When you have a conflict of interest with someone, don’t just keep on emphasizing how unfair you have been treated, but slowly and little by little to release information that is threatening to the other person. I look strong, have backing, and have the capital to negotiate with each other (even if it’s a pretense~)~No one cares about whether you have been treated unfairly, and no one cares about your feelings~especially if it hurts Your person~ Once someone encounters an unfair encounter, describing and emphasizing their feelings and venting their dissatisfaction is almost an instinct, but this can’t change anything~ At this time you need a little rationality and control. Stay true to your instincts and force yourself to think hard. What weapons do you have to protect yourself and win this game~ If you are blindly immersed in your emotions, you will often forget to think about yourself Where is the power of ~ put yourself completely in the position of a weak person and a victim, silently looking forward to the help of the onlookers, I can only say that this is just an unrealistic fantasy Of course, not at all It is also impossible to talk about fairness and justice, especially once things really get up and attract melon-eaters, you need to make melon-eaters believe that you are on the righteous side But don’t hold on to the melon-eaters. Excessive expectations, because everyone’s experience is very complicated, and others may not be able to sympathize with you or resonate with you Now some people feel wronged and contact reporters and post them on the Internet, but the result may be because of someone doing it themselves. It’s not comprehensive enough to offend netizens’ inverse scales, but it triggers a backlash in public opinion So to be clear, you are not necessarily a perfect victim (most people are difficult to achieve this), first Try to solve the problem by yourself. Ask for help if you can, but you must turn to some specific objects, not the netizens who hang up high on the matter~~ This society is essentially a society where the weak and the strong. Fairness and justice are Conditionally, it does not mean that you will be compensated naturally if you claim that you have suffered injustice, it is not! You have to do a lot of work!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

First, interests. In any environment, we must quickly see everyone’s interests and interests standing in line. Otherwise, if you don’t know what you said, you will offend people. You didn’t discuss it. Second, on the premise that there is no interest in right and wrong, do not argue with anyone, see children boasting cleverness, old people boasting youthfulness, women boasting beauty, poor people boasting duty, and treacherous boasting flexibility. If your criticism does not evoke his change, it is better to say a good thing and make a good destiny. Third, no one in this world can tell you what to do, how to do it, everything must be decided by yourself. No matter what situation you are in, for your own purposes, try to get as much help from others as possible, even if this person speaks badly, even if this person speaks coldly, as long as there is no real hindrance to you, you must accept him with vainness, and ignore the others. Just not being a partner or an enemy. Fourth, useful strategies, just stick to it. As the Chinese political textbook says, persistence for a hundred years does not need to change the course constantly, just follow a main line, patience and then patience. 5. Be positive and optimistic at all times. If you think that you are the most unlucky now, then think, I am already the most unlucky now, then if I work harder, I can be better than now. If I can’t face my plight with a positive attitude, it’s impossible to persist in traveling everywhere, and it’s impossible to marry a daughter-in-law. It’s not that difficult anymore. If you don’t accumulate steps, you can’t reach a thousand miles. What’s more lacking than ideas is the ability to focus and persevere. Sixth, objective and rational. When others scold you, it is emotional. When others praise you, it is also emotional. Things you like tend to be emotional, and things you hate are also emotional. I think we should do a little bit, even if you are in the worst state and others are accusing you, you must be able to objectively analyze your own strengths. Even if that person is disgusting, you have to be patient and see his shining points. I will scold you, but it will not affect my objective analysis and judgment of your ability and behavior. I hate a person just out of personal preference, but objectively analyzing the pros and cons of this person is not because of fairness. One can’t let emotions blind one’s eyes and make oneself stupid. I just want to kill you, and it won’t affect my praise of your merits. I just put a lot of money for you, without delaying my analysis of your shortcomings. This is a measure of psychology. Maybe needless to say on the lips. If that person is a wise man or a fool, he must have a balance in his heart and not be affected by his identity. Being rich does not affect his stupidity in something, and poverty does not affect his being a wise man. In fact, the winner is a winner who insists on making breakthroughs in one thing. It’s more execution, concentration, external conditions, or luck. Most other things are also stupid. Many people do not lack wisdom. What they lack is focus, resistance, conditions, execution and other factors. Unsuccessful, not necessarily because of his stupidity.

