Aren’t there earphones with C-mount? Why do I want to pursue the earphone jack? Every time I see the earphone jack, someone will use it to advance. It makes me question whether the cancellation is advanced or backward. Can I not use the C-mount earphones?

Did the subject fail to see that “extremely advanced” is often quoted? In fact, the main reason for this problem is that the number of interfaces is reduced, so it is inconvenient. If it is changed from 3.5+C port to C port+C port. I believe there will be much less criticism of this issue. But now it is directly reduced by one mouth. It means that in some cases an adapter is necessary. Purely technically speaking, the C port is definitely higher. The reason is that the C port is digital transmission, and 3.5 is analog transmission. (In fact, the C port is dual-standard, and those who are interested can learn more about it.) Analog transmission is lossy, while digital transmission is lossless. The reason why the traditional fever has a fever wire is because the loss of different wires is different when transmitting analog signals. However, the transmission of digital signals is unaffected, either losslessly or not. Because the C port is a digital output, if the C port earphone can be designed to perform digital-to-analog conversion near the earphone, then its transmission fidelity can be much better than the 3.5 earphone. At the same time, the C port can be equipped with a better HiFi decoding amp (decoding amp + fast charging head adapter is sold), and 3.5 relies on the internal digital conversion chip of the mobile phone, the internal digital-to-analog conversion of the mobile phone will not be a very high-end thing (By default, you are definitely not an enthusiast if you have used your mobile phone to output. DAC does not need to be equipped with high-end). 3.5 You must purchase a HiFi mobile phone to achieve HiFi. As long as the C port purchases a HiFi decoding amp, it can turn any mobile phone into HiFi, which is obviously more advanced. So what is the core? The core is that you have reduced an interface, not an interface type. It is fine for 3.5+C to become C+C, but if you become 3.5+C to single C, this is a reduction. This is the reason for being scolded.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

There is nothing advanced and backward, mainly because of convenience and inconvenience. Most of the advanced users don’t understand what advanced is advanced. The one that is more convenient for them to use is advanced. If all the mobile phones on the market have two C-mounts and all the earphones in people’s hands are C-mount earphones, then these advanced users will be much less. However, it is completely acceptable for companies to give up something appropriately in order to maximize their benefits. This is one point, one more point. Who was the one who made the most noise when canceling the headphone jack? iPhone7. Which one came out with iPhone7 back then? Airpods. Open Baidu Baike and you can see it. This is how the giants act. People don’t provide what they like. It’s what people like what they offer. Not only that, they have to make people think that this kind of like comes from people’s heartfelt approval. Look again, how many companies follow the trend and cancel the headphone jack. Let’s take a look at how fierce the wireless headsets have been in the past two years. For what? Isn’t it for profit?

