meeting. But that person must not be someone I hate. On the contrary, he must have something worth admiring. I just don’t like him that much, and it’s not that he is so disgusting that I hate him. Let me talk about a question that will only be discussed in the mentality chapter in advance. Recently, after many girls bought my blind date class, they started their blind date journey with great interest. However, some girls have too high expectations and are not so lucky, so it is easy to feel frustrated with blind date men who should not be too emotional. To sum it up: Dudu, I don’t know what kind of person I like, and I don’t know how to allocate the time and feelings of blind date reasonably. Even if you write in class, I am not very proficient in using it and I have a blind date. It became a very heavy thing in my life, which made me feel very stressed and uncomfortable. Let’s talk about it today: How can people who want a baby in the future make blind dates easily and how to find their love happily. If you really can’t find love, how do you find someone who can live with you with OK conditions? This is a high-frequency problem in our group, and it is a problem that I also considered when choosing a spouse. This article comes from an excerpt from a voice-to-text answer in my group. In fact, to put it simply, being unhappy in the process of choosing a mate depends on whether you have the eyes to discover beauty. This is a more important point. You see a boy, whether it is a continuous deduction system or an additional point system, which determines your next mentality. Myself, until I got married, I thought I was a brother-in-law, and I liked the kind of big brother who would take care of others. But later, I think about what this will be when we analyze this kind of care of people? In fact, to put it plainly, it means that the empathy ability is relatively high, that is, what you want, he can get your points, and he is willing to take care of your emotions, at least not to disturb you. I only control the smart, gentle and tolerant brother. Because I am not particularly nosy, so I have a headache if my father is too strong, jumping and proud. Yearning for the feelings of not interfering with each other, admiring each other well, and admiring each other with full marks. In fact, what I want is this point. Then my husband is very good at this point. Although he is younger than me, he can take care of me very well. I am very comfortable with him. In fact, this is what I really want. So next we have to see whether this point can be trained or whether it is something deeply ingrained in his bones. My husband has a very good foundation, and after being with me, I communicate with him and communicate with him, he knows more and more about what I need him under what circumstances, he can make up this point in time, so we The communication will be very smooth and will appreciate each other more. So I suggest everyone: if you are particularly sure that you can’t let go of a point, then you go to that direction to find the person you need. Indeed, choice is more important than effort. Since my real thunder is daddy, if a man is full of daddy and has a strong desire to control, I will not consider him no matter how handsome, rich or interesting he is. I have the courage to send a good person card, instead of asking some girls who didn’t have the choice: He has a flaw and I am very responsive, but he is the best in my choice range, I am so entangled. Then he dragged his feet and kept entangled, and asked every week if this thunder-spot injury could be corrected. Don’t be too greedy. After thinking about the only determinant of your love, work hard in this direction. Keep the bottom first, if you have other advantages, you will earn it, and your mentality will be much easier. We then went down to consider how else to put this line. If you expand this point of taking care of people a little bit, you have a sense of responsibility. The performance of the sense of responsibility is that he makes money, he is willing to spend money for you, he has a special awareness of being a man. However, he may not be willing to take care of your emotions. He thinks that this is a very small thing in his life. He is unwilling to spend energy to take care of this place. Can you accept this kind of person? I thought about this issue before, because some of the blind dates at the time were indeed financially good, but they might not coax a girl like this man. Then, if I am with this kind of person, I have to be psychologically prepared. I can’t ask for too much emotional value from them. They won’t, they don’t, and they may not be willing to give it. So let’s go back to the passing line that doesn’t involve each other’s qualifications just now. If by any chance I did not meet someone like my husband, they might be my first choice. Just this person, he is very honest, he has no interest, but he is very capable of work, he does a very good job, he does not interfere with my normal hobbies and life trajectory, for this kind of person, I think as a husband no problem. However, I have to adjust my mentality: he is excellent in this aspect, but he may not be so good in that aspect. It’s just that he can’t be too greedy as a human being. He is rich and has high emotional value. This is not to be insignificant. me? Right. Knowing that if I give up my emotional value, what kind of men can I attract with my existing emotional value, and what kind of men are willing to exchange with me in marriage with the best conditions? At this moment, we have to consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of being with different types of people. Can we accept this disadvantage? To put it more maturely, if you haven’t met your favorite type, then put it first, what is this person like? What kind of advantages he must have, and which disadvantages you can bear. What are the shortcomings that led to the differences between the way you two get along with what you expected, and what adjustments you probably need to make? So, I suggest that in addition to male gods, you should also have a template for economically suitable men and a template for improvising marriage. Didn’t I write about it before. There are requirements for improvising marriage. For example, if you can kiss and sleep, you can say that although the three views are not very consistent, there is a better rule for you when you quarrel. Let’s live more peacefully. Although the two of them didn’t have much spark, they didn’t quarrel and fight every day. Then, both parties understand the rights and obligations of the family relatively well, and are willing to fulfill them well and pass the character. We list all the advantages we want, and then take the next advantage which must be retained, and the worst result must know where our bottom line is. Then, I can pick out these cores, and then if I find a blind date, I myself will start with the kind of marriage that can be improvised. When I find that he has this advantage, good, very good, which can become an affordable man, I can put him in this range. Then everywhere I found that he still has that advantage, um, I will give him more points and increase it a little bit more. It’s like a treasure hunt, constantly giving these men extra points among those who have passed the pass. So I get along with them very happily, that is, I discover their new advantages every day, just like I have found a treasure. I can get along with them very politely and friendly at first, to maintain this relationship, in fact, to see if this person has other advantages that can be tapped. So my mentality is much better than the mentality of many girls. I will not worry about gains and losses for a person who doesn’t care about me or what it is, because I’m looking for treasure. What can you expect from someone who has just passed the passing line? The process of blind date is also a process of practice. It is a process of constantly discovering your true needs, who you are comfortable with, who you feel suffocated with, and your body is very honest. There is a saying that you don’t see where the world comes from. Similarly, if you don’t see someone who may become a spouse, your mate selection cannot be guided by theory and practice. For me, if I can meet people who are very happy and meet the conditions, it will not be a great joy for everyone. But I have never met such a person, and I also have someone who is considered good in my range of mate selection, and I can get married. Knowing that I want my own baby, the single birth option is too stressful for me. I must find a reliable teammate. So when I was young, thinking about the relationship between the sexes, learning how to pick people, how to attract the types I wanted to cooperate, and how to work well with each other was a compulsory course that I couldn’t get around. After all, I have very bad luck. I have not even won the washing powder when buying lottery tickets…Because I have seen so many people and kept repeating, many people have affirmed my charm and value, so I think I am the worst The result is to find a good person within the range of mate selection. I will never let myself fall to the point where I choose to be single or to cooperate with someone with bad conditions. The suffering of many people comes from having no choice, being very hungry, having to eat, and being greedy. I have a lot of money in my pocket, but there are only roadside stalls in the range that I can’t bear to look at the environment and taste. All they have to do is to go out, and they can’t eat the Michelin they want, and it’s not bad to eat a private kitchen. You don’t want to eat at the roadside stalls when you are hungry and pinching your nose. So the practice that the girls who are good at business in the relationship between the sexes have done are the lessons they have to make up.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

