Xiao Yan will definitely not become Dou Emperor without Yao Lao (other plug-ins are not included). Fen Jue is Xiao Yan’s trump card. Without Fen Jue, the strange fire cannot be recovered, the alchemy is not good, and the monsters cannot be beaten even if the leapfrogging is not. The chance of becoming a Dou Emperor in the end is also related to Fen Jue. Without medicine, old Xiao Yan died of a sneak attack by the Soul Race and Yun Lanzong. Yao Lao has a lot of play, with the students in the early stage, the middle-term students to save him, and the later stage to assist. An old man with a funny personality, still strong, and being an NPC every day to arrange your upgrade tasks clearly. Who doesn’t like such a good NPC. Tang San himself was a plug-in, and he could cultivate into a god without a master. The master’s guidance is mainly before the 40th level, but his theory is of little use. The ten principles of martial arts set in the early stage are the protagonist’s aura in the end. What martial arts restraint, soul ring matching, soul master system, teamfighting cooperation, etc. are not important. The author will give you a few soul skills to hang. It is better to practice Osumi’s hammer and hidden weapons to create your own spirit skills. Wuhun restraint has basically not existed since the PK game. Anyway, in the battle, the protagonist’s control system is controlled and milky and can also crit. There is no shortcoming in 360 degrees, and only Rong Rong and Xiao Ao are required to cooperate in battle. The later Wuhun theory is basically useless, so the existence of the master is very tasteless. Moreover, the master has a low level and has no ability to save the protagonist. The later scenes are all about love triangle scenes, which can’t be substituted at all. The setting is a more tasteless role. The master, the third master, writes not bad, mainly because the setting is too bad. I want to play a role as a think tank, but how can the three masters design a plot where mortals can wisely fight against gods. In the later stage, it’s not easy to fight monsters by skipping the level and it is not easy to design a wise fight. You can only get some plug-ins for the protagonist, and meet a big A to end and save trouble. In the later stage, the fighting power swelled, and the ant like the master wouldn’t have a role to play without arranging some emotional drama. But the author of the love triangle couldn’t control it, and he engaged in two sets of love triangles, and the readers looked sick. It was originally set that a mortal could resist God through theory and wisdom. This should be an extremely glorious role. But the author can’t control the wit fighting, and the fighting capacity in the later period has expanded so much that the author can’t make it round. Therefore, the master suffers from the setting that he is a mortal. As long as his rank is Titled Douluo, the protagonist is covered in the early stage, and his popularity is not known (poisonous old monster drama). Talk about the academic achievements of the two. Fight against the main lines of conflict. First, can you become a boss if you don’t have any talent? Yes, just take medicine, and then Mr. Yao will arrange all the plans from Doushi to Dousheng for you (Ya Fei, Xiao Daddy advertise). Second, how to upgrade to Doudi? Because the answer was too esoteric, Yao Lao was unable to answer. However, the clues of Doudi Guyu and clues of the eight ancient clans were given to Xiao Yan. Third, how do the poor fight the krypton gold monster? The medicine refining system is online, and all the elixir techniques are all solved. Douluo had several major contradictions. One, the contradiction between soul beast and human. No solution. The Dousanchuan spirit tower resolved the contradiction that the spirit ring does not need to kill the spirit beast. Second, can a person with no talent cultivate? No solution, the master himself only solved this problem with the help of Xiaosan. Immortal grass is even scarce, and ordinary people will never have the possibility of cultivation. Fighting two fighting three depends on science and technology to solve some people’s cultivation problems. Third, how to become a god? The specific clues given by Xiaosan Dad. Fourth, can mortals deal with cultivators? Xiao San gave the solution himself, and finally Lou Lao completed the production. Fifth, the contradiction between nobles and civilian cultivators, Shrek Academy has solved part of the problem and recruited many civilian cultivators. But the main credit is the credit of Flanders and Erlong. Six, how to fight Wuhun Palace? The funds are provided by the Empire and the Liulizong, the weapons are provided by the Tang Sect, and the main combat power depends on the minor three and the seven monsters throughout the whole process, and even the AOE clearing soldiers are the credit of the poisonous old monster. Finally, let’s describe the role of the two in layman. When Yao Lao was a doctoral supervisor teaching a master, he was robbed of the paper by the master and kicked out of the institute. In the end, I was angry and taught the kindergarten children and trained them to become academicians. Xiaogang is an elementary school teacher who studies civil subjects all day, and finally developed a set of quick guides for the high school entrance examination. Primary school students graduated successfully through the guide. Among them was a disciple named Tang San who succeeded in becoming an academician by relying on his previous studies of relativity and quantum mechanics from his family.


