After experiencing a deep sense of powerlessness and feeling that my life is completely free from my own will, I started to work hard. I knew when I was very young that my dad works in Beijing, and when I grow up, I will take his class and go to Beijing to work, so I belong to the kind of person who gave up working hard early because I knew I had a way out. You can’t farm without going to college. When I was 19 years old, my father retired. With my father’s arrangement, I got my wish to work in that state-owned enterprise. The company is headquartered in Beijing. But in fact, most of the projects are distributed all over the country, mainly to build highways. After I entered I was also assigned to Chongqing in the greater southwest. Indeed, I live in the wild all year round. Except for the Spring Festival holiday for ten days a year, I work at other times. There is no second possibility until I retire. After working on two projects for more than five years, at the age of 25, I decided to end this endless life with no hope in sight. The first is that there are more wolves and less meat in that environment, and I don’t want to find a girl I like. , If you find it in your hometown, you will face the problem of living in two places for a lifetime, and where will your children live in the future? Who will raise it? Where is education? The unsolvable problem is that you can’t live for a few days after buying a house, because all the people in the unit are in this state. Unless they retire, they have no solution. It’s impossible for me to think about retirement at the beginning of my 20s, right? I don’t want to listen to other people’s arrangements for the rest of my life. I have to arrange my own time and life. There is only one way to achieve this, that is, to leave the environment and strive to achieve independence and freedom. Therefore, the second project was completed in 2003 and I started from a central enterprise. The construction unit resigned naked, and went to Chongqing city alone. After he came out, he couldn’t find a decent job. The more money he spent, the less money he had to move to an illegally built house on the roof of a steel factory. The monthly rent was 150. Handed in on time, served a plate, worked as a salesperson with no basic salary, worked while learning, and finally entered the Internet industry. After five years of work and proficiency in a skill and business process, he began to take part-time jobs, the first part-time job every month Twelve thousand, after signing a one-year contract, I quit my job and went home to become a freelancer. Until today, I started my own business and owned two of my own companies and never worked again.During the days when I taught myself to build a website and search engine ranking optimization, it can be said that I spent all night sleeping and forgetting food. It is not an exaggeration to say that if I worked so hard when I was in school, maybe any university in China would open the door to me. To be honest, I The first twenty-five years of my life were almost wasted, and I didn’t try hard at all. Everything was passively waiting for my parents to wait for the unit to arrange. I gave up the idea of ​​controlling the wheel of fortune early, until I found this way. It’s not where I want to go, and this boat will never get where I want to go, and only then began to work hard to reverse the situation. In the five years after resigning, I may have made greater progress than I had in the previous two decades. The biggest improvement is independence, and I completely gave up the idea of ​​relying on anyone. This has been done for nearly 20 years, and I have not gone to work for 12 years. Facts have proved that there must be repercussions if I am not forgetting. I currently have two companies and two platforms. A year’s income is more than that of working in a state-owned enterprise until retirement, but working Time is less than one-third of that at the time, and it is completely free to control time. In fact, looking back on thinking, I still don’t think I have worked hard enough. If a person’s full potential is 100, I think I’ll play 50 or 60 points, and I’m not always working hard. It can only be regarded as intermittent effort. Probably I really devoted myself to doing something three times. The first time was the few years that I had just resigned barely. I didn’t want anything. Everything started from scratch. During that period, I really started to learn a lot of things, otherwise. It’s hard to survive, and I’ll go back to the construction site and build roads. Once I go back, I might not have the courage to leave again in my life. So what I thought at the time was that as long as I didn’t die from starvation, I would resolutely not go back. To live is to work hard. The biggest gain of those years is to master a skill through unremitting self-study, determine the development direction for the next two decades, and continue to engage in the industry determined at that time, namely the Internet. Humans are very cheap animals and are born with inertness. Once you enter your