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What is real? It is consistent with objective facts and not false. This is called truth. A little bit of details, Lu Zhishen slipped down to Wutai Mountain to drink and eat meat. Generally speaking, although the temple is on the mountain, the monks who want to eat rice noodles also have to go down the mountain for all kinds of expenses. Therefore, the villagers who do business under the mountain and the monks of the temple are familiar with them. Lu Zhishen was drunk crazy on Mount Wutai, so much movement, you are the elder of Mount Wutai, do you dare to let this guy drink? So, after Lu Zhishen became addicted to alcohol, he went down the mountain to sell alcohol, and even after leaving three or five shops, no one dared to sell it to him. ——”Master’s little sin. The house where the villain lives is also in the monastery, and the elder has a decreed: But if the villain sells wine and eats with the monk in the monastery, they have to chase the money and drive out of the house. Therefore, they have to Don’t blame it.”-“Sell something to eat at a restaurant. I don’t need to say it’s yours.”-“Don’t be foolish, Master eat elsewhere. Don’t blame it. Don’t blame it.”-“Master, how are you? Let me know! The elders have a decree, you need to know, but they are here to ruin our clothes and food!” The houses where the merchants live in the mountains belong to the temples on the mountains, and they all have to pay. Who dares to sell wine to Lu Zhishen is that he doesn’t want to get mixed up in this area. The elders of the temple are rich and have the right to speak. What can Lu Zhishen do? He simply walked a little bit more and walked to the end of the market. He probably still wanted to find a restaurant with a bad location. The monks who purchased from this kind of shop were reluctant to come over, and most of the news was not clear. Lu Zhishen admitted that he had a gambling element, and he won the bet. —— “I’m a walking monk, and you have to pass by here and you want to sell a bowl of wine to eat.” Wearing a walking monk’s vest, you will not be afraid of losing your horse after drinking. Sure enough, after eating and drinking, the dealer was “stunned, not knowing what to do”, and went up to Wutai Mountain. At this moment, the dealer was afraid that he was very annoyed, “Monk, if it is a master in the Wutaishan Temple, I would not dare to sell it to you.” The words are still in my ears, but it is hard to recover, I am afraid that the place to live will be given away by these few silvers. Gone. The secret mystery of the elders, the cautiousness of the restaurant, the dexterity of Lu Zhishen… This time buying wine under the Wutai Mountain reveals how many people are in the world. Isn’t it not true enough? Of course, the Water Margin was real, and more of it was because there were enough people in the Water Margin and enough to eat well. 1. There are enough people in the Water Margin, one hundred singles and eight generals, all of them sound like prestigious names, but in fact they are of different origins. Three religions and nine streams are mixed, and there are also high-ranking households. Not to mention the one, two and third grades that are matched, almost all the people’s livelihoods are covered. For the second time, “Shi Dalang went to Guanxi, a boxing town under the jurisdiction of Luti, Huayin County”, incomplete statistics showed up: Dutou, Zhuang Ke, 喽啰, Dr. Tea, Tiju, Bartender, Singing Father and Daughter, Zheng Butchers, shopkeepers, neighbors, dozens of firefighters, officials, government officials, observations, house owners, and businessmen who buy and sell licensed goods… are all low- and middle-level roles that seek to be grounded in life. In that year, they might still be ordinary people. The identity that can say hello in. The most interesting thing is that in most of the novels, the pig killer who used to be a background board, because of the brute force and the ability to kill pigs in the Water Margin, he has a thousand pennies, so the local folks called him “Zhen Guanxi”.” Zheng Daguanren”. Some people who are older and have lived in small places may feel it. In the early years, if someone was a cadre in the village committee, or whose house was cleaned up and fashionable and rich, he would appear to be local. He is more decent than others, and his words are more respected by others. Those who call Zheng Butcher “President Zheng”, want to come and this is not much different. In addition to the above, there are scattered prostitutes who sell themselves to beg for a living, women who steal a man with low eyes and hands, a little bit of short-sightedness, robbers who block the way, farmers and fishermen who are forced to leave the grass, old monks who cannot afford to eat, The gangsters who commit adultery and predation are bald and evil, the beautiful women who are like snakes and scorpions, the unrestrained inn proprietresses, and the restaurants who know how to report…There are so many people, the noble and the noble are less pitiful, and more of them are somewhat reflective. And the sense of substitution of all beings. Two, enough to eat, Qiliangshan Po Juyi Hall organized a celebration banquet for Chao Gai, drank self-brewed wine, ate fresh lotus, lotus root, fresh fish from the water pool, self-raised chicken, pig, Goose, duck, and the fruits are the peaches, apricots, plums, plums, loquats, jujubes, persimmons, chestnuts that are new in the mountains… In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Aunt Xue set up a small banquet and invited Daiyu and Baoyu to have wine with wine. It’s the goose-foot duck letter. After drinking wine, there are sour bamboo shoots and chicken skin soup, bigen porridge…Before drinking, there are delicate teas and various fruits. The celebration banquet in Liangshanpo, in contrast to the family banquet in the Red Chamber, is the running water table of grandma Liu’s family houses, and the gluttony has a lot of elegance and lack of elegance. But this is the difference between the food of the Water Margin and the Red Mansion. The Red Mansion is a delicacy of the rich and precious, and the Water Margin is the simple and simple farming fun. You really want Wu Song to learn from Jia Baoyu to pour duck feet. Then Jingyang Gang doesn’t talk about fighting tigers. I’m afraid Wu Song will have a drink until dawn. When the sky is bright, he will start working again. The alcohol can’t beat the courage at noon, and it will be hot at noon. The tiger is also asleep, which one has time to come out and be beaten?


