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Because this movie reversed the audience’s bad impression of Captain America as a hero. When I watched Avengers 1 before, I would have such a feeling: Iron Man, wearing a cool steel armor, flying, rich, extremely high IQ, genius, humorous, and romantic. Hulk, with great power when transforming, invulnerable to swords, guns, water and fire, a genius scientist. Has the strongest body and the strongest wisdom, but the character is introverted and not good at speech. Thor, is a god, the best race in the universe, possesses a power hammer. The silver armor, the red cloak, and the golden hair. Although this outfit does not conform to my aesthetics, I feel a kind of fascinating and chic. Hawkeye, archery is accurate, and the shape is cool. Black Widow, she is very beautiful, she can play well, she is a spy, and she knows everything. It can be said that the entire Reunion members have characteristics that make people like them: they are either good-looking, or they are super capable, or they are very cool or smart. Except for Captain America. Compared with other heroes, Captain America’s performance in Avengers League 1 is really not good. His appearance is more embarrassing: the American team is handsome, but he uniformed the ugly uniform in the 1st reunion, and he always wore this ugly uniform. Especially the headgear. His abilities are also embarrassing: 1 is a bit able to fight, but not as good as Thor and Hulk; 2 is a bit smart, but not as super genius as the Iron Man Hulk; 3 can’t fly, and action fighting is not as good as Hawkeye’s Black Widow. Features are so handsome. His character is the most embarrassing: stubborn, unintelligible, and too stubborn; compared with the characters of other members of the reunion, he is not funny at all and makes people unlikable. It can be said that in the taillights of the reunion 1, the shaping of the US team can not be regarded as a failure, but it is really unlikable. Even I personally hated the US team when I was watching a movie. After all, the US team is not strong in fighting ability, but it always stubbornly points to others and quarrels with teammates. but! but! but! All of these have been changed in Team US 2. The director has changed. The uniforms of the US team have been revised to make them look better. The dark blue sneaking suit is really handsome. And the stupid headgear of the US team is removed most of the time. The handsome face of the US team has been exposed. There is also the American team in casual clothes. Really, I can’t describe it in words except being handsome. The US team’s abilities have not changed or been enhanced, but the director is very witty and turned the movie into an action movie, adding elements of the spy war. The action of the fight was crisp and sharp, with fists to the flesh. All kinds of fighting skills, boxing, legging, wrestling, and grappling. Turning the dagger, throwing the shield, the person watching is pleasing to the eye. In this way, he can be enhanced without modifying the US team’s settings. The opening game showed the strength of the US team: the US team did not use a parachute when it landed, fell unscathed, and did not use diving equipment when it entered the water. Powerful, kicking people more than ten meters away with one foot. Leadership ability, command special forces to rescue hostages. Everything is under control, and the US team has arranged everything properly and clearly. The Captain America 2 movie only used one opening to redefine the ability of the American team, excellent fighting skills, surpassing ordinary people’s physical fitness, and excellent leadership ability. Let people completely forget the weak beauty team in Fulian 1. There is also the personality of the US team. Without changing the personality setting of the US team, the director showed the US team’s character cooler and more convincing: the US team has not changed, but the world has changed. S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded by Captain America, and Hydra was destroyed by Captain America. But S.H.I.E.L.D., which represents justice, breeds evil hydra. Where there is light, there is a shadow. When the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau said to restore S.H.I.E.L.D., the US team “stubbornly” said: We will not restore anything, and S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra will be destroyed together. You have to engage in so-called split management, but how many people will sacrifice for it before you figure out who the enemy is? Captain America’s “stubbornness” and “stiffness” are his most precious things in this confusing era. His “boring” is “reliable” at a critical time.
It can be said that the movie Captain America 2 completely changed the image of Captain America. From appearance, ability, character, all aspects of change. Let the hero of the US team reborn. The director Russell Brothers is a real critic.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Team US 2 saved the character of Team US. Gao Daquan characters have always been the most difficult to create, because they are too inhumane and tend to give people a false feeling. The plot of defective characters becoming heroes, because it can more trigger the audience’s emotional projection of themselves, this kind of “anti-hero” routine has become more popular. US Team 1 is actually quite boring, a character with almost impeccable character in addition to limited ability, people will only respect, but will not like it, and may even think that it is “too fake.” The US team 2 successfully solved this problem, and did not use any weird tricks, but used extremely traditional materials-dystopia and “sacrifice.” For the leftists, the US team 2 uses anti-war and anti-centralization thinking to impress; for the rightists, the US team’s “traditional virtues” and spirit of sacrifice are very bonus points. So everyone was happy. The first trick is not to change the beauty of the team, but through the changes of the times, to create a sense of incompatibility for him and reduce the sense of alienation brought by Gao Daquan. Then through various reversals and reversals, the audience, while dizzy, began to miss the “solid and unchanging” things, such as the consistent US team. Bhaw is his weakness and a way to dispel him from perfect to boring. Finally, through a point that is very common in Europe and the United States and easily overlooked in the East, the role is sublimated-the leap of faith. Whether a person is true or not depends on his choice at the moment of life and death. As a result, the US team chose to sacrifice and trust to complete the perfect religious ritual-establishing its image as a true prophet. Freedom is not free, and the price is always high. But I will pay the price, even if I am alone, I don’t hesitate to do it alone, but I believe that I will not go alone (to the effect) – this is already the preaching level of the top pastor. And the biggest shortcoming of our film and television level is here. Obviously there are better stories and more real characters, but it is impossible to express such a powerful inflammatory. People suspect that Huang Jiguang and ridiculing Lei Feng for taking the photographer are actually complaining about “insufficient propaganda ability.” Remember, the “divinity” of man must come from humanity, and only by shaping humanity can we successfully explain how “divinity” stands. Team US 2 can successfully engrave a high-level and false character into the hearts of the audience, and its skill can be called perfect. In addition, the action design of the US team series is also the best in Marvel. For example, the best image of the Panthers appeared in the US team 3 rather than in his own movie.

