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Isn’t Li Bai born as a poetic fairy, “Thunder”? It is indeed a spicy chicken from birth. If you have this kind of thought, it means that you don’t have a deep understanding of Li Taibai. Take a good look at the answer above. Li Bai, what kind of quack, unrestrained, and unruly, make a piece of him. “, in the true sense, Xianqi. If you still think that Li Bai can be connected with this kind of unimaginable work, then you can use “Xia Ke Xing” to call the wheat again. I put my words here today. You mc six shouts “Thunder”, making the big guy think that the form of shouting wheat seems really rustic and useless. My mc sixty-six shouts are of the level of “Xia Ke Xing”. (Provided that you create it yourself), I promise the big guys will kneel down and sing “Conquer” willingly. In the final analysis, “Thunder” is logically unreasonable and sutures the shit of Zhang Fei everywhere, without any artistic value. What is Li Bai’s level? The top pinch in the world of poetry! How can you ask such a question, my mad brother Taibai can go down to the world and take a sword to kill you, really want to experience a “ten steps to kill a person, thousands of miles do not stay”? Emma was purely emotionally complaining. I didn’t expect so many brothers and sisters to agree, flattered and flattered. After thinking about it, I’d better add some ideas of my own. In fact, this question is quite interesting. The subject may want the dramatic pleasure of everyone scrambling to diss “Thunder” and then getting slapped in their faces, and then turn their heads to lick “Thunder” again. In such a situation, I can only say that it is impossible. One cannot be that Li Bai can’t write such a work at all (Dao Brother, are you happy that you won Li Bai\^O^/ ), and the other is that it is impossible for everyone to change their views on “Thunder” . Don’t say that this thing is really written by Li Bai, even if it is co-created by giants like Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, Shakespeare, Gorky Tagore and other giants, this thing should be a spicy chicken, it is still a spicy chicken. We recognize the excellence of a thing, not because that thing is the creation of a famous artist. The creation of a famous artist is only a bonus item, and it cannot be a decisive item. The quality of the work itself is the basis for its recognition by the world. A few hours ago, on the train, I just hit mc Liudao again in response to Yang Kun’s evaluation of Thunder. Liudao said: “Existence is reasonable”, and said: “So many people like “Thunder”, is it not normal for everyone”. Really, the abuse of the phrase “existence is reasonable” has become a standard feature of sophistry. No matter what kind of response, if you say “existence is reasonable”, it seems that you are very reasonable, and it seems that the opposite is very unreasonable. It’s really a high jump in the toilet, too much feces. The phrase “existence is reasonable” is really not understood according to the literal meaning of the five words. I will not elaborate on the specific meaning of it is limited by my literacy level (even if I understand it, I can’t say it if I don’t. What), brothers and sisters moved their little hands to check it out and it came out. In the future, everyone should be careful to use the phrase “existence is reasonable”, and use high school political content to “existence is perceived” boldly. “So many people like to hear that Jinglei is not normal for everyone”, Brother Dao, you are right here, yes, everyone is not normal, and everyone’s aesthetics over the years is indeed not normal. At least the aesthetics of popular music today is deformed enough. Nowadays, popular music does not pursue depth or breadth. It only pursues the ears at first, so regardless of the seriousness of plagiarism, as long as it can explode for a while, just a sum of money is enough. Then you want to ask me if this song is good? Of course it sounds good. But does it make sense? No. People don’t need this kind of thing to carry feelings and put their thoughts on. This kind of thing is a pastime, and its only function is to be refreshed for a while, and toss it when it is finished. There is no need to think about interpreting this kind of thing, no need to think about the deep meaning in it, either they have no deep meaning at all, or they are in the atmosphere and we are in the core of the earth. The argument between Yangchun Baixue and the Lower Liba does not apply here, these things are not considered as the Upper and Lower Liba at all, the Lower Liba please move to the next door Phoenix Legend. We entrusted our emotions to express our grief and cherish the memory of the past, and the excellent works have disappeared, crushing them both literally and musically. Nowadays, anyway, just a little bit of classical Chinese and a little bit of intention, you can pretend to be Chinese style, and you can step into the patriotic field. All kinds of love, love, and love are constantly bombarding you with 360 degrees without dead ends. You really wonder, is there really only love left in this world? It was hard to get involved with the feelings of family and country, and couldn’t jump out of the vicious circle of fake Chinese style. I do not reject simplistic pastimes. I myself watch Shuangwenshuang dramas and listen to saliva songs. What I reject is that it is obviously something that is very lacking in depth and quite simple. The author and the fans have to talk about connotation and thinking, and they are sentimental at every turn. They laugh more than anyone else, and they are normally alone, with every day. People with depression are vying for space, too much. It’s not that I don’t support sentimentality and love. But if you only have these things in your eyes, and if you have to forcefully add drama, then I really can only hope that your derailed subject will be caught by you. Finally, call wheat as our local thing. At the beginning, I watched it with a filter. I even thought about tolerating it and standing for it. But I didn’t expect that the shouting of wheat words can really be such a big deal. Not only is I not afraid to shout wheat, but I really want to step on more feet.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

