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How do units in the Beijing system judge whether they will go to Xiongan? 1. Beijing-level party and government agencies, public institutions and state-owned enterprises in Beijing will not go to Xiongan. 2. The country’s party, government, and military organs are not going to go south at present. 3. Does your organization fit the positioning of national politics, culture, international exchanges, and technological innovation? Does your unit meet the functional arrangement and construction goals of the location in the “Beijing City Master Plan”? If the function of the unit corresponds to the center of politics, culture, and international communication, or focuses on serving these three, it will basically not move south. 4. But if the unit does not meet the four central positioning in 3, the crash “Beijing Urban Master Plan” is still in an important area along Chang’an Avenue or in the Second Ring Road, and there are too many people in the unit, it is very likely not only To move, or bear the brunt of the move, the first batch will move… 5. The effect of removing small units is not significant, but the effect of removing large units is obvious. 6. The possibility of relocation of units located in the suburbs is certainly lower than that in the central city, especially in the second ring road, but it should not be optimistic. Large units with a large population and those that do not conform to the outline document of the “Beijing City Master Plan” may also have to move. For example, Rocket Village on the South Central Axis. 7. Reading the original texts of important public documents, rather than reading the short-read version of the media, let alone talking from the media, can help us obtain more useful information. The important document proposes that a certain area should support, develop, and optimize a certain function, so the units related to the function will not be greatly relieved. The following two excerpts: “Beijing City Master Plan 2016-2035” on Financial Street’s original statement: Financial Street is a collection of national financial policy, monetary policy management departments and regulatory agencies, and a large number of financial institution headquarters, which is the national financial management center . It is necessary to promote the organic integration of the development of the Financial Street, the protection of historical and cultural cities, and the improvement of urban functions, improve supporting service facilities such as business, life, and culture, and enhance the carrying capacity of regional high-end financial element resources. Strengthen the effective allocation of space resources around Financial Street, and further optimize the gathering financial function. The original statement of the “Beijing City Master Plan 2016-2035” on the capital’s higher education: support Peking University, Tsinghua University and other universities to build world-class universities and form a group of world-class disciplines. Coordinate the spatial layout so that there are colleges and universities in all districts. Optimize the development environment of the Haidian District Higher Education Cluster, Liangxiang Higher Education Park, and Shahe Higher Education Park, build a world-class higher education park, and enhance the overall strength and international competitiveness of higher education. 2. Will Beijing no longer attach importance to the economy in the future? This is the proper fake news, some of the hot topics that the media like to make out of nothing. The future development of Beijing is to do both subtraction and addition. Subtraction means that the population of the east and west cities should be reduced, the economic activities of the east and west cities should be reduced, and the population of the city should be reduced, which cannot exceed 2300w. Addition means that the city’s economy needs to develop, the sub-centers, suburban new towns, new airports, Lize and other places need to develop high-end and sophisticated economies, and to undertake important tasks within the country’s economic system. On September 4, 2020, at the Global Service Trade Summit of the China International Trade in Services Fair, the highest level asked the world to make a statement: “In order to make better use of Beijing’s leading role in the opening up of China’s service industry, we will support Beijing to build a national service industry. Expand the opening up of the comprehensive demonstration zone, intensify the efforts to advance and test, and explore more reproducible and extendable experiences.” On September 21, 2020, the state approved the establishment of the Beijing Free Trade Zone. The scope of implementation of the Beijing Free Trade Zone is 119.68 square kilometers, covering three areas: technological innovation, international business services, and high-end industries. The international business service area is 48.34 square kilometers, including Beijing CBD 4.96 square kilometers and Jinzhan international cooperation service area 2.96 square kilometers. Km, the usable industrial space around the city’s sub-central Canal Business District and Zhangjiawan Design Town is 10.87 square kilometers, and the usable industrial space around the Capital International Airport is 28.5 square kilometers. The establishment of a comprehensive demonstration zone for the expansion and opening of the national service industry (Beijing’s only one) and the establishment of the Beijing Free Trade Zone both show that Beijing’s future economy must be additive. In fact, as long as you are willing to read the original news, these conclusions are not difficult to draw.


