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It happened to be responsible for the employment of the school recently, including the holding of job fairs. I have some thoughts, and I will answer a wave. Let me talk about the conclusion first. Judging from my own job-hopping experience and the experience of recruiting students from my school, an important reason for the difficulty in recruitment this year is that stability overwhelms everything. Everyone is afraid of an epidemic. Let me tell you about the campus job fairs held from February to March. The status quo is obvious. Almost every job fair has more HR than students. It is often eloquent that 50 companies are invited to come, each with two interviewers. As a result, fewer than 50 students came. Ask the students why, and answer that they want to take the exam for staff (normal colleges). We persuade that not everyone can pass the exam. Even if the exam is successful, it is good to have a few offers. But students No, they said that they won’t be able to pass the exam this year, and they won’t be able to pass the exam next year. In short, you must be a teacher with a staff structure so that you can be more stable. This is the situation in schools. It can also be said that this year, there will be a larger group of students who will devote themselves to civil servants, career editors, postgraduates, staff teachers, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises and other stable positions that need to be [examined]. Therefore, society The colonel will definitely find that the school recruitment is not as good as before. Let’s talk about social recruitment, because before I came to the school, I was also a social animal. Recently, I also received a few calls from HR and headhunters, so I also have a certain say in this area. Social recruitment is not easy, and it is also a cause for stability. But this stability is reflected in the fact that old people in good positions do not move their nests, and new people in new positions are afraid of risks. Take my previous real estate industry as an example. The past three and four months have been a peak season for job-hopping. Everyone hopes to be promoted and raise salaries through job-hopping at this stage. During this period, large companies often get promoted and raise salaries to small ones. Companies, small companies equal to or downgraded to large companies, plus some fledgling graduates to supplement, the entire talent pool is active and stable. But this year is different, because we are undergoing a major change in the past 100 years, and because the real estate industry is in the process of serious overweighting, so it has led to the fact that everyone wants to jump to the top 50 companies, and the 50 or even 100 Those who are forced to go outside, even if they are given high ranks, dare not go, because they are worried that they will go bankrupt and be acquired by others. Therefore, in the top fifty, they don’t dare to move their nests easily. They are worried about changing places. Those who are not familiar with their lives will be optimized. Those who are not in the top fifty have no chance to go to higher places. They don’t dare to go to lower places, so they can only Continue to curl up in the old position, waiting for the opportunity. Therefore, those who have been crying out that it is difficult to recruit are basically outside the top 50 or top 100. There is another reason, industry segmentation under heavy pressure. Originally, my function was a little bit niche in real estate, similar to the same business, I specialized in one of the branches. This has caused me to be a bit harder than someone in the same position in the job-hopping stage. But this year, as the industry is under greater pressure, three red lines and three land sales, many real estate companies have to refine their business. At this time, they suddenly discovered that they were looking for talents, but they were not available in the market. Only then came the moving scene where I had been in a career for half a year, and there were still people digging me with three times my current salary, but they didn’t dare to move. Because I came out, I didn’t want to go back to the life where I could not see the future despite the high salary. Only when you really enter the society do you discover that sometimes it is not necessarily a bad thing to see the life of your head at a glance.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I just want to say one thing: Times have changed, it’s not easy to cheat. (Let me talk about the reasons why I can’t recruit people) 1. The company’s high-level thinking is still before the epidemic or many years ago, thinking that the bottom employees are cheap labor, as long as a very low basic salary is added a pie. Similar performance can attract dozens of hundreds of employees in one go. This level basically causes many people to be willing to do part-time jobs every day for more money and more freedom than to work in a company. (I have many such full-time part-timers in my side) 2. The unreasonable company structure leads to the inability to retain employees, such as some real estate agency companies or some decoration companies. The traditional model used to rely on crazy phone calls to make orders. In the era of the epidemic Afterwards, the corresponding online drainage department failed to be established or the corresponding online department failed to build correctly. As always, the development of the traditional model led to the inability of old employees to do anything, new employees could not accept it, and eventually batches of employees left. 3. The unstable market environment has caused employees to feel insecure. Although the economy has begun to recover slowly after the turmoil of the epidemic, it is also difficult for small and medium-sized companies to survive. Those who feel able to go either go to a big company or go to an institution and a civil servant. Do not go to small and medium-sized companies if you are killed. (You can pay attention to whether the current recruitment conditions and numbers of banks, institutions, civil servants, etc. are much higher than before the epidemic.)

