A Ninth-Rank Alchemist at the pinnacle of Dou Zun and also the pavilion master of Xingyu Pavilion, he actually had only one flame-breaking wave ruler in his fighting skills. I wonder if you only used the low-level fighting skills and your strange fire when you fight with that Yunshan and when you fight with that hair conditioner. You don’t get caught, who gets caught. This loophole is too big. The soul is a low-level Douzong person and also became stupid!

It’s very simple, Yao Lao’s strength is not enough. Even if the fighting power collapses in the later stage of the fight, there are many fighting sages, but the lack of high-level skills has not flooded. First of all, the heavenly skills and fighting skills are too difficult to develop. The skill requirement is the fighting sage. You see Xiao Yan fought all the way to the end of the seven-star fighting sage, and his heavenly fighting skills are not very big. Three-piece suit: Huangquan Demon Saint, a man known as a half-step fighting emperor, is only two books low and one high, and the power of Huangquan Sky Wrath depends only on the strength of the soul. If Xiao Yan does not break through the emperor realm Soul, even if he reaches the Nine Stars Fighting Saint, Huang Quan Tianwu’s power is limited to the Heaven Realm Dzogchen, and the Soul Realm Emperor Realm soul plus Xiao Yan is only five people. Although the Heaven Realm Dzogchen is many, it does not exceed two. Thirty people, the practice conditions are too harsh. Five chakras of Lihuo disk. This is created by Venerable Tianhuo. The conditions for practice are more stringent than Huangquan Tianwu. If you want to reach the heavenly ranks, you need five different fires. The entire continent eliminates Fenjue. , Only Xiao Xuan has three kinds of different fires, Xiao Xuan is the most powerful nine-star fighting saint, so this fighting skill, except Xiao Yan, can reach the heavenly rank Buddha’s wrath reincarnation and Buddha’s wrath lotus are all created by Xiao Yan himself. It also requires a variety of different fires. There is no different fire. After Xiao Yan just refined the bone spirit and cold fire, Fen Jue has just reached the quasi-celestial level. That’s it, the Eight-Nine Star Dou Zun in the Soul Palace can’t recognize this as much as they don’t know. It’s not a sky-level technique. You must know that the resources of the Soul Palace are much richer than that of Yao Lao alone. The Lei Jiezhang, the patriarch of the Lei Clan, is described as a rare high-level combat skill in the Lei Clan. You must know that the Thunder Clan and Yan Clan are in addition to The most beautiful ancient race outside of the ancient soul clan, even this high-level fighting skill is also rare. It can be seen that the spirit clan of the medicine clan and the stone clan don’t necessarily have the sky-high fighting skill. It may be the treasure of the town clan in this day. , Yi Yao Lao was secretly calculated the strength of the former Nine Star Dou Zun, where to get the Heaven-rank Fighting Skill?


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7 months ago

In fact, if you look closely (although I just watched it once), Dou Zong is a big boss, and Dou Zun is too small to be outrageous. Basically, they are scattered people. They don’t squat in the sect all the year round, but Dou Sheng… Suddenly a large group emerged from the Eight Great Old Undead. To put it bluntly, in fact, one thing can be known through this. In fact, the talent of the Dou Emperor family has been multiplied countless times. As for Xiao Yan’s later period, he was also forced into the blood of the ancient family and the Xiao family, so it can provide reasons for the explosion of talent in the future (Li Hu, you are really a genius, 18 is such a good brain). It is difficult to reach, the bloodline of Doudi can improve the talent to reach the capital, and the Heavenly rank technique requires Dousheng creation. Then, everyone should understand that almost all the heavenly things are monopolized by the eight clans, and Yaochen is the mourning dog that was driven out, so it is normal to not have a heavenly rank. But I don’t think the conspiracy theory upstairs is a problem either. Anyway, this is what Tudou knows. Maybe Tudou is just practicing. If you don’t think about it, you are fooled

