I personally think that this issue should be the best tempo of the season right now, not to mention the funniest, but at least there are beginnings and endings. The setting of this script kill is also quite fun, and the answer is not shown to the audience. This feeling of being involved, the guests in this issue are also willing to “injure each other” with the ace family. Brother Teng is really hard, wrestling and dripping water. Wu Tong gives Brother Teng a task every time. Let Xiaotong also come to an issue. And the Ace Family is really a “plastic family”. It can be seen that there is no private relationship except when recording the show, but it also shows that their relationship is true and not artificial. Although they did not deliberately create an atmosphere of love and affection, they The time on stage is really like a noisy family. This period of youth memory killing really touched me. I didn’t feel much in the previous issues. Although I have watched “Han Zhu Ge Ge” “Wrong Sedan Chair Married to the Right Man”, but I don’t particularly like it, I just like to watch “Huan Tian Xi Di Seven Fairies”. “This kind of fancy drama, when the music is played, I feel like I am back to the summer of my childhood, waiting eagerly in front of the TV, tonight I saw the goddesses of childhood appear in front of me again, but one by one showed oldness, I I can only feel that the years are not forgiving. In fact, every time I watch Ace, I also have great expectations for Huahua’s music, but this season is not satisfied with Huahua’s music performance. In the first two seasons, I feel that he really has practiced well and listened to him singing every time. It’s all enjoyment. This season’s music performance is completely perfunctory. It’s also very strange to put together this season. Apart from his own songs, he always stares at the teleprompter and sings the lyrics without emotion. Maybe it’s the fans’ admiration to make him. It’s swollen, or the director’s song doesn’t suit his appetite. This is not a singer’s attitude towards music. If there is another season, I hope he can use some snacks. After the kid incident, I don’t understand him more and more. Up.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Wang Ziwen’s sentence Don’t let Jia Ling run and let Yang Ying run is really disgusting to me. How cute we Jia Ling is, why can’t it be a girl. She is the cutest and kind girl. Shen Teng really worked hard for the show. Brother Teng went to pull the bucket to contribute to the laugh. That link was abandoned. The trump card was so hot that Jia Ling and Shen Teng would be kowtow to hope that Brother Teng would not use this method to make the audience laugh. As a fan, I really can’t laugh. Teng wrestling, everyone is laughing, only Jia Ling is worried

6 months ago


In this issue, three feelings: 1. The role (work) is the actor’s greatest confidence. The four actresses played their respective classic roles: Jiang Xin has “Ode to Joy” Fan Shengmei, Wang Ziwen has “Ode to Joy” Qu Xiaoxiao, Mao Xiaotong has “Thirty Only” Zhong Xiaoqin, (not included above Their other classic roles), and Yang Ying is fortunate that there was a “Skyscraper” last year, otherwise there is really nothing to represent. 2. Shen Teng’s EQ is really high, and behind his EQ is actually a human being. Two small examples: Hua Chenyu missed Guan Xiaotong when commenting on the ace family (in fact, she missed Shen Tao), and Shen Teng immediately ran over to cue Guan Xiaotong to round the field. Shen Teng lost the game and needed to post on Weibo. He knew everything about everyone, including Shen Tao and Da Pan. 3. This kind of reunion of old colleagues is actually really embarrassing. If you usually get in touch and have a good relationship, you won’t feel surprised at this reunion; if you don’t get in touch (this is actually the norm), the protagonist’s move during the reunion is more not because of his old colleagues, but because of himself. Of youth. (For example, Shang Wenjie’s time) As a supporting role to participate in the reunion, in fact, it takes courage to face the cruel reality. This is life. Finally, let’s talk a little bit. Each issue of the program group actually thinks of a shell and installs the few routine games (microphone, you are better than I guess, etc.) into it. Fortunately, the comedic abilities of Shen Teng and Jia Ling make such a boring process interesting. However, the program team designed the shell to use a snack. In this issue, did the “dead” unexplored prophet write this clue poem in advance? This is too unreasonable.