will not. I have seen too many “close lovers” who do get married. These close lovers quarrel every day because of odd things. Everyone wants to find a better divorce, but they are afraid of not finding a better one, afraid of loneliness, and fear of relatives making irresponsible remarks and torment each other every day. This kind of marriage is essentially taking advantage of each other. The moment I chose to “make do”, it was destined that this marriage was dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction will bring about unbalanced psychology, everyone will want to make the other party do better and do more. But precisely because he doesn’t like it, no matter how much the other party does, it will become as it should be. It is the other party who has climbed himself up, and the other party should do so much. In short, because I don’t like it, I won’t cherish it too much. This kind of accumulating dissatisfaction often breaks out into big quarrels over a trivial matter about the wrong way of squeezing toothpaste. After the quarrel, either the divorce caused harm to both parties, or the divorce continued to torture each other until one of them found a better next home, or became the closest stranger, the same bed with different dreams, and every day thinking about how to gain more benefits. I cannot accept such a marriage. Even if it becomes family affection, family affection is divided into distant and close relatives. The marriage answered by some anonymous users is like a scoring question. Before marriage, it was 50 points. After the marriage, the other party’s embarrassment and shortcomings were exposed, and the hormones stopped secreting, and it became 20 points. If you do a good job, you will add 10 points to it. The incident went back to 20 points. If a third party with 60 points comes at this time, it will become 100 points under the blessing of dissatisfaction, and it is logical to have a big contradiction. I have always believed that the essence of marriage is that two people work together to face various difficulties, being close lovers and comrades-in-arms. But if you don’t like each other, how can you face it hand in hand.