7 months ago

Because setting the heavenly ranks regardless of fighting skills or cultivation techniques are dedicated to the fighting sage, no matter how difficult the cultivation technique or the fighting technique is, it is difficult to cultivate, and the difficulty is getting higher and higher. For example, Xun’er, the status is high enough in the ancient clan. At the very beginning, Xun’er is also a fire attribute. Given her relationship with Xiao Yan, I am confident enough to speculate that she wants to use it. The exercises given to Xiao Yan were also practiced by her herself. It’s impossible for the ancients not to prepare a high-level exercise for her, but she only took out a mysterious book. The only explanation that can be thought of is that the ancients also think that higher-level exercises are too difficult for her to practice now. , Start simple. It is very likely that Xun’er’s exercises have characteristics such as “especially suitable for novice cultivation”, otherwise Yao Lao can come up with the ground-level exercises, Xun’er has no reason to come up with it. It is not necessary to cultivate the exercises in Doupoli to the end, but it can still be practiced in the middle. Starting with a relatively simple exercise, it is not a problem to practice more powerful exercises in the later stage. Looking at the plot of Doupo again, the mysterious rank technique is already the treasure of the town clan in Wutan City, and it also needs to be adapted to the attributes. Xiao Yan first took the technique from the clan, but only when his father opened the back door. To be able to get a high-level Huang-level, it is obvious that the Xiao family does not have a fire-type mysterious-level technique. In other words, in a small city like Utan City in the border empire, the young master of a large family only practiced the advanced techniques of the Huang Tier. Then there is Yunlanzong. The strongest move of Yunlanzong lord Yunyun is Extreme Wind Killing. Nalan Yanran has also practiced. Under the same level of confrontation with Xiao Yan, Wind Extreme is flat, purple fire + ground. The burning Buddha’s anger lotus, and the power of Zihuo + Earth’s Fire is not as powerful as that of Zhilangchi, which is the level between the advanced stage and the ground stage. It can be seen that the ultimate style of Yunlanzong is the profound stage. Advanced level. The Yunlanzong is basically equal to the highest level of the Jiama Empire. In other words, the Jiama Empire, a continental border empire, has the highest level of cultivation and combat skills. “Thousand Lei Dong” is a low-level ground level, and on this basis, you can also learn to become the “three thousand thunder phantom bodies” of the intermediate level. The phantom body of Three Thousand Thunders has been regarded as a secret that cannot be spread by Fenglei Pavilion, and it should belong to the level of the Zhenzong’s peerless school. It can be seen that the fighting skills of the first-class forces in Zhongzhou are generally low-level to intermediate. Two appeared in the advanced books of the tiers, the five rounds of Lihuo and the Emperor Yinjue. In his heyday, Venerable Tianhuo was the six-star Dou Zun, and according to him, he relied on five rounds of fire to cross the vindictive continent. In addition, when Xun’er first appeared in Zhongzhou, the two guarding elder Dou Zun used the Emperor Seal Jue. Using the Yintian Seal to take advantage of the Glacier Valley Master’s hand, it can roughly be seen that the higher ground level is also relatively high for the general Dou Zun. However, the Heavenly Stage Fighting Skills/Gongs are basically from the late Dou Zun period to the Fighting Saint Period. The Great Fortune Palm is the fighting skill of the Good Fortune Saints. During Xiao Yan Dou Zun’s period, he felt that “too much fighting energy was consumed”. Then there are the ancient demon’s nirvana finger and the heavenly rank technique. The ancient demon can be regarded as a genius cultivated by the ancients with great effort, and naturally invested enough resources. Finally, the Huangquan three-piece suit is the unique knowledge of Huangquan Demon Saint. It can be seen from this that things of the heavenly ranks are either inherited from the ancient tribe, or they have a chance to get them when they arrive at Dou Sheng. Yao Lao was only the peak of Dou Zun at the beginning, and it is normal if there is none. But in theory, Yao Lao still has a chance to get it, because Yao Lao The soul has already entered the realm of heaven. Theoretically, the nine-level pill can be refined. The nine-level pill is theoretically at the same level as the heavenly fighting technique.

