I am 37 years old this year, and I am still unemployed.
Coordinates Beijing.
When I was 35 years old, I wanted a child. The company was busy and it was a bit difficult to get pregnant. My home was far away from the company, 26 kilometers, three subway trips, and 1.5 hours. If it is a taxi, it usually takes longer because of traffic jams. In addition, the company did not have a year-end bonus at the end of the year, so it proposed to resign in October 2019.
Now the baby has been more than 5 months old, and he has grown from 35 to 37 years old.
I started looking for a job in early March, and it has been a month. I have notified few interviewees, and there are no more information after interviews.
And some jobs will also be marked as under 35 years old.
It’s now in early April, and I don’t know when I can find a slightly more suitable job.

Coordinate magic capital. Although I am not yet 37 years old, based on the things I have experienced and the situation of the people around me, I would like to mention the following points for the reference of the subject. First of all, I haven’t found a job for more than a month, but it can’t be more normal. I was also fired by the company last year (I was violently fired without compensation). I am fully aware that due to the impact of the epidemic, the external situation is generally not very good, and many companies have begun to pay attention to tightening their belts. As long as the positions that can be released are slightly more reliable, there will be a lot of people squeezing their heads to fight for the job. Regardless of the many opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the competition will only become more intense. After all, it is the eldest son from the shortest, and it is the same for the current employers and job seekers. Everyone is a two-way choice, try to choose the best. What’s more, at the age of the so-called “middle-age crisis”, if you are not engaged in an industry that is older and more popular, the price-performance ratio is really not as good as those young and energetic little girls. So if you decide to take the path of finding a job, you must first have a Buddhist mentality. While preparing for regular interviews, you must have the patience to fight a protracted battle. There is an 80-tail friend beside me who has been looking for a job for nine months before finally returning to the workplace last week. The hardships in the job hunting process, from what he described, are really like the twists and turns of learning from the West. Secondly, I actually feel that there is no need to limit one’s own path to death, especially after having a certain life experience. Not to mention, objectively, there are indeed children who need to take care of, and dual-tasking can sometimes suffer. For those who have just become Bao Ma, the energy at work in the first few years must be distracted by the family. Therefore, even if you are reemployed and find a job that can do both, you should also focus on it. The two former colleagues I know are all women under 40 (one of them is divorced), and there are also daughters who have not yet attended elementary school to take care of. The final way out for the two of them is that one becomes an agent of an insurance company, the other teaches a dietitian by himself, and at the same time works part-time as a headhunting consultant. The biggest advantage of these two career choices is that working hours and locations can be arranged freely. You don’t need to be stuck in reinforced concrete. In most cases, you have the final say, and you can accompany your children well. . Of course, the disadvantage is that the income is not stable, and at the same time it needs to consume a lot of contacts around me. If it weren’t for the fact that there were a lot of fetters that had settled in the past, and I was able to squeeze in the face to engage in related work, it would be really embarrassing sometimes, and I would often languish. Everyone has different personalities and different aspects of their expertise. This is just to start with. Just like the official account I saw two days ago, some people introduced their experience of full-time stock trading after middle age. This is quite novel, and it is also a different experience and way out. In short, the road ahead is still long, and there are many choices before him. There is no need to limit one’s thinking to death. Look more, think more, try more, and then continue to summarize the lifestyle that suits you best. This is the most important thing. The tree is moved to die, and the person is moved to live. Keep a good attitude, take good care of the baby, live with your heart, and then just wait for the time to run. Come on!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Go downstairs to sell pancakes and fruits. I’m not kidding. Don’t look for a job at this age. Even if you find it at a short time, you have to work for two days. You have to resign actively or passively, and you have to look for it again. Jobs are changed one by one, but money has not increased. The age has increased. The older the age, the harder it is to find a job, and the harder it is to find a job, the lower the job selection standard, the lower the job, the more unstable it is. Come, you have to choose a career, and you have to lower the standard again. When will it be over after such a repetition. We have chosen part-time work since we were young, isn’t it just to be safe? But is it safe? You can’t make much money from a part-time job, and you’re still insecure, so why not do it yourself? Coincidentally, my mother was also laid off when she was 37 years old. She had to go through the back door to find a job and even go to the cafeteria to cook and clean the dishes. When my mother saw that it was so hard to find a job, she simply rented a stall at the farmer’s market near my house and sold biscuits. Why sell biscuits? Because at the time, the family’s money could only afford to rent a biscuit stall, and the biscuits were cheap. Before that, my mother had no experience in trading, and she hadn’t even touched it. The old fried dough sticks in the market were short of two catties. She happened to be as high as one or two catties per catty; she mixed squeezed biscuits with squeezed biscuits. The good biscuits are sold together. She took the time to tune out and sort the broken biscuits. The good biscuits are sold to young people, and the broken biscuits are sold at low prices to the elderly who go back to make porridge and drink. When I first came, my colleagues in the market said my mother was stupid, but later my biscuits sold the best in the market. The next year, my dad was also laid off, so he sold biscuits together. Later, with more funds, he set up a stall to sell wine and dry noodles. In this way, I worked for 20 years until they didn’t want to do it. On the other hand, other laid-off workers choose part-time jobs, sell insurance today, buy dishes tomorrow, and choose jobs that young people don’t want to do. Their incomes are few and still unstable. Today, the fate of the older generation has returned to our generation. So don’t ask, just do it yourself. Taking a shovel, carrying a pot, and spreading the cakes downstairs is better than being picked up by those half-hearted bosses.

