As the only A+ of CUHK, the School of Management can be regarded as one of the best. The CUHK official insisted on merging departments, knowing that the college was firmly opposed from top to bottom, from teachers to students, and even decided to liquidate the campus for compulsory relocation?

The college with two academicians in the a-discipline opposite the School of Management was also confiscated and moved to the East Campus. The valuable experimental equipment was set up in the open air. I witnessed the moving company very unprofessional moving the experimental equipment by moving ordinary furniture. In fact, it is conceivable that no matter how the teachers and students object, the school will only turn a deaf ear and go its own way. Because now the entire school administration is in this style. Fortunately, I heard about the principal’s behavior in reprimanding the teachers who made comments at a meeting on the Zhuhai campus, and I probably understand why the administration of CUHK has changed so quickly from top to bottom. The teachers who dared to resist all left. I don’t know if anyone remembers the departure of Professor Huang Guowen, the only foreign language subject at CUHK, the departure of Professor Ma Guoqing, the leader of ethnology at the Institute of Social Humanities, and the departure of Professor Xu Xinzhong, Dean of Lingyuan College. They all disagreed with the policy put forward by the school at the time, and the result was to leave. I don’t know how many professors in the School of Management will be unable to withstand leaving this time; the second double-class selection is coming soon, I doubt whether the business administration discipline can maintain the double-class title. What can you do as a student? The only thing I can do is to improve myself and leave CUHK. There is a saying among people around him: “If you can run, who will stay here?” Since the school does not respect teachers and students, as a student, you have to express your own protest with your feet. Follow-up: Secretary Chen held a briefing with the professors of the School of Management overnight. The teachers gave generous speeches and burst into tears. Then as I thought, it was useless. And the comment area was shocked that a Changjiang Special Appointment + Jieqing might leave deliberately (there is no doubt about the significance of the existence of Social Science Jieqing), and I wish the Institute of Management can survive. Add a more outrageous rumor: Except for the Academy of Sciences, the School of Biological Sciences, and the School of Art, all will be expelled from the South School (is this the basic subject defined by lj?) I personally find it hard to believe that it is true, but if it is true, I will be thorough I can’t stretch myself to make up an information about enrollment next year. Seeing that others said about enrollment, I also went to watch the video of the spring meeting on the official account of Duck. I can’t tell whether it is a major discipline or a professional classification like last year. However, if this is true, the enrollment of major categories is not divided into campuses. The same majors in Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen will be merged into one major category. In other words, it is impossible to enroll in different campuses, and all students can only be concentrated on one campus. There are pros and cons. At least the students in the newly established department can still enjoy the teachers of the old department in Guangzhou in the first year. It’s just that I don’t know how to diverge to different campuses. It may be another internal struggle.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

As a bachelor and master who has graduated from the School of Management of CUHK for many years, he has always been proud of the academic atmosphere of his alma mater’s alma mater and academic freedom. Until Luo Jun came to the school a few years ago, the rigorous scholarship and contending spirit of this century-old school was really destroyed. From the reform of the archway to the construction of the fence, from the tenth chapter to the various large-scale construction of civil engineering, the merger of faculties, the disrespect of the profession, the clearing of the ICBC for the CCB, and now the direct relocation of the management courtyard, leaving one without the genes of Zhongda The botched performances of the dictator who did not understand CUHK’s centuries-old accumulation and humanistic spirit showed incisively and vividly. No one can hope to be immortal without paying the price. Luo Jun, you did it, and the price is stinking for thousands of years. You have been nailed to the stigma of CUHK history forever. Luo Jun, please take the blame and resign. This is the CUHK of CUHK, not your Vanity Fair and the money printing factory. Luo Jun, this is the Confucian University founded by the founding father of Sun Yat-sen that is erudite, deliberate, discerning, and inclusive. It is not a feudal territory where you, a dictator of words, flattery and flattery. I hope that all teachers and students who love CUHK will stand up so that the dictator of CUHK will see the voice of the masses and return CUHK to the people of CUHK!