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7 months ago

I got hundreds of praises for a random comment, thank you all for your love. Nothing can be updated, I have added some of the previous answers. The following is a positive answer: how to say, Douluo and Doupo are the guides I started to read fantasy novels, but I really don’t like the role of master. Yao Lao, he is awesome, the exercises he gives are awesome, the contacts are also strong, what he said. Master, I have 8 lines. I don’t want anything. My connections depend on my old lover’s face. The theory is like farting. Especially this so-called ten core competitiveness of Wuhun, it is simply awkward for me. The most widely circulated sentence

7 months ago

“There is no waste of martial arts, but only waste of spirit masters.” Don’t you feel embarrassed to say this yourself? Your martial arts is not waste? Level 29 for a lifetime and put me bragging? Tang San is a waste of Wuhun? Top plant spirit + top weapon spirit + hanging b Xuantian Gong, I am directly confused. First-class beast martial spirit white tiger, first-class beast martial spirit civet, recognized as the first auxiliary martial soul of the mainland (seven) nine treasure glass tower, top weapon martial spirit clear sky hammer, strongest plant martial spirit blue silver emperor, hundred thousand year spirit A beast-shaped rabbit, a (first-class) top beast martial arts soul (evil fire) phoenix, and unprecedented, the only food martial arts soul with innate soul power.

7 months ago

Tell me which one is the waste of Wuhun? The most damn thing is you. This group of people is a 79-level soul sage (Limited by the Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Tower) even if they have practiced blindly. If the Oscar, who is innately full of soul power, goes to the Wuhun Hall, do you think he will put more effort in training than Bi Dong? The golden generation is not directly one more. To be reasonable, if I were the Pope of the Spirit Hall and met such a genius from the ages, I would definitely tie him and tie him to the Hall of Spirits. I would give him anything. The most powerful food soul masters in the Hall of Spirits would be called to guide you in your cultivation. , To formulate a set of spirit ring development routes, and let Jugui take you to rectify any spirit beasts, and you have to get them if you lift the mainland. (Facts have proved that Oscar’s talent is indeed the strongest among the seven monsters. Tang San has to find the gods himself. Once Oscar breaks the gods, he comes directly to him, the only one in the entire continent! Of course, there may be some Ning Rongrong The relationship between the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.)

7 months ago

The remaining five people have little influence except Fatty, and there is Soul Saint Francis behind as a teacher. Which one is not from a prominent family? You can train a group of people with top talents to become strong. Isn’t this a matter of course? Yao Lao can train Xiao Yan from a second-rate genius to Dou Di, this damn talent is called skill! Without Yao Lao, Xiao Yan is a fighting sect who has survived in this life. At most, he inherits the mantle of Yun Lanzong and dominates with the Jiama Empire, and there is a high probability that there will be no remarriage incidents. Then he probably followed Xun because of his strength. It didn’t matter anymore, in the end, the Soul Heaven Emperor had nothing to do with him in the final battle.

7 months ago

It hasn’t been three years to bear the humiliation, no strange fire, no Fen Jue, no knowledge of Mittel Yafei, no sturdy doctor fairy and Yun Yun, no green scale of Bisnake Sanhua pupil ), will not have Xiao Xiao with the Queen of Medusa, will not be a year-end friendship with the Ice Emperor Haibodong, without the world’s best alchemy and soul power, without the proud Buddha’s anger lotus, and without the old medicine The sonic fighting skills, the profound ruler and the seventh-grade pill, he and the Canaan Academy are just ordinary students (maybe when the Falling Heart Flame broke out, he will directly gg) and will not have any intersection with Ziyan. . Not to mention that you can’t go to Zhongzhou, you can’t go to Heavenly Tomb, you can’t go to Dan Pagoda, you don’t have Yao Lao’s contacts, and Xiao Yan, who lacks the above conditions, will never get the inheritance of Tuoshe’s ancient emperor, and it will be impossible to become Dou Emperor. Even the heaven is supreme, the great master. Even Dou Sheng and even Dou Zun are a problem.

