It’s better to be stocked by a mentor than to stare at you 24 hours a day! Going full of enthusiasm for postgraduate studies and vowing to include the CNS in the bag, I am afraid that this is the original intention of every researcher. Surprisingly, the skinny reality decisively extinguishes your ambitions-you have been trained by your tutor in the “herding style”, and then waiting for your tutor’s guidance is like waiting for a ship at the airport. Looking at the same period when entering other research groups, under the careful guidance of the instructor, the opening of the topic and the experiment have been on the right track, and the scientific research goal is running non-stop; but your instructor is a dragon without seeing the head, and it is almost difficult on weekdays. When you have the opportunity to meet, you will handle all the research matters yourself. It is simply an alternative portrayal of “the master leads the door, and the practice depends on the individual.” To be honest, this is already allowing students to conduct independent research. So, also at the beginning of scientific research, others are learning, and you are “starting a business”. As the saying goes, stocking is raising an entrepreneurial spirit. It is true that some graduate students with strong scientific research ability will feel like a fish in water-not only adapt well, but also grow quickly. But this is too painful for most people. After all, as we all know, starting from scratch without any guidance is difficult. When you first come into contact with scientific research, you don’t even know where the threshold is, let alone salvaging the so-called scientific research inspiration in the vast literature. You can only wander in situ and step on the pit in vain. How can you not be lost in your heart? Because of this at a loss, the seemingly long postgraduate/Ph.D. study time was wasted in the idle stocking life day by day. In the end, Yanbi became a certainty in nothing. child. But there are always more ideas than problems. Some small partners who don’t want to give up on themselves just suffocated a mouthful of blood and finally managed to get through the project on their own. It was not until before the defense was asked by the instructor: “What are you doing?” I can’t feel wronged any more! It’s no wonder that these students are full of complaints. However, “the complaint is too much to guard against heartbreaking, and it is better to keep an eye on it.” For all things, the person who needs the most responsibility is always oneself, and the next is others, and one’s own way is still to go by oneself. Instead of feeling the road is difficult, it is better to set off immediately. As the saying goes: You will win if you love to work hard. Since you have been released by your instructor, if you want to publish SCI and graduate successfully, you can only rely on yourself to work hard, so that you can truly stand on the ground. Two rules and here is a ready-made “survival” guide for the stocked people to refer to! First of all, there are two rules to keep in mind: 1. You’d better determine your research project as early as possible. Generally speaking, the tutor who stocks students has shifted their focus from academic research to administrative posts, so that they have no time to manage students. , So the students who are stocked will be more free to live and study. Perhaps the instructor can spare time to guide you, and to a certain extent help you solve the problems in the graduate training process and experimental funding, but he will most likely not tell you what to do in the next research-these things are completely determined To yourself. Since you still need to fight for your degree, students who have been stocked must not be too comfortable. They must think clearly about what they are going to do, and discuss with the tutor to determine the research direction. Then you can make a detailed experiment plan based on your own ideas and implement it step by step, while continuing to make progress in reflection. If you need guidance during this period, please contact your mentor in time-this is their duty. 2. The biggest difference between master and doctoral students and undergraduates is their ability to deal with unknown things independently. The current Internet era is not only the era with the lowest learning costs, but also the era with the most convenient access to information. If you have any questions in scientific research, search engines can help you, and what you have to do is to screen and process the information, and then output it. In addition, to maximize one’s own initiative, one needs to be more active and proactive in seeking help. For example, if you plan to learn the knowledge and skills of others, you must take the initiative to find him/her because they will not take the initiative to come to you. After all, as a student, you have to constantly jump out of your comfort zone and actively grow. When the surrounding environment cannot satisfy you, you need to expand your own space and obtain corresponding resources. Seven Coupes If you want to implement this into specific details, you need to firmly grasp the following key points: 1. Use literature as the cornerstone to find research ideas! Generally, as a freshman, you mainly learn some basic knowledge (such as experimental skills, literature reading and retrieval) to achieve the purpose of having a preliminary to intermediate understanding of your research field. The focus is to concentrate on unlocking various knowledge and skills. Among them, literature retrieval and reading skills can be said to be particularly important. You can combine the existing research topics of the research group, read a lot of literature for one or two research directions, and grasp the scale of intensive reading and extensive reading, so that you can stand on the shoulders of predecessors to discover and solve problems. Usually read the review first, then read the treatise. By looking at the summary, you can know the basic knowledge and subject level in the research field, and understand the current major developments and trends; and by looking at the treatise, you can master various research experimental methods, common patterns and general routines. 