It still depends on whether you have found a reliable brother or sister. Nowadays, many postgraduate seniors and sisters have their own part-time one-on-one tutoring, and some cooperate with institutions. If you want to say whether it is useful, it must be useful, otherwise this type of counseling will definitely not develop. I found that many answers to this type of question are saying that it’s better to learn it by myself. The senior and senior sister tutoring class is not reliable, but if I can learn it by myself, then why should I consider looking for someone to help me? Do I have more money? When I was reviewing for a month or two, I actually didn’t think about going to the tutoring class. When I started to review the professional class, I made a perfect plan for myself. I arranged how long I would watch and how much content I watched every day, but After a round of reviewing what was probably said in the memoir book, I realized that I didn’t remember anything and didn’t have a general concept. At that time, I was a little panicked. I reviewed the second-stage review for another month but still didn’t make much progress. Only then did I realize that my review method might really not suit me. Although it was a bit uncomfortable, I never thought about giving up the postgraduate entrance examination. I told myself that it was too late to change the review method at this time, so I decided to enroll in a class and wanted someone with experience to help me change my study. Methods to solve the problems encountered in learning. I also changed the matter of enrolling in the tutoring class after enrolling in the class, and I don’t feel as useless or helpful as those replied. I was looking for one-on-one tutoring with the seniors and senior sisters of the direct department. In order to ensure some insurance, I went to the tutoring classes of the institutions that can sign the agreement. They also provided me with the graduate certificate of the seniors. After I contacted the senior sister, I found that the one-on-one Q&A of the direct seniors was really useful. The senior sisters’ many experiences, such as review methods, review notes, etc., are very valuable and I can really use them. thing. The first impression my senior sister gave me was that it was very friendly~Because I was a cross-examination, I would encounter a lot of problems when reviewing professional courses, and some of the content in the book was particularly difficult to understand. When I asked senior sister questions, senior sister The answer is very detailed. When the elder sister gave me a question, I would not be impatient after asking a question. So if you feel that you have no direction when reviewing professional courses, and you don’t know how to review, you can really consider asking seniors for help, listen to their review experience, and ask them some questions we don’t know. If you have a direction in your own review, and the review works well, of course you can do it by yourself. However, if you are looking for counseling from seniors, you should also pay attention. Don’t find a liar. You must carefully determine the identity of the other party. I hope that everyone can find the seniors who can help you in professional courses!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

There are two kinds of brothers and sisters who have gone ashore: one is to have mastered the scientific review method, and can pass the exam five more times. This kind, reliable. There is another one that he didn’t know why he went ashore. Maybe it was a gift or luck. In short, he didn’t have a systematic method. Maybe it will be difficult for him to go ashore again if he takes the exam again. Then this kind of unreliable, his experience cannot be summarized and cannot be copied, and it is not universal. One-to-one tutoring, if useful, is also reflected in the following two aspects: 1. The overall review plan. 2. Professional course guidance. As for the review of mathematics and English politics, Tang Jiafeng, Tang Chi, Xiao Xiurong, isn’t it fragrant? Professional people do professional things.