8 months ago

Captain America 2 objectively said that it must be able to afford a “very excellent” evaluation in Marvel movies. As for whether it is the pinnacle or not, it’s too much, I don’t want to cause trouble, so I won’t comment. But my overall view is that there is no big gap between the best Marvel movies. I think the opinion of the person who raised this question may be that Marvel moved in another direction after Captain America 2…. Regarding this… I also don’t want to comment because I don’t want to lead the battle. Because my point of view is basically a good thing from each side, the result is bound to be besieged by fans of both views. As for Iron Man 3, I personally think that there is a common problem with some of the Marvel movies that follow. It is to throw out a theme but not solve it in the movie. I have to make my own brain…Steel 3 discusses a very great theme. . Perhaps now that we have seen the US team, Thor, Bugs and others, we have become tired of the topic of “the relationship between superheroes and abilities”. But it was a breakthrough at the time. Of course, this “seed” has actually been buried in the stories of the three giants of the Fulian (Steel 1, US Team 1, Thor 1 are actually touched). Then when Steel 3 made me feel that I would finally spread the discussion on this topic without reservation… I found that in the end, it still has reservations. Maybe this topic is too big, or the movie wants each audience to have their own Think about it. . But in my opinion, the movie finally found an opportunity and ended in dignity. It made me feel a little regretful. This regret runs through several later Marvel movies, such as Fulian 2, US Team 3, Thor 3, all of them Great theme + decent performance can only be said. Of course, I have to say that this is just my personal opinion, and even if you think my opinion is reasonable, this is only one aspect of the film and does not affect their excellence in other aspects. But after all, it’s a pity. After watching Thor 3 recently, every time I try to explain to others, Loki actually has a very complete character growth in Thor 3, or there is one that is not under the funny appearance of this movie. When there is no brain subject. I’m thinking, why can’t the movie be performed directly, so I can sublimate my theme… I don’t think there is any problem with the silver guard 2, because the silver guard 2 is expressed through the mouth of Yongdu and the raccoon. The characters in it were originally the type that “expresses emotions awkwardly because they dare not tolerate warmth”, and Silver Guard 2 actually made what they want to say very clearly… Everyone’s favorite movies are definitely different… …Like I, I like Ant-Man, but it seems that the public’s evaluation is not high…As I said at the beginning, the best Marvel movies are not too far apart except for the few that are generally considered bad. Which one is the pinnacle of support Anything…

