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At present, the first answer is that Zhu Yuanzhang is actually a lunatic, killing not only civil servants and generals, but also the master-level figures of the Chinese “literary prison”. The killing requires almost no reason. It is a pity that the case cited behind Xiongtai comes from the “Notes” in the Complete Works of Oubei by Zhao Yi of the Qing Dynasty. Volumes 29 to 32 are all discussing a series of events in the early Ming Dynasty. Most of the quotes in the post are from the unofficial history. When the Manchu dynasty compiles the Ming histories, the unofficial history was often used, and it was frequently tampered with, which led to Zhao Yi’s pitfall. What’s interesting is that Zhao Yi put forward his own views on Emperor Ming Taizu’s killing of heroes. When Han Guangwu and Tang Taizong ruled the world, Fang was young, and when he was old, all the heroes had fallen. Although Song Taizu was long, it was okay to have a younger brother. Control the ministers, so they are all preserved. It was early for Mingzu, but the world was over sixty years old. The prince Yiwen was gentle, but Yiwen died, and his grandson became weaker, so he had to worry about him. Therefore, the two large prisons were all caught in one go. This can be inferred. In his opinion, it was inevitable for Emperor Ming Taizu to kill these heroes. Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty and Emperor Taizong of Tang were very young when they settled the world. Liu Xiu was 31 years old when he became emperor. After 12 years, he settled the world, and when the Xuanwu Gate changed. Li Shimin is only 28 years old, and he has not graduated from a PhD today. The two of them have very strong abilities, and they are not afraid of being trapped by heroes. Moreover, when they are old, the heroes are already gone. Zhao Kuangyin’s younger brother, Zhao Guangyi, is 12 years younger than his elder brother, and he entered the center of power very early. Judging from his performance after he became the throne, Zhao Kuangyin’s veterans are still very convinced by him. But Ming Taizu was too old when he gained the world. He was 39 years old when he settled Jiangnan. After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, the Mongolian regime in the north has been a confidant. He had eight northern expeditions before and after he broke Beiyuan at the age of 60, until two years before his death , Still in the Northern Expedition. Zhu Yuanzhang’s psychological pressure has always been very heavy. There are strong enemies outside and heroes inside, but the prince’s character is relatively weak, and the emperor’s grandson is even worse. And this group of heroes who fight the world, many of them are still young, and they are also domineering and domineering. They can still be suppressed when they are there. If they die, leaving behind the unbelievable emperor and grandson obviously can’t rest assured. Strong, something will definitely happen. The four major cases in the early Ming Dynasty that purged the old bureaucracy were the “Hu Weiyong Case” in the 13th year of Hongwu (1380), the “Empty Seal Case” in the 15th year of Hongwu (1382), and the “Empty Seal Case” in the 18th year of Hongwu (1385). In the Guo Huan case and the Lanyu case in the twenty-sixth year of Hongwu (1393), Zhu Yuanzhang died in 1398, and the prince Zhu Biao died in 1392. Ten years after Hongwu, the prince began to deal with government affairs. At that time, the prince was about 22 years old, which is the age of college students. He seemed to be almost ten years from the rich second generation who had graduated and inherited the family business. Play the smell. The encyclical said: “Since ancient times, the king of entrepreneurship has been involved in diligence, human affection, and Zhou physics, and he is always in the right place. The ruler of preservation, growth and prosperity, if it is not in the past, there are few who are not wrong. Therefore, I am specially appointed to meet the ministers day by day. Listen to the announcements of the divisions to practice state politics. Only benevolence is not lost in negligence, but not confused by evil spirits, but diligence is not addicted to ease, but not tied to grammar. All this is the power of the heart. I have the world. Since then, I have never tasted leisure. I am afraid of doing anything wrong in all affairs, and I am entrusted by God. Wearing the stars and going to the night, sleeping at night, you see for yourself. You can do it with your body, and the world is blessed.” Zhu Yuanzhang’s This decree must have been modified (cough cough, Lao Zhu said in a good vernacular), but the meaning is very clear, that is, it must be no problem to deal with government affairs by yourself, but his heirs have not been rigorously tempered like himself, so from now on Start to exercise the abilities of the Prince. The tenth year of Hongwu was 1377. In other words, less than ten years later, there were 3 major cases intensively. It is conceivable that after this batch of cleansing, new bureaucrats must be promoted by the prince, and the prince will be promoted. Gradually, there was a team that he brought up, and at the same time, civilian officials who might be unauthorized were also wiped out. Unfortunately, Zhu Biao’s lifespan is not long enough. Otherwise, when he takes the throne, he has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with government affairs, and he must have a solid position and skillful methods. As soon as Zhu Biao died, the purge that had been interrupted for nearly ten years reappeared, and this time the warrior group that most threatened the imperial power was cleansed out very directly. Ironically, Lan Yu is Zhu Biao’s close comrade-in-arms. Zhu Biao’s father-in-law is Chang Yuchun, Lan Yu is Chang Yuchun’s wife and brother, and Lan Yu is Zhu Biao’s uncle. Moreover, Lan Yu and Zhu Biao have a very good relationship. It can be speculated that he himself is the team that Zhu Yuanzhang deliberately left to the prince. Sapphire’s degree of loyalty to Zhu Biao is beyond doubt. There is no doubt that if Zhu Biao comes to the throne, Sapphire must be an honorable minister. Lan Yu’s northern expedition triumphantly, passing by Zhu Di’s Beijing, and after returning to Nanjing, he said to Zhu Biao, “The King Yan is in the country, and his actions and actions are no different from the emperor. People who look forward to the air say that Yan has the emperor’s spirit, and I hope that your highness will take precautions and be cautious. One or two!” Zhu Biao replied to Lan Yu: “I am respectful of King Yan, and it is absolutely nothing.” Lan Yu said: “His Royal Highness is given preferential treatment, so the secrets of Chen’s interests are in favor. I hope that the ministers will fail, but they are not. Yan is fortunate.” It can be seen that the relationship between the two is very close, and even Zhu Di dare to say that he is not a minister. You must know that Zhu Biao has a kind heart and has a very good relationship with his brothers. Zhu Di’s compatriot, Zhou Wang, was almost After being killed by Zhu Yuanzhang, Zhu Biao “weeping at night, please call for it”, and saved King Zhou. This eldest brother did his best to benevolent and righteous. Lan Yu dared to risk destroying the brotherly feelings of the princes and said that King Yan had the intention of disobedience, enough to see his loyalty. If Zhu Biao came to the throne, then Lan Yu and his generals would be there, and Zhu Di and other vassals would basically be able to stir up the frontier and the nomads in their lives, and then Zhu Biao would die early. Will Lan Yu be loyal to the emperor’s grandson? Obviously, this domineering general is unlikely to obey his juniors, so in February 1393, he finally had a tragedy, and Zhu Biao died in May 1392. In the Lanyu case, one