6 months ago

It’s useful, but the focus is on the sense of responsibility of the seniors. The most important role of the senior elder sister is to guide the professional courses. Based on his own experience on land, he will focus on the key points, share the experience, and take you at the same time. Let me talk about the situation first: This kind of one-on-one tutoring will generally appear in two situations: (1) You contacted postgraduate entrance examination institutions, especially some inter-examination institutions. This kind of general institution will go to some schools and certain schools. Professional senior seniors usually have 30 class hours and 100 yuan per hour for senior seniors. As for how much you paid to the institution, I don’t know; (2) Some senior seniors with business acumen do this by themselves. This kind of seniors who generally have this kind of idea and can put it into action are very strong in a certain sense. Generally, they will establish an exchange group to observe their professional class strength; as to whether there is a question of whether it is useful : (1) The person who can decide whether to go ashore for the postgraduate entrance examination is mainly yourself. They only take you to review, answer questions, and tell you their own test preparation experience; (2) Their most important role is to answer questions and not encounter problems. Questions and answers for professional courses, of course, you can also send it to some postgraduate entrance examination groups for the same session; (3) Exclusive materials, especially some special materials you envision, don’t think about them, there is a high probability that they don’t have them; some are just for exam preparation Those materials that are available from time to time, and if you use them carefully to prepare for the exam, they may be useful, but the point is still on you; (4) Don’t think that you will be able to go ashore after taking this one-on-one tutoring. This is just a professional class. There are three other subjects, and there are re-examinations. Regarding the level of seniors and sisters: (1) A high test does not mean that they can be taught to you systematically, because it is still difficult to do courses. It is definitely not as thorough as some famous teachers, such as where you are. Some professional college teachers; (2) Landing does not mean that professional courses must be good. Ask about the scores of professional courses. (3) Responsibility depends on different people. 100 yuan/hour is actually the normal cost of tutoring in some first-tier cities. , But generally the sense of responsibility of seniors and sisters who go ashore is still OK, and they are more willing to share; talk about the advantages: (1) Some people bring the system to review, they must be a lot more practical, and some pits can be avoided in advance, especially in case of encounters. Responsible people; (2) Someone answers questions, which is very important for mathematics and professional courses, especially engineering courses. This is why it is sometimes necessary to add exchange groups and find research friends; (3) Have experience for reference , There are reasons why others can go ashore; talk about the shortcomings: (1) Some seniors and sisters are inherently talented people, just like my roommate counseling my brother to do his homework, I always can’t understand that my brother’s grades are poor and he can’t learn. Things are the same; (2) Some are pitted, and everything will be done after the lecture, and many still need to rely on themselves; they may be a pit themselves; after all, this is a place that has not been screened by the market and has no supervision; (3) You feel stable, there are people who go ashore, and you forget that you still rely on yourself for the postgraduate entrance examination; (4) The cost is high, after all, everyone is a poor student; comprehensive suggestions: (1) Those who cross the exam can consider it appropriately, but it is best to do it by yourself Observe whether the other party is reliable. For example, some senior seniors can answer questions for free, even if you don’t buy anything from them, because when he entered the postgraduate entrance examination, other senior seniors did it. This is called inheritance and feelings. This can be observed. Observation; (2) Look at the professional course experience stickers. Many pitfalls are It can be understood; (3) Look at your own needs. If you don’t care about the money, you will find it reliable after observation. Finally, you have to rely on yourself for the postgraduate entrance examination. Remember this at all times! Over, I spent 100 yuan to buy some real questions for senior professional courses. He also gave me free answers for one year. I am very grateful. After landing, he invited him to have a meal~

6 months ago

It is actually useful, but not worth the price. Seniors, seniors, the biggest role is to help you plan the key points in professional courses, provide undergraduate courseware materials, and real questions over the years. The rest is a simple call to you. In total, I think three to five hundred is the upper limit. And the current one-to-one, the quality is uneven, it is more difficult to find reliable seniors. And the price is more expensive. But without this price, you can’t find someone to coach you specifically. The price is not only expensive, but you also feel at a loss. The end result is that both parties feel that the cost is inappropriate. Therefore, the postgraduate entrance examination mainly depends on oneself. For public tutoring, look at the online class. In terms of professional courses, it would be nice to find a senior and senior sister to do a complete consultation, and a consultation fee of 100 is almost the same. After all, many Zhihu big coffees now only charge 100 consulting fees. The price is basically no problem. The main function of the consultation is to ask him about the precautions of the professional course review, the focus of the examination content, and what reference materials to buy. The rest can be seen by yourself.

