I think other people’s answers are quite concise, which surprised me a bit. We may say this on the Internet, but in real life, girls’ likes are really complicated. Good-looking people will make people feel good, but liking a boy is a process, and the goodwill will rise or fall in the middle of the way. Will it be enough if the goodwill accumulates? Buddy. Also, the issue of money, the more money, the more attractive it is, which is not applicable to all girls. The average level is fine. Most girls are not so material. Let’s introduce what factors will get girls’ favor. There is no wide range in the whole process, so you can eat with confidence. (Like it before, it’s not easy for children, please beg.) 1. People with good looks have a natural affection for people who look good. This is unchangeable. So boys have to work hard to dress themselves up. Boys can make up, but you don’t want to paint colorfully. Generally, girls still like to be clean (don’t be oily!!!), boys who don’t smell heavy in powder. Boys can be handsome, but they can’t know how to dress up, and the clothes should be in place. If you don’t look good, you should dress better, and your clothes can show your taste. If you don’t look attractive, you can rely on clothes. Squeeze it, brothers. If you don’t know how to match it, just study on Xiaohongshu, Douyin and so on. The Internet is your classroom. 2 The girl who loves to be clean is very sad and urged to be scared away by your sloppy after being attracted by your appearance. The first is the smell. Your shoes, socks, and underwear, even if they are not clean, must not smell. Secondly, your nails should be short, neat, and not muddy. Don’t leave a long fingernail on the little finger. The role of this long nail, except for picking the nostrils is picking earwax, it is very degrading! ! ! No matter what your reason is, don’t stay, trust me. And your beard. If you don’t take the route of a mature man, you don’t want to be unshaven. A man’s breath may not need this manifestation. Few people can get the beauty of the beard. If you are more than 20 years old, try your best to be young. Look at the current celebrities and Internet celebrities. Most of them have no beards and shave cleaner than the walls. 3 Put down the posture, and many behaviors of the humble and domineering president are *** in real life, so don’t try it. (If you are the type of president, you will treat me as if I put a fart, puff) Aquaman Fishing also knows to lure girls into fish ponds, you are walking on the road, and you want to make a girl like you if you don’t do anything. Lowering your posture is not to let you be a licking dog, but to give you a signal that you are looking for a girlfriend, okay? You have done the first two. You are still single. Isn’t this little baby you? Just ask for a WeChat on the road, and just walk slowly and raise your head. Just be more confident, OK. Just be ambiguous for a while, you won’t be scolded, and it’s not an immoral thing. After all, we are looking for a girlfriend, not fishing. For your interesting girl, chase it properly, click it, and it’s that simple. Whether you can catch it up, you must have a good idea yourself, be sure before confession, confession is a ritual. 4 Talented boys can shine in the eyes of girls. You don’t need to be a professional or a job with him, as long as you have a great place, you will shine. (Some light is very low, for example, you chase One Piece very well, which is not attractive to girls) Let girls have a feeling of admiration for themselves, praise you, you are happy that she is happy that everyone is happy. Who can not like a shining person, your future girlfriend’s idol is shining in her eyes. 5 Good character, this is too important. It spreads all the details in life. Don’t be too greedy for petty bargains, and eat too badly And don’t say bad things about your brother, just like you don’t like your girlfriend to say bad things about you. 6 Gentle I really eat this set too much. Gentle boys are really angels. The gentleness of the strong boy of Gundam is truly incredible. Whether it’s the kind of very tugging boy or the kind of very humble boy, being gentle is really terrible. It may be your personality, but the contrast of your gentleness will not be bad. 7 Seriously focused men are attractive when they work. When you work hard, you shine. I’m only talking about places that your girlfriend can see. Not the following type: Female: What are you doing? Male: work photo) busy. I personally feel that working boys are really attractive. Last time I went to the dentist, that brother was really gentle and focused. When I work, I have that kind of charm. Work is really a good time for you to show your abilities and talents to your girlfriend. (Don’t pretend to be b, remember.) In today’s society where information communication is basically barrier-free, finding a girlfriend is very easy. It is rare that the person you like also happens to like you. I hope that every boy can find someone he likes.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

When it comes to attracting girls, many answers are limited to the relationship between men and women. In fact, in the Internet age, female fans have additional commercial value, so it is not difficult to answer this question by carefully observing what the male celebrities/male big v with more female fans look like. In addition to good-looking faces, boys also have good body proportions, can take pictures, are clean and not greasy, have good physical coordination, and have a good voice. Talking with aura (open mind), will create personality (three views and hobbies are the same as a specific woman), have juvenile-like passionate desire but can restrain the expression of desire like the elderly, these can attract girls. This is about attraction, not pursuit. In pursuit, willingness to pay and persistence are very important, but if you don’t take the initiative, these qualities are different for different people, so rich/savvy/savvy are not as attractive as the qualities I mentioned in the second paragraph. .