6 months ago

In the past, in the crew, you could meet all kinds of people. Now there are all good people around, and every one is full of smiles. ——Huang Bo When you are weak, anyone can step on you at will. When you are strong, you will find that you are surrounded by good people. Broadcasting the attitude of others towards you depends not only on your rank, but also on the social status of your relatives and the financial strength of your family. When your comprehensive strength crushes others, you will find that you are surrounded by good people. When you are at the bottom of your life, you will find that others are very harsh on you. Once there was a reader who wrote me privately. It was very tiring to cater to other people’s preferences. In the end, he still couldn’t get everyone’s likes. What should I do? I immediately asked her to stop this “ineffective social interaction” and improve her strength instead. Because when you are not strong, the “friends” you kneel and lick are just a few more friends on WeChat. When you really encounter something, these WeChat friends will not give you money in a hurry. Those who are quite like-minded friends don’t need to bother to operate. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come.

6 months ago

At the age of four or five, I went out to play with my grandmother and a few aunts. Passing by a DVD store, I saw the one with the beautiful pink sheep from a distance. It was placed right in front of the store. I wanted it very much. So I deliberately walked at the back and left the team quietly. After they had walked some distance, I sprinted towards the DVD store. I planned it a long time ago. I think I run fast enough, I just need to run over quickly, reach out for the disc, and run back again. When I got the disc, I turned back halfway, and a man behind chased me out, grabbed me and started beating, and the spanking was about to bloom. The memory is too long, I now only remember my howling and crying and the sound of men beating me. Alas, one after another. My grandmother and her sisters heard my cry and realized that I was behind and being beaten by someone, so they came to rescue me. Later the discs were also bought home. Thinking back now, my kind of behavior is considered robbery. As for the reason for doing things, it’s just “I want it.” The man beat me so well, so cruel enough that I can’t forget it at all. Fortunately, I was taught to obey the law (permanent one) at such a young age, which prevented me from embarking on the path of crime.

6 months ago

In fact, I had a dream of martial arts since I was a child, but under the pressure of survival, I studied finance in university. Finance is actually not easy to find a job, you can only move bricks after graduation. One day when I was moving bricks, I saw an advertisement posted on a telephone pole saying that the temple recruited disciples. I think this is the arrangement of fate, and I still have to go on this path after going around. I took off the advertisement and went up the mountain, but the guard at the temple stopped me. The old monk asked me who I should look for, and I said that I would come to apprentice and want to be a closed disciple. The old monk posted me a note and asked me to report to the Ministry of Personnel. My heart is awesome. Now the temples are also equipped with modern human resource management. The monk in the Human Resources Department asked me for a resume. I said, I want a resume? The monk looked up at me like a fool and asked if I had work experience. I said no, I only moved bricks after graduation, but I can analyze stock fundamentals and technical analysis. The monk smiled and let me out. I just wanted to leave when another older monk stopped me, and I saw that his work card was written as the head of the personnel department. The monk in charge said, are you in 1997? At a young age, there is a tendency to bald, and Amitabha is Buddha’s fate. I was accepted and formally became a closed disciple, taking care of food and housing, 1,500 a month. After the report, I was taken back to the guard by the monk of the Human Resources Department, and then gave me a key. Closed disciple, this is the common name, and the official title is the manager of the gate office, in charge of closing the door. I was very dissatisfied and complained to the bald monk next to me: Why are you doing this, false propaganda, doesn’t it mean that Buddhist monks don’t talk about it! I have to mention that the bald monk is not a language disorder, but because although the monks have no hair, the bald monks are extremely bald in the middle of the scalp, which is the Mediterranean among the monks. Monk Bald did not hear clearly, and asked me what to say. Later, I learned that he was the director of the Bell Ringing Department, and ringing bells was not good for ears all the time. I waved the key in my hand and shouted: This is it? false promotion! Monk Bald: The closed disciple, no problem, you have too little social experience. I said that I don’t just close the door. I have to sweep the door. Isn’t this just the doorman and cleaning. Monk Bale didn’t talk, I’m not sure if he heard it. After a while he said: I understand you. I ask what you understand. He fell into deep thought and slowly said: I am also studying finance. When I was looking for a job, the recruiting HR told me that I could go to Nadax and ring the bell. I said you were wrong, it’s called Nasdaq, an American securities trading agency. Monk Bale said: I also thought it was their mistake. Later I learned that they were talking about going to Nadak Monastery to ring the bell. Our temple is called Dake Temple, don’t you know? I took a closer look and found that there was indeed a dilapidated plaque hanging on the door. The paint was too aging, and I hadn’t noticed it. The plaque can faintly identify the three characters “Dake Temple”. I laughed and went to Nadak Temple, and I blamed literature and art. He also laughed, “It’s all old things, and it’s not worth mentioning. All the things that do are like dream bubbles, all living beings are emptied, sincere, and pure in nature…” I was wondering how he was doing well. Suddenly he stopped talking, and looked back at the head of the personnel department, the monk standing behind him with a smile. I shuddered. This is the most primitive fear of the beating workers towards the leader. The monk in charge patted me on the shoulder: “All elements of nature are impermanent, and all karma of the self-seeing person is instantly extinguished. Once you have escaped into the empty door, you must put down the vulgar dust and close the door, which is the red dust at the door. Besides, it is completely cut off from the dunya.” “Child, closing the door is also a practice.” The monk in charge took the bald monk and left. I didn’t understand what he meant, but this sentence lingered in my mind. Closing the door is also a practice. After that, I was diligent and focused on sweeping and closing the door. I guarded this mountain temple, listening to the sound of the wind and rain, the singing of birds and insects, sweeping away the leaves in front of the door with one broom, and cultivating a hundred meditations. Three years passed without knowing that the flowers bloomed and the leaves fell. Buddhism is a good place for self-cultivation and self-cultivation. I feel that my heart has been transformed, but sometimes in the middle of the night in my dreams, I will miss my youthful spirit. I decided to go out and regain my financial dreams. Since I have a Buddha in my heart, the Buddha always follows me. Since my heart is not mundane, what can the world do to me? I told the monk in charge of my decision, and he smiled and said: Oh wow, you can go now! There is a new doctor in the temple, so you don’t have to worry about him to replace you, just go ahead and break it! All the way down the mountain, I even feel that the mountains and rivers are one with me, so naturally I am under my control. I laughed. In such a realm, I can’t be a star fund manager casually, and it’s no problem that my income crushes Zhang Kun, and the likes of Gelan! Unexpectedly, I was stopped by the doorman of the fund company again. He asked me who I was looking for, and I said I would apply for the job and look for your CEO. They asked me if I had the background of returning to Qingbei’s diplomatic relations and studying abroad. I said no, but I had been a closed disciple of Nadak Monastery. They looked at me like a fool: Huh? I also said that I had done fundamental analysis and technical analysis undergraduate, and they let me go. I can’t help but sigh: This dunya, volume! But I still joined the job. I decided to start from the grassroots level and successfully applied for the guard post of the fund company. I am born to be useful. I remembered the words of the monk in charge: closing the door is also a practice. After years of hard practice, I went to bed early and got up early, maintained a good schedule, and worked diligently. It can be said that there is no door in this world that I can’t close with one hand! The security captain gave me a key and took it over and I yelled, the old bald donkey is a dirty capitalist, big fool! It’s all the fucking electric doors now!