6 months ago

Saying this may offend people. The one-to-one tutoring for most seniors and sisters, including the sale of postgraduate entrance examination materials, exclusive secrets, composition templates and so on. The level is uneven. And most of the levels are not good. I agree with what Wang Zhikui Toli said: learning well does not mean being able to teach well. Learning relies more on personal effort and IQ, while teaching relies more on teaching experience, control of the rules of test questions, and in-depth study of test questions. And those seniors who just use tutoring as part-time jobs don’t have the above three points. From my own experience, I have been to an institution to teach, and I am very responsible to say to everyone: I have taught the same content many times, but until the second and third year of teaching, I Only then did I deeply understand the connection between different knowledge points. Before, I only knew how to do a certain question. After teaching for a long time, I gradually understood why a certain question came out like this. Many of my colleagues have the same feeling. Teaching is a work that depends on experience. A senior who has just started to teach is even better than a teacher who has been teaching for more than ten years. It’s too little, too little. To understand from another angle, if you really teach so well? Why sell classes so cheaply? It’s illogical and common sense, are you right? It is recommended that friends with a little more self-control, directly read online lessons + tutorial books for self-study, the effect is much better than looking for seniors.

6 months ago

It may be overwhelmed by the opposition of stakeholders, but I still have to say that most of them are not reliable, and they cut off the leeks for postgraduate students. When we browsed the answers, we often saw ’s growth notes, seniors, seniors, postgraduate tutors, etc. The purpose of these accounts for answering questions is obvious, their leeks are not enough, come to answer the questions To seize the front row position, or find someone to agree to enter the front row, step on other people’s opposition to the back, increase their exposure, so as to attract some unfamiliar postgraduate students, and tell them that one-on-one tutoring has a greater chance of going ashore In fact, it’s all about marketing. Don’t try to take shortcuts when you take the postgraduate entrance examination. While spending time surfing the Internet every day, you want to get a good result in the postgraduate entrance examination. If there is such a beautiful thing, don’t cut anyone off! The biggest help they can contribute is the selling point information, but in fact these information is not hard to find. Advise those students who are taking the postgraduate entrance examination to read more books to review the questions, and not come here to read some very good answers. Don’t believe too much in those one-on-one postgraduate entrance examinations. Too many people just want to cut you off. After all, I still rely on myself for the postgraduate entrance examination.

6 months ago

Personal statement: Reliable is reliable, but the price is slightly more expensive. When I took the postgraduate entrance examination, I reported two one-on-ones: professional courses cost 3K+, math answering is very cheap and cost a few hundred dollars, let’s talk about the experience~ First of all, for professional courses, you must confirm the identity of the seniors and communicate with them. You can ask this question head-on, for example, look at the admission notice of the senior sister, check the list of admissions on the official website, check the circle of friends, and ask the school for details. If you have the conditions, you can also go to the school to see it. see. In short, it is to do everything possible to find out the authenticity of the identity, and don’t be fooled by the marketing account. My word is to meet the senior sister at school, because I am very close and I am prepared to have time to learn about it earlier. Then ask what kind of guidance materials the senior sister can give you. The exercises for professional undergraduates have great reference value. The real questions are necessary. The seniors will recite the materials when they enter the postgraduate entrance examination. My suggestion is that these three are indispensable. You can ask about other learning tools and course materials. Finally, I have to talk about prices and course arrangements. Try to get one or two classes as much as possible. There is room for negotiation. Anyway, it is decided by the subjective wishes of the seniors. Mine is three sessions a month, each session is 2 hours, from July to November, a total of 3,000+ is spent, and the lectures are very detailed, and I usually reply to questions in time if there is no class. You can find a one-on-one with a senior Refer to my price~ Let’s talk about my one-to-one answering questions in mathematics. This experience is also very good, because the price is very cheap and very useful. The reason why I repay my doubts is that I have encountered great difficulties in writing the questions, that is, every time I listen to the class and do the questions, it feels completely different. I can’t think of a question for a long time. In the end, I have to hold back to see the analysis. It is even difficult. I can’t even understand the analysis of the questions. At the basic stage, I started to panic. I thought that there would be more problems involved in doing exercises, real questions, and simulation questions in the later stage. If the real questions are not well understood, then my mathematics is probably hanging. I went to find a special math problem to answer questions. The price is very cheap and more than 200 a month. It is about 10 yuan a day. There is no limit to the number of questions and answers. I see bad reviews on the Internet saying that there are few teachers and the handwriting of the explanation is not understandable. If these are not in time, I will be full of doubts. I only reported for a month of Q&A. My own experience is that I feel that the seniors answer the questions in a responsible and timely manner, because once I encountered a chapter of exercises, I basically can’t do it. I will reply after 10 minutes. I talked about it from 8 pm to more than 10 pm, but the handwriting is indeed as stated on the Internet. , I really don’t understand it, it’s too messy! After talking to the senior, I changed it to a voice to explain it to me, which was pretty good. In September, in addition to seniors, several other teachers gave me different ideas for solving a problem, and they also helped me summarize the answering and calculation skills, which is equivalent to spending the same money on a many-to-one report, secretly happy~ , I found it useful because I really improved in doing the questions, I can think independently when doing the questions, my thinking is very clear, and the calculation is much faster. If you are similar to me in terms of mathematics, I can recommend it to you. The price/performance ratio is quite high. I think it is worth it~