8 months ago

US Team 2 is the pinnacle of the combination of superhero movies and other types of movies. In this film, superheroes, spies, cold war, body modification, brain control, antitopia, so many messy elements are perfectly integrated, not abrupt at all. This is not necessarily the best superhero movie, but it must be the superhero movie with the most faces. Here is a comparison of the great Dark Knight trilogy. It is by no means to belittle the Dark Knight trilogy, the quality of the movie alone is still inferior to the Dark Knight, and the Dark Knight rises. However, the balance between Superhero movies and spy movies is obviously better in Team US 2, while the combination of superhero movies and crime movies in the Dark Knight series is somewhat out of balance. This leads to an interesting result, that is, whether it is from superhero movies or spy movies to evaluate US Team 2, it is an excellent level. If you evaluate the Dark Knight from the perspective of a crime film, it is the greatness left behind in movie history. But if it is evaluated by the standards of a superhero movie, the Dark Knight has some unsatisfactory places.

8 months ago

Because this movie is just beautiful. Do you feel that way? You can feel that this is a big production in the first three to five seconds of a movie. At least at least a well-made movie. Especially the feeling, the clarity. The clarity of that large scene is very attractive. Also, there are a bunch of super-powered people in Marvel superhero movies, just to be different from ordinary people. It is to kick a person more than ten meters away. It can smash walls that are not concrete. Can run, jump, punch to the flesh. The complex is intense and stimulating quickly. The part where the plane jumped off the sea and killed the crew was really great. Don’t talk nonsense simply. Hydra pretended to be a police officer and attacked the one-eyed section. Duang Duang Duang went up and several cars hit the floor with oil. No nonsense when getting out of the car, a bunch of people hold down the trigger and shoot in a row. Immediately after the broken window, the artifact was moved down to do it. One-eyed was knocked, raised his head and frowned, and heard the smart voice reminder that he was bend of morphine. No sloppiness. When the window is about to rot, calmly wait until the best moment “NOW”. That gun is really handsome. It’s not nonsense to drive behind to chase the excitement, just do it. Let’s talk about clothing. The clothes that the US team wore before Team US 2 were simply costumes or costumes. Just like the ones worn on the tour. The one worn by US Team 2 is really called a battle uniform. It’s pleasing to the eye. Thinking back to “Xiu Chun Dao”, the costumes in the first part are too ugly. It’s loose, especially the fat guy (thousands of households or hundreds of households, the one who accepted the money and promised to do the job was sued). Look at the Shura battlefield of the second prequel. That costume looks comfortable. In short, the costumes, props, scenes, shooting, action, and superhero features are all great. This power source is not even Marvel. It has no connection with other movies. It is also a good movie to take out alone. Have seen it many times.

8 months ago

The taste of the movie is a matter of opinion, but the US team 2 is indeed unique in Marvel movies. As a person who entered the Marvel Pit after watching the US team 2, it has several breakthroughs: 1. Let people who don’t like Super England also watch it. You can pull the elder relatives who like to watch CCTV serials without any pressure to watch it together without being complained about “what messy group of demons dance”. 2. The action scenes have a Hong Kong style martial arts style, and the plot arrangement has a taste of Chinese martial arts. 3. The protagonist and heroine have not developed a relationship at all, which can be called a clear stream in Hollywood. 4. Female characters are in charge of play, male characters are in charge of emotional play-well… I mean friendship. 5. The screen uses cool colors as the main color, which is particularly recognizable in Marvel’s bright and colorful film series with warm colors. 6. The role of Captain America, which is difficult to be photographed, has been portrayed very well. In short, the US team 2 is the best Marvel in my mind, and I hope that next year’s US team 3 can surpass it.

8 months ago

My personal evaluation is as follows: Gang 1 The classic pioneering work Tony’s character hero broke the previous heroic image of facial makeup; 8.0 points Gang 2 is just a movie of brilliant technology and Chaintech, I will portray stories and characters; 7.0 points steel 3 Suddenly changed from a stupid haha style to a melancholic psychological film? The main gap is too big. In fact, the thinking and acting skills are good. It was originally the image of the plump Tony. Unfortunately, the story is not strong enough; 7.9 points Thunder 1 Moderate hero introduction film 7.3 Points mine 2 Moderate family disputes and foreign enemies confrontation, but based Love is full of 7.5 points. 1 A moderate hero is born and scores 7.2 points (losing to Thor’s dazzling skills). Beautiful 2 Oh, there is the taste of Nolan, oh, need to burn some brains, oh, the hero is dead, oh the storyline is ups and downs Personal opinion with ups and downs of 8.1 points or more

