April 1, Nanjing, Jiangsu. The female drummer, Rehabilitative Tsai, posted a statement that when he was studying at Nanjing University of the Arts, his father revised his GPA score, arranged for him to work in the TV station, and arranged work for her husband. But she herself watched performances during work and worked perfunctory. The content has now been deleted. Relevant personnel of Nanyi and Nanjing TV will respond immediately and investigate.
On the morning of April 2nd, the drummer himself posted another dynamic response, saying that maybe he was tired from the tour, and wrote emotionally about what happened in these years. He didn’t expect that sharing his own experience would cause controversy. He also said that his work has already I resigned, intending to play the team to prove myself. At the same time, I apologized and said that “the scolding is also a supervision of me” and “I will continue to work hard.”

They are all people in the Internet age, don’t pretend to be foreign guests. Everyone knows what kind of platform Weibo is, not a private diary, but a place to advertise. In order to describe their rebellious mood of “forgive me for the unruly indulgence of love and freedom in this life,” the second generation expressed themselves “independently on the road of art” and expressed what they thought. Why does the second generation think this thing can be said? Because they subconsciously think this is not a problem, even she, maybe, is really good in the second-generation circle, and doesn’t follow the path arranged by her father. That’s why I think it’s memorable, not to show off my father to modify his GPA score, arrange for him to work in the TV station, and arrange work for my husband, but to show off that I have come out of a different artistic life. This is the real horror. The net built up by groups of vested interests has penetrated into their breath. They wrote a few words casually, oh, they suddenly realized that there were so many grass and mustards that they couldn’t breathe. At this time, I will come to public relations again. A few days later, the clouds are light and breezy. Don’t you see, the parents of the elementary school student who studied cancer, don’t they still continue to have a place in the school circle? Many people need to work hard or get a high GPA with two or three brushes. Others can get it with a word, and they are very disdainful. Many people dream of working within the system, others can do it in a word, and they still disdain it. This is the sorrow of the times. In the past, I had struggled for 20 years before I could sit with you and drink coffee. In the current society, I have struggled for 20 years before I have the opportunity to serve you coffee. HW’s extraordinary princess emphasizes that she works hard; Jia Pingwa’s daughter’s poem and urine poems, so many people praise her feet; there is also an old child who is 900 million in debt and has become a traffic star… These are just icebergs. A corner. I’m actually a little worried that the tip of the iceberg will become less and less in the future. The second generations have all learned well, made a fortune in a muffled voice, sucked blood and kept silent. Such drummers are, after all, one of the few. According to Hain’s Law, behind every “second-generation road” that enters our sight, there will be a greater number of “second-generation roads” that we can’t see. Take our place, eat our surplus value, and build their paradise (or serf manor). Those second generations who obey the path arranged by their parents, do not show the mountains and dew, but monopolize the main social resources, they are the ones who really cannibalize people without spitting out the bones.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let me guess the mental journey of the person involved before and after the incident: life is really hard now; I have worked hard these years; why this Weibo has exploded and am I finally becoming popular; why are everyone scolding me ;It’s not right to say that my performance improvement point is wrong, and it’s wrong to arrange work for me and my husband. Why is it wrong? What’s wrong? Don’t everyone live like this; why they scold me more and more severely, and they have to report me Baba, it happened What’s wrong? Or delete it first. Why are the people on the Internet so hostile and why they don’t understand me? Haha, my friends and I are right, these people at the bottom of society just don’t see others doing well.

6 months ago

The father revised his GPA score, arranged for himself to work in the TV station, and also arranged work for his husband. In the eyes of ordinary people, all this is a symbol of power and corruption, but in the eyes of the second generation, it is a vent of emotions and an oath of desire for freedom. There may be more privileges, and I have become numb. Or maybe they have experienced strong winds and waves, and the few things I said were just drizzle. Speaking plainly, and responding as if nothing happened. Many people worked hard for one and a half years, the GPA scores of World War I, World War II and World War Three, and the father of the second generation worked hard in one sentence. Many people squeezed their heads and wanted to work in the TV station, but my father got it done in one sentence. Perhaps at a tea time one day, Erdai and one of her colleagues went to the cafe downstairs to chat. This colleague is an elite among the elite. With more than 10 years of hard work, he entered the TV station and obtained a good position and salary. The colleague proudly asked the second generation: How did you get in? The second generation answered calmly: some afternoon, my father talked to the person in charge of the TV station for a few words, and the person in charge of the TV station invited me to go through the entry formalities the next day. Gao Caisheng’s colleagues are silent… can really be called the “pillars” of the country’s anti-corruption road, and they are “pitting” with their own strength. How about a few second generations like this?