6 months ago

I think it’s a pitfall if it’s a real senior who teaches professional courses, and is afraid of fakes. If you don’t do anything if you charge the money, it’s a pitfall, so finding a real and reliable senior is the most important thing. , The benefits to you are also huge. Every year there are many deception incidents, or false information is used. As far as our year, there were 2 groups of seniors who counseled for the re-examination, one sold for 200, which was completely different from there, and the other, from your re-examination to book the hotel , The process, the information, including the counseling have been explained, and several of us have gone ashore. So it’s very important to be reliable, and it’s also worth the money. In addition, I think it’s the best for the first test and retest, so that you have no worries, even if it’s more expensive, it doesn’t matter. It’s best to ask about the retest in advance, after all, it’s not easy for a real senior, don’t look for it twice. First, it saves the trouble of finding information. There are a lot of fake information on the Internet. Second, there are plans, explanations, and experience. These will bring you huge gains. Third, the re-examination process, the books tested, and the matters needing attention are really very important. If these can be done at 6,000, I am not stingy. If the economy is not good, I can only say to look for information on the Internet.

6 months ago

Whether it is reliable depends on your luck. Like any transaction, there are reliable and unreliable things in this market. How to choose is a matter of skill and character. When I was in graduate school, I told others about one-to-one tutoring. Now, because of my work, I often find my students for one-on-one tutoring professional courses for seniors and sisters from various schools. This answer may have moved some people’s jobs, and it is unlikely to be hot. If one more person can see it, just one more can see it. In fact, many seniors and sisters come out for one-on-one tutoring, but they don’t value the amount of class fees. It’s just that I want to earn some extra money in my free time. As for whether I earn 100 per hour or 110 per hour, it doesn’t matter. They are all graduate students, and no one is short of that 10 yuan. Of course, a 100-hour difference between the price and the market price is definitely not good. Isn’t this taking people as inadequate? At that time, I had a very good relationship with my elementary school students. Later, the class hours were not enough, and the difference was 3 or 5 class hours, and I also confiscated the money. I also have students and have encountered this situation. In short, it’s not all about money. Let me first talk about how to determine whether it is reliable, the most important point. Make sure this person belongs to this school. When two people first come into contact, they are both defensive to each other. At this time, while you are still unfamiliar, ask everything you want to ask, don’t wait for the relationship to be familiar in the future to ask again, it hurts your feelings. For example, the number of sessions, name, professional class score, professional class ranking, what information is provided, and how much is a class hour. Do you have a study plan, how to answer questions, and ask clearly about these things. For example, Senior Sister tells you that my surname is Wang, so just call me Senior Sister Wang. Just say, Hello Sister Wang, it is convenient to tell me my full name. I went to the official website to check it out. I was deceived by a liar a few days ago and I was scared. Say it openly, don’t circumspect, don’t tuck and hide. I have done one-on-one tutoring, and I can understand it. If I am sensible, I will send you the admission list of the year. For the information, everything else is easy to handle. The real questions over the years are really not available in any school. Don’t have to say that if there is no real question, I will kill me and I won’t report it. Some schools just don’t have the previous real question, and there is no memoir version. There is nothing I can do with the arrival of the king. There is no need to compare this, you don’t, and neither does your competitor. No need. The price ranges from 80 to 300 per lesson. There are one hour and 45 minutes per lesson. This is fine, the difference is not bad, and the prices are different for different majors. Even the same major, the price is different. For example, Nanjing Normal University, the school has clearly stipulated that graduate students are prohibited from coming out to do one-on-one supplementary lessons. You have found it. The price must be expensive, and it is risky. The other is that after you find the senior sister, you must listen to it, just one or two class hours. If you are more generous, even if it is not appropriate, you should give the two