8 months ago

I asked a few friends, and they reported that there are few job opportunities this year and finding a job is particularly difficult. These people have worked for ten years and are over 35 years old. Although they have rich experience, qualifications, and proficiency, few people have looked through their resumes throughout March. The jobs recruited by the Heat are basically aimed at young men with three to five years of experience, who have experience, have training potential, obedient, not demanding, healthy, energetic, and do not have family burdens, etc., and they can work when they come. And can rush to the front line. Positions with more than ten years of experience (middle and high-level positions) are more than an order of magnitude less than “work positions”, and each carrot has a hole. In this situation, the carrots who occupy the hole in the middle and high positions do not want to move, and there will be no spare job opportunities. . So, it’s really an embarrassing age. It’s a bit difficult to go up and get downgraded. Maybe people just skip it when they look at their age. Even if they can still work hard, the other party is unwilling to take this risk. How good is it to jump. The grassroots positions are similar. The factory has been crying for so many years of labor shortage, is there really a shortage of people? The young man would rather run express delivery and serve as a waiter than to enter the factory. Every payday comes with a bunch of buckets. I really don’t know what’s going on? With so many people in China, there is no labor shortage in the strict sense, but if you always want to “eat only the most central bite of watermelon” and “sweet but fresh but cheap”, then there is not enough watermelon.

8 months ago

One client has been hiring people recently. Me: Why haven’t you hired anyone yet? Customer hr: Don’t mention it, we recruited 2 particularly suitable ones last month. Me: ran away? No way? Your treatment is pretty good. hr: When the two of you came to see the sales team shouting slogans to do exercises every morning, and seeing that our salary was quite high, they felt that we were a pyramid scheme. I:. . . . . Explanation: That company is not really engaged in MLM, but in beauty and health. The ability to collect IQ tax is definitely above MLM. They sell all kinds of stem cells and stem cell derivatives, but the sellers don’t even know what stem cells are.

8 months ago

Seeing that so many small partners in private enterprises say that they can’t recruit people, they all go to the public servants, state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and I feel very complicated. Because I’m in a central enterprise… Our department hasn’t been able to recruit people recently… I have been interviewing for a few rounds, and people are quite satisfied with us, just want to shop around. All I can say is that a pandemic has changed many things. In fact, the current recruitment battle is not the first battlefield. The first battlefield was the second half of last year. Many units cut wages and layoffs. Many small partners have been struggling with the company without shrinking wages and performance wallets in the first quarter. . Then I found that it was still 996, still big and small, I wanted to go, and I was afraid that there would be no year-end bonus for two years, and I wanted to go until the end of 2021. At the node in March and April this year, everyone was still riding on the tiger’s back, and they didn’t dare to move. For them, the resume interview is just to understand the market conditions, not really planning to change jobs. The mentality of those fresh graduates has also changed significantly. Let’s talk about a real example from yesterday: a buddy will graduate immediately, and ask us in the group if we have any good suggestions for him. Then he added that he had already signed a hometown public institution, and originally wanted to go out and do something about it. Seeing what everyone did last year, he decided to abandon the illusion and just lie down. I said that I might regret it in the future, but if you look at the epidemic like this, who knows which disaster will come first or tomorrow? Live the present day every day is the right way. I stopped the keyboard for a while, but there was no suggestion to give him. Those fresh graduates whose hearts are higher than the sky and whose lives are thinner than paper really feel less and less. Young people have a sense of Buddhism and transparency that we don’t have at their age. At that time, there were really many lucky people who stayed at the Huake University of Wuhan University for their first job and only worked four hours a day. After several years of work, they felt that the leader didn’t run away with buckets and came to the society to suffer. The changes brought about by the epidemic are also imprinted in the eyes of young people. After all, no one wants to be cannon fodder, no one wants another global event to erupt, and suddenly finds himself unarmed and has no possessions. Finding a stable job and keeping it unchanged for a hundred years will be the main tone of the next stage.

