I met a friend through Zhihu, and because I don’t want to disturb anymore, I didn’t circle her out. She studied film and television production at university, and worked as an intern in a production company before graduation. In early 2018, her group will shoot a pseudo-documentary, similar to a reality show for migrant workers, which will be broadcast on CCTV during the Spring Festival. That’s when reality shows are the hottest. Because I often read my articles in Zhihu, and saw that I wrote about working in the south, she added me to WeChat and wanted to invite me to participate, saying that I was particularly suitable. At that time, my first book was on pre-sale. She told me that her show was a once-in-a-lifetime publicity opportunity, and she wanted to impress me in agreeing to her invitation. She asked me if I had delivered a courier. I said sent it. She said, if you agree, it will be Liu Qiangdong with you. I refused her invitation without even giving a reason. Out of great curiosity and a bit of complaint about me, she slowly became good friends with me. At about that time, her body sounded an alarm to her. Her left hand was unable to lift her shoulders to tie her hair, so she needed to ask her roommate for her grooming every morning, and then she couldn’t deliver even half of an apple to her mouth. In the end, it was completely numb, and it was difficult to wave it with all its strength. She lived with her father when she was very young. She has a very young sister and her mother is not around. She stopped work and rushed to the hospital in Beijing with her father. The result of the examination was that there was something growing in her neck, which was oppressing the nerve, so her left hand was abnormal. She told me on WeChat that the doctor said that the thing is benign, as long as it is cut off. The only disadvantage is that there may be sequelae of limb disability. After all, the operation will damage the spinal cord and nerves. The operation requires a lot of money. She has no family at all, so she can only ask for help from a fundraising platform for serious illness. She shared the fundraising link in her circle of friends, I clicked it in, donated some money, and forwarded the link to my circle of friends, hoping to bring her more help. There are several photos in the fundraising link, which are the hospital’s case certificate and the identity certificate of the person seeking help. Among them, one of them shows her sitting on the hospital bed with a slight smile and a book on her hand. From the cover, you can recognize that it is my book at a glance. Later, her condition went from good to bad. After surgery and chemotherapy, she entered a difficult and long recovery period. The operation did hurt a lot of nerves and severely affected her ability to move. She needs to learn to walk again like a one-year-old. The long hair that was not pierced in the past has been completely lost, and the new short hair is growing on the head. She said she would get better, and the facts are indeed as she said. She quickly recovered from the bed to be able to sit in a wheelchair. She was able to stand up from the wheelchair and walk on crutches. Later, she could simply throw away the crutches and walk ten meters away. Although she was shaking and trembling, she was already a great hope. And obvious success. Even the doctor who was in charge of physiotherapy praised her, saying that she was firm-willed and was the one who recovered the fastest in the hospital. But things took a turn for the worse. One day she told me that she suddenly forgot how to walk and her legs were very disobedient. She thought it was too hard to rehabilitate and made herself tired, so she threw away her crutches and sat back in the wheelchair, hoping to give her legs a full rest. A few days later, she couldn’t sit still, so she returned to the bed from the wheelchair. Later, just like when she was discharged from the hospital, she could only lie down straight, and only her head could move up and down. I asked her if you were too anxious and put pressure on the body. Did not get a reply. After half a month, she sent a twelve-second voice message. She told me that the incision was edema, which was pressing on the nerve. She said calmly, “But don’t worry, Dad told me that as long as the edema subsides, it’s fine.” This is the last message she sent me. She was lying on the bed and talking, and asked her younger sister to help hold the voice. Enter it and send it to me like this. She died in June 2019. That afternoon, she was suddenly in a critical condition and could not breathe. Her father called a car to Beijing, but she could not make it to the hospital. She also likes to write something. She used a pen name called Jingjiu, from the Jingjiu Railway. When she was a child, she used to wait for her father to come home from get off work by the side of that railway. Her friend told me that her father obeyed her last wish and buried her on the edge of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway. It’s been a year and a half, and I haven’t been there to see her, but I think I will go sooner or later.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In 17 years, my ex-boyfriend was killed in a car accident, and in a few days it will be our third anniversary. He gave me such a big “surprise”. I have forgotten how I came out, but I will always remember the pain of loss. Obviously, such a living person who was still joking with me for ten minutes before turned into a small box… Why delete it? The chat history of the past few years, this only thought, how can I remember it after deleting it? Time is the best medicine. I gradually forgot the feeling of falling in love with him, and gradually forgot the pain I had to endure after he left; running around with his parents and finally seeing him become a small box, After sending them away, I boarded the plane to go home and started the period of inhumanity and ghost. On what basis did I survive? Now think about it, except for the last few pledges in the memory, only chat records are left. His voice, his words, and the pictures he sent me are all the warmth that this person has experienced in the world. I remembered a sentence in a book I read in 18 years: “Life is light. Before I go out, I can light up you a little, and that’s all I can do. I love you, you want Remember me.” I will remember you, always remember you, will you remember me too? Even if I have met hundreds of times in my dream, I still want to know how well you are in another world?

