Speaking of it, if the status of the original god in the future is still not touched, then in theory this game can never end (in terms of the plot, because in terms of the game, many heroes have graduated from the weapon sacred relics). Assuming that within 10 years, the status of the original god has not been touched… This is actually quite sad. There has been no major development in domestic games for 10 years, which means that the original god will almost never end. Assuming that within 10 years, the original god suffers from dimensionality reduction, MR games, stealth games appear, and more sci-fi game methods make people abandon the original god, or Mihayu himself has a new original god who can sneak, then maybe the original god (Currently, the multi-platform original god) will be over…but a new era, or a new original god, will also be born. So whether it can be over or not depends on the development of the market and the game industry. But at least from the original god-Tihuat chapter, these information can tell that the original god’s ambition is not small. The seven earthly kingdoms may be just a small fragment of the continent. Maybe if Mihayou thinks about it, then more chapters can be written… There is even no problem in shaping the original god into the collapse of the four. And from the beginning cg, it can be seen that there is a high probability that in the continent of Tivat, the protagonist will not find the white-haired goddess. Maybe they will meet relatives, but they will always miss it for various reasons or they can only find something. Sensing (either by your side or far away, but Paimeng will probably not be the maintainer of Tianli) then just add anything else, let the protagonist go to another world because of the breath of his relatives (in defeating the ice god After that, I got some information)… Or simply Sky Island itself is another plane, a land of gods larger than Tivat. The protagonist of becoming a god is here and the existence of ants, and it becomes at full level. Level 180… (Hundred Heavens Statue?). In short… the end is very simple, one is the end of the Tiwat chapter, or the end of the game suspension. It’s also very simple to want to end. Just like Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, you can’t catch sheep and can’t find relatives. But, as a mortal surnamed Zhong said: The journey will always come to an end, and there is no need to rush. Compared with the end of the day, I hope that the original god can do a good job in the journey. (The implication: Leave your brother/sister! So many wives/husbands not fragrant?)


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

unpredictable. As long as you have money to make money, you can continue to do it… “World of Warcraft” has never been played and heard of it~ Where are the stories about World of Warcraft written?
Alliance dogs and tribal pigs hit Mars from the earth, then hit the Arctic Circle, then hit the bottom of the sea, then hit Australia, and then…cross to the ancient Martian civilization and hit again~ When are they heads? There is no ending, only endless dog-blooded tails.

6 months ago

From the map, you can see Liyue Port and Mond City in the two areas of Tiwat Continent. If you pay attention to the icon design of adventure experience and character experience. Left: Suspected World Tree, Right: Characters are not difficult to infer There will be other growthable values ​​of the same kind in the future. 1. In addition, some players analyzed the plot and suggested that the current teleportation points are tools set by the gods to extract the essence of the continent. 2. Combine with “the starry sky of the Tiwat continent is false” 3. Then Combining the “sky island” that has not yet appeared and the “floating stone” mentioned in the plot of the Sea Lantern Festival, it is not difficult to infer that the original god may have a second map as far as the underground? Is there a sky or an underground? Is the third map possible? I just got a rough understanding of this. I’d like to say that it’s better to see other people’s detailed analysis of the original God’s plot, so that it can better reflect the original God’s huge worldview. Talk about the story of the original God. Just a few days after the opening of the service, the official release pv Xueyuan yukitobi: Tell you: The relative you lost is now the boss of the Abyss Order. The Tevalin incident (that is, the dragon) is her ghost pv. My sister said we will meet eventually, but my brother is not here. , Not now, let us see you at the end of the journey and witness the precipitation of everything until then… You will definitely understand me… Is it blinded? This pv released when the server is opened, is it enough for you to think about it for a long time? It’s just a brief talk about the plot. It is possible that the original god may become a “except the open world, any type of game can be played”. This can be combined with Beng San and the current original god hide and seek, maze, multiplayer survival, Gunfights, sports games, and even the massively multiplayer real-time online mode of eating chickens. In the future, it is not impossible to talk about the plot. It is necessary to jump outside the framework of the original gods because the Tiwat continent is just a fragment in the Miha travel universe. It has been confirmed in the story of Honkai 3 because Otto has observed multiple worlds in the story. Is Tivat only one of the worlds to find the original god? Of course, we can not go deep, because Miha travels to the universe now. To say that it is too far and deep for us, there is nothing to say, or to return to the original god. This is too much to say, or the sentence that persuades the subject to look at other people’s detailed analysis of the original god’s plot, so that it can better reflect Dewar God’s huge worldview

