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Unexpectedly, more and more people saw this answer. I also said the original intention of writing the answer, just want to share it. Regarding the more doubts in the comments, I will talk about it together. Regarding not to put the picture, because I don’t want to be recognized, Zhihu is related to many people. Regarding it sounds ordinary, I also talked about the real experience, but it is really embarrassing to say it by myself. It is simply to answer the question and ask for it. A lot of what I said is too superficial on the outside. I want to be honest. I want to look temperament and even extravagance. It’s really not only the so-called inner part. The cruel thing is that appearance is very important if you want to appear. I have had a period of bad appearance, and now it is relatively good-looking. I believe friends with similar experiences will understand what I mean. I hope everyone can speak and communicate in a friendly manner. I am the one who has average family conditions but is always said to be extravagant… It is recognized and the frequency is extremely frequent, so that I can think from the beginning that everyone is too exaggerated to being said in person by others. Calmly, and know in my heart that most people will think that I am extremely expensive and even “extra rich” at home (please do not spray, real experience and just share the reasons) Of course I am just an ordinary well-off family, the reason I have also been researched , I feel that my face has a mandible angle due to the combination of the following aspects. This should be the point of my appearance that makes people feel majestic. The skin is very good, part of it comes from nature and part of it pays attention to maintenance. The hair is too soft and curled by me. The fine hair is actually taken care of, it looks very good texture, smooth and soft curls. And because Libra pays more attention to the image, I basically take care of the corners and corners. I regularly apply nail polish. In addition to hand cream, I also apply finger edge care oil. In addition to conditioner, I also use hair care oil and hair spray. , After the shower, in addition to applying body lotion, there will be a layer of light pink and pale pearly body balm (my body skin is relatively dry, so it will not be very heavy). For example, these points can be seen inside and out. The hard work that you see or can’t see, in the end it gives people the impression that no part of the body is “rough”. My aesthetic tendency is not to be thin, but to the beauty of Western European classics, so I don’t seek to be thin. On the contrary, I feel that a bit of flesh can better express the kind of beauty I love (this may not be approved by many girls, but everyone has their own love). What I said above probably means that I am taking good care of my body… I am indeed studying art, and this must be part of the reason. The biggest influence is to have one’s own aesthetic choice, whether it is the pursuit of vision or the choice of lifestyle. Will not blindly follow the current fashion. For example, as everyone knows, when everyone wears net celebrity style and draws thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, they have developed their own makeup and dressing style, which is unique. Similarly, I also have my own makeup style and dressing method, and I am very clear in my heart why I chose this way, including my attitude towards life. Other answers say that I read books. I also have this one. I have liked reading since I was a child. I like books, movies, and movies. I also like to watch things I like repeatedly. I also read a lot because of my professional influence. In fact, these slowly nurture me an unhurried mentality, it is difficult to be anxious by anything, so I am more optimistic and stable in everything, but it is easier to succeed. If you want to take a nap, let’s stop here. Feel free to share some thoughts with you. Actually, I’m not talking about expensiveness. I just feel that many people are not so happy now and don’t want to be themselves. I hope that everyone can maintain their favorite style in many things, even if they don’t need a lot of money to precious themselves. Very expensive