2. Do a good job of time management and reasonably carry out scientific research. The time for masters and PhDs may seem to be very long, but in fact it passes by suddenly. Although the life of stocking is free, it should be remembered: there is only a thin line between self-discipline and indulgence, and if freedom is too much, it becomes indulgence. The mentor’s failure to supervise cannot be an excuse for lax indulgence in your studies, otherwise you will be blind when you graduate. Although the instructor does not find you regularly to learn about the research, you must be aware of the progress of the project yourself, and grasp the rhythm when you complete the experiment, write the article, and submit the paper. 3. Hold the thighs of the brother and sister tightly and avoid detours. In the laboratory, the brother and sister are the people closest to you except the tutor. As the most reliable friends on the front line of experiments in your field, they can give you a quick understanding of the research direction of the research group and the style of the instructor. The most important thing is that they may all have experienced the academic difficulties you are facing, which can help you avoid many detours. It can be said to be the most suitable guide for your scientific research. Can’t read the literature? ask! The instrument won’t work? learn! Can’t write articles? At this time, if you don’t hold the thighs of the senior brother and sister tightly, when should you wait? So cherish the opportunity that the seniors and sisters find you to work: firstly, learn the knowledge of the technology, and secondly, when you work independently, it can help you complete your work faster. It must be remembered that when you drink water, do not forget to dig the well. When you can stand alone, don’t forget to be grateful for their help when you are most difficult. 4. Learn to solve problems independently and improve your ability to be independent. Of course, you can’t rely too much on seniors and seniors. Their obligation is only to lead you to the beginning. As a stocked person, you have to be self-reliant, learn to take the initiative, be self-reliant, and be self-reliant. After all, you will become a big brother/sister. Try to retrieve the basic questions by yourself. When doing experiments, you must first understand the basic principles and operations, think more, and then ask the brothers and sisters if you really don’t understand. Otherwise, ask all questions. This kind of do not make any effort will make the laboratory brothers and sisters think you are lazy, and sometimes it will arouse the disgust of the brothers and sisters. 5. Take the initiative to communicate with the instructor, as the saying goes, the mountain is not me, I will come. Many students are prone to continue their undergraduate thinking when they are in graduate school, and they are afraid to communicate with their tutors, so that they will hide themselves when they meet a tutor. In fact, at the beginning of graduate school, you should talk frankly with your supervisor: what problems are encountered in scientific research, how to solve them, what needs to be done to meet the graduation requirements, and what is the next time arrangement so that you can There is a clear understanding of the scientific research career in the next few years. When you encounter a problem, don’t stand in place and wait, take the initiative to contact your tutor, and seize every opportunity to “familiarize yourself” with the tutor. For example, take the initiative to report progress (one to two times a week or once every half a month), take the initiative to show your experiment plan and experiment results to the teacher, to avoid deviation from the general direction. In view of the fact that “stocking” tutors are generally busy, pay attention to skills when communicating with tutors. For example, it is best to call or send a WeChat in advance to make an appointment (don’t delay too long, preferably within a week). ), summarize all your questions first, and then ask them clearly at one time. It is recommended that you can also record a sound to ensure that there is nothing wrong. 6. Use Internet resources to be a research surfer. The academic circle is really small. Because it is small and specialized, it is easy for researchers in the same direction to gather in an academic discussion group. So you can go online to find academic and subject-related public accounts, microblogs, exchange groups and other platforms, and then join them. Don’t be stingy about sharing your experience at this time, and don’t be shy about asking for advice. It is said that masters are among the people, and perhaps there are big cows in related fields in the group. Then through the boss’s advice to you, you can broaden your horizons, clear up your inner myths, and create a sense of enlightenment on scientific research. Why not do it? Therefore, students who have been stocked must understand the principle of “using all resources”. 7. Make career planning in advance and effectively use the time of graduate students to become a stocking stream. The biggest advantage is that after being stocked by a mentor, you will have a lot of time to think about life. Then, on the premise of ensuring that your studies can be completed, think more, do more, figure out what you want, and make good use of your free time. If you plan to work after graduation, then learn some practical skills that you think may be used in subsequent work. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to industry trends, conduct appropriate internships, and accumulate your resume in advance. If you plan to continue your studies, you should try to think more about the research ideas mentioned by your supervisor, learn more from the experience of your supervisor in scientific research, and learn to think independently. It is very important to have your own ideas. On this basis You must also accumulate more data, post more articles, and contact your favorite tutor in advance. In short, sharpen the knife and not cut the wood by mistake, plan ahead and prepare in advance. In short, when you are being restocked, please do a good job of psychological construction, remember to put all your emotions in your research and study, you must figure out what kind of person you want to be, and then do your best to adapt to the objective environment, even if the follow-up is true. You can’t read it anymore, and you can have a clear heart when you make the choice to give up. Finally, as a tutor in scientific research training, Sauerkraut teacher summed up 90 suggestions from the tutors, senior brothers and sisters, literature writing, SCI artifacts and other aspects to everyone, hoping to help the medical scientific researcher!