6 months ago

I learned that the trump card season is coming to an end two days ago, and I feel like there is something missing in my life. This is the first answer about variety shows. Today I suddenly wanted to see Shen Teng’s performance in the first season of the joyous comedian. So when I got off work, I turned on the computer and searched it. At that time, Brother Teng was still so embarrassed. At that time, Brother Teng was still so thin. The comedians of the previous seasons or two have been chasing, although every sketch has been seen many times. Although the current brother Teng is a little fatter, he can be regarded as a real man who is on the point of laughter. When he was in graduate school, he looked at the happy comedian. Then, after working, with Shen Teng’s trump card, she gradually watched Teng Ling’s growth in the trump card. Now one is already a 20 billion box office male god, and the other is the world’s number one female director. It is both good luck and the result of hard work. All the shows about Shen Teng, regardless of film, news, gossip, etc. are very hobbies, even the previous two days of Shen Teng went to Harper’s Bazaar, I even watched Harper’s Harper. There have been a lot of discussions about the ace family recently… For example, the “Guan Xiaotong who is gradually growing up” discussed in the past two days, and the current “Is Shen Teng so funny in private” who is still on the hot list, and then in the evening. Started to wait for the trump card to play. The slot point of this issue is the same as that of the entire season. However, it is obviously better than the previous issues. It’s not like the messy issue of Times Youth League, and it’s not like the singer’s issue, and it doesn’t show a face. I heard that this is the last issue, I always feel that something is missing. Just want to say, Wang Ziwen is so beautiful, and the image of Wang Ziwen has been stuck in the short hair image in Ode to Joy. Looking at it this way, it looks so good… The burden and time of this issue are as tight as ever, but in the face of the appearance of these beauties, it is acceptable. This episode is estimated to be the game of the heroine. Shen Teng feels obviously unable to let go. There is no one among the guests who can CUE with Brother Teng. In this issue, it is obvious to converge, not too relaxed. Maybe it’s because I don’t know them very well….There is another thing that is impressive. Is the baby a bit too scheming… First, I asked Yang Mi and her who is good-looking… Brother Teng Having said that Yang Mi looks good, I also specifically asked, which melons have been eaten on Weibo recently? ? Knowing Mao Xiaotong’s melon… I think Huahua is telling the truth. Most people should come here for Tengling… Another thing is that Dong Yong from the Seven Fairies also came. , Anyway, let me say a few more words… In the end, just one sentence, the editing was gone… What a miserable trump card. Before the start of this season, it was said that Shen Teng and trump card might part ways… I sincerely wish the trump card can go farther and farther… the point is to have Tengling in… the show can go to the present, it is very difficult… the trump card that must be watched every week has also become life Part of it. Come on, I hope I can do better next season and have more room to play.

6 months ago

Can’t you be undercover, can’t you just come here with Shen Teng? It really hurts to fall. He must have really knocked on others, and I am too lazy to complain, just with the mentality of watching one issue one issue at a time. Wu Tong, you just broadcast the show in the commercial, and let the guests advertise together. You can change the MC next season and don’t toss Shen Teng and Jia Ling. In addition, Wang Ziwen, your child’s seven-year-old father dare not say, why not let Jia Ling, an unmarried girl, run away and say that they are women? Jia Ling fat can laugh at herself but can’t be laughed at. No wonder she hasn’t been popular for so many years. For the sixth season, I only watched the live broadcast, without the desire to watch it again. I watched it no less than a hundred times in the fourth season.