6 months ago

Never marry someone you don’t like. You live for fun. How can you be happy with someone you don’t like? If you can’t see each other, you’ll be full of joy, and at least you have to be willing to give. Getting married is like looking for a job. Your ideal job is not to work. Your ideal marriage is that someone loves, someone loves, someone pays for you, and this person has to meet all your needs. There are people who are not working, and there are also people who feel that they are satisfied with their work. The rest of the people can only find a job that is within their abilities and feels reasonable. I have worries and complaints, but I still struggle to get up to work every day. At the very least, if you can’t see this job, you will be worried. At the very least, this job must have a place to keep you, so that you don’t always think that you have to quit.. When you find a “job” and always think about changing jobs, there is no need to sign a “long-term contract”. You think it’s okay. If nothing else, you can get married when this “work” can be done for a long time. If you feel full of fear for this “job”, it is best to quit immediately. We are both recruiters and job seekers. As long as the other party does the job properly, don’t think that as long as “money” does not “work”, it is enough.

6 months ago

Who said marriage can make a living? Today’s young people have chosen to compromise at a young age, holding the theory of the people in the besieged city, “who is not to live with”, and then regard it as the truth. Then he stepped into the siege and kept complaining, complaining that the other party was too scumbag. In fact, many people are not scum, but are crushed into slag by the so-called Chohuo. If you are thirsty and want to drink a glass of water, and you want the other person to bring you a glass of water, this kind of thing will exist between every couple. It may seem inconspicuous, but it can explain the problem. Some people, if you yell and break your throat, they will not take care of you and help you pour water. Some people will pour you water while swearing and complaining. Some people enthusiastically pour you water in the first few times, but after a long time, they don’t want to. Some people, after every time you are thirsty, every time you ask for it, the other party will give it to you with a smile, and even give you a chill. The details will be much worse, so what is the essence? It is love, unreasonable love, he loves you, so willingly. Many people want little princess-like treatment. This is not difficult, and it does not necessarily require more time and energy, but just follow the heart, you can’t learn, and you can’t teach, there is no reason to speak. Before going on a business trip, I will kiss you in my sleep. Every time you go out, he will tell you to be careful. If you wear less, he will remind you to add clothes. When you get fat, he will be proud of his “pig raising” level and still say you are beautiful. If you have wrinkles, he will still say, it’s so beautiful. The so-called love is reflected in such details. Many people talk about giving birth and feel that giving birth is hard, but they are not considerate at all after giving birth. But the other party doesn’t love you, why should you be considerate? Be considerate only because he cares about you. There is a question, how can you not be a good man if you don’t cheat, you hand in your salary, and you work hard? This is just a “good man” defined in marriage. Rather than the “good man” defined in love. Marriage and love are two different things. Love is pure, but marriage is the balance of interests and binding of interests between the two families. Some people get along all their lives, just strangers, even a kitchen knife. Some people end up in a family because of love, a real family. Love only belongs to youth, it is the product of youth, but the older you are, the harder it is to be moved. Women are emotional, but there is no love marriage, why should the other party take care of the details you want? Not loving you means not loving you, the same for men and women. The essence of marriage is the gossip of the ancestors, one black and one white, mutual checks and balances, mutual cooperation, it is impossible to have only one hot end, getting along 24 hours a day, the details will betray a person every minute. When you save enough to be disappointed, the marriage falls apart. A marriage with love may not go far, and a marriage without love must not go far.