man, thirteen and two uncles were killed, and then Fu Youde, Dingyuan Hou Wangbi, Song Guogong Feng Sheng were also killed. I guess these people should be the prince Zhu Biao’s team in Zhu Yuanzhang’s original plan. Most of the military commanders holding heavy soldiers. Although Zhu Biao is not more ruthless than his own means, through in-laws, these military commanders are enough to protect Zhu Biao’s world forever. Unfortunately, when Zhu Biao died, the emperor’s grandson was not a weapon. There is no way to tame these warriors. Can kill the killer, but Zhu Di finally got cheaper. However, even if the hero is roughly like Zhu Di, he was beaten up several times by the remaining old ministers and generals. In this sense, Zhu Yuanzhang really took pains for his children and grandchildren. If these honors are left behind, the emperor and grandson will definitely be emptied after his death. So I can only move the knife. I often think that although Zhu Yuanzhang is a generation of heroes, he is a father after all. I have seen many fathers, no matter whether their children are smart or stupid, whether these fathers are labor-saving workers or wealthy merchants, they all love their children and are willing to give everything for them, just like our own fathers. From the perspective of his father, Zhu Yuanzhang may have a different picture. In the first year of Wu, at the thirteenth year, he ordered Lin Hao Tomb and said: “Shang Gaozong has been working hard, and Zhou Cheng has heard the precepts of “No Escape”. He knows that the people are suffering, so he is industrious and thrifty. The child grows rich and honorable, and he is accustomed to Yan’an. Today he travels near counties and counties, visits mountains and rivers, and experiences fields. Because of the dangerous roads, he knows the pommel horse’s industriousness. That is to say, the ancestors live, visit the fathers and elders, ask me about the current affairs of crossing the river, knowing it in my heart, and knowing my business is not easy.” The 13-year-old Zhu Biao, the noble son who grew up in the emperor’s house, was ordered by Zhu Yuanzhang to return home to sweep the tomb. His father hoped that he could look at the world outside the palace, experience the hardships of the journey, explore the sufferings of the people, and ask his father and elders to understand how difficult it was for his father to start a business in the past. This is modern patriotism education. In current terms, it means “keep your true colors and degenerate forever” and “retake the Long March road.” Recalling when I was working in the fields when I was a child, I suddenly felt that my father’s intentions were quite profound. The true fatherly love is by no means spoiling and spoiling. In the first year of Hongwu, the Ming army conquered Beijing, the Meng Yuan was formally destroyed, and the remnants fled back to the desert. In the first month, Zhu Biao was established as the prince, and Zhu Yuanzhang provided him with a luxurious lineup. , Zhongshu Pingzhang recorded the important affairs of the military state, Chang Yuchun and the prince’s young guard. It’s worth intriguing that most of the teachers of the prince are part-time. They are usually responsible for the military affairs, and then they have to spare time to assist the prince, that is to say. Zhu Biao’s staff or team is his father’s colleague. You can compare Li Shimin and Li Jiancheng in the Xuanwu Gate transformation. The staff on both sides are talented people who don’t buy each other, and eventually the brothers merge. But Zhu Biao’s luxurious configuration eliminated the possibility of the Xuanwu Gate. His staff was ten blocks stronger than the rest of the princes, and anyone who wanted to rebel was crushed to death in minutes. It is a pity that the heavens fail to meet the wishes, and Zhu Biao died young in April next year, Bing Zixie, the emperor wailed. The ceremonial official discusses the funeral, please change by day. The emperor couldn’t bear it when he was in addition to his clothes. The ceremonial officer asked him, and then he let him go. Sadly, Zhu Yuanzhang, a generation of heroes, didn’t know how many tears he had shed in his life. At this time, he couldn’t help but tears. Most of his life’s business was ruined. From beginning to end, Zhu Biao was the only successor. As for Zhu Di and the other princes, they were more like thugs around his elder brother. Zhu Di was 20 years old in 1380 and went to Beijing. At that time, Beijing was the front line of the tug of war between Daming and Mongolia. Zhu Di was here. He gradually revealed his military genius and successfully trained his own team, but most of them are martial arts. In the future battle of Jingnan, Zhu Di can be described as an explosion of character, and he has survived many times. Even two months before the raid on Nanjing and the final victory, most of Zhu Di’s men did not want to cross the Yellow River (by the way) From 1194 to 1855, the Yellow River used the Huai River to make the Haikou. The “History of Ming Dynasty” said that Zhu Di’s Yan army stayed in Lingbi, and the current Lingbi was near the Huai River.) The success of the Battle of Jingnan was a black one. humor. If Zhu Biao were there, there would be no justice for Zhu Di to raise troops, let alone fight against the older generation of military strategists. And Zhu Biao’s death not only caused his own reserve team to be wiped out, but also indirectly led to the battle of Jingnan. If Zhu Yuanzhang knew well, he might have lamented that he had been against the sky for a lifetime, but he would be no match for God’s will. ps: Actually, Zhao Yi has a strong tendency. For example, he thinks that “Gaozong has all his interests in the Shaoxing peace talks, and he has to measure the current situation, and there are people who have to go out of this. Later, half of the house is rough and the mother has to return, no It can be described as an ineffective peace.” In fact, this peace agreement was a humiliating peace. When Yue Fei and others won the Northern Expedition, Song Gaozong’s military power was lifted. Song not only paid tribute to Jin, but also ceded the blood-recovered land to Jin again. Before the peace talks, the Jin army had been compressed to Kaifeng. Song and Jin reached the agreement of “returning from the south to the south and returning from the north to the north”, that is, the northern people were no longer recognized as their subjects by the Southern Song Dynasty, and the Southern Song Dynasty’s small court completely abandoned the entire north. Zhao Yi’s remarks are really unfair. Alas, this bit of trouble is going to be noisy, and my heart is tired. The subject of the question asked why Zhu Yuanzhang killed the hero. What I answered was that the death of the prince Zhu Biao caused Zhu Yuanzhang to worry that the emperor would not be able to tame the original team. Someone has to start from the text prison, trying to prove that Zhu Yuanzhang is a pervert who likes to kill people. The problem is that your information is not hard enough! Chen Xuelin, who had moved out of Hong Kong for Chinese, slapped his face and ran away. It does not mean that others have not read the complete text. I will help you to see the above. It shows that the prison cases of Ming Taizu written by Zhao Yi and later scholars are based on the history of Hongzhi and Wanli. The stories told by the Barnyard Vehicles are numerous and absurd, which cannot be regarded as historical facts. People did not deny that there is a literary prison, but the argument that people directly laugh at Nai is not strong enough! Moreover, Mr. Chen believes that Zhu Yuanzhang eradicated dissidents in the name of literary prison, which proves that Zhu Yuanzhang was a purposeful murder, not a mental illness. And you are a little slower from the palace, you almost blinded my dog’s eyes just now