comfort zone for several days and good days, you will easily stagnate. Since I started working as a freelancer in 2009, my life has become more and more relaxed and my income has become more and more relaxed. It is also increasing year by year, but the time devoted to work is getting less and less every day. Every day I sleep until I wake up naturally, and then turn on the computer. After a long time, I am mixed up. I have to watch TV for lunch and drink two bottles. Beer, and then take a nap, it’s almost time to pick up the kids in the afternoon, and travel every year for more than two months. Gradually I forgot the bitter days of being unable to eat enough food, until one day I suddenly found that I was almost forty years old in a blink of an eye for so many years. Is this how I have been in my life? Satisfied with tens of millions of dollars a year, eating like this every day and waiting to die? Apart from the freedom of time, what is the essential difference between this and building a road on a construction site? What to do after fifty? Do you want to help others? What if the customer doesn’t do it? Thinking of these problems, I suddenly woke up. It was like having a nightmare. I realized that I could not continue like this. I had to have a career that was entirely my own, instead of always helping others to make wedding dresses. This kind of comfort Paralysis is dangerous because it is full of uncertainty and I still don’t really control my life.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I’ve been here for almost ten months. I’ve been soaked in the warm water all day. It’s really comfortable. I’m always sleepy and helpless. Sleeping is too bad. Every time I wake up, I find myself in the water. It feels bad that I have my head down. I used to be too lazy to worry about it when I went to sleep. But recently, how did my head feel getting heavier and heavier, but my suspicious ridged hand touched my head that was bigger than before. I was a bit dazed, and then I thought of a big baby I accidentally discovered before I had a lot of sleep. I lowered my head and stunned out the little tube on my stomach, grinning and opening my mouth. I just wanted to laugh and grin. I drank my saliva and pulled me. I just fell over and I was so exhausted. Is this the trouble of having a big head? Suddenly there was a sound outside. In fact, I am not surprised that it is this sound that wakes me up every time I sleep in my sleep. Baby prenatal education story 1…Baby prenatal education Story 23…Baby prenatal education story 157 I swam impatiently and swam with my face on the soft wall. I want to hear what they are going to say today, baby*** Oh, baby prenatal education, I’m not interested again. I just wanted to swim back, and the baby fell over! …Ah fell over! …That’s great ***Well, it’s not the same, it seems a little bit interesting. I’m close and want to listen more, although I don’t understand, my water level is dropping! Hey hey hey, I would be very uncomfortable to sleep like this, so wow! I flopped twice, but I flopped twice again, and found it was useless, I wanted to cry, my water was running out, ooh, what should I do to sleep in the future, it was so noisy outside, it felt like someone patted me so madly, I held my big My head is so heavy, what should I do? My home is gone, what should I do! I have a flash of inspiration! It’s baby prenatal education! My uncontrollable two-mouthed flapping baby prenatal education 23 The cold bird, the poor bird does not cover the house, the poor bird freezes to death. This story tells the baby to work hard, Barabara, to ***** oh I fell asleep again. I have to work hard, what is hard work, how hard I can’t understand, I feel a magical force, it pushes me so hard and hard I can’t hold back the baby’s prenatal education 36 friends’ praise, our mouths started again The flying baby needs praise, the baby needs encouragement, and another force rushes to me to feed! You work so hard! The encouragement I blurted out for it suddenly realized that it turned out that this is hard work. Is this the power of hard work? Suddenly I realized that baby prenatal education 96 Helping others to be happy with my family is gone, I am not happy, I want to help others, I want to be happy with myself Hey! let me help you! I came to work hard with you wow! The voice outside is getting clearer and clearer and harder! Come on! Come on! Work hard! Wow, everyone is working hard. I’m working harder. It’s so bright. My eyes can’t open. Where is it? It’s so noisy. I feel my head is down again. Subconsciously, I touch my little belly. The tube is gone, wow, baby prenatal education 107, if the boy has tears, don’t I flick, am I a boy? I don’t know if I don’t cry anyway. A crisp and loud slap opened on my ass. I, I, I, I don’t care about anything, baby prenatal education, don’t cry, tears can’t hold back, tears soared and soared. Later, someone asked me what happened to you before it started. If I work hard, I always tell him to listen to baby prenatal education. I’m @光怪. I want to start with prenatal education, oh yeah

