After I got 50 million, I didn’t tell anyone, I just silently changed from a wage earner to a wage earner who is neither humble nor arrogant nor afraid of power. Just think about it. When I meet at work, the leader who usually wears small shoes for himself arranges extra tasks for himself. I have to just refuse it. I will only do my own job. Your second nephew should take care of this. Don’t bother Laozi. what? Is it good for my future promotion and salary increase? Don’t do that. Why should I work for your second nephew? From nine to five, leave at that point and work overtime voluntarily? No time! Use performance to pressure me? It worked before, but now I want 50 million to eat your set. Isn’t that in vain? If a leader has a meeting to ask, do you have any other opinions on the company? When the other colleagues were stubborn, it was a good opportunity for me to fight hard. I worked too much overtime, the salary was too low, the food was not fresh, and the task was too demanding. You have to watch your eldest brother-in-law make a look every day. List all his usual backlogs one by one. Is the leader angry? Hehe, I just pretended not to see it, and after I had said my opinion, I had to ask the leader what he thought. When encountering the leader’s cronyism and small groups, other colleagues scolded secretly. I can’t be honest. I must curse out in front of everyone and point to the leader’s nose: What is your brother-in-law, you don’t know? He sits in this position, is he worthy of him? And your shit, what else can you do but flatter you all day? Then everyone walked away in amazement. Generally, the time to leave the job within a few months of integrity, the company will definitely find ways to save money, can it work? The average person will endure it. If I get 50 million, can I be an average person? If you don’t pay a dime, you will fight to the end. If you don’t pay enough, then see the labor bureau. We won’t be too troublesome to go to court. Go to the work station to move things on the day of resignation. At this time, you can’t keep a low profile. You must change the electric bike you usually ride and drive your brand-new Porsche. Do you think that I will be devastated after leaving your small company? I wanted to get along with you as an ordinary person, but in the end I got your alienation. If I don’t pretend, I’m going to showdown. Then, in the envious eyes of the leaders and colleagues, he kicked the accelerator to find the next stage in the talent market.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In my daily dreaming time, I won 50 million in prizes and 40 million in taxes after paying taxes. Donated 1 million, leaving 39 million. 9 million will be kept for five years; 5 million will be used to buy two suites (sufficient in third-tier cities), 5 million will be used to build a large house on the land of her husband’s home, and a good designer will spend 500,000. This leaves 19.5 million. Give her husband 1 million, so that he doesn’t have to look at his face from unscrupulous relatives and bosses so much. Give another 5 million to my sister, so that she doesn’t have to deal with some nasty people for money (my sister is very beautiful), and she can be with my brother-in-law (not married yet, but my sister asked me to call him like this… The parents raised their heads in front of my parents. They were planning to get married because of my family’s sudden misfortune. Later, they said that my family was not worthy of theirs and kept dragging their heads. My brother-in-law liked my sister. I didn’t make any money, I couldn’t be independent, and I couldn’t go out and marry my sister. With this money, my sister should learn more, anyway, don’t waste a lot of time on meaningless things.

7 months ago

I didn’t hit 50 million, hit 10 million, and a little more than 800 after tax. Last week I bought my own choice and a random one lottery for a total of five dollars. Prize. After graduating for three years, I have been doing nothing. Sometimes I would buy one or two bets. I used to hit 10 yuan at most. I fantasized about myself after winning the jackpot countless times, YY, but I really won, but I don’t know what to do. I confirmed it several times. I don’t know why it was calm at first. I was in a daze for more than half an hour. I was in a daze, thinking of nothing for a long time. I was sitting there all the time, I didn’t know what to do. I looked through my glasses. Looking at that, I have been stunned for a long, long time, just like I just woke up. The zombie-like state in the rental house lasted for about half a day before I started to get excited slowly, my heartbeat was heavy, and I didn’t fall asleep at all that day, because I had to make sure that the piece of paper was still there after I slept for a while. It’s a conjecture or a dream. The whole night passed quickly, and the next day I asked for leave and didn’t go to work. I looked like something wrong. At that time, I didn’t think much, I just wanted to get the money in my hands first. I carried a backpack with a few books in it. I clipped the lottery ticket to the book. I navigated and took a taxi to the sports lottery center early in the morning. The master specifically talked about a business building next to the sports lottery center), I went into the sports lottery center and I didn’t know who to look for. He turned around and came out again. There was a convenience store next to him and he bought a water and a pack of cigarettes. , I just ran into someone who felt like a sports lottery center. He asked where to receive the prize. He said you received the prize. He asked me how many I won. I said it was the first prize lottery. He was slightly surprised I was surprised and smiled and let me go with him

7 months ago

Yes, must be

I will leave immediately, non-stop

I’m really tired of the current job

Tired and half dead, not much money

I originally planned to change jobs after the next year (I hope the boss didn’t get my answer)

But resignation does not mean not working, 50 million is a guarantee, not used to waste capital

With this money, you can learn all kinds of knowledge such as financial management

Isn’t it fragrant to make money with 50 million?