6 months ago

1. Never complain to others, because 20% of people tend to be indifferent, and 80% of people will be very happy to hear it. 2. The greatest evil in human nature is not seeing others better than yourself, especially acquaintances, or people who were poor together in those years. So even if you become rich in the future, keep a low profile. 3. If you want to have good interpersonal and social relationships, don’t share the joy of success with anyone. The highlight moment of life is often an ordinary day. Few people expect to hear the good news from you, just to applause silently in their hearts. 4. Be sure to avoid being a good person with no value. Although this kind of person often looks very popular, this kind of person seems very popular, but in fact the most humble. 5. No matter how difficult life is, don’t live like a person in trouble, and rush to tell everyone your misfortune, because what you experience is just a joke in the eyes of others. Growth is a process of isolation and helplessness. You have to work hard to become stronger, and then take your own responsibility. One day you will find that you have to taste the ups and downs and live a long life by yourself. 6. Ability is not enough, you can work hard to improve. But self-doubt can make it difficult. 7. No firm promise means tactful rejection. 8. Be careful to keep your words and banter when dealing with people. 9. Selfishness is more suitable for survival in this world. 10. Money is very important. This thing must be there. 11. At a certain age, throw away the things that should be thrown away. Such as unnecessary relationships, vanity, outdated clothes, unreliable friends. These things are really useless. Life is short, just keep those good things around. 12. You have money, all around you are smiling faces, you have power, and there are sweet words in your ears, you have no money, all of you alienate you. 13. Sometimes don’t be too good-minded, don’t think about others in everything! Others will not think about your feelings and the difficulties, they will take everything for granted. 14. Some people make jokes, and you feel awkward, which means that this is not a joke at all but a mockery. 15. No one cares how you cry in the middle of the night, and no one cares how many autumns you have to toss and turn. Outsiders only look at the results and support the process on their own. 16. Without money, what do you use to maintain your family relationship, stabilize your love, and contact your friendship. Do you rely on your mouth? Stop it, everyone is very busy. 17. People think it makes sense if you make things happen, but people think it makes sense if you fail. No matter how reasonable it is, people think it makes sense. 18. Do you believe in a person in particular, whether it is friendship or family, but you are slapped in the face by reality. 19. Don’t be too accommodating to others, because they will make you more embarrassed; if you tolerate others, they will hurt you even more. In fact, most of the people you meet are accustomed to you. 20. Don’t be a bad guy. Because someone will trample on your patience and accommodation as weak and incompetent.

