Both petrol cars and trams will work, but Xiaopeng will be equipped with rear drive tops temporarily
1: Family conditions are acceptable, there are 20 to 30 million
2: I am mixed with state-owned enterprises, the salary is average, the annual salary is only 10, and I probably can’t afford 5 series
3: I haven’t found a target yet, I originally hoped to buy a good car to find a target more convenient
4: There are not many cars, probably less than 6000 kilometers a year, short-distance mainly, south

The house is already 2,3kw, is it still short of hundreds of thousands of financial management? Looking at the second point of the subject, you will consider using your own income to raise a car. It’s definitely not the kind of prodigal who reaps parents’ savings. It is unnecessary to have a luxury car that does not match your own income. And you are mixed with a state-owned enterprise, and the unit leader is very taboo to drive. A particularly good car, too high profile. Others think you are a playboy and you can’t do things well. In addition, if you are looking for a target, if your target is recruited through a luxury car, it always feels weird 50w. I recommend buying it according to my own heart. Xiaopeng said that if you subconsciously want to buy an electric car, you don’t need to look at any bba. Their electric car is not so good. The failure rate of Tesla is so high. If you don’t want to contribute to the project of colonizing Mars, choose Xiaopeng. , Xiaopengqiang in smart and autonomous driving, if you follow the traditional thinking, buy a bba fuel car (or plug-in hybrid), don’t touch the bba tram and add it first. Now whose house is not worth a few luxury cars, buy a car representative What social status is, in the final analysis, a means of transportation. Look at the original situation of domestic cars. As long as there are a few shortcomings and minor problems, they will immediately become a national joke. Various jokes and slogans are black domestic cars. The long-term imperceptibility of domestic cars has made many people deeply ingrained. Domestically-produced cars just can’t do it, it’s okay or not. Under this circumstance, it is not easy for domestic-made cars to develop to this point. It is also because of the expansion of the market. However, under the joint encirclement and suppression of foreign brands and compradors, the speed of recognition of domestic cars is still If you visit a lot of car forums that are slower than its technological development speed, you will find a bunch of keyboard guys, nothing more than those few words, either spraying the three domestic hot chickens, or spraying Japanese cars is not safe, or spraying American oil tigers. As long as it’s a car, they all spray, this kind of account, click to enter, in all likelihood, there is no account, or even doubt whether they have a driver’s license. Our brand awareness is often lagging, and friends who often go online still Okay, at least it’s relatively fast to receive information, but for friends in small third- and fourth-tier places that don’t usually surf the Internet, especially the older group, they will have to wait until the brand marketing or word-of-mouth reach them. Row? The old drivers of 20 years recommend to you the Volkswagen Jetta Passat. The old drivers in Guangdong recommend the Toyota Corolla Camry. But these big manufacturers have gone through so many years of development and iteration. The changes in each generation of models are very large. Just look at the historical evaluation. Well, it is still based on the reputation and style in recent years. Is the current Passat still the one it was 20 years ago? Domestic cars are improving year by year, and joint venture cars are also trying their best to reduce costs. Their product power gap is not the brand power gap. Are there any problems with large joint venture cars? I’m not going to give you any names about broken shafts, broken A-pillars, and increased engine oil. It’s just that everyone’s tolerance for them is relatively high, and they’re chatting about cars online. Most of them are young people, most of them in their 30s. At this age, everyone looks at Accord, Camry, 34C, etc. Not to mention the Asian Dragon, including Taurus, Lacrosse and other larger cars are not recommended to go to the next level, such as compact cars, which sell the most No one would recommend Sylphy, LaVida, Corolla because the recommendation is not compelling, and it does not meet the people’s setting of er. Why China has always sold the front row of Sylphy, LaVida, etc. in everyone’s eyes, boring, ugly, and motivation Poorly controlled cars. In fact, cars should first meet the needs of most people in the majority of car buyers: to send people from A to B in a comfortable way. Not everyone is in the mood to listen to the roar of the engine and the exhaust tempering every day, not everyone will downshift to refuel before a corner, not everyone will open the engine compartment to see the level of Subaru, and most people are satisfied. I just want to comfortably go from A to point B. The rest of the time, the car should not be broken and noisy, and the sense of presence should be as low as possible, nothing more


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

For some people, a car is a means of transportation, and for some people, it is a decorative identity. If the parents paid for the full purchase of the BMW 5 Series, this is a steady profit, and it is very popular when driving out, and it can make most of the mushrooms heart-warming at first glance. However, the parents changed their minds and only gave 500,000. Although parents love their children, they still choose the way to increase their assets under the guidance of rational thinking: abandon the car that depreciates when they get it, and choose financial management. If it is 500,000, according to the annual income of the subject, it is good to buy a car of about 100,000. It is economical and easy to raise. If the remaining 400,000 yuan is used for financial management, it is recommended to make a fixed investment in the fund. If you are a bit more aggressive, you can buy stocks, fixed investment stock funds, or conservative investment, fixed investment in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index funds.

