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The last place in the TI7 China qualifier came to an end. In the end, ehome.k took the lead in winning the match point 2:1 and lost to LFY 2:3. The 19-year-old Zhizhizhi looked at the screen for a long time and could not speak. LFY, who won the quota in the year, achieved the third place. That year, the Chinese team was half Jiang Sese and half Jiang Hong, despite being pierced by liquid for seven, the final closed NB, leaving the first 3:0 in TI history. But after all newcomers frequently come out, ame, Monet, Afu, but no one cares about the loneliness of a newcomer in the youth training team. Perhaps only Zhizhizhi would occasionally think about it-what if I got the place that year? Unfortunately, there is no if. At that time, there was an anchor called the city-level Sanhao Uncle @三好大叔, who was very optimistic about ehk. After following the team’s TI7, the v agency reformed. In order to avoid suspicion, ehk became KG independently. The lineup is still that lineup, but it seems that the entire team is covered by a curse. Every time they qualify for the tournament, they seem to lose to lgd. , Lost to igv, lost to vgjt these young boys also gradually lose their spirit. Time may not take away their tenacity, but it has shaken the tacit understanding between each other. In the end, the wolf brother left the team and Zhizhizhi left the team. Zhizhizhi then walked on his own drifting road and moved through several teams, and finally arrived at IG. Time has passed two times. Years ago, when he came to TI9, his old club KG was actually more eye-catching. With the help of old chicken and old eleven, as well as zhizhizhi’s old comrades dark and destiny, KG defeated eg in the winner’s group and stayed The game after the myth of Akina Shan Guangfa and RTZ Mountain, including TI9, IG failed to enter the race, regretted losing the TI9 spot, and was ruthlessly swept away. Instead, the old club KG entered the race, although to no avail. After TI3, the Chinese team missed the finals stage for the first time. After lgd stopped the third place at TI9, Zhizhizhi played well in IG. Since TI7, the first time to break into the top four of the official major event was considered the beginning by many people, but it didn’t. After thinking that it was just a joke, the news came out that emo and zhizhizhi did not agree. Soon, zhizhizhi left the team but someone believed zhizhizhi, that is, the veteran kaka, we outsiders have no way of knowing how undercurrent the IG locker room was at that time, but it was finally broadcast live on Kaka Here, many people can see some clues from the phrase “I think (zhizhizhi) played well”. Sure enough, Kaka also left the team shortly after that. After that, IG tried a lot, such as emo transfer 1, such as introducing Other c, but the day is not as good as the day. I was rubbed on the ground by ehome, LGD, VG, even by the tea team, CDEC, and finally IG recalled the veterans Zhizhizhi and Kaka. Actually, the fate sometimes went round and round, as if Just drew a circle. After this return, emo is much more stable than before. The experience of turning 1 has made him better understand some of the thoughts and judgments of position 1, and understand the situation and choices of zhizhizhi at that time. This is zhizhizhi, oh no, now it is called flyfly ,’S first competition champion is also a 19-year-old ignorant boy to the gorgeous transformation of the 23rd battlefield veteran. There is still a long way to go in the future. I hope IG can go further! Little Theater Secret: Are the players on your shield still there? Wendou dota, best dota!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A question mark?
A sentence Lets see who is real evil genius
A legendary story about letting 2 chase 3
The third one? When they came out, Twitter and Weibo exploded. This question mark, emo puts his career on top, if ig loses, then it is really nailed to the humiliation pole and humiliated for a lifetime, and it may be so dim.
But, but, but tm’s won! mad! It’s crazy.
Anything to say. Crazy, too mad, madness is over! God of War of emo cndota! kaka 414! Fei Fly Was! ! ! ! There are also two black hole supernova explosions at the moment of jt, the lotus ball and oli. Too strong, first lose to eg 2:0 and then let 2 chase 3, as if seeing the king’s division of ti2 wearing a black shirt. How to put it, since the time when Feifei was the father of the peak minor won the championship, the ig team has begun to mature, and it really has its own ideas. Whether it’s minor forcing the panda to open the outer tower or various systems. Since Su Tiao jumped to cn to play dac, he has said that emo is his optimistic mid laner, super star. I have been following for a long time. Many people think that emo is very powerful, but cndota is always talking about achievements. I have the strength and results this time, and I hope to make persistent efforts and win ti10. Don’t say anything else, let’s take two LeBlanc before going back, and live a little more. Don’t say it, don’t say it. In 15 years, Dao Silin Tear directly shot a tear.

