According to the latest news from the US “Capitol Hill” on the 29th local time, former US President Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump launched a website to satisfy their supporters to book two people to participate in activities and submit letters , Customize the needs of personalized blessing.

The Trump office issued a brief statement on the evening of the 29th, announcing the launch of the “Official Website of the 45th President of the United States”, stating that the former president and his wife were “inspired by the enduring spirit of the American people” and looked forward to (with the Americans)’ contact'”.

“Through this office, President Trump (former) will continue to tirelessly support the hard-working men and women of our great country, and their right to live in safety, dignity, prosperity, and peace.” On the website’s homepage Write.

According to the “Capitol Hill”, the site is currently relatively small. One page summarizes Trump’s time in the White House, and another page says that supporters can submit letters to the former president and customize them. Personalized blessings, and even book the Trumps for private events.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Accordionists have embarked on the old path of Gorbachev! After Gorbachev stepped down, he lived a nourishing old life of filming and receiving commercials. Accordionists abandon traditional skills and start the second spring of their careers. They have a wide range of business and undertake all kinds of celebrations and celebrations. Gorbachev is 90 years old this year and is still active on the screen. The accordionist is 74 years old this year. According to Gorbachev’s life span, he can take on at least 16 years of celebrations. The presidential election of the United States runs every four years. As long as the accordion artist lives long enough, he will contract all the ceremonial events for the next four presidents. Accordion artist, a rising star in American celebrations. Trump and Gorbachev’s mysterious common ground, they both shot Pizza Hut commercials

6 months ago

If Trump is willing to send a video to China to complain about his fault (self-criticism), then he will be the American Wang Jingwei on the economic level, and bring all kinds of goods that mock Biden, and Ivanka will try it in the Tik Tok live broadcast room on Tik Tok. Wearing a variety of Xinjiang cotton bikinis, I followed Vlaf’s expression and praised a wave of Huawei products, and then angrily praised a wave of Buddha statues that have been popular recently. The slogan “MAGA must be closely connected with the Chinese dream”. China and the United States must follow the path of friendly development.” Then, we will find the big and small bosses who have done business with the Trump Organization in the country to flash the rocket in the live broadcast room, and teach Trump to shout “laobandaqi” and “geilaobaketoupangpangpang”. At the highest point, invite Ren Zhengfei to go to the live room to brush gifts and place orders, and the live broadcast effect exploded. Blind guessing makes far more money than making the face of a happy event.

6 months ago

Trump: “If I lose, you all have to learn Chinese!” Comrade Chuan Jianguo is a big prophet. 4 years ago, Trump’s granddaughter and grandson learned Chinese. After 4 years, Trump himself wants to learn Chinese. Up. But don’t worry, we have prepared for Comrade Chuan Jianguo. The Chinese Level 4 and 6 Tests officially implemented on July 1, 2021 are waiting for our comrades to arrive. It seems that we can now ask Trump to learn Chinese, such as: Chuan Jianguo wish-Happy birthday so and so!

6 months ago

A grain of sand of the times, falling on everyone, is a mountain. Falling on Mr. Chuan is birthday greetings, weddings and funerals, graduation speeches, and retirement ceremonies. If it weren’t for last year’s epidemic, President Sichuan would still be president today, sitting on the throne, majestic and majestic. Fang Qiu. His daughters, sons-in-laws and sons still made high-profile appearances, silently making money, just a few phone calls, big business will automatically enter the door, where is it necessary to earn such shabby silver. Really warrior, dare to face the bleak life. Whether Chuan always blamed the heavens and you, maybe he still couldn’t let go of the stalemate of losing to “Sleepy Joe”, but he still figured it out and reconciled with himself. Take a look at these service items of General Sichuan. People can even deal with bad money like “New Baby Welcome”. What can’t you let go of. Many people can’t figure it out. Why doesn’t President Chuan give a speech and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars a session? Please, do you know how powerful the market is? The super gold King Clinton is still there, and the personable Obama is also low-key, even Carter and Bush Jr. sometimes come out to say a few words. These people have good images and high verticality. Of course, Party A prefers them. With President Chuan’s image and vocabulary, how could he compete with these seniors? The President Chuan did not lose, he directly changed his style of play and began to sink into the market. The vast and populous villages and counties have a vast world. He opened up new service projects and became more grounded. With such a low profile, he might open up a new path for the president behind. Everyone can be impassioned and vigorous when they are proud, but in the end, they still have to reconcile with life.