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6 months ago

Both graduate school and non-primary school. Able to learn by oneself and know oneself. To graduate, one must be diligent. If you want to relax, leave school quickly. Lying at home is the most joyful. Play and eat chicken, beat the king. Not also pleased, how to study graduate school. Regardless of the teacher, the stocker. It’s a common thing, and it should be. The tutor is busy, and the subject is applied. The meeting opens and the paper is written. Contributions are complicated and hard work. Administrative positions are even more troublesome. The teaching is not strict and the teacher is lazy. Curriculum learning requires self-consciousness, and reading literature requires self-consciousness. Experiments should be done consciously. Academic research needs to be conscious. Writing the thesis requires self-consciousness. Stockers, or self-improvement. Senior brother teaches, senior sister takes. High savvy can be accomplished. The topic is done, and the standard is written. Thesis writer, more than a dozen papers. Associate professor, graduation review. Really capable, CNS. Good luck, CNS. Mentor Niu, CNS. Ordinary people, or depraved. Fallen people, not up to the standard. The school is cleared, and the academic qualifications are invalid. When I drop out of school, my family is annoying and the tutor is kind. Or help, diploma mix. Looking for a job, there are still pits. The tutor cover, the unit is good. Find it by yourself, my eyes are bright and snowy. Researchers, less concentration. For graduation, for academic qualifications. For the diploma, for the money. For promotion, for life. The goal is clear, knowing and doing. If you encounter a pit, work hard to pit each other. After graduation, we must forget each other. Gou rich, don’t recognize each other.

6 months ago

The protagonist is not me, but my good friend Y classmate during my Ph.D. Y classmate and I are not a mentor. Strictly speaking, his mentor is my fellow brother, who is also the most proud disciple of my mentor. When we were studying at NTU, Y’s tutor was an associate professor, just like my tutor. Of course my tutor has now been promoted. My tutor’s promotion was slow due to many reasons. For example, I left school midway to start a company, and later came back, which delayed my time. For example, I was out of luck and lost several students (GPA did not meet the requirements for renewal scholarships). Was dropped out of school & moved to a prestigious American school by myself, etc.), at that time there was not enough doctoral graduates needed to train for Professor Shengzheng. My tutor is known for being strict, but Y’s tutor is really kind as an angel: he never pushes students, and has no requirements for students. Anyway, graduation is your business, so worry about it yourself. There isn’t even a group meeting. The students rushed to make an appointment with him to report on the progress. After Y figured out his mentor’s routine, he was very depressed. Every time he went to talk to his mentor about topics and ask for ideas, he was filled with chicken soup. I was very excited when I heard it, and I started to think about a few philosophical questions after I left the tutor’s office: Who am I? Where am i? Why am i here? In addition, Y’s mentor asks for leave or anything, just ask for it in seconds. Y goes home in December every year, and takes the 21-day annual vacation at one time, plus Christmas and New Year’s Day, which is exactly a whole month. We have to ask a fake tutor like this for a long time, and put a lot of additional conditions…I really envy it. It’s not that Y’s tutor has no real talents. Whether it’s teaching or doing scientific research, Y’s tutors are very good: they have a good reputation among students, and they have many articles and patents. I even suspected that he didn’t get promoted as a professor because he was suppressed by my tutor: if the tutor didn’t get promoted, the students got promoted, and some of them didn’t give face. Anyway, Y’s mentor is doing nothing to train students, and standard herding. Originally, the general direction of Y’s research is highly similar to mine. We are in a large research group, and the subdivision directions are slightly different. Later, after discovering that the tutor only used chicken soup and the facilities of the school laboratory were cheating, Y fully tapped his scientific research potential, gave up doing device technology, changed to device physics, and talked to the tutor about his ideas… His tutor replied : I think it works, it’s all pretty good. Starting from the second year, Y began to produce. Investigating the interface between semiconductors and high-k materials is like playing APL. Correspondingly, my APL was rejected again and again. Every paper put me as a co-author and made my name show off. However, I had constipation in my papers, and I was often ashamed because it was difficult to repay Y’s famous grace. Y posted seven articles and graduated on time. Among them, four are APL (Applied Physics Letters), two are APEX (Applied Physics Express), and one is JVST(a) (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology: A), all in one. In addition, there are also two conference papers. But there is no bonus for graduation. Our graduation is only a journal paper. After graduating to find a job, Y’s mentor began to work hard. The lover of the mentor, that is, Shi Niang is an executive of a large semiconductor manufacturer in Singapore, so the interview is just a formality. After handing in the thesis, I went to move the bricks. The revision of the thesis and the defense were all done after taking time off and returning to the school. Please highlight: Y 87, from Jiangsu, height 172, no girlfriend yet. PR has been around for four or five years, and often hesitates between returning to China and staying. There are reliable girls in Singapore, please help keep Y, brothers can also make appointments from time to time, and I can disss him in person. Conclusion: The tutor of the herding sheep will not be able to draw good students. The premise is that the students must be self-disciplined and have a certain degree of independent scientific research ability. (If I was accepted by Y’s tutor, I should still be worried about graduation thesis.)