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7 months ago

Clothes are often mentioned in “Water Margin”, which is very true. Why do Li Kui, Lu Zhishen and others often fight “naked”? Why did Song Jiang meet Wu Song at Chai Jin’s house by “making a suit”? Why did Shi Xiu kill Pei Ruhai strip off the monk before killing? Because in ancient times, until the establishment of the modern textile industry in the late Qing Dynasty, textile was a handicraft industry with a long supply chain. From collecting cotton and linen, spinning, weaving, dyeing, rinsing, garments… and even transportation and sales, it was all manually operated. The workers behind have to eat, and it is conceivable that even ordinary people’s clothes are not cheap. So, if you do bad things if you tear your clothes torn or stained with blood, you will lose a lot. Making friends and making decent clothes for him to wear often is more humane than giving cash of the same value, and he also has face; Robbery doesn’t know if someone has money, but clothes are a steady profit. “Dream of Red Mansions” also mentioned a lot of clothes. After the decline of Jia’s house, you can know the price of clothes more intuitively. There was mention of Ah Q as a dress in the comment area. In the old society, many poor people pawned their winter clothes in early summer, exchanged for a thin coat and a few cash, and redeemed them in winter (if they have money, they will be replaced by better ones, and those without money will be changed for worse ones).

7 months ago

There are mainly two aspects. One is that there are more descriptions of trivial matters in life, which are closer to life. For example, Song Jiang goes out: wake up at the fourth clock, wash, eat breakfast, and both dress up and leave. Song Jiang wore a white fanyang felt hat, a white satin shirt, and a plum-red vertical tie. Underneath, he was dressed with multi-ear hemp shoes and Song Qing as a companion. He carried the package. They all bowed to their father before leaving the Cao Ting. This is not described in martial arts novels. Basically, they just leave. They do not describe eating breakfast or wearing bast shoes. For another example, although eating and drinking in the Water Margin cost a lot of money, they often look for money, but there is basically no process of looking for money in martial arts. When the Water Margin feasts, it is often said that a few pigs and sheep have been killed, and this is not the case in the martial arts. The second is the performance of each person in encounters. The representative one is Wu Shihui. The neighbourhood knew about Pan Jinlian’s derailment, but no one said that Brother Yun told Wu University because he was beaten by his wife. He Jiu couldn’t bother to provoke him during the cremation. He had to take two bones and planned to come back to him. When Wu Song looked for Brother Yun, the first thing that Brother Yun thought of was not justice, but living expenses. When Wu Song forced a confession, the neighbours were unwilling to participate. It was the mentality and practice of ordinary people. If it is a martial arts novel, Yun Ge is willing to define Bo Yuntian, who has been with Wu Da since childhood. After Wu Da’s death, he escaped from Ximen Qing’s multiple pursuits and asked Wu Song to report the crime, and even helped Wu Song to block a knife when Wu Song was in danger, He Jiu Either endure the humiliation, just for fairness and justice, or go into trouble with Ximenqing and frame Wu Song. If the plot of Wu Song’s revenge in the martial arts novels is estimated to be direct revenge, it would not be like the Water Margin to find witnesses to testify first, and then contact neighbors in the neighbourhood to testify after it does not matter.