6 months ago

Some people can’t bear the crime of marrying someone they don’t like. You can try. You can try to live with someone you don’t love for a period of time. If you can accept it 1. See the affectionate and intimate appearance of other loving couples, and then compare yourself and the person next to your pillow are very distant and distant. Without feeling unbalanced. 2. The ability to pretend and the acting skills are super strong, so that the other person and the people around you can’t see that you have no love for him, and you won’t feel tired of pretending. 3. Able to accept a series of intimate behaviors such as kissing and making love with each other without any physical discomfort. 4. When you meet someone you like after marriage, you can resist the temptation to cheat. 5. Able to tolerate a series of his minor problems, such as sloppy, careful eye, machismo and so on. (Don’t say that the other party does not have these shortcomings, who can still have some shortcomings) Well, the above is not enough. If you can think that you can do the above five points and still feel better than single, then get married. But I think that if you do these points, you can’t have no feeling for the other person, unless you are a ruthless person, good luck~ But I think in reality, most people will choose “yes” if they encounter this problem. Because most people don’t have the courage to be single to old age. The one I mentioned repeatedly in my answer was “29 years old, 18-tier clerk in a small county, with a monthly salary of 3,500, ordinary family background and ordinary appearance. I have not met a suitable blind date dozens of times.” She finally told me a few days ago. Say, “Ready to get married”. It was originally something to be happy about, but I couldn’t be happy for her. Because of this boy, she didn’t like it at the beginning, but she couldn’t tell where it was bad, because objectively it was difficult for her to find someone more suitable than him. As for boys, the conditions are not good, but they match her very well, they are equal in all aspects, they are good to her, and I can see that they really like her. In addition, when the introducer introduced her to her, she had just lost love and agreed to date. Later, I was afraid that I would miss this and I couldn’t find it, so there was a match and no match. Until half a year later, both parents, including the man, thought it was 100% settled, so they began to discuss the marriage, including the date of marriage. , How much dowry was received, things got more and more out of control here, she wanted to go back, but she had no courage anymore. According to her words, “it’s all this way, and it won’t work.” At the end, I added the sentence “Marriage is two people living together”, and then sent me three sighing expressions. Hearing what she said, I was inexplicably depressed. Because of my childhood, she has always been a sentimental person who is full of fantasies about love, and who dares to love and hate. I still remember that in her freshman year, she liked a boy just because she heard him sing a song, she was out of control. In the early hours of Christmas that year, she confessed to the boy and I provided assistance. After the news was sent, the other party There was silence, and she cried directly. After half an hour, the boy replied, “I think you are also good, should we try?” She was happy to see this reply, and jumped and jumped happily, only I was there. Silently worried for her, the boy obviously didn’t like her yet, and as expected, the boy rejected her within half a month. She locked herself in the dormitory for three days, and I took the train to accompany her. Later, she finally got out of her love injury, and met a boy who fell in love at first sight, and the man liked her, and they were together the next day. I was envious of being single at that time. Who knew that a boy wanted to have a relationship with her after a month. She was afraid and felt that it was not the time. When the hotel opened the room, she refused to go in. The boy asked to break up without patience, but she refused. , Said “you give me some more time”, and finally waited until she made up her mind to give herself to him, who knew that the boy had already slept with another girl at this time (this time has broken up). But the girl didn’t give up, she still wanted to forgive him, so she had to become a spare tire and silently liked him for more than a year. I don’t know the details of the latter, and I probably experienced a few relationships, but they were all far-fetched, because I broke up for various reasons. As soon as I was 29 years old, it became the current situation. As her best friend, I only hope she can live well, I hope love never fails her.