How did Li Bai write such a thing? ? ? ? Who are you when Li Bai? ? ? ? Do you know how many words and verses are used in the song of Jinglei? ? And it’s very blunt. The only advantage is that it’s rhyming enough. If you really escort the truck, you have to be expelled because of the random rhyming. Few sentences are original sentences, and many are copied directly from the web. How can it be passed on to future generations without original content? ? ? I see the original film okay? ? ? When writing poems or words, the key point is to have a theme. Where is the theme of thunder? ? Is it to write a Long Aotian with no eyesight? ? ? From the beginning to the end, the meaning has changed several times. For a while, how can I kill people, how awesome is it? Your goal is to become a fairy? ? ? You killed all the people and you go to be an immortal? ? ? After a while, he said I was going to become a demon. Isn’t this a fairy again? ? ? After a while, you will be successful, and you will be successful if you kill someone? ? Are you successful with syphilis or schizophrenia? ? In a while, it will become the recovery of Soochow, what are you going to do? ? Do you have any ideas? ? ? At this level, I’m not even as good as I am drunk and drunk alone. It’s far inferior to drawing a dragon on my left hand and a rainbow on my right hand. Still Li Bai wrote? ? Li Bai was so drunk that he couldn’t write such a bad sentence (according to the opinion of friends in the comment area, it was changed to “Li Bai is sober like a green apricot and can’t write this kind of garbage”)

8 months ago

If Thunder is written by Li Bai. It must not have been written by Li Bai that you did not see the water of the Yellow River coming from the sky, and rushing to the sea without returning. I was born to be useful, and it was not written by Li Bai. An Neng smashed my eyebrows and bowed my waist, making me unhappy. You must be happy in life, don’t make Jinzunkong not the moon. Flying straight down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way falls nine days. I send my sorrow and the bright moon, and follow the wind until Yelangxi is not. Phoenix tour on the Phoenix platform, Feng went to Taikong River to flow freely. The apes on both sides of the strait can’t cry, Qingzhou has passed Wanzhongshan, isn’t it? A toast to invite Mingyue, not to Yingcheng three people. Looking up at the bright moon, I bow my head and think that my hometown is not. The difficulty of the road of Shu is not that it is difficult to go to the sky. Do you know why, because someone who can write Jinglei must not be able to write the above famous sentence, he is not worthy.

8 months ago

This song “Thunderstorm” is magnificent and has a lofty intention. Li Taibai is not expected to write it. / Gootou read a lot of comments from Tieba bosses, and talked about common vocabulary of Mai. Rivers and lakes, battlefields, beauty of the country, beauty, warrior, life of a military horse, emperor, heaven, fighting the sky, pastoral, retreat, scimitar, young and frivolous… Jiangshan, battlefield: a street of leisure and entertainment (including but not limited to bathing and foot therapy) : Miss sitting on the platform Allure: Miss No. 1 Soldier: Security guards all life: Has been a security guard for half a lifetime: Before the security General: Security captain Emperor: Unit boss Jiangshan: Work unit. Cangtian: Police Station Fighting Cangtian: As the name suggests, Yanyu Building: Bathing Hall, Pastoral: Hometown, Rural Retreat: Returning to the Hometown and Farming Meniscus/Zijin Hammer: It refers to all controlled knives. Injured people through the ages and leave their name: Squatted in prison Love silk: Prostitutes cut off the love silk: Quit as the name suggests: Infatuation: Give the young lady money and become angry: Betrayal for the young lady: Betray the world for the young lady: confess the former king of the buddy: the prisoner released . When I am free, I will update it in the public. Reading Comprehension of “Sounding Wind Trivia”: Cut off the thread of love and become a beauty. He was once a king. Betray the world and fight against the sky.

