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In political marriage, the opinions and characteristics of both parties are not important. What is important is the “right to the door” and the “strength of marriage.” Huang Laoxie is a seemingly free and easy person, but he is definitely not free, and the evil fire in his heart is no less than Xi Du. His biggest demon is that he thinks he has outstanding talents, and he pretends to be Zhang Liang Zhuge, but he is forced to become a madman in the Wei and Jin Dynasties. Xidu took the initiative to marry, and came to visit, and his posture was three points low, which was quite satisfying to Huang Laoxie’s inflated echo. To say that he is seriously planning to marry, it is not always possible. In addition, Beibei also came to join in the fun, not so much unhappy, it is better to say hilariously. He enjoys this process more. Anyway, he said that when he turned his face, he turned his face, and in the end, the original book did rely on Huang Rong’s ruin, otherwise Huang Rong would not even have a chance to jump because of the difference in martial arts between the two sides. This is not to accuse Huang Laoxie, on the contrary, the fifth is definitely a very good character written by Jin Yong. He himself liked it so much. In the end, the protagonists of the two books had changed for two generations, and he was reluctant to let the fifth fall, but forcibly levelled with the protagonists of all walks of life. These master-level figures he wrote were enlightened for the first time in Wujue, and writing wanton and arrogance is like a divine help. It’s not easy for others to write one. He wrote five in one go (the old naughty boy replaces Wang Chongyang), and they are not the same. It depends on the three-dimensional character, although it is a great master, each has its flaws. How perfect Huang Laoxie’s skill configuration is, how serious his mental deficit is. His mind is an unfathomable labyrinth with human-eating monsters hidden inside. All this comes from the strong suppression of inner conflicts-conflicts between ambition and circumstances, conflicts between desire and reason, images and internal conflicts. In contrast, the old call to flowers is the opposite of Huang Laoxie, not Ouyang Feng. Yaoshi Huang had to act as a perfect master, his wife was beautiful and her daughter was smart, his apprentices were loyal, and he was respected and respected. But these are actually false, and in the end one by one was crushed by his nature. His wife was exhausted, his apprentice was beaten and disabled, and his daughter ran away from home. In contrast, the old begging is much more real. He was lazy and greedy, and had to be the leader of the beggar gang, so he actually became the shopkeeper. He ignored all administrative matters, went to play by the way, and was content to point middle-level martial arts occasionally. When things are done, they accept the imperfections, and there is no perfect obsessive-compulsive disorder regardless of the image. Guo Jing learned that “Jianglong eighteen lacks three palms”, and he doesn’t think there is anything wrong. However, Huang Laoxie obviously used the old name for his new martial arts creation, but he refused to admit his mistake to Lu Chengfeng. What an awkward character. After the characters have shortcomings, the story gets rid of the dullness, and becomes strange and colorful. Therefore, Ouyang Feng is the most serious person who proposes marriage. Huang Laoxie enjoys his face, and he always calls Huaxin to spoil the situation as purely as a mirror. It is enough not to let things join hands. The parents seem to be masters of martial arts, but they can be interpreted as political figures. Almost no one really cares whether the juniors are well-matched or happy.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Because from the point of view of Huang Yaoshi, Ouyang Ke is a silly white sweet. The following is the answer to another question. Actually, Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke are really different. In fact, Guo Jing is the more complicated one. On the contrary, Ouyang Ke is a fool. During the Peach Blossom Island contest and recruiting relatives, in Huang Yaoshi’s eyes, Guo Jing looked like this: 1. He has a deep Mongolian background. Although Huang Yaoshi didn’t know at this stage, Guo Jing missed a hand in wrestling. Ouyang Feng noticed Huang. It doesn’t make sense to see it. 2. Guo Jing still has a lot of grievances from the Central Plains. In addition to being a disciple of the Jiangnan Seven Monsters, he also has a good relationship with Quanzhen Sect and Guiyunzhuang, and has a deep conflict with King Jin’s Mansion. These yellow medicine masters all know. 3. A returned overseas Chinese from Mongolia climbed Hong Qigong within a few days. You know, Hong Qi is notorious for not accepting apprentices. 4. Bullying Mei Chaofeng with a silent applause. This is careful. 5. A few days after I went to the island, I worshipped my brother with Zhou Botong. From a comprehensive perspective, such a person, who is only 18 years old, has such a complicated social relationship. Such people in history are either great good or great evil. Who dares to give his daughter to such a person. Moreover, such a very complicated person feels honest and honest, almost stupid. But for such an honest and almost stupid person, all the heroes of the rivers and lakes are vying to have a relationship with him. Is this a loyal treacherous or a loyal loyalty? This makes people unable to see through. Yaoshi Huang is extremely clever, but he can’t see through it, and such an invisible little guy has taken away his daughter’s soul. You said he can rest assured and like it? Parents know that whether it is a son or a daughter, they all hope to find someone with a relatively simple political background and life experience to get married, so that they can live in peace and stability. Parents don’t want their children to go through the storm again. Especially Huang Yaoshi exhausted his beloved wife in pursuit of martial arts, and he didn’t want Huang Rong to be with someone who was too thoughtful. On the other hand, Ouyang Ke’s background and experience are very simple, he is backed by a big tree, has no complicated social relations, and is far away from the Central Plains. He is a local snake, has no worries about food and clothing, and is powerful. As for taking refuge in King Golden Mansion, it is not a disadvantage at all, it is just that young people want to start a business. There is also an older age, but Huang Yaoshi is also a middle-aged wife, which is not a problem. The only shortcoming is lustful, but Ouyang Ke expressed a lot of sincerity when begging for marriage, and the problem of lust should be able to be corrected. In addition, Lao Huang has confidence in his daughter and believes that Huang Rong can control his little problem. Therefore, Ouyang Ke is a better choice for choosing his son-in-law Huang Yaoshi.