8 months ago

Many people have this idea when using some products-“I think plan A is very good, why do many people use plan B?” “Clearly plan A is very good and scientific!” Every time I see this I’m all in the argument. There are similar questions: “I think it’s good for a mobile phone to run naked. Why do many people wear a cover and a film?” “I think a two thousand yuan Android is good. Why do many people want to buy an iPhone?” I think it’s very convenient to check the time on a mobile phone. Why do many people wear a watch?” Then they will ask questions like the subject, why do many people need an external keyboard when using a laptop? In 2021, why are many people still buying 4G mobile phone iphone 11 at a price of more than 4,000 yuan? Why do people still buy flagship phones with small screens below 6.6 inches? Then I asked these words in reverse to “set up”. For example, “I think it’s so convenient to wear a watch to see the time. Why do many people use their mobile phones to check the time?” And these “few words” are more than once. I’ve been on the Zhihu Hot List…Wear a set of film…Android/iOS…The streaking party says that streaking is comfortable, the party says that it’s safe to wear a set of film, the party says that it’s safe to wear a set of film; the iPhone party says it doesn’t give permission to use it, and the Android party says call recording is very important. ; Those who don’t wear a watch say that they use their mobile phone to check the time, and those who wear a watch say, “I’m riding a bicycle to check the time and I have to pay for my phone?” There are indeed very few people in the world who say “I bought twists and didn’t eat them. What I want is that awkwardness. “Children”, but most people still feel comfortable. The needs of some users for the 3.5mm headphone jack is as simple as that-“I have a ready-made 3.5mm headphone, I just want to plug it in and use it, can I use it?” Type-c headset? Yes, but not many options. I just want to plug my Sony z1r into my phone to listen to music, I don’t want to use C-mount headphones. No 3.5mm headphone jack, use C-mount headphones… What about when charging? Oh, you can use Bluetooth headsets… you are right! Major mobile phone manufacturers have removed the 3.5mm headphone jack not only to save cost, space, and make waterproofing easier, but to promote the sales of TWS Bluetooth headsets! Although Apple is not the first to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone, this is indeed the most influential! In 2016, at the iPhone 7 conference, Phil Schiller popped out with a kind smile and said to fruit fans all over the world, “Boys, I will give everyone a surprise today: Does iPhone 7 have a 3.5mm headphone jack? La! After careful design, we finally got rid of the original headphone jack hahaha!” Then there was a dead silence…10 seconds later…Phil Schiller continued to smile kindly: “I know why not Bones? Because we have found a better solution, look-Dangdangdang, AirPods!” In the three months from the release of AirPods to the official sale, public opinion was almost overwhelmingly criticized. and then? The AirPods series headphones are in a mess!

8 months ago

This is not advanced or backward, but in the final analysis “contradiction between supply and demand.” The 3.5mm headphone jack and type-c port do not lag behind the advanced ones. Because this is the best choice for people who need a 3.5 mm headphone jack; and for those who don’t need to care about the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the availability of 3.5 mm will not affect the choice of goods. People who don’t care about the 3.5mm headphone jack, even wired headsets will not be his choice, because there is another solution: true wireless Bluetooth headsets for those who need 3.5mm, are keen on better sound quality, need to charge and wired headsets For those who are connected separately, a product without a 3.5 mm headphone jack is simply killing him. It is even more scornful of wireless Bluetooth headsets. However, more and more mobile phone manufacturers cancel the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which has caused a “supply and demand contradiction”. The supply of 3.5 mm headphone jack cannot meet the needs of some users. At present, there are still relatively few type-c earphones, and there is still an embarrassment of not being able to plug in while charging (of course, the adapter is also inconvenient and will affect the sound quality), so whether it is advanced or not is actually ” Supply and demand contradiction”; when wireless Bluetooth headsets can overcome the shortcomings of interference and delay, maybe this “contradiction” will be solved. Just like trams and petrol cars, there is basically no advanced and backward

8 months ago

To answer your question first, the C-mount headset can be used. But what if you play a game and your phone will run out of power in the final round, and you need to use headphones at this time? The removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is actually the general trend. At that time, Apple mobile phones canceled the earphone jack and bought mobile phones without delivering earphones. After the introduction of Bluetooth earphones, users who needed earphones had no choice but to buy them. At the same time, the sales of Apple’s Bluetooth headsets increased wildly. It is true that air poda is very good for Apple’s user experience, and it is convenient to delay seamless multi-device connection. ​Other mobile phone manufacturers have also seen the trend, and have cancelled the earphone jack, so that the mobile phone can have more room for operation, and at the same time, the mobile phone does not need to distribute the earphones to save costs. They also launched their own branded Bluetooth headsets to increase part of the revenue. Take 2020 AirPods as an example, which will create 15 billion US dollars in revenue for Apple. You say cancel the headset advanced or lag behind, this is not a measure, right? Because the user groups of Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets are different. Bluetooth headsets can get rid of the shackles of wires. Usually there are many people commuting to work on the subway and bus. Bringing a wired headset might cause others to get on the bus. If you get off the bus, you accidentally ripped off your mobile phone and earphones. At that time, the scene was very embarrassing. Bluetooth headsets can avoid this embarrassing situation. Bluetooth headsets still have drawbacks. Because of the problems of Bluetooth transmission and decoding, the sound quality is definitely not good. Wired headsets are as good as they are, and they need to be charged. 2021 Bluetooth headset evaluation 9 popular headsets sound quality test compared to Feng Buhui’s video 5509 broadcasters who like to use wired headsets generally pursue sound quality and care about game delays. Regardless of whether the headphone jack is canceled or not, I hope those friends who like to put it out will not use canceling the headphone jack as an excuse to do whatever they want. You can buy a Bluetooth headset for several tens of dollars to listen to the song, so that you are happy and others are also happy.

