The first choice, Xiao Yan, has the highest safety factor. At least you will not be killed by the villain. The most is to step on a point to save people. Moreover, he is less than 40 years old and he is still very young. You should have time to defect to him, he at least I have to give you three melons and two dates, and there is a good chance that you will truly treat you as a friend. Tudou’s novels, like the manga of the young blood king, the protagonist has always become stronger for protection, just like Naruto, Nine Tails ~ Yaochen (Naruto’s early stage also because of the nine tails, the cultivation speed is slow), the horseradish root ~ Buddha Anger Lotus, the bloodline is also very noble. A Xiao family and a whirlpool family. Since childhood, I like your childhood sweetheart Xun’er and Hina Tian (both eldest ladies). This genre is innocent and vigorous. He is still a teenager when he returns. It’s a little bit, but it will inevitably break a little later, but it’s not a friend. The second choice is Luo Feng. He can reverse time and bring others back to life, but he has a strong sense of justice. You must not do bad things, otherwise he may kill his relatives righteously (but he will still be lighter). Let you be promoted to immortality, immortal, reward you with a few galaxies, what you want, and reward the highest third choice Ye Fan, mainly because it is dangerous to cover the sky, even Wang Teng who is the emperor is dead, I don’t know how many. You have no adventures or physical fitness, and you will not be able to survive Ye Fan’s Great Eucharist. Even your parents, Qin Yao, and female apprentice are all dead or fail in promotion. If you are not a genius at the emperor level, you’d better not look for Ye Fan, otherwise Enemies all over the world, the thirteen bandits almost all died, and several of their descendants died. Most of Ye Fan’s friends did not end well. Almost all the classmates of the earth were forgotten about it. What he lacked was his comrades. Dengtian Road, go to the immortal world to fight, ordinary people can’t keep up with the rhythm of others. Don’t choose Tang San. When you meet him, Tang San was an orphan in his previous life. He grew up in the hidden weapon school, and he committed suicide and encountered alcoholic spirits. Tang Hao, he has never lived in the childhood of a normal person. It is his nature to be ruthless and unrighteous. It is the most dangerous to be friends with Tang San. You are an ordinary person, without a halo, but you still have your heart and lungs. You are Village Chief Jack, Tang San basically remembers. I can’t afford you, a Po Xuan Tian Gong, just like a treasure. If you have a good talent, don’t have any trouble with him. If you are his opponent, he will be a hidden weapon. You will not know whether you are dead. Be his friend. , I have to harm my dignity and cooperate with him to pretend to be coercive. In the later stage, even if he gets to the god level, he doesn’t even have to do it with his friends, and he just becomes someone’s dog. It’s too miserable.


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6 months ago

How come there is Emperor Ye Tian? Well, Ye Tiandi is too dangerous, it’s really dangerous, it’s not himself that is dangerous, it’s that he can cause troubles too much, you might get cold by accident. Of course, if you really can achieve his success, this friend can be a good friend. He himself treats his friends well. Xiao Yan, he is willing to be my friend. I really don’t mind kneeling and licking. The reward is big, the risk is small. As long as you are his friend, he is always willing to cover you. Although he is often stepped on to save people by complaints, he still comes. He doesn’t mind drinking, chatting, and farting with me after fighting the emperor. I can also punch him and then blow that I am the one who has hammered the Yandi. Tang San, you want to be friends with him, are you the prince of the empire? Are you innately full of soul power? Are you a mutant martial soul? Are you the daughter/son of the upper three sect masters? No, then you still want to be friends with Lord Shura, are you worthy? Besides, even if you are, do you think it’s a good experience to be friends with him? Are you looking at your wife and his cousin for thousands of years of loneliness, or do you want to see him hold you in front of you and hit your descendants and make you lose face? I can’t even think about making friends with Tang San

6 months ago

This is the outrageous protagonist of Chendong’s novel with Ye Fan, who is truly mediocre who dare not cause trouble, and there are all kinds of mysterious promoters behind him, who are enemies in the world every day. Generally, only bad-minded and funny characters dare to be friends with the protagonist of Chendong’s novels. Normal people don’t see it in the background or walk around for good destiny and can’t be Ye Fan’s friend. But if his life is strong enough to reach Ye Fan’s sacred body, Ye Tiandi will be really good to his friends. Just sent Ji Ziyue and Xiao Zi into the fairyland that time they were left behind. How lucky are the brothers with such a sense of responsibility, not to mention dragging the family and carrying the old, weak, sick and disabled together in the future to become immortals.