6 months ago

I saw a sentence in the circle of friends, some people can see it by plane, but some people can only see it by time machine. The tears fell in an instant, and they cried for a long, long time. On the eve of Qingming Festival in April 19, I received a message from my sister. She told me that my good friends who grew up with me for more than 20 years are gone. She used the word dead. My mind was blank on the spot, so I scolded her, and I said, don’t talk nonsense or nonsense here. She told me that she was not talking nonsense, her family had already returned home, and she had been taken back home, and she heard that she died in a fire. So, when I was at work, I started to tremble, shivered and hid in the bathroom, and called her. That was the first time that her phone call was forwarded and couldn’t get through. Before that, we would make a phone call once every 10 days at most, regardless of whether there was anything wrong with it or not. Then I called other friends who grew up with me to verify this, but they still don’t know. On the next day, my uncle told me that she had been buried last night. But how could this be possible? How could a living person suddenly disappear. She is obviously still so young, only 24 years old, and her great life has just begun. She studied so well and worked so hard. She was the best student in her class since elementary school and graduated from one of the best universities in China. Obviously we were still chatting a few days ago. In our last phone call on March 13, she told me that she had submitted her resignation application and it had been approved. She could only leave after completing the handover procedures. She will return to Qingdao to work with me in July. After leaving the job, I would travel first and want to go to Xi’an. I also said that if I had time, I would go with her. She also said that after returning to Qingdao, she wanted to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination and asked if I wanted to be together. On 19.3.18, it was the last time we chatted on WeChat. The sentence of goodbye I did not reply because I was too busy. But who would have thought that this was the last conversation in our life. Later, on the 29th, I also posted pictures of losing weight online to her. According to her past personality, she might have let me go, but this time she didn’t. I thought that she was just as busy as before, and she would call me back when she was finished, but I never received any news from her again. Everyone in my family told me to delete her contact information, but I didn’t have it, and I didn’t want to give it up, and even occasionally sent messages or messages to her, but no one would reply to me again. I don’t know what kind of pain she experienced when she left. In those few days, when I closed my eyes, she looked helpless in the fire. She was wearing the clothes we had when we last met. painful. I’ve been thinking for a few days, what’s wrong with this world, how can it be so cruel. Before that, I always felt that this kind of accident was far away from me, and it would not happen to me. Every New Year’s Eve before, we spent the first half of the night together. My birthday is December 29th in the lunar calendar. In the New Year of 19, she didn’t return to my hometown until my birthday, and she brought me a lipstick as a birthday gift. When I heard the news for a few days, I was still thinking about what gift I should give her when she celebrates her birthday, where to eat with her, and what to do after dinner. However, I never had a chance again. September is her 25th birthday, but she will always be 24 years old. On New Year’s Eve from now on, I won’t have any good childhood friends with me, and if one is married, she will also leave. On the night of the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, she knew that I was the train back to Qingdao the next day. After dinner, she went to my house to talk to me and talk to me. Then hurriedly bid farewell, waved her hand casually and went home. If I knew it was our last time, I would give her a good hug. I came to Qingdao because she was here and she could be company. Later, she graduated and went to work in the South. It would be fine if I persuaded her to return to Qingdao early, and if she quit her job, it would be fine to leave there immediately, if not for her, it would be fine. I remember that in the few days at home in the New Year in 19, we still talked about when we were old, we would go back to our hometown to provide for the elderly and visit each other. But, why did she leave suddenly? She hasn’t even fallen in love yet, she has studied hard for so many years, graduated from a prestigious school, and can just earn money on her own, yet she hasn’t started to enjoy life. Later, I had a dream. I was with her in the dream. She and I seemed to know that she was going to leave. We took many photos together. I took her to record the video. I was crying and I told her to Smile at the