8 months ago

Saying “the phone has an advanced 3.5mm headphone jack” is not because it’s really advanced, it’s also a stubborn…In fact, it started from the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on LeEco phones to the iPhone 7’s 3.5mm headphone jack by Apple. Also go to remove it, and more and more mobile phone manufacturers have also removed the 3.5mm headphone jack… As a result, if the 3.5mm headphone jack is used on high-end mobile phones, netizens will laugh as “extremely advanced”, and even some manufacturers have equipped their phones with The 3.5mm headphone jack serves as a promotional point. So, the term “extremely advanced” you see is not really advanced! The 3.5mm headphone jack has a long history, and it was widely used on Walkmans in the 80s/90s. In fact, LeTV mobile phones did not have much influence, but Apple did it because they wanted to sell more AirPods earphones. Although Apple was not the first to make TWS headsets, it was indeed the emergence of AirPods that detonated the TWS market. There is a saying, Apple does make a lot of money by relying on the AirPods series of headphones, but this little guy is really convenient and easy to use!

8 months ago

Let me first talk about the advantages of TWS headsets: convenient, portable, and long-term restraint delay problems. Many headsets are dealing with the problem. Some 100 yuan headsets have very low latency and are designed for games. Sound quality: There is no best ear canal method to evaluate it. It is the best for you to listen to comfort and endurance. The sound quality problem can be restored to a 3.5-port headset. Noise reduction: This is the performance that the 3.5-port headset does not have. The noisy world allows this headset to give you a world that belongs to you! How to choose a headset that suits you? First consider your own mobile phone brand headset, consider the brand, cost-effective rambler, consider the magic of fashion, consider the QCY demand is always greater than the brand and value of the headset, the best for you is the best, because this thing is endless!

8 months ago

Meowing a glance at the existing answers, none of them seem to point out the differences in audio technology. The 3.5mm headphone jack is not just a headphone jack, it actually needs a DAC Digital to Analog Converter chip behind it to enable the headphone jack to output audio analog signals. The c-port mobile phone does not have a DAC chip in the mobile phone, and the output is a digital signal. But the digital must be converted to analog to hear the sound waves that human ears can hear. The DAC chip can’t escape. It must either be built in the adapter or sit in the c-mount headphone cable. And what good chip can be used with a port C that costs more than ten or twenty yuan? The direct result is “poor sound quality”, of course, “poor sound quality” is not unacceptable. However, HiFi headset manufacturers who pursue sound quality will definitely not produce good headsets with C-mount ~ This ecology is much smaller than 3.5mm headsets ~ 3.5mm headsets are supported by countless other audio devices in addition to mobile phones. They are actually popular. The standard of N years in the world. A mobile phone with a 3.5mm interface can have a better built-in DAC chip, and it is easy to have a better choice of headphones, so the sound effect will be much better than that of the C-mount. Mobile phone c-mount headsets are also just a transition. Nowadays, wireless headsets are more common. The so-called tws headsets are often sold at over a hundred or even thousands. Under such a budget, manufacturers can also build better chips in the headsets. The overall sound quality will not be much worse than the ordinary 3.5mm. Furthermore, wireless charging for mobile phones is now becoming more and more popular. For example, Xiaomi and others have developed wireless fast charging of more than 60 watts, which is as fast as type c wired fast charging. Maybe someday a manufacturer will kill the type c port directly~ wireless charging, wireless earphones, plus NFC, Bluetooth to get other peripherals. Advance or retreat? Wired or wireless is better, I think this is a matter of opinion. But the digital trend is irreversible.