6 months ago

Xiao Yan, as long as you don’t get into conflict with him, even if you just follow him by screaming big brother Xiao Yan, he will be able to give you a lot of benefit in the future, Ye Fan, if you are not a strong person but a passerby, Emperor Ye might Too busy, but if you sincerely take refuge in Emperor Ye, you will have a good life. Tang San, this one is not very good. Rather than having an unusual talent or a deep background, people may kill you if they “make trouble”.

6 months ago

Ye Fan, Ye Hei, Ye Tiandi, the characters in it are Saint Son, God Son, Dao Zi, Young Emperor…Pang Bo, Hei Huang, Duan De beside Ye Fan…There was a female emperor in the early days of Ye Fan, you Go to the ruthless ground with Ye Fan and try to pick some fruits? Did Tang San start at the ninth level of innate spirit power? Is it the best martial arts soul? Is there any power behind it? Nothing? Where did the spicy chicken come from? Do you know? Douluo Dalu is a teacher for a day and a father for life. Look at Yu Xiaogang, my second dad, I will also be promoted to level 93. Have you ever read the same humanities? In tens of thousands of books, some of the writers have no plug-ins, are not innately high soul power, and are not the best martial arts soul. You didn’t make friends with Tang San at all, and they didn’t take care of you. Xiao Yan

6 months ago

The first choice is Luo Feng, who wants to experience the virtual intelligence of the future world, and the setting of Devouring the Starry Sky can be resurrected, and the price of resurrection seems not great. Unless the strength reaches the strongest in the universe, I shouldn’t have too much effort to resurrect Luo Feng. Secondly, Xiao Yan, the grace of dripping water, repayed by the spring. Even if you are just helping him with a small favor in your eyes, Xiao Yan will remember and repay you, but the Douqi Continent has no entertainment, that is, fighting and alchemy, the world that has not swallowed the stars is interesting. And this world cannot be resurrected. Third, Ye Fan, the prerequisite for choosing him is that he is deadly, and you have to make sure that you can survive to Ye Fan Chengdi, otherwise you may not survive Ye Fan’s seal of God’s source for you even if you are not beaten to death by Ye Fan’s enemies. Use immortality to prolong your life. Even if Tang San was a lone star, Huo Yuhao was his son-in-law and he was beaten violently. Ma Hongjun’s wife was his cousin and he didn’t help send him to God Realm. He was the boss in the early stage and Mubai in the later stage. If you have a woman and forget your brother, who will do it? The problem is that he doesn’t show mercy to women. Hu Liena didn’t do anything, and told him that the finale would kill someone. The heart is too cruel, unless my character is his direct blood relative, and the surname is Tang. Otherwise, I’m really afraid that I will be trampled to death

