent, and a childhood sweetheart had abandoned himself. His baby dear came to retire at this time. You said that if you put it on you, would you appreciate her for pursuing happiness, or would you be in trouble? The same thing, said when others are happy, and when others are unlucky, the effect is definitely different. This is why Xiao Yan’s character was good later. If Han Feng’s kind of people developed, it would be a problem for the Nalan family to live a few. The most stupid thing is that you can find Xiao Yan and his dad, you have found a bunch of elders, are you divorced, or are you demonstrating, whether you are a personal behavior or the will of the Nalan family. When you retired, you had a face-slapped face. You brought a few clubs to deal with things. Why did you bring those eyes to the top? You compensate, and you give back to those elders, do you want them to put pressure on them? This matter is well said, Xiao Yan is not without you. Really, she must have thought that Xiao Yan would stick to her, but she didn’t know who was more embarrassed. You need to know if Xiao Yan becomes the Emperor of Dou, and the Nalan family will regret that their intestines are black. And according to the later time when refining medicine, and the following several times to get along, it is not that the two of them have a common language. In summary, Nalan Yanran’s purpose is not excessive, and his behavior is excessive.

8 months ago

Young, too young. Nalan Yanran wants to divorce. In fact, everyone wants to see why? Nalan Yanran wants to retire. As long as everyone discusses it well, the Xiao family can get a large amount of compensation, Nalan can regain freedom, Xiao Yan can fall in love with Xun’er, and the Nalan family can be less burdened by what they think. Yanran’s actual operation messed up everything. She rushed to Xiao’s house aggressively, brought a bunch of thugs, and directly said that she was going to divorce… Xiao’s family: Damn, you slapped me in the face? Xiao Yan: Damn, you hit me and my father in the face? When it’s over, it’s time to make up for it… It’s not enough to slap your face, but you need to use money to humiliate! If the answer came today, the patriarch would have no face to do it. At that time, Dad Xiao took the initiative to abdicate, the Great Elder took the post, and the Qi-gathering San was handed over to Xiao Ning’s cousin. Only Xiao Yan’s father and son were injured in the world. Then you can dominate the city. break off an engagement? Lao Tzu has a hegemony in the city, who dares to say that I am a waste of divorce? Palm! I, Xiao Yan, is the little overlord of Utan City today, and I have been deceived ever since…Ah, sorry that the script was taken wrong. Anyway, there is a reunion script, but Nalan made everyone blow up. You say you owe it or not. …

8 months ago

Retirement is not excessive, it is too much to rely on external forces to force the door to turn the face of the bad guy. “Although the girl on the opposite side is beautiful, Xiao Yan is not a pervert who is dominated by her lower body. Even if she doesn’t make Qin Jin’s relationship with her, Xiao Yan will at best be the regret of some men’s inertia, but if she is really in The public made a request to his father to dissolve the marriage contract, so the face of the father, the patriarch, is lost!” It is the marriage contract between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran, not the marriage contract between the Xiao family and the Nalan family. What is the operation of quitting Xiaoyan’s marriage and calling a group of people to compensate the elders? Let’s talk about the scene. Since I know it’s an apologize, let’s say one more thing about this medicine, which may help Young Master Xiao recover his qualifications. Compensating the pill to Xiao Yan instead of using the Qi San can help the three elders’ descendants become juvenile fighters to differentiate the Xiao family’s persecution of Xiao Zhan. “”Hey, the marriage contract was forcibly terminated by someone at your door. Look at you, the patriarch, what prestige is there to manage the family in the future! “Nalan Yanran didn’t know the consequences of forcibly retiring her marriage, nor did Ge Ye? Or was it that Nalan Yanran didn’t care at all or even clearly wanted to embarrass Xiao Zhan? If you retired, you just retired. Xiao Yan didn’t want to marry her Nalan Yanran. She was a little inertial at most. Isn’t Xun’er fragrant to retire? Don’t say anything else. If you don’t agree with the relatives of the elders, you retired. Grandpa Xiao Yan died when he was three years old. Nalan Jie couldn’t come. It’s reasonable for Nalan Yanran to come with his father Nalan Su. “Since the old man has never spoken, I hope to forgive me. My father will not agree to your request. The original marriage was made by the two elders personally. Now they have not opened the mouth. Then no one would dare to explain the marriage. Otherwise, , That’s blaspheming the dead elders! “How did she do it? “Haha, do you use the Yunlanzong to show power to your father? This Nalan Yanran is really a good method.” Nalan’s family has a bad idea how to do this. Since it is a bad reason, it shouldn’t be aggressive, let alone intimidated by external forces. Nalan Yanran deceived the door to break the marriage without permission in her own home. Can’t you say too much?