6 months ago

Marriage is a more important thing in life, and it is a life-long happiness, so we must not put the cart before the horse. There must be requirements, must not be improvised, must be selected, for this reason can be less demanding on other things. Maomao, my former student. This is only two years after her 30th birthday, and she is still single. The family introduced her to a blind date, and her mother told her to get along with the other person, or she wouldn’t go home in the future. This man has a good family background, 2 years older than a cat, a typical gnawing old man, with good eyes and low hands. After returning from studying abroad, the family helped find a job, which was very good. He disliked the boring work, so he started his own business and failed. He kept changing projects and failed all the time, never looking for his own reasons. The man has no plans for the future, and asks why Maomao wants to plan his life? He called Maomao. Maomao was in a meeting and would not answer. He would make more than a dozen calls. He also asked Maomao: “You can’t answer the phone when you are at work? The rules are strict enough.” Let’s watch the movie together. He will directly order the movie and call Maomao to go, and never ask for Maomao’s advice. Maomao showed me a few of their chat records, and I understand why Maomao doesn’t like him anymore. The man asked Maomao: “What do you eat at night?” “I worked overtime at night, and I haven’t had time to eat.” He replied with one word: “Oh.” on. After Maomao called and persuaded Maomao for half an hour, she finally broke down. Ask me: “Why can’t I choose what I like after I’m over 30?” I don’t know how to answer her. It’s not that she has never been in love. She used to have a boyfriend who was about to get married and was separated by the family. She felt that the husband’s family conditions were not good. Back then, she cried and made trouble, but it was useless. Now her mother actually said to her that she would not object to this man if she wanted to. However, this man is already married and the child is older, so Maomao was delayed. “The thing I regret most is that I didn’t elope with this man. Even if I am not happy in the future, it is better to have to do it now.” Nowadays, women have a lot of things to do, and their puberty is prolonged, so they don’t want to be alone. It’s also possible to be happy, and to be with someone who doesn’t like it, then there is only pain. There is also a friend who is 35 years old and does not want to get married. He has a good life alone and travels everywhere every year. Her mother said: “Daughter, mother please, you don’t want children, mother can accept it. Just get married, even if you get married and then divorce.” Divorce hurts a person twice, and this is even more painful. If there are many problems, there will be many problems, and even future troubles will be left behind. My cousin got married under this situation and is now divorced, and she has a 5-year-old daughter. Her mother-in-law often speaks ill of her to her daughter. Now that her daughter hates her, she goes to kindergarten and does not see her. Under normal circumstances, we find another person to marry or fall in love, all in order to become better, one is to improve the quality of life, and the other is to make each other happier because of each other. But when a person can live well, why pull on someone who doesn’t like to live a miserable life? When we went to the blind date, we saw the man sitting opposite, chatting routinely, hoping that time would pass faster. Can such a person live together? Even if this person can’t make me stunned, at least it’s not annoying to be together, so let’s get in touch. “As soon as I saw his phone, I couldn’t help hanging up. I saw his WeChat and wanted to block it. I told him that we were not suitable. How could he know that it was not suitable if he didn’t contact him? But I saw him and thought about it. He, it’s all painful memories, which makes me very broken.” In addition to these, Maomao said that the more painful thing is: “This man touches me and I feel like vomiting…” Maomao has given up and continued with this man. The contact is just a marriage urging call at home, one a day, her mother is crying on the phone, and she is crying on the phone. Sometimes, we don’t want to get married, but we just don’t want to marry someone we don’t like. I personally think that if a person has the ability to make her life better, she must choose and choose. There is another category of people who need to be vigilant. I don’t have the ability to live a good life, but I want to find a better person to change my life. But using parents to urge marriage to escape the problem, to make excuses for not working hard, to get married in a hurry, and to blame their unhappiness on their parents, this will only make it more painful. Being single won’t make a person very painful, but unfortunate marriages will. No matter what age, a person who has requirements on himself has the right to choose to be with the object he likes. Just like a cat, although single, his life is very good. I go to see a movie a week, exercise 3 times, arrange myself to watch 2 large-scale concerts every year, travel once, and call my friends to eat at her house on weekends. Marriage cannot solve your own problems, especially when you are with someone you don’t like. After two people start a family, if they can’t get better together so that both parties can grow up, don’t make do, and get married because they are old. When the individual is particularly unstable, many problems will come to the fore after marriage, and the family may become unstable, involving both families and even children. If one party cheats, it will also involve other people.

