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I always think that any record in front of Chamberlain’s “total rebounds” is insignificant. Because even if I can only choose the hardest record to break, I still choose Chamberlain’s total rebounds. Chamberlain’s total rebounds are 23,924. What is the concept? As of today, the active rebounding king Dwight Howard has 13,924, which is just 10,000 rebounds behind Chamberlain. However, it is not considered that he can play Paul Gasol without the ball. No one of the active players has ever got 10,000 rebounds, which means , The sum of the two men with the most rebounds in active service is still not as good as Chamberlain. So what are the requirements to surpass Chamberlain? From the point of averaging data, you need to average 15 rebounds per game, play 20 seasons, and average 80 games per season. However, after 2000, he averaged 15 rebounds per game in a single season, only 6 times in total, but no one played more than 80 games. This also means that averaging 15 rebounds per game, in the past 20 years, at least can win 14 rebounds. From the perspective of the total number of single seasons, it is even more terrifying. In the past 22 years, the total number of rebounds in a single season was only 23,501. In other words, to break Chamberlain’s record, it needs to start from the 1997-1998 season. Won the league’s most rebounds for 23 consecutive years. Sorry, no player has played 23 seasons so far. Close? nonexistent! Duncan, who played 1392 games in 19 seasons and averaged 10.8 rebounds per game, scored 15091 rebounds, which is 8833 rebounds behind Chamberlain. Based on Duncan’s 7.3 rebounds per game in his last season, Duncan would have to play 1210 games (full attendance 14.75 seasons). Howard, who played 1143 games in 17 seasons and averaged 12.2 per game, scored 13,924 rebounds, which is 10,000 behind Chamberlain. Based on Howard’s current single-season average of 7.8 rebounds per game, Howard would have to play 1282 games (full attendance 15.63 seasons). One year Howard was 51 years old. Compare Stockton’s total assists (15,806), which is highly regarded by many people. Nash, who played 1217 games in 18 seasons and averaged 8.5 assists per game, scored 10,335 assists, which is 5471 behind Stockton. Based on Nash’s 5.7 assists per game in his last season, Nash also played 959 games (full attendance 11.71 seasons) ) Paul played 1047 games in 16 seasons and averaged 9.4 assists per game. He scored 9885 assists, which is 5921 behind Stockton. Based on Paul’s current average of 7.8 assists per game in a single season, Paul still has to play 760 games (full attendance 9.26). Seasons). Isn’t it obvious which is more accessible, total rebounds or total assists? What’s more desperate is. Chamberlain averaged at least 18.2 rebounds per game in a single season, but since the merger of the league, only Rodman in 1992 and 1993 can average 18 rebounds per game in a single season (but only 18.3 and 18.7), except for Rodman, There is not even a single player who can complete even 16 boards per game! In other words, the current most powerful rebounders, not to mention close to Chamberlain’s total number, not to mention close to Chamberlain’s average, they can’t even approach Chamberlain’s “worst” season average! So in front of 23,924 rebounds, 100 points in a single game, 10 scoring champions, 8 championships, and 15,806 assists, what is it? These records are difficult, but as long as a certain player is strong enough, it is still possible to break, but Chamberlain’s rebounding is insoluble under the existing rules.


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9 months ago

Here is an alternative, Robertson, whose 22-minute data column is full of eggs. How hard is it? It’s not difficult to be an invisible person, but everyone knows that if you are an invisible person, you can’t play for a long time on the court. The coach will let you roll over and pour water and wave a towel. On the offensive side, you can’t make a shot in order to score. In order to make an assist, you have to avoid the ball as much as possible on the basis of no shots, so as to avoid inadvertent assists or turnovers. As a role player who focuses on the defensive end, you can’t get rebounds on the defensive end. This means you have to stand as far out as possible, don’t even pick up long rebounds, don’t block shots but cover your eyes and interfere, and you must never interfere. Pass or prevent the ball to avoid accidental steals. The general presence of paraplegia on the offensive end determines that once your defensive effect is not good, the coach will never be able to tolerate it, so you have to actively defend against the effect. This brings us to the last problem. The defensive effect is okay, the block can’t be intercepted, and the foul cannot be fouled because of the intensity of the confrontation. This is simply extremely difficult. In a nutshell, if someone can use such a strategy to hit the 23rd minute in a game, it feels like a bad team can’t bear it, and would rather use a young guy to shoot for growth. If there is such a person who can break the 22-minute hanging egg record, it may be that he helped the coach block the bullet, or simply mastered the ironclad evidence that the coach was derailed.

9 months ago

Chamberlain completed a total of 80 games in the 61-62 season, 79 of which played the entire game. Due to the existence of overtime, Chamberlain’s average playing time even exceeded the NBA’s standard game time. And in this season, Chamberlain Playing 80 regular-season games (full attendance) and playing full games in 79 games is also the league record for full games in a single season. In addition to playing 40 minutes in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on January 3, 1962, he played all 47 games and created the league’s record for consecutive full games.