7 months ago

will not. Won a prize of 50 million, and got about 40 million. I have answered similar questions before. I bought a house first. Now I am sublimated. I want to change it. Deposit in the bank first for one year. Nothing else is to calm down my restless heart. This year, let alone resign, I have to work overtime. Working hard without damaging the body, and saving all the money I earn, after a year, I will find that I have worked hard for a year without much interest. In this way, I have a clear understanding of my abilities and warn myself, you see, if you don’t have this, you will have to work hard, so don’t let it go. If I haven’t held it for a year, then I have an understanding of my self-control. Then I will use the money, 3000w to buy a house, and the remaining 1000w to waste. , When the wave is gone, you will be a charterer.

7 months ago

Yes, because after winning 50 million, as long as you don’t squander it, buy some more fixed assets, then buy part of the fund for financial management, and save part of it for a fixed period of time, leaving a daily expense of 10 million for eating, drinking and playing. Of course, it’s normal not to squander it. Eat better and drink better, and then every month the income of the income from the income of the fund management will reach a situation where the income is greater than the expenditure and then the balance. Then save it and buy more fixed real estate without losing money. Basically, even if the son is not the generation Worried.

7 months ago

After much deliberation, thinking about this situation, if you have fifty million, would you deliberately find a piece of trash (maybe a plastic bag or melon seed skin) in the community and pick it up in the trash can? You can answer, I like it, just like it, this habit is not bad, but for most people, at that time, the meaning of work now is similar to that of melon seeds on the ground in the community. If you care, it makes sense. , But most people don’t care. I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on for a few days. If you stick to it, it will be considered by most people to be insane. For me, let alone fifty million, I have five million. I won’t continue to work. If I have two million, I won’t continue my current job. My basic board is a house in a third-tier city, and my monthly salary is less than 6,000.

7 months ago

Yes, because the current work unit is not humane and does not respect people, just for the needs of life. It can be said that work is meaningless, it is just a waste of life. Fifty million is enough to spend a lifetime, even a child’s lifetime. You can go with higher pursuits, and you can live a full life without higher pursuits. In this case, there is no need to use hard work as a label of positive progress. You can still enjoy your spirit when you pursue hobbies and art. It doesn’t mean that you will become a bad person without going to work or fighting.

7 months ago

This is how much I drink, and I dare to participate in the 50 million project. 50 million tax deductions, 40 million, must be resigned. 10 million, invest in stocks, rush to buy that high-tech Moutai! 10 million, investment funds, rush to buy the index, military ETF, photovoltaic ETF, etc.! 10 million, find a smaller bank, make a large deposit, deposit and withdraw interest! 10 million, find a beautiful place, buy a house, open a flower shop, tea house, etc., have something to do, live slowly, beautiful!

7 months ago

I should not leave and resign, although I really want to resign immediately. After all, I got such a large sum of money to cover up, and I resigned all at once! It is not easy for others to guess. Fifty million is not a small amount. I have seen the largest amount of money appear in my account when I grew up, it was only 430,000, and it was fleeting and was quickly crossed out. Try to treat me with a normal mind. I admit that true happiness comes from my own heart and has nothing to do with foreign objects. Some people are sitting on hundreds of billions and cannot survive; at the same time, there are people who are impoverished and live free and easy. If there is such a large amount of money, what I want to do most is to improve my current living and living conditions, I will have a baby soon, go to a better hospital to have a baby (30,000 to 50,000), and confinement center after giving birth. Son (30,000), please ask a better parenting wife (50,000-100,000) later, prepare a school district room (2 million) for the child, pay off the bank’s arrears (600,000), and let their parents advance They retired and improved their living environment (1 million). The husband didn’t want to go to work very early. The work task was not what he wanted to do. He worked overtime and did not get a promotion in three years! The inner value is not recognized. He has always longed to go back to school to study for a graduate school and continue to study, which is what he wants. I think it is enough for him to prepare a study fund of 500,000 yuan. We need to buy insurance for the whole family, about 1 million, and the remaining money will be divided into 1 million to buy a fund. Of course, the remaining money will be used to save. Take interest. Do not move. safest. Must take grandma to the city to live with me.

7 months ago

First save 20 million for my future child. In the hardest time, I rented it with a male ticket (now my husband) on the top floor of a few hundred yuan. The kind that leaks when it rains, I really feel that I must have some money. That is, the remaining 20 million will be used to buy a house in a working city (first-tier cities). I am a divorced family and have been sent to others. In my dream, I want to have my own home with three bedrooms and two living rooms. I am also worried about my child’s degree in the future, so I will find a better area with a school. It is estimated that 7 million will go. The remaining 13 million will give me the best and best girlfriend 3 million. Let her be at her disposal and do whatever she wants. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be who I am today. It’s really, really, really too My wife loves her. 10 million remaining

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