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8 months ago

In the past, the Taizu punished the heroes, or handled it like Song Taizu’s cup of liquor to release the military power. In the long run, these heroes took the credit and prided themselves. They or their second generation began to engage in privileges. It is easy. This resulted in a monopoly of power. Although Liu Xiu, the Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was generous and did not kill the heroes, it also made the Eastern Han Dynasty possess strong annexation since the founding of the country, and the Eastern Han Dynasty was less than 200 years old.

8 months ago

Who is “brothers” with you? Don’t think that if you hit the country together, you will all be counted as “brothers”. Lao Zhu said, I am not blind, how can I not recognize who my brother is? In the past, Liu Bang was also criticized for “killing heroes.” The villain who has been scolded for two thousand years for what is going to be cooking, crossing the river and demolishing the bridge. But thinking about it carefully, what Liu Bang focused on was actually the king of the different surname. These people are not so much “brothers” as “shareholders.” -“Old Zhu killed the hero”, also scored three stages. The first stage is to promote the “Haozhou old people” and suppress the “subjects”. Everyone is a hero, but the heroes are also different, not all “brothers”, but also “shareholders.” For example, @李子寒泉 兄’s article is a classic example of the first stage of “Old Zhu Killing Heroes”. The Chaohu navy has its own management system, and it was too late to join Zhu Yuanzhang. Although it has repeatedly made military exploits during the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it is not an old lineage of Zhu Yuanzhang after all. Therefore, Liao Yongzhong doesn’t look like a “brother” at all, but more like a “shareholder”. If this is the case, he will undoubtedly die. Even in the thirteenth year of Hongwu, when Hu Weiyong’s case occurred, most of the heroes of Lao Zhu’s cleanup were the “attacks” before and after crossing the river. Especially those partners who “bring capital into the group” are the key “objects of care” for Lao Zhu. In the 20 years from the award of honors and honors in Hongwu three years to the slaying of the Hu Party in 23 years, the Haozhou soldiers in the honor group at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty continued to expand their dominant positions and remained untouched. However, Jiangbei and Jiangbei were among those who returned after crossing the river. Several nobles who brought a large group of people and made outstanding achievements were eliminated. This is called killing the “brothers”? The “brothers” in Lao Zhu’s eyes are the old team brought out from Haozhou. He doesn’t think that the Chaohu naval forces are his “brothers.” Therefore, this time the censure of Liao Yongzhong’s series is just that the group has grown bigger, and it is time to exclude the “partners”. It is only the basis of every listed company. It can be said that in the first stage, Lao Zhu killed “shareholders” rather than “brothers.” In previous depictions, Old Zhu killed the hero, like a dog, and just found a reason to kill the sea. You too underestimate Lao Zhu, and you too underestimate these heroes and generals. The heroes are not sheep to be slaughtered. They all crawled out of the dead piles in the chaos of the Yuan Dynasty. If Lao Zhu really dare to kill them all, how could these werewolves be slaughtered? Therefore, when Lao Zhu cleaned up the hero, he also pulled one faction and beat the other faction, and cleverly balanced the various hills within the hero. Think about it. At this stage, no matter how much Lao Zhu kills the hero. Do the old people in Haozhou feel sad or rejoiced? Think hard. In the second stage, the “Hu Dang case” was used to clean up the hostile forces of the Donggong Group and pave the way for Zhu Biao. In the twenty-three years of Hongwu, Lao Zhu raised the “Hu Dang case” again, and wanted to afflict him, such as Li Shanchang, Tang Shengzong, Lu Zhongheng, Fei Ju and other heroes and veterans, all suffered. This time, there is no longer a distinction between “brothers” and “shareholders.” Even the “Old Haozhou” people were slaughtered in large numbers. And these people have a clear characteristic: they are not the prince’s people. Although it is a “Hu Dang case”, it has nothing to do with Hu Weiyong himself. Hu Weiyong’s account has been calculated for the thirteenth year of Hongwu, this time it is only to follow his name, to hunt and kill forces outside the Donggong Group. In other words, this is Lao Zhu paving the way for Prince Zhu Biao. It’s