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8 months ago

The millennium plan is really nothing to see in a few years. Shenzhen and Shanghai have been very successful in attracting foreign investment, but the coastal open cities that can be copied have almost moved. Foreign capital is also unwilling to invest in China’s inland third-tier regions, and investment in these areas where capital proliferation is under pressure is just endlessly investing in those places. It’s time for us to go our own way. We have gone through the basic industrialization construction of the Soviet Union’s national power, planned economy, and realized urban construction from scratch (Northeast-North China-cities in the third-tier construction period). We also used Western and American market adjustments to introduce more capital to help us quickly increase productivity through market and other temptation conditions (Shenzhen/Shanghai (such as coastal open cities, external capital investment in the coastal areas can get a broad Chinese market)-Pearl Triangle/Yangtze River Delta/Rim Bohai-regional central city (province/region has a vast market, economic hinterland)). It’s time for us to go our own way. Coordinated regional development and achieve common prosperity. Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. I think Xiong’an’s practice is our small and beautiful development model for inland cities for a long time to come. The Millennium Project-I think it means that even if you explore for a thousand years, you must find a way for the harmonious development of ordinary inland cities with a large population. Personally, I don’t agree with talking about Xiong’an and saying that it’s the next Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Tokyo. I don’t think it is necessary for Xiongan to be prosperous and feasting like Shenzhen and Shanghai, but it must allow the people to live and work in peace and prosperity. Afterwards, even if we spend a thousand years, we will have to build one after another, large and small Xiong’an in all parts of the country. Let the Chinese live and work in peace and contentment, and let the Chinese nation live and work endlessly.

8 months ago

The changes in Xiong’an New District over the past four years cannot be said to be trivial. However, many changes seem to have not yet formed an exact connection with most people’s lives. Even locals may find it difficult to appreciate the benefits of Xiongan. However, many infrastructures in Xiongan are indeed under large-scale construction. If you go to Xiongan, there are not many things you can visit. For example, the earliest plans for the highway network and high-speed rail lines in the Xiong’an New District were compiled, and the highways have basically started in full. Jingxiong Expressway, Rongwu New Line, and Jingde Expressway are basically about to be completed. From Beijing to Xiong’an in the future, it will be very fast if you take the expressway. In addition, the Jinshi Expressway has been built. However, in fact, apart from the possible rapid connection between Beijing and Xiong’an by the Jingxiong Expressway. The other Rongwu New Line, Jingde Expressway, and Jinshi Expressway are not within the jurisdiction of Xiongan. They are just the road network around Xiongan, similar to the Sixth Ring Road outside Beijing. It can be imagined how many roads must be built in the future to realize the connection between the Xiongan New Area and these roads. The construction of high-speed railways is really slow. Except for the rapid completion of projects like Jingxiong Intercity, the rest of the Xiongxin High-speed Railway, Jingxiong Commercial High-speed Railway, Jinxiong Intercity and the Xiongshi Intercity planned by Hebei Province showed no signs of starting construction. However, Xiong’an Station has been completed and I have been to Xiong’an Station once. It is really the most spectacular high-speed rail station I have ever been to. The entire high-speed rail station may look like a flying saucer from aerial photography, but the internal supporting equipment is really unusual. The space is very open, and many of the designs are beautiful. It can be seen that it is a very careful project. I used to think that most of the high-speed rail stations are mainly practical, but the Xiong’an station is an exception, very beautiful. However, apart from these roads and railways, as well as the construction of resettlement houses, I feel that other changes in Xiongan New District are really not very big. To put it simply, the hardware facilities of the Xiongan New District are changing, but many useful and attractive things for ordinary people have not yet been shown. For example, such as universities, hospitals, employment, real estate investment, etc. None of the above has started construction. For the country, it may be better to build the Xiongan New Area slowly. Just like the construction of Shenzhen back then, in fact, it was not very fast. After Shenzhen was designated as a special zone, a new Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway was not built until 1987. After the establishment of the new district in Xiong’an, a new high-speed rail, Jingxiong Intercity, will be built in 2020. In 1983, Shenzhen University began to run schools. There is no news from Xiong’an University. Shenzhen only had the national trunk line-Beijing-Kowloon Railway in 1996. It is estimated that it will take three to four years to reach Xiong’an’s national trunk line, the Beijing-Hong Kong-Taiwan high-speed rail. However, Shenzhen has quickly risen up. Various Hong Kong companies and the establishment of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange have given Shenzhen a great advantage in the industrial, commercial and financial sectors. After that, Internet companies were developed, and the industry was transformed again and again. There may be many unknowns about how Xiong’an will change in the future. Shenzhen is a reference for Xiongan. Whether Xiong’an will be like many people think, no one knows.