7 months ago

Because the original setting is not so strong. In the initial strength introduction of the first few chapters, there was no fighting sage. Dousheng’s level was forcibly added in the later stage. Other answers mentioned that the soul body of the 3 star Dou Zun Tianhuo is 55 degrees with the 8 star Dou Zong. It can be seen that the soul body is less than one level lower than before (and Yao Lao is still a pharmacist who specializes in soul). In the early stage, Yao Lao’s soul body was about Dou Huang level. There are other answers that Yao Lao also mentioned that the sect with Douzong is also a first-class force in Zhongzhou. In fact, the passing line of the first-class forces in Central Continent is the Sifang Pavilion (including Yao Lao’s Xingyu Pavilion). In addition, at first Yao Lao only said that he was betrayed by Han Feng, and did not say that it was Han Feng who combined the Soul Palace to kill Yao Lao. How does a Douzong Han Feng kill Yao Lao by his own strength? It can be seen that according to the initial setting, Yao Lao is probably the standard of ordinary Dou Zong. (The Sifang pavilion masters are all at the level of Douzong, and there may be Douzun in the Second Sect and Sangu, but the Danta Soul Palace is stable with Douzun.) If this inference is correct, then Tudou initially described the Dou Huang and Dou Wang next to Yao Lao. A large number of followers makes sense. But after changing the setting, why would the Yao of Dou Zun Pinnacle want this bunch of spicy chickens to be followers? Yao Lao’s soul body and Dou Huang Wuwu Kai are also normal settings. Therefore, in this novel, Yao Lao’s pre-setting and post-setting are to be separated. The old medicine setting set in the early stage was of a level of fighting sect, and it was normal without a heavenly skill. Judging from the Yao Lao at the peak of Dou Zun in the later setting, it feels very strange. In fact, the author’s combat effectiveness has collapsed. In addition, the reason for imposing a level is probably to highlight the power of Zhongzhou. After all, there are Douzongs in Yunlanzong’s spicy chicken. Where do you put the face of Zhongzhou Sifang Pavilion?