6 months ago

When a person feels that if he doesn’t work hard in this world, he doesn’t know how to live; when he feels that all the people around you are getting better and better, and he is still standing still; when I want to work hard when I don’t have money to maintain my current life. The so-called don’t go through some hardships, you won’t think about changing the current situation. Tell me about myself, the reason I want to work hard; I owe a debt this year and need to pay back, and my current job, the salary is not high; it is very difficult to pay off such a large amount of money, for this matter, I can’t eat or sleep; I’m obviously a person with savings before, why did it become like this? At this time, I remembered the financial management knowledge my friend told me. I didn’t really want to learn it before; because I always felt that I’m lazy, I feel tired, so I don’t want to work hard; it’s because I don’t work hard that it becomes like this. That’s why I want to learn. I want to change the status quo. I don’t want to be in debt all the time. Remember that there is a saying in financial management that is particularly good, “You will never make money beyond your cognition, unless you rely on luck, but the money you make by luck will eventually lose out on strength. This is one thing. This kind of necessity, every penny you earn is the realization of your knowledge of the world, and every penny you lose is due to the flaws in your knowledge of the world. The greatest fairness in this world is It’s that when a person’s wealth is greater than his own knowledge, there are 100 ways in the world to harvest you until your knowledge and wealth match.” I have just started to learn things, although this time I have a lot of debt. , I want to pay off; but it is also for this reason that I want to work hard to change the status quo.

6 months ago

He, who was still drinking and reveling with his friends last night, would never have thought that immediately he would face an unprecedented disaster and a fatal blow to him. It would have been unnecessary to let him understand the meaning of hard work in such a cruel way, but the accident taught him an unforgettable lesson. His youth is full of strong hormones, and he will fight if he doesn’t agree with him, with endless strength. Always waste the present, look forward to the future, and what you want is in your mouth. When talking, it seems that the world belongs to him. He likes the tingling of cigarette smoke and the stimulation of alcohol paralysis. His imagination has already flown out of the universe, and it is his firm dream to change the world. And all these beautiful scenes of youth weaving were shattered by a sudden car accident, and his body was also broken together. At the beginning of high school, our class size was 50, but there were only 49 students. “He shouldn’t come after so long, let alone study so much.” We often say this, and we do this. The empty dormitory beds are placed. Full of our odds and ends. Two weeks later, an inch-headed boy with a height of about 175 and walking on crutches walked in. His sharp gaze scanned the class, and he found the last position and sat down slowly. He is not talkative and always rejects people thousands of miles away. Perhaps this is the only way he can maintain his self-esteem, without the pity and sympathy of others. The school bell rang, and he took out the review materials again, and when the corridor was quiet, he staggered downstairs to the direction of the dining hall. Everyone thought he didn’t need a friend, but I still gave him a little help. The earliest in the morning. When we came to the classroom, he was already reading. When everyone regarded learning as pressure, perhaps he was the only one who saw the heavy study as the light of his world. Gradually, his words became more gentle, and his eyes became more energetic. At this time, he also put down the crutches that he had used for more than a year. He still got up the earliest as before, and the latest to return to the dormitory, loneliness should be the only friend in his eyes! Never saw him walk side by side with anyone. I was playing basketball in physical education, and he came over. This is the first time he smiled at me in two years. Although we are roommates, we are all in the same class. “Can you vote for me?” “Of course you can continue.” His throwing posture is very standard, and he looks like an old driver on the basketball court. It’s just that it’s no longer as healthy as it used to be! Since then, every PE class will come to me to shoot a few baskets. “What kind of person am I?” My body trembled at the time. “You are very good. You are already the third place in our class. It is no problem for you to enter a good university.” “You should be able to see my hard work in the past two years. For example, you are always coincidental. He appeared in the classroom canteen and dormitory at the same time with me.” I smiled. “Yes, otherwise I might be a poor student.” “Thank you for often letting the auntie in the cafeteria leave meals for me.” He is about to take the college entrance examination. He is already the defending champion of science in our school, and he always sends me some review materials. Today he is very different from the past. There are friends who greet him everywhere, and his original habits have not changed. I can see from him that kind of self-confidence. Maybe only when you truly experience despair will you understand your ordinaryness, will be down-to-earth, turn suffering into motivation, and move forward courageously. In high school, he is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery, and he has lived a look that many people admire. In that period of time that no one cares about, with darkness and loneliness as company. Carve out a more perfect self! We are now in our twenties, unlike fifteen or sixteen, where imagination is unrealistic, and everything we want can be obtained through hard work. I met him in the county town when I came home from the winter vacation this year, and we had a cup of afternoon tea together. Even though he was well wrapped, I still saw the gauze on his chest. “He had a minor operation a few days ago and there was a problem with the heart.” He downplayed, I still think heart surgery will be a minor problem. Perhaps for him, suffering is the greatest wealth in life. Can deeply make you recognize yourself. Don’t dare to stop working hard at all times. As seniors, we all face many choices. We talked about the current situation. He took the postgraduate exam and is waiting for the result. As before, he expressed his desire to be a rural teacher and do great things in an ordinary post! In winter, the road is full of yellow leaves, and the cold wind from time to time carries a biting chill. After saying goodbye, I stood where I was, looking at his depressed back, so mixed. And that firm step seemed unstoppable. Let the wind blow across her cheeks, and leaves drifted across her shoulders. When I look back, he has disappeared from my vision, leaving the ground full of desolation! I looked up and smiled, it doesn’t matter! The cold comes and the summer comes, winter goes and spring comes, and winter is here. How desolate it is now, how splendid the flowers will bloom. Recognizing our ordinaryness is the first step in our efforts! No one is a superman, let alone a god. If you can’t change the world, start by changing yourself, because everything is still too late. There is a passage on the British Tombstone, “When I was young, my imagination was never limited. I dreamed of changing the world. When I became mature, I realized that I could not change the world, so I shortened my vision and decided to only Change my country. When I entered my twilight years, I found that I could not change my country. My last wish was to change my family. But it was impossible. When I was lying in bed and dying, I suddenly realized : If I just change myself at the beginning, and then as a role model, I may change my family, with the help and encouragement of my family, I may do something for the country. Then who knows? I can even change the world “. Yes, everyone wants to be a successful person, but only a few people can succeed. Everyone has youth, and everyone has a blooming season. The ancients said, “Don’t wait for the idleness of your youth, and be sorrowful.” We should cherish the present, and change ourselves is what we should do.