8 months ago

This requires a combination of subjective and objective factors. Objectively speaking, it was too much. Xiao Yan’s strength declined and became a useless person, and the position of the patriarch Xiao Zhan was unstable. At this time, Na Ran Yanran’s act of coming to remarry was undoubtedly an act of detriment to outsiders. After all, Xiao Yan made no mistakes, did not cheat or abuse, and neither did the Xiao family and the Nalan family have an affair, so the only reason for Nalan Yanran to resign at this moment seemed to outsiders to look down on Xiao Yan. The background of the story of Dou Breaking the Sky is fantasy and ancient times. According to the ancient people’s concept, the unmarried situation can actually be considered as married. Then this matter seemed to outsiders—Xiao Yan had been so squandered that his wife and parents-in-law’s homes disliked him. Moreover, Nalan Yanran was still in full view, and she retired after summoning the family of the Xiao family. This situation was obviously overwhelming. Then the interpretation information of outsiders can be updated again-the Nalan family not only looked down on Xiao Yan and wanted to divorce, but even invited the elders of Yun Lanzong to force the Xiao family to divorce because they were worried that the Xiao family would be entangled in their faces. (You know, the Xiao family and the Nalan family say they are also relatives, and the older generation is also a comrade-in-arms relationship. It is impossible not to have a deep relationship. However, the Nalan family has acted like this, and the significance of it can be imagined.) Can others accept it. I don’t know if I got this kind of insult, but Xiao Yan’s father definitely couldn’t bear it. After all, his father’s love was like a mountain. Xiao Zhan carefully guarded Xiao Yan over the years. He was worried that Xiao Yan would be beaten up from then on. How can he not be angry? But the Yun Lanzong is also proud and arrogant. After all, the Xiao family is only a small family now. Facing Xiao Zhan’s anger, the elder Yun Lanzong did not hesitate to press it back with his momentum. At this moment, the atmosphere was very embarrassing. Xiao Yan was slapped in public, and his father was also slapped in his early years. So Xiao Yan was angry, so he was angry, so he wanted to shout. In 30 years in Hexi and 30 years in Hedong, don’t bully young people to be poor. This sentence has another meaning besides what everyone understands that Xiao Yan has indicated that he is young and there will be a day of feng shui rotation. Since today you are better than me, Xiao Yan, you can ignore me. If you are faced with the same dilemma as me, will you feel my mood today? This sentence is just like a mouthful to outsiders, so he has to say “It’s not you I divorced my wife!” That’s why he has to make a three-year agreement, even if he loses, he has to fight for it. Nalan Yanran also understood what he meant, so she said, “If you win, I will be a slave at your mercy.” (It can be seen from here that she didn’t understand why Xiao Yan was angry, and she simply thought Xiao Yan Just greedy her body.) So the objective situation is that Nalan Yanran despise Xiao Yan, use her power to overwhelm others, and she succumbs to Xiao Yan’s resistance. Subjectively it is different. Nalan Yanran had her reasons for retiring. First of all, Nalan Yanran doesn’t really care who her husband is, strong or weak, but she can’t accept that she wants to marry a stranger casually. Secondly, Xiao Yan is a young man who is well-known for being a genius. Therefore, in Nalan Yanran, it is inevitable that there is a feeling of being kidnapped by a political marriage. The young and immature, she must be very repulsive to such an adult’s vanity fair. However, the old man Nalanjie is just as his name suggests. He doesn’t care whether Xiao Yan is strong or weak. Even if he is a trash, the Nalan family is willing to shelter him. For such an old man, nothing is more important than a promise. What he said at the beginning must be fulfilled today. Nalan Yanran did not understand why her grandfather did not agree to her divorce, but she knew why someone agreed to her divorce. So she proved herself by practicing hard, then joined Yunlanzong as a disciple of the suzerain, and finally retired in the name of the master. (Yun Lanzong does not have any rules that cannot be married. Yun Yun was once used to solicit King Dan Guhe.) But she is young, does not understand the situation and the representative meaning of one thing, she is worried that she will be rejected if she retires privately. , I was also worried that the Xiao family would ask Father Nalan to cause the plan to fail. So she used this kind of tactics of overwhelming people in full view. If men and women forcibly promote the relationship and call raw rice to cook mature rice, then I would like to call this trick-raw rice is poured back into the rice tank. As long as things are done absolutely, people from all walks of life will support her. Father Nalanjie can only accept this situation. After all, he loves this granddaughter so much, and Nalan has expressed such a decisive attitude. How can he be embarrassed to discuss it again? So Nalan Yanran’s retiring behavior combined with subjective and objective factors can lead to the conclusion that “all the mistakes made by young people”. Therefore, after three years, Xiao Yan would reject her offer to be a slave for expressing apologies after defeating her. Instead, he told her: “You are right, you just used the wrong way.” The three years of grievances between the two of them ended here. Blowing away in the wind.