6 months ago

First of all, I do not agree with what money can attract girls. Among the many people I know, most girls are not so materialistic. They pay more attention to the attitude of pursuing a better life. This attitude will make them have Sense of security. Secondly, when establishing an intimate relationship, the first impression is the most important. Most love is love at first sight, and most marriages are always at first sight. Therefore, everyone has the heart to love beauty. If there is a natural condition for being handsome, it is naturally best. If not, don’t care. How to make yourself handsome or lively handsome is an attitude of life. This charm is accumulated in the subconscious day by day, and at the moment of chance, it will be a kind of unpredictable and unpredictable. The details are vividly displayed. For example, learn to dress yourself. The clothes don’t need to be fancy or spotless. It must be simple and clean. I think that boys’ clothes should not exceed three colors at most. Like many stars when they appear on the stage, they are also simple and pure. For the plot needs, they don’t dress up properly. Second, you don’t need to make up, but you must pay attention to cleansing. What kind of facial cleanser, perfume, can use it. Third, be generous and decent. Whether you are joking or doing business, you must focus on nature and know how to use the right timing. Both life and work should be self-disciplined, confident and self-improving. This will make you look handsome. If you are not handsome, find a way to be handsome.

6 months ago

rich! The truth is that the girls in school will first look at their looks, character, and talents. Even if you have no money now, they are willing to grow up with you, a boy who she thinks is a potential stock. The girls in the society are all female men who have experienced chai, rice, oil, salt, 996, second landlord, and workplace intrigue and torture. When discussing marriage, the first thing to look at is the economic foundation, and the basic material guarantees will be discussed before feelings. If you are handsome, talented and have a good character, but don’t even have the ability to support a family, are you waiting for the rich woman to take care of you and talk to you every day? After so many years of diving, more or less talent should be transformed into fortune, right? Even if you are not vain to compare yourself with the pursuit of a luxurious life, you always want your child to have a worry-free and prosperous childhood, right? Don’t blame the reality of women, men and women are the same, because we are all ordinary people, marriage is really teaming up to fight monsters to live, what kind of financial foundation corresponds to what kind of spiritual life, the latter is more extravagant. If you are struggling in a poverty-stricken county for a long time, don’t worry, it won’t take long. No matter how beautiful you are, no one can withstand the waste of time. It’s hard to maintain a calm, calm and confident mentality. You won’t become a jealous middle-aged man. Women or wretched uncles with greasy bald beer belly are already thankful. Otherwise, how do people say that time is a pig-killing knife? Otherwise, how can you say that poor couples are sad? You are probably too young to understand the cruelty of life…