6 months ago

People’s efforts are driven by needs. To promote his transformation, the first thing is to understand the state of his needs. What it takes to start working hard is different for people in different states. The American psychologist Maslow has a special discussion on this. Maslow divides people’s needs from low to high levels into five levels: 1. Physiological needs, 2. Security needs, 3. Love and belonging needs, 4. , Respect & esteem needs and 5. self-actualization needs. He believes that human needs are arranged in a certain order according to importance and hierarchy, from the most basic (lower) level (such as food and housing) to the complex (higher level) (such as achieving achievement). When a person’s needs at a certain level are met at a minimum, he will pursue the needs of a higher level. Such a gradual increase becomes the internal driving force for people to continue to work hard. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is a summary and generalization of human social phenomena. It has now been widely recognized by academia and business circles, and has been widely used in psychology, management, sociology, economics, marketing, and behavior. Science and other disciplines. He said that the five levels of human needs are determined and arranged from the perspective of the needs of each person’s own interests. They are all the bottom-level desires of the complete self, and are the complete “my needs”, reflecting the instinctive desire or will of human beings. .

6 months ago

Wow! This question is quite interesting~ I feel like I have the right to speak! Feelings, hahaha, when I was a senior in high school, I liked a girl to lick a dog! In the end, I finally let myself go, and during that time all my friends and classmates punish me. Love and friendship felt too scared for me, and then suddenly I became very sensible, knowing that I have to learn and what to do, and I am no longer laughing and joking. and then! I was admitted to a satisfactory university and thought I had seen everything! As a result, online dating was tricked a while ago, hahaha! It’s really stupid. Now I read books all day and prepare for my internship! When you feel that you have nothing, you will work hard! But I don’t want others to do their best, just work hard anyway.