6 months ago

The man who killed his grandfather, his wife was very friendly to the villagers and often helped them silently. Because of hatred, my uncle often tried to bully his eldest daughter. Not only did he fail, he also hurt his grandma several times and was humiliated in public. The aunt is the youngest daughter of this family. When she was young, she often took the initiative to play with her aunt, and later became her aunt’s closest playmate. The aunt likes his father and never hides it. This is something the village knows. Even more-3. Seeing many enthusiastic netizens, I feel that I am not up to date. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration, and an idea came to mind. Otherwise, I joined the senior group of the teacher of the half Buddha and became popular overnight and went straight to the top stream. Then he married the little boyfriend of a wealthy Singaporean businessman who married his aunt’s daughter, and avenged his father’s revenge with his husband’s revenge. What do you think? More -2. The world is not benevolent, and everything is a dog. Good is rewarded for good, and evil is rewarded for evil. It’s just people’s good expectations. Regarding the father’s revenge. Son, you have to have this ability first. The stupid thing of killing a thousand enemies and sacrificing eight hundred is done, and the father may not think it is filial piety even under Jiuquan. Moreover, whoever did the evil will pay, and it is a bit unreasonable to involve others, even if the people here are his descendants. More -1. When the aunt was young, she liked her father. The following is the original answer. One day, my father said that an aunt wanted to know me and asked me to be polite. The aunt is gentle, self-cultivation and taste. She took me to the place of work. This is a place dreamed of by landers. It is also a place with the least success rate and a place where ordinary people cannot step into it. She has the most spacious and bright independent office on the best floor. Her home is only 3 minutes’ walk from the office. It is a simple and simple small home, but it is surrounded by the most expensive real estate in the city center. For lunch, she rarely cooks, prepared a few vegetarian dishes, and introduced me to the source of rice and vegetables in particular. The aunt’s daughter was called to join me for dinner. This is an ordinary-looking girl with average grades, but very good. She met me for the first time, but she was like a good friend for many years, without any enthusiasm and getting along very well. Later, the girl went to live in Australia. I heard that she was studying all night long, but she finally went abroad to take the exam. There, she has a beautiful home, a well-paid job, and a handsome and rich Singaporean boyfriend. Auntie gave me an internship opportunity in a listed company. I am very grateful to her, but must pass the professional written test. Although I was a good student before university, the university really fell asleep. The written test was messed up, and I was arranged to guard the warehouse with offline workers and move equipment all day long. Before long, I really felt ashamed of my family and ran away in a desperate manner. Later, I found a good work platform by myself, and when I wanted to work, I approached my aunt and took some tests at the same time. I called my aunt to prove myself, and I hope she can give some advice. As a result, she seemed to be very busy, and hung up after a hastily complaining about me, to the effect that I was too half-hearted and not down-to-earth. One day, the aunt said that her husband was ill, and she had recovered from a serious illness. She wanted to see me and asked my big boss to have a little talk. I did. Unexpectedly, there was a table of people, except for the big guys from all walks of life, there are only people who drink for the big guys, and I was embarrassed at that time. My big boss was crushed to death. Before I figured out the situation, justice and profit were all defeated. I am a little bit lost, I always feel that I have pitted my boss. The aunt smiled gently all the way, and when she left, she packed up all the precious leftovers for me. She seemed to have to thank her, but she felt that her bones seemed to be almost gone. When I got home, I asked my dad what the aunt came from. Dad said that they were from the same village. In that innocent age, they were classmates who had common ideals and excellent grades. They were comrades-in-arms in their studies and encouraged each other to achieve common achievements. My aunt was admitted to college, but my father gave up actively because of family reasons. What family reasons do I say? Dad was silent for a while, and finally decided to tell me. It turned out that the aunt’s father was the village head, who was cruel and heart-hearted, and killed many people. In a special period, my grandfather was forced to death by falling into the trap, and my father was 3 years old at the time. Grandpa, a well-known doctor, suddenly passed away and brought a devastating blow to the family. In order to survive, grandma sent away the eldest daughter and forced the second daughter to drop out of school and go home to work in agriculture. Only the younger daughter and two sons had the opportunity to study. That’s it, the aunt’s father never let go of her grandma, looking for trouble all the year round, suppressing, grandma is often taken to the village to show the public and be beaten. Dad was also deprived of the opportunity to enter college by the village head. Later, Dad went to serve as a soldier and was also stopped. Except for his father, all the children of my grandma have been working in the village till now. My father is smart and persevering. After graduation, he was asked to go to the township and became a clerk. Later, he went out to start a career by himself. Auntie flew all the way, was admitted to university, and went to the best unit in the city. But my father repeatedly emphasized that it was the grievances of the previous generation, and their generation is very innocent. Because, the aunt’s father, before he died of illness, made a special trip to his grandmother’s house, crying, apologizing, and begging for forgiveness, hoping to turn fighting into jade and not to bring hatred to the next generation. At that time, Dad’s career improved and his reputation was well established. The aunts felt that the village chief was kind, and finally turned around and became a good person. Since then, the aunt has also come to the village repeatedly, saying that she is looking for the innocent memories of her childhood. Everyone welcomes this big man. Everyone was moved by his daughter’s going abroad, and felt that there were promising younger generations in the village. The aunt also took the initiative to find jobs for the children in the village, but I don’t know why. Everyone was like me in the end. They were too stupid to pass the written test. They all became warehouse workers, and finally ran away without gratitude. Hey, the young people of this generation really don’t know how to measure! Looking at the comment area, I realized that one thing can have so many facets. In fact, it really doesn’t matter what I think. It is not ruled out that there is a possibility that everything is just a coincidence.