video, I want to leave her the most beautiful look. I think this dream is to make up for my regret that I didn’t say goodbye to her seriously when we finally separated. She must be still looking at me somewhere, and then I have seen her many dreams one after another. Times. I don’t know which moment I will think of her, almost every day. I wanted to wait for me to get married, and she would also be my bridesmaid. The lipstick she gave me was somehow broken in my bag some time before she left, but I still use it now, and I got it from home a few days ago. I found a piece of soap that she gave me before. When I walked down the road, I saw some girls who were a little bit similar to her, dressed, dressed up, or shaped like her. I couldn’t help but look at them more, even if I knew I would never Can’t see her anymore. I will live a good life. When I get married and have children, I will show my baby pictures of me and her. This is a good friend of my mother, and you have such an aunt. I really miss her, but until now I also feel that her departure is untrue. Until now, I still think this thing is false and that it is impossible to happen. She is still working and going to work. , Will call me one day, as usual. When I returned to my hometown, I didn’t dare to go to her grave. I was afraid that if I went, it really meant that she was gone. I am afraid, I dare not, and I don’t want to admit it. Since then, I seem to have seen a lot of things, and have fun in time without having to force anything. Because the world will not change because of anyone’s departure, even your relatives, friends, after you are gone, everyone will still live happily as usual. I even feel guilty. Except for the first day she left and the opening scene, I didn’t seem to shed any tears because of her. During the few days she left, I would still eat and sleep as usual, and still laugh, so I also asked my other friends if I was too cold-blooded, and they said, otherwise, what can we do? People who are alive still have to live, and nothing else is of any use. She won’t come back crying and crying. Up. So yeah, you must say goodbye when you see you again, maybe it will be the last time. A few days ago, another friend of ours who grew up together took a picture of the bridge where the three of us had played together since childhood. It was a pity that she would never come back. So I opened the album and looked at some of the photos taken by the three of us over the years. At home, on the small road at the entrance of the village, taking a group photo every New Year’s Eve, I couldn’t help crying so much. Up to now, it has been almost two years since she left. I no longer think about her as often as I did at the beginning, but I don’t know which moment I will be pricked by which point. I will feel very sad for a moment, and miss her very much. If people really have reincarnation, then she must be a little girl who is almost two years old now. Lie in your parents’ arms and be a cute kid. If this is the case, it is really great. I hope my little mushroom will be happy in the next life and live a long life. I hope that in the next life we ​​will have the opportunity to meet and be friends again. In 2021, February 12th, the first day of the new year, I ran into her mother, who was a lot thinner than before, and my nose became sore in an instant. The aunt held me and cried for a long time, and said a lot of things when she was still alive. Since her death, I haven’t been to her home again. I really want to talk to her mother, but I am afraid that she will see me sad. The aunt said, why was she so cruel and left her mother. Even if it is burns and scalds, let me take care of her for the rest of my life, I can at least see her. Outsiders can’t imagine the pain of white-haired people sending black-haired people. The aunt said that the moment her daughter left, she also followed. Two years ago, she had forgotten how to laugh. The daughter is her little cotton-padded jacket, and when her daughter is gone, there are only memories left in her heart. I asked my aunt to add my WeChat account. When I was sad, I talked to her, but the aunt refused. She said that she could not disturb my life. Auntie showed me her WeChat. All her daughter’s photos are in her collection. She said that she left too few photos for her. I told my aunt that I saved a lot of pictures of both of us, and the aunt was willing to send me the WeChat account. I also sent her all the pictures in my mobile phone. The aunt also said that after sending the photos to me, you should delete the photos in your hands, delete all the WeChat phone calls, forget her, but how am I willing, she is a good friend of my life. When I was separated, the aunt hugged me again. It’s hard for a mother to endure the time after losing her daughter. She lost her daughter, and I lost a friend. It’s just that she is a thousand times more painful than me, and she will probably live in the thoughts of her daughter for the rest of her life.