lessons to others. After all, you have passed the exam, and you may be a brother in the same discipline. If you feel at a disadvantage, just say yes, give half of the audition inappropriate, and you can agree. One depends on how the lecture is going, and the other depends on whether the lecture style is acceptable. Don’t look at the scores of 130 or 140 in professional courses and pay directly without listening to it. A good test does not mean a good speech. There are a lot of people doing the question line, but they don’t understand it. In addition, it is best to pay for 10 hours and 10 hours, because you pay too much at one time. I really met a senior and elder sister who was not a human. I listened to the thief carefully in the early stage, and it was too easy to suffer if I received the money. If you have fewer intersections at one time, you can also lose fewer points. This thing is really high risk, or it depends on luck. When you meet someone who has a good personality and is righteous, two people will get along very happily. In the event of a funeral, that is also true. Let me talk about how to get along with the seniors. I feel that this is the most important thing. In many cases, it is not the seniors who want to lie to you, nor the younger brothers and sisters who want to find fault, but the way of getting along is wrong. The first thing to do is to give yourself a heart-building approach. The lecturer is for graduate students. Except for pedagogy, none of them have received professional training from normal colleges, so it is normal for flaws in the lecture process. In addition, there is no need to use honorific names for seniors and sisters, don’t you, your old, show old. Just call your brother and sister. There is another thinking that needs to be adjusted, that is, it is bigger. The one-on-one tutoring of seniors and senior sisters is the same as when you go to a doctor, a lawyer, and a police officer. People earn your money, but they are helping you, and they don’t have to earn this money. This is not a service industry. Don’t be like Xunsan’s grandson. Senior elder sisters are the same with younger brothers. They will be in the same class after being inconsistent. If you can help a little bit more, you can help a little bit more. As long as you are not bad-hearted, you will definitely be able to read you well. If two people can really be like friends, this process will be very enjoyable. Having said that, there are a lot of good people, but it’s not easy to meet. This is a matter of luck, but if you have encountered it, please cherish it. A hundred causes will have results, and I can’t hide from me after the first day of the new year. I am the number one who likes to tell the truth the most in the postgraduate entrance examination industry. The fifteenth elder brother of society, people are not ruthless and talkative. It’s too hard to use the bar, and it’s too hard to spray. There was a scandal, and garbage was picked up. Determined to live up to a joke of old dios.

6 months ago

To analyze this problem, there are two key points. First, how high is the threshold of experience accumulation in teaching. In the year of my postgraduate entrance examination last year, I really liked Teacher Tang Chi. Teacher Tang Chi once said: I have talked about reading for ten years, and I have a different experience every year. Therefore, for the same reason, I think the threshold of teaching experience accumulation is definitely relatively high. What if you learn well by yourself? Can you really teach well without experiencing this accumulation? Although the postgraduate entrance examination community says that there are many famous teachers, it is definitely not as many as there are more and more 400 exams, so one-on-one is not useless, but if you have the money, are the famous teachers who have followed them not fragrant? Second, seniors and sisters have high scores in the postgraduate entrance examination, but when they teach you, they actually forgot a lot of knowledge. Why? As long as you have studied it, you know that on the first day you will memorize 100 words, and I will go there a week later. I almost lost my helmet and armor! Nothing grows! The senior sisters are not gods either. One month before the first exam, they can use Ebbinghaus to accumulate knowledge and get the highest level in the exam. Afterwards, Ebbinghaus will still come to condolences us so we have one-on-one tutoring, unless they really do it for a long time and keep repeating it. They forget so much, no matter how high the exam is, how much is left when tutoring you Tip: So, it makes sense to be able to talk to big institutions, big institutions, famous teachers on the market, and so many people. Isn’t it fragrant? Disclaimer, I’m also a member of the 21st postgraduate entrance examination. It has nothing to do with interest, just to say a little bit. The truth