6 months ago

When people reach middle age, they are all chicken feathers! The subject of the question resigned because of the need for a child and the company did not have a year-end bonus. It depends on the time. The resignation in October 2019, the child is 5 months old, and the child is basically not delayed for a long time. This matter is resolved, so I must go all out to find a job. It’s a problem, after all, you have to give your kids money for milk powder! 37 years old, in Beijing, don’t worry about the subject. There are many unmarried people at this age in Beijing. Don’t have too much psychological pressure. The only thing you have to worry about now is to find a job, compared to people who are not married and have no children. , Your stress is reduced by half. I don’t know if the subject has made plans before resigning, because the original company mentioned by the subject does not have a year-end bonus, so that must be a reason for resignation after comparing the same unit. I personally say a “aftermath” suggestion , First find the next family and then resign, or at least have more contact with the next family, this is the perfect solution. It seems that the subject has not done a good job of risk management in advance. Now I am confused when I can’t find a job, but don’t worry, things have to be done slowly. There are actually a lot of job opportunities, which are really not good. There are also a lot of food delivery to earn money. . People always have a way to go, it’s no big deal.

6 months ago

After receiving unemployment benefits and paying so much tax, I can use it for a long time. After half a year of fun, I wake up naturally. Sometimes unemployment is also an opportunity. Forcing yourself to rest and think about the next step, you may be able to get out of your mindset. Otherwise, going to work will be endless, it will be tasteless, and it will be a pity to abandon it. I am very busy, but I don’t know why I am busy. You will get money for the rest of your life, so don’t force yourself. There are many Lao Mos in California, with 5 or 6 children in the family. Mom doesn’t go to work, and father does manual labor for tens of thousands of dollars a year. Drive a broken car, get a broken radio, dance on the lawn at home, and go barbecue on Sundays. This is their entertainment. But according to surveys, Mexicans are the happiest race in the United States.

6 months ago

Coordinates Xi’an. A female colleague I know, 41 years old this year, is doing foreign trade in our branch. English is level 6 and her child is 10 years old. Her husband works at Datang Telecom. A family of three lives in a high-rise building in Xixian New District, about 88 square meters. Two rooms and one hall. In October 2020, the branch is going to be moved to Chengdu. She is reluctant to go, mainly because of the problem of her children going to school. The branch leader gave her an ultimatum: Either go to Chengdu to report, or buy off the seniority and go home. She chose the latter. After eighteen years of employment, she changed less than 200,000 yuan. After returning home, she advertised: She opened a custody class in her own home, mainly her son’s classmates, and recruited about 6 children. In charge of lunch, but also in charge of the children’s homework guidance after school in the afternoon. At night, when the child fell asleep, she posted resumes on some websites, translated English materials for these websites, and also took care of Chinese-English translation. During the Spring Festival, I met her family of three in Datang Everbright City. She told me that two websites had signed long-term translation contracts with her. She is going to find a few websites to try again after the Spring Festival. I wish her success. She smiled and told me: As long as you are diligent, you will not go hungry. To reply to some people’s questions in a unified way: my colleague was born in 1980 and joined our unit in 2002. When I came here, my English was Level 6. In the past 18 years, she participated and independently undertook the translation work of transformers and reactor documents for our unit in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and other 220-500 kV substations. In 2015, she was transferred to the branch office and presided over the translation. Information on 115 and 132 kV generator transformers and start-up backup transformers of the branch in Vietnam and the Philippines. Now people are middle-aged and work for themselves, hoping that certain keyboard men will not be too strange.

