Although his career has only improved since last year, I think he has a lot of passersby. It stands to reason that there should be a lot of passerby fans.

But it seems that Weibo fans are not many diehards? Three consecutive Weibo reposts of 100W+ scared me. I have millions of likes. This data is almost becoming traffic, right?

[I have only had a good impression of him recently, I am just curious, I think the ability to sing will not conflict with the traffic, not malicious, and I will be anonymous]

I think it’s difficult to get fans. First, let so many people see, and secondly, be good enough to attract their attention to pay attention to you. I think it’s very difficult. I like many singers and actors, and they all have a good impression. It’s the kind that knows they have movies, TV shows or variety shows. I’m interested in searching and understanding. If I’m not interested, I won’t watch it. I’m interested in chasing after that. I think I’m a passerby. I don’t follow their Weibo, my Weibo follow list is only 30 or 40, there are official and friends, pet bloggers, food bloggers, etc., so I think it can attract people interested in you and actively follow It’s difficult. If it’s just me who is reluctant to be a good way, I can’t be interested in paying attention, but it does not affect my liking of these artists. I just went to Weibo and watched his dance practice. I was really caught I was shocked, worked very hard, treated each stage very seriously, and did the best I could do at that time. I must have this perseverance and perseverance. I am ashamed of what I can’t do. It’s really a step-by-step approach. go. Looking at the other answers, I still know that everyone still does not hide the maliciousness of a person. For some anonymous answers, there may be people who are ill-intentioned, and there are people who really don’t like him. Of course, if you don’t like it, you don’t. Question, who can make everyone like it? The reason why he didn’t like it was because of his voice and appearance. These were things he couldn’t change. No wonder he would say that some people just couldn’t accept a singer like him by nature. Because I can’t accept it, I’m afraid I don’t want to understand him once I see him. No matter how good he sings, he can’t even listen to ten songs. Have you really listened to ten songs? ? So I don’t give eyes to all of these people. I look down on the tone and voice of people who choose their appearance, but I am not anonymous. I look at the answers to the family members like this. I guess the family atmosphere is like this, just like I have to answer people like this. Like prejudice, his prejudice is also difficult to break. Are you still paying attention to the second element? I have never mixed up with the second dimension. Did I learn about it casually or imagined it by myself? Is it okay to be partial? Alas, my prejudice is too big, no good, I want to control it, I can’t rely on imagination out of thin air, maybe people have done a big data survey, if I am the minority, I will be beaten more by then. By Zhou Shen, he cherished the hard-won stage and the fans who supported him, so he didn’t dare to relax, and didn’t want to disappoint the fans. He always gave me surprise stage performances. I admire him too much. Whether it is the strength of the mind, the tenacity of the heart, and the perseverance to constantly hone oneself to challenge one’s abilities, it is far more shining than the sound quality and talent that initially attracted me! This is the reason why I can pay attention to him among the many outstanding artists. Whenever I find something difficult in reality and want to shrink back, I will silently complain to myself. Look at Zhou Shen, and then look at him. You, give it a try, challenge yourself, don’t persuade you! Although I am a solo first love chasing stars? ? But I sometimes feel that he is just my ideal self, and I have to learn more from him in the future!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Because Zhou Shen’s fans are all he sings one by one. Among his six million fans, he has a lot of active fans. This is also the reason why Zhou Shen’s Weibo fans have not reached tens of millions, but each Weibo likes can exceed one million. The following are some records of Zhou Shen’s fans. The data changes of Zhou Shen’s fans are recorded by a dedicated person, and the source is reliable. Zhou Shen participated in “Our Song” to increase fans by 100w. In 2020, he participated in the singer’s 10th issue to increase fans by 120w. He is the one who has been running on the road. On September 28, 2020, the number of fans on the day before Zhou Shen’s birthday was 5.38 million, and the number of fans on his birthday reached 5.4 million. After that, Zhou Shen participated in the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and collaborated with Teacher Sa Dingding in “Left Finger Moon”. He sang five consecutive songs at the Shanghai Guochao Music Festival during the National Day holiday. During this period, he gained more than 10,000 fans almost every day. It reached 5.45 million on October 3rd. On CCTV’s Autumn Evening, Zhou Shensa Dingding sang Left Finger. On December 18, 2020, Zhou Shenming’s cover of “Song of Paradise Island” increased by 20,000 fans, bringing the total to 5.75 million. On January 23, 2021, Tencent Music Annual Festival TMEA Grand Ceremony Zhou Shen sang “Whale Incarnate in an Isolated Island” and “Heguang Tongchen”. On the same day and week, he won the Best Mainland Male Singer of the Year and gained 30,000 fans. On January 29, 2021, Zhou Shen sang the animation impression song “Rubia” of Benghuai 3, which gained 18,000 fans and exceeded 5.95 million fans on that day. A year ago, on January 29, 2020, this number was only 2.74 million. Number of fans of Zhou Shen on January 29, 2021. From February 11 to February 12, 2021, Zhou Shen participated in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Mr. Zhang Ye’s “China in the Lights” and gained 30,000 followers… Zhou Shen participated in the Hunan TV Chinese Spring Festival Gala In addition, there are 20,000 “chili powder” that goes up by smoking chili powder, and 30,000 “chili powder” that goes up by 140 words. Up to now, Shenshen Weibo fans have reached 6.45 million, and the increase in the number of fans also shows to a certain extent that he is seen more and has more stage opportunities. And Zhou Shen is the kind, as long as he can continue to sing on the stage, he will definitely stick to it. The boy who was seventeen or eighteen years old on the streets of Guiyang didn’t know that one day he would stand on the shining stage and sing his motherland.