8 months ago

First say if it is, then say if there is any. In the Internet industry, recruitment has always been difficult, because what companies want is always within their own salary range, cost-effective, at least have direct application experience that can be copied, and best have long-term training potential “perfect talents” “. Rather than most of the ones that exist on the market: there is not much matching experience, the job jumps once a year, the direction of the resume changes, salary expectations are out of range, and there are several offers in hand to raise prices on the ground. In 2019, I wrote an answer at the worst time in the Internet industry in the past ten years: What advice do you have when choosing a job when you are in a job-hopping season? In 2019, ​.com just caught up with the head of the first- and second-tier Internet industry to lay off employees. Everyone asked: Why is it so difficult to find a job this year. At that time, it was quite difficult. It was better than BBAT, but also began to lose weight in a small scale, streamline the staff, and optimize the staffing. The most direct impact is that the company’s requirements for new HC and labor costs are getting higher and higher. With the limited budget of the employing department, the configuration team is becoming more and more reasonable. What can be done by one person is not worthy of two people. During the interview, the interviewer was asked to investigate more and more details. Recruitment HR has fewer and fewer chips in their hands when discussing salary, and they can’t afford more. Because of the economic downturn, the candidates have relatively higher expectations for material gains. At the same time, the long tail effect of talent mobility has become increasingly obvious. A number of small but beautiful startups starved to death and were forced to transform. Those who survived either began to fine-tune management, or began to squeeze the cost. (You have to spend every penny carefully when you get the money from investors). In the past, there were fewer and fewer overseas trips, domestic luxury group building, and luxurious afternoon tea that were everywhere in the circle of friends. As for senior talents, looking at entrepreneurship is rather bleak, they either actively or passively flow to large companies to protect their profits. In the past few years, many senior engineers who went out to start a business from BAT have returned to the arms of large companies to seek stability. Large companies that hold 80% of human resources have eaten up the recruitment space of many small companies. For small companies, the rest are either unwilling to go back to involute, or there is relatively no such perfect candidate for them. Even Kuaishou Bytes and others, all kinds of large-scale recruitment of talents, all kinds of young productivity in their 30s, especially technology, have squeezed in to “make money.” It is also one of the reasons why the market has deteriorated. Can’t grab it. In addition, because of the epidemic, urban factors have increasingly come into everyone’s consideration. Many people want to go home, many want to be closer to home, and many want to settle more easily. Beijing fled to Shanghai, Shanghai to Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Everywhere. The same is true for school admissions. The strategy of big companies is to pay close attention to school enrollment. Especially for first-tier companies, all kinds of key resources are tilted every year to grab outstanding graduates from the best schools. Even at the so-called “hanging upside down” to grab people. There is no other reason, it is internal. It is reported that Meituan’s annual salary of this year’s fresh graduates is 35w+, which is seriously inverting old employees. Why are the salaries recruited by major Internet companies and schools higher year by year? In all fairness, literally speaking, the recruitment of the past few years is more difficult than before: the difficulty lies in the more refined management and strict requirements of the whole process. The difficulty lies in the flow of high-end talents to first-tier manufacturers. The difficulty is that more and more “old white rabbits” are willing to come out to see opportunities. The difficulty is that the competition is getting fiercer. The difficulty lies in the various additional factors brought about by the epidemic and economic downturn. The difficulty is that the expectations of both sides are getting more and more aligned. As for Gao Zan’s so-called entering the factory or something. I won’t comment if it is out of the scope of my industry discussion…

8 months ago

I am studying finance, and I usually ask the other party a few questions when applying for a job. 1. Can you pay five social insurances and one housing fund? The private enterprise provident fund is not forced, at least it must pay social security. Will social security be paid during the probationary period? 2. Is it on weekends? Do you work too much overtime? 3. What is the annual comprehensive salary? 4. How to sign the contract? Is it signed in accordance with the labor law? If these four items are not satisfied, what are we going to talk about? Companies can’t hire people to examine themselves, and most of the workers are actually not demanding. If you can’t even verbally promise to abide by the labor law, only fools are willing to come.

8 months ago

First of all, I want to talk about what Gao Zan said: Although those who have worked for ten years and are over 35 years old, although they are experienced, qualified and proficient, no one has turned their resumes. I just want to ask, have you read their resume? Once you have read their resumes, you will not think it is the fault of society. Either I only wrote two or three sentences about my work experience, saying that I have rich industry experience and will lead the team, or I wrote a lot of work that interns can do, which makes people feel very watery, or it is a variety of expressions. Determine the low-end language skills I can do. As for the scarce skills that I have high gold content, what kind of awesome projects I have done, what management experience I have brought with my team, what knowledge I have about competitors, and what I think about the frontiers of the industry, it is unclear. Then, in this situation, the salary is twice as expensive as a novice with six months to one year of experience. Why do you think the enterprise is so hard? In fact, whether you are a company or a job seeker, you will not be unable to recruit people or find a job if you take a little care in job recruitment. Regarding salary, some companies always say that job seekers have high salary requirements, but eight out of ten people who come for interviews are expected to have such salary expectations, and the remaining two are due to poor abilities. Some companies think that the original Zhang San, what is his ability, and his salary is no more than 8,000, right now, Li Si who is applying for the job now knows nothing and dare to ask for 1w2? This is absolutely absolutely true, so why do you think Li Si is leaving? Isn’t it because the salary is low. Can you do a salary survey? Look at what salary levels other companies can provide, and then see if your company’s salary level is low or whether it needs to be adjusted. Many companies are very afraid of salary surveys, they are afraid to find out that their salary is a lot lower than other companies, and they don’t dare to adjust if they know it, because the salary of incumbents is so low, if you hire new people with a higher salary Now, the old employees quit instead. Didn’t this solve a small problem but lead to a big problem? This is like a patient who is not feeling well and dare not go to the hospital for a check-up, for fear that a cancer will be found out. It will be cured, costly, let it die, or die, it would be better not to know it. In fact, if your salary is lower than the market, old employees will leave sooner or later. It would be better to give them a salary increase as soon as possible. Not only will the old employees be retained, they will also be able to recruit new people, and it will also appear that the company has feelings. I have to catch a plane in a while, so I write so much in the morning. Some people watch it even more.