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8 months ago

There is an interpretation: some people are more sensitive than others, and like to think more. In the process of interacting with others, if others’ speech and behavior or thinking style is better, then they will form thinking and reflection in their hearts. It is easier to learn something from other people and then internalize it into your own. In this way, it is easier to extract a little bit from many people, what is useful to you, over time, will slowly accumulate your own inner energy? Therefore, some people may have a bad family background, or they may have no foundation or foundation at the beginning, but they will gradually change as they grow up step by step. In summary, it is savvy. Of course, this also requires more things to experience. Keep increasing your knowledge and horizons so that you can extract and distinguish the nutrients that are beneficial to you. The facial features, body shape, speech and manners are all related, and more importantly, a person’s thoughts, noble people are late, if they do things without touching the ground, they are very anxious, and those who are rushed and panic when encountering things are definitely not everything The normal performance of a temperamental person. A person with connotative wisdom is not afraid of his appearance, and contact with people is most afraid of getting a deeper understanding. After understanding, he will be convinced by aspects other than his appearance. And don’t force it on things like temperament, which are often formed slowly without knowing it, and it takes time for it to complete the process from quantitative change to qualitative change. You don’t need to pursue external evaluations, and ask yourself if you have a temperament or a noble feeling. Because you can feel these things yourself, what kind of state are you currently in? What is the way to deal with things? What’s your mentality? Have you become more tolerant of yourself? The easier it is to be grateful and contented? The more you look at yourself, the more comfortable you look in the mirror? All of these will affect you. Personal fate is different, and life path is different, so you should not be more stunned with others from time to time. Only by exploring inward and contemplating one’s heart from time to time, everything will have an answer.

8 months ago

No matter where I went since I was a child, I thought that my family was an official, and the teachers at the school often said that your family had more money to donate… My classmates also thought that my family was super rich, so I took the second-generation official and the second-generation rich. After looking poor for more than 20 years, I studied my appearance. When I was a child, I had a round face, full forehead, round eyes, and lowered lips. I dressed like a boy. I was not angry and prestigious. In addition, my parents had money at the time. I wore the most popular clothes and some ancient clothes, which made my grandfather hug me every day and say, it’s a pity that such a good seedling in my family is actually a girl. My grandmother said that she really did it in a TV series. Like the emperor’s son, this one should refer to the appearance of those little actors in the Shaw Brothers back then! When I was reading, I gained weight, my face was rounded, my eyes were not as big as I was when I was a child, my nose was dangling, my forehead was broad and full, and my lips would not pull down like I did when I was a child, but they were fuller, at the perfect boundary between thick and thin lips. The structure that conforms to the whole face conforms to the three courts and five eyes. I think the main reason is that I walk upright and straight. In the words of my classmates, I can tell from a distance, and the aura is overwhelming the teacher! Now, the face is a little thinner than studying, and walking is still like that. It feels like Yintang is a little taller than before! I used to wear a mask when I went out. People I met never saw my appearance and thought I was a person of status… So I think it should be related to my posture. I recorded a video of myself sitting and walking when I was walking. Keep your upper body straight and not move. Your hands are naturally drooping and swinging slightly. When you step, you should be steady and steady. When sitting, your waist should be straight and your legs should be placed naturally. Don’t lift your legs or open your legs. So posture is very important. Yeah, face is secondary

8 months ago

I think it has something to do with looks. There is also a girl in our class. The family is very poor. She has a kind of file and card, but the flower in our class is beautiful, and she looks like a big lady. She usually uses a large intestine hair ring to comb a ball. If you use a clip to comb your hair, the elegant and demure temperament of the eldest lady is even more obvious, and she is very thin, especially white. White makes her stand out among us. After all, black spots don’t make her look dirty. That’s it. And although there are few clothes, those clothes and shoes are very good, the colors are particularly harmonious, and the temperament is particularly prominent. When she was just assigned to a class before, she felt that she should be the kind of girl with a good family background. We have been in a dormitory for a long time. From some details, it can be seen that her family situation is not good. For example, when our dormitory is talking about something, for example, who bought a bottle of shampoo is easy to use, who drinks milk powder or something, I always ask money first. Anyway, I’m more concerned about how much money is. Then every time we talk about this topic about money, for example, a girl in our class has been cheated, and she and his partner are in super good backgrounds. Then Xiao San (just because she was interested in the money) said to the girl: “Sister, our family is poor, my mother won’t let me fall in love, and I didn’t have excessive behavior with your partner.” We talked about this three children. When it comes to the topic of money, she will remain silent. In short, the appearance of this thing has a great influence, and so does the clothing. You have to learn how to dress up, girls.

