The subject is a medical college student in a super first-tier city. Parents only give 400 yuan a month for living expenses. If you want to add 100 yuan, it is considered a vanity comparison. It is considered that I am going to buy a famous brand to compare with others, and I really don’t have too much. To find a part-time job in my spare time…I am very upset now, what should I do?

We have 6 people in a dormitory. The eldest, second, fourth and I (yes, I’m the youngest sixth) belong to a relatively normal family. In fact, my family tends to be superior. It’s almost 2000 per month. At that time, I would do it myself. Doing a part-time design job, you can have a good life if you take a few orders a month (one order ranges from 500 to 4,000, I deeply remember the 4250 logo+poster design, I really had a drunk dream that month). And the protagonist is the third child. He came from Chongqing to our university. The family, but you said that it is very bad. Parents are in debt. Not only do they have no monthly living expenses, but he also needs to send some part-time students back. Really, working everywhere next to the school, all time is scattered, and very tired (mainly because of the tired money). When we go back to the dormitory at night, we talk about gossip on the mobile phone, and he starts to design the liver. He almost never misses professional classes during the day. ,Professional performance did not fall into the top three in my impression, but I was frantically experimenting on the edge of failing a subject. In the last month, how much money he can get by working and designing alone, 7000 yuan, guaranteed, the best He took 2w yuan a month, insisting to take us out to eat, and said that he usually disturbed us by drawing pictures at night, which is very embarrassing (but we really feel sorry for him in the evening, and there are several bottles of Fengyoujing on his table. , When he’s sleepy, he drops on his temples, sometimes directly on the corners of his eyes, just for money and family. Everyone is 20 years old. The burden on him is really too heavy. We have asked him how much money is bad at home. Talking a lot, once the drunk boss tried it out. It was close to 400w in debt. I really can’t imagine how a 20-year-old can think about others under such a great pressure.) Finally, we went to eat. After the barbecue, the fifth child said he was going to call and go out to settle the bill. The fifth child is really a particularly innocent child. Although he is a few months older than me, he is really pure as a blank paper. His growth environment is related. His parents are independent companies, and their monthly living expenses are 0. His father applied for a credit card for him. Although his parents are divorced, it is a peaceful divorce in a dream. His four parents, each He spoiled him to death, money has never been lacking, especially his stepmother, who came to see him every three to five, and looked at him as a very kind woman, so he called her mother directly, not evasive at all. On New Year’s Day, he was old. Three times back to his hometown, the dormitory was chattering. He knew the situation of the third child and cried out, just like a thief. Later, the fifth child always likes to buy this and that, and buy more every time, especially when shopping online, there is always one size M and one size L. The reputation is that I don’t know what size suits you, but the more. I was too lazy to retreat, so I gave it to the third child. The third child would refuse at first. Later, the fifth child froze with him and did not retreat. He kept buying more. Due to the lust of the five of us, he still wore it. We were still joking. He and the fifth child were lovers. The most and the most np is the third or fourth year, I won the National Award three times, once 5000, and once Class A 2000, students who have won the National Award know that the instructor generally won’t let the same classmate win multiple times. , But the third child, really, I can say, he deserves this award. Therefore, the subject of the subject doesn’t need to care about the amount given by the family. People who really have dreams can’t stop him. I’m sorry for the medical students who didn’t see the subject. Medical students really can’t work part-time (very much agree) to recite lessons every day. The class will take up a lot of time, so I did not answer the question. I’m sorry. But what I want is to use the things around me and take advantage of the subject of this question platform to make more people who can change become better. In Renren, taking orders on the rainbow or introducing lectures by tutors are common part-time methods for design students. We are also very lucky. My tutor, Uncle Zhigang, approved that we submit similar work as project assignments. I am definitely not the conspiracy theorists under the comment that I want to stimulate the subject or something else. I just saw this question and I want to answer it. This question consumes my time and can’t bring me anything in return. You guys have other ideas. The adults of, don’t need to criticize education under the comments, just treat me as an off-topic essay, just skip the return.