8 months ago

Of course Huang Yaoshi couldn’t tell. Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke fought for several times, and they couldn’t see that Ouyang Ke was so affectionate for her, and even willing to die for her. Yaoshi Huang has only seen Ouyang Ke for three hours, how can he tell? In fact, after the three games, Huang Laoxie never showed the intention to betroth Huang Rong to Ouyang Ke. What Huang Laoxie has always shown is just aversion to Guo Jing, and has a wool relationship with Ouyang Ke? The fact is that Huang Laoxie does not want Huang Rong to marry, especially Huang Rong does not want to marry Guo Jing, nothing more.

8 months ago

The purpose of Ming Pao’s series of martial arts novels is to rapidly expand sales and make profits. Some plots can’t be connected quickly. Huang Laoxie can of course see that Ouyang Ke’s mind is wrong. The problem is that his character design does not care whether Ouyang Ke is bad or not. I am a bad person. It is written, not so much space to write the evil side of Huang Lao, it is written cynical, similar to Duan Yanqing of Tianlong Babu, mother-in-law and mother-in-law written by the world’s most evil person, Minion Mei Chaofeng, Yue Lao Sandu The reason is that the destruction of Ouyang Feng and Murong Bo (and Ding Chunqiu in Tianlong Babu) has become the main line of the story. Ming Pao’s readers are citizens of Hong Kong City, Guangdong Province, China. Hong Kong citizens cannot accept that the protagonist’s relative is a villain. The protagonist’s father-in-law and the protagonist’s biological father all need to be washed away. As the main line of the story changes, Huang Yaoshi Naturally, the thunder was heavy and the rain was lighter.

8 months ago

What is wrong mentality? Isn’t it just bullying men and women who love to play with women? This is not a problem for Huang Laoxie. Guess how he got a bunch of dumb slaves on Peach Blossom Island?
Moreover, Huang Rong is not a person with high moral level. Don’t filter too much. Ouyang Ke is just not so decent in comparison, but it is not enough to say that he is not forgiven, he is not as bad as Ouyang Feng.

8 months ago

Raising a daughter is very complicated, and the more you love her, the more complicated it becomes. The more she falls in love with a boy, the more jealous you are and the more you feel that the most precious things in your heart are lost. Therefore, the more Huang Rong fell in love with the silly boy Guo Jing, the more Huang Yaoshi looked down on him; on the contrary, he strengthened the belief that his choice was right: I don’t want you to think it’s impossible, I want the man I think I choose for you. It’s the best. For this reason, Huang Yaoshi must have said to himself in his heart that a man spends a little bit before getting married, and it’s good to change it after marriage. Ouyang Ke looks good, and his family is good at martial arts. They will not be in the arena in the future. Let’s talk about the disadvantages. A man still has a bottom line in his heart. For a man, there is nothing in his heart that he doesn’t want to spend, it’s just whether he can control himself. Come to think of it, before Huang Laoxie married Mrs. Huang, did any girls in the arena admire it?