6 months ago

Uninvited. Although I do not take the postgraduate entrance examination, nor do I engage in postgraduate entrance examination-related work, I have a very good friend who is currently engaged in this area. After listening to him complaining about a lot of postgraduate entrance examinations, I will tell you today. I don’t know what everyone thinks about the postgraduate entrance examination institution. I heard my friends complain about it. It seems that most students feel bitter and enmity, and they have a natural sense of defense when they look at institutions. Once I drank too much, my friend said with a big tongue and tears, “Tm Cao Dan was scolded today. I said that even your job can be scolded?” Every day is nothing more than chatting and writing articles, and all the flowers of the motherland are contacted. Who can scold you. Heh, he sneered, if it were all flowers, you can’t see the weeds under the flowers. Don’t think that the quality of students is good. I instinctively felt something was going on, so he didn’t say a word, and then he told us about it. When it was about to get off work that day, a student joined in and asked for counseling when he came up. My friend was ready to go fishing and get off work. , Like this kind of strong intention, definitely can’t let it go. After asking the basic information about the college, major and other basic information, I started to talk to him about the tutoring situation. My friend talked passionately, but the classmate was very cold and hard, either. Asking him about the situation seems to keep everything secret. When I was finished, I didn’t see any response from him, so I asked tentatively, is there anything else I don’t understand? What kind of class do you want to apply for? He also said euphemistically that if it was possible, he could pay a deposit first, but the word deposit would be a bad thing. First, two smiley faces were posted, and then the words “outputting” flashed continuously on the screen. My friend felt bad at the time. As expected, he said hello to his aunt very politely, and then kept outputting on his face. Several pieces of news bombed, each of which is a manifestation of high-quality education. This is not like a graduate student in the future. I don’t know that Zuan is a wanted criminal at large. This series of operations directly confuses him. I don’t understand what’s going on. He has become a liar when he mentions money. ? In this case, my friend didn’t get angry, and politely asked if he could explain it. Just when he wanted to explain, the person output for a while, and then he deleted the person directly. ….. I can feel the grievances of my friend across the screen. Although I only listened to his dictation, I could still feel how unpleasant the classmate’s scolding was. At the same time, a doubt arose. Not deceived? I’m so excited. When did the postgraduate entrance examination institution become synonymous with a liar, students not only look at it with colored glasses, but also naturally take precautions. Even the postgraduate entrance examination articles, there are very few likes. I can often brush up the postgraduate entrance examination articles on Zhihu. Many of the articles are really well written, properly dried, and well-founded, but there are very few approvals, and on average there is no There are more than one hundred, and the most are not more than one thousand. It’s even more ridiculous after flipping through the comments. All sorts of flattering, a teacher screaming, want to get the information you want, then you don’t know how to give the teacher a thumbs up, is it easy to work hard? While wanting to benefit from the postgraduate entrance examination institution, while being defensive, I am afraid that he will go to the class, but if you don’t open up, how can the teacher help you? An extreme student like the above is a case, but there are really a lot of prejudices. After consulting what you want, the basic person disappears. You can’t find him when you are looking for it. In fact, do postgraduate entrance examination institutions really hate it? Actually it is not. It’s just that everyone doesn’t trust the Internet. It’s normal to be afraid of being cheated. I don’t want to speak for postgraduate entrance examination institutions. I don’t do this and I don’t even advertise to any other institution. I say so much just to make everyone change. It’s just a way of thinking. Regardless of whether it’s postgraduate entrance examination or other things, if you really want to do something, and your financial conditions are suitable, then you should leave it to professional people to do it. The reason why professional people are professional is because there are more professionals than you. Having eaten this line of food for several years, I have more experience than you. If you really want to find a postgraduate entrance examination institution for counseling, you really need to be screened, communicate more, and understand, because now the market is chaotic, and there are indeed many scammers. I still advise everyone to calm down, communicate