8 months ago

One of my colleges and universities next door feels that this matter is unreasonable. Talk too much. Can a dove occupy a magpie’s nest? Seeing this question, I feel that this is the place where CUHK stands for free thinking. If no one stands up to oppose it, it means that the soul of free thinking has been lost here, and it also shows that moving to the East University is “historical” Up. I hope that more people will speak up and don’t let the professors who dare to oppose become the first shots. Also say you will move to Shenzhen in the future? Shenzhen’s economy is taking off, and it is understandable that the business school has established teaching sites. If the lips are dead and the teeth are cold, the consulate should not agree.

8 months ago

As a student of the School of Management, I am very proud of my school and the subject of A+. I have never seen a college that desperately squeezed the resources of my A+ subject, and forcibly expelled colleges with A+ subjects without any consultation. Not to mention that there are targeted donations from alumni. The sign of an academy was completely erased, and all teachers and students were forced to go to the suburbs. Don’t say anything about the new building of the East School is bigger, don’t you think about the location and so on? How does the principal do not want to see the continued development of the school’s A+ subject? What discipline does the principal hope to develop?

8 months ago

It’s a pity that you are all in the School of Management. Let me tell you what the East School students think. Since the freshman students in Shenzhen lived with us, we have spent a terrible year together, including but not limited to the design area. Four people. Personal dormitories, libraries with teams of one or two hundred meters in front of the exam, canteens waiting for more than half an hour, and sports facilities for scalping, etc. Now the students in Shenzhen will come to the School of Management and the School of Chemistry as soon as they move out. It’s almost enough. Is it because so many people in Shenzhen find that the students can bear it, so they will continue to plug in another courtyard, right? The students who we are not willing to be forced over are certainly not willing. Can we let go of the East School, let alone the school, can the surrounding facilities still accommodate so many people? Line 4, which runs every 1 minute on holidays, can’t transport students, and has to go to the East Campus. If you have time to liquidate the building, why not clear out the old residential buildings in the South Campus? CUHK was the first 985 university I saw that did not play football in the on-campus stadium. The Luo school almost got it. There is a saying that you Luo offended the three waves of people is really strong, contemporary reverse strategists, first merged with Paradise College, and now I offended the School of Management again, and after moving over, I would offend all the students of the East School. I have to say that it is you, Luo, who easily did what we couldn’t do. It’s better to move to Shenzhen, which is bigger, and then the new freshman will go to the Zhuhai navy training to give full play to the advantages of our three campuses and five campuses. Now that I’ve talked about it here, I would like to complain by the way. It’s good for everyone to have a good time. It’s purely personal opinion. Since the sophomore year started, I can only feel the retreat of the administrative level (compared with the past dictated by the brothers and sisters). The broadband problem has not been solved for a year. After the freshman year, the campus network that can run 100Mbps is only 8Mbps after the epidemic. After a year of feedback, I said that I would coordinate with the operator. Now I say that I can give 15Mbps after the summer vacation. Grateful Dade. The second is the usual online class arrangement, which is in sharp contrast to the previous study overnight to postpone the winter vacation for one week. I don’t need to talk about which one is higher. There is also the access control of the South School. If this post is still alive, continue to complain. Because there are residential buildings and the attached high school in the South School, the access control is basically useless. Epidemic prevention and control is just empty talk. Unrelated personnel outside the school seriously interfere with the normal learning of teachers and students. The most outrageous is the West University Stadium. The complexion of the staff was often exposed by other people’s photos. The police couldn’t control it when they came. Finally, the goal was locked and the goal was not allowed to kick the ball. This was a big issue. After the trash can, there should be no rubbish on the desk and no books on the desk. Another stadium that is extremely outrageous nationally cannot be played. I suggest that the South Campus, except for the teaching building and the experimental building, be transferred to the Haizhu government. It will be renamed Zhongshan Memorial Park. The access control will be removed. What are the students? Of course, it is important for the citizens. . The scenery at CUHK is really good.