8 months ago

Why have you been discussing Jin Yong’s novels recently? In Huang Laoxie’s eyes, Guo Jing is probably the “incorrect” one. Obviously he is a silly boy, but he has made his own girl into five confuses, and he is still favored by the beggars, and he has practiced good martial arts. Is this kid sure that he is not pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger? Huang Rong’s intelligence level is reassuring, but Guo Jing is in love with him, he is not so relieved when he is a father. In comparison, Ouyang Ke’s background is “simple”, and the character and the like can be seen through at a glance. Older people, good looks, etc., are all on the bright side, which is more “reassuring”.

8 months ago

Because of forcibly lowering his wisdom…or Jin Yong said too much. If there is no new revision, everyone thinks that Huang Yaoshi is a man of life. Then Huang Rong only needs to say: how many women Ouyang Ke has/robbing people… Huang Yaoshi is no more ethical, and when he touches him, he is not expert / forced the two big inverse scales, does Ouyang Ke still have the least hope? Guess, can this be solved by Ouyang Ke saying “I will dismiss all those women and live with Huang Rong wholeheartedly”? Don’t forget, Yang Guo, who will smell like Huang Laoxin in the future, but I heard that people have more concubines, and they will be chopped up…So why Huang Rong thinks Huang Yaoshi “is not strict with etiquette, and may not care about Ouyang Ke’s flowers and grass”, this is not nonsense. . This is to evoke the three difficult game play, hard-working the character’s character. If you are not allowed to match Ouyang Ke, you don’t have to be married to Guo Jing right away. For Huang Yaoshi, it’s not that there are no other options. If it’s a big deal, he will wait for another two years. Huang Rong was only sixteen. What anxious… But he never expected that the newly revised version of Feng Heng was married to gag others. True love is Mei·Mailisu·Chaofeng… The newly revised version of Huang Yaoshi, Chen Xuanfeng, and Qu Lingfeng are all interested in her… What the hell is this! Guidao is really messed up. In this way, it is reasonable for Huang Rong not to speak. Huang Rong feels bitter. Huang Rong thought to herself, Ouyang Feng will give you a woman and you don’t want it. You can pretend the old things are in front of outsiders. You men are all big pig’s hoofs, so it is not easy to find a Dongpo elbow like Guo Jing, but you can’t let him go… Jin Yong is really old and old to tell the truth…

8 months ago

You have to consider this from the perspective of a father.
A right-handed junior covets his own daughter. This is not a bad mentality, but a gentleman at best. As for the problem of this junior’s style of life, this is not even a flaw for the rich, especially the rich of the Song Dynasty.
As for the toad that wants to eat swan meat, that is a naked heart.

8 months ago

He can see it, but his decision has little to do with Ouyang Ke’s heart. He should do whatever he wants. There is any possibility before the facts are set, and we will never guess the ending. I think there are two reasons. One is that he is Huang Laoxie and his roots are evil, so we can guess how evil he is; the other is that Huang Laoxie thinks that there are no people and things that he can’t make justice in the world. It is “Xiao Shuxuan Ju, Zhan Ran is like a god”, Schrödinger’s Huang Laoxie!

8 months ago

When Huang Laoxie first appeared, he rescued Mei Chaofeng in Ouyang Ke’s hands. Would he not know what virtue Ouyang Ke was? Huang Laoxie is actually not evil. Seeing the disciples he teaches, he knows that benevolence and morality are very important in Huang Laoxie’s heart. Everyone says that Huang Rong is like him, but compared to his disciples, Huang Rong is the least like him. Because Huang Rong doesn’t value benevolence, justice and morality at all. He would never appreciate people like Ouyang Feng, let alone Ouyang Ke, and there is no reason for him to get married. Besides, there is no parent in this world who would marry his daughter to someone like Ouyang Ke.

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