8 months ago

The changes are great. The high-speed rail linking Tianjin to Beijing has been repaired, and the link to Shijiazhuang is also fast. At about this time, Rongcheng’s classmates said that now a crane worker, 400 in day shift and 700 in night shift, is finished on the same day. There is a feeling of “coach, I want to learn excavators” and “what is the assistant of excavators”. Baiyangdian’s hotel accommodation prices have also skyrocketed. Basically, chain hotels start at 150-200. Donkey meat is still the original price. Some public institutions in Rongcheng County no longer provide staffing, and they are also contract workers. On the other hand, as a Zhuozhou native, several roads in my hometown were completely opened up. It was said that the transformation of the city’s sewage system could not pollute Baiyangdian. At least it had not been filled in January this year. When the friends discussed it, the topic was still focused on one more dad. After all, if you don’t want to pollute Baiyangdian Lake, it means greater restrictions on motor vehicles and more restrictions on agriculture and industry. In order to develop emerging industries in the new district, it is even more difficult for the surrounding areas to implement preferential taxation and high-tech industry support policies.

8 months ago

Unlike most big cities, Xiong’an is really a city that “plans from scratch”, and this kind of planning is ahead of the times. This is a good social experiment to see to what extent “planning” can replace “natural development”. But to be honest, I think there is a bit of concern. According to some videos, Xiong’an’s planning is very detailed, but for a city, it is often that “plans cannot keep up with changes.” The development of the city is almost certain Will exceed the designer’s expectations, and then apply the patch layer by layer. In a city like Xiong’an, it is more difficult to make minor repairs because of the elaborate planning. For example, those underground pipelines, unmanned roads, and future expansion and reconstruction, I am afraid it is not simply “digging”.

8 months ago

Because I was working in Beijing, in 2009, I was considering setting up a small courtyard near Beijing to foster my temperament. Therefore, I moved my household registration from the south to a village in Xiong County by accident, and then I bought one there. Small courtyard. I planted my favorite bamboos in the yard. I would rather eat meatless than live without bamboos. Later I planted two pomegranates, and then planted another yellow peach and toon. In the years from 2009 to 2016, I go there occasionally a few times a year to clean up the dust. The small courtyard is the kind of low-rise house in the past, the windows are not very sealed, plus a long time to visit, the dust is very much, and it feels like doing exercises every time. At that time, I didn’t think much about planning. I planned to just leave it alone. When I retire in the future, I would go there to relax and do something that I like, such as reading a book, writing, drawing, engraving, and doing some carpentry. of. Seven years later, they got married, gave birth to children, and moved all their household registrations there. I was on a business trip in Shenzhen in 2017. On April 1, a friend in Shenzhen called me and said I was well-developed. I’m still wondering when I read the news that the Xiongan New District was established. Suddenly I felt that I was going to get rich overnight, and that was so refreshing in my heart, it was simply. . . . . Then I regretted it. I planned to buy a house near Baiyangdian in Xiongxian County. Because I signed the household registration, the child might use it for school, so I thought about this issue. However, my daughter-in-law disagreed. Yes, this disagreement plus the fact that the child is still young and there is no need for the time being. At the same time, she shelved what the daughter-in-law said was right at the time. Unexpectedly, this shelving came out. At the time, there was a mixed blessing: looking forward to it. I got rich overnight, but I regret not being able to get rich. Then said that Xiong’an did not speculate in real estate and suspended all real estate transactions; then there was no exciting news in Xiong’an for a period of time; and then said that Xiong’an plans to demolition (I don’t want to be demolished, my ideal farm courtyard is more interesting than a building. Of course, it is not planned yet; then the Xiongan High-speed Railway Station, which is very close to the village where the courtyard is located, opened……..occasionally concerned, in four years, I have generally experienced: excitement-loss-calm- Look forward to such an experience. Over the past four years, there are still many surprises, and I have a few deep feelings. The environment in the small village has improved. In the past, the first thing you saw when entering the village was garbage. White plastic bags floating in the wheat fields, everywhere Yes, after the establishment of the Xiongan New District, the rural garbage dumps were cleaned up, and the village roads and the surrounding houses were cleaned up a lot. Then the coal changed to gas. The air choked my nose in the winter, but now it is too fresh. The garbage is no longer there. Littering, the new rural construction, including our remote mountain villages in Hunan, have placed trash cans. The small villages are responsible for sanitation every day, and they hang the Beijing Sanitation logo. The development of the entire Xiongan New District has gradually become visible to the naked eye. The better you come, and as far as I know, the three counties of Xiong’an have restricted the transfer of junior high school entrance exams since last year, avoiding the pinch of Hebei Hengzhong. It is said that the source of high-quality students in Xiong County must be guaranteed. From the current development point of view, the future Xiong’an Education is very much looking forward to. Hebei’s high school education competition is fierce, but high-quality university education resources are scarce. I didn’t even think about marriage when I moved my household registration. Later, after Dabao was born, I realized it. Xiong’an needs to attract development. Talents and education must be addressed. If it is like the current state of Hebei, only educational restrictions limit the access of talents. Therefore, I am optimistic about the improvement of Xiongan education. There is currently news that Xiongan University will be held in 2023. The first batch of students enrolled in the year. Overall: I look forward to the follow-up.

