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Buying and experiencing are actually two different things. Dalao in many notebook areas has emphasized many times: Don’t go to offline stores to buy notebooks. But when my sister said that she wanted to buy a computer, I decided to take her to the line and go shopping. If there is a choice, who wouldn’t want to buy a computer they like? Although many e-commerce companies have added product images to their product detail pages, it is still difficult for you to understand what this product looks like. Seller show and buyer show are really uncomfortable sometimes. Only after you have actually touched this computer and played with this computer, you will know if it is what you like, and you will not be able to leave any regrets for yourself. What is the most convenient and fastest way to access the product? Go to the offline store to see. As long as there is an offline store, you can touch this product for the first time, which can give you the most intuitive impression of this product. It’s impossible for me to try the product and place an order directly online and buy it back. After a few days of express delivery, I find that this thing is not what I want, and then I will take a few days to send it back to him. Right? This is too silly. So I chose to take my sister offline and let her choose her favorite products. But I don’t encourage everyone to buy computers in physical stores. “Experience” and “buy” are two different things, don’t confuse them. Why don’t you let you buy a computer in an offline store? It’s because you never think of what the computer will look like when you buy it. It’s common to search around on the posting bar. When a lot of friends buy computers in the Computer City, they are sold at high prices by merchants, and they even exchange parts and reduce the configuration. There are also some novices who originally looked at the computer with an “experience” mentality, but when they were fooled by the shopping guide, they lost their souls, and stupidly handed the money into the hands of others, but they were scammed again. Really absolutely. The cuttlefish know these things the best. If you really want to hear the story, you can ask them to tell you. I guess they will not stop for three days and three nights. The water in some computer cities is too deep. Let’s ask another question, can we buy mobile phones in offline mobile phone stores? can. But please note that you must go to a regular mobile phone store or authorized store to buy, otherwise you will have a small chance of being given for nothing. The integration level of the mobile phone is too high. Instead of changing the configuration for a little bit of petty profit, it is better to repair the mobile phone yourself. Therefore, cutting corners in mobile phone configuration is not worth the loss. But this does not prevent people from sitting on the floor and starting the price, and a 2,000 yuan machine will give you a few hundred yuan. Especially in some remote areas, those “Polaris” chain mobile phone stores like to do such things. I remember about three years ago, I bought a white Mi MIX2s in a small county in Guizhou. At that time, MIX2s had been released for half a year, and the market price had begun to decline. But I still bought this machine for an extra two hundred dollars, and I regretted it after I realized it. Nowadays, mobile phone manufacturers have become more and more powerful in controlling channels, and I believe this situation is gradually decreasing. But it’s always a good thing to keep an eye out. Be more vigilant, it’s good for you and your wallet.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Purchasing and experience are two different things. Generally, there is a subjective experience to make a purchase decision. Consumer products should be seen offline, mobile phones and computers are no exception. The focus on mobile phones and computers online is on the propaganda of the parameters, plus the comparison with competing products, the data is intuitive. For example, the processor using the latest technology, the 5nm process has lower power consumption. But the parameters are parameters, and the actual feeling of getting the hand is another matter. Some people prefer the comfort of the whole machine, while others prefer the specific imaging effect of taking pictures. A large part of the popularity of online self-media review videos on computers and mobile phones is that they can provide actual experiences based on parameters. Going back to mobile phones and computers, the different forms and usage scenarios of the two determine the difference in purchasing methods. The mobile phone is small, and there are many things that cannot be removed in the hand. The battery can be replaced before, but now only the sim card slot can be removed. If you want to replace the internal components, you need to heat the glue that binds the shell and the screen to soften, and the traces of closing again are obvious. The laptop is large, and the desktop has two main bodies, which are either placed, carried or carried. The back cover is fixed by screws. Basically, no obvious changes can be seen in disassembly and assembly, and the operability can be faked.