6 months ago

Some people have never experienced any setbacks, and they are born to work hard and struggle. There is also a type of people who only know how to play and lose a lot of time in this play. When they are discriminated against or despised, they know that they don’t work hard, don’t struggle, and have nothing. Including one’s dignity will be hurt. Only after the warmth and coldness of life can we study and struggle hard. After more experience and repeated failures, he will realize the true meaning of life: only struggle can have everything; only struggle can he change his destiny. So failure is not terrible, the terrible thing is not thinking about making progress.

6 months ago

When I was a student, I delivered takeaways, worked as a waiter, went to a factory, worked in telephone customer service, sales, opened a dormitory shop, and came to sell Alibaba wholesale goods to alumni. In fact, these part-time jobs are not all for making money. The college degree is too idle and I don’t like studying, so I want to do something to enrich myself. I am really grateful for the choice at that time. I have experienced the tiredness of the waiter and the wind and rain of delivery. The sadness of being complained about not being in time, the boring life of factories and customer service all day long, sales and selling things are often confronted by strangers. These part-time experiences have made me firm that I will never be engaged in this kind of low-level work for the rest of my life. The pain and tiredness of every experience is always in my heart and always inspires me to work hard, otherwise I will face the bitterness and bitterness. My choice yesterday decided today when I was in my third year of junior high school, I always said that it was too late to make a living. When I was in the third year of high school, I always felt that it was too late to work hard, which resulted in a vain life. This experience also made me understand that I always felt that it was too late to be a wrong idea, because if I didn’t work hard today, I will still regret not doing something seriously today. So after the university internship, I have been trying hard to learn by myself, work hard, and learn technology to get rid of my comfort zone. Of course, I got my wish. Two years after graduation, I embarked on the management track. I have also been poached by several company bosses. At least I have improved and changed a lot. There are still many shortcomings. You see, as long as you work hard, there will always be rewards. Pleasure-seeking people are eager to pursue higher levels of excitement and pleasure, and being addicted to doing nothing for a long time will only create more emptiness. Regarding the direction of my efforts, I always felt that I was mediocre. I wanted to be affirmed by others. I always wanted to live better than others. I wanted to be a leader and get a high salary. At this time, it was this passage that gave me the direction to be confused. Don’t work hard to show off and compare, but to work hard to make yourself happy. Those who have to rely on fame or material to affirm themselves will inevitably worry about gains and losses all day long. Facing fame, status, or conditions better than their own, they will feel shameless, and they will be arrogant when faced with people who are less inferior to them. “The Witness of the 20th Century” wrote: Reminiscing about the past, what touched me the most is that what seemed vital and interesting at the time, now it seems to be trivial, even somewhat absurd, such as seemingly dazzling achievements, fame and Praise, the happiness of getting money or a woman, wandering around the world like Satan, experiencing everything in the “Vanity Fair”, and now in retrospect, all these self-satisfactions are nothing but mirages and dreams. In addition to the above part-time experience, the biggest change in the change has been reading books. Although some books have been successful in learning chicken soup, but in the days when I was confused and procrastinated to find excuses for laziness, some inspirational chicken soup always made me Be more proactive and get rid of your comfort zone to change yourself firmly. After all, it is easy to give up in the process of persistence. Some of the famous aphorisms above come from the excerpts of my reading books. I have compiled them into the website thinking essays. Will go and take a look. As long as you want to change, nothing can stop you from making progress if you are willing. I haven’t been to a library in the university, and I read one book a week on average. This is a list of books in various fields that I have comprehensively recommended and commented on Douban and Zhihu. Finished this year. I will also attach my post-reading feelings and a mind map. This year is a year to comprehensively improve my inner self-cultivation. The study I owe in my student days will be paid back sooner or later. Encourage, come on!