6 months ago

I think the game is still quite interesting. Compared with the previous two issues, this issue is a bit interesting. There is too little burden, and the editing is as bad as always. Forget it, Wu Tong is at that level, and we can’t ask for more, otherwise it’s too difficult for him. Yang Tianbao was soaked in water, which was quite surprising, so he was stronger than Yang Mi. But Wang Ziwen’s sentence “Jia Ling is not right, Yang Ying is still you”, really makes me feel particularly uncomfortable. I feel it’s very rude and uneducated. It’s a bit too disrespectful to people, and it’s completely different from those ridicule Jia Ling’s fat. This is not in accordance with the rules of the game. Even for the effect of the show, I think this is very offensive to the enthusiastic audience of Ace to Ace. In the end, Jia Ling solved the embarrassment with a joke. I used to hate Wang Ziwen inexplicably, especially her roles in “Ode to Joy” and “The Murder Chaser”, but now she is even more awkward. In addition, Wang Ziwen is a bit ignorant now. With the success of “Li Huanying”, Jia Ling is actually better than Tianbao who is going downhill. Is it necessary to lick Tianbao like this? Then came the old-fashioned reunion, I just skipped it. This time it is “Seven Fairies”, I really want to ask Wu Tong, is it necessary to have such a reunion for all old movies? Then, should I arrange the “Guanzhong Bandit” and “Starscream” that I watched when I was young? I want to see the reunion of Luo Manman, Xifeng, and the Thirteenth Master. Finally, can the role of the undercover spoiler stop arranging Shen Teng? Really speechless.

6 months ago

I was asked to modify the answer. Because I can’t say the word spicy chicken. Mao Xiaotong is so beautiful! It seems that she was born in dance? The posture in a dress is also great. I changed my way to baby black, relying on her to get drenched honestly. Although she was a little careful, pouring her hair without pouring her face, she was more sincere than Miss Yang. In addition, Wang Ziwen is a bit low in EQ, why not let Sister Ling run away. Fortunately, Brother Teng saved the field and let everyone run after Ling. In the end, Wang Ziwen didn’t find a polite reason to come back. Our sister Ling can’t compare to baby! All triumphant! I want to chase sister Ling!

6 months ago

I said that I was speechless. This Ms. Wang Ziwen doesn’t have to lick the baby all the time, is it good to lick it on stage? Don’t let Jia Ling run? A trace of Q Simi? Wang Ziwen, Yang Ying. One of these two has a child so old, and his father doesn’t know who it is; the other is married and gave birth to a child and then divorced. These two are more suitable for acting as a girl. Jia Ling is not suitable for acting as a girl who has not given birth or been married. Girls? Both girls and women are changes in women, different stages of a woman. You think you are still a girl. After all, women have a girlish heart, and girls are mature and feminine. There is no problem. This is your own business. But if you are instructing others, first see if you are worthy. (I think most passers-by are looking at the trump cards for Shen Teng and Jia Ling. They don’t respect Jia Ling on a Jia Ling show. I don’t think the audience will have a good face.) There is no sense of variety, and no one is disgusting. Some people are wrong.

6 months ago

neither fish nor fowl. After all, Shen Teng and Jia Ling, the golden partner, have carried most of the laughter. This issue of Xiaotong is also great, and Shen Tao has always been great. The theme is unsatisfactory. The murderer has N personalities, N motives and N clues. After revealing the answer, will you show me this? ? ? I feel so distressed that Shen Teng is so hard to do the task and one sentence of poetry will explode his identity. I really don’t know the meaning of this line. The game is worse, nothing to say. The worst seven fairies, few shots, no need to participate in the game, ten minutes to click away, Ye Qinghui feels serious perfunctory. I don’t dislike it. It is actually enough to have Shen Teng and Jia Ling to go there. I will look forward to it, just like the Qing 2 just for guests such as Zhou Shen and Yang Di. if not? Is it possible to watch Wu Tong’s show?