8 months ago

According to the development trend of mobile phones, smart phones are known to be more advanced than feature phones, and full screens are more advanced than non-full screens. At present, the 3.5 mm headphone jacks of flagship phones launched by all manufacturers are from existence to none. Therefore, it can be known by the reverse method that the headphone jack without 3.5 mm is more advanced than the headphone jack with 3.5 mm. Answer: The 3.5 mm headphone jack is behind. Okay, joking, take it back. There is no such thing as an interface that is not advanced first, it is essentially only a development trend. At present, it is the trend that the USB-C interface dominates the world. It has been completed on mobile phones, and it is becoming more and more obvious on notebooks. In fact, the unified USB-C port is really convenient. For users, it can also save cumbersome cables. For example, when traveling on business, the power adapter does not need to bring a mobile phone, notebook, shaver, etc., only a charging head , A USB-C data cable is enough. The main problem now lies in the fact that the follow-up enthusiasm of peripheral manufacturers is extremely poor. Take the mouse as an example. All Logitech G-series mice are Micro USB, even the latest GPW 2nd generation is no exception. The keyboard circle is still positive. Most keyboards with separated keys are switched to USB-C, but it is also useful for PCB motherboards a few years ago that still retain Micro USB, such as most of Amilo’s styles. However, the situation of the headset is the least optimistic. There are very few headsets that switch to USB-C. However, due to the popularity of TWS headsets in recent years, even if the current mobile phone does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, it has little effect on general users. Personally, I very much hope that the USB-C port will dominate the world as soon as possible. For portable devices, there is really no need to engage in so many types of interfaces, and this period of development will inevitably be accompanied by a lot of pain.

8 months ago

There are pitfalls in the topic, and it is easy to make people either black or white, because design is inherently a matter of opinion, there is no right or wrong. However, I personally hope that the mobile phone retains the earphone jack: the first is because there is no mobile phone jack, and it is impossible to use wired earphones to listen to songs when charging. Although many people now have tws headphones, it also has its own inconvenience: I forgot to bring it (I believe many people have this experience) and forgot to charge it (this is what I do often, not forgetting, or lazy…) It’s easy to lose if the power is lost midway (airpods are not cheap). The low-priced tws headset needs to wait for connection. In addition, if there is no headphone jack and no airpod, you can only use the c-mount headset once the phone is out of power. It is very unfriendly to users who make calls by high-speed rail. The second reason is that many people say that true wireless headphones can be used without a headphone jack, but what many people have not mentioned is that even with a headphone jack, you can use true wireless! Doesn’t this give users more choices? (Of course it also adds a little cost to the enterprise and an excuse and income to buy true wireless headsets). And it can save the field temporarily when the airpods are lost, out of power, or forgotten. More importantly, if someone is unwilling to buy airpods, they can also spend less money on headphones. (Finally know why the manufacturer wants to cut it).

8 months ago

Is it inconvenient to use an adapter? Used adapters: The cheap sound quality suffers severely, and the cheap sound quality can also have a super short lifespan. Each wireless headset claims a battery life of 8 hours, and the battery compartment can be used for 24 hours. The used ones have a battery life of 2~4 hours, an average of 3 hours. Wireless earphones with battery compartments are easy to lose without earhooks, and those with earhooks are all uncomfortable to use. There is also the kind that is worn with a piece of wire around the neck, which is very good not only to increase the battery life, but also to effectively prevent the loss of the headset. Is this uncomfortable to wear? Is it beautiful? Why are so few people wearing a head-wearing style to go out of the street? How much Q can the wireless earphones listen to? I can forget eating and sleeping when I listen to music with nice headphones. I can listen to a multi-core wired headset for 30 yuan online, but I can’t listen to a wireless headset for 50 yuan. The wireless one bought at 200 can be listened to, but it needs to be charged for 2 to 4 hours. Buying a mobile phone with a 3.5 headphone jack does not have to be disgusted by the above problems, right?

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