6 months ago

Twenty years ago, from the time I had a handheld address book to the current WeChat, there are already more than 20 friends in my address book who have gone to heaven. I did not delete them. When I was looking for the address book, I would occasionally see their names, so that I can remember the happy days together, and put my energy more on being kind to my good friends. And not elsewhere. These are two photos taken with an altitude difference of 5350 meters, my friend Li Chong. We originally wanted to take photos in the same pose if we meet each other every year. Two months after the second shot was taken, we sent him away at the Lhasa funeral home. Li Chong @ Tibet-Imagine Enemy He is different from some tourist veterans. Before he had enough food and clothing, he raised rice for the Bianba area where Kashin-Beck disease was induced due to poor water quality and personally escorted it to the car to risk it. It also collects shoes for children in Tibet. Very admirable. If any netizens ask for help on WeChat, they are all eager to answer. In the end, his death was directly related to the busy WeChat mobile phone. Many of the routes and driver resources he explored, he also selflessly shared with us. Although he has been away for more than two years, everyone still misses him. Occasionally in the dead of night, click in to see their no longer updated Moments, I will play Goodbye Ira music in a loop at the same time. Let me cherish my current life even more, and cherish the relatives and friends around me. As we grow older, more and more memorial services are attended, and now more people choose sea burials. We don’t have a cemetery to offer flowers and memorial services. Perhaps, after a few years, the WeChat accounts of those who have left will be the only way for us to pay homage to them. When WeChat is gone, I don’t know. In addition, a friend in the comment area asked how Li Chong got there. He drove the car by himself and looked at the cell phone after the cell phone had a signal. He was involved in a car accident and died of a brain injury. He was the only one who died in the accident. The death of a friend is also a warning to us. Among my dead friends, car accidents are the main cause. We will often remind friends around us that it is best to find a professional driver to charter a car when traveling, and not to read WeChat or use mobile phones while driving. , Do not drink while driving, stay away from large trucks, and be careful when crossing the road.

6 months ago

Today, he has passed away for seven and a half years. However, it is still evaluated as the “Knowledge Ten Years New Knowledge Answer Master”. I saw a lot of moments that were not so meaningful at the Zhihu’s selection of new knowledge masters, but in the ten-year selection of new knowledge masters, I saw Cheng Hao. Based on this alone, I think Zhihu is really good and very human. I came to Zhihu late. When I came, Cheng Hao had passed away, but his story inspired me and our generation of Zhihu users. I really think he is too powerful. He can persist in that way. Although he did not win the big decisive battle in the end, he is our role model in every battle. He passed away, but he left a lot of wonderful things. I think his answer can continue to inspire many, many people. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leave something after a person’s death? Cheng Hao, I didn’t pay attention to him all the time, because I didn’t know each other, but I couldn’t forget him, I always remember him. This is actually quite unhappy for me. If I registered earlier and knew about it, I might get to know him earlier, maybe I could exchange a word with each other, then we would be friends, and I could pay attention to him as a matter of course. Do not take the pass, always miss him. After Cheng Hao passed away, his mother fell in love with him in 2015 and said something missed. I have mixed feelings. Here I really appreciate Zhihu. Zhihu awarded him the title of Ten Years New Knowledge Answering Master, which is too warm. Thank you @知识小管家 This matter should be known to more people.

6 months ago

I didn’t delete my friend. In the first year of high school, I solved his life problem by jumping off the building. When I got home for the exam that day, he posted a space through social software, “Spring is blooming”. He is one year younger than me, I am a second year in high school, and he is a first year in high school. Because of the big adventure, the relationship has been good since we met. At least I think it’s good, even now I can’t forget him. I also read Haizi’s poems, I know. At that time I thought he was frustrated, but I didn’t call him. I was afraid he was in class and the call would affect him. Before this, I did not reply to his message, so I did not send him a message after that, so because of my momentary arrogance, I seem to be unable to save him. He didn’t come to me for the next week. Until Saturday, his friend came to me and said he wanted me to help him see something. I boarded his Penyou’s account and saw a screenshot of the news. I panicked, my hands kept shaking, and I checked the Internet and Weibo to check if the person who jumped off the building died. I saw a comment on Weibo. He said that he was dead and he was not taken to the hospital at the scene, and he came directly to the funeral service. It has been a year and a half, and I can’t forget the way his mother held him and wept bitterly. I can’t forget the first time I saw him. His future may be more than one color, but his future is only one color. He is now one and a half years old, where is he, can I meet him, I really want to see him. I really want to save him, but I’m afraid that if I save him, he won’t be able to get rid of it. Hope everything is well for him.