6 months ago

Another Tongzhuo! A new model of children’s anti-corruption? The mysterious operation of these privileged children is really shocking, and their strength is cheating! After feeling shocked, I realized a problem: They brazenly and even proudly confessed that their family members cheated. Who was hit in the face? ! Another Tongzhuo! Nanyi drummer blew himself up with his father’s academic fraud with privileges! Heathcliff’s video 2768 broadcasts When a person posts his experience of enjoying privileges on the Internet with confidence, what does this show? It shows that she is very accustomed to this privilege, and does not know the serious consequences that this self-exposure can bring! It is conceivable how such a family and such parents can educate their children step by step! Did her parents just do a privileged thing? Obviously it should not be! I hope that, like the case of Tongzhuo, the relevant departments will thoroughly investigate this matter. Unfair education is an injustice to everyone! The drummer’s social account also posted a post saying that perhaps he was tired from the tour and wrote emotionally about what happened in the past few years. He didn’t expect that sharing his own experience would cause controversy. He also said that he had quit his job and he planned to play on the team. At the same time, he apologized and said that “swearing is also a supervision of me” and “I will continue to work hard.”

6 months ago

When privileges become a common operation, it is terrible. Imagine that many people are distressed for not completing the winter vacation, even tinkering with them, waiting for the beginning of school to copy who and who’s homework, some people have already rushed to say hello to the teacher, no need to complete the homework, the end of your efforts is just the starting point of the privileged . When such operations are performed on the body many times, and after a long time, the parties concerned no longer take it seriously. It can be presented to the public as a normal conversation, and used to swear an “inspirational action” for her to fight for the freedom of life/take back the initiative. It is said that everyone is equal before the opportunity. What about people who get GPA scores once and twice? The TV station should be regarded as a business unit, it needs an exam, it needs an interview. When a lot of people prepare for the only N places, as everyone knows, the places have long become N-1 or even N-X. Is it equal? It’s not about bullying honest people. I don’t care, and it’s useless to work hard. I finally stand out from my competitors, knowing that some colleagues have become such elites with just one sentence. Drizzle, sprinkling water, there is nothing but resentment, and perhaps envy, why I don’t have such a father to fight. There is really no fairness in the world. There are so many channels for ordinary people to ascend. It is not easy to live and strive to improve. Isn’t it also for the sake of fairness to survive in the cracks? For the big men who create rules, the relationship households are definitely a by-product of the human society. When the power is greater than the people, water can carry the boat, and it can also overturn the boat.