6 months ago

It must be admitted that men who grow tall and handsome are very attractive to girls, and it is easy for girls to have a good first impression. But this is far from enough, unless the girl knows the guy to appreciate him as a painting or a statue, nothing else. Therefore, if boys want to attract girls, they need many qualities: 1. Have a tolerant heart. This is very necessary. It is difficult to get along with a boy who is narrow-minded and angry at every turn. You still don’t know what happened. He was so angry that he was even furious. This requires you to think twice every time you say a word, every thing you do, and be careful, just like waiting for the emperor, so tired! No matter how handsome and handsome such a boy looks, it’s useless. 2. Mature thinking and independent personality. Boys need to be assertive, principled, have a bottom line, be measured, and act with a clear style. In this way, it will be easier for girls to understand your attitude and have a sense of trust and security in you. Imagine a boy who doesn’t have any idea in case of trouble, even Ma Baonan. A girl getting along with you is equivalent to getting along with your mother. How funny is this? What can a boy who can only follow the trend and fall down with the wind? A boy who has no bottom line and can do everything, who dares to associate with you closely? What can a boy who doesn’t know how to measure well can do well? 3. Empathy. Boys should be able to penetrate into the subjective world of girls and understand the psychological feelings of girls. Take girls as the center, understand and accept girls’ perspectives and be able to appreciate girls’ emotions. This is also the so-called walk into her heart and understand her. Many girls have no immunity to boys who can read themselves and will fall in love instantly. Failure to understand and understand the minds of girls is a serious deduction for boys. 4. Knowledge and accomplishment. A boy should have a certain cultural background, be polite, gentle, humorous, and have unique opinions. Reason is not high, but it can do what it says. Knowing etiquette and being wise, it is easy for girls to have a good impression. Imagine a boy with vulgar and vulgar talk, three sentences without “fuck”, and unable to speak clearly. What kind of situation would this be? 5. Be focused on feelings. Needless to say, any girl wants her boyfriend to be single-minded to herself, and no one likes her boyfriend. Why did Ren Yingying fall in love with Linghu Chong who has nothing and suffers from illness in Jin Yong’s novel “The Swordsman”? It was because he heard Linghu Chong talk about his feelings for his junior sister Yue Lingshan, and was moved by Linghu Chong’s single-minded attitude towards feelings. 6. Economic conditions. Although it seems material, it must be admitted that this is an important aspect of attracting girls. Poor and lowly couples are sad, love is often no match for reality, and having better economic conditions is an important plus. 7. Have a strong heart. Unforeseen circumstances, who can guarantee a lifetime of stability and disaster-free? Life is inevitably three ups and downs. No matter what adversity, no matter how poor, a boy must face life with a strong will, shoulder the responsibility of life, and go forward courageously without being discouraged. This is the boy who can be relied on and is worth relying on. 8. Have strong sexual abilities. There is nothing to evade, because they have strong abilities in this area and are very popular with girls. Just think of these for the time being. The above represents only personal views.

6 months ago

The appearance of a boy may be the reason for you to pay attention to him, but what attracts you to get along with him, love each other, and even accompany him for a lifetime must be from the inside. A boy’s sense of responsibility, his small concern for you, his character, his ability to do things, his basketball attitude, and his relationship with teachers and classmates, some of his natural behaviors are what makes you feel good about him. The face value will eventually die, but the heart will not. In addition to being handsome boys, what else can attract girls, then I will represent these girls and enlighten the majority of male compatriots. The following points are for reference: 1. Personality, everyone has their own personality , But I believe that no girl can refuse a sunny, cheerful, humorous boy, at least I can’t refuse haha; 2. Behavior, as far as I’m concerned, I prefer fairer boys, not necessarily white, but to Clean and tidy. Dressing up neatly and neatly is actually an attitude towards life. Such boys may be more careful in the future; 3. Hobbies, boys who like sports usually attract girls more. The so-called boyfriend power is not just for these. Embody? Literary and artistic, like photography, cheerful, like playing, but these are not conflicting, one more skill is more shining; 4. Dressing, dressing is actually quite important, the so-called seven-point dressing is not bad. Boys who can wear will really get a lot of points; 5. Grades, grades in college are still important, you can use this to get the affirmation of teachers and classmates, at the same time, good grades can get scholarships to maximize your college life , Let the female students make up their homework and praise how so-and-so can be so good…; 6. Attitude, behave, learn to respect, know how to be humble, do the right things at the right time, and be motivated and competitive But don’t be arrogant. I don’t know if the girls present have the same feelings as me. The boys who pretend to be handsome and play cool may seem a bit emm to us… I’m out of three rooms and one hall. This point of view is actually the true feeling of seeing people picking up clothes many times in a variety show recently. Really, I think I’m handsome. The above is my personal opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t spray. ,Thank you!

6 months ago

Chatting with a friend that day, it happened to come up with this question. I analyzed several aspects that girls will be attracted to. 1. Facial value: including height, weight and appearance 2. Economic strength: including family background and own economic income 3. Can girls feel admiration and admiration: such as Knowledge, insight, conversation, ability, etc. There are at least one or two points that make girls feel “wow, this boy is quite powerful.” 4. Whether it has emotional value: such as gentleness, considerateness, empathy, etc. Then, it depends on the proportion of girls. For example, some girls focus on appearance, and the proportion of appearance needs reaches 70% (for example) as long as they are good-looking, even if they quarrel frequently and boys have little money, she is willing to stay with this boy all the time. For example, some people say, “Every time I quarrel, I don’t get angry when I see his face.” The other three directions are similar. However, many girls actually don’t just look at one point, but look at it in a comprehensive way, with relative emphasis. For example, a girl needs 30% face value, 20% economic needs, 10% admiration, 40% emotional value, and then she must be more than 70% in total before she chooses a boy. So, only the first three points do not work, do you want to be worthy of appearance, economics, and emotional value, do you want people to feel admirable, strong, economical strength, and can provide emotional value, then the appearance is not very good important. This kind of girl has a high demand for whether boys can provide emotional value, so that several other directions can be appropriately selected. Just like sometimes you will see a good-looking young lady with a boy who is not good looking, you will feel unworthy, but maybe the boy is very gentle and considerate, financial strength is good, and ability is quite strong. Therefore, not all girls only look at the value of their looks, they still need to look at the proportion of demand for the four directions. Therefore, if you are not outstanding in a certain aspect, you can contact more girls, and there will always be girls who can match your needs. But if you are not good at every aspect, it is really difficult…