6 months ago

Let’s take a look at the timetable of fgo that is a single-player mobile game at the same time. Launched in August 2015. The third chapter will be opened on November 5, 2015. The fourth chapter will be opened on December 28, 2015. Opened on March 30, 2016 Chapter 5 Opened on July 25, 2016 Chapter 6 Opened on December 8, 2016 Chapter 7. Chapter 1.5.1 Opening hours have not been found July 2017 Chapter 1.5.2 Open 1.5 .3 Chapter opening hours have not been found November 29, 2017 Chapter 1.5.4 Opening April 4, 2018 Chapter 2.1 Opening is probably the opening in July 2018 Chapter 2.2 December 2018 Chapter 2.3 Opening the sea Open in June 2019 Chapter 2.4 Open in April 2020 Chapter 2.5 Open This is a plot opening schedule that spans about 5 years. The life cycle of the original god should also be planned for more than 5 years. So eager to find the brother’s guy, I advise you to do it yourself.

6 months ago

The biggest obstacle to the original new main line (map) is the lack of driving force. In other mobile games, the new main line is to create new characters, expand the number of characters in the game, increase the attractiveness of new characters, or increase the content of the game, so that old players will not abandon the pit. But now the original god is already on the way to collapse 3. Looking at the meaning that the first two maps can provide now, you can probably guess what additional things will be added to the next map: the character’s characteristic advanced materials are gone. Other one-time items are all one-time, do not count as an additional increase, and the added stamina tank is not an additional increase, because these are all disposable items, and the special advanced materials related to the brush. The different daily locations are not increased, but 4 daily refreshes per day, which is not an increase at present, and many players will not care. But you want: a large area of ​​explorable maps, unique designs, unique material monster camps, treasure chests, puzzles, puzzles, guide elves, a large number of NPCs, dialogues and plots, as well as branch lines, new daily routines, and other tasks. Only the unique materials are the things that will be added to the new characters, and it should not be difficult to obtain them. Compared with the high-input production, the number of new players attracted is estimated to be small, and the old players will also krypton if they do not open new maps, unless. . . Unless the old players want a new map, and there is not much krypton gold. If the original god is a sentimental producer game, like the previous fgo, the new chapter will be there because it should be there, then it will be good after that. But if the original god is like the current fgo, the exciting new release is to restore the decline, then the plot may be longer than the life of the game.

6 months ago

I’m afraid it won’t be over.
Mihayou is ready to open a new hole.
“The demon god who failed to fight for the position of the gods did not want to be ruled by the seven gods, and fled outside the jurisdiction of the seven gods.”
How big is this place?
do not know.
So the high probability in the future is that the heat is high, and it is infinite outside the jurisdiction of the seven gods.
The eunuch stopped serving in low heat.

6 months ago

At present, the characters prepared in the early stage have been consumed almost. The latter roles are all newly created. Mihayou’s character production capacity is estimated to be 8-12 seasons a year. The Liyue characters of Beidou were made in 19 years and 20 years, and some maps have been launched recently: the big map is about one year. Update once, the small area is 3-4 versions. The team of more than 700 people is also divided into many groups to advance the work simultaneously. If the team’s efficiency is high enough, the future game production capacity is still objective. Now the plot consumes a little bit. The article is the focus of travel, but the starting point of a new plot

6 months ago

The easiest way to end: the eunuch is unfinished, because mhy’s own problems lead to the mechanical surrender and stop the service. Normal online game operation: In the mid-term, various activities are used to delay, the main storyline does not advance, and the world view of the entire game (such as built-in gal) is improved. Until mhy is ready for the next successor of the original god, he will find an opportunity to end Tivat. Go elsewhere. Web-style operation: upgrade to the map to fight monsters, play all over Tivat, and then go to other continents to fight, and then go up after the fight. . . Anyway, there is a conspiracy behind it. Meta ending method: Paimeng crosses the dimension wall and unloads the game directly for you. Cyberpunk ending method: the protagonist fainted before the final battle, and when he woke up, he found that everything was over. Tivat entered the age of technology. The protagonist needs to use a device to explore what happened in the past, and then fire up the previous plot again. . Butter end method: What kind of heavenly principles, seven gods, crawl, please choose a wife and live a life of farming in the country without shame, dlc is sold separately through special means, and all the characters can be triggered after all the characters are completed.