8 months ago

The cause and effect of this incident were highly praised and replied. The Guan Yuan is not the first one. The chemical courtyard and the courtyard next door also suddenly requested relocation. One reason for the strong response this time is that the forced liquidation house has assets, and the other is that the Guan Yuan has made a greater contribution, which is quite tricky. It means that teachers and students complained with tears and tears, and it was of no avail, leaving teachers and students chilling. To be fair, the decision to move a campus should have been discussed with teachers and students, and it would be necessary to overall consider the influence and interests of the current teachers and students. When enrolling students in some colleges, it is stated that the four-year south school can be forced to relocate. And the implementation of the decision should meet the following conditions: 1. Issue the necessary necessity and feasibility analysis to soothe emotions, and give compensation/commitment. Most importantly, what is the background and reason for the decision? In addition, the teachers of the South School may live in the South School, and let them run every day. You must give a guarantee method to control the influence, at least there is a rhetoric. The building is a targeted donation from alumni. Please explain how the confiscation is legal. Another example is the development of business schools in urban areas. If the students are in the suburbs, it is inconvenient to commute to work for experimental research and internship, not to mention that your school still has a senior physical education class, and the internship is inherently troublesome. 2. Don’t rush, take your time. It is not appropriate to let the current students and teachers move over as soon as it is released. Many big changes should be publicized at the time of enrollment and implemented from the beginning of freshmen. This time, CUHK immediately issued a decision without reason to explain, and did not give a buffer for implementation. It also pretended to hold a symposium and actually noticed the meeting. Ten people said that it was neither reasonable nor reasonable. All teachers and students of the school Very shocked. The students were also very angry. Suddenly they were “disciplinarily unequal” and “business gave land to science”. The foundations of the colleges they financed were liquidated. CUHK did not consider teachers and students crying, do they not need us? So here, I make a request on behalf of myself. One is to request a necessity analysis, relocation and liquidation of the building. If there is no basis for the right of liquidation, please keep our courtyard building. If there is no reasonable proof for the relocation, we also question the decision to compulsory relocation. The second is to require the reform to take into account the interests of current teachers and students at the same time, to slow down, and to provide feasibility analysis, guarantees and compensation plans. The development of a university is fundamentally cultivating talents, and teachers are also fundamental resources. I am not opposed to Sun Yat-sen University’s sprint for China Five, and it doesn’t matter that I was sacrificed appropriately, but I am also a human! I can’t see my academy’s background and discipline construction, personally nurturing the teachers of the academy to this day, and my future being driven to extinction. Please pay attention to management style! Please face up to the interests of teachers and students! Don’t let your reputation be defeated before you make progress, and your hearts will be lost! Edited 19 hours ago

8 months ago

Alumnus of CUHK, non-administrative school. I personally think that the second point of the opinions of the teachers and students of the School of Management should be the most important. How can the designated donated teaching building be changed at will? Isn’t it so casual, the Black Stone House will also be transformed into the principal’s residence? Many buildings at CUHK accept donations from the society. They must respect the will of the donors. Otherwise, who will donate in the future. If you say you donate to the teaching building of the School of Management, you will do something else if you post a PDF? Is this still a socialist country ruled by law? Is this the world of someone in your school? The following is the second point of the opinions of the teachers and students of the Network Communication Management Institute. I think it is reasonable and well-documented: (2) The procedure is illegal. The building of the School of Management is constructed with directional donations and directional capital contributions. It is based on the situation and the law, and it is necessary to solicit the opinions of donors and funders for other purposes. “Shanheng Hall” was founded in 1989, and its construction funds received a large number of donations from patriots and institutions at home and abroad, led by the Ho Education Foundation, Lingnan Foundation, Peihua Foundation, Fok Yingdong Foundation, and Provincial Finance Departments, provincial audit bureaus, and some enthusiastic government officials and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao generously donated their money. With the concerted efforts of all parties, they struggled to raise construction funds for the teaching building. In order to extend its lofty gratitude to Mr. He Shanheng, the School of Management decided to name the first teaching building “Shanheng Hall”. In 2000, the School of Management once again used the entire school to build the MBA building. The funding also came from the income generated by the teachers themselves by tightening their belts. The school did not allocate funds. All of the above historical accounts can be traced back. These targeted donations or contributions are all generated under the premise that the School of Management building is used by the teachers and students of the School of Management. According to the “Public Welfare Donation Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the relevant provisions of the “Overseas Donation Project”, please The school seeks the opinions of donors and funders before deciding on the relocation of the School of Management Building and other uses.

