Of course, both parties will change. It is appropriate to say that they “mutually” adapt to each other and work together for the sake of the family. The basic changes are as follows: 1. One becomes two people; two people become 3 or 4 people; 2. Marriage is love. After marriage, love gradually becomes family. The longer the time, the greater the change. 3. Marriage. Both men and women have “thoughts”. After marriage, the thoughts become less. The longer the time, the fewer thoughts. In the end, they can’t think about it; 4. Before marriage, you can tolerate the lack of each other, and you cannot tolerate it after marriage. Point out directly, even quarreling with each other; 5. Two people before marriage and after marriage may be two people, but with children, it is really difficult to separate two people in this life; 6. Two people may be happy before marriage, and after marriage Two people may be more painful, of course, some people have the opposite; some have changed from thin to fat, some have become thinner from fat to thin; some have become fatter and fatter; 7. There are more love talks before marriage, and they all talk for “money” after marriage. Even noisy; sometimes I don’t bother to “chat” more just caring words, ordinary conversations and greetings in life; 8. Before marriage, I long for freedom-how good two people are; there is really no “freedom” after marriage ; More often you “go to the toilet” and the other person wants to know what you are doing? Why is it so long? Is it related to… 9. Before marriage, the words are love words, and after the marriage words are “money” talk a lot-it should be used to repay the mortgage, property fees, utilities, car insurance, children Tuition fees, parents’ living expenses, your expenses…Can you save some, next month…You are so nagging! nagging! nagging! Annoying! 10. Before marriage, I pay more attention to personal image. After marriage, it seems that it doesn’t matter. After a long time, the uncle and aunt are anyway; 11. Before marriage, most men are strong, and after marriage, most women have become strong from weak—from female princesses. Become a housewife, a good wife, a good mother, a nanny, and finally a yellow face woman; 12. Before marriage, men are worried about what will happen to women, and after marriage, women are more worried about what will happen to men; 13. The biggest change after marriage is two people They have become mature, and the longer they have matured, the harder they have become; 14. Before marriage, a woman thinks that having a man is a home. After marriage, a woman understands that she has a child to have a home; therefore, women become more family-oriented; 15. Before marriage Both parties can accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Marriage can only be used to get used to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 16. Before marriage, men have strong hands-on and verbal skills. After marriage, men’s hands-on and verbal skills are weaker, and women have little ability to verbalize. Strong ability and strong hands-on ability; 17. Before marriage is the beginning of happiness, after marriage is the beginning of doubtful happiness-is this happiness? If… But in the end it may be like this for a lifetime; 18. Before marriage is passion, after marriage, it is anxious for money or both partners; 19. Before marriage, they want to fight together in the future. After marriage, some couples are both. Fight and fight each other; 20. Before marriage, I want to have a good life after marriage, but the “good” life after marriage is really something that neither of them can imagine; in the end, neither of them want to think about it anymore; in short, marriage is Good, life after marriage is plain and practical, but generally speaking, it is happy. At least someone will accompany you to move forward, despite the joy, joy, pain, and suffering… when you When you are fortunate enough to care about your children and really care about your partner, you will feel how happy you are-because you have a family, many responsibilities, and many obligations…Couldn’t you change?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Yes, let alone whether there will be changes before and after marriage, a person will definitely change over time. Time can’t stop, then a person’s change will continue forever, it’s just a matter of how fast the change is. The changes before and after marriage may be more obvious changes. When you are in love, you generally only need to consider each other. Two people can give each other more time and energy, that is, give each other more love. After getting married and forming a new family, one party has to take care of each other, and the other has to take care of the elderly and children, and may have to bear more mortgages and car loans. There are more things that each other needs to take care of, so naturally there is less love left for each other. This is the reason why many people think that there will be great changes before and after marriage, because the lifestyle has changed a lot. However, marriage may bring some changes to both parties, but the changes may be negative or positive. If each other can manage each other’s relationship and marriage well, even if it changes, it may be better and better. Yeah. Good luck~

6 months ago

I changed after getting married. First of all, I didn’t have a plan in terms of money when I was in Girls’ Generation. The main thing was daily food and clothing. Because I am young and have a good metabolism, I openly eat my favorite food and rarely think about gaining weight. Now, if I eat a piece of cream cake, I will find that it has become one with me in the form of fat in a week. Suspecting about having children after marriage turned me into a sponge, which has very good absorption and is also very easy to swell. At that time, it was very romantic, with small lace dresses, small high-heeled shoes and small Kun bags…have a child after marriage, casual clothes, sports shoes, a mummy bag that is enough to swallow the mountains and rivers… The hair is a lot disheveled, and the clothes are changed every three or four days. Very inspirational… Unmarried likes to wear light colors, and the main thing is to be a mother after marriage. I had a plan to save money, I could see the clutter in the room, and walked with ease… I began to shift my focus from myself to others. After my child goes to school, I have a schedule that is closely related to him. When will I get up, cook, wash, go out… I no longer feel bored by being alone, but feel that it is a luxury. I started talking about cooperation and communication with my husband. In the past, it became more and more like a group to fight monsters. The content of you and mine will be reduced, and Mary Su’s hypocrisy sometimes becomes an intermittent Hedong Lion’s roar. Love is more practical, and other possibilities are not considered. If you consider it, you will be restless, and if you act, it will be illegal. This is also good, single-minded, relatively white-headed, hand in hand to end the old age.