8 months ago

No, look at how Li Bai described the scene, “Meteor White Feather inserted between his waist, sword flower and autumn lotus light out of the box. The heavenly soldiers shone the snow under the jade pass, and their arrows were like sand shooting golden armor. The clouds, dragons, wind and tigers returned, and Taibai entered the moon. The enemy can be destroyed.” Meteor Baiyu, Sword Flower Autumn Lotus, Heavenly Soldier Zhaoxue, Yunlong Fenghu, what is your grade Thunder? The sky turned into dark clouds galloping on the battlefield, whistling, misty and rainy” or something, the rest is more of false writing. Up to this point, the actual writing is nothing more than “purple electricity”, “dark clouds”, “flame”, and “smoke rain”. The description is nothing more than “Xuanzhen”, “the sky has collapsed” and “whistling”. What is the amazing wording or rhetorical imagination? The most important thing is that I don’t know what he wrote. The whole article is piled up with words. I read it very high and there is nothing in fact. It is commonly known as “Kou He”.

8 months ago

Li Bai: I also want to force myself, but my strength really doesn’t allow it. You really don’t know how high the cultural literacy of MC Liudao is. Seeing the word “Thunder”, it suddenly occurred to me that this song has also contributed tens of thousands of likes to me… How do you evaluate the lyrics of “Thunder”? ​As a person who has done a little research in the field of lyric writing, when the song was at the climax of public opinion, I really wanted to try my best to analyze the lyrics itself seriously. But it’s really hard. MC Liudao said that this song was written because he liked to read Xianxia novels. Therefore, the first few sentences are still the mythological setting of gods and demons, and they are clearly said to be the cultivation of immortals and proving the Dao in the ancient years. As a result, there was a sentence at the end of “Just for the restoration of Soochow, I will set foot on this river and lake again.” Good deed, a good fairy, instantly became the historical emptiness of the end of the Three Kingdoms? I dislike “Thunder”. It has nothing to do with the call of wheat. The main reason is that the song lacks basic lyric logic. Shouting of wheat is just a form, and there are no shortage of works of decent quality. As for the author of “Thundering” MC Liudao, and that Li Bai who wrote “Sages and sages in ancient times are lonely, only the drinker keeps their name”, how big is the difference in cultural literacy… I just give an example. After Yang Kun dissed the thunder, MC Liudao made a response. There was a sentence in it, and everyone probably didn’t remember it. He said: “After all, you know the happiness of fish.” Everyone has learned it in textbooks. The original saying is that it’s not a fish to know the joy of the fish, right? MC Liudao only thinks that such a replacement of himself seems to be very literary. As everyone knows, the two words “子” and “汝” have different usage scenarios and meanings in ancient Chinese. It also means “you”, which means a little respect, and the division of generations is not particularly obvious, and there is no problem with direct quotation. “Ru” refers to peers and younger generations, and lacks respect in the tone. Contexts such as “You also know how to shoot” are often people who are not qualified to question themselves. If MC Liudao is not arrogant enough to directly classify Yang Kun as a person with insufficient qualifications, then we have reason to think that he is misused-because in the first half of his reply, he still used “you” in respect to Teacher Yang Kun. The language is contradictory to the tone of “Ru”. Just drag the text and make mistakes, this is the cultural level of the author behind “Thunder”. Do you think Li Bai will make this basic mistake? Li Bai was taken away by others with his eyes closed, and he couldn’t write about this kind of dregs. Without him, after all, the basic cultural literacy determines the lower limit of creation.