6 months ago

What kind of graduate students really do not matter whether they are released by their supervisors. When you want to find a job, do not want to do scientific research, and have no interest in the research direction of your tutor, and your tutor forces you to post all kinds of articles with little gold content, allowing you to do all kinds of chores to occupy your study time and job search time If you don’t let you go for an internship, you will find how happy it is to have a stocking teacher. Many of the classmates who were stocked by the mentor around me, although no one cares, still live a life without the summer vacation 9 11 6. They have plenty of free time to plan their future preparations, and in the end they all get a bunch of good offers. It all depends on what the graduate students end up with. How do you still want to count on your mentor in the future? The instructor is a big cow.

6 months ago

Hey, report your own black material and my angel mentor. I am a graduate student who was stocked by my supervisor, pure stocking is not adulterated at all. The reason for my postgraduate entrance examination, um, was forced, too many subjects without a bachelor degree. During the retest, what do you think is your greatest strength? This question stumped me. Looking back at more than 20 years of life, it is really hard to find the advantages of being able to get on the table. He said for a long time, I love to learn, thief loves to learn that kind. That’s it, my mentor wants me, the stalwart image of a pro-daddy. As soon as I graduated from graduate school, I showed a school-weary temperament like no one before, no one has come before, and the earth-shattering, every minute of the air! In the original words of my mentor, hey, it’s a good kid to step on a horse, and he’s on the wrong path. Didn’t you step on a horse and say that you love to learn? I’m so cheating? Think about the kind of hatred that my mentor saw me at the time, plus a trace of regret, a trace of distress, and a trace of Lao Tzu’s expression that could see you when he was blind. I have an inexplicable guilt and… small excitement. During graduate school, the tutor basically ignored me, but really didn’t care. My tutor still loves to study academically, and he has no time to control me. But I cherish the opportunity to meet with my instructor, and I try to express myself as much as possible every time I meet. I won’t talk about the specific details, and there is no relationship with academic wool. After every deep and intense conversation, the instructor increasingly thinks that the truth of my special is not learning this material. But the relationship with the mentor is still relatively good, running errands to deliver meals, and helping the mentor to hide from the sky (I’m sorry, I’m sorry), this matter is all handled by me, I’m a thief6. In fact, my character does not have much life pursuit, and my ideal in life is that I want to get a diploma. But this paper was really troublesome, and I was really worried about it at the time. Until the other day I received a text message from my mentor, my roommate asked me what was happening at home, and asked me why I had to call my father on the phone. The tutor sent me six words, don’t worry too much about graduation. I couldn’t sleep that day. In the middle of the night, if the old man had any deeper meanings, he returned one to the instructor. Boss, you told me not to worry too much. Is it useless to worry, you want to postpone me? The boss replied to me based on the principle of kindness and friendliness. I felt at ease after reading it. The instructor said go! As for what happened in the end, it should be obvious that I am doing a job that is incompatible with this major, and I am like a happy little cripple here, who writes knowingly. I am fifteen i love you