7 months ago

The smile from Sanbing BP shows that he knows that the organization is going to give him a job. 2. Can a black hole swallow the sun? Best answer: Yes. A black hole in the universe swallows everything. Even light can’t escape the fate of being swallowed when it comes to its side. The mass of a black hole is very large, the smallest being three times larger than the sun. Different black holes take different time to swallow the sun, depending on the size of the black hole’s mass. According to the latest issue of “Science” magazine, American astronomers have discovered through the latest data research provided by the “Chandra” X-ray observation telescope that cosmic black holes aggregated a large amount of matter at the beginning of the universe, shortly after the Big Bang. , Quickly “born”, scientists call this rate “incredibly fast.” The huge black hole they discovered is the size of the entire solar system, and the mass of the swallowed stellar body is equivalent to 300 million suns. The gas eruption caused by it is by far the largest that scientists have discovered in the universe. Don’t question my shrimp brother, this is the unreasonable design of dota2. How can the truth of the universe not be obeyed? It is estimated that this wave of major updates will be changed. 3. I once said that IG was not worthy of winning when chatting with do friends on the first and second in the finals on April 4, so I might as well let LGD come up to play EG and so on. I’m sorry to say to IG here! It’s so comfortable to chase and slap the face twice!

7 months ago

Let me tell passers-by why fans are so cool. In recent years, DOTA2 has rarely had this kind of “final bo5 full, beautiful and evenly matched” Chinese and foreign competition. The last one may be the ti8 final. If you don’t believe you, search for VG. KG major won the championship, and newbee ESLONE Genting won the championship. Looking at the tone of the fans’ answers, there is a dullness in happiness. This is the first level, that is, today’s Sino-foreign confrontation is the final, and it represents the highest level in the world. The most important thing is that the game is evenly matched, the game is good-looking, and ig lets two chase three wins. However, this is not enough. When the Chinese team ig loses twice in a row and is about to face their opponents to win the championship (bo5), ig pushes forward in the third game, chasing and fighting like the s8 ig. The mid laner emo is about to When winning the team, they played a “?” on the public screen. As we all know, no matter what e-sports competition, there will not be a few players who will openly taunt and play a question mark unless it is to ask the opposite party for the reason for the suspension: but even if they face illegal punishments, domestic and foreign Fans are boiling because of this “?”. Starting from this “?”, in the fourth and fifth rounds, each opening ig5 will reward the opposing mid laner (a behavior of rewarding players for DOTA2 in exchange for jewelry currency, (Usually used to praise or ridicule), the opposite midlaner Abed may have a bad mentality, the last two were almost completely helpless, the bright spot was rare and won the fourth, after the score caught up to 2:2, emo again spoke on the open screen of the fifth game. : Evil genius is the full name of the opponent team EG. Does it mean “evil genius” crazy? mad! Billingard is crazy! There is also an interesting explanation, emo can be read in Chinese, that is, “demon”, that’s why emo speaks like this (though I don’t really believe it) So far, the entire DOTA2 circle is completely boiling! Some people got into the pit because of this. Some people started to feel distressed about rtz (EG’s No. 1 player) and said one last sentence. As Longdd said, it has been difficult for two to chase three. Newbee didn’t even have the strength to fight back at ti7. ig’s ability to regain its strength at the 0:2 match point is in itself due to their excellent adjustment ability, which is a trait that many strong teams do not have. This is also the reason for the cndota carnival today. the above

7 months ago

I watched it in the live broadcast of Uncle Miyoshi. In the third game, Uncle restarted, and when he came back, he said “Welcome to the last game of this major”, and then things started to go wrong. 23333 and the third Two Yamato Emo of the underlord? Killing me. To be serious, the EG game I watched seriously (compared) was to play LGD and iG. I felt that EG’s lineup and thinking were to pursue line-up, mid-term fights, try not to take big nuclear, and snowball opponents Smashed. So really don’t take that lineup that is not strong on the line and needs to be smashed in the mid-term. I also hope that after winning this championship, CN Dota will be more adaptable to the fast-paced competition. A whispered beep…What the hell is the void in the second game…Isn’t it really just -random out just seeing the last two seconds left…

7 months ago

If emo raises a question mark when the fifth hand is about to win, then it may be the villain’s goal. But when he succeeded in the third turn and sounded the counter-attack horn, he sent a question mark, that is, self-confidence. Letting two chase three is really a test of the team’s spirits, ig’s comeback in the third set is like Lie Haihuang’s face to Musashi’s sword and firmly said “slash again”. You can taste the power of cndota!