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all, I sent an inspirational message in the circle of friends, saying that I would spend 400 yuan a month in a month. Then I will tell you the results of this experiment first (I know you are interested.) The balance as of the end of April is 12.8 yuan. But here comes the point. I lost six pounds. The original weight was 108 jins, now it has become 102 jins. The topic seems to be too far away… How can one spend a month with four hundred yuan? I calculated that the Qingming Festival is three days and it is the fourth day after receiving this plan. There are six days on Saturday and Sunday, so I still have 20 days, 20 days to spend 400 yuan, 20 yuan a day, it still sounds like there is If possible, let’s try. I first focused on the cheapest food in the cafeteria, steamed buns and porridge. A steamed bun costs one yuan to five yuan, and a brown sugar steamed bun costs one yuan, so my breakfast is like this: brown sugar steamed buns + one steamed bun with any flavor + an egg + a cup of soy milk = 1+1.5+1.5+2=6 yuan. (I am a girl, so I don’t have much appetite) Now I still have 14 yuan to spend a day. It sounds like it’s not very difficult yet. Let’s continue…. Then I was thinking, what should I eat for lunch? The dumplings seem to be good. Two dumplings cost 10 yuan (coriander filling), which seems too expensive, so I chose the cheapest cabbage dumpling, which is 8 yuan for two dumplings. Then I have 6 yuan left to spend today. I think so in my heart, and think this plan is good. however! however! Do you think this is over? Naive! 2 Two dumplings are not enough to eat at all! This girl was hungry after half an hour of lunch! There was no way. I had to wander around with six dollars, thinking about not eating at night, so I went to the cafeteria to buy wontons for six dollars. Even the soup was finally satisfied (mainly because I thought that I would have no food to eat at night and I wanted to eat more at noon). Facts have proved that you still have to eat when it is time to eat at night. No matter how much you eat at noon, you still have to be hungry at night. For the first week, because I didn’t master the trick, I could hear me crying and howling in the dormitory every night. After the second week, I summarized the previous lessons, and I began to plan carefully. Breakfast is unchanged (I belong to the kind of person who would faint without breakfast). The lunch was changed to ten yuan to eat. There are quite a few options for ten dollars, so I won’t list them here. Dinner, only four yuan, to spend the essence. Brown sugar steamed buns + steamed buns*2 + siu mai a mung bean porridge + steamed buns + siu mai red bean porridge + steamed buns + brown sugar steamed buns, an apple + a brown sugar steamed buns, a bowl of mixed powder + a brown sugar steamed buns, a bag of yogurt + a steamed bun…someone Asked, why are they all steamed buns, because the feeling of fullness is stronger! As for apples and yogurt, they are all luxury items that can only be eaten after saving lunch. Above, telephone charges, network charges, electricity charges, taxes, daily transportation expenses and daily necessities are not calculated. I won’t do this kind of thing again. Pure self-abuse. It is impossible to live for 400 yuan a month, let alone first-tier cities. Subject: If you have difficulties at home, you can apply for scholarship loans and subsidies for poor students, study hard and get some scholarships. It’s really impossible to do a part-time job. I guess the money for a part-time job is definitely more than 400 yuan. In addition, I think the prerequisite for reading a good book is to not worry about life first, otherwise there is no desire to read. May your dear be aware of this. , It’s about 4000 per month in normal times. 2000 was given by the family, and the other two thousand were earned by myself. Probably that’s it. It is true that four hundred yuan a month has saved me a lot of money… Unexpectedly, everyone is interested in how college students earn two thousand part-time jobs. The answer is a retired badminton player, so it’s okay to go out to teach and play club games. There are suspicions of pretending to be forced to answer too many, so stop here. The rivers and lakes are so big, so many artists do not push themselves down. mutual encouragement.