6 months ago

First use 50w of cash to settle the account for a period of time, apply for a better credit card and then buy a Xiaopeng or Tesla, because it saves money and is tax-free, and if there is an interest-free loan, you can choose a shopping mall and you may give members points. Two hundred thousand points are enough for you to eat, car wash and park for a while. The remaining full-finance credit card car wash and parking charge are often free. If you refuel, you will get a discount for ETC to set up a bank in Jiangsu. Half price for the first three months. Save it. BTW My friend has a five-series new energy source with a battery life of 60KM. One of his suites does not have a charging station, so sometimes it relies solely on oil. He has a monthly refueling quota of 1,000. Just last month, he drank 1,800 gas. When we went out to see a house in the city, 150km of gas a day was gone. for reference

6 months ago

I still know that Dashenwen’s family has 20 to 30 million in his own state-owned enterprise, one hundred thousand pocket money a year, and my parents buy a car for 500,000. They actually recommend the Sagitar and even the second-hand car. If you like a tram, I personally recommend buying one. The brand power of Edamame 3p is still the first in the tram. It is also stable. A group of individuals think it is a more suitable choice for petrol cars. If you want to play in a car, then A35L high R or add money S4. If you want some sports, then A4 45TFSI or 330i should be comfortable. Just get a C-class car. The subject economy should be less pressure. So just buy a car and look at the needs. A good car may not be suitable for you. You still have to buy a car that suits you. I wish the subject a happy car.

6 months ago

Of course, it is the BMW 5 Series. The so-called can’t afford it is a misunderstanding that everyone agrees. The annual salary of 10w is more than enough to support a 5 Series. I drove a 3 series. Before I bought it, there were various sayings that the insurance is high, the maintenance is expensive, and the fuel consumption is high. I can’t afford to repair the car, but it is not the case at all. 1. If you have good car skills and are already an old driver on the road, you can easily get the insurance 7-8000 for the first year of the 5 series new car; I mentioned the car when I was taking the test of subject three, so I kept a heart, the first year I bought more than 11,000 full insurances. The most important thing is that I didn’t count the deductible. After I got my driver’s license, there were two minor traffic accidents. All insurance was taken. Without spending a penny, there is no such thing as being unable to repair the car. . This is my second year of insurance. I paid more than 9,300 and cash back more than 4,000. The actual insurance is only more than 5,000. It is nonsense that I can’t afford it. 2. BMW is 12,000 kilometers or a year. You need to maintain it once and change the top oil once. You only run 6000 kilometers a year. You only need to maintain it twice in the first two years, even if you run 2400. Calculated by kilometers, the average car has been maintained for 5-6 times. Who do you think is expensive? When you buy it, you will talk about it. You can get a maintenance coupon. The maintenance in the first two years basically costs no money. Are you worried that you can’t afford it? 3. The engine of my 3 series B48 has been two years, and it has been maintained within 8 oils, and a tank of oil is 760-820 kilometers. You use this as a reference, you can’t afford the 5 series? Which electric car can reach this mileage? The cash of 500,000 must be 5 series. I suggest you make a payment of 350,000, a loan of 100,000-120,000, and a loan of 450,000-470,000 can definitely get 530. The loan is divided into three years, and the monthly payment is more than 3,000. Your monthly salary is still 5 to 6,000. The balance of the loan is more than enough to repay the loan. What is the pressure? With the blessing of the 5 series, try to keep a low profile. Are you afraid of not finding a girlfriend?

6 months ago

Give me a suggestion that you should tie the car to the person you are looking for. I don’t think it is relevant at all. It’s blunt because of your car, which one of you is suitable for acting on the scene. I like you because of your personality, ability, and attitude towards life. Yes, it’s called a partner. If a woman likes you because of money, it’s definitely not just because of the car, but also to evaluate you in all aspects. The car is the most unreliable thing to judge whether a person has a family background, even Vacheron Constantin. It’s more reliable than a car. As for 500,000, you can be honest with 530. If you want to learn financial management, you can learn it only with the principal. If you want to be younger, C coupe, 86, Mustang are also available, if not for the 4 series now I will push the 4 series like this

6 months ago

First, let’s analyze the basic conditions of the subject one by one: 1: Family conditions are acceptable, there are 20 to 30 million: In fact, with this family, it doesn’t matter what car you drive, at least you don’t need a car to pack yourself. 2: I am mixed with state-owned enterprises, and the salary is average, the annual salary is only 10, and I probably can’t support the 5 series: inherit the analysis results of the first article, it is not important to afford it or not, what is important is the freedom to do whatever you want. 3: I haven’t found a target yet, I originally hoped to buy a good car to find a target more convenient: the subject is a bit naive, now girls are not so simple. A girl with a little bit of mind does not judge a man simply and rudely by the car logo, but comprehensively analyze the real strength of a man. 4: There are not many cars, probably less than 6000 kilometers a year, short-distance mainly: this is really very important! The essence of a car is a means of transportation, and how to maintain the means of transportation with the lowest cost is the key! The subject plans to buy Xiaopeng Motors, and the remaining funds can be used for financial management. Sure enough, wealthy people have stronger financial awareness. And even if you are a wealthy novice who can easily enter the market, you must be cautious.