8 months ago

Ordinary people buy mobile phones in offline stores: choose the brand –> price –> understand some simple configurations –> pay attention to the appearance and feel. Mobile phones are basically these few brands, and the gap between models in each price range is not too big, and the related knowledge of mobile phones is not difficult to understand. For such an object that is used very frequently, everyone has high requirements on the hand feel. The hand feel is something that you can’t make judgments without getting started. There is another very important reason. The mobile phone is not easy to disassemble. You may not even know the computer is replaced. Ordinary people buy computers in offline stores: Hello, I was introduced by XXX. I want to buy a computer for about 5,000 yuan. My friend said that Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro14 is good. Can I take a look? You may not know that the higher the number, the better the version of this computer. Your friend recommends Pro14, but I recommend Pro13 more, and you can get the same configuration at a cheaper price… Finally, I took Pro13 back to my satisfaction. Home…Yes, yes, this is the true story of a silly friend of mine, and that friend in the story is me. The price of Pro13 given by the store was 4500. At that time, the official website price was 4999. My friend thought it was cheap and showed it off in front of me. I told her to retire without even thinking about it. R7+16G+512G is all right, the fault lies in what 512G this is, the green disk of Western Digital, uh, what water product, everyone knows. Who knows what else to change. (Finally, I bought Pro14 on JD.com) The offline stores of computers are too messy, so people who know a little about computers will not go to offline stores to buy them, or they will become leeks. Computers have more knowledge, so I can dissuade Xiaobai, and people who feel like opponents often don’t care (except for weight), so, why go to the offline store? . In addition, don’t go to the offline store with a little bit of knowledge. Believe me, you will be cheated even worse.

8 months ago

Desktop computers: Many people buy desktop computers in the Computer City, which are actually assembled computers, and rarely buy brand-name computers. Assembling the machine is a test of the buyer’s knowledge reserve, because the eight major pieces of the desktop machine, plus the peripheral monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Each piece will be mixed with water, replaced, recharged as shoddy, used parts, or junk parts. The situation of desktop computers is not only offline, but also online. For example, foreign garbage that has been criticized for a long time is this type of product. The words that businesses like to use include, but are not limited to, military-grade level, i9-level CPU, n G large memory, n G large video memory graphics card, and fancy chassis, but the accessories are very rubbish. There is also a slightly more formal, but apart from the CPU, other accessories basically do not indicate the specific model or brand.

8 months ago

Although the notebook is not like a desktop computer, it is full of pits, but there are also pits. For example, some merchants will replace the notebook with accessories, and replace the original big-name memory and solid state with unknown brands. After buying it back, it is good at the beginning, and then there are frequent problems. When you go to the store, the store just doesn’t admit it, so you can ask someone to make sense. Of course, when going offline, there may be people bullying customers who don’t understand, so they will be shoddy and persuade customers to increase prices at will. Or just take the sample machine and show it to the new machine. Or, refurbish the machine, refurbish the machine, and sell it as a new machine. Therefore, to go offline, you have to put up a few minutes of energy to avoid the pit, but it may not be avoided. The online order is usually to place an order and buy the machine. After it arrives, check whether it is brand new, check whether there are traces of screws, and check whether the accessories are consistent with the official website. Therefore, to buy a notebook, JD’s self-operated, Tmall flagship store and official website are the best choices.