6 months ago

Tang San: As everyone knows, if you choose Tang San or the real Tang San as your friend, it will definitely be eaten up and wiped out, and there is no benefit at all. Xiao Yan: As long as he is a little favored, his future development will be at least a life-saving grace in return. Ye Fan: Being a friend is still very suitable, even if there is no kindness, simple relationship with fellow classmates, or a few good words for him, then when you are in danger, you will be able to help you, if you have kindness or comrade-in-arms level, as long as you don’t die of old age. , Then properly make you immortal in the later stage (normally, you can’t die old, if you die, Ye Fan will definitely not resurrect you, and then you have to survive the darkness and turmoil, and wait until Ye Fan’s sacred body becomes the source of fusion to seal you, and wait for Ye Fan’s back It’s not a big problem to blast through the fairyland and become a real fairy.) Luo Feng: The friend who wants to be Luo Feng the most. The cost of devouring the starry sky world view to resurrect his teammates is very small. Ordinary universe master level can revive his teammates, and Luo Feng enters the origin. The mainland is estimated to be a master of the “Yuan” level in the later stage. It is not easy to resurrect you. Moreover, they have a lot of worldview and high-tech, and life will be very comfortable. Yang Jian (Mysterious Resurrection): For nothing else, I just want to be a stimulus, or be a funny character in it (the funny character will not die), if I can be the brothers of Yang Jian and get me the dead ghost, as long as I don’t provoke the top Li ghost, surely nothing will happen, and the ghosts in it are all concept-level abilities. If it is restricted by the dead ghost, the combat power may be higher than the immortal emperor-level ability in Zhetian.

6 months ago

The most suitable for being a friend-Xiao Yan Although Xiao Yan may have flaws in his feelings towards his friends, there is nothing to say about his treatment of his friends. Report. Yao Lao has been helping him and accompany him since he was weak. When he was able, he immediately helped Yao Lao find a suitable body and resurrect him. He did not abandon Yao Lao to become a Dou Emperor, and took him to dominate the world together. Even if some people started to be hostile to him, he did not rush to kill them all. Xiao Ning liked Xiao Yan because of jealousy of Xun’er. He targeted Xiao Yan several times, but Xiao Yan didn’t have to repay him. They entered Canaan College, Xiao Yan still covered him, and Nalan. Yanran, she originally said that she had lost and was a slave. Xiao Yan didn’t take the opportunity to force her to fulfill her promise when she won. She also rescued her who wiped her neck, and then took her to the Tianshan Blood Pool to upgrade. Treating friends, even if he later became Doudi, he didn’t have any pretensions. From many details, he fully demonstrated Xiao Yan’s personality and conduct. His three outlooks were very upright, so he was a very suitable person to be friends. The least suitable for being a friend-Tang San used to see Douluo and thought that Tang San was a good traditional man, because he treated his feelings exclusively, but if you want to become his friend, you have to think about it, because Tang San It can be said to be a selfish villain. Although you see that there are seven Shrek monsters and their friendship is very strong, but it is because of their talents and backgrounds. If you don’t have these, then Tang San can’t remember you. The most typical example is the village chief of Holy Soul Village, Tang When Tang Hao was three children, he didn’t care about anything. The village chief took care of him, but he became stronger and he didn’t remember this person at all, and he didn’t know how to repay him. The school and daily expenses of the weak hours were funded by the Wuhun Hall, but in his mind, he probably took it for granted. Tang Sect’s stunts have always been hidden as a treasure, and no one will pass it on, even Xiao Wu and his life and death will be shared. The private feud between himself and Wuhundian was just as if he used public opinion to make Wuhundian a big villain. So Tang San’s character is the worst among the four. If you want to choose someone to be your friend, you should never choose Tang San. Want to live the longest — Luo Feng If you become friends with Luo Feng, it will be very difficult for you to die. Even if you die, he can resurrect you. You are unhappy. But Luo Feng has a heart for the truth. You can become friends with him when you are weak, but if you can’t keep up with him, you will end up not becoming a stranger, but your relationship may not As iron as before. Luo Feng’s personality is indifferent. Apart from becoming stronger, there are few things that can touch him. In the original book, Hong and Thunder God have been reluctantly following in his footsteps, such as Shi Jiang and Zhao Ruo who met in the elite training camp, such as Quan Jiejun, Bolan and others in the cosmic human peak genius station were almost reduced to passers-by in the end. It’s not bad to be friends with Luo Feng, but it’s difficult to be true friends with Luo Feng. The most dangerous friend-Ye Fan is not saying that Ye Fan is not good. On the contrary, Ye Fan is also very loyal, so why it is the most dangerous to be friends with Ye Fan. Not to mention how dangerous the world covering the sky is, the seven life forbidden zones will cause chaos every time, and the real lives are like weeds. Ye Fan himself is also a troublemaker, wherever he goes, he is either running or being chased. If you think your fate is big, then you can try. After Ye Fan’s sacred body is fully developed, then you will be very rich, because at that time you can be taken by Ye Fan, maybe you can become immortal in the end, provided that you can live. .