6 months ago

I have seen a lot of this kind of questions, and there are many examples of this kind around me. You can take a look at my answers and some answers on the employment market this year. In fact, the 37-year-old is not considered the elder among the unemployed, but is generally considered young. Many of the unemployed people around me are around 45 years old, but they are more difficult to find employment. You should continue to look for a job, I believe, you can definitely find it. Many jobs under the age of 35 are in fact junior positions, which are not related to experience requirements and may be purely manual work. I don’t know what your job is, what is your education and work experience? A friend of mine was born in 1981. He just lost his job in late last month. The husband and wife are both at home. His wife has been at home for the children for almost three years. At present, your situation is that the other half is still working. Your pressure should not be so great. The most important thing now is that your husband must not be unemployed, otherwise it will be difficult to turn back. It is better to make a plan. For example, some people say that selling pancakes and fruits, etc. I think everything must be light assets. For example, I used my own technology to do an extra part-time job. I met a friend who opened Didi, who was almost 35 years old. This year, the company is not good for the epidemic, and the contract has not been renewed. The TV station used to set up a booth because I usually love to drive. Open Didi, it is said that there are 10,000 yuan a month. What you will do and what you can do, you need to grasp it yourself. Many hobbies can actually be realized. A friend of mine used to be on a fencing team. Now he teaches fencing and earns more than 10,000 yuan a month from a part-time job. There are also those who teach tennis and chess. Their hobbies can always become cash. Don’t say, your hobby is watching variety shows and watching celebrities play games. There are many young women around the age of 25-30. They are basically engaged in assistant, personnel and other most worthless jobs, and they have no special hobbies. , It is easy to become a person who has nothing to do. Originally, the landlord’s house has no surplus food. This kind of people may have problems again. If you ask this question now, you should ask yourself five years ago, have you developed any hobbies? In addition to watching dramas.

6 months ago

If you are not a particularly capable person, you would not normally work for a 37-year-old person. If you can’t find a job, why not start your own business? You can combine the work you have done to see if you have a chance to start a business. Start a business better in a field you are familiar with. In addition, you can consider opening a commissary. The most important thing for a commissary is to have a better location for business. Better. You can do a research first, and look at the small shops near your home, and see where the small shops are better in business. The distance between the various shops is generally good. For example, one small shop in a community is suitable. No matter how many people are doing business. It’s not good, it’s better to be in the school area or community gathering place. Of course, the better the location, the more expensive the price. You can also set up street stalls. Many areas are supporting the economy of street stalls. You can learn to make more distinctive snacks, and you can also sell decorations, socks, pajamas, etc. You can also learn to be a confinement sister. Nowadays, many confinement sisters are too old and don’t have much culture. If you take advantage of your own advantages and study hard, I believe you will still have good competitiveness and considerable salary income. As for what you want to do, you can do more research yourself, there are still many choices.

6 months ago

Coordinates in Shanghai, let’s talk about the secondary employment situation of several 40-year-old women around me. A: My wife, bachelor degree, former IT project management team leader. In my second job, I worked as a salesperson in the counseling room and left because of disharmony with the counselor. Now he focuses on three directions: participating in a short video company, and packaging an overwhelming internet celebrity. Sell ​​Dou Shen Chinese books and apps. Write copy for a video website. The current income is not enough for her personal expenses. Fortunately, her family income is stable, so she has the right to gain personal value and accumulate experience. B: Bachelor’s degree, second job employment twice. I was doing management in a private kindergarten, and I was dissatisfied with the principal’s management method and left. Now I am an insurance salesperson and get a sales commission. The income is not high, my husband is managed by a financial company, and my family is not short of money. C: Bachelor degree, took over a beauty and nail shop, the income was not satisfactory after two years, and transferred to others. Now I am looking for a job again, earning more than 10,000 yuan a month. D: Postgraduate degree, stocks at home. No stable income. Husband is the founder of an IT company with a wealth of wealth. E: Junior college degree, worked in a foreign trade company before being pregnant with Erbao, got off work at three o’clock every day, had a monthly income of 4,000, and resigned before giving birth to Erbao. Now I provide points registration services for others, and a single order was completed at the end of last year, with tens of thousands of income. They also trade stocks at home, and their profits are linked to stock market conditions. F and G: High school diploma. Yonghui Supermarket salesperson, 4000 monthly income + sales commission. 6 days off each month, long working hours, and usually overtime on holidays. To sum up, the income of secondary employed women is not high, the work intensity is not high, and the working hours are short (except for a few). As part of the energy is allocated to parenting, unable to work hard with girls in their twenties, it is recommended to lower income expectations. Flexible employment is also a range of occupations that can be considered.