8 months ago

I think of another novel, the story of the imperial heroine named Xiao Qi, who finally parted ways. The protagonist’s parents died unfavorably, and then the family fell into trouble. The patriarch of the good family gave him money to divorce him without the consent of Xiao Qi. The protagonist is very casual and doesn’t say that he doesn’t bully the young man. Anyway, he doesn’t know Xiao Qi, so why bother to fight for this tone. If the family wants to retreat, he will be fulfilled. On the day of the patriarch’s longevity, the protagonist frankly said that he had retired, but did not take the money. That’s all for everyone and kindness. Xiao Qi’s psychological experience is probably: I knew that I had this relationship at a very young age, and was later accepted as an apprentice by Dong Guanzheng in the capital, and began to cultivate immortals. Cultivation has a bright horizon. As long as she doesn’t go back, no one dares to force the marriage. You think that a mortal can only live for a hundred years, and it’s a big deal to kill him. Later, I heard that this future young man has a good cultivation base, and he has a small reputation for healing and saving lives. The protagonist doesn’t know her. She has seen his portrait and met in the capital. I had a good impression of him, but was told that he had been divorced a few years ago.

8 months ago

Not excessive, but improper, the term “household” is not false. It is suitable for anyone. He is as powerful as Zhu Yuanzhang and has an absolute dominance of 200% over the country. He did not let his children go. Enjoying the so-called sweet free love, why still strongly arrange the children of princes and generals to marry his sons and daughters? On the one hand, it is to continue to consolidate and strengthen the rule of the Zhu family, on the other hand, I am afraid that it will not run out. Right, right? The phoenix dragon grandson of Tianhuang nobleman shall marry a daughter of a flat-headed common people? I usually meet in the street, you have to bow down to me three times and nine kowtows, kowtow, I marry and come home to my husband and son? What picture, love? Love is cheap and everywhere, is there any difference between not marrying and being a bachelor? The same is true for Nalan Yanran. The second-generation Tianzi official of the Jiama Empire, his master is one of the strongest in the Jiama Empire, and this is a treasured apprentice, the Zongmen is the strongest sect of the Jiama Empire, there is no one, this The strongest can crush the gap of the second sect. The family is also one of the strongest. (The Douwang family is already the number one family series). I am such a promising genius to marry you the waste of a small family. ? Someone who is not even the worst genius? Why am I? If I and I are not willing, there is nothing wrong with this. It should be the same for everyone. But the way is wrong. You are looking down. At this time, you can be slow to talk to others. Calmly said that there is no need to act like this. The original marriage contract was made by the elders. It is possible for the elders of the family to come forward and clarify the words in a soft-spoken manner. Everyone looks good. Your Nalan family is rich and powerful, but But for the slightest bit, even if there is no shelf, I look down on a small family in a small city. On the contrary, the elder of the family condescends and takes the initiative to visit the house. This is full of face, right? The same is true for the Yu Xiao family, the number one family in the entire empire. If they don’t use their power to overwhelm others, they take the initiative to come to you. It’s also considered a bright face, right? Everyone gathered together and opened up the words. The Xiao family is not heartless. In the final analysis, it is a family, and it will not even face to death because of the marriage contract of a junior in the family. Stretching this relationship sticks to others, and the Xiao family also wants to continue to develop and to save face. In this way, everyone hits it off and the matter is solved perfectly. Both parties do not hurt the face, that is, you must be the bride, you, and even the family. One of the elders hasn’t shown up, so do you personally do this? In ancient terms, it’s ignorant of etiquette and manners, but now it’s silly*