6 months ago

Let me talk about the experience of my friend. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree of 211. I did not spend much time studying in the four years of university. I like to play badminton most. I played badminton superbly. We played all the dormitories alone. I stepped on Thunder when recruiting for my senior year and went to a company whose name sounds like a professional counterpart (it’s a state-owned enterprise, so the specific name will not be mentioned). When recruiting at the school, I promised verbally that the five insurances and one housing fund should be paid according to the highest standards. The internship period is half a year, and the minimum guarantee is 10,000 per month. You need to travel but you can choose domestic or foreign. You can return to the company after four or five years. Work stably…. When I signed the contract, I found that the contract was not so much. The minimum standard for five insurances and one housing fund is 5%, the internship period is one and a half years, and the salary is 3,500. Where do you go on business trips? If you don’t go, it’s a breach of contract. As for when you come back, it’s even more headless. The most important thing is that…you can be in arrears of salary and the time is uncertain…Because of the epidemic last year, my buddy saw this contract. At that time, it was already July after he graduated. If he finds another job, he can only find another job in the next term. If he does not find a postgraduate entrance examination, it is equivalent to a delay of one year. This test is equivalent to World War II. And the preparation time is only about four months. My buddy finally decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination in a very tangled predicament. After all, his major undergraduate is really not good for employment in the north. This school-based major, four months of hard work, prepares for all kinds of panic and fears before the exam, and can only ignore the head and the tail in the review. I have not read English, and basically rely on the basics. The politics only carries the key to memorizing Xiao Si and Xiao Ba. Questions, I haven’t tried many questions, but luckily, I encountered a few original questions, and finally scored more than 40 points. I didn’t get a hundred points for math. I kept reviewing professional courses. I went up and got 120+. , After the exam, I was worried about it. I was afraid that I was not online. I found that there were a lot more people who took the exam for my major this year. After I got the first exam results, I just got stuck on the edge of the admission quota…. I continued to panic before, for fear of being brushed off, wailing preparations, thinking about finding an adjustment, and thinking about finding a job to leave a way for myself, but the danger passed again. A total of 51 people were recorded, and he ranked 50th. We had a meal two days ago, and he lost a lot at a glance. He said he went out and went around for a while and regretted that he didn’t study well in college. I now understand how important it is to study. People who haven’t gone out will not be able to see this. It feels like I have to study hard this time, and if conditions permit, I have to read another PhD. My old brother who didn’t study well in college can say these things. It really touched me a lot. Maybe I can only feel this way when I go out for a while. I don’t want to talk about it. I have to move bricks. .

6 months ago

I have experienced hemorrhoid surgery and it is too painful. After more than ten days after the operation, life is not as good as death. Therefore, when it is good, I study hard and prepare to pass the examination of a practicing doctor. I have not taken the examination for two years before, and I just can’t learn it. Depraved, after experiencing the pain, can I better understand the patient’s pain and compare my heart to my heart, so I have to work harder to be a good doctor, and occasionally go to Didi. Why, I just want to work hard to earn money. Let the family, wives and children live better and improve the quality of life, so this is the reason for hard work.

6 months ago

Speaking of hard work, it seems that there has always been hard work, but it is not hard enough. After failing the college entrance examination, I felt unconscious for a while. I felt that I was suitable to be a waste. I even suspected that I had depression. I couldn’t take any interest in all people and things. I thought it would be pretty good if I didn’t do anything at all. Ok. …Until I graduated from a junior college, when I first came to school, I felt a sense of resistance. I looked down upon it and wanted to go back to school. The atmosphere of the junior college was really not good. There were a lot of people who were late for class, and some of them were all It’s here to get a diploma. Whenever the national flag is hoisted on Monday, that moment is solemn and sacred. It must be taken seriously and solemnly. But when I arrived at this school, I found out that there are people who have lived for more than ten years and don’t even understand the hat, and they are actually rising. When the national flag, there are also mobile phones and chats. I really want to get out of this group… I started to work hard because I was not reconciled. I felt that I shouldn’t just give up on myself, stick to it, and don’t forget my original intentions.

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