6 months ago

The ninth issue and the tenth issue were viewed together. Except for the other two issues, what kind of lens allocation and what, I am very happy to watch. Look at the ace, I’m here for the ace family. The feeling of family is back again! Really happy! ! Xiaotong’s sense of variety is much stronger, and Xiaodu’s answer is really cute! And now I like to watch her perform more and more, the clips of my son-in-law are naturally very cute. The performance in the tenth stage is very entertaining and scared me to act. Xiaotong is really good! ! Brother Teng is as always the god of variety show hahahaha, and I feel that Brother Teng is in good condition in these few episodes, and his appearance seems to have improved (? Anyway, I feel more handsome, hahaha) Brother Ai Teng! ! ! Ling’er is also super cute ah ah ah ah, the two dimpled wives are too sweet, they catch the stem, and they are also very funny, oh oh so much love me Linger! Huahua is so handsome. The ice water and mustard are really great. I laughed yue during the performance of Zhao Si. Hahahaha, Huahua really has no idol burden. Lovely Huahua~ Ace Family I really love it. From season 4 to season 6, and the lovely host Shen Tao, it’s really icing on the cake. Xiao Song’s lens seems to have been adjusted, not so much. This way I personally think it’s pretty good, hahaha, there are not many shots but it’s not so disgusting. Xiao Song is also slowly blending in, and he really laughed at the toothpaste, silly and cute.

6 months ago

I didn’t want to read it or write it, but I was still bored to read it, and it was hard to hide what I wanted to say. The biggest feeling this time gave me was three words: awkwardness + sadness 1. The director team won. In recent issues, the trump card has become popular again in the curse, and the fire is dark and shiny, but in this issue, it is obvious that the director not only does not accept criticism, but also has become more intensified. There is a lot of “If you don’t listen, you don’t listen, brother is Feel like this. All I can say is, director, you won! 2. Advertising can be called epic. After reading this issue, I decided that I have never used these products, but I will never use them. This is the main effect of advertising money… This advertising has reached a heinous stage, which can be called epic. Unbearable! Why is it a variety show, how good it is to directly “advertise to advertisement”! Incapable of complaining, you succeeded in persuading me to retreat. 3. Introduce embarrassing plot. The guests in this issue have already penetrated the bottom line of the variety show. I can’t talk about how bad they are, but they definitely don’t have the ability to carry the variety show. Then introduce the embarrassing plot of the case. Oh my goodness, I watched it for an hour and a half. Chills again and again, aren’t they embarrassed on stage? Most of these actresses didn’t get Teng Ling’s stalks, and they couldn’t throw them back. All that was left was an awkward smile. I was afraid of their spasms when they laughed. The “excellent” acting skills and the embarrassing commercial mutual praise, what fk… …I didn’t even dare to listen to this investigative case. I’m afraid that their scripts will help them, and they will arrange things in advance. They will use “excellent” acting skills on the stage to play tricks. The Chinese entertainment circle really wants to change the fake…4. Existence of Heart Abuse Shen Teng’s fall is definitely a stage accident. This is not a slip. It’s a person shooting on the ground, so other people laugh? Don’t the director team call cards? This is the domestic super first-line male star, is the current domestic box office top flow, is the significance of the trump card, is it treated like this? Director group,(make up your own brain), you guys are good…..in the word guessing session, Wang Mouwen’s ab run is suitable, Jia Ling’s run is wrong, you are not good! Jia Ling, the world’s highest-grossing female director, a top-notch female comedian in China, an unmarried female, no gossip, no gangsters, in the eyes of your group of 139 female artists? (self-brain supplement) I don’t want to say how big the ace family is, nor do I want to say how high Tengling’s emotional intelligence is, but relative to you, the family is pure and noble. The guests and the directors’ group abused my heart! 5. The old problems are declining. The cookie-cutter games, in this issue, I have already felt the taste of the guests playing like wax, and a little bit of brain won’t make you play a game forever. The general editors, directors and editors at the scene of the accident, you are the existence of the blue station crouching dragon and phoenix… The ending is sensational, and it will remain the same for thousands of years. I have never watched this fairy TV series. I just think that if they have a good relationship, usually Don’t you contact me, do you still use the stage to stare, exclaim, and cry? What kind of love is inciting? From this, I sublime an ending, (I have never tried, but I can make up for it by myself), a variety show that fully reveals the true performance of society… In summary, Shen Teng’s line: Destroy it, tired ps: This article It has been modified more than five times and it has changed beyond recognition. The review results have always been insults and slanders. I laughed angrily. I can only give one more praise. When criticism is not free, praise is meaningless! Platform you won

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