6 months ago

I took the initiative to lose my job more than ten years ago. I am an old couple downstairs who sell pancakes and fried dough sticks. It takes less than 1 minute to make a pancake fried dough stick (I have seen the time, within a minute). The average purchase amount of customers is around 10 yuan. The cheapest pancake made in less than 1 minute did not increase the price by 3 yuan. That is, the minimum turnover per hour is 180 yuan, and they work 4 hours a day. Working 300 days a year, the minimum cash flow is 210,000 yuan/year. In fact, 3 yuan is not enough for those who wake up early to work. The annual turnover is around 700,000. The old man and the old lady drove from across the Yangtze River to our community downstairs every day to make pancakes and fritters. It’s probably been done for decades. I also have a small cafe downstairs, which has been open for two years. How small is it? 10 square meters. From the beginning, no one drank a day, and now there are more than 100 cups a day. Their coffee is more than 30 yuan for a cup. A monthly turnover of 90,000. It was done by two girls in partnership. The other is even more, doubles as a cake. It’s full every day. If I were not busy writing manuscripts, I would definitely go to open a cafe. This year, only by doing a small business steadily and picking up the tatters can we survive. Sitting in the office, getting a bunch of titles, and waiting for the boss to fire you all the time, there is no future. The old couple who made pancakes bought four houses. Sons and daughters-in-law, help them to rationalize their spare money, grandchildren, grandchildren, they also have the elderly, four generations living together, a very happy socialist family. Facts have repeatedly proved that there is only one dead end for companies that enter capitalism and live with capitalist values ​​and lifestyles. Either the inner roll or the chicken baby. Only by following the socialist family and work characteristics with Chinese characteristics can we lead a healthy and happy life.

6 months ago

Brothers, life and death are bearish, do it if you don’t accept it! I have been studying and working part-time. At that time, I always used a limerick to encourage myself: I am a boss and a dog, and I watch the door for the company. If you ask me to bite, you can bite, and if you ask me to bite, you can bite! The name of this poem is: Good Dog! The end of my work a few times is a slap in the face. Now, when he is old and can’t run, he is not a good dog! In 2009, after having a child, I was unemployed again. It was really painful at the time, thinking hard, what did I do wrong, why is God so unfair? Finally, I discovered that I can’t be a dog, I’m a man, and a man who dares to be. Therefore, I set three development policies. First, don’t have a second child and spend your energy on study and work. Second, train your wife, let her study hard and make money. Third, start a business invisibly and set up a company in the name of the elderly in the family. Men are not cruel and their status is unstable. Many men definitely think this is not good, but after I unified the thinking of family members, I actively implemented it. Later, my wife and I both got senior titles, and now my wife’s salary exceeds me. The company at home has become our most solid backing. Still the same sentence, life and death bearish, just do it if you don’t accept it! If a man with no money is thinking about passing on from generation to generation and having children, how can he be ambitious and courageous? Originally, I didn’t have much money, but I decided not to lower my request to find a wife, and later I got my wish. Now, I still do not lower the requirements to find a job, because I have backing.

6 months ago

Unemployment at 37 is better than unemployment at 47 or 57. We still have a lot of time. I saw a video before, where a person asked Fan Deng: What should I do if a person is laid off in middle age? He said: “I have always believed that part-time work is more risky than starting a business. In the future, more and more people will be laid off. Because the world’s economic turbulence will become more and more severe, then the process of this turbulence must be Many people will be sacrificed. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, the demand for people becomes less and less, and then until the turkey meets Thanksgiving Day, you don’t know that this is over, and life is over, so don’t put it My life has become particularly fragile. Entrepreneurship does not mean that you need to take a lot of money. If you take a lot of money, it is really too risky. Actually, you can just spend a little money to do some experiments. “For example. Nowadays, many people are doing live streaming, online education and training, etc. Now there are many people who are employed flexibly in this way. There are also many moms who make something they like at home and share them with the moms they know, so that they can earn income without going out to work. Like the current situation, there are not many people who have notified the interview. In fact, there are not many companies that can provide jobs. The epidemic has also made us understand that relying on other people to work is indeed very risky. Maybe someday the company will be gone. It. So, try to change the road. My teacher often said: We must first think about what we want in this life, that is, what kind of result we want. Then push back to the present, and we will know what we should do now and what we should choose. Each of us should also have a timeline. Think about what might happen in the future. For example, when we are 50 years old and our child is only 15 years old, then he & she is still in junior high school at this time. When our children were in college, we were already 60 years old. What other jobs could our bodies do at that time? Does anyone use it? What kind of work can someone do if they use it? Will the salary be high? Can you live the life you want by working part-time? I used to think that life is simple and simple, and it’s enough to live a plain life, but the reality is very cruel. Although the rapid development of technology allows us to enjoy a more comfortable life, it also brings more survival challenges, just like a coin (there are pros and cons). So I feel that I am lucky. When I am confused on the road in life, my life mentor has given me direction and let me learn to begin to bear my own destiny and family responsibilities. When life has a direction and the heart is full of strength, any difficulties are not difficulties, they are just turning points for us to become better.

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