8 months ago

To be honest, now I think there will be more things in 50 years, a thousand years? Forgive me for not having enough brain capacity. Going forward 50 years, that is, in 1971, would those who criticized the capitalists think that after 50 years, the capitalists will become the distinguished guests? Push forward another 50 years, that is, in 1921. People at that time would want to get a cruise on the South Lake that would stir the entire China and even the world? Push it forward for 500 years…People at that time didn’t even think that people could still live like this. For Xiongan, the goal is actually not important. The important thing is that the country gave a blank paper to see if we can make the best painting with our best paint. Of course, the best paint may not produce the best works, wait and see.

8 months ago

The answer is mainly divided into two factions: the fighters in the first-tier cities are optimistic about the Xiong’an and Hebei people are not optimistic about the fighters in the first-tier cities of Xiong’an. In other words, they are Bei Diao, Shanghai Diao, and Shen Diao. The reason why these people are drifting is because of the first line. The housing prices in the city make them never feel of belonging, and their children’s primary consideration is that they can’t solve the problem of going to school. As a millennium plan, Xiong’an said that the house is only rented but not sold. It instantly made them feel that Xiong’an, a place that may become the first-line, everyone is renting, and they are all on the same starting line. They feel that they are not pressured to buy a house, so they are optimistic about Xiong’an. All these people need is the hardware of the first-tier cities, and the hardware will be well planned in the newly built Xiong’an New District. Everything starts from zero, without the obstruction of the old city, a more scientific and reasonable transportation network will be built. Service facilities, larger business districts, and companies that have moved in because of national preferential policies can fulfill the dreams of dream-catchers in most first-tier cities. The reason that people in Hebei are not optimistic about Xiongan is that most people in Hebei are not optimistic about Hebei at all. First of all, after the Xiongan New District proposed in 2017, Xiongan’s house transactions were banned, and then the whole country began to speculate on houses around Xiongan, Baoding. , Shijiazhuang’s housing prices have risen sharply, causing increased pressure on local people’s lives. The second is education. As long as Xiongan’s registered permanent residence also participates in the Hebei college entrance examination, Hebei people are not optimistic about Xiongan. Hebei Province is the only province in the country that does not have 985 and 211 universities in the real sense (the only 211 Hebei University of Technology is in Tianjin), so candidates from Hebei can only go to the province to take the exam, and which province in the country is not the number of students enrolled in their own province most? You test other provinces, which means you have a higher score than the locals. Xiong’an University was built in Xiong’an, so can it be possible to recruit more candidates from Hebei? The truth of the matter is that even if Beijing’s prestigious schools move to Xiong’an, they must have recruited the most Beijing candidates. As long as the Xiong’an registered permanent residence is counted as a Hebei candidate, you have to succumb to Hebei’s education and the lack of educational resources in Hebei. Nowadays, rich people in Hebei, even families with no money, have to immigrate for college entrance examination. Tianjin is the first choice, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Qinghai are great, and the worst is to go to Heilongjiang to take the college entrance examination. I was a 2015 candidate in Hebei, and I went to a 211 university. , 60 points higher than my roommate in Heilongjiang. Hebei’s education level is completely inferior to the southern provinces. Hebei now has three high schools: Hengshui Middle School: Only the best students are admitted, and the source of students is good, so the college entrance examination results will naturally be high. In 2020, there are 108 people in Hebei Province with 700 points or more. , 78 people in Hengzhong, accounting for 70%, rely on their own efforts to raise the score of Hebei. Shijiazhuang No. 2 Middle School: recruits students with high comprehensive quality, and the number of students sent and the number of students going abroad is the highest in the province each year. Later waves do not need to take the college entrance examination. Hengshui No. 2 Middle School and schools that imitate Hengshui No. 2 Middle School: only pay attention to strict management, drain every drop of blood of students in exchange for a little bit of grades, so that the title of the questioner deserves the title. Ordinary schools do not have a good source of students in Hengzhong, and without the good hardware of Shi Er, they can only study in Hengshui No. 2 Middle School, thinking that only in this way can they get good results. Interested friends can take a look at a day in Hengshui No. 2 Middle School, which absolutely subverts your understanding of education. How many people can’t support Hengshui Middle School every year? Under high pressure management, teachers also need to go to work more than 5 in the morning and 11 in the evening. It’s time to get off work, so students who have just graduated from college have the energy to be teachers. Can this teach good students? In addition to making papers every day, I make papers, and I also make papers at mealtimes. It is famously called a buffet. Anyway, I will never go back to Hebei again. My high school classmates and the Hebei friends in my comments all have the same idea. Because it is not just education, there are also various reasons. In February 2017, the British “Guardian” compiled a list of cities with the most serious air pollution in the world and on all continents based on the World Health Organization database. Among them, 4 cities in China are on the list, and all of them are Hebei cities. Some people say that the treatment has been done a long time ago, and I will give you a photo taken during my winter vacation with my backhand. If anyone says that this is an anti-laser weapon, I will curse.