just that Zhu Biao died suddenly in the 25th year of Hongwu, which wiped out all of Lao Zhu’s calculations. In the third stage, the “Blue Party case” was used to clean up the power of the kings and pave the way for Zhu Yunshou. This is what I want to focus on. It is only because Lao Zhu claimed that the blue party is “Hu the old party”, so the Blue party case has always been regarded as “the disaster of the Hu party.” In the past, scholars also put the two cases together and called them the “Hu Lan Prison”, but the two cases are very different. If they are not clear, they will only lead readers astray. For example, the target of the “Hu Dang case” was the hostile forces of the Donggong Group; while the target of the “Blue Party” was the forces of the Donggong Group itself. In the beginning, Lan Yu’s niece, as Princess Zhu Biao, was a hardcore princeling. But Zhu Biao died suddenly, and the new heir Zhu Yunqi was born in Zhu Biao’s concubine, and had no relationship with Lan Yu itself. At the same time, Lan Yu’s daughter married Zhu Chun, the king of Shu. So, guess what, after Lao Zhu kicked his legs, would Lan Yu support King Shu or Emperor Jianwen? Lao Zhu thought about Lan Yu’s stinky temper. He dared to commit lawlessness when we were here, so I changed it to Zhu Yunsao, so what? Thus, in the twenty-sixth year of Hongwu, the “Blue Party case” broke out. This time, Lao Zhu’s target was anyone who could threaten Zhu Yunshou. Secondly, I want to talk about the two other people involved in the “Blue Party case”. ——That is, Feng Sheng and Fu Youde. Let me talk about Feng Sheng. There is not much to say about this deed. There is a famous general, but after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he also committed many illegal acts. For example, in the 20th year of Hongwu, Feng Shengping forced the surrender of Beiyuan Taiwei Naha to go out. Since then, he has been alienated by Lao Zhu, such as “seeking big pearls and other treasures”. But it was not this that really made Old Zhu the killer. It’s because Feng Sheng’s daughter married Zhou Wang Zhu Xun. In other words, Feng Sheng is Zhou Wang’s person, and Zhou Wang himself is not a man of peace. At the time of the establishment of the text, there were different conspiracies from time to time, and the long history Wanghan refused to accept the advice, pretending to be mad. It is conceivable that if Zhu Biao is here, he is Zhou Wang’s eldest brother, and he can still hold his fifth brother. Can be replaced by Zhu Yunshou, Zhou Wang is bound to be ready to move, in this case, Lao Zhu had to break Zhou Wang’s claws to stabilize Zhu Yunshou’s throne. Therefore, in the 28th year of Hongwu, Feng Sheng was involved in the “Blue Party Case” and was killed. Let’s talk about Fu Youde. This famous “seven battles and seven victories” is also related to the royal family by marriage. He and Jin Wang Zhu Zhen are relatives, and this Jin Wang is not a kind person either. Or tell 㭎 there is a conspiracy. The emperor was furious and wanted to sin, but the prince was saved. It can be seen that King Jin, like King Zhou, had illegal behaviors. Every time he provokes Lao Zhu, Zhu Biao is “recovering”. As long as Zhu Biao is still alive, the two people will not be able to turn the tide. But Zhu Biao’s death catalyzed the contradiction between the ruling clique. In order to pave the way for Zhu Yunxie, the action of cutting off the Jinwang clique was imminent. In the later period of Hongwu, Lao Zhu established a system of “kings guarding the frontiers”, bringing the heroes and veterans into the rule of the feudal king system, and Feng Sheng and Fu Youde were controlled by the kings of Jin and the kings of Yan. At this time, the emperor reads the border defense very much, and wants the princes to practice military affairs, and all the kings will prescribe military affairs. The two kings of Jin and Yan were especially re-sent. Generals such as Song Guogong Feng Sheng and Ying Guogong Fu Youde were all restrained. It is worth mentioning that Jin Wang Zhudi and Yan Wang Zhu Di have always been at odds, and Fu Youde is married to Jin Wang. Then, we know that Fu Youde should be a member of Jin Wang’s line. In this case, Fu Youde is the first to eliminate the Jinwang Group. In the twenty-seventh year of Hongwu, Fu Youde was given to death. The cause of his death is not as deep as that. In fact, like Feng Sheng, he was involved in the internal struggle of the royal clique. It can be said that the third stage of “killing heroes” was caused by Zhu Biao’s sudden death, which disrupted the arrangement of Lao Zhu and could only be re-arranged. Lanyu and the “blue parties” became this re-arrangement. The victim.