6 months ago

Have you ever asked the question of classic welding, welding, waterlogging, and waterlogging. Have you considered those students who are open all year round in 997? Have you ever considered a classmate who jumped off the building in a certain school? To be honest, stocking and 997 you let me choose one, I choose stocking. In stocking, you can mix and mix, and if you want to be motivated, you can also motivate. As long as the school is not bad, you are not lazy, and if you can’t do something with a tutor, then it’s just being skinny. You really have nothing to do. Can you go for an off-campus internship? Do you know how envious people are for the second internship? It’s really impossible. You go to a big factory for an internship after you finish your studies. If you forget that you are a graduate student, just come back and get your diploma. Isn’t that fragrant? Do you know how awesome the two-year internship experience at a big factory is? Shuangfei’s worth can raise you to C9. 997. If you like this job, it would be nice, like my friends who don’t like their own projects, that’s Rand The pain in the house continues to hurt every day. The instructor’s requirements are still strict, and there must be results, or continue to work overtime. They have a dinner in the laboratory. The boys drank, the girls cried if they didn’t eat, talk or do anything. A group of people cried and cried while playing with their mobile phones. You haven’t experienced this kind of life. I don’t think you are qualified to make irresponsible remarks to graduate students, really. Being a bastard is a kind of happiness, don’t know the blessing in the blessing. The real trouble is that those academically strong bosses have a stocking tutor, so they are depressed. Not to mention that this situation is really in the single digits. Even if there is, the big guy is a big guy and will not be buried, and stocking is just a delay in his development cycle. If you are really such a big guy, you can’t ask this question, because the big guy will find things for himself. For example, I know a stocking big guy. He basically took three years to teach himself Unreal 4 and art design, and he went straight to graduation. For Benmiha tour, there may be more than one villa now. Really big guys worry about such trivial things?

6 months ago

Dogs studying abroad have been stocked since the first year of the master’s degree. All the experiments rely on themselves, and the ppt in academic conferences all rely on themselves. In the end, they all rely on themselves for the graduation defense. The tutor only saw my ppt on the day of my defense. But fortunately, I like my industry, and I like freedom and don’t like being managed. However, when I arrived at Bo I, I had a big quarrel with my tutor because of some things that I couldn’t bear, and then sorted out two articles about the master’s level data within half a year, and forced him to send it out for me. Later, based on these two articles and other achievements, I successfully applied for a scholarship that my doctoral students all wanted, with research funding attached. After Bo Yi had a big fight with the professor, he was put in a state of ignoring each other with the tutor. At this time, I started to freely do what I wanted to do. After all, no one was in charge. By the time I won the scholarship, the subjects I had done independently had decent results, and our circles here began to become famous. Later when the mentor himself wrote a new round of funding applications, Pi Dian Dian’er came to me to “borrow data” and told me that whether or not I borrowed my data directly related to whether he could get the funds.

6 months ago

This question suits me too well, both research and doctoral tutors are stocking. To talk about the difference, give an inappropriate example from the perspective of love: giving a topic and pushing your mentor is like a “baby pro” from childhood. Although there are ups and downs on the growth path, it is fortunate that the goal is clear. Children who have been put up by their mentors have to be forced to develop a “sea king” mentality-if the only project is unsuccessful, and if they are busy for a long time and find that they are off track/negative, they will face the risk of failing to graduate. Put the eggs in two or three baskets to ensure that graduation will not be delayed. My graduate tutor didn’t care at all and didn’t know what I was doing until I graduated, so I started my first study. Suddenly one day I felt that the topic was wrong and couldn’t proceed. He changed the topic eagerly. This made me extremely insecure for the next two years. Feeling (like the mentality of being with a scumbag man/woman who can’t see the future?) Start again, with one subject as the backbone and the other as a guarantee (meta analysis and review are not particularly difficult, right? Just take a look The literature doesn’t need to produce the data by yourself), the main staff, as the final graduation thesis, will have to prepare their own specimens to produce the data. I am very worried that I will not see the publication after graduation. I feel really anxious to cross the river by feeling the stones. I envy those tutors who give the subject. Give guidance to students. Of course, this cultivated my ability to think independently. So in the first semester of graduate school, I voted for three at the same time in two months. Two core articles and one national journal are all quite good, but if you hire one for graduation, it will be enough. Later, I was lucky, and all three were accepted, which is also a pleasant surprise. The difference between the results: I don’t have SCI issued by the students under the guidance of the tutor, academic scum is undoubtedly, and there is a sense of inferiority. But fortunately, there is no crutches in this process, and you can find a lot of experience on your own. You will find that the first one is the most difficult to hold out, the second one is much better, and the third one is a bit more memorable. Later, when I met some cases after work, they naturally had some “data sensitivity” and could not do big clinical research. I encountered some difficult and miscellaneous diseases. It would be good to report a case. This is probably the benefit of stocking-the development of independent thinking ability. Ph.D. is completely different from graduate students. It is a more basic and cutting-edge research in professional subdivisions. The instructor will not tell you what to do, but will report to him what you have done recently. It is still a “sea king” mentality, with a clear backbone, but one or two theses must be used as a “spare tire” for graduation. Read more literature to cultivate feelings, find some ideas, determine what you need, and study with questions. I think this is the biggest gain that a graduate student can bring to me — not the paper of academic qualifications, but the actual independence Thinking and summarizing include the use of academic language. For example, experiment principles, to understand each small concept will look through a lot of scientific research videos and documents, in order to write English papers, write a short review once a week to practice hands, record some of the highlights of the paper, etc. And the tempering of the mind: repeated self-examination, self-questioning, encouragement, suggestion, and self-spurring, all turned into a calm lake. I hope that everyone can endure and enjoy this journey. I hope that you will never have a “sea king” mentality in your relationship and wait for a smooth landing. The best results are 100% dedicated to your efforts.