7 months ago

This bug is so big. The most powerful thing about fighting is fighting skills and own strength. Yaochen can have several eight-rank prescriptions in his hand, and he can change to a higher-ranking one at random, and practice a stable low-ranking skill fighting technique with a nine-rank treasure pill. Without five books, at least two books are fine. A lot of high-level tiers should be the financial resources of the pavilion owner of Xingyu Pavilion. Then only Baidu is possible, and Yao Lao has seen everything through. Want to seize a good body. 1: Yao Chen’s status during his lifetime: the peak of Jiuxing Douzun (about 7-9 revolutions and broke through the semi-holy after he was resurrected). The eighth-rank nine-color pill thunder alchemist Xingyuge pavilion has the ancient spirit cold gunpowder clan abandoned son standing The man at the top of the Pyramid at the center of the fighting spirit continent (not counting ancient races), the man who already had power, money and strength, was killed by his lover in collusion with the Soul Palace… 2: When Yao Chen first appeared on the scene, it happened that Xiao Yan faced the three When the appointment of the year was helpless, it was at this time that Yao Chen tempted Xiao Yan as his disciple to let him defeat Nalan Yanran in the three-year agreement and gave him two exercises for the protagonist to choose. I remember it was Fen Jue and a local rank. Here comes the question of low-level exercises. (1) As Yaochen’s status, can the best-status exercises be the low-level exercises? ! Perhaps the low-level Dou Zun can use the low-level exercises of the earth-level, but as Yaochen, is there only a low-level exercise of the local-level? I think the quasi-celestial-level exercises or the high-level of the earth-level are comparable to the sky-level exercises. This can be seen from this medicine. The dust is not that there is no higher-level technique, but that Xiao Yan will give up Fen Jue if he has a too high-level technique. In this way, you can use Xiao Yan as an experiment to try the potential of Fen Jue. Was he betrayed and killed by the apprentice he raised by himself, facing this young man who didn’t know anything about it, would Han Feng be the second? How can it be directly accepted as an apprentice? ! Isn’t this strange? It is mentioned in the original work that the ancient powerhouses can be resurrected. Will the medicine dust be? This will be broken down below 3: The strength of Yaochen’s soul body is compared with the other soul body, Skyfire Venerable. Skyfire Venerable was about 3 Star Dou Zun during his lifetime. It can be tied with 8-Star Dou Zong’s Tian Lei Zi Fei Tian and Yao Chen The peak of Dou Zun is that the soul power of the alchemist is much stronger than that of the Heavenly Fire, but Yao Chen killed a small Dou Ling Xiao Yan asked him if he was sure he actually said probably. Later, he faced the secluded Haidongbo Yunlan Mountain in the Yunshan desert. Medusa and the two fighting emperors of the Sky Snake Mansion in Mocheng are supposed to be as simple as cutting melons and vegetables, but they only have the upper hand or are evenly matched, which shows that in the face of Xiao Yan Yaochen’s intentional concealment of strength, it is unpredictable. It is totally distrustful of Xiao Yan that it does not show his true strength 4: Rebirth from the house, it is estimated that the physical body can withstand the powerful soul power of Yaochen. Perhaps at that time Xiao Yan’s strength was too low and the physical body was not good enough, so Yaochen used the purpose of strengthening the physical body. The two fighting skills of Baji Beng and the Flame Disintegration Wave Ruler (Xuanzhong Ruler), as well as the strange ointment applied on the body, and the strange fire to strengthen the body required for Fen Jue. In the previous half of the novel, Yaochen attaches great importance to physical training. Could it be a coincidence 5: With the exception of the Octopus collapse and the flame-breaking wave ruler, there is no visually high-level combat skill in all of Xiao Yan’s fighting skills. It was obtained from Yaochen. Is this consistent with common sense? Isn’t Yaochen a rich collection of advanced fighting skills? Where did you go? After Yao Chen was captured by the Soul Palace Guardian during the battle in Yunlan Mountain, all Yao Chen’s property belonged to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan found some high-level pill medicines and other high-level fighting skills but did not mention the real good things. They were all hidden by Yao Chen and Xiao Yan’s strength still couldn’t find these good things. This shows that Yao Chen did not fully trust Xiao Yan, right. 6: Yunlan Mountain vs. Yunshan was killed by Xiao Yan, but in the end the guardian swallowed the cloud. The strength of the mountain soul body is about 6 Star Douzong. It is reasonable to say that such strength does not constitute a fatal threat to Yaochen, but the final outcome is indeed that Yaochen was caught. This move is actually very good. One stone and many birds. Yaochen has long expected. I will never be killed by the Soul Palace because Yao Chen has this strength and alchemy is very necessary for the Soul Palace, and the Soul Palace seems to have been persuaded to surrender several times during the period when Yao Chen was being held. Past

7 months ago

Before answering this question, I would like to ask, apart from the core disciples of the eight ancient tribes + the three major tribes of Warcraft (Dragon Phoenix and Python), which race possesses Heavenly Rank fighting skills at the level of Fighting Master? The prerequisite for the activation of the Heaven-Rank Fighting Skill is the strength of Dou Zun and above plus the Heaven-Rank Cultivation Technique. These conditions can only be met except that the protagonist is the aforementioned race. Of course, Xiao Yan’s Buddha’s Fury Lotus can also be called a heaven-rank fighting skill, but this skill requires growth just like Fen Jue, and its power level is determined by the intensity of the different fire. After the four kinds of different fires, Xiao Yan changed his name to Destroy Fire Lotus. I think the fire lotus skill at this time can only be called the Heavenly Rank Fighting Skill. Later, after adding the Jinglian Demon Fire, the proper Heavenly Rank Advanced Fighting Skill was added. But at that time Xiao Yan’s cultivation technique had also reached the high level of heaven. Every time Xiao Yan activates the fire lotus skill, before the Fen Jue has a heavenly rank, he must use a lot of medicine to restore his fighting energy. Just imagine how harsh the conditions for launching the heavenly battle skills are. Yao Chen’s peak during his lifetime was Nine-Star Dou Zun, and I thought it was an eighth-rank, eight-color pill thunder pharmacist, and the first time in the book was the Heavenly Destiny Palm, which was created by a Dou Sage before his death, and his strength seemed to be About 1 to 3 stars. At that time, after Xiao Yan obtained this skill, it became his strongest method for a while, and one can imagine how rare and amazing the Heaven-rank fighting skills are. Some people say that as a medicine dust refining pharmacist, it is possible to exchange Heavenly Rank Fighting Skills with others, not to mention whether the medicine dust has the conditions to activate it, and if there is no Heavenly Rank Technique to activate the Heavenly Rank Fighting Skills, will you not be afraid of being sucked up? Furthermore, the pill is a one-time consumer product, how can it be compared with the treasure of the town clan, such as Heavenly Fighting Skill? One of the three powerful tribes of the Nine Netherworld Pythons, Huang Quanzhi (the low-level combat skill of the heavenly rank) is the treasure of the town clan. This skill is invaluable. I don’t think it can be exchanged with the eighth-grade pill alone, because Eight-level pill can’t get into the eyes of Dou Sheng, because the eight-level pill does not have much effect on the strong. At least the nine-level pill will have a bargaining chip, right? To sum up, first, the Heavenly Stage Fighting Skill is a bit super-class for Yao Chen, and secondly, no one has it in casual cultivation, and the people of the big clans don’t want to change it, and you can’t change it even as an 8-rank alchemist.