8 months ago

I’m too lazy to read the book, so I will tell you some stories. In our eyes, Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu of Han Guangwu can definitely be called a “good man”-unlike most emperors who opened up the harem, unlike his ancestor Liu Bang, who had followed him to fight the world so hard. Eighteen will eradicate one by one, and it is not like his ancestor Liu Che established the prince before giving the prince’s birth mother to death to weaken the power of the relatives. Really good person, right? I also think he is a good person. Have you ever thought about his unique deeds that make us feel that he is a good person? Why do other emperors do it, but he doesn’t? What are the consequences of not doing it? Who will bear these consequences in the end? If you think about it, you will understand what Liu Bang, Li Shimin, Zhao Kuangyin, and Zhu Yuanzhang have done, why they did it, and why the methods are different.

8 months ago

Ming Taizu’s actions are set today. For example, officials are shot for embezzlement, all officials are deemed to be fraudulent when they see officials holding blank statements together to make accounts. People have the right to petition and report corrupt officials, and set up a special secret agency directly responsible to the highest level to supervise officials. If you talk about strange things, you will be shot, and the officials will be shot if you disagree with the central government…what’s the reaction of the people? How did the officials react? What is the public reaction? What was the reaction of officials from relevant departments of the Party History of the Archives? In addition, Xu Da’s method of death is nothing but nothing! Go back and ask Chinese and Western medicine if there are any strange diseases that you can never eat goose instead of chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle and sheep! ? The cultural and propaganda department of the Qing Dynasty, which was responsible for demonizing the Ming Dynasty system, did not include such things in the Ming History.

8 months ago

Don’t be fooled by the superficial values ​​of Hong Kong and Taiwan directors. Don’t use the level of Hong Kong and Taiwan directors to speculate on the great emperors of the Chinese nation. The performance of these great emperors is comparable to that of Caesar in ancient Rome. Would you use the logic of the Mafia to infer how Caesar thinks? Would you use Godfather’s logic to speculate on Lincoln and Roosevelt? First of all, people who fight the world together can be called comrades in arms, colleagues, colleagues, but not brothers. Our boss’s personal relationships are all literati, and he always calls each other comrades when he has worked with Xiangyu all his life. Only in the passionate game of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms will there be the plot of worshipping the brothers, and the passionate line of the eldest brother is right in the movie of the name cast. Looking at modern history, we know that even at the Zunyi Conference, until 1976, the three superstars passed away one after another, and no one in the core leadership has worshipped brothers. Always refer to each other as comrades and keep a certain distance in private contacts. From this we can see that those who are talented and do big things should first have a just goal, and then use this goal to gather talents and comrades to work together. It is said that we are all from all corners of the world, and we have come together for a common cause. It’s not for brother’s loyalty. For the sake of brothers’ loyalty, at most be a local snake. How can all kinds of forces and people in the eastern land surpass those who talk about personal relationships? Chiang Kai-shek and the Shanghai Youth Group worshiped, and everyone knows the end. Therefore, it can be inferred that these people make decisions based on the success or failure of their careers. If a person threatens Zhu Yuanzhang, with Zhu Yuanzhang’s prestige and power, it is simply a blow to get rid of the enemy. However, when a person can’t threaten Zhu Yuanzhang himself but threatens the future stability of Daming Jiangshan, Zhu Yuanzhang will rationally consider whether the person needs to be eliminated. Either stay or get rid of, as a generation of heroes, he certainly knows what to do better than the people we know. Therefore, we must first know the logic of these people before explaining why they did what. In the analysis of various classes in China, there is a class called the gangster proletarian by the boss, and the discussion is based on the bottom line. It is characterized as one of the factors of social chaos, but if organized properly, these people can fight bravely. Use the logic of the gangster proletarian young and Dangerous to think about what Zhu Yuanzhang thinks, come on man!