8 months ago

Unexpectedly, everyone agrees so much. This is the answer I have received the most likes so far. Actually, I think that if the temperament is not temperament, one has to cultivate the posture. If the posture is good, the temperament is good. But more depends on looks. Some people’s looks are very temperamental. There are also various temperaments, such as elegant, sexy, and cute. Actually, most of them are determined by looks, not so mysterious. For example, everyone says Marilyn Monroe is sexy, but if you think about it, keep her figure. , Put her on Feng Sister’s head, do you still think she has a lot of style? Some thin girls with swan necks and high noses with slightly pointed chins are easy to be called elegant, while girls with fleshy faces, big eyes and round noses are easy It is said to be cute. After all, it depends on looks. Normal-looking girls should manage their posture more, so that they will look more beautiful. For girls with good-looking looks, if she hunches over her legs, she can still feel “This young lady has a very decadent temperament.” “Lazy” and so on, if she is in place, some people will say that she is elegant and like a cat. It’s roughly like this.

8 months ago

Uninvited, I may be the kind of person you are talking about. Ever since I discovered that my temperament has changed from loser to extravagance, new friends have always been very curious about my family background, thinking that I may be a low-key rich person. Thinking about the reasons may have the following aspects: 1. Oneself. 1. It is a right-angled shoulder. After practicing yoga for many years, the shoulders opened and the back became straighter. Second, white. 3. Good skin. Fourth, the hair quality is very good. 5. Makeup slowly learns to be exquisite. 6. Don’t be thin, you have everything you should have. 2. Talk. Don’t wink, speak only the mouth to control facial features. It looks like this sentence is nonsense, but in fact, more people don’t realize it. I took a training session, and I secretly videotaped myself when I was speaking. I found that my expression was not stretched enough, and my mouth moved exaggeratedly. Then it became a habit to pay attention. 3. Dress up. Clean, tidy and suitable for yourself. Although my family background is average, I especially liked watching the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week since I was a child. I watched them every day. When I was young, I just thought their clothes were beautiful. Now I think I have good clothes and can wear them. It is also related to watching the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week all day when I was a child. 4. “I have seen the world.” It is very important to be calm. The popular point is to have the appearance of seeing the world, even if it is pretending. If Yuyan Peng is standing in front of you, can you calm down, stretch out your right hand gracefully with a smile, and say hello to the other party? 5. Be rich. Because of my average family background, I also did a lot of part-time jobs and made a little money. When I was 20 years old, there were actually not many rich people among my undergraduate classmates, but at that time I had saved tens of thousands of dollars by myself. It would not be distressed to spend a few hundred dollars on a meal with friends and spend a few hundred dollars on clothes. , I don’t blink, because I know I’m spending, and other ordinary classmates think I’m rich. In fact, if you are rich, you will have more luxury goods and you will not feel stage fright. After all You can buy it yourself. 6. Do not feel inferior. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or powerful, everyone is just human, so you don’t need to feel inferior. Where does the confidence come from? After thinking about it, it may be related to my three views: You see, I am so poor, and I am not confident yet. Isn’t it even more so that no one looks at me? Not self-confidence can be a vicious circle. 7. A sense of mystery. Don’t let others know you too much. 8. Emotional stability.

8 months ago

My family’s conditions are also average, but it is not a poor one, but a well-off family. My tablemate in high school is a girl with excellent family conditions, the kind who has enough money to be kidnapped. . . And there are many other classmates in my high school class who have better conditions than my family. But the strange thing is that they have no extravagance in their family conditions much better than mine. On the contrary, I am often praised by my friends, lovers, elders, and even people I met for the first time for being very temperamental, and some people who are not familiar with me mistakenly believe that my family is very rich… (sometimes I feel terrified I feel that I don’t have a corresponding family background, and I’m afraid that others will misunderstand me.) My ex-boyfriend is a proper tall, rich and handsome + excellent basketball player + high education (his undergraduate is a first-class 985, my undergraduate is only an upper-class 211. I My ex-boyfriend is a master of the same degree from a global top 10 university, and I met in the offer holder group) After I met him offline for the first time, he fell in love with me at first sight and cautiously pursued me. Later, I asked him why he liked me. He said that the main reason was that I was very temperamental, elegant, and looked like a lady… Another official verification was that I was walking on campus before and was walked into randomly. The TV reporter of my school stopped from the crowd. At that time, the reporter sister who stopped me wanted me to be interviewed on camera.