8 months ago

In fact, try to buy a mobile phone online as much as possible! I purchased 3c products in the following order: Jingdong self-operated> XX brand official website> Tmall brand flagship store> Suning official. Third-party sellers, even if the grade is blue crown or yellow crown, I don’t buy it. Offline only go to the official ones, such as Mi Home. I have been fooled twice, but I don’t want to be fooled again three times. The first time, around 2010, I bought a computer, a desktop, and assembled it. At that time, I hadn’t studied computers and mobile phones, so I went to the Computer City to buy them stupidly. After being passed PUA by them, I feel that I have bought the best computer in the world! Well, I also gave a computer bag, mouse, and keyboard spree, haha! Then, after only eight months, the blue screen, the screen was blurred, and the host computer crashed. Especially in summer, the hot ones won’t turn on at all. It was repaired at least seven or eight times, and then it was treated as garbage. Let’s talk about the second time. I bought a laptop from an offline store. After a year of using it, the fan was rustling and it was about to take off. Repair it? All kinds of pushes, all kinds of things. Since then, never go to the Computer City again. Whenever I see the bankruptcy of the so-called Bainaohui and Computer City all over the country, six words always appear in my heart: self-inflicted, not to live. Let’s talk about buying mobile phones offline: I have fancy the Lenovo p780 in 13 years, and it seems that Kobe has endorsed it. When I went to Gome, I basically never bought anything offline, and I don’t know if it’s a third party. Asked the price, they directly opened 3000! Then I took out my mobile phone and showed it to him at a price of 1,200 for a JD.com product. The phone seller was still confident: “1500, in stock!” I said, “Guess I will buy it?” The phone felt silly, big and dark, very different from the online renderings, and the grass was pulled out in an instant. Lost. When you buy 3c products, follow my order. I dare not say that they can avoid lightning 100%, but at least 90% of them can be avoided. Let me talk about the reasons: first: word of mouth is very important. JD’s self-operated store is a golden sign of JD.com! Jingdong’s cornucopia. Of course, Jack Ma disagrees with self-employment. He has a Tmall Worry-Free Shopping. But in terms of user reputation experience, JD’s self-operated business still surpasses Tmall. However, Tmall’s competitive pressure on JD.com also makes JD.com maintain this signature all the time and dare not make a difference. Second: Everyone is a worker. I once bought a headset on JD.com for 29 yuan, with a one-year warranty, and it was broken. There are still two days before the warranty period. Try to JD customer service to see if it can be repaired. JD’s customer service said that the headset is not easy to repair, or replace it with Jingdou and give it to you, or return the depreciated cash to your account, can you handle it yourself? I was shocked at that time! Flattered! Of course I agreed, and after about 20 minutes, there was an extra depreciation amount in my account. So I became a big fan of Jingdong! Are you offline a third-party physical store or a third-party store, would you try? JD’s customer service is also a worker. He follows the rules and regulations and does not involve personal interests! Offline third-party physical stores, third-party stores, do you dare to return the goods? That’s a personal grievance! He will feel that you are making trouble, and he will feel that your leg should be interrupted. Finally, I want to say a few words: Computers are large items, and everyone’s work is not bad, even if you experience it offline, you will not experience it for a while. The mobile phone is different. It is a carry-on item. Renderings are often used at press conferences, just like the beauty photos of girls. It’s true that you go to an offline store. There is also a sense of touch. Just watch the press conference and don’t experience it. Often your eyes like it, but your hands don’t like it. I have liked a certain phone many times, and I have read a lot of reviews. After going to the physical store, the weight and texture were not good, so I was directly dissuaded.

8 months ago

Regardless of whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, I always recommend going to an offline physical store to experience the machine before considering whether to buy it or not. It is really not recommended to go to a physical store to buy a computer, because the water inside is too deep and Xiaobai is easily fooled. Half of the stranger’s pit, an acquaintance will give you a grand slam. It is reasonable to install the parts inside the computer because it can be disassembled. And you can also match each leek, not to the needs of each consumer. Anyway, I don’t know what Xiaobai can do. I use the old model to say the latest model, and sell the latest price or the original accessories. You said upgrading to a different brand, Xiao Bai felt that he would not have the slightest doubt if he made a profit. The business only needs to ensure that the computer can run normally for half a year to a year, because generally Xiaobai will not open the mainframe to see what is inside, even if he finds the store at that time, he can kill him and refuse to admit it. There is nothing you can experience when you experience a laptop or desktop computer in a physical store. At most, it depends on whether it looks good or not. But the physical store experience mobile phone points are a lot more. For example, you can hold it in your hand to feel the weight of the mobile phone, the sharpness of the photo, and so on. As for whether to buy or not, you can check the price of the physical store or the online channel before making a decision.

8 months ago

How can anyone say that they want you to go offline to experience, first ask if it is not the usual practice. Really speaking of experience, it is nothing more than letting you feel the hand, because the phone still has to pay attention to the hand feel. But now the offline experience is quite deceptive. After all, you use a mobile phone to wear a case, and the offline experience for you is without a case. Of course, the experience without a case is much better than the one with a case. . As a result, you will feel that the new machine (without the case) in the store feels much better than the old machine (with the case) in your hand, and then you will buy it. As a result, after I bought it and used it with a shell, I found that it didn’t feel much different from the old one. If you usually run naked on your mobile phone, then it is true that the offline experience of the hand feel is a very important link. If you usually use a mobile phone with a case, the feel of your mobile phone depends on the type and material of the case you are willing to buy, which has little to do with the phone itself. To say that the parameters that still affect the feel of the mobile phone are probably the parameters that are really important for the feel of the mobile phone: width, length, thickness, weight, heat dissipation-online parameters are often obscured. After all, there are many factors such as weight thickness and specific center of gravity distribution, which cannot be understood by parameters alone, but the actual machine experience will have a clearer understanding.