6 months ago

In 17 years, she held my hand. We just came back from shopping for food, discussing how to leave a few coke chicken wings for another roommate in the evening. She always came back late from get off work. While chatting, she suddenly said seriously, “You have to study hard when you go back. Don’t forget our group of friends.” I smiled and poked her, saying that she didn’t know what she was thinking. She was more serious, standing still and not leaving, and asked me “Have you heard?” I said, “Okay, I’ll be admitted and come back to give you good news.” There are five people in our dormitory, squeezed into a small house with two rooms and one living room. in. On the upper and lower berths, I often fight, and I go to work together, go shopping together, buy groceries and cook together, and clean pots and pans. We voted on which kind of rice to buy, which vegetables to buy, rock-paper-scissors, and raced against time for bathing. We squeezed in the same bed to watch movies, complained about acting idiots and grabbed the quilt, and occasionally talked about unattainable dreams. . She said that she had saved enough money and wanted to leave here. I said me too. Five of us, two of us graduated from universities, two of us dropped out of middle school, and one of me failed the college entrance examination. We didn’t think about how to continue in the future. The salary is small, and it is difficult to go to work. I rack my brains every day to think about how to apologize to customers and how not to be in the group by the boss. Everyday, I am either scolded or scolded on the road. The five people vomit while frightening, and they discuss the pay slips with their bosses behind their backs every month. Since they knew why I came out, they all persuaded me to come back to study, don’t waste my grades, don’t waste my youth here, and tell me that I am still young and there is nothing to be afraid of taking a gamble. I hesitated for a long time, struggled for a long time, and decided to give it a try. Take a gamble. I bought a book and signed up for a class. Seeing that I was doing the question, everyone consciously and tacitly whispered their hands. Two roommates took turns to dictate vocabulary to me, and one taught me to solve problems. She and her opposite shop were in charge of controlling the field (supervising me after get off work to see if I had studied). Especially she, every time I look at me picking up a vocabulary book, she always comes over and pats me on the shoulder and knocks me slightly, then puts down a cup of warm water and walks away, pretending to be old-fashioned before going out and say “qq, you have to come on, I believe You.” The five of us made an agreement, and when I was admitted, I would come back to treat me to dinner. I remember one time it was my turn to wash the dishes after dinner (we take turns a day), which coincided with the live time of my course. The dining table was messy, and the four of them looked at each other and called me, “What should I do?” I entered the room and closed the door, and heard the four of them draw poker to decide who was the lucky player. Shameless. Shameless. Shameless. noisily. I cried inexplicably in the room and dare not speak out. Really, I was scared that I would fail.
Later, after a lot of ties, I found my favorite school as I wished, made an agreement with my family for a showdown, and succeeded in returning to my hometown to repeat the course. In October of that year, my monthly exam improved slightly. The paper that had just gotten glanced at the scores and then stuffed it into the table. The table was cleaned up. I was ready to wait for the school bell to ring and rush back to the dormitory to take a shower. Then I came back early to continue my studies. I remember very clearly that the sky was very blue that day, and there were still many people standing on Xiaopo Road in the cafeteria taking pictures, laughing and lively. Turn on the phone after taking a shower and call back. The roommate paused for a long time on the other end of the phone, and she said, “She’s gone.” I asked her, “Who, what do you mean?” She repeated it again, and her voice was so small that I could hardly hear it. I said, “What are you kidding? She is only seventeen years old this year.” She said, “It’s real, really.” I went crazy and called another roommate to confirm. She said, “It’s real. She suddenly took time off and went home to see a doctor. It was too fast. A few days after the diagnosis, I heard her crying louder and louder. I said, “Where, I’m going to see her.” My roommate said, “Her family didn’t tell me, she is too young and you can’t find her hometown.”… I squatted on the ground and couldn’t help myself… Later, Someone posted her account and posted a circle of friends. It’s her brother. Her portrait is still her selfie. Her dynamics became blank, and all the fragments of her previous life were cleared. I did not ask. I did not send a message. I did nothing. I just miss her very much. …The results were unexpected. I was admitted, I went out of the province as I wish, and was admitted as my first choice. I send messages in the group, and I give them good news. They all left the place as they wished, and no one is there anymore. They said, “I know you can do it”, “This one is not bad”, “When are you ready to gather”, “Which professional support you read to take shopping?”… But we didn’t mention that meal. I went to the appointment, and after the exam, another person bought a ticket and returned to Shenzhen. They came to pick me up. We are still us. I missed my appointment and did not return to the agreed place after the exam. I can not. I really dare not. Four years have passed, and I am now in my junior year. I still remember that she was holding my hand and we were walking side by side on Dongmen Street. At that time, Kuaishou was not as popular as it is now. An internet celebrity was shooting a video there that day. When she saw the person’s profile from a distance, she didn’t dare to confirm it. After thinking about it, she pulled me back. She held me to pretend to be passing by, secretly clicked on the Kuaishou homepage, covered her mouth and screamed, “qq, it’s him, it’s him, it’s him, my God” I laughed at her, “Can you calm down, calm down?” I was envious of her, she saw the person she wanted to meet. Four years have passed and I haven’t deleted her contact information, she has been on my list. I miss her very much, really miss her. Now I still buy dried mangoes occasionally, and one person can eat a large bag, but I feel that it is not as good as five people put together to divide a bag of dried mangoes. Back that year, QQ was really studying hard. You said to bet for a year, and I won the bet. …Too little and too much to say. Well, if you can do it again, you have to be born in a family with a little money, don’t give up your studies for the sake of mundane things, don’t patronize buying things for your younger siblings, but also buy a little for yourself. Going to see the person I want to meet again. We miss you so much, so much.