8 months ago

The formation of a sentiment comes from the information he receives, as well as the processing and understanding of the information. If a person’s gaze is outward, then the information and influence he receives is no longer limited to the small environment of the family. The proportion of his thoughts and thoughts affected by his parents is relatively small. Even some people, if their parents are too mediocre or vulgar, he will more deliberately pursue the opposite direction of their parents. Temperament is the manifestation of a person’s thoughts. A child has a temperament that is inconsistent with his family and his parents. This is understandable, because a person is a social animal, and his education and influence are not limited to the family. A person’s temperament includes external behavior, conversation, way of dealing with others, attitude and internal cultivation. To cultivate character, use elegant language, and communicate with others will become comfortable. He is a person with connotation. He has read a lot of thoughtful books, enriched his knowledge and brain, and increased the depth of conversation. When communicating with others You should also think more about yourself, consider issues from the standpoint of others, speak tactfully and politely. Only in this way can you communicate with others smoothly and comfortably, and improve your own temperament unconsciously.

8 months ago

First summarize the reasons I think: 1. White skin. 2. Good posture. 3. Good dressing style. 4. The native family has love so they are confident and generous. I might be like your girlfriend. I can’t say that there is nobleness, because the word nobleness is very difficult to define. I belong to the kind of life that is rough, but it makes people look okay. The family conditions are very average, but my colleagues think that I am in a good condition, and there is a relationship behind it. I am born with very white skin, so I feel that I look better when I wear clothes, and I can control many colors. This is natural. I had a rough life. I went out for a business trip for a day or two. My colleagues brought a full set of skin care products. I only brought blush and lipstick. I used hotel shower gel for makeup removal… The posture was specially trained and read. I like to surf the Internet at that time, so my posture is very bad. I found this problem after work. I followed the posture masters and beautiful ballets on the Internet for half a year. Now I will be praised for my good posture. My dressing style is pretty good. I don’t blindly pursue the trend, I like to buy basic models. Many times I will go to the outlets to buy it, which is very cost-effective. There are also some Taobao online celebrity shops, choose simple models, and rarely step on thunder. Don’t blindly follow the trend! And be sure to go to the mall to see more clothes! Because the big names always have the design sense of the big names. The last one is a problem that I discovered after working: my home is not in good condition. Why did you find out after work? Because my parents have never revealed it to me, have never cried poorly. Parents are very hardworking, good-natured, and willing to give. Affected by them, I also belong to the informal type…Sometimes I would rather suffer a little loss and feel that it doesn’t matter. . . After work, the relationship between my colleagues and I are very good, they all like me, and some female colleagues will imitate my dressing style or are happy to accept some of my suggestions. I think my family is related because I work in the system and have been in two units. Among my peers, I have always been the most valued one and the fastest promotion. I am currently regarded as the youngest one in our place. Middle floor. But when colleagues arrived at my home or heard about the situation in my home, they would be surprised, and then they would not speak or say something else. Hahahaha, it might be something I never expected. Personal humble opinion, don’t spray if you don’t like it.