7 months ago

I haven’t been to Doupo for many years, so let’s answer the question based on your impressions. Do you have a lot of fighting skills? Is the street bad? I don’t remember it. The Ancient Eight Clan and ordinary people are not at the same level. They can take it out at will. It does not mean that Yaochen can also be the abandoned son of the Nineth-Rank alchemist. Although it can’t be said that there is a flood, there are Dantas in the outside world, and they are hidden. There is also the medicine clan. The business of using the nine-grade pill to change the heavenly fighting skills should not be very good. Think about it. The medicine dust and the wind are just the pavilion master of the Xingyue Pavilion. What is the level of the Xingyue Pavilion? Another well-known skill of the Sifang Pavilion is the three thousand thunderbolt of the ground-level fighting skills. No matter how powerful it is, what peak is comparable to the heaven-level fighting skills. Anyway, the positioning is that the ground-level fighting skills are not running. Besides, the state of the soul. Can the medicine dust of the sky be used to fight against the sky? Yun Lanzong was arrested, I remember that he only recovered to uh… Douzong? It shouldn’t go beyond this. Will the fighting energy be enough for the consumption of the Heaven-level fighting skills? Just use it… I’m afraid it will be sucked up and I won’t be able to release a fart… In summary, I think he will not have a high probability, and this situation is normal , Even if it does, he can’t let it go

7 months ago

Nowadays, many people on the Internet have turned the black text into a kind of zz correct, and even produced a sense of superiority in IQ, which is ridiculous. In fact, this paragraph can withstand scrutiny: 1. , Is still the kind of grassroots, completely unworthy of possessing the Heaven-ranking Cultivation Techniques and Fighting Skills. If you don’t believe it, go to the book, only Dousheng and his forces are qualified to have a heavenly rank (the five-wheeled fire method of Venerable Tianhuo has reached the heavenly rank threshold, but the condition is to control at least 4 different types of fire, knowing that it is as strong as Xiao Xuancai 3. Kind, why not eat meat at all). 2. Even if it is true, it will be given for nothing, and Huohuo can’t learn it. You can conspiracy theories, but you can’t doubt Xun’er, right? Ren Xun’ergui is the rich second generation of the first two in Doupo Dalu. He needs to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable, and he needs capital and capital. What did he say when he gave Huo Huo Di Yin Jue? Douwang is only worthy of learning the first style, and the Emperor Yin Jue is only quasi-daily. As for the exercises, it’s even more nonsense. Many people ignore that Xun’er is also a fire system, and the exercises that the two need are interoperable, and the exercises Xun’er gave to Huo Huo at the time was only a mysterious stage, not as good as Yao Lao’s land. Low, you can no longer doubt that Gu Yuan is reluctant to give his daughter, right? This shows that the upper limit of a fighter’s cultivation technique is also between the low ground and the high profound. As for Fen Jue nb later, Huo Huo must be reluctant to change it, and the veteran of Fighting Skills and Drugs has been updating Huo Huo, even if it does exist, he was arrested before he could give it. 3. In all fairness, Yao Lao’s fighting skills for Huo Huo are very poor? The eighth-level collapse perfectly fits the flames of the lack of blue in the early stage, and the power is still great. Yanfen addicted to the wave ruler is directly used all the way to the half-step master, what else do you want?