6 months ago

will not. In the last semester of the second semester, I received a WeChat message from the intern company saying “Yuanyuan is gone”. At the time, I thought this sentence was a bit strange. I immediately called my roommate. On the phone, the roommate cried and said that she had died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Suddenly, I rushed to Hefei from Nanjing to ask for leave. I notified the whole class in the class group at night, and all the classmates who could go to see her arrived the next day. That night, the whole class was posting on Moments, and probably none of them fell asleep. A few months later, it happened that “Dream Quest” was released, and I burst into tears when I saw it, and then I would think of her whenever I heard remember me. After work, I participated in a reporter trip in the Yangtze River Delta. I visited the Crossing River Memorial Hall in a county in Tongling, Anhui. I suddenly saw her in the propaganda film. She turned out to be the narrator of the Hefei Crossing River Memorial Hall. It is estimated that she was recording the propaganda as a representative. Film, couldn’t hold back standing in the venue and crying, I can feel in the dark that she doesn’t want us to forget her. Don’t forget the people who left, they are a last resort, and we have no reason to erase their existence.

6 months ago

As for why Faxiao lived in a community, I only learned the news after her death. In fact, she and I are not particularly close friends. We played together when we were young, and the adults in the family are also familiar with each other, but neither of us is particularly good, nor is it bad. Ordinary friends, a circle of life. Then both of our parents are from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This older generation doesn’t like to fantasize about anything in the family. When my father passed away, he didn’t notify his colleagues or friends, so his family knew it and it was all over. His old colleague for decades came to attend his funeral without telling us (if we tell us in advance that they are coming, my mother and I will definitely say: Don’t come, don’t bother you.) My father’s life’s first friend It was only two or three months after his death that he was known to have passed away. The old uncle cried out and made me feel sorry for him. In short, not causing trouble to others, and not affecting others’ normal lives, should be the reason why she was sick and did not publicize it. If I got sick, I wouldn’t talk to others everywhere. However, the friendship between our two families is still there. In case they are in need, I will definitely help. Official answer: I did not delete it. I have been alone for a few years. She was pregnant with a second child, a son, and found out that she had stomach cancer. The children were not saved by the adults. Alas, her mother and my father belong to the same unit. When I was young, her mother took me to extracurricular classes for a semester. She has been very fat since she was a child, and I am not thin either. Later I got married and bought a wedding house in a community. Our two eldest daughters are both older and go to an elementary school. I met her one day and found that she had lost a lot of weight and her face was particularly ugly. She said she succeeded in losing weight. We are also discussing how to reduce it. Then three months later, one day suddenly, her circle of friends posted her own obituary. Shocked me, WeChat asked her if she was a prank? Her mother replied that she was gone, and the second child left first. She persisted for an extra month. It’s too fast…I can’t bear to delete her WeChat, because the WeChat is her parents and her daughter. After deleting WeChat, I can no longer care about them.