8 months ago

I don’t say that this movie is the pinnacle, I just say why I think it looks good. The first is the change in action drama. Traditional American action movies can be said to have no aesthetic feeling. From the beginning of Stallone and the others, it is you and me punching each other, full of primitive violence. Most of Marvel’s previous works are also like this. Until the emergence of Team US 2, according to analysis, the director borrowed from the shooting methods of the “Bourne Shadows” series and used the movement of the camera to create a tense atmosphere. It also greatly improves the visibility of the action scene. The hostage rescue at the beginning reflects the leadership of the US team and the rigor of SHIELD’s operations. The splicing of cameras is used to show that each team is performing a fatal blow at the same time. The effect of tension. The overpass battle between the U.S. team and the Winter Soldiers is a personal show for the two, each showing their skills, not only showing superb fighting skills, but also taking into account the sense of strength and blow. I personally think it is Marvel’s current action drama. One. The remaining action scenes also have their own wins. Overall, the action scenes of Team US 2 are regarded as masterpieces in the history of shadows in the world. Second is the literary drama that is not boring. The actual content of this movie is a partial subversion of the previous Marvel universe. The detailed literary and drama part has its own point of “exciting the audience”. For example, the US team engages in objects. For example, Dr. Zola’s “resurrection”, such as “Project Insights”, such as the holographic disguise of the black widow, such as the holographic disguise of the black widow, using such a small reversal to make up for the lack of acting skills of the actors, and also make the whole movie appear More fun. In addition, I need to say one more thing. The aura of Ma’s Fakexia is simply crushing. The scene of returning from the helicopter to the door of S.H.I. No need to do it, walking is pretending to be force. Finally, there are actors. I personally think this is the one with the highest average appearance in Marvel. Really, everyone, it’s simply pleasing to the eye.

8 months ago

I don’t know if it’s the pinnacle, but Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier is indeed a very special Marvel movie, and Xiaotang himself likes it very much. Several aspects: First, clarified the spiritual core of Fulian! Why can Steve become the justice leader of the Avengers and even the entire United States? In the movie “Avengers”, many viewers complained that Captain America was too weak, and the weak might not be enough to be beaten by Iron Man! However, in Team US 2, we have witnessed the powerful potential of Steve, a belief that can bring people’s hearts together, and a belief that allows the comrades, brothers, and subordinates around us to trust the unscrupulous generals. The trust given to you, until the speech before the final war can gather the members of SHIELD to fight against the evil Hydra organization. Some people may doubt that only one speech can convince SHIELD? Perhaps many people have not discovered that Steve Rogers, a heroic figure in the movie, has been well-known and admired by every American in the movie, and what he embodies: the spirit of firm will not surrender, respect for life is not wary, is also a reunion. The core spirit after removing the dazzling superpowers! Back then, the Chinese poster of US Team 2 said “I joined S.H.I. 2. The layout is grand and the fighting is exciting. The US team 2 is not just about confrontation with the villain Winter Soldier, but rising to a political game. From the initial rescue on board to the assassination of Nick Fury, the captain will be step by step. Falling into a situation of isolation and helplessness, leading to the behind-the-scenes villain Pierce and the war, the plot spread is quite in place, and the layers are progressively fascinating! The film’s large number of wide-angle overhead shooting and handheld camera scheduling, various exciting action designs, and fist-to-fight fighting scenes are the best in Marvel movies with spells and superpowers flying all over the sky! Elevator battle is a classic Marvel play, there is no super ability to fly up and down, only the clash of power and fists! The soundtrack in the film is also good. The collocation and application in various action dramas can bring the audience into the plot. The soundtrack for each appearance of the Winter Soldier is very well designed, which can highlight the unique coldness and murderousness of the Winter Soldier. Finally, The soundtrack of the captain’s falling into the water is even more tearful~~~ Third, the most important…The insight plan set in the film mirroring the conspiracy of the US government is actually an extension of the Prism plan that was exposed in the United States that year. Everyone who was involved in the Snowden incident knew everything about it, and the U.S. government was also embarrassed! I remember that a certain media person in the famous comprehensive film review network MTC failed the US team 2 because the plot setting involved was too sharp! The Prism Project (PRISM) is a top-secret electronic surveillance program implemented by the US National Security Agency (NSA) since Bush Jr. in 2007. The official name of the program is “US-984XN”. U.S. intelligence agencies have been conducting data mining in nine U.S. Internet companies, analyzing personal contact information and actions from audio, video, pictures, emails, documents, and connection information. There are 10 types of surveillance: information email, instant messaging, video, photos, stored data, voice chat, file transfer, video conferencing, login time, details of social network information, including two secret surveillance items, one is surveillance, Listening to the call records of the people’s phone calls, and the second is to monitor the people’s network activities. Now let’s look at the extension of the Insight Project to predict potentially dangerous people and use powerful force to kill these people before they cause social harm. When living in information technology The personal privacy of people in society has been exposed, and personal privacy and safety cannot be guaranteed. It is undoubtedly a great irony in the U.S. emperor, a country that promotes freedom, democracy and equal rights, and this may also cause major security omissions. The U.S. team The serious consequences caused by this kind of infinitely amplified in 2 are not a wake-up call to the US government!