7 months ago

I thought it was 4000 at first, so I wanted to come in and criticize it == But I was blind. It turned out to be 400. I want to say: 400 is it enough! 400 is he? How can it be enough! 400 is he? How can it be enough! 400 yuan, the general concept is about 13 yuan per day, how is this enough! I am from Hangzhou, and a meal in the cafeteria every day costs 8 yuan. So I think it may be that the host’s parents think the host is too fat and want the host to eat vegetarian dishes to lose weight!

7 months ago

400, I looked at the time, in 2019, I really think this is amused. In 2008, 1 piece of egg-filled biscuits, 5 pieces per serving, fried with a knife, and 5 pieces of soup. Let’s have a braised beef rice bowl of 9 yuan, Mr. Tian’s braised pork, I remember about 8 yuan. If you eat the cafeteria every day, occasionally go out to eat a good bowl of sliced noodles or Mr. Tian’s braised pork in braised pork, it is still enough. But now it’s 19 years, the fried knives and noodles are all 12 and 13, the braised beef rice bowl is 16 and 17, and the teacher Tian’s set meal is 27 and 28. At this time, your family gives you 400 a month. Hatred? Want to kill someone with a knife and let you starve to death in the street?

7 months ago

Let me talk about the psychology of parents. Many parents have never gone to college or even left their homes. They generally think that life is three meals a day and 13 yuan a day is too much. After all, a steamed bun Fifty cents, one steamed bun per meal, three bucks per bowl of porridge and one dish can be settled. Is seven bucks less at noon? A large portion of hot dry noodles. However, parents don’t understand the university or the status quo of the school. At the parental stage, at the age of eighteen, they go out to earn money and earn income for the family. You are all undergraduates when you are in college, why you have to ask your family for money. You are no longer young, it’s time to find someone to come back to have a child and get married. Let’s look at what parents don’t understand. Parents think that university is like high school, as long as you study hard with the teacher, you don’t need to think about anything, and save the cost of materials; parents have not passed the exam, and don’t know that certificates and graduation certificates are very important. Research requires money; parents do not have the need to surf the Internet. They feel that surfing the Internet is harmful to health, addictive, and does not require telephone bills. Parents don’t know that dating in college is costly. After all, if a girl’s parents give her daughters With four hundred children, girls also have to find ways to find resources, such as finding a boyfriend who can help them; parents don’t know that your clothes need to be bought, your shoes need to be changed, you need to take a bath, and you need to wash your clothes, because There is a solar water heater at home, there is no need to go out to meet other people at home, and there is no need to charge a washing machine at home; parents don’t know that you need a lot of things, why? The people around my parents don’t know, and no one has told my parents about this problem. What’s more, many parents don’t know where to hear about American elementary and middle school students making money. They have grown up at the age of eighteen, but they don’t know that our middle school education is a science education, and college education is not a complete skill-based education. What’s more, the employment environment in our country is so bad. I have contacted some intermediaries and others. The simplest thing to say is that college students are cheap labor. They think that they have made dozens of dollars, and they seem to be able to make money. In fact, they do everything. will not. I see that many respondents are giving tips to the subject, saying how to live, but many of them do not consider the actual situation. If the family is not particularly poor, the university should not be colorful? Learn more about the outside world? A club can participate. Why do you want to join a club? It’s easier to find people in the club, and you need money; the library needs to be booked, and the books in the library are terribly broken. Buying new books can make you learn faster and better. Need money; the teacher is not good and needs to register for the class. Our instructor said, I have seen many who were admitted to the graduate school, but I have never seen a few who did not register for the graduate school (I have three books). Money; Speaking of part-time work, if you go to work part-time when the family conditions can afford it, will you waste more time learning skills? How do you tell your parents? First of all, let them understand that your life is necessary. For example, you can make a list of this month and send it to your parents at regular intervals. Secondly, you must tell your parents what certificate I want to take and what is the use. You must also give your parents an insight. Opportunities in the world, such as teaching parents to visit Zhihu; some people say that it is not easy for us to love our parents, but you need to think about it. What you lack will take a long time to pay in the future. Due to the lack of money to eat, To save money, you can’t eat with your classmates and reduce your ability to discuss various topics. Because of your lack of money, you can’t even go on the bus when you go out. You spend an hour of walking and waste an hour of study time. Lack of money, you don’t even have the opportunity to invite a girl to drink milk tea together to talk about the topic. Don’t you feel bad about being hooked up by a boy who just invites her girl to drink milk tea? And these are what your parents should have given you. After all, university is an important process from complete independence to gradual independence, but what you have to face in this process is that you have learned almost nothing in the first eighteen years. You need to desperately make up for the process in four years, and many things in this process are not free! When you see this, all you need is to take a serious look at your family environment. Your parents are really poor and you will be fine for another four years. As long as you work hard to grow up and make up for it quickly, you can earn 30,000 yuan in the first year of work, you How about spending more than 30,000 in these four years? If you are not too poor, you know how to do it yourself. I recently discovered that our school has a self-selection window at 1:30 noon and half price after 7:00 pm. I ate it once. It costs five yuan to support a meal. If breakfast is not eaten, ten yuan is enough to eat at noon and night. Girls may It only costs eight yuan. There may be a balance of four hundred yuan a month.