8 months ago

The purpose is not excessive. The protagonist Xiao Yan himself agrees. The execution of the process is very impulsive and there is a fan who bullies others. He even wants to use the contradictions between the opposing family to squeeze the family of the suffering master Xiao Zhan from the stage. If you don’t like it, let’s talk about it in private. What does it mean to kill Xiao Zhan? This is what Tudou said through his protagonist’s mouth. There is no problem. Tudou means that Xiao Yan agrees with Nalan Yanran’s purpose. As far as Xiao Yan’s character is concerned, you talk to him in a good manner. He is likely to have no temper. Maybe they will become good friends (even in the original work, Xiao Yan later helped Nalan’s family and Nalan Yanran, if it weren’t for Yun Lanzong’s blind operation, Nalan Yanran would just be a face-slapped end, Nalan’s old man was Xiao Yan It was saved through trading). Xiao Yan always treats outsiders with direct grievances. He thinks that Nalan Yanran must slap our face and use my father’s authority. I will slap you in the face three years later and make yourself the authority of the younger generation. The rest On the one hand, what did Xiao Yan get in revenge? No, Yun Lanzong provoked Xiao Yan later, and Xiao Yan didn’t anger Nalan, didn’t he?

8 months ago

This is the typical plan is very beautiful, the practice is a mess. What I want to say is that this behavior is blameless. From the later point of view, Nalan Yanran’s reason for retiring is to pursue happiness by herself, and is a resistance to the marriage of her parents. In the ancient environment of Dou Po, it can be called a model of female consciousness awakening. However, the people accompanying her are stupid. The elders and other disciples who brought her to remarry have an above-the-top attitude, which makes it impossible to pull a spirit gathering pill. It’s for sure to make people uncomfortable, and it’s no wonder that if Yun Yun led her to retire with the protagonist at that time, I believe the process will be much better. No matter how bad, she can do it all by herself. A bunch of pig teammates, to be honest, there are few approachable and reasonable people in the upper level of the Yunlan Sect.

8 months ago

Nalan Yanran’s resignation was not wrong, but the practice was excessive. She used the method that did not give the Xiao family face the least. But just looking at retiring, it’s normal not to want to marry someone who you don’t know at all. Moreover, Xiao Yan at that time was still a trash because of Yao’s old age, but her approach was really thoughtless. Indeed, Yun Lanzong was really The first gate of the Gama Empire, her Nalan family is also a big family. It shouldn’t be too simple to use force to suppress others, but she is really so arrogant, so she should be clear, don’t be so cynic, marriage can also be retired, besides Xiao Yan You don’t necessarily want to get married. If you solve it properly, you won’t have such a big grudge, but it seems that it’s not easy to advance the plot, but Dad will still kill Yunlanzong if he is caught, but he doesn’t hate that much. . As far as the plot of the novel is concerned, this is the core of the content of the previous paragraph. Nalan’s approach makes readers very uncomfortable. It brings out Xiao Yan’s sentence of 30 years in Hedong, Hexi Mo bullying young people and poor, and let Xiao Yan endure humiliation and practice hard and then prove it. He feels more refreshing, and he also gave Xiao Yan a good goal for painstaking practice. However, she wrote many times later that she regretted it. Although it makes sense to contact Xiao Yan’s achievements at the time, it did not match the original Nalan Yanran, who was reckless but hard enough. Perhaps it was to make readers feel more comfortable. After all, this kind of transformation gives people a sense of pride, but there are contradictions in the human setting.

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