6 months ago

Understand the King’s Office in Greater China, Asia: 1. Appearance fee of 1,000 dollars 2. Puffing hemp + 2003. Dai Xiao + 2004. C filial son + 300 (plus 50 to give a vigorous handshake) 5. Throwing paper +1006. Weeping +100 (Free snot when ordering this service) 7. Hold the photo frame +1508. Blow the suona +5009. Hold the photo frame and blow the suona +150010. Memorize the eulogy “No one understands death better than me” +100 (English), Chinese is required + 100, you need dialect +100. 11. Fainting on the ground due to grief +300 12. Twitching after falling to the ground +200 (add 50 to call china!) 13. Shangxiang +5014. Kowtowing +10015. Tofu and rice together +300 ( The host must provide two Yuxi two for free) 16. Toast during the feast +100 (no rice wine) 17. Boxing during the feast +5018. For carrying the coffin, please consult the mobile coffin branch office of the Grand Ghana District, Africa 19. Hot selling (exchange rate 1:10000) 20. The ending song “I dont wanna go” +500. Wang Baishiban owns the final interpretation right of the event.

6 months ago

According to me, I suggest that Trump add an option to help us replace salt cotton. There is definitely a market. The price is negotiable, as long as the blessing is in place, we can be satisfied. The blessings don’t need to be overwhelming. It’s simply similar to those African blacks who are very popular on the Internet holding a sign and blessing. Then Trump stood in the middle, holding his blessings to us, and wrote: Cotton is very soft, Chinese is very hard, China 666! What do you think of my proposal?

6 months ago

Awesome, this is the most serious and hardest traffic monetization expert! This is a transformation expert who plays the “country” to pave the way for himself! Than Lao Luo pays a company to bring the goods into cash. Say it? How much did I buy the double-click preview animation? How much did he pay for the live broadcast of this step? He has a very high vision. The first step is to run for the president, and then he turns himself into the weird and special President of Country X. This is to pave the way for everything behind. He deliberately created the Trump-style reckless “ip”, which he used to promote his own on social networks in the form of tweets. He used new media to tell the world his own “ip” directly. He exchanged various ways of hacking himself for the approval of fans. He also dumped the pot to other countries in order to absorb black powder. In this way, the red and black are occupied, and then leave no room for stepping down. He used his recklessness to turn over the X country and made himself famous. It can finally be realized, hehe!

6 months ago

I’m not bragging, this website, in China, there is a company to take this job for 2000 yuan, find a part-time college student, give him 500 and make it for you, find a private job, and 300 yuan for you. Come out, just take a template and put it on, change the picture, just this little copy, it doesn’t take an hour. I thought it was a forum at the beginning, you can register, you can discuss, and you can gather a comprehensive website. You can also download apps, similar to Zhihu. As soon as I enter, this is it???? Trump is no one around, right?

6 months ago

This should be a way for Wang to expand his contacts and exercise his eloquence and subordinates. Xiang Yu’s uncle Xiang Liang often organizes funerals to train cadres. The wise men and doctors of Wuzhong are all under the upper hand. Every time Wuzhong has a great battle and funeral, Xiang Liangchang is the organizer, and Yin uses the Military Law Department to lean guests and children, so he knows what he can do. (“Historical Records of Xiang Yu Benji”) Translation: Whenever there is a large-scale corvee or a big funeral in Wuzhong County, Xiang Liang often acts as the host, and secretly deploys and organizes guests and young people with the art of war to understand their talents.

6 months ago

As soon as I saw the news, I was delighted, and then searched the website of the website. After a lot of effort, I confirmed that the website is: Donald J. Trump 45th President website. The home page of the website is what Trump viewed from the door of the plane. The photo may also be a photo you look back at, probably looking back on your years as president. The functions of the website are also very concise and clear. Anyway, there are four sections: homepage, about website, contact and news reports. One of the more peculiar aspects of the Trump website is that there is a page dedicated to “personal customization”, allowing supporters to submit comments to Trump, write letters, customize personalized greetings, and even book an invitation for the Trumps to participate. Private event. I want Trump to wish me a happy birthday. I don’t know if this wish can be realized.

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