7 months ago

400 is still a vanity comparison… It is not easy to maintain life. Comparing wool, I am a second-tier small city, and my living cost is about 2,500. It is very moist if you are not in a relationship. It takes at least 1,500 to maintain daily expenses in a super first-tier city, and 400 is a vanity comparison. ……This is all poor, I should not have enough to eat, conclusion: can live: 600 food and clothing: 1000, okay: 1500, average level: 1800, petty bourgeoisie: 2500, local tyrant 3000 +

7 months ago

When I had only 200 left in a month, I had a balance of 21 in the second month. But I never eat cereal anymore. Supermarket special cereals are 22 yuan a pack, 1-1.5kg, each pack comes with a 22 yuan milk powder, and then buy 4 sets. 10 yuan a pack of rock sugar is used to add sweetness, and finally buy a special green lemon, cut one soaked in water every day to supplement vitamins. Although it’s more economical to eat vitamin tablets (one piece and one more bottle), let me be self-willed… I lost about 4 kilograms in weight, and in the end I didn’t finish my oatmeal (I would rather not eat oatmeal) and later changed. As long as he has no money, he just doesn’t eat it, and he doesn’t eat cereal anymore.

7 months ago

The undergraduate period is basically less than 400 yuan a month. In the first half of the 2010s, this was possible. The price was to reduce basic consumption: eating only one meal a day (around RMB seven or eight at the time), one meat and one vegetarian. Eat fruit every two to three days. I don’t think about yogurt. Later, it was further compressed to two meals in three days, using starvation as a way to hone the will. As a result, it can not only lose weight, but also ultimately lower the basal metabolism. As for how to eat, the trick is to eat dinner instead of lunch. Otherwise, you will not fall asleep at night, which will affect the next day of class. In addition, the meal time should match the course, and eat more on days when the course is tight. But if you think it’s not good to change your metabolism, I’ve seen a way of eating for a very poor student: three meals a day but only steamed buns. Add a vegetarian dish at noon and eat meat once every two to three days. The consumption is even lower, and the carbohydrate supplement is sufficient. Completely abolish other consumption. Except for the utility fee and bath money, there is basically no other daily expenses. Do not go out. Don’t go out to play. Don’t go out to eat. Don’t go out shopping. Don’t talk about male/girlfriends. (Off-site ok) No consumer entertainment. (The key is coming) Large-scale consumption is “reimbursed” from home, and is not included in daily expenses. At your level of consumption, don’t think that you can buy a mobile phone by saving money… Since your family feels that you are “spending money”, you can still get it as long as you prove the reasonable use of your money. This situation has been maintained for more than a year, possibly two years. Well, at least it survived. But I have to say that this is not a good thing. In the next two years, there will be three main problems for the body: one is the dietary sugar addiction, the other is the decrease in basal metabolism; the body fat ratio has increased, and drinking cold water will make you fat; the other is that the sleep time is much longer. In addition, low consumption levels actually have a negative impact on consumption concepts and financial management capabilities.

7 months ago

I really have a deep understanding of this question. First of all, I will say that it is enough. There is no doubt that 400 yuan is definitely not enough. Let’s take a look at the arrangement of living expenses: as a girl, I will count as 50 yuan per month for my aunt’s towels + tissues, and the remaining 350 divided by the 30-day average of 11.7. As a boy, then I don’t need daily necessities. , If you divide 400 by 30, it doesn’t make 14 a day! Is that just one meal a day? Besides, this time period also needs to grow up. When I was a student, I should do what I was supposed to do when I was a student. Reading, studying and growing up is a serious consideration. The cost of living is guaranteed at least three meals. Tell me about myself. When I was studying, my living expenses were added up on a yearly basis, starting from 550, 600, 800, and 1000. The ticket to go home was about 55-60. I spent about one year. I went back home during summer and winter vacations. I basically didn’t go home at other times because I had time to do part-time jobs at that time. The living expenses provided by the mother include food and clothing. She stretches out her hand and tells her if she can give some more when it is not enough. Mom will always take out all the children of the neighbor next door and say it again. The similar things are how the next door is enough and why you are not enough. Kind of, the frequency increases and I am more sensitive. Basically, I don’t have enough money, so I have to work part-time. I feel that my university is always using cheap labor in exchange for my living expenses. I have fallen a lot of homework. I was originally interested and then gave up almost as much as I couldn’t keep up. If you want a part-time job, it must be meaningful without delaying your studies. When I graduated, I didn’t do anything related to my major anyway. One was that I couldn’t keep up with my own reasons. I couldn’t find any interest in this industry because of my ability. The other was that this industry was traditional. The face of the industry is that they are not happy every day when they are older. In fact, many people are doing wrong jobs after graduation or not long after graduation, but I don’t think it’s anything. Everyone has different needs in different environments. In the past, I would always use idiomatic thinking, and the problem would be attributed to the fact that my parents did not give enough, but in fact, I should think about my own reasons, because some students around me are self-reliant and do not rely on the family to make the first pot of gold in the university. Quite a lot. But there is no Don’t be a little brainwashed when making money: 1. Part-time jobs that make quick money: There is no technical content but a high salary, such as a single job. It is easy to earn hundreds or thousands every day, and the world will not fall for no reason. Pie, this type of high-paying part-time job is mostly the bait of scammers. Put your money in step by step. Take a friend around me as an example. It is to do a task in a virtual space and earn 100 in just 10 minutes. , And then tempt to invest the principal, be more careful about this kind of high-paying part-time jobs. 2. A part-time job with weird interview location or time. Whether you are a boy or a girl, if you have an evening interview, there must be tricky. There is no formal company to meet at night. If you are not sure, it is best to have friends with you. There have been many murder cases in the news. , Pay attention to yourself 3. Part-time jobs that ask for money will make you pay deposits for various titles. Regular companies will not engage in this type. If you ask you to accept most scammers. If you want to find a part-time company, search the company’s information or evaluation in advance to avoid getting into the hole, and subconsciously protecting yourself is more important than anything~