8 months ago

This view may be a bit extreme: but I really think that if Li Bai can write “Thunder of Thunder”, I should be happy for him. Because this will mean that this Jiu Mengzi who has been charging all his life finally broke through the Tang Dynasty, broke through himself, and finally reached what every smart person wants to live: an ignorant but happy fool. Smart seems to be a good quality, but smart people often suffer. I thought that Changan was waiting for the edict, when others came to this place, it would be regarded as a green smoke from the ancestral grave, and you could wake up with a smile in the middle of the night. Wouldn’t you just help the leader write some manuscripts, and you would be rich? Gong Li tried to persuade himself to settle down and live a quiet life. Later, he still couldn’t stand it. In fact, things like “clouds want clothes” had already broken the limit of Teacher Li, and he wanted to really be able to write thunder. Not all of Teacher Li’s poems are good. Yun Xiang Clothes, Bai Yujing in the sky, etc., are all over and over and over and over again. They don’t mean much, but they are basically human words, and they don’t speak awkwardly—this It is Li Bai’s obsession. Even if he is boring, he still wants to be pretty. Knowing that he can eat more full at low, he would rather be hungry. It looks very high-end, but in fact it is nothing remarkable. Most people have this kind of complex: you can’t do everything for good. This is called self-esteem and face-to-face. There is a price to face. Of course, Li Bai wrote nothing on the rivers and lakes. If a work like “Thunderbolt” was taken out in the court, even if he was famous, Xuanzong would definitely kill him. Xuanzong is versatile, especially proficient in music, it is best not to blind Jiebao to make jokes in this regard.

8 months ago

I just saw a piece of Lao Guo on the Internet today, saying: “If an expert debates with an layman, it is an layman. For example, I said to a rocket scientist that your rocket is not good and the fuel is not good. I think you have to burn firewood. Coal is best. Clean coal is better. Coal washing is not good. If the scientist looks at me with a straight eye, he will lose.” The subject actually asked what would happen if “Thunder” was written by Li Bai? This mind hasn’t been squeezed through the door a few times, and he can’t ask such otherworldly questions at all! And I unexpectedly came up to answer, I guess my brain was kicked a few times by the donkey. Of course, from the perspective of brain and eye-catching, the subject won. I really respect. We all know that it is impossible for such a poetic fairy who has produced such a poem for thousands of years to write something like “Thundering”. But from a deeper level of analysis of this issue, to put it another way, that is, a very high-ranking person has made a very bad thing. What do people think? If you think about it from this angle, the problem is very profound. I suspect that you are connoting a well-known director named Chen, and there seems to be evidence. How can this kind of sand sculpture problem turn into a profound question that reflects reality from another perspective? What is the reality? “Li Bai” wrote “Thunderbolt”, so even if people all over the world say “Thunderbolt” is a pile of shit, but the other party will die and refuse to admit it, forcing you to taste it. If you don’t like it, you have to criticize you for not understanding. In art, some people bravely speak the truth and scold them as “old antiques”, and they are destined to be abandoned by the times. More people chose to be silent because of the influence of the other party, and even cheated their feet against their conscience. However, the people have the most discerning views, the real is always true, and the fake is the fake. The reason why Li Bai is Li Bai is that he has countless masterpieces, and he can write those masterpieces because of his extremely high realm. Therefore, Li Bai could never write Jinglei, and because a masterpiece became a well-known master director, he committed the steamed bun tragedy, and then he did not prove his work. Then, should that masterpiece be his work? Should we doubt it?