7 months ago

There is also the theory of observing the year of the soul beast and providing a suitable soul ring ratio. This is the most outrageous in my opinion. As the largest soul master organization in the world, Wuhundian might not compile such popular science theory books for the purpose of training the next generation? This thing is the foundation for the soul master to settle down! Just like you have to learn Chinese and mathematics in elementary school, this is the foundation of the foundation! The sample data provided by thousands of titled Douluo powerhouses and countless other level spirit masters from generations to generations is not more complete than your 29-level fw? If the Wuhun Hall does not have such a theoretical illustration, then the training of soul masters in the Wuhun Hall for so many years depends entirely on luck.

7 months ago

The master’s emotional drama is written~ First, it was a tangled emotion of Liu Erlong, and then suddenly a Bibi Dong love triangle emerged. Originally, the personality of the master was gloomy, and the emotional drama was still so tangled. So the master became a king with a strong mouth, a weak in actual combat, and a cowardly emotional person. Who is not in a hurry? The master of the male lead has to look like a guide, the old man is magnanimous and proud. Taking Master Xiao Yan to the Great Desert to grab a different fire, after waking up on Yunlan Mountain, Wushuang and Yunshan fought hard and almost fell asleep again. The Falling Heart Yan lair protected Xiao Yan to sleep, and immediately sent the bone spirit cold and fire after the resurrection. To Xiao Yan. When did you hesitate? When did you pull your hips? I remember Qing’s two hesitations: once it was Xiao Yan’s selection of exercises, which was related to Xiao Yan’s future. Once it was to absorb Qinglian Fire, which was related to Xiao Yan’s life. By contrast, the master just didn’t even look at it. There are still many changes in the settings before and after the third master of the Tang family.

7 months ago

If Zi is the protagonist, you have to be involved! Obviously Yao Lao is here to give him away; the master is really useless (I said before that he collapsed, but then the so-called unrecognized theories he researched suddenly became the consensus of the high spirit master circle, which seems to be the old man. Brother is even more useless). What do you say without a master? Without a master, Dean Flanders will look more three-dimensional! The appearance of the master turned Dean Shrek into a profiteer. (Yes, with a master, the dean completely lost the meaning of existence, so he had to send him a love triangle water and water plot) Yao Lao is very different, the appearance of Yao Lao brings two big hangs-Leng Jue And alchemy, by the way, two lofty ideals were proposed-three different fires and 8-grade pill (resurrection).

7 months ago

To put it bluntly, the third master of the Tang family doesn’t create characters at all. All the characters in his works are awkward. He is not good enough, and he always wants to create a rich character image. As a result, the characters are all set. The accumulation of products. In this regard, Tudou is a sensible person. He knows what level he is. To write cool texts is to write cool texts. The characters are thin and simple. A woman is an imperial sister, a loli, and a childhood sweetheart. A man is a brash man, a sword fairy, a good brother, and a villain. There is no miserable past or ridiculous excuses to rule the world. As for the three young masters, no matter what the role is, first have a twisted love story, and then add a sad background. Take the master, the master and the most basic setting is the master of the protagonist. For other web articles, the master of the protagonist is invincible in the world and looks down upon the heroes, but the three young masters are going to have fun.

7 months ago

But the first setting, the three masters, didn’t understand it. This setting was completely instilled into the reader’s mind by emphasis and repetition. Is there anything unique about the master’s theory when it is truly substituted into the story? Is there anything that others can’t discover? Is there anything that overturns the existing cultivation system? Not at all, the so-called theoretical masters just know a little bit more than others, and they are not worth mentioning in the eyes of big forces and high-level spirit masters. After removing the hard-pressed setting of theory first, the master becomes a veritable weak chicken. Such a character is difficult to be liked by readers in a fantasy world where strength is respected, let alone as the protagonist master. . The other is about the identity background: the son of the patriarch of the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus family.

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