8 months ago

In recent years, there has been a spread of Zhu Yuanzhang’s wanton massacre of heroes. The most sensational is that of the 34 founding heroes of the Ming Dynasty, only four were not killed by Zhu Yuanzhang. 1. The whole thing has noses and eyes, and even a list of real and checkable lists. So, how true is this incident? Today, let’s talk about whether the most hacked in history, Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, is so ruthless to the heroes. There are many articles about Zhu Yuanzhang’s killing of heroes. Let’s quote a passage from history professor Lin Zhenggen in his book “On the Mindset of the Emperor Taizu and the Destruction of the Hero Group” to explain: The mass killing of heroes also began in Hongwu’s 23rd year on the Hu Dang Before this, only 3 people died because of many illnesses and deaths. Since then, more people have been sentenced to death. In Hongwu from 23 to 28 years, after ignoring his sons and bans and illnesses, he chased after the two parties, and the princes were killed 23 people, of which 16 were directly killed by the two parties, Hu and Lan. In the “Ming History” list of heroes, the number of heroes canonized by Zhu Yuanzhang includes 25 dukes, 79 marquis, 12 earls, 11 viscounts, and 23 barons, totaling 150. Only three of the 104 Gonghou men were convicted before the Lan Yu and Hu Weiyong cases, and one of them was Lan Yu himself. It can be seen that Zhu Yuanzhang is not a person who likes to kill heroes. After the two cases, 40 people (and one earl) were held accountable because they were involved in the two cases. But when the two were added together, 43 heroes were put to death. From the perspective of 150 canonized heroes, there are not 34 people who have been circulated, and only 4 people were not as exaggerated as saying that they were not killed. If we look closely at the examples, we will find one more thing: of the 34 people they cited, exactly 30 were on the execution list, and only 4 were 107 unlinked members. Therefore, this behavior is a bit deliberately provocative. 2. Table 1 of the 25 founding dukes. As we can see from the above table, it is very problematic to say that only 4 of the 34 founding heroes of Zhu Yuanzhang have died. First of all, Zhu Yuanzhang’s canonization targets far more than 34 people, and secondly, Zhu Yuanzhang is not such a ruthless person. 3. Why is there always someone black Zhu Yuanzhang in the record of Zhu Yuanzhang’s wild history, there are many black materials about him, in addition to the above-mentioned mass murder of heroes, there are also incidents such as the text prison and the death of Xu Da with a roast goose. Why do so many people black Zhu Yuanzhang? Are these real? Let’s take an example of a literary prison incident that has been very popular in recent years: When Zhu Yuanzhang, a professor of Confucianism, Xu Yikui wrote his birthday article, he mentioned the characters “light” and “Ze”, which Zhu Yuanzhang regarded as satirizing his past as a monk. It was killed. But this incident was really a rumor for the sake of black, because Xu Yikui lived to be eighty years old. During the time when he was circulated on the Internet, Xu Yikui wrote an epitaph for someone. There is something like Xu Da who was sick. Zhu Yuanzhang deliberately gave him roasted goose. It is even more nonsense to let him die because Zhu Yuanzhang was in Nanjing and Xu Da was in Beijing. The two were not together and there was no need to kill him. The controversy about Zhu Yuanzhang has always been great. There are five reasons why some people like to hack him. First, Zhu Yuanzhang has the deeds of killing heroes; second, many black Zhu Yuanzhang articles have been handed down in the records of future generations; third, today People who are not history lovers seldom read historical materials seriously, which caused our lack of understanding of ancient people and was easily misled by public opinion. Fourth, in order to stabilize his rule, Zhu Yuanzhang killed many people in the process of governing the political power and the Northern Expedition. , This conflicts with our current concept; Fifth, black is easier than praise, because it only needs to find a shortcoming to be enough.

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First of all, the external environment that Zhu Yuanzhang faces is this: Mongolia’s vast grasslands, once Mongolia has returned to the grasslands, it is no longer a country with a fixed land, no longer a country that can occupy its land and destroy the country in a war. Although after the Battle of Fishing in Erhai, Beiyuan completely degraded from the government to a tribe, but Mongolia’s external troubles have not been eradicated. The Ming Empire was built on ruins, and the country was waiting to be flourished. Every time an army expedition to the grassland (like Xu Da’s time), the main force of Mongolia might not be found in vain, and the cost of materials was huge. Secondly, Zhu Yuanzhang’s internal environment is like this: This country has not fully reached the civil government, and the bureaucracy is still in its infancy stage. The composition of civil servants is complicated, and only a few are grateful to the new dynasty from the imperial examination. Zhu Yuanzhang knew how loyal the imperial civil servants were to Daming. Attention is loyal to Daming, not loyal to Zhu Yuanzhang. After Zhu Yuanzhang abolished the prime minister, the empire became even more official. In terms of the military, before the Mingyingzong Tumu Fortress, the military had been in the hands of military nobles. Although the Ministry of Defense has withdrawn the power of military appointment, dismissal, promotion, and transfer of troops, the power of commanding troops has always been in the five-armed capital governor’s house. These generals were all fought with Zhu Yuanzhang in the war. Huaixi was noble and arrogant. Even the leader of the second generation of generals, the junior blue jade, dared to force through the barriers on the way to the class, which shows the generals’ arrogance. Once there is a change, it is unknown whether the system of all commanding troops can effectively restrain these generals. With the above two points, it can be seen that the environment inside and outside the emperor is far from the Ming empire that Zhu Yuanzhang worked hard to create. Zhu Yuanzhang’s imperial vision is: through several large-scale sweeps, to completely defeat Mongolia, it is best to let the Xiongnu escape as far as the Han Dynasty, and make the grassland invincible. Then collectively raise the nobles, military commanders and nobles, which is similar to the release of military power through a cup of wine, and promotes new military personnel, resulting in the absolute obedience of the army to the monarch and future monarchs. These military newcomers don’t need to be too strong, as long as they can defend the Ming territories. The civil servants implemented imperial examinations, used civil servants to govern the country, and then used coercive and rigorous methods to make civil servants honestly working for the empire. However, until Zhu Yuanzhang died down, this goal was not achieved. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang began to retreat to the second place, and the foreign troubles were the second place. After all, Mongolia has begun to decline, and the control of internal troubles is the main thing to kill the veterans. But if Zhu Biao did not die, there might be fewer killings, and the chances of Sapphire’s survival were very high. After all, Zhu Biao had been a prince for many years, and the prince recognized by Manchu dynasty civil and military also had prestige. The generation of Zhu Yuanzhang is almost dead, and the second-generation blue jade has a very good relationship with Zhu Biao. But as soon as Zhu Biao died, Lanyu had to be eliminated. In other words, everything Zhu Yuanzhang does is for the surname Zhu in the world. Another point is that Huaixi’s honorable and unlawful things are quite a lot, and sometimes they gave Zhu Yuanzhang an excuse to kill them.