8 months ago

Please let Li Bai go! This is like using page game skills to make up a broken song, why did Li Bai write it? What technical content does this song have? Even if it is a high school graduate, I can write a few of them after reading a few online novels. My rhyme foot is black: Shocking thunder, the sky, the sky collapses, my purple gold hammer, purple electricity, this mysterious flame, nine days old, the hanging sword is shaking the sky, turning into dark clouds, this galloping on the battlefield, howling mist and rain, passionate since ancient times, I hate me in my spare time, holding a crescent blade and talking about the world I have to kill the immortal, kill the Buddha and cultivate the devil. Although this song is easy to write, it is extremely difficult to sing. Where is the difficulty? You must have a mouth, you can’t sing without a mouth… If you don’t believe me, try it, just sing the rhyme, the rhythm will come naturally: the first sentence: thunder, for, hammer (eí) the second sentence: electricity, flame, change ) The third sentence: Pause, hate, blade (èn) The fourth sentence: He, de, magic (é) As long as you have rhyme, you can make up this stuff casually. Shocking thunder, this Tongtian cultivation base will first give you a hammer of purple electricity on the egg, this mysterious flame will give you two swords on the egg, and another one: Jinglei, this yellow dress is white and beautiful, the heart thief purple electricity, this lady is beautiful and beautiful. What should I do if there are few words before the geese and the words? Add “pad” and use these words skillfully: this, that, me, it. Give a chestnut: hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, fluorine, neon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, argon, potassium, calcium​–MC Mendeleev’s ancient poems and nursery rhymes can also be used: hoe Wo, I say noon! Sweat drops, here is the soil! Who knows that Chinese food! He worked hard! …One, two, three, four, five, I hit the tiger when I went up the mountain, but the tiger is not at home, and hit the little squirrel. Is this also suitable for Shi Xian Taibai to write? Looking at those ancient poems and famous lines that have been famous through the ages, which one is not to first establish the meaning and then use the image to construct the artistic conception? Jinglei is not even clear about the subject, and the rhetoric is unqualified. It’s like writing an article. The information and rhetoric you collect are for expression. What you want to say is more important than how you say it. A good text must first have a meaning, and then find a matching vocabulary to enrich it and sublimate it. Let me give an example of Li Bai’s “The Fourteenth of Gifts to Pei”: The Yellow River falls into the sky and walks into the East China Sea, and thousands of miles are written in my mind. ——What does Li Bai mean? Don’t abandon the small tricks, and then become big; have the world in mind, and write thousands of miles. Which word we don’t know, and which word we haven’t used? Let Li Bai write this shit? Li Bai couldn’t write such a crotch sentence for ten years.

8 months ago

When Li Bai was forty-two years old, he was finally able to keep the clouds open, and the sunrise was before his eyes. With the recommendation of Princess Yuzhen and the praise of He Zhizhang, he finally waited for the most shining moment in his life, and he was about to be summoned by the emperor. Don’t you see Li Bai’s rising to the sky and roaring: Yang Tian laughed and went out, how come I am from Penghao. Li Bai was summoned to the Jinluan Temple, Emperor Xuanzong gave him food, and personally spooned soup for him, discussed the affairs of the world, and agreed to let Li Bai work in the Imperial Academy. In those days, he happily drank with drunks in the wine shop and was often drunk. One day Xuanzong got a new piece of music and wanted Li Bai to write a new word in Yuefu. When Li Bai was called in, he was too drunk to stand up. People on the left and right picked up water and poured water on Li Bai’s face. In the blink of an eye, Li Bai has written his writings, with gorgeous words without losing depth. So far, Li Bai has been deeply loved by Xuanzong. Li Bai’s style is quite unpopular, offending some powerful people. Xuanzong once again summoned Li Bai to write Yuefu. When Li Bai arrived, he was only slightly drunk. However, in order to show his talents, he allowed himself to drink and was drunk in the hall. Without being able to hold back Li Bai’s poems, throwing down the wine glass, picking up the pen is just spitting out a new poem. It’s just that Li Bai didn’t notice this time, it turned out that Gao Lishi personally handed the poems to today’s saint. Long Yan is furious! Li Bai wrote the first “Thunderbolt”: The thunder-thunder-thunder, the heavenly cultivation base, the ground collapsed, the purple-gold hammer, the purple electricity, the mysterious flame, the nine-day hanging sword, turned into a dark cloud, galloping on the battlefield, and the rain and rain were sentimental. Li Bai had to be taken out of the palace by Xuanzong in the end. It is a pity that Li Bai has been working as a Hanlin bachelor for less than two years. He hasn’t waited for more than ten years of waiting before he can display his true talents. After that, Li Bai continued to travel the world with the sword, and made friends with Du Fu, Wang Changling, Gao Shi and so on. He knew that he was two or three in his life. Get drunk, make this article, and be pregnant with Taibai.