7 months ago

I feel that the current North American audience is the Chinese audience of ti8. The turbulent roulette team turned the favorites that went smoothly to win the championship. And it was in the match point game, when the champion was close at hand, a wave of mistakes was overturned (ame water person wave highland vs RTZ blue cats can’t open bkb La Lotus Sven, tb down the road, t the altar is second vs. electric baton can’t be opened The bkb plasma field is equipped with Xiaoqiang shells), the remaining two are almost hanging, which is too similar to the original LGD playing og! The North American audience has completely broken their defenses, looking forward to the roulette battle between ig and og on ti10! In the end, Yuno defeated the pigeon

7 months ago

When the economy was 14k behind in the third game, a man stood up. rtz! 41 provinces! Like to save bkb? Like to scratch electric circles? Doesn’t open bkb even if you get sv? What a good Chinese son-in-law! Fly just chose 5 blue cats for the bed god…people are stupid…ig is worthy of this victory, especially Feifei and 414, which is too great. emo’s performance is actually average. In the first two rounds, he didn’t beat him, and the rhythm of Feifei was right in the back. The value of emo is that the heart is not beaten down, one? , The sentence Let’s see who is real evil genius, even if you get the match point, I am still worthy! CN DOTA, never die!

7 months ago

I just want to say that my courage is getting smaller and smaller. When it was 2 to zero, I was already guilty and turned off the broadcast. Hit the man-machine for a while. Calculating the time, the deduction group did not respond. This is the most terrible thing. Generally, if you win, some old people will send out red envelopes with extremely fast hands. The button group is very quiet, and the red envelope prompt does not ring. The toes buckle the floor. I didn’t dare to watch the Weibo battle report, I didn’t dare to click on the broadcast again, or refresh the max. Everything is quiet and terrible. Calculating the time, I couldn’t help but turn on the broadcast to welcome the trial. The rostrum is still analyzing. Carefully identify the small scoring bar in the center of the replay screen. Nani, pull two sets in a row! Is preparing to fight the last one. IG’s psychological quality is okay! Far more than I. This last one, don’t look at it, what should I do, what if the fireworks are set off? Go to the balcony and pretend to look at the scenery. In another hour, I opened Weibo, ig reached the top, and the zombies had already burst. Great, I light a cigarette and spit the smoke into the air.
After watching two, two lost. Leave it alone and win three in a row.
iG is fighting, and so am I.
Efforts did not put my poisonous eyes on the deciding game.

7 months ago

It’s so cool! This mystery is enlarged by three, and I can do it, too. Shrimp bullshit. I’m a fan! ig awesome! When I watched it at 0:2, I was so angry that I cried and my boyfriend was still asking me what’s wrong (he doesn’t play games). I said, nothing, I really want to see the championship. emo is actually very hard, and the whole ig is very hard, so go ahead. Add a sentence I saw, I cried when I saw it, maybe life is the same, never doubt that the Jedi will fight back! emo shouted a barrage. woc is so awesome! Feifei! Tyro Ares! It’s just a feeling, not everyone wants to win. Not everyone has conscious professional ethics. Not everyone sees that immortality as something that must be pursued. At this time, I went to watch Xiaoxin and wouldn’t play the two songs about Sierra and Ah Mo, only sighs. Professionalism is a good thing. No one says that you can’t shoot guns, play lol, or play other games as entertainment, but can we wait until we win, if this shield is really what we want.

7 months ago

Congratulations to ig, for 8 consecutive fierce battles, two chasing three, guarding the dignity of Chinese dota. ig is really strong and invincible. By the way, these 5 can win the eg, thanks to the biggest hero, the famous soft-footed shrimp Sanbing. First, he used death to know the friendship, and then used the legendary hero to create countless miracle mysteries for 2 consecutive boola eggs, and then Single pull 414, awesome, three ice, the only designated soft-footed shrimp in the competition, this championship bonus ig regardless of you 1/6 I feel ig sorry for you.

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