6 months ago

I seriously watched this second-generation aunt’s mental journey three times, and to be honest, his father is really a good father, except for corrupt privileges, so good that he is spoiled and tolerant, and raised a giant baby in his thirties. , His father can be so angry that he is so angry that he is really responsible for himself, the way of heaven is good for reincarnation. I clearly saw that at every juncture in the growth of this aunt’s life, her father used huge wings to conceal the training that should have made her mature. Let her easily survive every tribulation with her extremely weak cultivation base, so that she had the illusion that she was invincible in the world, and she even felt that she was unlucky in her heart. A scumbag who can’t pass the comprehensive high school grades, a student who has not taken a few classes in the university, and his mind is filled with school wastes that kill Matt’s age. He should be faced with graduation, namely unemployment. Because of his father’s privileges, he changed his grades and arranged his work. Not only did he fail to realize the difficulty of thinking about what to eat after every meal, but this kind of boring experience trapped himself like a cage. This is not uncommon. Many colleges have just graduated. Of the students eagerly rushed to the society and broke the blood. After a few years, they are not limited to the third volume, and they are full of gratitude for the stability. And because this aunt skipped these stages directly, she didn’t know the hardships and dangers. In the usual circumstances of absenteeism and fishing, she actually owed herself a kind of debt. It’s not easy for me to laugh when I see this passage. It’s not good to have such two masters, absent from work all day long, and can’t afford to offend the backstage, and can’t beat and scold them. If the two masters want to go by themselves, it’s not a god. Is it easy to open your eyes? Looking at this paragraph again, I can see that a father is heart-stirring. This aunt doesn’t know what “favors” means in this life. What a big face is for arranging a job for such a daughter-in-law who is not educated and innocent. It is conceivable that this father has spared so much scorn to make such two idlers, and I beg grandpa to tell grandma. If the level is not high enough, maybe he can’t stand the cynicism of others. Even if the level is high enough, the gossip underneath is inevitable. of. I was thinking of someone who has lived for half a lifetime. If I don’t want to be old, I don’t want it. I didn’t realize that the grandfather in the family resigned directly and didn’t even say hello. For this, I want to applaud the aunt’s operation. I hope that the second generation of the world will be more willful, and the world will become a better world. At the same time, it also reminds some parents that the catastrophe that is not the child’s own ability will only get bigger and bigger. Sooner or later there will be a day that you can’t cover. The more you block, the stronger the backlash.

6 months ago

However, the real sadness is still us netizens. The stuff written by someone on a plane is the privilege and skill that you and I can’t have. Most people are surprised by stories told in the most common tone. However, it is estimated that these operations are trivial matters in these people’s circles, so small that they think that speaking will not affect any trivial matters, but can highlight their own personality and independence. What else can netizens think about? Although they should be dealt with soon, these things can only be dealt with if they blew up. . . This story also gave those powerful parents a warning, don’t always treat your children according to your own wishes, otherwise the piece of candy you originally gave your children will become a knife to hurt yourself. ​​​

6 months ago

He can say this matter so “openly” without reservation, only that it is because in his knowledge, this set of operations is simply common sense, a kind of familiarity to everyone, and even many people have already practiced it. The presence. “Why not eat minced meat” is really the best description for this kind of powerful child. I boldly speculate that he has witnessed more convenient “operations” for more people. Therefore, some things may not be weighed, and from the internal point of view, they are quadruplicate, but when they are weighed, they are enough.

6 months ago

It is not that these people are disgusted with their own privileges. After all, such a situation has long been commonplace after the market economy. What everyone is particularly angry about is the ordinary tone of this group of people and their unabashed “frankness”. It is these people’s bias in their understanding of their behavior, and it is the biggest blow to countless fair strugglers. After all, in their class, this is quite normal. My xx friend is the same. What’s wrong with me? The instigator has nothing to do with it? Need to be severely punished.

6 months ago

Alas, the academic fraud behind art academies such as Nanyi, admission through the back door, abnormal teacher-student relationship, cheating, venting questions, etc., too much black material has long been flying in the art student circle. I don’t know if everyone is right. I almost forgot about the sex scandals of female students by professors, teachers and other incumbents in a certain art academy that was well-known in China. Not to mention academic fraud, exceptional admissions and the like. The problem with most domestic colleges and universities is that they will never give up where they can use privileges. The cruel thing is that China has been a society of personal love since ancient times. In front of acquaintances, relatives, money, and rights, we talk about fairness in exam-oriented education. Competition may not be as fair as everyone has always thought.

6 months ago

I do not comment on this incident for the time being, but there is indeed information worthy of attention. my country resumed the college entrance examination in 1978, and many college students enrolled that year became the backbone professors, department heads, and college leaders of today’s colleges and universities. Calculated based on age, the recent two years have happened to be the time limit for the retirement of that wave of college students. That is to say, starting next year, many senior college teachers and leaders will retire from the school, thus getting rid of the restrictions of school management regulations. Then, some of the existing problems may be concentrated in one or two years. You can predict for yourself whether there is such a possibility.

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