6 months ago

1. When you can make money, don’t sell it. Li Xueqin, a talented Peking University talented woman, in the recent “Tucao Conference”, ridiculed Wei Ya’s grievances from her daughter in a text message during the live broadcast, “I saw the news and said You used to cry in the live broadcast room because you couldn’t accompany your daughter. However, I also heard that your annual income is 2 billion. You look down at the phrase. You are all ordinary people. Everyone is working hard. Why do you want others to understand? Your hard work: One in the morning, the busy hawker in the night market, two in the morning, the little brother who is still driving at three, the cleaner who cleans the street at three, the steaming breakfast stall, and everyone is working hard to make a living, so tears away Wipe dry, hide your sadness, straighten your body and drive for a better tomorrow! Life, light, sword, shadow, only money is our amulet, it deserves your praise! 2. In the adult world, there is only interest left to do what is profitable. If there is no profit, it ends. What’s more, only profit is a reality. The fastest way to get involved with a person is to tie up interests. Your salary is 3000. You Ask the boss to ask him to give you a raise, and he will change you to 2500 basic salary + performance commission, so you change your previous laziness and work hard to work overtime to be kind, not just about human relations, only common interests are the most stable 3. Don’t let kindness kidnap yourself because you are kind, you are responsive, even if you are already busy and tired, because you are kind, you tolerate everything, even if you are hurt because of this, feel free to refuse unreasonable requests. Anyway, those who are not afraid of making things difficult for you, feel at ease. The person who troubles you is not a good person. Just like the overcoat brother Zhu Zhiwen said, “I can reduce the bottom line again and again, but you can’t think that I don’t have a bottom line. I can swallow repeatedly, but you can’t think that I don’t have consciousness!” 4. [Economic basis Deciding on the superstructure] Have a house and a car, find a little sister to fall in love, get married six months later, no house and no car, and after talking with a little girl for eight years, I still broke up. From the first love at first sight to the struggle together, if you are getting married Earlier, you did not have a certain financial foundation to promise a stable and happy family. Even the best relationship will be crushed by reality. 5. Don’t move your emotions when it’s time to use your brain. You heard that you can make money in stocks. I didn’t use my brain to analyze it, I put my hard-earned money into it, and ended up in a mess. You heard about buying funds to make money. After reading and knowing many high praise answers, you signed up for the course and found that the money was not earned and was treated as leeks. A friend asked you to start a business, a bunch of o2o, p2p, c2c terms made your blood boil, and he went to the sea with him to start a business. As a result, the company soon closed down, the friend disappeared, and the investment was lost… a lot of things moved. When you use your brain, you know that it’s impossible, but if you’re emotional, you’ll always be emotional when you’re moving your head. Sooner or later, the water in your mind will turn into tears in your eyes. 6. Success is just because you stand right. Choosing a good place is more important than hard work! When I graduated from university, I insisted on working with my girlfriend, even if my major did not match her, I insisted on going there. I thought that if I worked hard, I would be competent for all duties. In the end, I lost my job and my girlfriend. Some people would say, Young, the cost of trial and error is low. Young people can try and make mistakes, but this is on the road that is right and suitable for you. In order to challenge your comfort zone and existing ability to find the right position, it is not only decided Your current value also determines your future value. 7. Being too serious will only hurt yourself when you first enter the workplace, and you will be hardworking and serious about your work, and you will use your school’s enthusiasm to do academic work and investigate everything to the end. A “you are really boring” evaluation company held a meeting to discuss the project plan. A colleague’s plan is generally good, but some details still need to be polished. Because of the novelty, the supervisor decided to adopt this plan, but you think there are still many flaws. Explain it from multiple angles. For your own reasons, everyone was impatient to listen. In the end, due to the progress of the project, you still chose this plan. You think you have not targeted anyone, but you consider the other person’s feelings and do not force others to accept your three views. If you live with a more serious person, no matter if you are right or wrong, it will only become more and more troublesome. 8. When it is time to let go, let your ex-girlfriend hurt you all over, but you can’t let go of him, remembering how good she was. So it’s hard for you to start the next happy relationship and quit your last job to find out how good it is, thinking that you will never find a job that is easy, decent, and well-paid, so you are picky about your current job. And complaining, and then your life will be bleak from now on. Our life is difficult to follow the established route. The life you envision is: go to college, find a job, marry a wife and have children, and then retire and take grandchildren to enjoy the family happiness. Who can guarantee that there will be no problems? If you fail the college entrance examination, lose your job, or your marriage breaks up, your life will stop because of this. So, cherish it when you have it, and don’t worry about it if you lose it.