8 months ago

Xiongan’s own exploration is based on the Soviet Union’s secret administrative region/closed administrative region. The only difference from the Soviet Union is that Xiongan is neither confidential nor closed to the outside world.In other words, it wants to take a special science-like city route. The overall situation is controllable, and it is a test field for solving modern social problems. As for the common prosperity, it has nothing to do with Xiongan. Xiongan is exploring how to realize the function of the big city without reducing the operation efficiency of the function. At the same time, it is basically feasible through the cybernetic government. Xin’s quantitative social experiment to find solutions to social problems. For a specific example, you can understand Xiongan as the third new Tokyo city on the North China Plain. All data collection, analysis, and decision-making assistance are passed Automated systems (supercomputers). Of course, the Soviets have also done it, ОГАС. In other words, the main players in Xiongan must be units within the system, and super enterprises outside the system must be the main ones. Small and medium-sized enterprises may be local Incubation is the mainstay, and external small and medium-sized enterprises are not allowed to move into Xiongan. In addition, in order to cooperate with the relief, a special household registration (access threshold) education, health and salary system may be established. The typical precedent of Xiongan is the Science City in the big cities of the Soviet Union. These science cities are synonymous with high wages, high welfare and high security. For example, Dubna, Nuclear Science City Obninsk, Nuclear Science City Star City, Space City Zhukovsky, Aviation City Monino, Air Force City and the most The typical Novosibirsk Comprehensive Science City, which is the closest to the situation in Xiongan. In fact, if you have a compound life experience, you can imagine the future of Xiongan as a large-scale super compound like a prefecture-level city (similar to the Novosibirsk Comprehensive Science City). ). The so-called comprehensive infrastructure, environmental protection, smart cities, and green cities all exist in line with the main businesses of the backbone units. These can change with the changes in the work content of the units. As the capital, Beijing has also put experimental nuclear reactors. As for living and working in peace and contentment, it is possible. After all, this type of city only allows middle-level government administrators and middle- and high-level intellectuals to reside. The science city of the Soviet Union has twice the housing security and supply of living materials as large cities. Times to eight times are not uncommon. But you don’t want to find any fireworks in Xiongan, put it in the middle of Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, and immediately freeze the population flow after the administrative divisions are drawn, and it is clear that the future of Xiongan’s living security is up to everyone. Large units and the government are collectively responsible. Don’t even think about bars, nightclubs, ktv night markets, food cities and the like. It is very likely that several department stores and dozens of convenient markets are allocated according to the distribution of units and population density. Each unit has its own canteen. , You can buy food at a cost price and go home to eat. Anyway, online shopping and express delivery are so developed, and in the middle of Beijing, Tianjin, and Shibao, as long as the salary is paid, online shopping is not happy? As for the special household registration (or the entry threshold, the Soviet Union enters and exits science The city requires a pass, and only those with a work permit can do it for relatives), education, job titles, and salary systems are all things that the Soviet Union has done for decades and have proven to be very effective. The big thing is that they are willing to stay in Beijing, and their children must take the high school entrance examination. To go to high school. Willing to go to Xiongan, Zi Girls are exempted from the high school entrance examination, a 10-year consistent system, and then online universities with Beijing’s scores. The number of senior titles is allocated to the part in Xiong’an. In Xiong’an, more bonuses will be issued. Then a standard, what title and administrative level can be set up How many flat houses can be bought, how many flat houses can be bought at the lowest price, how much tax rebates for having two children, how many subsidies are given, and how many additional houses can be purchased (all are small property rights and cannot be publicly traded). These are all used in the Soviet Union. Very effective means. I hope that by that time, I will know that no one will call the residents of Xiong’an. The days are too good and unfair.