6 months ago

I have 30 million in my family, so I don’t need to buy a car. I will spend two years traveling around the world, and work aside. In the future, find an object and let the object buy a car. When you buy a car, it depreciates. If you want to manage your finances this way, you should show your own uniqueness on this point. Without spending money, it is the kingly way. Don’t manage your finances. If you can’t get the tens of millions in your home, you really have to show your ability and you can only invest in funds. The advantage of fixed investment is that it can be bought in batches automatically, without spending too much time or doing more research. The time spent on financial management is disproportionate to the benefits. If you don’t manage your finances and don’t care about you, it’s a chicken soup, there is no need to believe it very much.

6 months ago

There are always people who think that it is very expensive and expensive to keep a car now. That is all a misunderstanding. As far as the subject of this year is the distance of 6,000 kilometers, 20,000 yuan a year is more than enough, and the bulk of it is insurance. It’s almost three and a half years since my car was less than 30,000 kilometers. Last year, the epidemic drove even less. Normally, it’s eight or nine thousand kilometers per year. In the first year, the 4s mandatory in-store insurance is a bit more expensive, and now it includes insurance plus maintenance and fuel costs. , More than 10,000 a year, not as outrageous as many people think. By the way, I bought the Jaguar XFL, the second batch of guinea pigs, I started at the end of 2017, and have been on the road for more than 40. To be honest, I am quite satisfied with the shortcomings mentioned on the Internet. I have not encountered a lot of shortcomings. Buy a car or Ask your friends more, or test drive a few more times, don’t listen to netizens bluffing, maybe the most screaming and loudest driver’s license is not there. Viewpoint: If you want to buy 530, you can buy it. Keeping a car is not a problem. More than 10,000 a year is enough. If you like trams, to be honest, I think BYD is pretty good, but there are no high-end models for the time being. Song is okay. After driving a few times, trams do feel different from petrol cars. After waiting for a few years to change the car, consider trying a domestically-made tram. Now it is developing rapidly, waiting for the popularization of various charging equipment, etc. It is better not to be a guinea pig.

6 months ago

Do you work for money in a state-owned enterprise? If not, what is it for? Did you buy the BMW 530 for the convenience of finding a partner? What kind of object are you looking for? An object of vanity? If she likes you because she likes the BMW 530, can you accept it? A fair-skinned, beautiful and long-legged person, and a knowledgeable little virtuous, which one do you like? Do you like financial management? If living in a state-owned enterprise is not your life pursuit, then is investment and financial management? Do you regard investment and financial management as your core competitiveness? Do you regard investment and financial management as a career? Just like Buffett did when he was young. If you don’t like financial management, what do you do with financial management? Is 500,000 a fortune in your eyes? After all, your family has 30 million. If 500,000 is not considered wealth, then what should you do with it? There are 30 million in the family, and you have a good foundation. You may not need to work hard to do things you don’t like for financial problems. But what do you like? What is your pursuit in life? You already have freedom. You have infinite possibilities. Which one do you want to choose? who I am? Where do i come from? Where am I going? This is the basis for how you deal with the 500,000. Five hundred thousand is a trivial matter for you, so you can’t choose too much. You have to choose your life. Money is a good thing, it can help you achieve what you want. Whether it’s skinny and beautiful with long legs, or reading and making friends to see the world, or innovating and starting a business. The best relationship between people and money is that money supports people, and people support money! Money can help you realize your life value, and your life value can create more money. Money raises people, and people raise money, and they are endless. Money is strong and people are weak, and people are strong and money is weak. It is a kind of hardship.

6 months ago

Recommend you 2 (comparison) 1. BYD’s new DMI technology new car, it is no exaggeration to say that the technical parameters are powerful and low energy consumption. These two comprehensive qualities are invincible in the world. Know the specific dmi technology yourself. 2. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency represented by Bitcoin (not just Bitcoin, but a cryptocurrency represented by Bitcoin). I will tell you categorically that the human civilization has been for thousands of years and the rate of return is the highest in history. , The highest, the highest. More than any investment product. Although the price of Bitcoin is now very high, very high, the highest in history. But I can guarantee that it will be higher and higher in the future. After 5 years of making money, you will find that this BYD was not bought, but picked up. For specific related technologies, please study and understand by yourself.

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