6 months ago

Yes, but this depends on the class. Let me talk about a practical point. Most people in the class believe in poetry and faraway places, and they also like Fenghuayuexue, but they don’t even have the right to choose, yes, neither of them, and they can’t even talk about whether they like it or not. . From the beginning to the end, most of my choices were caused by the information I received. I often suspect that most of my decisions are caused by invisible inducements that lead you to make up your mind. For example, the current information cocoon room allows you to only have access to it. For some information, then you will feel that these things are all around you. We found that most people live well, until the Prime Minister announced that there are still so many people with less than one thousand monthly income. Since the problem is “you”, I can talk about my own thoughts without representing others. I think life is experience. Childhood and youth are beautiful, middle-aged and old are also necessary. There is no reason to encounter things that I like and make me comfortable. It is impossible for all the girls I like to like me, even the older ones. I can’t remember some of the things I’ve seen before. The things I want to buy and the things I like to eat are not necessarily owned or have time and energy to buy. This is the normal life of ordinary people and even middle class. I don’t dare to use money. There are people in my 20s and 30s who die from overwork, but they have a huge impact. Parents and older generations pass away one after another, attending funerals and tomb-sweeping one after another, and talking to many people of the same age or older people. Relatives, like? love? It’s nothing more than a roommate, and there are very few exercises in bed after having a baby. So did you like each other before getting married? Maybe I like it, but I really don’t remember. Come back again, I’m a kind of flattering personality. If I want to make the other person like me within half a year and a year with a blind date, will it be easy? In fact, the middle class can only have a little money. Get a regular flower delivery app, date two or three times a week, don’t lose the quality of western food and daily food, and the car can be borrowed or rented by your parents. Of course, it’s best to own it. Don’t worry. Open a room, talk about the things you can pretend in your book, and show her photos of the world you’ve been to, add some words, and understand what she likes, even if straight guys hate it, unless it’s professionalism Very strong, otherwise you can do what you like in a short time to understand the essence and so on. This is actually not difficult for people in their twenties who have time and energy. Most girls will think you are very good and take your time I started to like it, but this is not the real me. So what’s the use of this love? When this girl slowly discovered to me that the room was not as clean as me, her work and rest were messy, her underwear and socks were messy, she had a high degree of education, and the day and the moon were changing tides. I don’t understand the loss of common sense. I like those who can’t make the country strong and the rich country likes luxury fashion brands. Will I continue to like her, or a mother-in-law who opens her mouth to buy a wedding house for her brother with tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of beauties, I will know Is it difficult to retreat? Like this thing, there is actually no way to last and it can be disguised. You may say why you are so dark. I can only say that reality may be more magical, but you are more fortunate not to be beaten. But I am not saying that there is no true love, I also hope that everyone can get true love, after all, life is too bitter, I hope everyone can be sweeter. Who doesn’t have anyone who doesn’t marry him or she doesn’t. The results of it? It’s me, I will be with someone who I don’t like but can trust, and then I will like her and let her like me.

6 months ago

In fact, I had already figured it out at that time. It was nothing more than having a child. The pillow looked like you didn’t like it. I couldn’t get the slightest interest. In fact, I can figure out why the older generation spoiled children. The only chain between husband and wife is the child. The longing for marriage when I was young was because I had a girl I liked. In the end, it’s not as beautiful as we imagined. At that time, we may not have the energy to fight. We always envy other people’s marriages. Why are they so secretly riddled with holes? I don’t know that being outside is a beautiful marriage.