7 months ago

Among the four great masterpieces, Journey to the West is all about mountain spirits and strange trees. The Three Kingdoms are all civil servants and generals, and there are not many ordinary people in total. There are many ordinary people in the Red Mansion, but apart from the son, Wang Sun, who is the maidservant, although it is known as a masterpiece of realism, it actually reveals very little to the society. The Water Margin is completely different in this respect. Although its articles are about robber officers and soldiers, and ordinary people do not have much ink, they can portray very vivid characters in three strokes and two strokes. Just open a shop as an example. There are conscientious shop assistants, some indifferent and nosy, some talkative, snobbery, and even murderous demons… Others, tooth ladies who specialize in dirty business, The villagers who are sent to the fence to help out, the black and the thugs, sell fruits to support the children of the sick father, the adulterous and adulterers, the maidservants, all kinds of landlords, all kinds of local forces, all kinds of criminals, robbers, land ruffians, and clean officials. Officials, high officials, small officials, art sellers, medicine sellers, date sellers… This is how the world is omnipotent! This is Guanyin. The most precious thing is that it has gone through the dust without good or evil, and does not interfere with the characters in the book with its own likes and dislikes. So it can be called a real social encyclopedia! You say it is really not true?

7 months ago

The most real thing about the Outlaws is his ending. How many people are good about the end of Water Margin 108? Lu Zhishen, who passed away, and Wu Song, who had broken his arm, all ended up well. Compared to Song Jiang’s death by poison, Lu Junyi’s death in the water, and Wu Yong’s hanging, Lu Zhishen is undoubtedly lucky. Although 108 generals are not good when there is no ending, they are all relatively minor characters, and they may not remember their names even after reading. The tragedy of the Liangshan heroes ostensibly was due to the wrong decision to conquer Fang La, but in fact it was only an effect rather than a cause. The seeds of the tragedy were already destined when Juyi Hall was replaced by Zhongyi Hall. This is the truest place of Water Margin.

7 months ago

The heroes here are at best strong, good weapons, accurate archery, good at light work, good water quality, but they also have to worry about food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. They also need to borrow money to work, and even open a black shop to rob. Life is very difficult, unlike ordinary The common people are no different, they are also afraid of seeing officials and messengers, and they are trying to calculate in order to pay taxes. The heroes in the Water Margin are not like those in the martial arts dramas. They go to the room at one point and spend a lot of money all day long. They have a lot of money. If you fight or fight, you will have secrets handed down. If you are pushed down the cliff, you will be lucky. Now, let’s guarantee that there are peerless martial arts or stunning beauties waiting for you. Therefore, in martial arts dramas, we must fight on the plains.

7 months ago

How much is the existence of Niu Bee? Hearing Wu Dalang came to catch the rape, he only dared to hide under the bed. The mother-in-law could only say: “Wu Da is here too!” The mother-in-law was in the room, making her own hands and feet. First rushed to withstand the door. This Ximenqing got under the bed and hid. When Wu Da grabbed the door and pushed the door with his hands, it pushed it open. She just shouted: “Good job!” The woman held the door, panicking, and said: “It’s like a bird’s beak in the free time, showing off a good punch. When she is on the court, she doesn’t. Some use. Seeing a paper tiger, I also got a hit.” The woman clearly taught Ximen Qing to come to fight at Wuhan University and lost her way. Ximenqing heard the words of the woman under the bed. Remind him of this idea, he came out and said: “Miss, it’s not that I’m not capable, I don’t have this intelligence for a while.”

7 months ago

People who have enough life experience can understand the Water Margin. In other words, the plot in the Water Margin is also staged every now and then after hundreds of years. The relationship between the characters in the Water Margin is not as perfect as imagined, and there are many hills. The disagreement between Chao and Song, the most obvious exposure of the first battle in Zengtou City, is it like a battle between the leader and deputy leader of a team? In Jiangzhou robbing the law field, the heroes of all walks of life have their own ghosts. Li Jun and Zhang Shun and others are Jiangzhou natives. Why did they wait for the people in Liangshan to rob the law field before they arrived late? Why was Dai Zong in a dilemma when he was thinking about saving Song Jiang? In fact, this is human nature. For a elder brother who is only a legend in the world, and the time of acquaintance is short, why should he risk being ransacked? Li Kui seems to be incorrigible, but in real life he kills and sets fire for a few ounces of silver, and has never stopped since ancient times. If you don’t believe me, look at the teenagers who mess with society all day. She was brave for a while, and finally suffered. Wu Song looks like a human being, Jingyanggang fights tigers, Lion Tower fights and kills Ximenqing, Happy Lin Zui fights Jiang Menshen, makes a noise in Feiyunpu, blood washes Mandarin Duck Tower, walks in Centipede Ridge at night, and gathers at Erlong Mountain. This line of play seems to be wonderful, but at the very beginning, he was just a second-force young man at Chai Jinzhuang, who eats people, lives in other people’s houses, and beats the dealer when he is drunk. No one likes him in the village, not a second-force man. What is it?