7 months ago

First of all, the heavenly fighting skills are created by at least the fighting sage (and it must be a high star fighting sage), and the nine-tier treasure pill can be refined by the old high-level half-sage and the pill is a consumable, and it will be gone. Kungfu fighting skills can be used by the entire clan and sects to learn from the previous Yao Lao Pinnacle, which is not enough to change the Heavenly Rank Kungfu fighting skills. There is also a problem that the fighting energy consumption of Heavenly Fighting Skills is terrifying, Xiao Yan Dou Zun level. Fen Jue was a low-level and high-level one, and then he wilted with a single shot of the Great Fortune Palm, so there are two possibilities: 1. Yao Lao didn’t have the Heaven-Rank Fighting Skills at all. 2. Yao Lao had the Heaven-Rank Fighting Skills and didn’t use it, because Xiao Yan can’t be used (personally prefers the first one, because the heavenly fighting skills are really rare

7 months ago

The failure of Tudou’s setting was nothing more than Xiao Yan’s start with local-level fighting skills, but only when he was about to end it did he try to grab the heavenly-level fighting skills. Everyone could see that this setting had a problem. However, this setting in the book of Doupo has more advantages than disadvantages because the protagonist can use different fires and flames to slash the wave ruler from the beginning to the end, and even later on the Great Thousand World to become the Emperor of Yan, this is a trick… …But these skills have become the hallmarks of the protagonist, allowing all readers to be impressed at first sight and remember the role. Later, Martial Universe and Great Domination were set much more reasonable. That is, the protagonist didn’t know how many skill treasures and exercises he had changed along the way. As a result, the impression was that the protagonist was finally able to get the bragging stuff. After the upgrade, it became a chicken rib, which can only be eaten in the box, and the really impressive things are gone. Naruto Uzumaki was rubbing balls from beginning to end. Detective Conan back and forth the anesthesia needle voice changer. The four-dimensional pocket of Doraemon. The protagonists must have something impressive.

7 months ago

It’s a bug, but I want to try to wash it 1: When Yaochen was calculated by the Soul Palace and Han Feng, Najie was lost. The soul-hiding ring didn’t have those martial arts fighting skills, and Yao Lao didn’t meet Xiao Yan directly after becoming a soul body, but went round and round before reaching the hands of Xiao Yan’s mother and passing it on to Xiao Yan. Therefore, the Baji collapse and the like may have been obtained by going round and round, or it may have been made up temporarily by Yao Lao. 2: Yao Lao’s interest lies in refining medicine. He is not interested in fighting and killing, so he doesn’t pay attention to collecting heavenly fighting skills. You see, Robbing Jue is also because it can control a variety of different fires, which is convenient for refining medicine. In fact, in the fragments of Yao Lao’s battle, few fighting skills appeared, and they were basically crushed by real hard power. 3: Xiao Yan didn’t get a low-level combat skill until the four-star Dou Zun. Eight-star Douzun has a diamond-colored glaze body, just these two things can help him rampage in the rank of Douzun. Therefore, it can be judged that with the strength of Dou Zun, it is actually not enough to have the Heavenly Rank Fighting Skill. 4: Comparing the three levels of Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang with low, medium and high levels according to the hidden levels of Doupo, a total of 12 levels of fighting spirit, yellow low fighting person, yellow middle fighting master, yellow high big fighting, mysterious low fighting spirit, mysterious fighting king, mysterious high fighting The emperor, the earth is low, the earth is Dou Zun, the earth is half holy, the sky is low, the sky is Dou emperor, the sky is high. Therefore, the ceiling of the Dou Zun level is the earth-level advanced fighting skills and techniques. If one of them can reach the heavenly rank, then it is not an ordinary Dou Zun.

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