In 1996, Pisces had a birthday today, exactly 25 years old, and had a short love experience. It’s okay to be single all the time, don’t worry, breaking up after falling in love, or getting divorced after getting married can bring even greater blow to a person. If you’ve been single, you can have some confidantes or blue confidantes. Friendship or love is nothing but a synonym for an intimate relationship, and in this era, many relationships are actually unstable, and the times are changing too fast. In love and marriage, you must find the right person, the one that suits you. I think if there is someone by your side who can encourage you to appreciate you, it will be very happy. And if your significant other hates you and oppresses you, it is not as good as living alone. Most people in their native families are already suppressed, suppressed by their parents and relatives. When I was in school, I was suppressed and tamed by the school. In the workplace, I was suppressed by my boss and boss. But in society, life has been hammered again, all kinds of hardships. Therefore, most people spend their entire lives in a suppressed state, rather than a normal and natural state of development. Therefore, when looking for a target, you must find someone who appreciates you, because the rest of your life is spent with him. For the rest of your life, you must also want to live for yourself. In a marriage relationship, choosing a partner is actually choosing a living environment, and the influence of the environment on a person is actually great. In the big cities, many people gradually lose the polish of life and become dry. Part of the reason is because the hammer of life makes people breathless. Many parents may be hammered outside. He brought this kind of emotion into the house again and hammered his relatives again. All in all, don’t worry, choosing a partner is choosing a family environment for the rest of your life. Whether this environment is good or not will affect your life’s happiness.

It will be 25 in six months. Have never talked about a serious love. The family is urging, a little anxious. Am I so ugly? He has never had a boyfriend. Sad, sad, and want to cry. No, I can not. I have to pretend to be tall and mature. As long as I don’t say anything, who would know that I have never had a boyfriend! Yes, yes, that’s it. Ahhhhh! I hate it, why must someone get married? I don’t have a boyfriend, it seems to be terrible. However, the matter of finding a partner is a matter of fate. I can’t rush at home. Who can bring this to my mother. I will send you a red envelope for New Year greetings. Forget it, let me be more practical and let this go. What if it succeeds? Like this, no one can say that I didn’t work hard to find someone. Oh! Of course, including me! Looking for boyfriend post: 25, female, 168cm, 53kg, undergraduate, resigned years ago, and currently unemployed. I wanted to use some gorgeous rhetoric to explain my talents, but suddenly I found that I was plain looking, and my talents were worse. They were all sunken and I couldn’t see the bottom. Crying. Come on, 25 live like this, fail. Go ahead and improve yourself and live a good life. What if your boyfriend falls from heaven? always be ready.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

My dad wants to take me to eat meat. I never thought that someone else’s wedding would be my blind date. Not only was my dad disgusted me at home for the Chinese New Year, but I was also complained along the way. His nearly 50-year-old classmates were second married. I haven’t brought anyone home to celebrate the New Year… My dad. During the New Year’s Eve, I met 3 blind dates, and 2 people who only added WeChat. They made more appointments for a week’s interview than when I was looking for a job… Fortunately, I have no sense of rejection of blind dates. Otherwise, there must be a family battle against this posture. I really want to talk to my dad, but unfortunately I am not the little padded jacket in his heart.

9 months ago

I’ve been to a few single-off parties, and I’m still looking for my beloved boy. In fact, there’s one I liked before, but I’m too late. He’s with someone else oooooo~ Don’t ask why, just ask. But I was confessed that I have good chicken wings. It turns out that I am so attractive hahahaha. Strive to bring my boyfriend home for the New Year next year, and stop my dad’s mouth! Am I not anxious than my father? After all, the person who wants to fall in love is me. Otherwise, how could I not refuse the blind date and rush to the party. Although I am still single, I really enjoyed it. What’s happier is that I also made a group of super-looking friends~nice!

9 months ago

I was a boy in 1996. I have been drifting north for two years. I met a 94th sister in the company. I think it was love at first sight. From the first day of acquaintance, I have been able to talk. I used to talk from morning to midnight, and I could talk for four to five hours on the phone. I’ve known each other for a year, and I will go out with each other when I have time on weekends, go to the park, go shopping, watch movies, make appointments, etc. Every time I go out, I’m very happy, but I never even hold hands. I confessed when I first met for two months, I think it was her. Then she refused. I thought it was because the acquaintance time was relatively short, so she continued to be friends when she didn’t worry, she still went out to play happily every day, helping each other, caring for each other, just like a couple.

9 months ago

Female, 96 years old, 25 years old in half a year, mother-to-fetus solo. The birth of dystocia also brought me physical defects. The movement of hands and feet is slower than normal because of shaking (a bit like the elderly). It takes about 50 minutes to copy an 800-character composition (the fastest time), so the college entrance examination Chinese composition is not finished. Speaking slower than others, and a bit slurred, Mandarin Second B barely pass, and sometimes colleagues can not understand what I am talking about. When I was born, one side of my neck was swollen for more than a month, which caused my neck to crooked. When I was in elementary school, I was made fun of by other people. Finally, in the sixth grade, I had an operation and my neck did not crook, but there was also a scar on my neck. The neck wrinkles were prominent and the collarbone was prominent. Even if the other areas were fat, the collarbone was still thin.