7 months ago

The real name is against certain answers that say 400 is enough. The reason for this kind of answer is the so-called part-time job how much can I earn per month. According to this logic, I can not live expenses every month. Living expenses 400 should be defined in the eyes of normal people. All the food and clothing costs in a month are supported by this 400. Whoever comes for one month’s meal + water + phone bill + transportation + daily necessities + haircut only uses 400. Please send me a private message. I want to learn about the advanced experience. It really hurts. Answer Lord, I have tried a life of 300 meals a month. It is really a small bowl of steamed buns and porridge. I was a young man who was born hungry and suffered from duodenal ulcers. But this is only for meals. 70 donated a bath, 50 bucks, donated a haircut, 10 bucks, donated electricity bills, 30 bucks, donated printing and photocopying materials, 10 bucks, bought a cotton hat, to keep out the cold, 30 bucks, and I hardly had any social activities that month. Entertainment activities means that you don’t even have the qualifications for such a miserable 400 yuan (in my experience it is indeed miserable for me and it is also a miserable level among all the people I know. It’s harder than this. I respect you but don’t discriminate against me.) So the only way out is to do a part-time job and raise my living expenses to 800 to be enough to increase to 1200 to live an average life. In short, living expenses of 400 is definitely a very hard university because of 400. not enough

7 months ago

Let’s draw the conclusion first: because of special circumstances, 400 yuan a month can be done completely, and normalization is too difficult. Background: May Tian held a concert in the Bird’s Nest for the first time in 2012. At that time, many high school students rushed to the imperial capital from all over the country. A good buddy didn’t have enough funds, but I didn’t want him to miss such a big event, so I bought a ticket for him. As a result, my living expenses in April were less than 400 yuan. Aside from the 70 yuan phone bill (the school had a discount at the time, mobile users charge 150 for 70), the Internet fee 20 yuan, various daily necessities such as shower gel, shampoo, toilet paper, etc., I probably still have about 200 yuan for eating, racking my brains. One way is to use the roommate’s illegal electric appliance to cook noodles. A pack of vermicelli is 1.8 yuan for about two meals, a catty of eggs is 5 yuan, a head of garlic is 1 yuan, and salt and MSG oil are not counted. In the end, the total cost of eating for a day is about 5 yuan. but! Human beings are omnivores, especially if I am a man, how can I not eat meat? ! So I have to spend an extra 10 yuan to eat meat every weekend. Otherwise, I can’t bear the experience of seeing meat characters and smelling meat like a drug addict. After a month, when I finally set foot on the train to Beijing at the end of the month, my budget for April was less than 20 yuan. It’s barely a month, but this experience is too difficult, if I can, I don’t want to experience it again. I very much agree with the sentence of the previous respondent, “The prerequisite for reading a good book is to not worry about life first, otherwise there is no desire to read.” Live like that, let alone study, let me, such a person who likes to play games, play. I can’t even play the game, life is really more than survival.

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