6 months ago

Thanks invite, let alone the end, I think the status quo is already very worrying. From the Sea Lantern Festival to the Wind Flower Festival, this game seems to have stopped. In terms of content updates, there is no harvest. If it weren’t for the running water of the two roles of Walnut and Mandrill, I really don’t know how Mihayou spent this year. Run errands during the Sea Lantern Festival, so I can bear it. For New Year, be busy. The Fenghua Festival is here. At the beginning, there is a saying that the Mond people must do their own work at the Fenghua Festival, and will not ask you to help. Don’t worry and relax, as soon as the activity interface is unlocked, well, it’s another series of errands, which will be unlocked every week. Is this really different from the Sea Lantern Festival? Several challenges, shooting balloons and flying challenges are completely the original mechanics of the game, because you have these two things in the map exploration and decryption. (The map is not a balloon, it’s a kind of plant. When you hit it, three balloons will fly out and burst into a treasure chest.) As for audio games, all online games have played audio games. This can’t be regarded as copying, this is called copying. I remain pessimistic about the current development progress of Yuanshen, because I feel that apart from seeing the workload of the artist, I can’t see what other people are doing. New maps and new gameplay have been delayed, and the current loss of Yuanshen players has begun to expand. Many friends around me who have opened servers have sold accounts and retired. When I asked them the reason, it was just as discussed. The reasons were all too boring. Therefore, Yuanshen is currently having a major problem, and the development progress cannot be kept up. One version has to be split into n versions. As for the end, to borrow a favorite sentence from the netizens next door, wish me a long life.

6 months ago

Is the plot over or the game is out of service? What the player can’t finish the plot is not to write a novel, so leave a little at the end, and then go crazy. The game is out of service, and for now, the degree of adhesion of the game to the user cannot be found. Not responsible for guessing is also the appearance of collapse 4. Playing the original god like drinking a certain drink, I remembered it, I can’t remember it when I took a sip, and it’s the same with drinking other water. The game’s physical strength mechanism + krypton gold mechanism + no combat power, resulting in the original God has no actual adhesion. For example, World of Warcraft, the story of shopping, it can be said that you are not tired of shopping every day. The Fighting Force Party, which has penetrated all versions of the 5-member team, and the rice pursuit equipment. The Pokémon Party pvp party belongs to the first party. With this horizontal comparison of the original god, shopping, the game has been served for half a year, and only two and a half places should be visited. There are so many achievements. The battle power of the original god of the war power party is the abyss 12th floor full of stars, which is simply low. Two days before station b, there was a zero krypton and zero draw party that passed the 12th floor full of stars. The sacred relic is even worse, one hand is 1 minute, and the physical strength is only 10 minutes a day, and then a day is spent in vain. Full role 90? That’s Krypton’s business. Nothing else. For me now, I play Yuanshen only because 1. I have played and I don’t want to give up for the time being 2. There is no other substitute for the time being. Other can’t think of it.

6 months ago

As long as it operates normally, the game will definitely not end. The current version of the game is 1.4, and it will be 1.5 and 1.6 soon, and then it is said that there is no 1.7 and Daoji directly becomes 2.0. The front is the large version number of the natural number change, so how can the 5 countries reach 6.0; Needless to say, this 1.4 is only the first chapter and the fourth act. We will finally meet again, and now there are only a few branches of various roles. They are all unfinished, and there are only 4 roles in the invitation mission, and there is only one main event at first sight. Then, new characters are constantly being released, new characters have new tasks, there are event tasks, and holiday re-enactments. There are also new mechanisms, and the next version of the home system is also good. I feel that the main problem is how to install such a large continent on the mobile terminal. I am afraid.

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