6 months ago

It’s actually very simple: we are all following him on station B. For us Shengmi, there is no such thing as Zhou Shen Zhou Qian and so on. At station B, he is called Kabu, a music zone up master. Like other up owners, he is also a pigeon, he is also new year, and everyone is urged every day. Our evaluation of him is consistent with his positioning of himself: he is a pigeon player. He is not a star. He is no different from our raw rice. He is also a kid who goes to work and eats every day, watching sand sculpture videos and playing games. The relationship between him and us raw rice is friends, not the common subordinate relationship of celebrities and fans. He does not exist as we usually say “happy with the people”-he is the same as the people, he is not high, he has no air, high emotional intelligence, and full of empathy. Speaking of Zhou Shen, the first thing we think of is “the neighbor’s child”, rather than a veteran who has been in the music industry for many years. If we have to say, Zhou Shen is so extraordinary, then this cat can think of only one: the song he sings, we really dare not order it at KTV! Meow!

6 months ago

I can say responsibly that the water content of Zhou Shen’s 6 million fans is less than 1%. When he first debuted in the early days, some fans bought him fans. He knew that he would block the fans one by one after he knew it, and persuaded fans not to spend any wronged money. He himself is really fond of these, and he often asks fans not to give him gifts when he broadcasts his birthday. After the good voice debuted, the broken company that signed the contract was basically stocking him, not to mention the fantasies of buying him fans, so his fans are all real fans. I just fanned his meeting, every time we increase 10,000 fans, we will celebrate in Chaohuaxiaoxiao, although it is slow, but very real. With the increase in popularity, his popularity is now much faster than before. Six million is already very high for us. From the number of views of Zhou Shen’s annual birthday live broadcast, it can be seen that his popularity has been increasing year by year, especially in the past two years.

6 months ago

There is a large list of passersby, but it must be considered that not all passers-by play Weibo, and not all passers-by who have a good impression of him will follow his Weibo~ Maybe my definition of passerby fans is relatively broad. I think so, listen. Zhou Shen’s song feels good and it can be a passerby fan. Seeing Zhou Shen’s variety show that Zhou Shen is fun can be a passerby fan. Click on Zhou Shen’s hot search and think Zhou Shen is quite interesting. It can be a passerby fan. Let me give you an example. , None of the above reasons constitute a reason for me to pay attention to a person. The number of fans doesn’t mean much, but I think that a small number of fans is like finding a little treasure by myself~

6 months ago

Because most people don’t play Weibo. Like me, I like his songs, and I also like the style and voice. For this reason, I have reviewed all the videos of his singing on station B. In the special attention of my B station. But I don’t play Weibo. Therefore, these six million Weibo fans are missing me. Like my elders, when I heard his song, I said he was a man. Everyone didn’t believe me. At first glance, he was still a handsome young man, not bad. They all know there is Zhou Shen, and they are not stingy with their compliments, but they don’t play Weibo either. I think six million fans are quite a lot. After all, the victory is real, and there is no exaggeration to the one billion level. Zhou Shen Fan Collection = People who play Weibo and like him.