friendly, and give each other a chance, say Uncertainty is to give yourself a chance. Let’s talk about tutoring. As far as I know, one-on-one tutoring for graduate students is the best service and the best type of tutoring on the market. It does greatly improve your grades and can save you money. Spend a lot of time and energy. But at this point, I have to say something extreme. I really don’t recommend that students go private to seek counseling from seniors. The reason why postgraduate entrance examination institutions have survived until now is that they earn this money. He is more of a first class. The role of tripartite supervision is to sign an agreement with you and the graduate student, and there are legal provisions to ensure the service and learning effects. And if you go to a graduate student for tutoring alone, and there is no third-party supervision, who guarantees your service, who guarantees your learning effect, and who is deceived if you are not cheated? Isn’t it the case that many people criticize just giving notes and not giving lectures? If you have something to do with your relatives and cause trouble to the end, whether your relatives have done anything, it’s all about it. In terms of other things, there are a large number of postgraduate entrance examination questions that appear on the hot list every year. Most of them are concentrated on the need for guidance and registration. Although there is no lack of official “paced” suspicions, But on the other hand, it does also reflect the confusion of the postgraduate entrance exams. Here we will talk about the need for counseling for the postgraduate entrance exams. Under each such question, there will be various experience posts. Although I try to hide it, I can still tell people at a glance that this is an agency advertisement. It is a long discussion about whether to apply for a class or not. The final conclusion It’s a newspaper! In fact, it’s about applying for a class. Why are you hiding it? Just say, what kind of person is suitable for class reporting, and what kind of advantages and services we can provide. Make money, not shabby. In fact, to put it bluntly, what kind of person needs to apply for a class, so much is useless, it depends on the basics, the following is a list for everyone, who can learn by themselves, and who needs to apply for a class. 1. Test in general colleges and universities, good foundation, non-popular majors, self-study 2. Good school, good foundation, unpopular majors, self-study 3. Background from a prestigious school, good foundation, self-study in any major 5. Very poor foundation, Don’t say anything, the registration is over. 6. It is recommended to apply for classes in general colleges and universities, basic and popular majors. It is recommended to apply for classes. 7. Examine good schools. Except for unpopular majors, it is recommended to apply for classes. Don’t care about the majors in the colleges and universities. If you don’t ask for the guidance of a famous teacher, it is basically useless. Every year, the people who teach themselves in Qingbei are the top of the top. Are they more intuitive? To put it bluntly, it is decided by the basics. Those who have good basics have the qualifications for willfulness. You have to review for one year, and half a year is enough for others. Those who come from prestigious schools, you don’t want to give them tutoring for free, and they can’t wait for the other way around. The tutor knows more than the teacher. On the other hand, those who have a bad background, have a poor foundation, and don’t know how to review them. What do you want to do if you don’t register for a class? Where is your way out? Although the words are awkward, this is the reality. The competition for the postgraduate entrance examination is very, very strong. It really means to respond to the sentence. People who are better than you work harder than you. At this time, you have to figure out what you want to take. To compete with this group of people, what is your advantage. The postgraduate entrance examination is very bitter, really bitter, especially in the later stage, you will feel very lonely, the mentality is easy to collapse, it is very torturous, so I also advise those students who are still hesitating whether to take the postgraduate entrance examination, if they can’t eat this Suffering, then don’t take the postgraduate entrance examination. The postgraduate entrance examination is to go ashore to find a good job and get a high salary. Don’t do things that are destined to be cannon fodder. Let’s take a final question. If you are reliable or not, you still have different opinions. You have to consider it yourself. What I can say is, don’t treat him with prejudice and understand more. If you can really find a good organization to counsel you , Your chances of going ashore will really be greatly improved. But at the same time, it really takes a long time to think, and there are many pits in the organization, and you will be deceived if you don’t pay attention.

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