8 months ago

Outrageous, we transferred our deputy dean, confiscated the building, moved to the East School for 18.19, and enrolled at the South for 21. I heard that the Guanyuan Lingyuan would be merged, so what is left of the Guanyuan? The building of our South University was built by the college itself. In 2000, the college used all the resources of the college to build the MBA building, saying that it would be taken away. Please, CUHK, can you be better for your children? The 21st grade is enrolled in the South School, and the entire School of Management has been ordered to move to the East School. Are we not worthy of having younger brothers and younger sisters? What are the new recruits for the club? The retaken classmates have to go to the South School to attend classes. Will they make people live as early as eight? Is it possible that the management of the courtyard can do whatever he wants, and can he do it at will? Not to mention anything else, has CUHK considered the feelings of the students and professors in this way of dismantling and reorganization? Doing so will eventually disappoint people.

8 months ago

Please note! ! The teachers and students of the School of Management and Lingyuan are on the same side, and we are on the united front! ! Don’t accidentally injure your friendly army! ! To draw another point, the school is most worried about being prosecuted and the process lacks legitimacy, so please take up legal weapons and fight against hooligans in accordance with the law! There are some clear information: 1. All rumors are basically true: the relocation of the School of Management to the East Campus, the occupation of the building, and the merger with the Lingnan School of Economics and Management, etc., are the will of a certain leader. 2. Regarding the merger of the two houses, a vote was taken in March, but there were too many abstentions and the vote was invalid. After the leadership failed to manipulate the vote, they decided to postpone the time, and then forcefully implement 3. The current relocation in April, which obviously did not respect the wishes of the teachers and students of the School of Management. It is unreasonable to relocate first and then merge. 4. Public opinion fermented in the past two days, which is effective: a. The big leader was frightened, and he went back to school urgently to comfort his teachers. b. In South School, until graduation, it is different from the notice. Because of fear of being sued by lawyer alumni. But for the other reasonable demands of the college teachers, from the perspective of communication and tone, the leaders simply ignored them. The ultimate idea of ​​the big leaders: to destroy the Lingyuan Board of Directors, merge the Lingyuan School of Management, and move them all to the East Campus for the purpose of training for the majors and the majors, and the second-year branch to the various campuses. Originally, I wanted to use this to destroy the Lingyuan, but I didn’t expect to be badly done by the General Affairs Office. As a result, it has become the current illegal, non-compliant and unreasonable management of the hospital. Efforts, the greater the influence of public opinion, it will definitely promote the cancellation of the illegal, non-compliant and unreasonable practices facing our School of Management!

8 months ago

Grandpa, are you so handsome? It’s too ridiculous… Two years after graduation, I suddenly heard that our hospital was going to be relocated? ! Regardless of whether the undergraduates of the School of Management can better integrate the knowledge they have learned from the internship process, social practice itself counts as credits! It was difficult to find an internship on the East Campus when I was in school before. The morning peak in Guangzhou took so much time and energy for the students. If all are forced to relocate to the East Campus, what about graduate students, MBA and Emba students? All the teachers, students and alumni of our School of Management have worked hard for generations to achieve the current results. The School of Management is also the only A+ in CUHK, but they are not worthy of having a name, and they will force the members of the School to move out of themselves. Is the fund-raising building left to be slaughtered? Just ask, why? The following is the words of a teacher from the School of Management, which I think can represent the demands of all CUHK administrators: Although he graduated, he has always been a CUHK administrator. I really can’t stand the hospital being treated so casually by the school management. The people in the hospital really need to unite, so that some people who don’t know where the holes are in their brains can listen to our demands. A university is a place for teachers and students to learn, a place for training talents, not a circus that is played by a few people fooling around.

8 months ago

I didn’t have any malice towards the Guanyuan. I just heard this statement and felt that I looked a bit like cerebral palsy, so I became a Buddha. I have a friend from the school and I have reported the situation, which is indeed what the teacher said. It is said that the students are more excited, so I forwarded it without looking at it. I’m just a little disheartened. There are a lot of kindness in Lingyuan, not because of our trash. Please remember how many Lingyuan professors’ achievements have been cited in your A+. If you don’t know, you can check it out. But no one can change anything. Anyway, there will be clouds in the future, and ten years later, we are all inmates. Well-meaning, that’s it. No one will remember what we care about and what we are fighting for. I can only say that even if there is only one name left in the demolition of Lingnan, I will recognize it if I encounter it in society in the future. No matter where they are from, from the old Lingnan or from the old management institute, I will recognize them. Whether they still remember the history of Lingyuan at that time. This is the only way I can commemorate it. I can’t do anything else.

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