6 months ago

It became a good way to sing Big Fish in Zhou Shen, but I didn’t have Weibo when I was young. Later, I saw that Shen Shen was our song (because another favorite singer was on the show), he was really amazing! I followed his Weibo. At that time, there were more than 1 million fans, and I can’t remember it (I saw it deeply in the voice before, but because of the exam, I only watched a few episodes and didn’t have any impression of the show) because of the epidemic. In the online class, originally because Mao was not easy to go to see the singer, he ended up in a deep pit, oh oh oh really is a god! ! ! Vertically into the pit. Now I listen to deep songs every night, and my mom knows that I like deep songs, and sometimes she asks me when she hears deep songs outside. Sometimes the school radio station plays deep songs, and then I meet a few classmates who like deep deep. When talking about deep deep in the class, the classmates know that he is basically good at singing deep deep songs (then I start amway hahaha ) He has a lot of fans on Weibo, like my deep-loving friends, who really like him, and the space circle of friends reposts new songs from time to time. He has gone through so much and deserves the applause of flowers today. Let’s cheer together and move on to a bigger stage!

6 months ago

I know that there are too many acquaintances, and I hide.
Weibo zombie fans are here to report, and Weibo, which has not been used for many years, is used to follow Zhou Shen and Chaohua.
After the note, it is uninstalled.
Douban, which has not been used for many years, also followed the fan group and uninstalled it.
It mainly depends on station b and Zhihu. The elderly people who read Douban Weibo are all the faces of old people on the subway.
By the way, this is the second hot topic in Zhihu today.

6 months ago

In fact, this is probably the normal number of fans. It’s too easy to break 10 million for the sake of the data. Jiang Kaitong is vague enough, isn’t it? The only time it became popular was the incident of Mao Xiaotong’s arrest of the junior three. Is Zhai Tianlin too cold? But they still have 10 million fans. Therefore, there is no need to analyze this. The data is all false. You can see from the activity of fans. Zhou Shen is now so popular in various variety shows, which is always enough to prove his nationality.

6 months ago

When I entered his pit, his fans were 23W or 32W, and it rose up a little bit by naked eyes. In short, it was tens of thousands a day. When there are works of variety shows out of the hot search, it is only more than 200,000 a day. Small Internet celebrities in the county have millions of fans, and tens of millions of fans can also buy them. It’s clear from the comment. Zhou Shen’s current 600W live fan is a song that he sings. He often cleans up zombie fans and refuses to buy fans. The number of live broadcast online is the same as the number of fans. The proportion of iron fans is extremely high. . It’s really happy to be his rice, just listen to the song silently, and watch the interviews for a day, without having to go around Amway, anyway, as long as he opens his mouth, he gets fans. So it doesn’t matter if 600W or 6000W. He has extraordinary strength, cute personality, correct three views, and excellent character. Not to mention that he is a rare idol in the entertainment industry. Even among the ordinary people around him, he is excellent. People who like him will only increase. more.

6 months ago

not bad! I like it late, mainly because I didn’t care much about celebrities before, but when I went to Weibo to follow him, I thought it was a mistake. At that time, it was only more than 2 million. The singer went to Weibo to follow him during the period. His fans really sang and sculpted it out! If there is also a passerby disc, everyone listens to songs and watch sand sculptures (manual dog heads), but it is true that passerby discs are very large. Who doesn’t like listening to good songs! And even if there are more than 6 million likes from Weibo fans, there are not more than 600! It shows that some people still don’t have so much time. But it’s really more than 1 million lately. It’s really ok.

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