8 months ago

Because what you want is not a worker, but a slave force. It would be better if you bring a 985.211 degree. Bring your own food and don’t need money. Don’t forget, some have to pay the “tuition” (dog head) after entering, the basic salary From two thousand overtime to six thousand overtime as an employee, I think a taboo of all bosses is that “can you do it or leave if you can’t do it.” According to my experience so far, I have basically encountered this This kind of boss company is not good, either is going downhill or facing the edge of bankruptcy. Because these bosses take themselves too seriously, don’t take their employees seriously, have low emotional intelligence, feel that they are the payers, and they don’t know what he’s doing. Wages are earned by employees for recruiting workers, or think about the future. For example, if the factory closes (dog head). Now many private enterprises do not have core technology, and only rely on squeezing the surplus value of workers to make money. Ghosts will exploit you and get tired. It’s just a little bit of money for the hard work. Isn’t it fragrant to take care of the leisure at home? If the market is free, why don’t you consider adding it to 8,000 if you can’t get five thousand? Don’t reflect on yourself why others can’t do you but you can’t, work hard, manager

8 months ago

Keywords————Inward rolling, lying flat, 35+, post-00s, sales 1. Inward rolling Inward rolling has resulted in more and more companies taking survival as the basic principle, and employees also taking stability as the basic principle, especially After 3-5 years of employees in the right year, no one hopes to move to a new company with a high salary, and then there will be some layoffs or collapse in the new company within half a year. And the company does not want to spend wrong money and high salary to recruit people to try casually. 2. Lying down In fact, before lying down, another popular term of the same kind is: funeral and buddhism. At that time, it was more about the post-90s and post-95s. Under the general environment, the mourning and the Buddha have become a self-placebo for adapting to life. So why quit? Now lying flat is just a continuation, and the ghost knows what a similar new term will come up in three or five years. 3. 35+35 years old is the golden age for many people in the workplace, with rich experience and outstanding ability. People who are 35+ can effectively improve team work efficiency and avoid team detours through strategic diligence. But in my memory, starting from around 2016, a certain company arrogantly optimized the layoffs of 35+ middle-level employees. The trend of the entire workplace has also changed, and major companies have followed suit. The end is-some companies closed the door to 35+ people, whether it was on the surface or verbally signaled by the bosses. 4. The last generation of families born after 00 is born in the 70s, which has caught up with a lot of opportunities (such as medical representatives in the early years, going to the sea in the early years, etc.), which can be understood as the first batch of wealth accumulation for many families . In any case, the improvement of cultural knowledge and the accumulation of wealth have created excellent post-95s and post-00s. It should be easy to feel that there are children at home. The current 3-year-old child is the same as the 3-year-old child 10 years ago. There is a clear gap between the world’s cognition and the speed of self-growth. After 00 and 05, the most important words are-openness and self. A new generation of young people with a burst of self-awareness have their own independent cognition of any job. To put it in the vernacular, it is-very sober! It won’t be! 5. Sales In fact, the subject of the question is not able to recruit people, I guess it is probably [Sales] position. But this type of position has nothing to do with the year. At least 15 years ago, the sales category was a difficult job to recruit. The real story of the year: A company was in the on-site job fair at the Shanghai Gymnasium. One table had two interviewers, a stack of forms, and the poster said [As long as you know how to use a computer, please fill in the information and sign up for the interview]. The style of that company is that it can recruit 30 people every week to do sales, and it will be able to lose 90% after about a week, and it will be good if there are 1-2 left in a month. It’s like a big wave washing the sand. right now? Isn’t the real estate agency often changing people batch after batch?

8 months ago

There was an issue not long ago. A company where a classmate works wants to hire a department manager, and they want to dig someone from a government department to help them smooth communication. I haven’t found a suitable one for a while. Ask if I know anyone. I don’t actually know the people in that department, but it is very interesting to look at their application requirements. One of them is a section chief or above and an annual salary of 300,000 yuan. I analyzed to my classmates that most of the people in this unit are in their 40s or 50s who are above section chiefs. Few people at this age are willing to change jobs. They will get their pensions in a few years. The cost of giving up is very high. There are very few elites who have become section chiefs in their thirties and are young and powerful. If you want to attract them, 300,000 are too stubborn. At least two or three times. He said it was impossible. Our director is less than half a million. Find a subordinate whose salary is higher than his? I said that you ask for a change. He thought it was reliable and gave their opinions to HR. After a few days, their HR revised it, and he showed it to me. The application conditions have not changed, and the annual salary has been changed to 600,000 to 1 million. I’m surprised. So thirsty for talents. He said fart, but in fact it was still 300,000. HR said he cheated and talked about it…

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