6 months ago

1. When you are weaker and younger, more people will want to bully you. Bullying you is not beating you, but despising you in words, suppressing you in behavior, and showing superiority in front of you. 2. When oneself is of no value, it is useless to make more friends. Friends need to exchange interests. If others can’t get what you want, they will gradually get away from you. 3. Whether it is a trafficker or a high-ranking official, most of them like others to praise themselves and hate others to criticize themselves. 4. At a young age, it is not terrible to have no money, status, love and friends. What is terrible is the loss of desire for these. 5. Too many people are ruined by just wanting not to do it, and they always feel that they are not ready yet and are unwilling to act lightly. Be sure to stop thinking and act immediately. Only by continuing to act, life will slowly change. People with good looks are really lucky, self-confidence, affinity and interpersonal skills are not too bad. 6. When you are bullied by others, the more you give in, the more others will get better. You must learn to get angry and resist, don’t let others think you are very bullied, and let others know that you are also a person with a temper and a bottom line. 7. Too many people only make a little effort and want to see the rewards immediately. They always feel that they must get a high return for every contribution. 8. Mobile phones control our lives. Most people are immersed in the ocean of fragmented information and it is difficult to get out. Only a small number of sober people have not become slaves to mobile phones and are not dominated by information on mobile phones. 9. People with good looks are really lucky, self-confidence, affinity and interpersonal skills are not too bad. If you don’t have a good appearance, you must take good care of your skin, especially for boys. 10. When the money is not enough, the courage will really become smaller, the pattern of people will become narrower and narrower, and the vast world will not be seen. 11. We cannot live in the past nor in the future, we can only live in the present. But most people are immersed in the memories of the past, looking forward to a bright future, that is, not living well and cherishing every moment of the present. 12. There is no absolute fairness, and absolute fairness has no meaning. What we can do is to make ourselves strong, to be the makers of the rules of the game, and to enjoy the “fairness” we have made. 13. Always put health in the first place. Only if you have a good body can you have a good life. Like many young people, I also have the habit of staying up late, and my physical condition has declined very seriously. Fortunately, my friend gave me a box of black sesame and black bean flour recommended by Li Jiaqi. After I ate it, my body really improved. I want to know why this drink is so effective, so I checked on the Internet and found that it contains yam, walnuts, red dates, wolfberry and other ingredients, which are good nutritional supplements for the body. If you are not in good physical condition and want to take good care of your body, it is recommended to buy a box of this black sesame and black bean powder and keep it by your side. In addition to the high nutritional value of this black sesame and black bean flour, its taste is also very good. Because it contains xylitol, it tastes very silky and delicate, and it also smells lightly. Moreover, sugar is not absorbed, and people with high blood sugar can also eat it. After I kept eating for a few months, I also discovered a magical thing, that is, my hair became black and thick. It turns out that this black sesame and black bean powder is effective in curing hair loss, which is really an unexpected harvest. It is recommended that everyone drink a cup of black sesame paste every day to supplement hair nutrition!