8 months ago

The level of hardware construction is first-class. We recommend official accounts such as Xiong’an Release, People’s Xiong’an Net, and Xiong’an Toutiao Broadcasting. If you follow long-term attention, you can see the context of Xiong’an’s step-by-step construction. For example, People’s Xiong’an reported yesterday on the largest railway station in Asia-Xiong’an Station. It can be seen that Xiong’an has indeed mobilized high-quality resources of central enterprises across the country to carry out high-quality construction. Let me talk about the key points I want to say. A university must not only have a building but also a master. Xiongan must not only have a tall infrastructure, but also a tall enterprise and talented person. So where do tall companies come from? According to the construction progress of Xiong’an, it is almost a critical moment to defuse Beijing’s non-capital functions, and it is time to use key means. The critical moment is actually very simple, the enterprise is easy to move-as long as the central enterprises have made up their minds, is it a big deal to move a headquarters? People are hard to move-how many people are willing to give up their work and life in the capital and go to Xiongan? The key method is actually simpler, carrots and sticks. For example, after the corporate headquarters moved to Xiongan, they went to Xiongan for a raise and stayed in Beijing to reduce their salary; for example, the high-level headquarters of Xiong’an—more promotion indicators, and the low-level Beijing—less or no appreciation Indicators; for example, companies in Beijing stop providing indicators for hukou; for example, restrictions on the supply of medical resources within Beijing’s Fourth Ring Road (only medical resources are provided for the registered population), restrictions on the supply of educational resources, and so on. The tree is moved to die, and the person is moved to live, and there are ways for the living to move to Xiong’an. If Beijing transfers one trillion gdp to Xiongan (corresponding enterprises and people), I think everyone in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will be happy. Beijing has solved the big city disease, Hebei Province has a new economic growth point, Tianjin Na. Make up your mind to overcome all difficulties. All this requires only determination. ps, yesterday, Tianjin held a meeting and the mayor presided over and delivered a speech, which was very interesting. A new stage of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is about to begin. ps2, this is the list of central enterprises in Beijing. If half of the headquarters and affiliates of central enterprises move to Xiongan, what will Xiongan look like in the future?

8 months ago

People in Hebei are not optimistic about the “Xiongan New District”. Let me first talk about why according to the current plan, the Xiongan New District still belongs to Hebei, so the people who represent the future development of the “Xiongan New District” will still be registered in Hebei. They enjoy my great Hebei. The educational resources in Xiongan New District represent that their children will still have to take the Hebei College Entrance Examination in the future. You are not the people of Hebei who can’t feel it. How many people do the college entrance examination to escape Hebei. Whatever the Xiongan New District can absorb is definitely the “talents” from other parts of Hebei. Why This “talent” will be quoted ¿ First of all, people in Beijing and Tianjin cannot give up Beijing and Tianjin to develop in Xiongan, so those who can go to the “Xiongan New Area” will certainly not be able to go to Beijing and Tianjin for development. Second, choose the “Xiongan New Area” but “Xiongan”. “New District” is not as good as the top, and more than the bottom. It is not as good as Beijing and Tianjin, but it is definitely stronger than Shijiazhuang and Baoding. Therefore, I still look down on the economy of Shijiazhuang and Baoding in these two places. The economy itself is not good, and it will be divided by the “Xiongan New District”~ the future It can be expected that Shijiazhuang, as the capital of Hebei Province, is also very confident in housing prices~ If one day in the future, “Xiong’an New District” opens, Shijiazhuang’s housing prices fall back to less than 10,000 yuan. It is not a dream. “Xiongan New District” is a “millennium plan” and I will live in 1000 years. Hope it will be okay in so long

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