6 months ago

There are various conditions for free love. Good-looking, rich second-generation, top sportsman, literary youth, funny, and so on. Even the boy is useless, but the girl who looks like a very good girl has just died! Being trampled feels like a sacrifice for love. It makes the boy who feels good to everyone who likes her heartbroken. If someone has a scum physique, this kind of scum physique is not saved. Advise the boys who like this kind of girl: they are probably not confused for a while and need you to save; most of them are after she was finally injured by a scumbag, she still dismissed you. No way, the country is easy to change and its nature is hard to change. Now the weather forecast is broadcasting Stockholm, you know. So there is also an incredible trait that attracts a small group of girls: that is, scumbags are crazy and cool. But this is a talent, I can’t learn. Let’s run a question. I once said that there must be more men cheating than women in this world. Because there are more young ladies than ducks. A young lady’s career can cause hundreds of men to cheat. Someone knows that er is very angry: He said that he is just a scumbag-this is his own definition, but I feel that he is actually a secret show-he said that he and five married women, use him Said it was a good family woman who maintained an improper relationship. I’m really speechless: there are “good women” who cheated? If it is introduced by others, it is simple and rude: work, income, appearance, family, education, and virtue. Is there a difference between work and income? Have! Some jobs are not high but stable; some jobs are not good, but the wages are high. Does appearance matter? of course. We don’t like to speak directly, but few people really don’t mind. Men and women are the same. But it is true that boys care more. This is determined by the instinct of animal reproduction. Family is very important. But most people don’t particularly mind when they are not married. They always feel that this person is more important than his home. Of course you may find home is very important after getting married! That is something later. Why does the degree of education rank behind? Because most of the time, your work income is directly linked to your academic qualifications. Why is such an important issue of virtue ranked last? It is difficult to accurately judge virtues because they know people and don’t know their hearts. Those who say that other things are not important and that the person is good are fine. If they have been proved by experience, they are absolutely correct; if they have nothing to say, it is probably a fig leaf that he has no ability at all! In many cases, before the critical moment, you don’t even know if this person is a human being. The sad thing is: the real devil is often in the middle of the Pacific when you understand it, and there is no shore when you look back.

6 months ago

My boyfriend is not handsome, with a height of 173 and a weight of 150, his skin is black and his appearance is a common man among common men. But, to be honest, I really like my boyfriend. He has a lot of things that are more dazzling and more attractive to me than handsome. Of course, after associating with me, I also worked hard to help him dress up and dress myself up, and now I am much better and I am a spirited young man. I feel that I am at different ages and have different feelings for boys. Middle school and high school like to be handsome, college likes to be bully, graduate students begin to find that they are mature and stable with a little humor. Many times, girls are actually very tolerant of boys. Many of the characteristics of boys can impress me when I am studying, such as serious attitude, strong work ability, patient and gentle personality, mature and steady style of work, and so on. On the other hand, if a girl can appreciate the inherent advantages of you that need to be patiently discovered, she may be the person you are looking for. Appearance is a fair word, handsome guys can only appreciate with their eyes, and boys with good qualities are the last dishes for girls. Therefore, the majority of male comrades should study hard and exercise themselves, so that you may meet true love instead of a short encounter.