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1. Lao Zhu has this capital, even if this group of people are gone, the court will be transferred. 2. Lao Zhu also believes that it is necessary. These meritorious groups are already forming a powerful influence. This is the biggest hidden danger of Jiangshan Sheji. Why does Lao Zhu have this capital? Because Lao Zhu, as the emperor, is so right, he is proficient in Wenzhi Wugong. The martial artist first destroyed Chen Youliang and Zhang Shicheng, then drove away Meng Yuan, expelled the Tartars, and restored China. Which of these masters is easy to provoke? The fight against Chen Youliang and Zhang Shicheng is to win more with less. In the final confrontation with Meng Yuan, although the victory was overwhelming, the Mongols seemed vulnerable, but how can they be the descendants of the Golden Family across Asia and Europe, and it has only been 100 years since their ancestors. The Mongols are so fragile, it shouldn’t be our army’s incompetence? The enemy is really too cunning. Moreover, the strength of Old Zhu is different from other founding kings. From the history books, most of his people were cultivated by himself, such as Xu Da, Chang Yuchun, Li Wenzhong, Feng Sheng…this success rate and talents The quality is really breathtaking. At the strategic level, Lao Zhu didn’t need a few counsellors to worry about it, and he basically managed it by himself. When have we heard of old Zhu Cong’s advice? Let’s talk about the text. In fact, this is easy to say, and it can be summed up in eight words, “Don’t do it, don’t do it”. Of course, it was a bit painful to be fucked by Lao Zhu, and his head was gone. Never in history has an emperor dared to be so blatant with the bureaucracy, right? Because they work after all, if it doesn’t help, there is still a way to resign collectively, right? I’m not serving anymore. Which emperor can take this? Everyone under his hand picks up, leaving his brother the emperor? Therefore, the emperors and Laozi still have to give the bureaucrats some face, and they can’t do too much. With one exception, that is Zhu Yuanzhang. He doesn’t care about which one gets in the way, and you don’t even have the opportunity to threaten him, because the dead can’t threaten people. Of course, even if you don’t die, it’s useless. Meeting such a master is simply not stingy. I guess that most bureaucrats were waiting to see Lao Zhu’s jokes, right? From what we see now, this one is really doing absolutely nothing. Let alone such a big country, even a small company, no boss would dare to fire people like this? But the old Zhu just dared, why? Because they have the confidence, you grandchildren don’t have fun, do you? Then live and don’t live, I do it yourself, you all go to die. Facts have proved that people’s confidence is reasonable. It was such a mess. With a model worker emperor, it was abruptly brought back to the right track, and it took more than 200 years to fall. Why does Lao Zhu think this is necessary? Because this is an entrepreneurial team, a bunch of old brothers all started from scratch with Zhu Yuanzhang. Now that the platform is getting bigger, it is inevitable that some people can’t distinguish whether it is the platform that created them or they created the platform. Even if they know it personally, does their team know it? There are a few people who have come into contact with Lao Zhu, and the battles are led by the generals. Who knows why the emperor eats it? Even if Lao Zhu can be covered when he is there, what if Lao Zhu is gone? Even if he was as strong as Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty, he did not get rid of the influence of the clan in his entire life, which shows how stubborn this intertwined force is. That’s why Lao Zhu thought that it was necessary to kill him, not only to kill him, but also to do things absolutely, and to eliminate the roots of the grass. If it were not for Lao Zhu, a model worker and executioner, the Ming Dynasty would probably not be the second generation. After all, Emperor Jianwen couldn’t even deal with Zhu Di. If you add a group of famous generals and officials, you will probably have to reshuffle. .