6 months ago

What you think is that those who are very powerful, have a much higher EQ than you, and people who come to special meetings and have special vision are actually slightly smarter than you, mainly relying on information. If you know more information, you will have the confidence and experience to understand how to do it. Of course, you will appear much smarter than you. For example, during a dinner, one person mentioned a topic in the middle of the term, but colleagues seemed to be gagging, and it was only you who didn’t know, and they responded to the topic seriously, but everyone didn’t wait to see you. Could it be that other people are more insightful than you, knowing that in this atmosphere, shouldn’t they go out of their way? In fact, it is not. Everyone knows in private that a certain central figure in the dinner may not be convenient to talk about this topic due to their own reasons (involving family background), so other people put this topic off. This is the importance of mastering information, which can protect you from making a fool of yourself, and some people can rely on information resources to climb all the way. Therefore, don’t always feel that you are stupid and have no vision. These natural differences are not so big between people. Sometimes they may have a little advantage over others, and they can occupy a pit of information. But in general, there are so many people in a circle or team, and there are so many pits in information. If you have no value to exchange with others, you will not be able to occupy the information position. It’s that simple. The value can include background, money, vision, greater information, personality charm, appearance, professional ability, etc., things that can bring practical benefits to others. So why is grouping important? I used to be an introvert. When I was studying, I kept studying professional skills behind closed doors. I didn’t like to have fun with other classmates. As a result, I frequently made ugly things and made mistakes in social gatherings. Later, I finally found a circle that could accommodate me, and found that I was very comfortable in this circle, and I was not afraid of being fatal even if I was ugly. And after having information, you can learn EQ slowly. When you know what the rhythm of the circle is, what topics the people like to talk about, and what is inappropriate to do, you will know that you will not do something out of place when you get along too much. . And you can gradually learn this analysis mode and apply it in a new circle. In addition, don’t join in the circles that cannot be integrated, because they look down on your value, no matter how you can’t get the information inside, every time you participate in them, it’s like a naked test, and nothing is done. If you can’t learn or practice, you will get more and more inferior and self-doubt. In fact, I don’t want to just talk about emotional intelligence, reaction, and cleverness, because just talking about differences in this area will only make people desperate and powerless. I even hope that these experiences can be visualized and turned into models, mind maps and adjusted to understand. Even if I cannot improve myself, I can at least see the underlying principles to comfort my unwillingness, so I updated some social networking Experience, I hope this model can be supplemented and shared by everyone. The following is an update of the college’s social experience. I saw a friend in the comments asking, what should I do if I can’t get the information? What if I really can’t get into the circle? do. To be honest, I feel the same. Some opinions and opinions may be understood by people who are good at socializing early, but I still can’t help sharing the humble opinions that I and my boyfriend have summed up through so many years of difficult college and internship social activities. First of all, you can’t get the information bit. Just like my original answer below, you need to have the value that can benefit others. First, you need to observe what the people and circles you want to get along with are missing, and what value they need. For example, the classic social triangle model of the international student circle (I don’t know how other circles are, but I have a deep understanding of this model): 1. Have money, know what to play with everyone, and have the ability to play with everyone (with a car), and have a wide-ranging vision. Many, use high-sighted information to reduce dimensionality, 2. Looks + good-looking dress, many friends (can exercise conversational ability), many social circles around, and many tools. 3. Good grades and strong professional ability, often get information from the tutor, can participate in the school’s internal student management through the recommendation of the tutor, and it is smoother to get a permanent residence visa. At least with the above points, you can have the capital to socialize in the needs of ordinary people, have two or three long-term stable friends, and a small-scale dining circle. Another small point is that it belongs to the type of talent and is difficult to learn from the day after tomorrow. I won’t mention it. I am particularly troublesome and talk cleverly, which is funny and has social value. In college life, I feel that I am socially restricted and have no information, but I don’t have the value mentioned above. I personally think it is reasonable, so I don’t need to feel inferior or upset about it, but I should think about which direction I can enrich. Own value. The improvement in appearance knows that many of the answers above provide effective ways; organizing a fitness circle is also a way; if you lack money, you can achieve some of the value of money, such as researching where to play cost-effectively and have fun, and recently some Shared by the public account, the script for cooking werewolves kills Mahjong, Texas, actively provides venues (living room or renting a studio hotel) to organize these activities, convenient transportation, etc. (rental car and driving); if you think you can improve your professional scores, you will spend more Time to learn and walk around with the instructor. In addition, the same is true for the problem of not being able to integrate into any circle. Observe what value the people around you need. There are some friends around me who are very good. They have studied military, political, historical and folklore masterpieces. They are also proficient in musical instruments and singing, and even have good grades, but they just can’t get along with the people at the dinner, or anyone has Begged him. Because he doesn’t have the social value needed by the people and circles around him. No matter how well you study classical painting and calligraphy in your economic career, the people in front of you just want to talk about eating melons, women’s rights, eating, drinking and having fun, bags, cars, earphones and shoes. Does this provide any spiritual or material value for others? No, if you want to fit into this kind of circle in front of you, it is better to listen to the rhythm and content of their chats and learn how to simply answer the conversation to make them comfortable. If you run into people who have similar hobbies and talks to you, but they don’t seem to be able to tolerate you, then you may have to reflect on your habits and considerations of others, so that your relatives or close friends can correct your problems more. Here I also summarized some “social spam” that I and my subject should avoid in reflection, and try not to let myself be cold and embarrass others. Low severity-talk about general principles and information that everyone knows or expects (for example, if someone asks what is the difference between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, you only answer that state-owned enterprises have low wages and high benefits. Private enterprises may have high wages but high pressure , Is an unqualified answer. The correct answer is to share your own experience or internal information. Or a group of people talk about car bags and luxury goods, and you interrupt and say that knowledge is the most difficult to obtain. These vulgar objects are things outside the body. This general principle is also It will be annoying); topics that others are not interested in delving into (for example, others just talk a little bit, and then you think this is a big talk when you show the conversation, and you don’t see other people’s wandering eyes). The amount of knowledge is not enough to keep in-depth Talking about the topic, if others ask two more questions, you can’t continue to answer the question. Try not to talk about hard-core knowledge topics in a multiplayer game, so you can only serve one or two people who want to know this information, and waste other people in the room. time. 2. In a situation where the severity is higher than that of two people, I have been talking about my own personal affairs, focusing on the information that is not interesting, negative energy and spreading anxious complaints, similar to complaining about the general environment, complaining that a large group of expressions is too stumbling. It is not possible to express a message or story completely and fluently, which makes the listener uncomfortable. The solution is to read more news or cross talk, both in English and Chinese. This is really useful for patients with Ben Ababa. The conclusion is, share more information and experience stories, and talk less about meaningless private affairs and knowledge topics. The experience I shared is still more academic; but I think that a place where there are people is actually a small society. As long as you can figure out the principles and models behind the operation, you can apply this model to analyze and understand in different places. And the most important thing is to see some truth clearly not to make yourself live this life well, but to make your mentality calm and look away from some powerless things.