6 months ago

Every girl wants different comfort, but everyone likes to be with you. Feeling comfortable is actually the comfort that every woman needs is different. Some girls feel very comfortable when they see your face, and some girls also think of you. Very handsome, but you will not feel comfortable because you are handsome. This is visual comfort and the provision of an environment. A comfortable environment is the key factor for women to relax, but it is a problem that many men ignore. Many people say that it is rich. It’s that simple. It’s a comfortable environment that money buys. For example, I drive my girl to watch a movie, and you ride a bike to take my girl to watch a movie. When the weather is good and the distance is close, I have difficulty parking, and the girl is more comfortable with you. The weather is bad. When? The advantage of the rich is that they have more choices in the environment. Wang Sicong can choose a restaurant with a per capita of 30, or a restaurant with a per capita of 30,000. When eating with him, women are more likely to feel comfortable in the environment. Different dishes should be served in different dishes. Eating in the environment will make you uncomfortable if it is messed up. Not only women, but the environment is uncomfortable, and men do not relax. How do you let nervous women spread their legs? In addition, when a psychological woman gets along with different men, her psychological comfort is also different. Many women like others to understand themselves. In fact, men also like it. The so-called understanding of yourself is one of the important psychological comforts. Ideological guidance is also an important comfort. Finally, physiological comfort. This is a bit yellow. I said a little bit concisely and the same tintin, which will make some girls comfortable, but make some girls uncomfortable. In fact, it is a key. Locking means not simply being big. Many men think that they are big underneath, and women love me. This is a stupid idea… Visual, environmental, psychological, and physical four comforts determine whether girls like it or not. Each of your reasons is a science. What I said above is just a catalog. Really understand that everything is a big project, I am too lazy to talk about it.

6 months ago

The character of a man, like a person, from the appearance of loyalty to character. A man with misbehavior is truly despised. And a man of good character will make people shine, and such a man can be more reliable. A man’s character depends on these points, firstly whether he is convinced; secondly, his attitude towards family and friends; thirdly, his attitude towards work and life. We have to judge a man’s character by his ability to deal with others. A man who can be reliable in character will probably not go bad. At the same time deal with a mature man, not with a naive child. A man’s sense of responsibility and responsibility is his sense of responsibility and responsibility that attracts women the most. A responsible man will be able to execute when he speaks, and he will also support a woman. With him, a woman will feel safe. It depends on a man’s sense of responsibility and responsibility, and it depends on whether he can carry it out. It depends on whether he escapes or goes up in the wind when he encounters a problem. Men who are timid and afraid of things but will only worry about things should stay away, and men who are mature and calm when things happen are more reliable. Sincerely to girls, we all hope to see the sincerity of a man in love. No one likes to be deceived. We all hope to see from a man that he treats you sincerely. A man’s sincerity falls into actual action. A man who doesn’t believe in words is unreliable, and a man who does what he says will be more reliable. It’s useless to say no matter how sentimental it is, those who can do it are really good to you. You must carefully distinguish what a man is good to you, instead of not knowing what is really good, whether it is false, or sincere, you must have a spectrum in your heart. Three views are also very important. Looking at the five senses is not as good as looking at the three views. The conformity of the three views is also more conducive to getting along in the future. I found that many women don’t really understand what the Three Views are? The three perspectives are to see your views on things, whether you are willing to listen to the opinions of others, and whether you have a consistent outlook on life and money? For example, in terms of money, you are a person who is willing to spend money according to your own situation, but your partner is a person who spends far more than his income and is unwilling to compromise. At this time, you will quarrel. There are also some views on surrounding things. The three views are similar, and if you are willing to listen and compromise, but also tolerant, it is easier to get along. Very stubborn, unwilling to compromise when things happen, you have no way to get along with each other in harmony. A man’s good character gets along with others, and it depends on whether you can get along with his character. Is he a lifeless person, or a very positive person? This is all critical. When you get along with a man with a good character, you will feel that he is very mature, and you will become mature by its influence. When we get along with a person full of positive energy, we will also have a positive attitude towards life; and a person who can only complain with negative energy will also affect your mood. Whether two people can get along depends on whether they can get along with each other in character. Heterosexual relationships still depend on what kind of person he is. If you pay more attention to these when choosing a mate, you will find a relatively good partner. These inner things are the most reliable. To live with people is to live with his character, sense of responsibility, ability to carry things, and his character. We don’t let ourselves choose a man who is not good in all aspects, but choose a person who is responsible, responsible and able to carry things. A man must have a sense of structure, be able to carry it, and at the same time dare to work hard in life and work. Only in this way can he be independent and have a good life. Whether a man has money or what he looks like is just an external reference. In the end, you still have to live a solid life with someone.

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