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In fact, Zhu Yuanzhang is not so killing, but some people do have the rhythm of death. People all know that “the power is high,” but they don’t know that “the high power may not be the master”; people also know that “cunning rabbits die, running dogs” “Cooking”, but I don’t know that “If a cunning rabbit is dead, a running dog may not be cooking.” The biggest concern of Zhu Yuanzhang throughout the Hongwu era was how to clear the Huaixi Group headed by Li Shanchang. It can be said that the contradictory struggle between Zhu and Li reflects the political context of the entire early empire. Li Shanchang was originally Zhu Yuanzhang’s hometown. Although Li Shanchang was aspiring to officialdom, he was not talented enough to win the imperial examination. Li Shanchang still has nothing to do when he is not confused, but the long-term tolerance has already made Li Shanchang’s heart calm. When the world was in chaos, Li Shanchang might have realized that his opportunity was coming, so he chose Zhu Yuanzhang. Why did he choose Zhu Yuanzhang? Some people say that he has taken a fancy to Zhu Yuanzhang, but I think the more reasonable reason is that he could not find a place in other princes. Li Shanchang’s status as a Huaixi and his prudent nature quickly won Zhu Yuanzhang’s trust. He began to take care of Zhu Yuanzhang’s internal affairs, in charge of money and grain, taxes, land, and population. He was able to handle everything seamlessly, so that Zhu Yuanzhang had no worries. Li Shanchang possessed the talents for economy, but the talents of the world did not play such a big role in the creation of the dynasty. Li Shanchang’s Huaixi status and non-scholar status enabled him to mingle with Zhu Yuanzhang’s military commanders, thus forming a tangled Huaixi group. No matter how loose the group looks, it is so unbreakable. This group has achieved a generation of emperors, but also restrained a generation of emperors. After the founding of Ming Dynasty, Li Shanchang was appointed as Prime Minister Zuo of Zhongshu Province, ranking first among ministers. From here, we can see the credit and prestige of Li Shanchang. We don’t know when the relationship between Zhu Yuanzhang and Li Shanchang began to be subtle, but Li Shanchang’s position in the center undoubtedly makes this relationship even more subtle. The contradiction between imperial power and relative power has always existed in history. From the Han dynasty to the Song dynasty, the emperors used to improve the status of the servants or other parallel institutions to weaken the power of each other. In the Yuan Dynasty, Xiangquan was strengthened. In the early Ming Dynasty, the Yuan system was inherited, and the Zhongshu Province assumed all power, and the level of Zhongshu Province was higher than that of the Metropolitan Government and Yushitai at that time. Because Xu Da, the prime minister on the right, was always away, the power of the empire was concentrated in the hands of Li Shanchang. This is the result of the system, not the result of the individual. As long as the system is there, it is inevitable that imperial power will be suppressed. At this time, Zhu Yuanzhang had already begun to produce unhappiness, but the war to unify the empire was still going on, so Zhu Yuanzhang had to put aside the weakening of the power. After Li Shanchang took this position, he began to cultivate the Huaixi forces. As a result, everyone followed Li Shanchang’s path, and even in the later stage, facing Zhu Yuanzhang’s bloodthirsty suspicion, civil servants and military generals also went to Li Shanchang, who had long been appointed, to confide in their hearts. These are all seen by Zhu Yuanzhang. Although Li Shanchang had already ranked first among officials in the early Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang had already shown a certain degree of indifference towards Li Shanchang. This kind of indifference is certainly clear to the client. At this time, Li Shanchang has already sensitively realized that he should leave the temple. In the third year of Hongwu (1370), the generals who led the war abroad all returned, and they were awarded and promoted according to the rule. Lee Sun-jang, who was sitting in the rear, was also named the Duke of Korea, ranking above the generals. From this subtle move, we can see that Emperor Hongwu was already afraid of Li Shanchang. A person who makes the emperor jealous will not be far from death. On the contrary, a person who keeps the monarch bullied has a great future. Li Shanchang finally understood that the emperor was going to drive him away, but before he left, he inserted Hu Weiyong’an into Zhongshu Province. This shows that he does not want to leave the temple completely, he wants to retreat behind the scenes and remotely control everything. I think at this moment Hongwu has already acted murderously. In the end, Li Shanchang lacks the wisdom to deal with complex and delicate political and philosophical issues. His tragedy was caused by himself. For 10 years, although the emperor continuously punished officials who did not meet his standards, he never swung the knife in his hand at Li Shanchang. He was jealous, he was waiting. Ten years later, the emperor’s knife finally chopped down Hu Weiyong and also at Li Shanchang. In the next 10 years, a large number of Li Shanchang’s people were punishable for various reasons. At the last moment, Emperor Hongwu was still hesitating, and that was the final handling of Li Shanchang. We have seen the forbearance of an emperor for 20 years, and we have seen the pain of an emperor’s choice. After all, the other party made immortal feats in the creation of the empire. After all, the other party was with the emperor when he started his business. At this time, Li Shanchang was in the dying year of the wind, and Zhu Yuanzhang at this time was also the dying year of the wind. Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t know if Li Shanchang would die in front of him. What Zhu Yuanzhang saw was that Li Shanchang still had influence and appeal. What Zhu Yuanzhang saw was that under his weight, more and more people would like to the loyal elder. Approaching, what Zhu Yuanzhang saw was that even after Li Shanchang’s death, his offspring still had appeal. Zhu Yuanzhang closed his eyes and thought to himself, it’s better for you to die. I can rest assured when you die. ——Excerpt from Ruan Jingdong’s “Daming Power Field”

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What the hell is it brother? Before the war, who and who were brothers? After being prosperous and wealthy, how many of them are really brothers? It would be too rascal to ask the ancients based on the rules and regulations of today. Who really got to that position, who wouldn’t be suspicious? There is no trickery, no decisive courage to kill, no balance of warp and latitude, no such a little bit of emperor’s heart, may you not be able to defend the world you have laid down? At the beginning of the founding of the Ming Dynasty, a hundred wastes were waiting for prosperity. Because of the sufferings of the people in the years of war, their wives were scattered and their families were destroyed. They did not believe in the Ming Dynasty of the new Yuan, and even the new banknotes were not recognized by the market. At this time, some veteran-level figures have jumped out of arrogance, luxury and licentiousness. You are in power. Don’t you come out to preside over the overall situation, kill a hundred people and curb this evil trend? At the beginning of the founding of the country, I did not encourage meticulous governance, rectification of government affairs, and let the people underneath do anything wrong. I believe that no enlightened founding emperor could do it. To establish prestige, the first step is to make a statement, and your speech is in the mouth of the world, not in your Ming court. If you are the founding father of the country, the relatives of the emperor, the relatives of the emperor, and the brothers who used to be daring, then you will be open to you. The people will only think that your emperor is rebellious, the prince breaks the law, and the common crime is just a nonsense. The country cannot be saved and will be chaotic. . What Lao Zhu wanted was to make Daming’s sun and moon shine together, and the sky was bright. He can kill his son-in-law and nephew, so cruel and chilly. However, when doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times, the next dose of strong medicine can heal the sickness. For everything that is rotten to the root, only uprooting can make all the budding rebirth unimpeded. You ask if there is anything that shouldn’t be killed, yes or no. Because at the same time, Lao Zhu also considers future generations. He knows that these brothers around him will become a huge resistance to the new emperor’s power in a hundred years later, because the prince Zhu Biao is too “pure” and completely not like a man. After the upper ranks, he is absolutely mediocre and not faint. After the death of the prince Zhu Biao, the grandson Zhu Yunzhen was simply a copy of the prince. In order to clear all the thorns and bumps on the road of inheritance, Lao Zhu was to be the villain, and he could only be the villain, because after the new emperor ascended the throne, he could To inform the world and quell the wrongs for the good ministers, the people will shout for the sage, the gentry will be grateful, the world will become more stable, and it will be possible to create a good start for the foundation of the Ming Dynasty.

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