6 months ago

You don’t need to use WeChat in the title. I’m using QQ. What happened last year, in March, I believe you all guessed what it was. Yes, it’s the new crown. This is his last explanation for junior high school students. Call it x. Withdrawn and straightforward, it is easy to offend people (this is why many people later scolded him under his comments) and I, I have a lot of friends, and I don’t care about others offending me, plus the two of us have something in common His hobbies, so he had a fever at the beginning. After I heard about it, I thought it was a common cold. When I invited him to play MC together, he said he was uncomfortable. After a few greetings, I didn’t care about it. , A friend from another class asked me if someone in your class had won the new crown. I replied to your fp. Later, people from various classes came to ask me. I was a little panicked and asked x, but he didn’t reply to me. , This so-called rumor was confirmed, but I was so stupid to believe that some nc marketing account said that the fatality rate of this disease was not high, but it was a pity for him (I heard that there were sequelae), but I still believed that he could get better. Later, he I sent a note saying that the content was “I wish I recovered from my illness” with a photo of the quarantine area. Even at this time, I still believe that he is not the 2%. In addition, their family has a history of genetic heart disease, and the person disappeared very suddenly. It was really a momentary thing. I didn’t know about it for the first time. The head teacher chose to keep it secret. (Later, a bastard passed it on. Go out), but the head teacher told the parents that night, each parent will consider whether to tell us if they want to. I know this is from the class group, the class group that hadn’t talked for a few months suddenly got 99+ in a few minutes , I went in and took a look, oh, it’s completely chaotic, whether people who are familiar or unfamiliar are saying what the deceased rest in peace, am I sad? To be honest, I was just sad at the time because X and I were not particularly good buddies, but at the time, I looked at the class group and felt a little sick. As mentioned above, X often offends many people because of his temper. , And in the class group, a considerable proportion of the people who wrote about the dead in peace have been offended, and even some people can almost say that they have never lived with him-that’s fine, even though I think they are quite contradictory, but it is also possible that the reason why they used these four words is because they have forgiven x and what happened below is really disgusting. After they used it for a long time, the topic began to run inexplicably. Someone started to talk about how they were during the epidemic and how crazy they were playing, including a certain girl who had depression in the third grade and then a girl who did not come to school for a semester told her feelings about her illness for half a year… In my eyes, this is a very weird behavior-you have to show off how crazy you play, how well you are, or you can suffer from depression, but please post it privately, because in this When this kind of thing happens, after you blow up the whole class and watch you say some incomprehensible things here, it is really difficult to get rid of the element of showing off (I do not discriminate against depression, but this A classmate I can say with certainty that she just doesn’t want to go to school, and her parents want her to repeat a year because it’s impossible to go to high school based on her grades. What’s more, maybe I am ignorant, but I never listened. I said that a depression can keep two updates every day, and it’s all about eating, drinking and having fun. In addition, she is crazy in the second year of the middle school. It is really hard to convince me that this kind of person will get depression. Don’t be arrogant. You are right) A few days later, I opened his space and clicked into the message board to see that his mother probably didn’t want to see so many insulting messages anymore, and the space was sealed. At that time, no permission was set, and the message board did not appear. Unexpectedly, there were some eulogy, but later things told me a truth: There are so many people in China, there will always be a few fools. I flipped through the message board one by one and saw the condolences of his real good buddies, and I realized him. The pain of the family, and… the IQ of some idiots has two extremely vicious messages, which are very dazzling, and the content is probably: “Today is a real celebration with the sky” “Finally gone, I feel that the Chinese New Year It’s ahead of time.” Of the two people, one I didn’t know, and the other I recognized, was the trumpet of a guy who didn’t have a good relationship with everyone in the class (this person often uses trumpets to curse people, I used to show off triumphantly, to declare that I am not a friend of this person, but my attitude towards him is not as indifferent as others.) That’s embarrassing. There are a group of people who scold them under the two comments, and x ‘S mother asked her children how they offended them, but they didn’t know who these two people were. After all, they talked online. These two idiots may think that they don’t need to be responsible for saying anything. I didn’t disclose the identity of the abuser. I don’t want this. The guy died in school. After all, he might just want to cheer and find a sense of existence, so I told it in private. x He and my elder brother, who is the same age as me, is a relatively mixed person. After learning about this, he endured it until the beginning of school, and then squatted and waited for him to leave school on the first day. When he was passing by Huaihai Street, he beat him up. It was indeed a violent beating. The next day I saw that the corners of his eyes were blue. This guy even said that he fell yesterday, and xswl will come after? After that, there was nothing, and the days went by. Those who were not familiar with him gradually forgot about him, including me. After that, people often asked in the game about the one who used to kill the Quartet with you. Why is the boss not online? Every time my answer is “He has retired” and others just say “Oh”, what should I do? The brother of x told me one day that he can’t go on like this anymore. , Because in the past his plan was to let x support their parents. He is alone in the world. Now the people are gone, and the other one who survives will take the responsibility of the deceased. The mother of x, I am also in his message. I have talked to Banzhong (it was not closed at the time), and comforted her, telling her that x must have lived well in another world and the aunt told me that she is very grateful for x to have friends like us in this world sometimes Maybe it’s fucking, but more often, it’s still beautiful