8 months ago

From the subject of the question why the evaluation of US Team 2 is the best, this question has led to the various dissatisfaction of the iron man upstairs and leaked a question: Marvel is going downhill. In my opinion, the two best Marvel movies are Iron Man. One and the Women’s Federation, here to talk about it, I am an iron man. In 2008, Iron Man opened the Earth—199999 Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie can be said to subvert the usual style of traditional American superhero blockbusters. The hero is no longer perfect, but has various human shortcomings. Iron Man is an unsuccessful work. Originally, the establishment of the Marvel Universe and the investment of funds to shoot superhero-themed movies were not favored by most media. Looking at the cast of Iron Man One, Nini just came out of the drug turmoil (later I will see this decision is really a magical stroke, Nini’s personal charm and the integration of Iron Man are simply perfect), the biggest actor is the heroine Pepper Gwyneth Paltrow joined almost without pay. If the film is unsuccessful, the newly established studio will cease to exist. But like all chicken soup, they did it. They instantly have an audience. Then, as everyone knows, the studio shot a series of films, at this time Marvel began to play chess, until the Avengers. The success of the Women’s Federation is also inevitable. Almost everything from Iron Man to Women’s Federation is a boutique. When the audience learns that they want to make these people appear in a movie, they must be interested in going to the cinema to see what’s going on. Film history third. This is all right, hundreds of millions or even billions of people know that Marvel’s movies are good overnight, so the next movies will be easier. Iron Man 3 is really powerless to complain. Thor 2 is like a computer game. Women’s Federation 2 added too many characters to cause confusion in the film, not to mention, to be cute for the sake of cuteness, and to be funny for the sake of funny is really too much. According to a chestnut, in Women’s League 1, Hulk wanted to beat Loki and was stopped by Loki. Loki slammed, Hulk froze and grabbed Loki and fell into a mess; Women’s League 2 Linini and the US team chopped firewood together. In the end, Nini said before leaving, don’t steal what I did. These two clips are the two most intensely laughed by the audience in the two movies in the theater. But it can be clearly seen that most people did not think of this clip in Women’s Federation 1, and it is reasonable. When the camera just came over and saw a lot of Nini in front of the US team, I barely knew what they were going to say later. It’s… and it’s unreasonable. From this we can see the difference in attitude when Marvel shot the two films. What Marvel is losing is a batch of original powder and ashes powder. However, they don’t need to care, because after all, in every Marvel movie nowadays, many people in the cinema will hear a lot of people talking about why Superman hasn’t come yet, and how Batman has become such a discussion. It is enough for these people to spend money to buy tickets. They will always buy. Ant-Man hasn’t watched it yet. He is ready to wait for resources. If I can’t move me, I’m going to abandon the pit. Of course, Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man is a must-see, after all, Xiao Chong Mi… Finally, let’s talk about US Team 2. It can blacken, corrupt, and overthrow the SHIELD that had been opposed to Hydra before. This is a historic attempt. You know that S.H.I.E.L.D. had already produced TV series at the time, and this kind of subversion could make US Team 2 a classic. Of course, there is also the love and killing of the captain and the Winter Soldier… Tsk tsk.