7 months ago

For example, the five-character proverbs Wang Po analyzed for Ximen Qing are all very direct and pragmatic. They don’t have such imaginary talents, humor, cultural highs and lows, or kindness; they completely shield the poor sorrows in the ruthless Confucian novels. Encountered the possibility of hypocritical and clichéd stories in which rich women set their own back garden for life. So I recently saw Douban criticizing Pu Xinnan, but it was actually on the point, and the truth is chilling. You get rid of the bosoms in those long talks. On the surface, all of them are domineering, but in fact they are not too vulgar and truthful beyond the old lady of the tea stall.

7 months ago

Because the world of the Water Margin is the real world, not the “adult fairy tale” world of martial arts. In the Water Margin world, first of all, you can’t do without money. You have to spend money on food and drink. The driving force for the development of the Water Margin story is money. If you don’t have money, you will go to Jie Shengchen Gang; if you don’t have money, you will be a bandit. After all, there is wine and meat to eat. The banner of the upper class heroes is “walking for the sky”, and the lower class pursues: eating meat with a big mouth, drinking with a big bowl, and dividing gold and silver with a large scale. Without money, Liangshan had to attack cities and land frequently, even though they all found a famous excuse to become a teacher. Chao Gai: “If there is no gold silk to use, who will lead someone to walk around?” Song Jiang: “The three will get a lot of food for the cottage.” If the big guys don’t need money, the Water Margin will not develop. Motivation, I just need to do something short of money. The money in the martial arts world doesn’t seem to be so sophisticated. It’s tens of taels at random, and thousands of taels at every turn. “Water Margin”: “How can these five taels of silver be entangled for three to five months?” Wuxia world fifty taels of silver may be the money for a meal, and Water Margin can spend half a year. This is the purchasing power of decent silver. Another big gap between the Water Margin world and the martial arts world: it is illegal to kill, even if you kill the bad guy! In the world of martial arts, there is no official sanctions for murder and arson, so the blood that can be killed by various martial arts is flowing. In the Water Margin world, let alone fighting between sects, even if you kill an unforgivable person, then you have to kill and pay for your life! This is very realistic! Ximenqing and Pan Jinlian conspired to murder Wu Dalang. Is it bad? Bad smoke. Wu Song killed them for revenge, shouldn’t it? Emotionally agree with revenge and hate! But is it legally recognized by the government? Agree with the ball! Just think about it! Ximen Qing deserves to die, and Pan Jinlian should kill too, but is it your turn to kill Wu Song? Is it your turn, Wu Song, to set up a private court? Do you have this qualification? If you do all these things, what else do the government do? What is the meaning of their salary? So even if Wu Song killed the bad guy, didn’t Wu Song almost kill him in the end? Because Wu Song is not qualified to do it. You can kill them, but the government has to do it. If everyone is like Wu Song, what about the credibility of the government? Isn’t society chaotic? If the prefects and prefectures were not for Wu Song, Wu Song would also have to be buried with Ximenqing and Pan Jinlian, and the bad guys who committed suicide would have to pay for their lives. If this is the world of martial arts, good guys, life can’t be taken as life, casually killed, damn and damn, the government will not intervene. Another big gap is that power is always the strongest. In the world of martial arts, people with high martial arts, the emperor will not look at it, and the secular rights system does not apply to them at all. The Water Margin is different, isn’t Lin Chong the typical one? Wugong is so high, isn’t it still subdued by Gao Li? If this were placed in the martial arts world, Gao Yu would have died eight hundred times earlier, but in the Water Margin world, Gao Yu would laugh last. Power and powerlessness are vividly demonstrated. So it’s really true, because what he described is the Water Margin world that is closest to the real world. Of course there is the most true point: martial arts. The martial arts of the Water Margin also make people feel very real, at least they are all tricks and fists to the flesh. Whether it’s a foot fight or a horse fight, a heads-up or a group fight, there is basically no scene of energy waves above and below. Even the most basic gravity of the earth cannot be shaken off. In addition to Dai Zong and Luo Zhenren, Gao Lian and other cultivators.

7 months ago

Wu Dalang missed Wu Song only because he was so angry that he felt that there was a gangster brother by his side. Li Kui’s old lady thought of Li Kui because of Li Da’s poor service. It was because the “extortion” Wang Po was not willing to retaliate, so he went to give it to Li Kui. Wu Da revealed that he still had a meal with Wu Dalang. Lin Chong’s wife was bullied by Gao Yanei, and Lu Qian’s house was smashed in anger. When he came out, the neighbors all closed the door. Daojun In order to get his confidant to be promoted, go to the chicken floor. All kinds of gold-plated jobs can be paid for by money, and the conviction is light, and money can make the ghost push. Lin Chong didn’t give money to the dog-blood sprinkler who was scolded by the jailer, but immediately changed his attitude when he gave money, turning his face faster than turning a book. The official was defeated, but went back to invite Song Jiang to kill Yan Poxi in anger, and Tang Niu’er was shot while lying down.

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