6 months ago

I don’t want to care so much. Anyway, if you are good to me, I will treat you better. If you take the initiative to do housework, I will rush to do housework with you. You respect my parents and I respect your parents. I am more upright than you. However, if you are lazy, I am lazier than you. If you play games every day, I don’t just play games and I don’t always charge up. Responsibility I am more irresponsible than you, and by the way I will cause you trouble. Who is afraid of whom! Come on horseback! (irritable)

6 months ago

People are always growing, even if they don’t get married, they are always changing. However, some changes are acceptable and some changes are unacceptable. Before marriage, we must check whether the other party’s goodness is pretending instead of “it has always been the case.” If you touch the bottom line, you should leave as soon as possible. Those who feel that the object of marriage has changed, the high probability is because when they are in love, they try to show the best side of each other, but this kind of high-power output beautiful image is unsustainable, and it will change when the purpose of marriage is achieved. Back to the original state, so flash marriages are risky. It is recommended that you talk about love for a while. If a person’s goodness can last a long time, there is a high probability that they can be used for a lifetime.

6 months ago

Of course it will. The identity has changed, the mentality will also change, and all aspects will change more or less, but some people are changing in a good direction, and some people may become unaccustomed to themselves. Doesn’t like the look. Before marriage, it was a sweet little couple. It only takes two people to be together to secrete unlimited dopamine, immersed in the ocean of love and cannot extricate themselves. But marriage is not a matter of two people, it is a matter of two families, or even two families. After marriage, both parties will face many unavoidable problems. For example, in terms of getting along with each other, although poor and poor couples are sad, but the rich and the wealthy are also happy. Falling in love and getting married are completely different concepts. After getting married, you need to get in touch with each other, and each other will gradually discover a lot of bad habits and even some unacceptable quirks. When the gap between reality and expectations is too large, it will inevitably cause There is a huge psychological gap. Over time, both people will become more tolerant and patient, but they will become more concerned and anxious. For example, in terms of ideology, two people are considered before marriage, and there will be more and more people and things to be considered after marriage. Trivial things that you once thought were indifferent may also be caressed about afterwards. The sense of ritual that was once attached great importance may also be gradually ignored in the feathers of a place. How many people have thought that romantic and sacred love has become a bleak scene of two people living together. Marriage is worth looking forward to, because the best home for the one you love the most is to join hands for life. Marriage also requires careful consideration. It’s okay to get in the wrong car. It’s just a delay. Finding the wrong person will delay a lifetime. I think most people will change after they get married. Perhaps many times they are insincere and involuntary, but life is live broadcast. There are not many opportunities to come back, and time will not wait for us to grow up. No We will wait for everyone to understand how to manage a marriage before starting the time. The so-called deep love is so shallow. Having said that, there are good and bad changes, some we can control, and some we can’t do anything about it. We can only try our best to move forward in a good direction, face every yaw with a positive attitude, and work hard to get back on track. If we really can’t get back, then don’t waste the rest of each other’s lives. Let those who should disembark disembark and let the right Join the right person and start your new life journey together with the right person.

6 months ago

People often jokingly say: Men change their faces as soon as they get married. Indeed, many women feel this way. A man before marriage is obedient, gentle and considerate, thinking that after marriage, the ease and happiness in love will continue, but who knows that this person has changed after marriage, slowly not the previous one He became a good and attentive man, and gradually became lazy and lost his concentration, and his position of being unique was also challenged. So women began to complain: marriage is really the tomb of love. In fact, this phenomenon is normal, and it is a normal manifestation of human nature. If the marriage was chosen because the other party was really good to oneself and was good enough to tolerate all the shortcomings, then in the end we have to understand in the astonishment of falling into reality. , No one will keep such a posture forever, everyone will expose the truth in marriage. Entering marriage, starting to get along with each other day and night, like a magnifying glass, exaggerating everyone’s shortcomings and shortcomings. In years of life, no one can always show the most glamorous and complete side to the other person. Everyone will slack off and return to a position where they like the most and adapt. Don’t want to wrong yourself, don’t pretend to be good. .