8 months ago

I always think that the essence of an ancient poem is to tell a story and paint a picture. Let me talk about one of my favorite poems first. Withered vines, old trees, faint crows, small bridges and flowing water, people on the old road, westerly wind and thin horses, the setting sun, heartbroken people in the end of the world. As soon as I read this poem, a desolate, miserable picture emerges in my mind. Perhaps it is the wanderer who is out, weather-beaten, wandering, and missing his hometown. Perhaps the wanderer is living well outside, but the moon is the hometown, and everything he sees and hears is not as good as his hometown. In any case, we can experience homesickness from it. What makes a poem a good poem depends on whether the picture he constructed can resonate with human beings. It lies in whether the constructed picture can make people feel emotional. For thousands of years, time has changed, space has changed, the vicissitudes of life have changed, and the stars have moved. However, human feelings remain unchanged. Wandering, always homesick. The prospects are bright, and the breeze will always be proud. A weak country will always worry about the country and the people. And a poem can be famous all over the world as long as it can resonate with human beings. As long as it can resonate with mankind thousands of years later, it can be famous forever. Why do you say that you are sorrowful for new words. Because for thousands of years, life is unsatisfactory all the time. Can be the same as others. You see, the appeal of human emotions is that someone can understand me. This is also called resonance. Let’s take a look at Li Bai’s reluctant style, which is close to “Thundering”, a poem “Xiang Ke Xing” Zhao Keman Hu Ying, Wu Gooshuang Xueming. The silver saddle illuminates the white horse, rustling like a meteor. Kill one person in ten steps and never stay for a thousand miles. Hello. Leisurely drink Xinling, take off the sword knee and cross. Will Zhi Zhu Hai, hold on to persuade Hou Ying. Three cups of Turanuo, Wuyue is light. After the dazzling ears are hot, the mood is suddenly born. Handan was first shocked when he rescued Zhao with a gold gavel. Qianqiu two strong men, Xuhe Daliang city. It is not ashamed to be a hero in the world. Who can write your Excellency, the Baishou Taixuan Sutra. After reading it, is there a brave knight in his head, who is a knight who is righteous, does not leave a name for good deeds, keeps his promises, and has a reputation forever. After reading it, I will ask if you want to be such a knight. This poem satisfies my fantasy of all knights. This poem can resonate with me, so he is a good poem for me. Let’s take a look at the word “Thunder Thunder”, the sky is repaired, the sky is collapsed, the earth is collapsed, the purple gold hammer, the purple electricity, the mysterious flame, the nine-day hanging sword is shaking the sky, and the cloud is changing. I have the power to kill the immortal and kill the Buddha and cultivate into a magic sword out of the sheath. I set Tai Chi and gossip, and all things astrological hits on a sunny day. I step on the great pillar and fight for millions of soldiers. The nine palaces and gossip are all in my hands. I control the power of life and death, the demon roar. Today, the tiger talisman is in my hand. I kill the lieutenant colonel. I kill the lieutenant colonel. The world is connected to the mouth. Laughing. The love between the world and the earth will only lead to death if many acts of injustice will die. There is only this loyalty in this life. The crescent moon holding a knife, and he entered the army and took the head of the admiral just to recover me, Soochow, I once again set foot on this rivers and lakes dance power, hold the foot in the clouds, cranes in the clouds, and the dragons suddenly appear. After reading this poem, what pictures seem to be holding a powerful hammer and sword, killing Buddhas and Gods and turning them into demons. Then use Tai Chi gossip to kill the only one in the sky and the earth. Then, holding the tiger charm to continue killing. Then, in order to recover Soochow and continue to kill. I can summarize the complete text in six words. I kill, I am awesome. It doesn’t matter what the picture is, the kill is over. It doesn’t matter what story you want to tell, kill it and it’s over. It doesn’t matter what the central idea is, kill it and it’s over. It doesn’t matter what feelings you want to express. Killing is over. What did you kill? God, fairy, devil, Buddha. Millions of troops, the head of the admiral is powerful, but there is no feeling. It’s like seeing a good scenery, Li Bai said, the sunset and the lonely bird are flying together, and the autumn water is the same as the sky. Jinglei said, fucking, like a big bird.

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