8 months ago

The last time I modified the review, I found that some people did not understand what I was talking about. The reading ability was too bad. Iron Man was not a super leader. He was not as important as the movie party in the reunion. Marvel could live without Robert Downey Jr. , The point of view is finished, did I not mention the iron man sane fan below? Didn’t I recognize the importance of Iron Man as a beginning? Didn’t I say that Iron Man is the main force in team battles? Could it be that I blacked out the hulk, thor, iron man stunts to belittle it? You Luo is very arrogant in reality, and he does have his strength, but it is impossible for a maverick actor to be too expensive to affect the Marvel assembly line. Moreover, he is not tony stark, but in the eyes of Luo fans, there is nothing wrong with him. The most important remarks to say that he is awesome is to belittle him to praise Captain America. Does the old man have the brain to praise Captain America? With your black-and-white thinking, I knelt and started to stand in line before the trailer was released. I also need to analyze which team is more powerful and capable of arguing all night. A DC fan advertises the true meaning of the Nolan trilogy all day long. By the way, black Marvel has no brains. A Marvel fan who doesn’t read comics honestly knows that he stands blindly in cp. I ask you if the story line of the civil war is clear? And the comment came up as I watched the movie, so what if I don’t understand the original work? Remember, I’ve seen more than you, so I’m qualified to say it only once. I don’t want to black radish, and I don’t want to black it. Please don’t make radish powder so glass-hearted. Naturally, I understand the role of Iron Man and the next two parts. How bad, some kind of “fan” who yells that Iron Man is so handsome and yells that the CP is red and blue. I don’t think you understand or accept it. Please open your eyes and see how high Luo is worth. MCU is no longer needed. The age of relying on Iron Man fans to lay the foundation, the industrial assembly line will not accommodate an actor in order to achieve the greatest commercial interests. You can rest assured to wait for the turnip to retire. At that time, ask yourself whether your favorite character is tony or donny. Some commented that iron Talent is the core of the reunion, the Iron Man movie has a heavy weight, and Stark’s charm is exploding. Turnip is very attractive, but it is important to understand that MCU starts with Iron Man does not mean that Iron Man movies are very important. MCU started with Iron Man. It used a second-line role and good actor and director skills, which successfully increased the popularity of Tieguanzi radish. However, looking at the MCU layout, Iron and Steel did not have much plot connection with the MCU’s main line. , The second generation is nothing more than linking with hulk to bring out the war machine, and the third generation made a fake Mandarin. The result is that the younger brother Kirian of the Extremis Virus plays the leading role. I really can’t see how important 2 and 3 are to the entire mcu system. Basically The above are all talking about the personal growth of stark, which is also related to the lack of Marvel characters. According to the comics, at least a large number of characters have not appeared. The copyrights are all important characters. Therefore, we must take care of the audience, take care of the fans, and take care of them. At the box office, I worry about the rationality of the MCU system. Only then decisively used stark as a starting point, and the latter two are pure fans. And the personal movie trilogy usually ends. The first infinite gem appeared in Captain America 1, and the infinite gem is an important clue to the Avengers trilogy. Although Thor is always soy sauce, after all, people are cross The universe is related to Infinite Gems and the Celestial Clan, but how do you play it now? The high-levels saw that the captain is a mortal, considering the future battle scenes, everyone must be able to fly, weapons must be advanced, luminous lines, vision is alive, and it must be the main output. The following is the “slightly” modified original answer. Last night The tone is rather chaotic after writing. The US team 2 is indeed good. 2 is the first time to achieve linkage with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, playing as a complex 1.5, including the 2.5 civil war next year. The captain of the entire MCU squadron is actually a main line, not only because he is the person who runs through the historical trajectory (agent Carter’s line), but also because he is actually the spiritual leader of the Avengers. Luo Chuan believes that Iron Man is the beginning of the MCU! ! ! ! Iron Man is the core of the Avengers! ! ! ! So Iron Man is irreplaceable! ! I’m sorry that you are too expensive. Although Fulian 3 has a lot of funds, I have to invite others. Talking about the movie, a movie to restore the image of the captain. In the first episode, he not only has a funny and tender uniform, but also does not show any character characteristics. From the perspective of outsiders, what frisbees do you watch if you have hulk, thor, and stark? In the early stage of the eagle eye’s darkening and coolness on the aircraft carrier, the widow beauty physique is amazing and it has a lot of attractiveness. Marvel thought: I am a leader who has been shaped like this B? It’s not good, so we saw the dark new uniforms, and parachutes without parachutes, coming up