6 months ago

Why do some people feel that after entering a marriage, the other person has changed, as if they weren’t the same person. In fact, there are two reasons. The first one is that after entering the marriage, the roles of both parties will change. Uh, the original relationship between boy and girl friends has become a relationship between husband and wife. Some people can quickly adapt to this kind of environment and role changes, and some people may not be able to enter quickly, they will have a role disorder. This will happen after the role is out of balance. In terms of language behavior, some states are different from the original appearance, such as showing that they are not so patient with the other half, being very impatient, and also very lazy in behavior, and unwilling to work. Ah, this point, er, as the spouse, if it can be identified, it should communicate well with the other party and help the other party to enter the role as soon as possible. Ah, if there is no good identification scheme, blame the other party. The contradiction between the two will deepen, and then decision-making failures may occur. It may mean that the final result may be a divorce, and another reason is after entering into a husband and wife relationship. Uh, it may be easier for both parties to have one thing happen, what is it? It means that both parties want to change each other according to their own lifestyles. But everyone knows. No one wants to be changed by others, because everyone is independent. If you want to change the other party, can it cause the other party to resist, or is it? Do it directly against you, so that the contradiction between the two sides will get deeper and deeper. So yeah, when you enter a marriage relationship, don’t try to change the other person. Some people think how the other party has become such a person. In fact, the other person’s change may be your behavior. Your words are causing him to undergo such a change, and it is you who made him such a change. So sometimes if we feel that the other person has changed, we are more not to blame the other person. I have to reflect on myself. It is what I did or said. The result of the long-term influence makes the other party what it is now.

6 months ago

Yes, they will become more loving and cherish. She and her husband have first love to each other, are married and have children, and the little girl is almost 9 months old. After getting married, the relationship deepened. Of course, the relationship was also very good before getting married. They had to be with each other. With a child, my husband understands and tolerates me more, and is a particularly pleasant all-around husband. My husband can’t do anything before marriage. After all, I’ve been studying, and my mother-in-law’s clothes are washed and folded on the bed, but after I have a child , Confinement suddenly becomes omnipotent. Everyone in the family feels very surprised and can cook particularly delicious meals. In fact, I am not picky. I especially like to praise my husband. He thinks all his meals are delicious. He will coax the baby and me, change diapers, breastfeeding, and after the baby is born, these are all what my husband learns first and then teaches me. I always think my husband is the best. The parents-in-law and sister-in-law are very good. They have been living with their parents-in-law and sister-in-law when they are married. There is no conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the family gets along harmoniously. In terms of figure, it depends on the person to get fat after marriage. We are very happy, but we are not fat, hahaha. I belong to the physique of not being fat, that is, I have kept my weight around 92 kg from the third grade to the fourth grade. I eat a lot and have good digestion. Even if I don’t gain weight, I have very good physical fitness. It is fragrant to eat during pregnancy, confinement is very happy, what mother-in-law wants to eat and do, almost two months after giving birth, did not lose weight, naturally restored the weight before pregnancy, now weighs less than 100 kilograms. Her husband’s weight also remained at more than 120 kilograms, with a maximum of 130 kilograms, unchanged throughout the year.