8 months ago

It shows that your best friend is in good condition. Whether a person has a temperament or not depends mainly on oneself, and family conditions are just a basis. The extravagance of a person has nothing to do with innate origin, let alone money and material that can be piled up. Just like the daughters of many poor families who are beautiful, but the daughters of many wealthy families are not necessarily beautiful. And a person’s temperament is not only based on her looks, but also related to her own character cultivation and hard work. Some people are humble and sensible and have connotations, which give people a sense of temperament. Some people are domineering and ranting, which makes people disgusting when they see it. No matter how beautiful such a person is, people will not think she has temperament, but think she is superficial and annoying. Noble energy is more a person’s cultivation, it comes from the precipitation of knowledge and self-cultivation. It is difficult for us to feel the nobleness from the defiant attitude, and it is also difficult for us to find the representative of nobleness from the arrogant man. Can you see the extravagance from a very rough nouveau riche? Can you see the extravagance in a wealthy boss? Sometimes a polite scholar, you think he is very expensive, this is the reason.

8 months ago

Ah, I’m an old expert, and I have been professionally researching for 10 years, and I have always been a rat man. From the beginning of junior high school to the university, I did not stop until the university, admiring the stalwart and grace of the nobles with short-sighted attitude. According to my observation, we should talk about extravagance and temperament. From low to high, I will explain to you one by one. One, figure. Overweight people: It seems that there is no social way out except for being funny. They are burdened with dirty words such as greasy and insignificant, and have no self-confidence. People who are too thin: at first glance they were considered drug addicts, at the second glance they were persuaded, and at the third glance, everyone could be bullied, and they also lack self-confidence. People of average stature: Ignored. (Including most rat people) Shapely, muscular, forward and backward people: people will be asked about your method and your skills. There will be people who are jealous of you for speaking badly about you, and there will be some boys and girls who do not pursue you for the sake of beauty. They will be quite confident. Even the usual walking and sitting postures are better than others’ standards and good-looking. “The most stress-free first step to own extravagance” Second, behavior. Swearing, spitting, smoking, alcoholism, irritability, etc.: not very good contact, will rely on bad things, rarely have first-sight favors, most of them are life losers. (Many people are so) timid, hesitant, clumsy: unaccountable, big mouth (as many people do) rarely swear, calm, treat others politely, do not smoke or drink, no bad habits , A person with one or several talents: This person is so qualified and well-educated. ※”The Inner Spiritual Pursuit Required by Nobleness” ※In fact, this step is very difficult. Changing a person’s deep-rooted upbringing is sometimes more terrifying than killing him. But if you change, it is a qualitative leap beyond all! Three, accessories. (1) In terms of clothes (not discussing killing Matt) Taobao explosions: easy to be mistaken for a spiritual guy, you will think you are sb, this kind of people usually take the big patterns and big logos like junior high schools and elementary schools to be proud of. Actually The turtle is dying. Plain color matching: mainly engineering students, supplemented by people who like simplicity, mostly solid-color sweatpants, solid-color hoodie T-shirts and popular-style clothing for all seasons. There are no slots, but there are no characteristics. , The most powerful thing is that it can be often forgotten. Personality matching: mainly for people who love to wear clothes, supplemented by people who are forced by male and female friends. Various collocations and trends emerge in an endless stream. They have begun to consciously pursue styles and trends, upgrading from nike, adidas to essential, off-white, we11doe Etc., upgrading from general sports women’s clothing to personalized women’s clothing requires more time and money, and it will be more memorable. Luxury flow: rich second generation. “Wearing is an essential step to own luxury.” If you really can’t learn it, it is recommended to pile up luxury goods, and no one will dare to hang you. (2) Superb makeup skills: Fairy makeup skills are average: Fortunately, makeup skills are poor: corpses? Su Yan is very beautiful: the water comes out of hibiscus. So it is: Who are you? Su Yan and ugly: “A good way for girls to increase their level of luxury without using a knife” Rat people don’t understand makeup, after all, I am a rat. (3) The huge sum of money for luxury cars and houses is as the title, if there is, there will be no. It has nothing to do with most people. Most people will have nothing to do in their entire lives. “About Born You Are Noble”. In summary, a person’s temperament contains a lot of convenience. I don’t know which point your girlfriend is in to appear very noble. ? Don’t be afraid, according to what I said, it is easy for you to be extravagant. But if you are a rat, you are jealous of others when I didn’t say it. After all, the rat people can’t be seen

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