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This is not a story. This is what I encountered in reality. Real people and real things, I don’t need to consume dead people, tell the truth. My dad is (supposedly) uniquely talented and romantic. A man who became a university professor at the age of thirty-four. When I was over a year old, he cheated on his female student when he was twenty-six. He was only twenty-five years old. My mother and I, who was only one and a half years old, left them alone for more than ten years. My mother pulled me up alone, and I have never had a father. Later, when he was about ten years old, he occasionally started to play with me, and occasionally gave me lectures, which is about once a month. I was just very happy because I thought I finally had a dad, and I even fantasized about my mom remarrying my dad. Later, I got my dad’s WeChat account and kept secretly watching his life from the circle of friends. He has changed three girlfriends in the past ten years, all of them are college students. In addition to some of his thoughts, sharing, and daily life, the circle of friends is often a photo of him and his girlfriend. Sometimes my dad asks me “Hello, who are you?” I don’t know how to answer. Should I say, “Hello, I am your daughter” and I will say that I am a graduated student, maybe you Don’t remember me, you gave a lesson to our class. Then it was about my thirteenth. He died. He died of myocardial infarction or something. I don’t know. It seems to be because he stayed up late and worked overtime. It’s too young to remember. I only remember that I was called by my mother early in the morning to go to the hospital and rescued for a whole day. Finally, he died. When he died, his face was gray and his eyes were half closed and half open. There was no focus, as if looking at the ceiling. . His girlfriend was crying at the door of the ward, hugging me and howling to marry him, I didn’t say anything. I don’t know what I should say, I don’t know what I should say. You can also scold me because I’m a bit nasty. Although he cheated on me without supporting me for more than ten years, I really want him to live. I really want to have a dad. Although he was not responsible for not raising me when he was alive, I was really happy when he took me out to play. After he died, I kept sending messages on his WeChat, pretending that we were chatting with each other, watching his circle of friends, pretending that we existed in each other’s world. Until one day his girlfriend suddenly used my dad’s WeChat to send me a message, saying, oh, hope you will live a good life in the future, look forward, don’t indulge in sadness, ah, your dad is a good person, etc. I knew it should be over. I deleted his WeChat. I don’t know how his girlfriend is now. Is it still using my dad’s WeChat? Maybe she has a new boyfriend, the students have a new English teacher, but I will never have a dad in my life. In short, if you feel that everything should be over, delete it. From then on, your friend will be a ray of breeze in your life, and it will pass by. If you don’t want everything to end, don’t delete it. Your friend will become a star, adorn your sky. Whenever you see this star, you will think of the past. What maintains a relationship is not life and death, but emotion. What you cherish may not be that person, but the past. A person’s own behavior may be memorable, but a past that brings deep feelings is unforgettable. If you delete it, you’re still looking aside, and if you don’t delete it, you’re still looking aside. What matters is not WeChat, but your attitude. Look at the open point, there is no need to entangle. If it doesn’t work, just throw a coin and throw the coin in the air. Haven’t you already made a choice?

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