9 months ago

Because of my health, I also suffered a lot of ridicule, so I have a low self-esteem since I was a child. I don’t look good, my face is big, I’m short, I’m less than 150. When I was in junior high school, I was often teased by some boys, saying I was ugly, I was fat or something (even though I was 80 pounds at that time, I had a big face and big breasts. Big, have D, and don’t know how to dress), so I generally don’t talk to the opposite sex, and I don’t have friends of the opposite sex. I am in high school, and I feel that everyone is a little more mature. At first, some people said that I am cute. Of course, I am usually a girl because they are more kind. When I was in high school, I didn’t have to do any farm work. I turned white all over, almost the whitest in our class, so some girls often asked me how to be as white as me. I was very happy. One white hides three ugliness, I look a little better than before. I studied science and there were more boys, but no one liked me in the whole high school. In those years, I was a girl no one chased after me.

9 months ago

I’m in college, and I’m in a junior college. There are very few boys in school. At this time, several friends also said that they wanted to introduce a boyfriend for me, but I refused, because I was timid and low self-esteem. I have never had a man chatting alone in a space, which would be very embarrassing. Even when I go shopping, I never look at men, only women. Working, the school is basically all women. Our village school has only 10 teachers and 2 male teachers, but they are elderly. Other teachers wanted to help me introduce the target, but I refused, so I don’t have a target. Maybe, I am destined to be single in this life, because I have never liked a man, and I feel that being single is also good, especially when I see the pain of others breaking up and meeting scumbags. I am an lsp, what should I do if I want to have sex?


9 months ago

96, male, 25 this year, there are about eight months left. How should I put it, I feel like it has passed the time to devote everything to love. Zhihu has a suggestion for young people, “Please stop too much useless socializing”, which has been practiced and benefited a lot. But after a long time, I don’t dare to start a relationship (including but not limited to relationships) because the cost is too high. I don’t know if you have had such an experience, whether it’s your school or company. There will always be one or two classmates and colleagues who can eat together. But one day, classmates transferred schools and colleagues left. Then when it was time for dinner, when I wanted to stand up and call the other party to eat, I just opened my mouth and remembered that the other party was no longer here. . .

9 months ago

I can afford to buy spicy strips, and even found that there are not only 50 cents of spicy strips, but also two yuan of spicy strips; if you go to the supermarket to buy food, you can really ignore the price; how much to buy? I bought it until I couldn’t lift it; I was really starving; I felt painful seeing the hundreds of dollars and taxes I had to pay; I bought my first property; (Yes, I want to buy another Set) Did not buy a car. . . (Because I didn’t learn a driver’s license, my family wouldn’t let me drive.) I would also like someone to listen to my own saying, “The awesome stuff I used to blow when I was a kid is coming true! “Then cry out” you don’t know where I passed How hard this journey is!”, “But! I came here! I didn’t lose!”

9 months ago

In 1997, female, ordinary undergraduate, this year is also twenty-five years old, mother and fetus solo. During the New Year these days, the most helpless thing is to get married. Before graduating, thousands of people told me not to fall in love. I was urged to get married right after graduation. It seemed as if there was a team like Zhang Yuqi behind me. I wanted to choose which one to choose. When I watched my classmates get married and have children, I suddenly found out. It turns out that I am not young anymore. I have been a child from someone else’s family since I was a child, especially well-behaved and sensible, with a passive personality (inferiority complex to put it bluntly). When I find that I like someone, the first thing I think about is that I can’t be discovered by others. I will be his lifelong good friend. , And is the best friend of the opposite sex. But it’s really impossible. When the boy you like has a girlfriend, let alone the best friend, it is difficult for ordinary friends to maintain it because of the distance. So I would like to advise all sisters, you just like it, don’t talk about the nonsense of being afraid of not being able to continue with your friends, do you lack this friend? (That being said, I still can’t do it, just a little bit)

9 months ago

Ordinary, they are praised as good-looking and cute everyday, so at least they can be seen. From small to large, it is not considered that no one chased it. It seems that it can not be considered as a small number, but the pursuit is always difficult to say (that is, the strange flower is the main). Either the words are not too speculative, or they are not very serious in all aspects, don’t ask why, ask just don’t know, I don’t know why I am particularly attracted to the eyes of people who are not fellow travelers, maybe I am friendly? I’ve been single for a long time, and people around me either get married and have children, or have boyfriends, so take it easy. There is a feeling of being lonely and dying. You will indeed feel lonely on holidays. In short, everything is fate and destiny.

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