6 months ago

The thesis is not a guide, including the graduation thesis. In the end, the graduation thesis was revised by the master supervisor, and the undergraduate thesis tutor for the dissertation. The PhD supervisor before graduation also scolded me for a trivial matter, saying that I had a document that I didn’t ask him to sign, which was not easy for him. However, when the goose was not in the country, the teaching secretary did not notify us that we needed to sign. I asked other classmates afterwards and they said they didn’t know that they needed to sign, but their tutor, because they were in school, took the initiative to remind them to sign when they didn’t have the document. What can I say? Don’t see me after graduation. I have been studying for a PhD for a few years and no one cares about my life and death. After work, my colleague asked me, did your mentor contact you for work? I said no, we don’t even have the qualifications to hang up his project, so we can talk about helping to find a job. They all looked shocked.

6 months ago

Write about my own situation. First of all, give some suggestions to everyone in the stocking, be sure to go out and communicate with others more, whether it is a meeting or an internship, don’t bore yourself up. Stocking, research three, no one will help you find the direction at first. I see upstairs saying that stocking is abolished if you don’t work hard. I will tell you from the fact that there is no clear direction at the beginning, and hard work is just blind work. The best way to destroy a person is to let this person work hard. I don’t know if this situation is my own experience, where I sit and wrestle every day, only I know the sorrow and sorrow in my heart. After I gradually came out and communicated with more people, I had some direction, but it was only when I had just met the requirements for graduation. Autumn recruits not only the teacher of Huake who write the graduation thesis, but also the teacher of Huake who always reminds you of graduation. I really hope that I can do something with people who have ideas, but the day is not fulfilled, it seems that my luck is not very good every time. The autumn trick is cold, and the most frightening thing is that there is no clear goal now. This period of time is also frustrating and frustrating. I feel that the decisions made in the past six months are the same as Shi. I hope I can be lucky enough to be caught up when I am recruiting. I hope every kind child can meet his dream come true.

6 months ago

Stocking is nothing. The coordinate northeast is the last 211, the cross-professional postgraduate entrance examination, the score is enough to read the big boss, but the big boss does not accept inter-professional students, and transfers to the hands of the little teacher under his name, stocking, to be honest, in our kind In the less mature majors that focus on experimentation, it’s important to have a reliable brother, sister, or teacher. The teacher doesn’t care, no one teaches how to do the experiment. The senior sister above was graduated by the teacher. When I came to me, I wanted me to experiment and produce results. I don’t know how to start the experiment. My senior sister can’t. I brazenly ran to other teachers to learn. Everyone is clinging to each other and I don’t want to. Let me learn, and I’m not my own elder brother and sister, and others are unwilling to teach. Without that obligation, I will help others to do the work. I will learn in the cracks. I think it is difficult, difficult, really difficult. Now it’s almost the end of the term. , The big boss asked who else in the group did not have the qualifications to respond. It was me and the other two boys. Those two were notoriously not doing work, and I was the only one who did the work by myself and the teacher did not give articles. . . For the past three years, from my own perspective, I have not been sorry for myself. When others are sleeping, I am writing a final paper, and when others are resting, I am carrying out experiments for the senior sister. I have done everything I can do. I don’t know what the teacher thinks. , When I was about to graduate, I suddenly felt that my life was meaningless. What I desperately wanted to obtain and cherish was only the things that other people could easily get. It’s ridiculous, how humble and diligent I was for three years. Live a joke

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