9 months ago

In the 02-03 season, Iverson played 82 games in full attendance, averaging 42.5 minutes per game and averaging 27.6 points per game. With the current emphasis on scientific training and more and more reasonable modern basketball concepts, it is almost impossible to reappear. He has played the entire game in a row. In the last 10 years, no one has played more than 70 games, averaging more than 40 minutes. It is not forced to play 70 games. The most recent NBA statistics that averaged more than 40 minutes is 15 Deng Tai Jones of the Cavaliers in the -16 season.

9 months ago

The NBA’s main players average 40 minutes per game. Now it’s almost impossible to play a full game in a single game. It can be considered rare, and even if the main players play the whole game, it’s enough to make headlines. In summary, 48.5 minutes per game It’s almost impossible to break the record of playing time. With people’s concerns about injuries and the trend of NBA teams paying more and more attention to science and reasonableness, it’s not only difficult to get close, but it’s only going to be farther away from this record. Coming farther and farther!

9 months ago

Chamberlain: It’s another problem that only I deserve, and an unbreakable record. Isn’t that just talking about my various data against the sky! Come and come, do you want total rebounds, rebounds per game, points per game, playing time or something else? I don’t even bother to mention 100 points. Russell: Put away your personal data Wilt, they are talking about my 11 rings and eight consecutive championships. Jordan: Speaking of personal data + team winners, 10 scoring champions can get 9 1 defense and 6 FMVP at the same time, at the same time, oh, 6 wins and 0 losses in the finals, the peak is so lonely that I can get three after retiring. I am The real GOAT Chamberlain Russell: Hey, guys don’t talk about Wudd Stockton: Everyone can go and see my career assists and steals, and then see how far second place is to me. Olajuwon: My Career blocks… Chamberlain Russell: Are you ashamed to block blocks before us?

9 months ago

Andre Robertson: I’m all looking away. All the data in the 22 minutes I played was zero. Do you know how difficult this is? This means that when I played for 15 minutes and scored, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked fouls were all zero, Billy Donovan actually allowed me to continue playing for 7 minutes. Then I still have no data. Who of you above can do it? McGee: I won the top five MVP awards three times in a row!

9 months ago

Statistics: Chamberlain, 1961-1962 season, averaged 50.4 points + 25.6 rebounds per game. Probability of being broken: 0 average of 50.4 points or 25.6 rebounds per game. If the number of rounds is greatly increased in the future and the four-point line is introduced, there is a theoretical possibility of reaching it. The hard part is getting them at the same time. Because according to the current trend of development, the high scoring average per game must be the outside player, and the outside player can not grab more than 20 rebounds at the same time while shooting a large number of three or even four points. So in my opinion, this record is the least likely to be broken in terms of statistics. It is even more difficult than a single game with 100 points, 81 points, and Jordan’s 10 scoring champions. It is theoretically that there is no possibility of being broken, it only belongs to that special period at that time.

9 months ago

Personal honor: Jordan leads 10 times in scoring. Probability of being broken: 0.01% This theoretically has the possibility of being broken, although the hope is extremely slim. Some people may think it is easy to get the scoring champion, as long as the points are collected. But every year in the NBA, newcomers come in, and newcomers’ desire for scoring is much higher than that of veterans. From a practical point of view, Kobe and Durant, who are currently considered the closest to Jordan in terms of scoring, only have 2 and 4 respectively. For example, Kobe Bryant won the first scoring champion in 2006. If he wants to get 10, he needs to keep it until he retires (it is impossible to imagine this).

9 months ago

Jordan: 10 scoring champions.

10 scoring champions have 9 first defenses at the same time.

Nine scoring champions have six championships in the first defense season.

Six scoring champions have six FMVPs in the championship season.

Six scoring champions and one defense championship FMVP season has four MVPs.

Four scoring champions and one defense championship FMVP and MVP season have two AMVP.

9 months ago

What is the concept of 15,806 assists? In the 73 years of the NBA, only one person has exceeded 15,000 assists. This person is Stockton. Stockton is definitely one of the top 10 point guards in history. Apart from having no MVP and championship, he is really impeccable. Take a look at Paul’s 9181 assists and James 8,662 assists, who are closest to him in active service. They are still far away from Stockton. Stockton can have this exaggerated number of assists. In addition to averaging 10.5 assists per game, there are also 19 seasons and 16 seasons of miraculous blessings. Without this dazzling attendance rate, Stockton’s assists would not So exaggerated. To break the design of Stockton, at least 82 full attendance games in 16 years, at least 10 assists per game, it is impossible in the small ball era, so this record has long been sealed.

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