6 months ago

I’m getting married soon on 31. I haven’t thought about it, but I haven’t practiced it yet. Think about it carefully, what exactly is like? Hard to say. Love is short-lived, and may soon become family affection. For a man my age, I feel: Fit is more important than understanding, and understanding is more important than love. The so-called suitable means that there is a person who can give you a home, you must be invulnerable outside, and you can roll around coquettishly when you go home. Of course, this is mutual. I have met a girl who is not suitable. What she admires is my strong side. I talk freely. When I kill the Quartet, I can see the light in her eyes. This is a great encouragement for men. But when I was frustrated, when I wanted to hold her and cry for a while, she pushed me away. That kind of impatience couldn’t be disguised or concealed. The so-called “suitability” means that a businessman like me, when his income is high, can make the living conditions at home reach the level that ordinary families can’t imagine. However, in the case of last year’s epidemic, they will not open for half a year and continue to pay for the cost. At that time, I hope she can tell me, it’s okay, she has a salary, and we recently saved some flowers. I have met a girl who is not suitable. If I can keep on top, she will be my wise helper and help me to do a good job in family asset planning and increase steadily, but if I fall down, I will not be the person she wants. She denied everything about me, as if everything I did was wrong if I couldn’t make money. The epidemic may happen once in a century, but the setbacks on the road to entrepreneurship are more than that. I am not sure that it will always be at a high point. The so-called fit means to tell her that she has long been tired of traveling across the country, but it may be a novel experience for her. If she listens carefully, I will share it more carefully. This is a rare fit. I can buy interesting and delicious little things to send home from all over the place, and she can prepare a hot meal when I get home from a tired business trip, and even pick me up at the airport in some time. I’m doing catering consultation, and I don’t need anything to eat, but a bowl of comfort tea and rice at home really has a different meaning. I have met inappropriate girls and feel that cooking is a waste of time. There is nothing wrong with this, but what I care about is what you don’t care about, there is no right or wrong, it’s just inappropriate. The so-called fit means that I do not smoke or drink, so I also demand the same from the other half. I have met a girl who is willing to quit smoking for me, but it takes a lot of perseverance to quit smoking. Once the two have a conflict, she will either light another cigarette by herself or say that I even quit smoking for you. …The right requirement is very unromantic and not beautiful, but this requirement is very real…The girl I like may bring me more passion for life, but the right girl will let me go through this life with peace of mind…If This suitable girl, we have a little bit of love between each other, that is simply a gift from God.

6 months ago

My husband is not my ideal type to look at people, but I just met him. At the most suitable time, he has been married for a few years and loves him more and more. Of course he has better men and more in line with him. I am an ideal type of male, but they will not appear in my eyes. I am willing to be loyal to marriage. This is my attitude towards life. I will only love him and our home more and more, although he is not the type I like. But it doesn’t matter anymore

6 months ago

Girl, I’m 22 this year, and my hometown is 24 years old. I think I’m still young, but after thinking about it, the legal age of marriage for girls is 20. Many classmates have already entered the palace of marriage, getting married and having children, I don’t know my own. In the minds of most people, age is considered the “age of marriage”. I don’t know whether my thoughts will change in the future. I can only describe my current 22-year-old thoughts. In the first year after breaking up with my ex, I also met some boys. Because of the breakup, I didn’t have a strong mood to welcome the next relationship. I also want to develop my own career, and work hard to make a dash. The boys who got along also showed good intentions, but did not express their opinions. Maybe it’s also afraid of my rejection. After the second year, I changed cities and started a new job and a new journey. This year, I met more boys and more pleasant ones, but in the end I didn’t fall in love with them. At first it was still very sad, and slowly I had a chat with my friends, and I gradually accepted it in my heart. In fact, what I’m sad is not that I didn’t fall in love with them, but that I am confused about why it is so difficult to meet a good love. I am a person who is very dedicated to love when I am in love, and I want to get in touch with each other. It can be found that the more you grow up, the more you understand human nature, the more thoroughly you see, the harder it is to start accepting a relationship casually. Later, in the autumn of 20 years, I was fortunate enough to meet him. When I first fell in love, I was very nervous and felt a little impulsive. The cuteness came as soon as it was said, and didn’t leave me any preparations. During the more than half a year of acquaintance, it gradually evolved from love to love. If I didn’t meet him, I might continue to meet new guys, but I wouldn’t just accept a guy who I don’t like to fall in love and get married. You can imagine that a lifetime is still that long and you get along with someone you don’t like every day. The eyes are facing each other, how horrible, if you find that you meet someone you like after marriage, you will become a derailment in the marriage. How many things must you solve? What you need to do now is to perfect yourself, and when you wait for love to come, you can open your arms and hug your lover without rushing. Therefore, the road is still very long, walk slowly, meet slowly, not in a hurry.

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