6 months ago

No doubt Luo Feng! Poor talent, slow cultivation, nothing wrong, resources can’t feed the true god, it’s easy to feed an immortal, no matter how bad you can catch a special life for you! Then you wave randomly, the earth is tired of the waves of the universe, and the universe is tired of the waves of the source world, anyway, if you die, you can resurrect casually. Moreover, Luo Feng’s countermeasures were too high, and he did not hesitate to target his relatives and friends, and there was almost no danger at all. Just pay attention to Luo Feng before becoming a venerable one, don’t wave to death, as long as the dog reaches him to become a venerable one, he can feed you to immortality, and then you can wave around, haha

6 months ago

Tang San won’t say anything. Many friends have reached a conclusion about him. I’m stepping on it. He is also worthy of being on a par with Xiao Yan and Ye Fan! If Tui is an ordinary friend, he and Xiao Yan are very good. Xiao Yan would raise his hand to his friends, and the airs were not big. You might get a beating, but Xiao Yan stepped on a spot to save someone, and there was no risk of life. But maybe they are just ordinary friends, and the friendship between each other will not be particularly high. Ye Fan’s words are not so much a friend as a comrade-in-arms. Being a friend of Ye Fan is a life-and-death friendship. These friendships are fought out in battle. Ye Fan’s friends will borrow imperial soldiers, good things will be given to Ye Fan, and Ye Fan’s good things will be given to friends. They can trust each other’s lives, and in the end they will take everyone along the fairy road and enjoy the happiness together. But overall the risk factor is very high. Besides, Ye Fan’s classmates are ordinary friends. Ye Fan would raise his hand when meeting these friends. Compared with that, the risk factor is not very high, and the welfare is quite good. Like Wang Ziwen of Zhang Wenchang, the ancient star of the Heavenly Soldier, who saw them being bullied, Ye Fan directly stepped forward and helped them, and gave them resources in the follow-up. Other classmates also solved their difficulties to a certain extent and helped them. The apprentices who have been collected on the earth have also started their sects. Therefore, being Ye Fan’s friend in the early days, and staying away from Ye Fan, but being able to connect with Ye Fan is the best state to be a friend of Ye Fan. The risk factor is small and the welfare is good. If you can’t solve the danger by yourself, you can contact Ye Fan. In the later days, the heavenly soldiers of the heavenly court can’t be regarded as friends, but when a heavenly soldier is a person in Ye Fan’s camp, it is also not bad. He also enters the fairyland behind, but he will face the strange battle later. Ye Fan is really good to friends, but the protagonist in Chendong’s works has to face a big villain. The protagonist is a tragic character, and the risk factor of being a friend of the protagonist is really high. As a suggestion, I would recommend it as a friend of Xiao Yan. But personally, I still want to be Ye Fan’s friend.

6 months ago

Ye Fan’s benefit is the greatest and the most dangerous. You can’t blame Ye Fan, you can only blame his world. The latest situation is that Ye Fanhuang’s two Heavenly Emperors and Heavenly Court have all died in battle. However, Pangbo and Black Dog are both quasi-Xiandi Emperors. Now, if you have a relationship with Ye Fan, give you a little bit of the emperor’s blood to transform and practice. It’s not an exaggeration to become an emperor, isn’t it an exaggeration? The immortal king can destroy the realm, overlook the ages, and can flow backwards for a long time. Generally, the protagonist of fantasy fairy-xia novels is still inhumane and supreme at the end, and the fairy king takes off directly

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