6 months ago

Will change. Too much. Let me give you a few examples. Before marriage 1. After the date, he will ask me if I am happy today. Said as long as I am happy. 2. Take care of me very much, whether it is going out to eat, in front of friends, and family members. 3. I am very obedient in everything I say, and I do what I say. 4. Never lose your temper at me, and promise that you will never lose your temper at me after getting married. 5. Pay great attention to personal hygiene, especially if the opponent has a cleanliness, it is not allowed to have any taste. After he got married 1. He only cares about his own mood, shakes his face when he is upset outside, and talks to persuade him, which is useless. (At this time, you should understand. Don’t believe that a man says you are the most special to him.) Order only expensive items, and never consider the price. 2. Poor living habits, throwing clothes and pants everywhere, staying at home with mobile phones, and playing games at night. If you don’t say that he doesn’t do housework, you have to stare at him to help you do it. 3. Be considerate to me in front of my family. Once I get home, he will be my eldest son. 4. I was angry with others and sprinkled it on me and my child, feeling that the whole world owes him, and he is under the greatest pressure. 5. I can only say that I have never taken any real action. After each heart-to-heart talk, I am guaranteed to be hot for three minutes. No longer hopeful. Before I got married, I said that the wind is the rain. After going out of the Internet celebrity shop, I will eat it immediately. Basically, I don’t eat dinner at home every day. I often have dinner with my girlfriends and go out to play. Buy whatever you want. 2. It is rare to do housework at home, not to mention cooking. 3. If you feel uncomfortable, just say it directly, and break up if you say it’s not good. Dozens of rounds. 4. Cherish yourself and treat yourself well. Will not let myself be wronged. 5. I feel that although I don’t have bread, I am married to love. Will be very happy. After I got married 1. I only ordered a cup of milk tea, I saved money to buy clothes for my child and my husband, and all I bought were bargains between 20 and 30. 2. Make supplementary food for children, sweep the floor and mop the floor, clean up the house. Give the child a bath and coax him to sleep. Those who didn’t know before will be. 3. Very few chats with girlfriends, not to mention gatherings. It’s all around the kids on weekends. There is no private time, private space. 4. The mother-in-law helps with the child, and endure the uncomfortable place. Sometimes the husband loses his temper and can’t be angry with the mother-in-law, but also endure it. If you can’t agree, you still have to endure it for the sake of the child. One word forbearance. 5. It turns out that life is just a chicken feather, and I have become the person I hate the most. 8 years in love and 3 years of marriage. I was disappointed in him, disappointed in my marriage, and disappointed in myself. ~~Thank you for your comments, I want to explain to myself, I started to fall in love at the age of 17, and they were all first loves, and I was ignorant. At that time, I thought you cared about me and kept me. Use a breakup to verify your own weight in the opponent’s mind. Maybe there are too many romance novels. It is indeed too much, and now I can accept retribution. But it doesn’t matter that he alone bears it. I enjoy what a princess feel. We have experienced too much together for so long, so I think I married him because of love, and I also think I am special to him. I didn’t need a penny to get a gift when I got married. I took a loan to buy a new house (without my name). I borrowed more money for decoration and wedding. After getting married, his job was unstable and there was not enough money for childbirth. I asked my sister to borrow it. Slowly I became stronger. I actually don’t want this, but when the renovation cost is less than 30,000 yuan and I don’t know where to use it, Huabeibi suddenly owes thousands of dollars. I can only put all the money here and prevent him from using Huabeibi. I don’t want to clean up the house, but I can’t let the child crawl. I also don’t want to arrange everything for him. But without arranging him, he can always use the computer and do nothing. I don’t want to have so much heart that can’t be done. I’m tired too. Last Sunday, the child had no pants to wear, so I said to go to the mall to buy one first, and then buy two online. I saw the second store and tried one. I didn’t think it was very good-looking, so I said to look at it again. If there is no suitable one, I will buy it again. When I left the store, my husband shook his face, and when he entered the next store, he just sat down and played on his mobile phone. I asked him several times to let him see how it was. He said whatever I wanted, I thought he was angry, and the child was crying, so I hurriedly bought one and went to eat. When I was eating, my husband sneered and I asked him what’s wrong, and he angered me, saying that the pants were too ugly. He gave me two choices whether to return them or not to wear them out. Later, after eating, I thought it was nothing, and kept talking to him, but he ignored it. I actually felt wronged, but I still endured it. Later, when I was about to go home, he hugged the child and left. I waited for my mother-in-law to go to the bathroom, but no one turned around. And now it’s like this. We haven’t spoken for four days. This time I don’t want to have a hot face and a cold buttocks, because he is scolding me more and more frequently in the public. He never did before, and now he treats me more and more No patience. I don’t want to bear it anymore, I’m afraid it will be more excessive in the future. I want to ask everyone, am I doing this right? What should I do?

6 months ago

There are many changes. This is a summary of the main changes after marriage. Hope it will be helpful to you.

After marriage, trivial matters such as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, and family life may cause quarrels. The main reason is that both sides will have a sense of responsibility. After the marriage, the two people have fewer topics and men are often outside. Women are also at work and at home. They are different when they are in love. Two people talk a lot, and they can’t finish talking. Once they get married, they don’t feel that way anymore.


After getting married, the relationship will not change, it may become love and enthusiasm; when you are already familiar with each other, the enthusiasm may gradually calm down, you need to find something new to influence, but Since seeing each other every day, there will be no space for mystery and fantasy like before marriage, so it is normal to be ordinary. 03.

It must be different before and after marriage! Before marriage is only a matter for the two of you, after marriage, it is a matter for the family! In addition, there will be another small life involved in the future. Marriage is about firewood, rice, oil and salt. Everyone has to go through this growth process and look at problems from the other side’s point of view.


It’s not that the other party has changed, but that you understand each other better. When you are in love, some things will get together. After you get married, you will feel that certain things are justified. So no matter what, we must remember that the family and everything are prosperous, and the husband and wife work together to make money. The family is run by two people.
Before getting married, because they are not very familiar with each other, they will be very polite, but after getting married, the longer they spend with each other, the more they understand each other, because understanding sometimes creates friction. Sometimes the more you love, the more you find that the person is not as good as you imagined, and there will be conflicts. Because day and night are facing each other, the more moments we spend together, the more we understand each other. It cannot be said that the other party has changed, it is the two sides who understand each other better.

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