8 months ago

In fact, I think you should go to the offline store before buying this kind of thing, but don’t trust the salesperson’s words, because the salesperson may avoid the pros and cons of a certain product for the sake of performance. This topic is a bit different before and after, we all recommend you not to buy a computer offline, but it didn’t stop you from experiencing it. Just like a mobile phone, we recommend to experience it, and we didn’t say that it is required to buy it offline. Don’t mind being clever. In fact, I think the difference between the two lies in the fact that the mobile phone can identify whether the screen animation transition is smooth, the power consumption level, and the mobile phone parameters (as soon as it is opened in the settings) during the experience of the “short-term identification”. The texture in the hand. But the notebook is different. A more careful friend will open the “My Computer” properties to view various hardware, but it won’t? Do you listen to the salesperson? People must only talk about the advantages. The laptop is there, you can’t hold it up and look at the fan, right? Therefore, there will be such a statement. I still recommend looking at some professionals for notebook purchase. For the analysis of heat dissipation and hardware, it is safer to choose to buy.

8 months ago

Two aspects. The direct sales ratio of the first mobile phone offline store is already pretty good. Xiaomi has more than 3,000 directly managed Xiaomi homes and more HOVs. And there are no 500 stores in the country that are directly operated by Lenovo. Not to mention Dell, HP, and Asus, which have almost no direct stores. If you go to the direct-operated Laiku, Apple Store, Xiaomi Home to buy laptops, I have no objection at all. The same goes for mobile phones. You can buy it at a direct store, but go to a third party. . Long snack. Second, the gap in configuration. There are many SKUs for the same computer model. Small memory, small storage, small battery, low color gamut or even the same model as large memory, large storage, large battery, and wide color gamut. The most basic model on a mobile phone is that the storage is different, and the basic parameters of the screen (except for a certain company) and the battery will not be different. This leads to the offline consultation of Xiaoxin Air14, you may be able to get a 45% NTSC, battery-shrinked version, and the recommended version is very different, but the most consulted Xiaomi 11 is the beggar version, only the capacity. difference. Third, the difference between experience and purchase. In fact, many products, such as the subtle workmanship gap between Pro14 and YOGA14s, and the CNC promoted by Xiaomi also need to be experienced offline. It’s just that feeling is not buying, and experience is not placing an order. Offline experience and online purchase are the true meaning. Mobile phones are quite special. Because some offline devices have high profits, there will be no price cuts on JD, but non-direct mobile phone stores can bargain prices. The most typical ones are Reno, X series and Nova (not available now).

8 months ago

This thing is actually quite metaphysical. It is not to say that physical computer stores are black-hearted businessmen, and offline mobile phone stores are living bodhisattvas. I think all the root causes must start with sales and equipment market capacity. Conversely speaking, it looks like a causal cause, but you might as well look at the sales share data before talking. According to data from IDC China, notebook computers accounted for 60% of the entire online market. After a large-scale impact on offline in 2020, the proportion of online smartphone sales still did not exceed that of mobile phones. 25%… Offline is still the big head of the big head, so this is determined by a realistic situation. Because the vast majority of people buy laptops online, everyone recommends buying laptops online; because most people buy mobile phones offline, public opinion on the Internet recommends buying mobile phones offline, and everyone is also recommended to experience them. This reason is actually a bit of inversion of cause and effect. If you explore the reasons for a deeper one, it is actually determined by sales and volume. In 2020, the sales volume of notebooks in China is 35 million and that of mobile phones is 300 million. Ten times the size gap makes the cost of offline operations spread evenly on each step of the mobile phone, and the channel cost of mobile phones can be evenly spread very low. However, the cost of offline channels for products such as laptops is too high, which leads to the fact that offline laptops are often purchased. Will be cost-effective. On the whole, it is better to buy laptops online, and popular models such as Xiaoxin Pro and HP and 66 are all online firsts.

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