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I remember that when I was in the second year of high school, my family opened a Mala Tang shop. At that time, I was very ignorant, despising my parents and always serving others. Other people’s parents are officials. My parents should be polite and grinning to everyone. Why do they look tall and handsome, they always blame their parents secretly, rebellious and self-satisfied decadence. Until that day, a winter night in 2012. The uncle who helped us drank too much and talked about it inadvertently. One day at three o’clock in the morning, the gangsters drank too much at home and didn’t pay for it. Then slapped my dad in the face and pushed him to the ground. Uncle Houchu took the kitchen knife and rushed out to support the scene, in order to avoid making matters worse. My dad finally laughed and didn’t want money for gangsters. The bastard still sent the money the next day and apologized. Because the small town can’t see you when you look down, everyone knows it, and it’s not good to be too stiff. But I will never forgive the bastard who beat my father, and I also understand that my father just forgot. “Don’t tell my son about this.” He knows that I have always had a low self-esteem in my heart, but he is illiterate and does not express comfort. He only knows to work hard to make money and save more money for his son to buy a house. I will never forget. When my uncle told me about it, I resisted the urge to cry. My father always tells me that I don’t have to worry about studying well. At that time, I was not too big and couldn’t fight gangsters, so I had to study hard to make a difference, although I didn’t understand the meaning of reading at the time. Not only did he really start studying hard, but later he also helped the family wipe the table, pour water, and serve the pot. Instead, the teacher praised me in class and avoided vanity-loving friends. Finally, from the upper middle and lower reaches of the class, to the first place in the ordinary class. From the goal of two books to the final entrance to 985. The college entrance examination made a mistake and went to the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. After so many years, I am very grateful to my father and alma mater for the gifts. As far as boys are concerned, they may not be able to speak these nasty words to their father. But over the years, he has always been the man I admire the most.

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