from the bow to the tail, the movements are concise and concise, and the feeling of recruiting flesh. The interaction with the Falcon also implies the Falcon’s adoration for the captain and the personal charisma of the leader (the dc Lego in the next door plays the same role to the master. What do you do?) The fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., the spy action is perfect Yes, the rhythm is moderate, and the introduction of multiple roles is not too chaotic. Every time the Winter Soldier debuts, it is carefully designed and will not appear frequently to maintain a sense of mystery. The killer wind came out immediately. The mask was shown in the early stage. The first time was a magnetic mine on the street after the director’s thrilling chase. This time, he immediately followed the director and sniped the director as soon as he climbed to the captain’s house (in this movie, bucky used a sniper rifle, which is natal) and then chased, flew the shield, and threw back. The captain was hit by the heavy impact and took a big step back. , This time showed the coldness and strength of the Winter Soldier. The captain returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. in confusion. After arguing with the Minister, Rumlo (crossbone) also had a lot of scenes after the elevator fight. This time, the captain completely turned over and showed the audience how funny Frisbee clowns are in your eyes. Great, what is fighting? A scene is vividly displayed, what is the thing next door that can only be hammered and tweeted? This is a real person. The fight between motorcycle and vtol, the shield goes up, and the high-altitude gymnastics drops to show the shield, indicating that Captain America is really going to fight with you! ! Will it burn more then? ! ! …. I escaped. This section is a bit far-fetched, and there are too many irrelevant dramas. It is estimated that people don’t forget that there are Scarlett and Widows, slow down the rhythm, and wait for Zola to appear, explaining that Hydra has penetrated you so much. When the bridge meets the Winter Soldier, the rhythm continues to return to the right path. The scene is so good that it explodes. The scene transitions from the bridge to the bridge. The captain used a shield to block the grenade and was bombarded under the bridge, smoothly moving the battlefield, using the widow to like to hit people right. The stalk of the eye gave the Winter Soldier a shot, the mask fell, and the Winter Soldier’s face was full for the first time. Audience: Oh, you seem to be the person who fell off the train in the movie I watched the year before the first year ago? After the captain cleared the minions in the physique, the Winter Soldier jumped directly. The widow and the captain did not work in the Winter Soldier. The unarmed combat is even more wonderful. The editing is very beautiful, and it looks enjoyable and smooth. The scene of the mechanical arm hitting the shield represents the official hostility between the two. The doubts in the eyes of the captain and the broken memories of the Winter Soldier are all blended in this hit. The old scene resurfaces. Now the audience finally understands that the widow is a female partner. The real protagonists are these two. The subsequent aircraft carrier fight was also very exciting, the Falcon was tortured to death, and in the last one, the Winter Soldier’s close combat and shooting were so exciting and exploding. Thank you very much for the action guidance of this film. The emotional drama is very disgusting with the base rot. Everyday CP is very annoying and pay more attention to the normal “feelings” of the characters, just like Bucky who followed the captain back then, as well as the second young man and the master. As a result, everyone is going to fight on the street. The captain can’t let go of his guilt, the next civil war is mainly due to the Winter Soldier, supplemented by the registration bill, because… many roles are not there. Lamenting the victory of the movie party, telling the story of the Winter Soldier is undoubtedly a more appropriate choice. In this film, apart from the shock of the team battle brought by the reunion 1 and the huge amount of information and new characters hidden in the reunion 2, there is no such enjoyable MCU movie that I can watch. I mean, the remaining movies are all rubbish. (The map gun evaded the silver guard, it was a wonderful move, and it was a great success) You asked me why it was rubbish, because it was a victim of Marvel’s industrial assembly line! Except for the first Iron Man which is good, the rest are just paving the way for the reunion movie. Now the second stage can produce a very good work compared to other MCU movies. First, it proves that the high-level decision is to make the captain’s personal film. As a turning point for the team battle movie, everything else is just barely threading. Thunder 2 has infinite gems anyway. What is the anxiety of Steel 3? So he made Ultron? However, Ultron, the villain, was short-lived, and ultimately focused on the infinite gems. Nobuki and Carrotblow are the two groups of DC and Marvel who believe that the Batman trilogy is an interpretation of superhero movies. It is called the Nolan-Batman trilogy and thinks that there is no clown after Heath Ledger. The same as Robert Downey Jr. Leaving, Marvel movies are too good, too naive suggest to treat “Although I watched a comic movie, but I just don’t want to understand the original” disease

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